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The Service Mentality

Customer need to feel and hear that we CARE first. More than words, a caring tone of voice allows the customer to hear your concern. One of the best customer interactions happens when a customer feels that he/she has been listened to and understood. No matter how large or small, empathy is an essential service mentality.

The level of enthusiasm people exhibit is a critical component to how the world perceives them as being or willing to help. Enthusiasm influences a persons effectiveness in a service position. People who are truly enthusiastic dont discriminate between their activities. Enthusiastic people enjoy being proactive and going the extra mile to help customers without being asked.

It should not take two people to provide good customer service. Ownership is partnering with the customer to address their need to solve the problem. When we own the problem we are more committed to the resolution of the problem.

Responsibility is an important internal customer service issue. Its as important to be considerate and responsible to our co-workers as it is to our customers.

Adapters can handle all types of customers and situations positively. Adaptability is changing your approach to each type of customer. Service each customer respectfully and effectively.

Identify a balanced solution meets the challenge of satisfying the customer and meeting the needs of the organization. One of the greatest needs of the customer is to feel heard and be treated fairly. A secret to achieving balance is knowing you can always acknowledge the feelings of the customer even if you disagree with the facts presented by the customer.

Remain calm throughout adverse situations, recover quickly and dont show sign of discouragement. Resiliency is seen when customer service providers speak with a controlled pace and vocabulary. Lifes setbacks and disappointments need to be handled by bouncing back emotionally and professionally. Never take it out on the next few innocent callers or co-workers.