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A presentation on

A legend in automobile industry

vName:Ferrari S.p.A. vOrigin:Maranello,Italy. vFounder:Enzo Ferrari in 1947. vPresent owner: Fiat Group owns 56%, Mediobanca owns 15%, Commerzbank owns 10%,Lehman Brothers owns 7%, and Enzo's adopted son Piero Ferrari owns 10% of Ferrari.main control is under Fiat

Logo history
Ø Countess Paolina, mother of Count Francesco Baracca met with Enzo Ferrari. Ø Frsncesco Baracca was a national hero of world War I, who used to paint a horse on the side of his planes. Ø Countess asked Enzo to use this horse on his cars because it would bring him good luck. Ø Ferrari chose black horse as it had been painted as a sign of grief on Baracca's squadron planes. Ø And a canary yellow background as this is

International racing career
üIn 1952,Ferrari group won their first Formula One.The driver was Alberto Ascari. üBy engine and constructor,Ferrari won 15 times in Formula One. üMichael Schumacher who was a Ferrari driver won 7 times in Formula One. üFerrari wins 210 times in Grand prix by engine.And it is still competing in

Ferrari cars in movies
ü Ferrari F430 Spider:
war,national treasure:Book of secrets,Redline.

ü Ferrari 360 Spider:
2 fast 2 furious,XXX,The pink panther,Get smart.

ü Ferrari F355 Berlinetta:
Kiss of the Dragon,Die another day.

ü Ferrari 360 Modena:
Rush hour 2,21.

ü Ferrari 250 GTD:
The Da vinci code.

ü Ferrari F40:
Gone in 60 seconds,Scent of a woman.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Badge license
Notebooks:AcerFer rari 1100-5457.

Minor Ferrari black EDT,Mug,Cap,Tshirt,Shoe.

Amazing Facts
o Lamborghini the founder of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. met with Enzo Ferrari . o Influence of the sports cars like Ferrari, Masarati etc. o Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M - Ferrari's Most Hardcore Convertible ever. o It’s accelaretion is 0-100 km/3.7 seconds.

o It’s top speed is 196 mph(315km/hr).
o ATR Group won the highly prestigious 2006 China Composites Expo-JEC Innovation Award and they used the winning prototype engine for the Ferrari F430.

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