Activity 4.1 I observed Mohd Zahir B Abdul Rahman.

He teaches Pendidikan Islam and I teach Civics and Citizenship Education. Below is the discussion on Activity 4.1 : What did you learn about working collaboratively with a colleague? We get more new ideas and knowledge when we work collaboratively with a colleague. We also could be exposed on various types of approaches in teaching. We gained more ideas and strategies. The activities done can be taken into consideration. We can use them in our classroom too. What did you learn about classroom management? Classroom management is the process of making sure that classroom lessons run smoothly. During that time a teacher has to correct some of students’ misbehaviour. Effective classroom management involves clear communication of behavioural and academic expectations as well as a cooperative learning environment. Classroom management is closely linked to issues of motivation, discipline and respect. Teacher who attempts to guide students toward success by helping them see how their effort pays off in the classroom. It relies upon creating an environment where students are successful as a result of their own efforts. By creating this type of environment, students are much more likely to want to do well. Ideally, this transforms a classroom into a community of well-behaved and self-directed learners. Students willing to participate to fully committed in the learning process.

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