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TABLE 1-12 Commercial Freight Activity for All Modes by Ton-Miles: 1993,

1997, and 2002


1993 1997 2002

Truck 931 1,109 1,449
Rail 965 1,066 1,254
Water 883 813 733
Air (includes truck and air) 9 15 15
Oil Pipeline 593 617 753
Multimodal combinations 166 212 226
Other and unknown modes 93 73 77
Total 3,639 3,904 4,506
Commodity Flow Survey 2,421 2,661 3,204
Percentage of total 66.5 68.2 71.1
Supplemental estimates 1,218 1,243 1,301
Percentage of total 33.5 31.8 28.9

NOTES: 2002 data are preliminary. Although final 2002 Commodity Flow Survey
data were available when this report was prepared, final 2002 supplemental data
were still forthcoming. Thus, all 2002 data could not be updated for this report.
Multimodal includes the traditional intermodal combination of truck and rail plus
truck and water; rail and water; parcel, postal, and courier service; and other
multiple modes for the same shipment. Preliminary supplemental estimates cover
logging, farm-based truck shipments, truck imports from Canada and Mexico, rail
imports from Canada and Mexico, air cargo imports and exports, water imports
and exports, and pipeline crude and petroleum products shipments. These
estimates exclude other supplemental categories of goods movement for which
no reasonable basis for an estimate currently exists, including government
shipments; the service, retail, and construction sectors; transportation service
providers; household goods movers; and municipal solid waste providers.

SOURCES: Commodity Flow Survey data—U.S. Department of Transportation

(USDOT), Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of
Transportation Statistics (BTS) and U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census
Bureau, Commodity Flow Survey (Washington, DC: 2003). Supplemental
estimates—USDOT, BTS, Freight Shipments in America (April 2004), available
at, as of May 2005.