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Basic = 1

Proficient = 2
Some attempt at an introduction but lacks impact to hold the listeners attention Voice has some variations in pitch and tone. Lacks personality of the speaker An attempt to use facial expression to convey enthusiasm to the audience Some logical sequence of ideas but lacks clarity. A story rather than presenting an idea, argument or opinion Some language appropriate to the audience An attempt at a conclusion to sum up ideas and issues discussed 1 to 2 minutes

Advanced = 3
A good attempt at an introduction and some impact to hold most of the audience Voice carries some meaning and feeling to the audience. Some evidence of personality in speech Good use of facial expressions to convey enthusiasm to the audience A logical sequence of ideas, arguments or opinions. Some use of examples to back up ideas Most language appropriate to the audience Good attempt at a conclusion but misses some ideas or issues raised in the body of the speech 2 minutes to 2min40

Excellent = 4
Gained and held the audiences attention throughout the speech by using humour, quotes or personal experiences Voice carries meaning and feeling to the audience. Projects personality to the audience and confident Uses a wide range of facial expressions to emphasise and convey enthusiasm Ideas, arguments or opinions presented in a logical sequence backed up with examples Language used is appropriate to the audience Carefully sums up the ideas and issues that have been raised. Finishes with impact 2min40 3min 20



Little attempt at an introduction. Straight into the body of speech. Voice monotone and lack confidence in speaking to the audience Uses minimal facial expression and is not enthusiastic about the topic Disorganised sequence of loosely connected ideas. Difficult to see point of view Language too simple or too complex for the audience A weak conclusion. Speech does not sum up what has been said but finishes abruptly Less than 1 minute

Presentation Speech Technique Content

Language Quality Conclusion

Length of Speech Comments

Total Score