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20 May 2009 Mr.Gusti Ngurah Anom Krisna Souvenir Shop Jln. Nusa Kambangan 162 Denpasar, Bali, 656133 Dear Sirs: Thank you for your letter of 17th May 2009. Your price list, terms payment, and some samples, have we accepted and checked. That is why we ara interested to order the following goods. Quantity 15 28 58 47 Type “Gaul” T-shirt “Nice” Hanger lock “Good” Painting “Real” woodcarving Catalogue Number HN-33080-WB HN-36887-WK HP-56563-SE HN-5344C-K K5-299907-A

I hope that goods above is already and can reach us not latet than 15th July 2009, if not available for immediate delivery, please send me reciprocation letter. As soon as we receive your confirmation and pro-forms invoice, we will arrange for settlement by banker’s transfer. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, INDAH JAYA SHOP (signature) Ton Badhawi Chief Buyer Encl : Order form no.25

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