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Six Cardinal Rules of Customer Service

People Come Before Paperwork

Give the caller or visitor your complete attention. Remember the caller or visitor always comes before paperwork.

Dont Rush Callers

Learn how to redirect callers. Take time to get all the information. Remember speed is not success.

Be Friendly BEFORE You Know Who It Is

Treat all callers equally. Use your personality. Remember that callers mirror how theyre treated.

Dont be Too Busy To Be Nice

Dont give short, one-word answers. Dont rush callers. Keep your sense of humor.

Dont Use Military Language on Civilians

Use easy, understandable words. Explain unfamiliar words and terms.

There Ya Go isnt Thank You and Uh Huh isnt Youre Welcome

Remember your manners. Dont slip into slang. Say Thank You and Youre Welcome. Remember good manners never go out of style.