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PLBS 2012 Name: Samantha Tan Class: 3 Cengal I.

C: 971129-14-5924 My Best Friend

My best friend, Amanda is a Chinese with brown hair, a fair complexion and tall figure. I got to know Amanda when I was thirteen. Not only is she my age, she also attend the same secondary school as me. Amanda and I share one common policy that is to be always honest to each other. We tell each other the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be. There were times I feared I would lose our friendship, but time has shown her to be a true and loyal friend. Amanda is a beautiful person inside out. She is a person who is not afraid to speak her mind. She dislikes sports but loves shopping. She has a good sense in fashion and dreams of being a fashion designer. As a friend, she is trustworthy and dependable. She often likes to annoy me with her sarcasm but she always understands my feelings and handles my moods well. Amanda has a deep sense of curiosity. She has to know everything even though it doesnt concern her. Her sense of humour matches mine and I recall many times when we laughed till we were breathless. Amanda is a caring, considerate and affectionate friend. I am thankful to be blessed with a friend like her.