Google Calendars Create a New Calendar to Share on your Blog Follow these directions to create and share a Google

Calendar on your blog or website with an embedded HTML Code.

1.While in Gmail, select Calendar to access your Google Calendar. 2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of My Calendars. 3. Choose Create new calendar.

4.and 5. Fill in the information on the calendar 6.Make the calendar public to share these events online 7.Click Create Calendar

8.Click Yes for people to see your events. (You will then be taken back to your

9.Click the drop-down arrow for the new calendar 10.Select Calendar settings

11.Copy the HTML code within this box. Optional: You can change the appearance and size of the calendar here, but anytime you make changes the code has to be downloaded again.

12. Log into your blogger account and enter the blog you want the calendar displayed on.

13. Select the Pages tab in order to paste the calendar into its own page.

14. Add a new Blank Page and entitle it Calendar.

15.Select the HTML tab and paste the Calendar’s embed code copied from earlier into the text box below. 16. Finally, publish your page and preview the Calendar. If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance, make the necessary changes at Step 11’s “optional” task and repeat steps 11-16.


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