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Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

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Published by: Bernard Palmer on Sep 11, 2013
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APPLIED HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE Student is introduced to open channel flow characteristics including hydraulic jump and surges

. Hydraulic machines viz flow through turbines and pumps including their performance characteristics and design aspects are taught. Student, at the end of the semester will have the abilities to analyse flow characteristics in open channel and design hydraulic machines. UNIT I OPEN CHANNEL FLOW Open channel flow – Types and regimes of flow – Velocity distribution in open channel – Wide open channel – Specific energy – Critical flow and its computation – channel transition. UNIT II UNIFORM FLOW Uniform flow – Velocity measurement – Manning’s and Chezy’s formula – Determination of roughness coefficients – Determination of normal depth and velocity – Most economical sections – Non-erodible channels UNIT II I VARIED FLOW Dynamic equations of gradually varied flow – Assumptions – Characteristics of flow profiles – Draw down and back water curves – Profile determination – Graphical integration, direct step and standard step method – Flow through transitions - Hydraulic jump – Types – Energy dissipation – Surges. UNIT IV PUMPS Centrifugal pump - minimum speed to start the pump – multistage Pumps – Jet and submersible pumps - Positive displacement pumps - reciprocating pump negative slip - flow separation conditions - air vessels -indicator diagram and

Laxmi Publishing Pvt Ltd. 1995.2007 REFERENCES 1. Tata McGraw-Hill. 2000..html#ixzz2eam55bVi more question bank and prevoius year question paper . “Flow through Open Channels”.N. P.its variation . and Seth S. 1985 click here to read more: http://www."Flow in Open channels". Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics Standard Book House.axial flow turbines – Impulse and Reaction TOTAL (L:45+T:15): 60 PERIODS TEXT BOOKS 1. Bansal R.. 3. 2. K. Fluid mechanics & Hydraulic machines.K.in/2012/09/ce2253-appliedhydraulic-engineering.G.annaunivedu.M.K. "Fluid Mechanics (including Hydraulic Machines)". 2. Tata McGraw-Hill PublishingCompany. 1994.. Jain A. Subramanya K.draft tube and cavitations – Application of momentum principle – Impact of jets on plane and curved plates . Ranga Raju. New Delhi .radial flow turbines .turbines . 8th edition. Khanna Publishers.savings in work done – rotary pumps. UNIT V TURBINES Turbines .classification . Modi.

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