Four Slogans and Three Questions

4 Eternal Slogans of Congress (I)
1. ‘Garibi Hatao’ – Banish Poverty
(Poor to remain poor forever!)

2. Save the Nation
(Riots, Bomb blasts, Chinese border incursions…)

3. Economic Growth
(For crony capitalists and land grabbers)

4. Love Statues
(Indira, Rajiv…in future, Sonia, Rahul…)

3 Questions for BJP
1. How’ll you revive India’s growth?
(Voters are clueless about your economic alternatives)

2. How’ll you control rising prices?
(Your party’s failed to capture people’s angst)

3. How’ll you restore public institutions?
(Your record of governance in Karnataka is pathetic)

By: RamaKrishna Vadlamudi, Hyderabad, 11 September 2013.

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