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PROPOSED FOURTH LANE WIDENING BETWEEN SG BULOH (KM457) TO RAWANG INTERCHANGE (KM443.9) PACKAGE C To Attn : Resident Engineer (AVSB) Mr Tiong Toh Oh Date : 22 April 2013 Ref. No: AV/FLW-PKC/NCR/058-13 1. Description of Non-Conformance Report Activity : Refer to the site visit dated 20/4/2013 at Ch.2700 (SB) [VBC No.1], we noted that the hacking works for jointing of existing structure did not carry out properly. The existing loose concrete part appeared and required to be removed. Please rectify the non-conformance work and propose to us your corrective action on the matter arise. Reported by: Acknowledge by Contractor: Name Designation Date : Rosfaizal Bin Mohamad Zain : Assistant Resident Engineer : 22 April 2013 Name Designation Date : : : : UEMB-MRCB JV Sdb. Bhd. : Mr Ang Ka Chin From

2. Contractors Proposed Corrective and Prevention Action (provide sketch & enclosure if required)

Name :

Signature :

Date :

3. Consultants Comment & Approval to Proceed with the Corrective and Preventive Action

4. Complied by Contractors Project Manager: Name : Signature : 5. Verification of Corrective Action Done Checked by: .. Name : Designation : Date :
This NCR to be copied to:

Date :

Verified by: Name : Designation : Date :

1) En Aminurrashid Ahmad (OPUS, CM Package C)

Note : Please ensure that this NCR is closed prior to verifying that the work in the area is completed.