Telepathic Warfare, Cathedral Atheists & Freemason Recruits: American Worldview #14 by Frederick Meekins

Will Trayvon's Hoodie Become The New Shroud Of Turin? The Occult, Freemasonry & Transhumanism Simon Cowell Sires Bastard With Best Friend's Estranged Wife Leftwing Catholics Throw Pity Party For Boston Bomber The State As A False God Are The Disabled Enjoying Their Lives Of Financial Dependency? The Spiritual Undertones Of World War Z American Journalism Review To Cease Print Publication Meet The Bobcat Howard Kurtz Hints Fox News More Open Than CNN Brokaw Concludes Average Americans Not Worthy Of The First Amendment Liberal Presbyterians Reject Penal Substitutionary Atonement Al Gore On The Six Drivers Of Global Change Your Future As An Avatar Those Poking Fun At Extravagant Lord Of The Rings Wedding Threatened With Legal Action Twitter Emasculated Scientists Propagandize On Panspermia's Behalf Does Pope Francis Intend To Get As Worked Up Over US Border Integrity As He Does The Lands Of South American Jungle Savages? Pope Celebrates Ramadan

Starbucks Tolerancmongers Threaten Zimmerman's Brother With Bodily Violence Radical Environmentalists Utilize Bat Excrement To Destroy English Churches CNN To Produce Triumph Of The Will Propaganda Film On Hillary's Behalf Oprah Professes Trayvonism Popes Co-habitate Will Sequestration Unleash The Apocalypse? Terrorist Indoctrination Compound Being Built Just Outside Nation's Capital Bloomturd Minion Advocates Surrender To Ax Murderers Nun Values Criminals Over Murder Victims Global Pandemics As National Security Pretext New Comic Series Examines Star Wars As Lucan Originally Imagined Homeland Security Enacts Anchluss Against Canada & Mexico Food Nazis Crackdown On School Snack Machines National Cathedral Dean Comes Out As Atheist Catholic Biker Gang Rides Against Hell Rather Than Raise It The Cusp Of A New Ice Age? The Rise Of Citizen Journalism Episcopal Task Force To Redefine Marriage New Swiss Anthem To Denigrate Both God & Creation A Vision For Ministry In The 21st Century Saudi School Texts Teach Students How To Dismember Infidels Did Jimmy Carter & Colin Powell Seek Russian Assistance To Overthrow Obama? The Trayvonite Epistles Leggy Blondes On Top At Fox? The Studious Labors Of St. Dominic

Does Judge Ruling "Messiah" An Inappropriate Name Intend To Comment On All The Hispanics Named "Jesus" & Foreigners Named "Muhammad"? Pastor Arrested For Brutal Murder Of Wife Mugabe Threatens To Turn Zimbabwe Into A Giant Welfare Ghetto Pistol Packing Baptists Will Holder Release Drug-Crazed Demoniacs He Won't Let You Defend Yourself Against Onto America's Streets? Muslim Savages Disfigure Aide Workers During Ramadan Attack Trayvon Mural Defiles Florida State House Schools Establish Trayvonite Study Groups Minorities Get More Than A Fair Shake In The American Criminal Justice System Obama Youth Glorify Nationalized Curriculum The Nature Of Faith Obama Particular About Whose Balls He Plays With Court Rules Paula Deen Not Racist DC Mayor Insists Former Gays To Be Systematically Excluded & Discriminated Against Why Study The Reformation? Will Subversives Involved In The Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Be Renditioned To GITMO? Franciscans & Jesuits Confer To Address The Zombie Menace Trayvonite Vandals Perpetrate Arson Young Trayvonite Lifts Voice In Prayer To Obama Young California Perverts Granted License To Peep At Their Leisure 400 Missiles Stolen In Benghazi Assault Oprah Decries Lack Of Colored Folks In Switzerland Apostates Demand Release Of Trayvonite Mobs Episcopal Archbishop Condemned As Theological Harlot

The Ultimate Goal Of Updating Humanity Is To Destroy The Species Washington Post Reduces Marriage To The Level Of Prostitution Fanatic Homeschooler Insinuates Non-Postmillennialists Borderline Atheists Nudist Perverts Descend Upon European Beaches A Luthern Review Of The Movie "Pacific Rim" Christian Dignity Trayvonite Insurgency Spreads To Yale Millennials & The Church Rodeo Clowns To Be Mentally Reconditioned John Warwick Montgomery On The French Burqa Ban, Gay Marriage & Christians In Egypt White House Propagandist Laments Rodeo Clown Incident Obamaphiles Demand Gestapo Investigate Rodeo Clown Home Invasions Authorized Under Obamacare Was Obama Pitching Woo With Reggie Love While Navy SEALS Battled To Capture Bin Laden? Obama Concludes American Students Not Worth Protecting Pope To Surrender World To Idol Of Mary Fanatic Homeschooler Condemns As Atheist Those Without Children Military Tosses Cripples To The Curb Crippled Racket Concludes Athlete Inauthentically Disabled Baptist Claims Marriage Not About Love But About Cleaning Laundry & Serving As A Scratching Post Camel Jockeys Destroy Egyptian Churches Oprah Spreads Gospel Of Racial Discontent As Trayvonite High Priestess Trayvonites Loot Detroit Store The Scripture vs. Greek Philosophy Broadway Spider-Man Goes Splat

Turd World Christians Insist Beating Wives Proper To Encourage Submission Butch-Looking Nun Advocates Evolutionary Cosmology Kudlow Speculates Pope Francis Economically Illiterate Was Saturday Night Live Racist For Featuring Actual Obama In An Obama Mask? Final Babylon: America & The Rise Of The Anti-Christ Area 51's Existence Confirmed First Female ECLA Presiding Bishop Condemns Lutheranism As Too White Will Humans Be Bio-Engineered To Combat Climate Change? Because Muslims Don't Want Pork, No One Can Have Pork Is Megyn Kelly A Sodomite Sympathizer? Does O'Reilly Bankroll Sharpton? Fuller Seminary Bestows Blessing Upon Gay Student Group Camel Jockeys Torch Monastery UFO Hovers Near Minnesota Cathedral Homosexual Insect Encounters Largely Accidental Transhumanism & Blood Sacrifice Will Islamists Turn Sept. 11th Into Gigantic Pity Party For Muslims? Liberal Parents Permit Teen Orgies Are Chinese Soldiers Being Trained To Invade The United States? Boston Bombers Accused Of Supporting Equal Rights For Whites And He Sent Forth Other Servants Will NSA Operatives Hack Implanted Medical Devices? Christie Vows To Keep The Perishing Mired In Sin Are The Chronicles Of Narnia A Gateway To Paganism? Pastor Insists Posting Cat Photos Online Is A Sin

Inside Free Masonry, Part 1 Conservative Baptists & Liberal Presbyterians Slug It Out Over The Wrath Of God Will Chesterton Become The Patron Saint Of Journalists? Bishop Schori Describes Those Fleeing Apostasy As Spiritually Dead Twigs Pope Reminds Peace Is Not Compromise The Post-Christian Christendom Of Our Time Pissants Murder Just For The Sheol Of It Transhumanists Attempt To Undermine The Distinctions Between Body & Spirit Obama's New Bitch Do Divorced People That Get Remarried Go To Hell? Businesses Opposed To Gay Marriage Slated For Reeducation Public School Promotes Islam's Five Pillars A Conservative Analysis Of Huxley's "Brave New World" Lily Tomlin To Wed As Lesbian Jesuit Preaches From The Bhagahvad Gita Theology As A Way Of Life The Culture Of Disbelief, Part 1 Episcopal Humor Falls Flat The Culture Of Disbelief, Part 2 Camel Jockey Kicks Back With A Refreshing Swig Of Urine Hispanic Pastor Arrested As Pedophile Freemasons Seek Recruits Will Camel Piss Become The Latest Organic Farmers' Market Craze? Georgia School Retains Atheist Propaganda Pharmacological Spirituality

Transhumanists Call For The Abolition Of Human Rights Kim Catrall An Old Broad That Enjoys A Good Stretching Infusing Media & Theology Chestertonian Handstands A Biblical Perspective Of Journalism Luthernans & Catholics Contemplate The Reformation's Pending 500th Anniversary Dolly Parton Insists Bigger Is Indeed Better Sweet Natured Jihadist Misses Him's Olives & Honey Will Elites Confiscate Town's Beloved Flying Saucer? Trayvonite Sympathizers Downplay Egyptian Violence Against Christians An Orthodox Perspective on the History of Christendom Hispanosupremacists Declare Immigration Victory Because White Conservatives Less Likely To Rampage In The Streets Video-Taped Manwhore Contracts HIV Prisonbreak Has-Been Comes Out As Gay To Boost Sagging Career Bradley Manning Expresses Desire To Surrender His Sidearm Will Exploding Knockers Poke Someone's Eye Out? Archbishop Of Canterbury Admits The Church Of England A Sinking Ship Leftist Presbyterian Denounces State Fair As Insufficiently Marxist Liquored Up Monks Utilize Inebriation For The Purposes Of Spiritual Manipulation Trayvonites Rape 11 Year Old Chesterton & The Heroism Of The Ordinary Differences Between Episcopals & Anglicans Does Organized Religion Have The Final Say Over Who May Expound God's Word? Zimmerman Condemned For Exercising The Second Amendment Sharpton Assures Rosa Parks Was No "Ho"

Sagging Has-Been Cybil Shepherd To Play Paula Deen Parody Are The Childless Demographic Terrorists? The Rise Of Monasticism Jesuit University Promotes Occultic Practices Washington Post Condemns Those Shocked By Miley's Public Gyrations Jesuit University Stands By Maoist Mengele Christian Moral Majority Disappearing Pakistani Christian Sentenced To Death Over Sipping From A Muslim's Cup Can Illinois Deadbeats Sign Up For Welfare In Klingon? Ray Bradbury An Early Self-Publisher Eunuch Cop Insists Veteran Beaten To Death Got What He Deserved Bishop Deemed Too Moral For Dartmouth, Too Immoral For Africa Catholic Bishops Aiding & Abetting The Hispanosupremacist Takeover Of The United States Catholic Elites Demand Americans Pander To Interloping Immigrants Jesuit University Cosponsors Gay Pride Parade Southern Baptist Leader Advocates Surrender To Debauchery & Tyranny Students Refuse To Eat Obama Swill Fanatic Legalist Condemns Mendicants & Itinerant Preachers Oxford Linguists Contemplate Rhythmic Backside Gyrations Are US Taxpayers Picking Up The Tab For Palestinian Mortgages? The Hagiographical Apotheosis Of Trayvon Martn Did Toys R Us Spill The Beans That Dinobots Will Be Featured In Transformers 4? Will Next X-Files Film Be Set Post Alien Invasion? Beware Of The Emerging Church, Part 1 With Whom Will The Archbishop Of Canterbury Side In The Looming Anglican Civil War?

Measles Outbreak Sweeps Through Faith Healer's Congregation White House Holds Forum For Those That Can't Make Up Mind What Kinds Of Privates They Like To Fondle Elderly White Man Attacked For Violating Trayvonite Sanctuary Scientists Dabble In Telepathic Warfare The Origins of Christendom in the Cosmology of Christ’s Great Commission North Korean Dictator Executes Girlfriend For Making Porn Video New Orleans Cops Let Trayvonites Run Wild Dog Served Communion Archbishop Of Canterbury Suggests Opposition To Homosexuality Wicked Comic Book Culture Now The In Thing Chip Implants, Ascended Masters & Alien Saviors Buchanan Suggests Syria Incursion Worthy Of Impeachment Police Refuse To Admit Rapine Mob Black McCainist-Obamaite Rebels Behead Baby Is FEMA Attempting To Monopolize Disaster Food Supply? Bishop Admits Hispanics At Least As Debauched If Not More So Than Everybody Else Police Raid Drug & Sex Orgy At Masonic Lodge Being Christ Like, What Does That Really Mean? Trayvonites Beat Buddhist Monk To The Edge Of Nirvana Have Russian Spetsnaz Teams Infiltrated The United States? Does Pope Francis Admit That Sodomites Control Vatican Finances? Muslim Pedophiles Target Sikh Girls EWTN Commences Nightly News Broadcast Does The Emergent Church Undermine Good Morals & Sound Doctrine? Did Preacher Smashing TV Get Rid Of His Own Or Just Expect Everyone Else To?

Leftwing Religionists Guilt-Trip The Gullible Into Enthusiastically Embracing Starvation Does McCain Know When To Hold Em & When To Fold Em? Racialists Of Differing Stripes Convene Dialog Will Skynet Be Developed In The Name Of Disaster Preparedness? Reproductive Technologies & Orthodox Christianity Teaching Asceticism Black Mobs Rampage In Baltimore Baptist Questions If Christ's Death Satisfied God's Wrath Asian Elites Embracing Transhumanism Will British Churches Be Forced To Solemnize Pervert Couplings? PBS Has-Been Bill Nye The Global Warming Guy Joins Dancing With The Stars Cynical Preaching Pope Francis Confronts The Atheist Menace US & China Posture Off Syria's Coast To See Whose Canon Is Bigger Art In An Age Of Mass Media: Andy Warhol Vocation & The Artist Of Faith Stargate Reboot Trilogy Introductory Study Into Church History Pentagon Estimates It Will Take More Than A Few Missiles To Neutralize The Syrian Chemical Threat School Lunches To Turn All Students Into Welfare Leeches The Christian Influence On Labor & Economic Freedom Understanding The Modern & Postmodern Mind, Part 1 Mere Christianity Pope Francis Reminds That Every Christian Has A Purpose Abusive Churches

Crazed Trayvonite Attacks Whites Planetoid Named After Trayvon Martin Stylite Promotes Laziness As Spirituality Archaeologists Disinter Accused Vampire's Remains Government To Compile Universal DNA Database Dentist Proposes Cloning John Lennon From Dental DNA Leon Harris Nearly Killed By Pancreatitis Nephillim, GMO, Clones & Transhumanism Muslim Pedophile Kills Child Bride Famed Children's Author Elaine Landau Passes Kennedy Offspring Continue The Family's Tradition Of Debauchery & Whoremongery Chris Matthews' Newt Gingrich Debate Is This How Red China Will Make Use Of The Prisoner Parts Leftover After Organ Harvesting? Frederick Meekins is an Internet columnist and blogger.

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