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Golf Course Business Plan - Union College 2009

Golf Course Business Plan - Union College 2009


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Published by: flippinamsterdam on Jun 24, 2009
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The superintendent responsible for maintenance must understand flow of golfers on the

course, such that peak times can be worked around for the maintenance schedule. It is

therefore critical for the speed of play to be understood. According to a recent study,

time to complete 18 holes at AMGC takes approximately 3 hours and 55 minutes, 2:03 on

the front 9 holes and 1:52 on the back 9 holes.

Time clocks placed every other hole on the golf course may also help drive speed

of play. Noting tee time of groups teeing off at the first hole and setting each subsequent

clock back the time it takes to golf to the next hole with a clock, such that every time you

pass a clock on a tee box it should show the time you teed off. This will help golfers

know how they are doing for speed of play according to the calculated hole times

previously discussed. The Ranger can also check tee off times recorded on receipts and

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compare to clocks on the holes to help narrow down what group on the course is slowing

up play.

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