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Setting Up Your FileMaker 7+ Database for FileMaker Network Sharing.
This document outlines the steps required to share your database via the FileMaker Network Extended Privilege. For brevity and focus, this document must assume that you’ve correctly secured your database. At an absolute bare minimum, you should follow the instructions in SecuringYourFileMakerFile.doc. For more information on how Accounts & Privileges are used to create a secure database, consult FileMaker support documentation or hire a certified FileMaker Developer/Consultant.

How to Configure Your FileMaker Database for FileMaker Network Sharing (FMNET)
To access a hosted database (over your local network or via a remote hosting service such as Neo Code Software’s Free Filemaker Hosting) you must enable the FMNET extended privilege set. Here’s how… 1. Open the Filemaker Network Dialog
1.1. From the File Menu, select: Sharing > Filemaker Network

Contents Copyright Neo Code Software 2009 2. Activating the FMNET ‘Extended Privileges’.
2.1. Select the FileMaker database file that you wish to enable for remote access.

2.2. Turn on Network Sharing.

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2.3. In the ‘Network access to file’ section, click ‘Specify user by Privilege Set’.

2.4. In most cases, the Specify Dialog will open, if not, click the Specify button to open it.

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2.5. Note the list of Privilege Sets and their corresponding Accounts.

2.6. For each Privilege Set that requires network access, click the ‘On’ checkbox and then commit your changes by clicking ‘OK’.

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2.7. As an added measure of security, you may choose to activate the ‘Don’t display in Open Remote File dialog’.

2.8. Commit all your changes by pressing the ‘OK’ button.

3. Your database is now configured for FileMaker Network access!

Contents Copyright Neo Code Software 2009