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Folake Olayinka General purpose: To enlighten.

Specific purpose: To enlighten my audience on how to use testimony and numerical data as supporting materials in their speech. Thesis: Testimony and numerical data add to the credibility and, effectiveness of a public speech. INTRODUCTION I. If I were to tell you that I was a descendent of Thomas Jefferson or that I won the lottery but decided to give it to someone else, would you believe me? II. No, you wouldnt. Most of you would call me a liar because I have no prove that what Im telling you is actually true. Which is why its very important that you always backup your speech, so that your audience would find it believable. III. Today we are going to learn about how testimony and numerical data helps to make a speech credible. A. First we are going to learn about the different types of testimony and numerical data. B. Second, we are going to learn about the guidelines for using testimony. C. Third, we are going to learn about the guidelines for using numerical data. [First lets learn about the types of testimony and numerical data we can use to better our speech.]


CONCLUSION I. Testimony and numerical data are essential parts of a trustworthy public speech. A. You can use a testimony to clarify your assertions or you can use numerical data to show the importance of what you are talking about. B. Make sure that you stress the competence of your source when you use his/her testimony C. Also, make sure that your numerical data is clear and precise. II. Always remember that when you give a speech you want the audience to believe and understand what you are talking about, you dont want to leave them confused. III. So, if I told you that I went to a Britney spears concert and showed you a picture would you believe me? A. Yes. B. No. C. Maybe.