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Farsi Verbs

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If you're trying to learn Farsi Verbs which is also called Persian, check our courses about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Farsi grammar . Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Farsi. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

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Farsi Verbs
Learning the Farsi Verbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Farsi language. But first we need to know what the role of Verbs is in the structure of the grammar in Farsi. Farsi verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Here are some examples:

English Verbs

Farsi Verbs

keẕesheteh - ‫ﮔذﺷﺗﮫ‬

I sp oke

men ṣ eḥebet keredem - ‫ﻣن ﺻﺣﺑت ﮐردم‬

men noshetem - ‫ﻣن ﻧوﺷﺗم‬

men rānenedekey keredem - ‫ﻣن راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﮐردم‬

men doset dāshetem - ‫ﻣن دوﺳت داﺷﺗم‬

I ga ve

men dādem - ‫ﻣن دادم‬

men lebekhened zedem - ‫ﻣن ﻟﺑﺧﻧد زدم‬

men beredāshem - ‫ﻣن ﺑرداﺷم‬



‫او راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﮐرد‬ āo doset dāshet .‫ﻣن راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﺧواھم ﮐرد‬ I will love men doset khoāhem dāshet .‫آﯾﻧده‬ I will sp e a k men ṣ eḥebet khoāheyem kered .‫او ﻟﺑﺧﻧد زد‬ āo beredāshet .php we wrote mā nosheteyem .‫ﻣن ﺑر ﺧواھم داﺷت‬ 2/10 .‫او داد‬ āo lebekhened zed .‫ﻣﺎ دوﺳت داﺷﺗﯾم‬ we ga ve mā dādeyem .‫ﻣﺎ دادﯾم‬ we smile d mā lebekhened zedeyem .‫او دوﺳت داﺷت‬ he ga ve āo dād .‫ﻣن ﻟﺑﺧﻧد ﺧواھم زد‬ I will ta ke men ber khoāhem dāshet .‫او ﻧوﺷت‬ āo rānenedekey kered .‫ﻣن ﺧواھم داد‬ I will smile men lebekhened khoāhem zed .‫ﻣن دوﺳت ﺧواھم داﺷت‬ I will give men khoāhem dād .‫ﻣﺎ راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﮐردﯾم‬ we love d mā doset dāsheteyem .‫او ﺳﺧن ﮔﻔت‬ he wrote āo noshet .‫ﻣن ﺧواھم ﻧوﺷت‬ I will d rive men rānenedekey khoāhem kered .03 09 2013 Farsi Negation Farsi Questions Farsi Videos Farsi Reading Farsi Romanization Farsi Transliteration Farsi Quiz Learning Tips Easiest Languages Hardest Languages Learn Farsi Farsi Lessons he took he smile d he love d he d rove he sp oke Farsi Verbs āo sekhen kefet .‫ﻣﺎ ﻧوﺷﺗﯾم‬ we d rove mā rānenedekey keredeyem .‫ﻣﺎ ﺑرداﺷﺗﯾم‬ Future āyenedeh .org/farsi_verbs.‫ﻣﺎ ﺻﺣﺑت ﮐردﯾم‬ All Languages Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Bengali Bulgarian Cantonese Chinese Croatian Danish Dutch English Esperanto Finnish French Georgian German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Irish Italian mylanguages.‫ﻣﺎ ﻟﺑﺧﻧد زدﯾم‬ we took mā beredāsheteyem .‫او ﺑرداﺷت‬ we sp oke MORE LANGUAGES: mā ṣ eḥebet keredeyem .‫ﻣن ﺻﺣﺑت ﺧواھﯾم ﮐرد‬ I will write men khoāhem noshet .

‫او ﺑر ﺧواھد داﺷت‬ we will write mā khoāheyem noshet .‫ﻣن ﺻﺣﺑت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧم‬ I write men mey noseyem .‫ﺣﺎل‬ I sp e a k men ṣ eḥebet mey kenem .‫او ﺧواھد ﻧوﺷت‬ he will smile āo lebekhened khoāhed zed .‫او ﺻﺣﺑت ﺧواھد ﮐرد‬ he will write āo khoāhed noshet .‫ﻣﺎ راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﺧواھﯾم ﮐرد‬ we will love mā doset khoāheyem dāshet .‫ﻣﺎ دوﺳت ﺧواھﯾم داﺷت‬ we will ta ke mā ber khoāheyem dāshet .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺧﻧدم‬ I ta ke men beredāshetem .‫ﻣﺎ ﺧواھﯾم داد‬ we will sp e a k mā ṣ eḥebet khoāheyem kered .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﻧوﺳﯾم‬ I d rive men rānenedekey mey kenem .‫او ﺧواھد داد‬ he will love doset khoāhed dāshet .‫ﻣﺎ ﺻﺣﺑت ﺧواھﯾم ﮐرد‬ he will give āo khoāhed dād .org/farsi_verbs.‫ﻣن ﺑرداﺷﺗم‬ mylanguages.php 3/10 .‫او راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﺧواھد ﮐرد‬ he will sp e a k āo ṣ eḥebet khoāhed kered .‫ﻣن راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧم‬ I love doset dārem .‫ﻣﺎ ﺧواھﯾم ﻧوﺷت‬ we will d rive mā rānenedekey khoāheyem kered .‫دوﺳت دارم‬ I give men mey dehem .‫دوﺳت ﺧواھد داﺷت‬ he will d rive āo rānenedekey khoāhed kered .‫ﻣﺎ ﺑر ﺧواھﯾم داﺷت‬ P re se nt ḥāl .‫او ﻟﺑﺧﻧد ﺧواھد زد‬ he will ta ke āo ber khoāhed dāshet .‫ﻣﺎ ﻟﺑﺧﻧد ﺧواھﯾم زد‬ we will give mā khoāheyem dād .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ دھم‬ I smile men mey khenedem .03 09 2013 Farsi Verbs Japanese Korean Latin Malagasy Malay Mandarin Norwegian Persian Pashto Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Tamil Thai Turkish Urdu Vietnamese Zulu More Languages we will smile mā lebekhened khoāheyem zed .

‫او ﺻﺣﺑت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧد‬ he write s āo mey noyesed .‫او اﺿﺎﻓﮫ ﮐرده اﺳت‬ we a d mit it mā ān rā mey peẕeyereyem .‫او راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧد‬ he love s āo doset dāred . the structure of the Verbs in Farsi has a logical pattern.‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم ﺑﭘذﯾرﯾم ﮐﮫ‬ she a d d e d it āo āz̤ ā feh keredeh āset .‫!دوﺳت دارﯾم‬ we give mā mey deheyem .‫اﻧﮭﺎ او را ﻧﺻﯾﺣت ﮐردﻧد‬ I ca n a gre e with tha t men mey toānem bā ān moāfequet kenem . List of Verbs in Farsi Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Farsi placed in a table. English Verbs I ca n a cce p t tha t Farsi Verbs men mey toānem bepeẕeyereyem keh .php 4/10 .‫او ﺑرﻣﯽ دارد‬ we sp e a k mā ṣ eḥebet mey keneyem . Locate the Verbs above and see how it works with the rest of the sentence in Persian.‫ﻣﺎ ﻣﯽ دھﯾم‬ we smile mā lebekhened mey zeneyem .03 09 2013 Farsi Verbs he sp e a ks āo ṣ eḥebet mey kened .‫او ﻟﺑﺧﻧد ﻣﯽ زﻧد‬ he ta ke s āo beremey dāred .‫ﻣﺎ راﻧﻧدﮔﯽ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ we love doset dāreyeme! .‫او ﻣﯽ ﻧوﯾﺳد‬ he d rive s āo rānenedekey mey kened .‫ﻣﺎ آن را ﻣﯽ ﭘذﯾرﯾم‬ the y a d vise d him ānehā āo rā neṣ eyeḥet keredened .‫ﻣﺎ ﺻﺣﺑت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ we write mey noyeseyem .‫ﻣﯽ ﻧوﯾﺳﯾم‬ we d rive mā rānenedekey mey keneyem .‫ﻣﺎ ﺑرداﺷﺗﮫ اﯾم‬ As you can see from the example above. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Farsi vocabulary.org/farsi_verbs.‫ﻣﺎ ﻟﺑﺧﻧد ﻣﯽ زﻧﯾم‬ we ta ke mā beredāsheteh āyem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم ﺑﺎ آن ﻣواﻓﻘت ﮐﻧم‬ mylanguages.‫او ﻣﯽ دھد‬ he smile s āo lebekhened mey zened .‫او دوﺳت دارد‬ he give s āo mey dehed .

‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم ﻋذرﺧواھﯽ ﮐﻧم‬ she a p p e a rs tod a y āo beh neẓer mey resed āmeroz .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم آن را ﺑﭘزم‬ she is like him āo mānened āo āset .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺗرﺗﯾب داده اﻧد ﮐﮫ‬ I ca n a rrive tomorrow men feredā meyetoānem beresem .php 5/10 .‫او ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧد از او ﺑﺧواھﯾد‬ she a tta che s tha t āo ān rā oṣ el kered .‫آﻧﮭﺎ از او دوری ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﻧد‬ I ca n b a ke it men mey toānem ān rā bepezem .‫او ﻣﺎﻧﻧد او اﺳت‬ we b e a t it mā ān rā zedeyem .‫او اﺟﺎزه ﻣﯽ دھد ﺗﺎ آن‬ we a nnounce it ān rā ā'elām keneyem .org/farsi_verbs.‫او آن را وﺻل ﮐرد‬ we a tta ck the m mā beh ānehā ḥemeleh mey keneyem .‫ﻣﺎ آن را زدﯾم‬ the y b e ca me ha p p y ānehā khosheḥāl shedened .‫او ﻏذا ﻣﯽ ﺧرد‬ we ca lcula te it ān rā meḥāsebeh mey keneyem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ھوا را ﺗﻧﻔس ﮐردﻧد‬ I ca n b ring it men mey toānem ānerā beyāorem . āo rā ānetekhāb kered .‫ﻣن ﻓردا ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم ﺑرﺳم‬ she ca n a sk him āo mey toāned āz āo bekhoāheyed .‫ﻣﺎ ﺑﮫ آﻧﮭﺎ ﺣﻣﻠﮫ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y a void he r ānehā āz āo dorey mey kenened .‫ﻣﺎ آن را ﺣﻣل ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y d on' t che a t ānehā tequeleb nemey kenened .‫ﻣﺎ ﭘول ﻗرض ﮔرﻓﺗﯾم‬ the y b re a the a ir ānehā hoā rā tenefes keredened .‫آن را ﻣﺣﺎﺳﺑﮫ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y ca rry it mā ān rā ḥemel mey keneyem .‫آن را اﻋﻼم ﮐﻧﯾم‬ I ca n a p ologize men mey toānem 'eẕerekhoāhey kenem .‫ او را اﻧﺗﺧﺎب ﮐرد‬،‫او‬ mylanguages.‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺧوﺷﺣﺎل ﺷدﻧد‬ I ca n b e gin tha t men mey toānem ān rā shero' kenem .03 09 2013 she a llows it Farsi Verbs āo ājāzeh mey dehed tā ān .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم ان را ﺷروع ﮐﻧم‬ we b orrowe d mone y mā pol querez̤ kerefeteyem .‫او ﺑﮫ ﻧظر ﻣﯽ رﺳد اﻣروز‬ the y a rra nge d tha t ānehā tereteyeb dādeh āned keh .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺗﻘﻠب ﻧﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﻧد‬ she choose s him āo.‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم آﻧرا ﺑﯾﺎورم‬ I ca n b uild tha t men mey toānem ān rā besāzem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم آن را ﺑﺳﺎزم‬ she b uys food āo gheẕā mey khered .

‫او از آن ﺑدش ﻣﯽ آﯾد‬ we d o it mā āyen kār rā ānejām dādeyem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺑﮫ اﯾﻧﺟﺎ وارد ﺷدﻧد‬ he e sca p e d tha t āo āz ān ferār kered .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺑﮫ ﺧواﻧدن اداﻣﮫ دادﻧد‬ he crie d a b out tha t āo berāy ān moz̤ o' kereyeh kered .‫ﻣﺎ ﻧزدﯾﮏ آن ھﺳﺗﯾم‬ he come s he re āo āyenejā āmed .‫او آن را ﺑرای ﻣن ﺷرح داد‬ we d isa gre e a b out it mā der āyen mored mekhālefeyem .‫ﻣﺎ از آن ﻟذت ﺑردﯾم‬ the y e nte re d he re ānehā beh āyenejā oāred shedened .‫او زﯾﺎد ﻣﯽ ﺧورد‬ we e nj oye d tha t mā āz ān leẕet beredeyem .org/farsi_verbs.‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺧواب آن را ﻣﯽ ﺑﯾﻧﻧد‬ I e a rne d men bedeset āoredeh ām .‫ﻣن آن را ﮐﺷف ﮐردم‬ she d islike s tha t āo āz ān bedesh mey āyed .‫ﻣﺎ در ﻣورد اﯾن ﺷﮑﺎﯾت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y continue d re a d ing ānehā beh khoāneden ādāmeh dādened .php 6/10 .‫ﻣن ﺑدﺳت اورده ام‬ he e a ts a lot āo zeyād mey khored .‫ﻣﺎ اﯾن ﮐﺎر را اﻧﺟﺎم دادﯾم‬ the y d re a m a b out it ānehā khoāb ān rā mey beyenened .‫ﻣﺎ در اﯾن ﻣورد ﻣﺧﺎﻟﻔﯾم‬ the y d isa p p e a re d q uickly ānehā beh sere'et nāpedeyed shedened .03 09 2013 Farsi Verbs we close it mā nezedeyek ān heseteyem .‫او ﺑﺎ ﻣن رﻗﺎﺑت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧد‬ we comp la in a b out it mā der mored āyen shekāyet mey keneyem .‫او ﺑرای ان ﻣوﺿوع ﮔرﯾﮫ ﮐرد‬ I ca n d e cid e now men meyetoānem ālān teṣ emeyem bekeyerem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم آن را ﺗوﺿﯾﺢ دھم‬ she fe e ls tha t too āo hem cheneyen ā ḥesāsey dāred .‫او از آن ﻓرار ﮐرد‬ I ca n e xp la in tha t men meyetoānem ān rā toz ̤ eyeḥ dehem .‫او ھم ﭼﻧﯾن اﺣﺳﺎﺳﯽ دارد‬ mylanguages.‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم آن را ﻣﻘﺎﯾﺳﮫ ﮐﻧم‬ she comp e te s with me āo bā men requābet mey kened .‫او اﯾﻧﺟﺎ آﻣد‬ I ca n comp a re tha t men mey toānem ān rā mequāyeseh kenem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺑﮫ ﺳرﻋت ﻧﺎﭘدﯾد ﺷدﻧد‬ I d iscove re d tha t men ān rā keshef keredem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم اﻻن ﺗﺻﻣﯾم ﺑﮕﯾرم‬ she d e scrib e d it to me āo ān rā berāy men shereḥ dād .

‫او ﻣرا ﻓراﻣوش ﮐرد‬ we forgive him mā āo rā bekhesheyedeyem .‫او آن را ﺗرﺟﯾﺢ ﻣﯽ دھد‬ we p rote cte d the m mā āo ānehā meḥāfeẓet keredeh āyem .‫ﻣﺎ ھم اﮐﻧون ﻣﯽ روﯾم‬ the y lie d a b out him ānehā der mored āo derogh kefeteh āned .‫ﻣﺎ آﻧﮭﺎ را دﻋوت ﮐردﯾم‬ I know him men āo rā mey shenāsem .‫ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم ﺑﮫ آن ﮔوش دھم‬ she lost tha t āo ān rā āz deset dād .‫ﻣن ھﻣﯾﺷﮫ دﻋﺎ ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧم‬ she p re fe rs tha t āo ān rā terejeyeḥ mey dehed .‫ﻣن از آن ﻣﺗﻧﻔرم‬ I ca n he a r it men mey toānem ān rā beshenom .org/farsi_verbs.‫او ﺑﮫ آﻧﺟﺎ ﻣﯽ رود‬ we gre e te d the m mā āz ānehā āsetequebāl mey keneyem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم آن را ﺑﺷﻧوم‬ she ima gine tha t āo ān rā teṣ or meyekened .03 09 2013 we fle d from the re Farsi Verbs mā āz ānejā ferār keredeyem .‫او اﯾن را ﯾﺎد ﮔرﻓﺗﮫ اﺳت‬ we le a ve now mā hem ākenon mey royem .php 7/10 .‫ﻣﺎ از آﻧﺟﺎ ﻓرار ﮐردﯾم‬ the y will fly tomorrow ānehā feredā peroāz khoāhened kered .‫او آن را ﺗﺻور ﻣﯾﮑﻧد‬ we invite d the m mā ānehā rā de'ot keredeyem .‫ﻣﺎ او آﻧﮭﺎ ﻣﺣﺎﻓظت ﮐرده اﯾم‬ mylanguages.‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﻓردا ﭘرواز ﺧواھﻧد ﮐرد‬ I ca n follow you meyetoānem denebāl shemā beyāyem .‫ﻣﺎ از آﻧﮭﺎ اﺳﺗﻘﺑﺎل ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ I ha te tha t men āz ān meteneferem .‫ﻣﺎ او را ﺑﺧﺷﯾدﯾم‬ I ca n give he r tha t men meyetoānem ān rā beh āo bedehem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ او را ﻣﻼﻗﺎت ﮐردﻧد‬ I missp e ll tha t men ān rā āshetebāh nosheteh ām .‫ﻣﺎ دﯾروز اﯾن را ﺳﺎﺧﺗﯾم‬ the y me t him ānehā āo rā melāquāt keredened .‫ﻣن آن را اﺷﺗﺑﺎه ﻧوﺷﺗﮫ ام‬ I a lwa ys p ra y men hemeyesheh de'ā mey kenem .‫ﻣن او را ﻣﯽ ﺷﻧﺎﺳم‬ she le a rne d it āo āyen rā yād kerefeteh āset .‫آﻧﮭﺎ در ﻣورد او دروغ ﮔﻔﺗﮫ اﻧد‬ I ca n liste n to tha t mey toānem beh ān kosh dehem .‫ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم دﻧﺑﺎل ﺷﻣﺎ ﺑﯾﺎﯾم‬ she forgot me āo merā ferāmosh kered .‫ﻣن ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم آن را ﺑﮫ او ﺑدھم‬ she goe s the re āo beh ānejā mey rod .‫او آن را از دﺳت داد‬ we ma d e it ye ste rd a y mā deyeroz āyen rā sākheteyem .

‫آﻧﮭﺎ اﯾن را ﭘﯾﺷﻧﮭﺎد ﮐردﻧد‬ I surp rise d him men āo rā ghāfelekeyer keredem .‫ﻣﺎ از آن رﻧﺞ ﺑردﯾم‬ the y sugge st tha t ānehā āyen rā peyeshenehād keredened .‫او آن را ﺗﮑرار ﮐرد‬ we se e it mā āyen rā mey beyeneyem .‫ﻣﺎ اﯾن را ﺧواھﯾم ﺧواﻧد‬ the y sa t the re ānehā ānejā nesheseteh bodened .‫آﻧﮭﺎ آن را ﻣﯽ ﻓروﺷﻧد‬ I se nt tha t ye ste rd a y men ān rā deyeroz āresāl keredem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم در ﻣورد‬ ‫اﯾن ﺻﺣﺑت ﮐﻧم‬ she sp e nd s mone y āo pol kherej mey kened .‫ﻣﺎ اﯾن را ﻣﯽ ﺑﯾﻧﯾم‬ the y se ll it ānehā ān rā mey feroshened .‫آﻧﮭﺎ او را ﻣﺟﺎزات ﺧواھﻧد ﮐرد‬ I ca n p ut it the re men meyetoānem ān rā ānejā querār dehem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ از ﺻﺣﺑت ﮐردن اﻣﺗﻧﺎع‬ ‫ﮐردﻧد‬ I re me mb e r tha t men ān rā beh yād mey āorem .‫ﻣﺎ آن را ﺗدرﯾس ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y told us ānehā beh mā kefetened .‫او آن را ﺧواھد ﺧواﻧد‬ we re ce ive d tha t mā ān rā dereyāfet keredeyem .‫او آن را ﺑرداﺷت‬ we te a ch it mā ān rā tedereyes mey keneyem .‫آﻧﮭﺎ آﻧﺟﺎ ﻧﺷﺳﺗﮫ ﺑودﻧد‬ I ca n sp e a k it men mey toānem der mored āyen ṣ eḥebet kenem .‫ﻣن آن را دﯾروز ارﺳﺎل ﮐردم‬ he sha ve d his b e a rd āo reyesh khod rā terāsheyed .‫او رﯾش ﺧود را ﺗراﺷﯾد‬ it shrunk q uickly sereye'ā āb refet .‫ﺳرﯾﻌﺎ آب رﻓت‬ we will sing it mā āyen rā khoāheyem khoāned .‫ﻣن ﻣﯾﺗواﻧم آن را آﻧﺟﺎ ﻗرار دھم‬ she will re a d it āo ān rā khoāhed khoāned .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﺑﮫ ﻣﺎ ﮔﻔﺗﻧد‬ mylanguages.‫ﻣن او را ﻏﺎﻓﻠﮕﯾر ﮐردم‬ she took tha t āo ān rā beredāshet .‫از او ﺗﺷﮑر ﮐرد‬ 8/10 .‫او ﭘول ﺧرج ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧد‬ we suffe re d from tha t mā āz ān renej beredeyem .03 09 2013 Farsi Verbs the y will p unish he r ānehā āo rā mejāzāt khoāhened kered .‫ﻣﺎ آن را درﯾﺎﻓت ﮐردﯾم‬ the y re fuse to ta lk ānehā āz ṣ eḥebet kereden āmetenā' keredened .php she tha nke d him āz āo tesheker kered .‫ﻣن آن را ﺑﮫ ﯾﺎد ﻣﯽ آورم‬ she re p e a ts tha t āo ān rā tekerār kered .org/farsi_verbs.

‫او ﻣﯽ ﻧوﯾﺳد ﮐﮫ‬ we ta lk a b out it mā der mored ān ṣ eḥebet mey keneyem . Once you're done with the Persian Verbs.org/farsi_verbs.03 09 2013 she tha nke d him Farsi Verbs āz āo tesheker kered .ORG All Rights Reserved About | Link | Contact |Volunteer | Copyright .‫ﻣن ﻣﯽ ﺗواﻧم در ﻣورد آن‬ ‫ﻓﮑر ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧم‬ she thre w it āo ān rā peretāb kered .‫ﻣن آن را ﺗﻣﺎﺷﺎ ﮐردم‬ I will ta lk a b out it men der mored ān ṣ eḥebet khoāhem kered .‫آﻧﮭﺎ ﻣﯽ ﺧواھﻧد ﮐﮫ‬ I ca n we a r it men meyetoān āyen rā mey poshem . Don't forget to bookmark this page.‫او آن را دﯾروز ﺧرﯾد‬ we finishe d it mā ān rā beh pāyān resānedeyem .‫از او ﺗﺷﮑر ﮐرد‬ I ca n think a b out it men mey toānem der mored ān feker mey kenem .‫او آن را ﭘرﺗﺎب ﮐرد‬ we und e rsta nd tha t mā ān rā derek mey keneyem . Language Translation Language Audio Virtual Keyboard Transliteration Language Learning Language Dictionary Language Identifier Write Your Name Inflation Hyperinflation Wilderness Survival Emergency Guide Copyright © 2011 MYLANGUAGES.‫ﻣﺎ آن را ﺑﮫ ﭘﺎﯾﺎن رﺳﺎﻧدﯾم‬ Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Farsi.‫ﻣﺎ آن را درک ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y wa nt tha t ānehā mey khoāhened keh .‫آﻧﮭﺎ آن را دارﻧد‬ I wa tche d it men ān rā temāshā keredem .‫ﻣن ﻣﯾﺗوان اﯾن را ﻣﯽ ﭘوﺷم‬ she write s tha t āo mey noyesed keh .‫ﻣن در ﻣورد آن ﺻﺣﺑت ﺧواھم‬ ‫ﮐرد‬ he b ought tha t ye ste rd a y āo ān rā deyeroz khereyed .‫ﻣﺎ در ﻣورد آن ﺻﺣﺑت ﻣﯽ ﮐﻧﯾم‬ the y ha ve it ānehā ān rā dārened . you might want to check the rest of our Farsi lessons here: Learn Farsi.Disclaimer mylanguages.php 9/10 . therefore they need very special attention.

03 09 2013 Farsi Verbs mylanguages.org/farsi_verbs.php 10/10 .

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