"Time is an illusion, but it has been created so that infinity can be understood.

We are infinite beings, only infinity exists. You can find this infinity inside, you can come to "know" it. The finite coming to know the infinite is source coming to know itself. Our limited lives are here so that we remember, we are limitless. This is the purpose of "conscious polarity", one form in which source wanted to find itself. This form of perception is the purpose of human consciousness." Your unique stream of consciousness is a product of an infinite line of happenings. It is a continuous stream that has no real points, it simply is. We only possess the ability to exact an infinitely small portion of any given happening. These connected portions are plotted together in our mind to frame our earthly lives. (We understand it as a sequence and call it our "life", from baby to senior). These happenings enfold over lifetimes for you as a unique soul, but are connected to the entirety of happenings in the lifetime of time. Unique, individual lifetimes have a finite sequence of events, this is how we understand them with our human consciousness, but beyond the limits of our form the truth remains the same. We live in an infinite cycle; where all times are interconnected; think of a geometric diagram/alchemic diagrams or the spiral of creation; the flower of life. To what point exactly do you wish to visit? In the fabric of your being you hold the truths for your immediate family history and if you make the soul choice, you may experience and integrate the lessons of it into your present form. You have the truths of your ancestral family, and if you make the soul choice you may experience and integrate THAT into your present form. The entire history of our consciousness for example as aspected in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc etc etc; it is all within; we may integrate that into our present form if willed. The choice however, remains yours and yours alone. How much do you wish to remember? Altogether you're moving yourself forward to understand the truth; everything is infinite anyway, such that, nothing that happens to you is meaningful in and of itself; it is the moment of your existence, your moment of conscious remembrance and its placement in all of time that matters. Where is your consciousness in the infinite stream of time?