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The life of Charlie Parker Charlie Parker was a saxophonist.

He was born was born on August 29 in 1920 in Kansas City. He was the only child of Charles y Addie Parker. Although his family was poor, his mother bougth him his firts saxo. Charlie Parker has a poor childhood and he lived in Kansas City. When he was thirteen years old, he entered the "College Lincoln" which aroused his interest in music. At fourteen he left school to pursue music. When he was fifteen he married a classmate and they had two children. In 1937 he was the main figure in the orchestra of Jay McShann. In 1939 he arrived to New York, where he worked as a dishwasher. He is a well- known jazz musician and originated modern jazz. For many year he participated in jazz sessions in New York. He met Dizzi Gillespie with whom he became famous in jazz music. In 1945 he lead his own group for the first time. Since the moment, he and Gillespie recording a new jazz style and performed in concerts, radio and nighclubs. This style is based on improvisation. He is the author of songs which are considered classic. Both musicians visited Europe and recorded for the most important music firm of the time, Verve. Even though he was addicted to drugs and alcohol, he enjoyed financial success. In 1951, while he was in New york, his problems with drugs become more acute. He still was an excellent performer but his career as a musician detereriorated. That year Charlie was arrested for heroin pessession and as a result his cabaret license was revoked and he could not perform in clubs. His phisical and mental health deteriorated, one of his daughters died and this lead Charlie twice to attempted suicide. He got his license but he was not hired to plays. In 1955 Charlie Parker suffered an ulcer attack and he died on March 12 in New York. He was just 34 years old. He is considere done of the most prominent figures in jazz music. In our country Julio Cortzar remembered Charlie in his story El perseguidor. I admire Charlie Parkers work beacause his unique playing style originated a change in jazz. I think he is an excellet musician beyond his errors and bad habits.