PGB Brooklyn, NY

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE THE NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD AEG BROOKLYN MANAGEMENT, LLC Employer and MICAH WHEELER Petitioner and LOCAL 32BJ SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION Union DECISION AND CERTIFICATION OF RESULTS The National Labor Relations Board, by a three-member panel, has considered objections to a deauthorization election held February 27, 2013, and the Acting Regional Director’s report recommending disposition of them. The election was conducted pursuant to a Stipulated Election Agreement. The tally of ballots shows that of 131 eligible voters, 49 voted for and 6 against withdrawing the authority of the Union to require, under its collective-bargaining agreement with the Employer, that employees make certain lawful payments to the Union in order to retain their jobs. There were no challenged ballots. The Board has reviewed the record in light of the exceptions and briefs, has adopted the Acting Regional Director’s findings and recommendations, and finds that a certification of results of election should issue. Case 29-UD-097113

CERTIFICATION OF RESULTS OF ELECTION It is certified that a majority of employees eligible to vote has not voted to withdraw the authority of Local 32BJ Service Employees International Union to require, under its agreement with the Employer, that employees make certain lawful payments to that labor organization in order to retain their jobs in conformity with Section 8(a)(3) of the Act, as amended.

Dated, Washington, D.C., September 11, 2013. _____________________________ Mark Gaston Pearce, Chairman _____________________________ Philip A. Miscimarra, Member _____________________________ Kent Y. Hirozawa, Member (SEAL) NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD

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