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Revolutionary Experiences
In class, weve been reading the novels The Fighting Ground by Avi, Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, and Finishing Becca by Ann Rinaldi in smaller groups. Today, in your groups, you will discuss the implications of these novels as to what it meant for the Revolutionary War. Not everyone experienced the Revolution the same way, and the main characters in these novels speak to this. The questions here and the answers your group comes up with will help you present your novel to the rest of your peers and in our Comic Life project at the end of the week. Please be sure to write your groups answers down; complete sentences arent needed so long as you can read your own notes. This will be collected at the end of the week with the Comic Life projects.

Novel Assigned: ____________________________________

1. Discuss, briefly, the summary of your novel. Make a short list of important things that happened over the course of the plot.

2. Who is the main character of your novel? What kind of background (cultural, economic, ethnic, etc.) does he or she have?

3. Did this characters background have an effect on what they did during the Revolution? How did the main character participate in the events leading up to and during the Revolution?

4. What was the daily life of your main character like?

5. Why is it important that we learn about how this character experienced the Revolution?

6. Are the experiences of people and groups similar to the main character documented in textbooks? Why do you think they are or arent?

7. How does this novel represent freedom? Was the main character free? Were they held back from doing what they wanted by some outside force?

8. What does this novel tell you about the Revolutionary War?