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Science Fair Introduction 2013-2014


Science Fair IS

An experiment with variables and measurement A research paper A visual presentation An oral presentation

Science Fair is NOT

Only a poster Only a report A demonstration A hobby/collection ...A volcano

The Experiment
Must follow the Scientific Method

Purpose Hypothesis Materials Procedure Results Conclusion

The Display Board/ Computer Presentation

The Research Paper

Abstract Safety Sheet Endorsements Title Page Table of Contents Acknowledgments Purpose & Hypothesis Review of Literature Materials and Procedure Results Conclusions References

The Oral Presentation

You will receive a rubric to assess your presentation Presentations are an important way to learn the skill of communication and first impressions Preparation, Q & A, and Delivery are assessed.

Next Steps

Topic Question Identify Variables Feasibility/Is it possible? Endorsements

Hall of Shame

Balloon Lung Model The Rubber Egg/Naked Egg Are dogs colorblind? Which Paper Towel is Best? Who is Smartest? The Volcano