Directions: Fold you paper in half so only the top part shows. Fill in the blanks with the word of
your choice, when you are done take the words and fill it in the email letter below. The results
should be very funny!

1. Name of a company:
2. Occupation:
3. Name of a magazine:
4. Date:
5. Something you are good at:
6. Something you are good at:
7. Adjective about yourself:
8. Something you are good at:
9. Future goals:
10. Name of a famous person:
11. Date:
12: Time:
13. Adverb of Time (ex: now, today, tomorrow, tonight, next week, next year)
14. Name of appliance:
September 30, 2012
To: Head of Human Resources, of (1) _____________________________
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you to apply for the job of (2) ___________________________________
which I saw in/ on (3) ___________________________ on (4) __________________________
I think I am the perfect person for this job because I can (5) _______________________
and (6) ____________________.
People usually say I am a very (7) __________________________ person.
I can also (8) _____________________ very well.
In the future I would like to have a job where I can (9) ________________________.
If you need a reference from please write to (10) ____________________________.
I can come to your office for an interview on (11) _____________________ at (12)
I can start to work for you (13) ________________________.
If you need any more information please contact me by _______________.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,

_____________________ (your name) .

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