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Members: born within the family Purpose Of Writing: eachother's whereabouts, when meals are ready Genre: text messages, emails and notes Specialized Language: informal and in Spanish Become A Member: by birth or marriage

Vision Juvenil
Members: Teenagers of Vino Nuevo Purpose Of Writing: Youth group news and meeting times Genre: emails, social networks and text messages Specialized Language: informal, Spanish and English slang Become A Member: by attending the weekly youth groups

Alexis Mejia

Art Club
Members: Art Students with a passion for art

Members: Those who pass the audition

Purpose Of Writing: meeting times and change of schedule

Genre: emails, flyers and art lettering. Specialized Language: Art of expression Become A Member: knowledge of art and attending first meeting of the year

Purpose Of Writing: original song, emails and text messages

Genre: explain auditions, meeting times, scoring and comments from director Specialized Language: informal, but respectful Become A Member: by auditioning and making it

Discourse Community What is a discourse community? A discourse community is: a social group that communicates, in part, using written texts but also shares common goals, values, writing standards, specialized vocabulary, and specialized genres. (Brunk-Chavez, Discourse communities are what define and shape us as humans. Being part of a community shows how we can adapt to different groups and adjust to each one. There are four discoursed communities Im involved in: Art club, Cavaliers, family, and Vision Juvenil. The audiences of the Art Club community are the individuals who are have a passion for art. Art Club consists of sequential artists, illustrators, painters, photographers and sculptors. The students enrolled in art classes are usually the members of the art club. Art club helps the students find jobs and experience that will help them with their career. The purposes of writing are typically used to set up meeting times and change of schedules. Art club is notorious to never have its meeting place in the same place; they find inspiration in different places. The genres typically used are the exchange of emails, art lettering and the occasional flyers. Every flyer made for the art club must be made from recycled paper and has an illustration on it. The topics usually discussed are over art and the different mediums of art. Lately Illustrator and Photoshop are the main topics discussed at the art meetings. Art club's only rule is to keep art original, to not copy any artist's work and to give credit if another artist work is used. Artwork can be copy written and the art members can get in a great deal of trouble if credit is not given to the artist. Art should be one's own creative concept. The specialized language spoken is basically their own, all members expresses themselves in ways only an artist can comprehend. For someone to join the art

club one must know about art, have a liking for art, and attend the first art meeting of the year. Everyone is welcomed, but what the club mostly emphasis in its commitment. Members of Cavaliers are the students who audition by singing a song of their choice and make it to varsity level. The audition consists of singing in front of a panel of judges and singing with passion and enthusiasm. The choir group consists of fifty students: twenty-five women and twenty-five men. The purpose of writing in Cavaliers is the lyrics to one original song, emails and text messages. The presence of each choir member is required in each meeting; every voice is needed to practice. The media used is to help explain auditions, meeting times; scoring along with the comments the instructor gives to each singer. The progress of each member is evaluated every two weeks. The topics discussed are usually related to the songs being performed by the choir or the rivalry between sections within the choir. Being a Cavalier doesn't guarantee a four-year spot in Cavaliers; one has to work hard for their part of each choral section. Cavalier's has many rules, but three of the most important rules are: be loyal to the group, practice hard, and don't make a fool of yourself because it reflects on the group. The language spoken in Cavaliers is informal but respectful. The time the choir group is together as a whole is important because it is quite minimal and not too often, every Cavaliers attention is needed during instruction time. As musicians, their voices are their instruments and have to be taken seriously. To become a Cavalier, one must have a choral background, which includes: knowing the concept of solfage, being able to read music as well as singing with a round tone and passing the audition. Most of the members of Cavaliers have been coached musically at a young age and have a mature tone to their singing voices.

The members of the family community are those born in the immediate family. Family and relatives are two different things, family is those who you interact daily and love and care for, relatives are those who you rarely see and dont really know about. The purpose for writing in this community is to let each family member know when and where dinner will be ready, or to figure out the whereabouts of each member. The family community looks out for one another and helps each other with whatever they can. The genre portrayed in the family community is mostly text messages, emails and the occasional angry notes to not forget to feed the dogs. The women are usually the ones who run the family, making sure everyone is doing fine and are doing what they are supposed to be doing. The topics expressed are usually about family issues, every day experiences, along with gossip. Like every other Mexican family, the family community is very vocal and opinionated. The convections in the community are simply to be loyal to one another and to be kind and respectful to everyone around them. Tempers tend to rise in this discoursed community simply due to the fact that every family member has its own identity and personality. The language spoken is usually informal and Spanish is often used. The older generations tend to use Old Spanish slang while the younger generations use English slang. To become a member one must be married into the family. In the family community every nonmember is judged simply because theyre not part of the family. The audience members of Vision Juvenil (the youth group of Vino Nuevo) consist of teenagers who care about their future and are in search for God in their lives. Youth group helps teenagers think about their future and understand how every decision theyre making now affects their future. The purpose for writing is to inform all Vision Juvenil members news and meeting times as to when they will take place. Meetings take place

every Wednesday in different parts of town. The genre used is usually emails and forms of social networks to keep the youth interested on the upcoming events. The youth of today is so invested in social medias that the best way to attract teenagers into the youth group is to announce upcoming events onto the most youth related sites. The topics discussed are usually about world or personal issues and incorporating God's help in them. Every teenager has their own spiritual leader that can help them with anything and advises them to do the right thing. The youth group community has rules similar to one of a household: no profanity, good grades and abstinence until marriage. Vision Juvenil tries to keep its teens to live conservatively in a healthy way. The specialized language is an informal one; it is used to be able to get down to the youth's level and interest. Leaders and pastors are all young, possibly under the age of thirty-five. Anyone between the ages of thirteen and twenty-nine can be part of Vision Juvenil. In each community one is involved in, one adapts to each of its own specialized language and mannerisms. Every community is different but similar in many ways; they all center themselves in interacting and growing as a community. Discourse communities teach people how to handle several different situations and conflicts. It is important because it allows them to be able to handle everyday problems wisely and gracefully.

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