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Christopher Dews

Cell: (301)-412-5399 Home: (301)-725-2781 Hair: Black Weight: 163 Dark Eyes: Brown Height: 6' 4" ACTING: A Beginners Guide to Deicide Stage IV This Moroccan Life Incorruptible The Laramie Project The Imaginary Autopsee The Basset Table {Voice} No Skronking Directing Scenes A Call to the Loved TELEVISION: Americas Most Wanted 6-42011 TRAINING: Education: B.F.A. Acting Acting Commedia dellarte/ Physical Comedy Alexander Technique, Movement (Laban/ Viewpoints) Voice University of Maryland Baltimore County Eve Muson, Colette Searls, Stephen Yeager (Camera) Colette Searls, Tara Cariaso, Casey Kaleba Cashier Fox God, Darwin, Neitzsche, Joan of Arc, Dante, Jesus and others (Lead) Sam (Lead) Third Thief Brother Felix Stephen Belber- Rev.Fred Phelps, Doc OConnor, Matt Galloway, Conrad Miller Pantalone (Lead) Mr.Sago, Banker, Porter Arnold (Lead) Tony (Coming Clean), Gabe (Fences) Lou (Lead) /Director Single Carrot Theater Dir. Elliot Rauh Mobtown Theater Dir. Adam Kunsberg University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) UMBC Dir. Colette Searls UMBC Dir. Nyalls Hartman UMBC Dir. Colette Searls UMBC Dir. Lynn Watson UMBC UMBC Bethel Campus Fellowship

Wendy Salkind, Temple Crocker Lynn Watson (Fitz Morris)

Special Skills: Voice Acting, Basic Modern Dance, Stage Combat (Melee, Broadswords, Staffs), Film, Puppetry, Cartwheeling, Drivers License, Basic Stage Make-up