Social media has changed the way organizations interact with their customers. It offers organizations a new way to initiate and develop relationships with both current and prospective customers and also to showcase their work in a different way to the world of consumers. This has influenced more and more B2B companies to enter into the world of social media. In B2B building relationships with clients is the most important thing as most of the companies do a research online on platforms like social media, website etc. before making a deal. Also, using different social media channels is a way b2b companies can replace interactions with traditional media, and still reach their target audiences of investors. The objective of this research paper is to understand the scope of social media in B2B sales i.e. How social media can replace traditional media, is social media the write tool for B2B markets and what are the current social media tools used by corporate and how these tools is used by corporate to interact with customers and to increase sales.

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