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Attachment 1

TAKREER - Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project

EPC- 4 Tankage and Associated Interconnecting Piping
Punch List Item Number Discipline Punch Item System/ SubCategory System No. Ref. Document / Drawing Number Tag/Line/ Location/ Skid Number Description of Punch Item Date of Input Originator Status Date Complete CONTRACTOR Sign Date

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Procedure

Disciplines (EPCC Discipline- Discipline): Eng-Pro Engineering Process; Con-Mec Construction-Mechanical Com-Pip Commissioning Piping; Gen General; and so on.

Punch Item Category: A- must be completed prior to Mechanical Completion B- must be completed prior to completion of Commissionning C- must be completed prior to Provisional Acceptance

Status: Y- Completed (Date Completed) N- Not Complete

Note: Return completed form to COMPANY Project Office for review prior to submittal to CONTRACTOR.