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Adjustment of Conditions - Graduated Rent 1. RE Navigator 2. Real Estate Contracts 3. Display Real Estate Contract 4. Navigation Area 5.

Contract Conditions 6. Change Condition 7. Define Graduated Rent 8. Generate Grading 9. Generate Grading 10. Generate Grading 11. Save Contract 12. End of Tutorial

. In this tutorial you will maintain a graduated rent condition for a real estate contract.Graduated Rent 1. Double click RE Navigator to begin.Adjustment of Conditions .

2. . Expand the Real Estate Contracts folder.

3. Double click contract 228 to display the contract master data. .

.4. Before you begin processing. hide the Navigation Area.

5. . The real estate contract master data is displayed. Select the Conditions tab.

Select the Basic Rent condition. Two conditions have already been maintained for the contract. .6. You will change the Basic Rent condition and define graduated rent parameters.

.7. Now select the Graduated rent icon.

Enter 120 (months) in the Term in Months field and select Enter from the keyboard. .8. In this pop-up you maintain all relevant information for the grading of the condition. The basic rent condition will be increase over 10 years.

9. The rent will be increased every two years. . Enter 24 (months) in the Interval in Months field.

.10. The Basic Rent condition will be increased each time by 10 percent. Enter 10 and select Enter from the keyboard.

Save the contract. The new condition unit prices and the dates for the increase are displayed. .11.

You have changed an existing contract and maintained a graduated rent condition.12. This is the end of the tutorial. .

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