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AGO 4300B

Esperanto has been adopted as the official language of Aggressor, the Maneuver Enemy. It may be modified by local usage or supplanted by the language of the local area. The primary benefit of using a different language is its contribution to the realistic intelligence play in training exercises. Where personnel are available with a proficiency in a foreign language, intelligence documents may be prepared in that particular language and injected into the exercise. This Esperanto Supplement has been compiled for use where trained linguists are not available. Users may modify these materials as deemed necessary to provide the desired settings for situations to accomplish training objectives.

AGO 4300B

No. 1

WASHINGTON, D.C., 10 February 1964

FM 30-101-1, 28 February 1962, is changed as follows: 1. Purpose and Scope a. This supplement provides * * and appropriate conversions. b. (Added) Users of this manual are encouraged to submit recommended changes or additions and comments on how to improve the manual. Comments should be keyed to the specific page, paragraph, and line of the text in which the change is recommended. Reasons should be provided for each comment to insure understanding and complete evaluation. Comments should be forwarded direct to the U. S. Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird, Baltimore, Md. 21219.

TAGO 7925B-Feb

By OrdEr of the Secretary of the Army: EARLE G. WHEELER, General, United States Army, Chief of Staff

Official: J. C. LAMB:,RT, Major Generzl, United States Army, The Adjutanf General.

Distribution: Active Army: MDW (1) CofSA (2) Armies (10) DCSOPS (2) Corps (10) ACSFOR (2) Div (10) ACSI (2) Bde (5) C/Army Res (2) Regt/Gp/Bg (5) CINFO (2) Bn (2) CNGB (2i CC (5) CMH (2) USMA (1) TIG (2) Svc Colleges (5) TAG (2) Br Svc Sch (10) USCONARC (25) USAINTS (20) OS Maj Ctmd (20) NG: State AG (3); Units-same as Active Army except allowance is one copy to each unit. USAR: Units-same as Active Army except allowance is one copy to eac h unit. For explanaticn of abbreviations used, see AR 320-50.

* U.





AGO 7925B

---------------------7 English-Esperanto____________-____________.__________________14 Weights and Measures _____________________ -15 Table of Approximate Conversions __________ 16 9 9 9 9 119 214 220 228 229 230 232 233 III. D... * This manual supersedes FM 30-101A._____---------__________-65 Words _______________--------------------6 Verbs _________-___. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY WASHINGTON 25. INTRODUCTION Purpose and Scope __________________-----. 1 2 1 1 II. -General _________________________________. 8 Esperanto-English______________________-9 Common Phrases in Everyday Conversation___ 10 Geographical Names --------------_____ -.. TAGO 4300B-Feb 1 .. 14 July 1959. THE AGGRESSOR LANGUAGE Paragraph Page SECTION I. 28 February1962 ESPERANTO. GRAMMAR Rules of Grammar--________________________ 3 4 References -_____________________________ 4 8 VOCABULARY Abbreviations -. 11 Proper Names---__--___--------------------12 Days and Months __________________________ 13 Numerals-------______.*FM 30-101-1 FIELD MANUAL ) No.C. 30-101-1 HEADQUARTERS.

Esperanto iLnot an artificial or dead language. EnglishEsperanto and Esperanto-English vocabularies.t provides United States forces. This new language took the name of . L. Zamenhof. and approximate conversions. the use of which will enhance intelligence play and add realism to field exercises. 2 AGO 4300B . It is pointed out that Esperanto is not a language that was invented by Aggressor for use of the military forces. Esperanto-one who hopes) under which Dr. It is therefore consistent with the neutral or international :identification implied by Aggressor. Zamenhof wrote.SECTION I INTRODUCTION 1. a Russian physician who was seeking a common denominator for tha different nationalities of the world to use as a means of communicating with each other. portraying AGGRESSOR. b. Its basic rules of grammar are such that it will remain a live language because it can assimilate new words that are constantly being developed in existing world languages. Included are an elementary grammar of the Esperanto language. but rather it was adopted by Aggressor because of its international flavor. L. 2. a table of commonly used phrasres in everyday language and special tables on days and months. During the Third Assembly of the League of Nations in 1922 the Esperanto language was adopted as the International Auxiliary Language.he pseudonym (Dr. c. General a. The newborn language was accepted reluctantly and its growth was slow until early in the 20th century. Esperanto 'was originally developed in 1887 by Dr. Purpose and Sc:ope This supplemer. It is a living and current media of international oral and written communication. weights and measures. This act gave the language the :much needed impetus and it is now published in 39 languages ranging from Afrikaans to Yiddish with the notable exception of Chinese. numerals. with a different language.

AGO 4300B 3 . casualties or other Aggressor personnel. or in the preparation of documents for use in intelligence training. it is not intended to prohibit the oral or written use of any foreign language or dialect by prisoners of war. Although Esperanto has been adopted as the official Aggressor language.d.


3. Rules of Gramrriar
a. Alphabet. The Esperanto alphabet consists of twenty-seven (27) letters: a, b, c, c, d, e, f, g, g, h, i, j, j, k, 1, m, n, o, p, r, s, s, t, u, u, v, z. There is no q, w, x, or y. b. Vowels. Esperanto vowels are pure vowel-sounds, unlike the "double" or dipthcngal vowels common in English. They are pronounced as follows.: a-like the a in father e--like the e in obey (without the y sound) i-like the i in machine o-like the o in show (without the w sound) u-like the u in ruler c. All Esperanto consonants are pronounced as in English with the exception of the nine (9) listed below which require special attention. c-like the ts in w its (not like s or k) c-like the ch in chair or lurch g-like the g in gone or big g-like the g in germ or ridge j-like the y in boy or yoke j-like the s in measure or leisure s-like the s in sister or glass (never like z) s-like the s in sugar or the sh in cash v-like the w in wilt or coward d. Esperanto has two consonantal vowels, each indicated by two letters of which the second letter is always a u with a mark over it: u. Pronounciation is as follows: au--like the ow ilL Howard eu-like the ayw :.n wayward e. Accent, Stress and Pronunciation. Every Esperanto letter has one sound onl:y and every letter must be pronounced distinctly. There are no silent letters. Every word is pronounced as it is spelled. In words of more than one syllable, the accent or stress is always placed )n the next to the last syllable: regimento, reh4
AGO 4300B

ghee-MEN-toh; garantii, gah-rahn-TEE-ee. There are no irregularities or exceptions to this rule for position of stress-accent. f. The Seventeen (17) Basic Rules of Grammar. (1) There is no indefinite article (a, an). There is a definite article la (the) which is used for all the genders, both cases (nominative and accusative) and both numbers (singular and plural). (2) All nouns end in o. Example: rozo, a rose. There are only two cases: Nominative and accusative (objective). The accusative is formed simply by adding n to the nominative, singular or plural. Example: La knabino havas rozon. The girl has a rose. The plural is formed by adding j. Example: La knabinoj havas rozojn. The girls have roses. (3) All adjectives end in a. Examples: Beleta, pretty; ruga, red. They agree in number and case with the word modi-. fled. The accusative is formed by adding n. Example: La beleta knabino havas rugan rozon. The pretty girl has a red rose. The plural is formed by adding j. Example: La beletaj knabinoj havas rugajn rozojn. The pretty girls have red roses. The comparative degree is expressed by using the word pli before the adjective. The superlative degree is expressed by using plej before the adjective. Example: nova, new; pli nova, newer; ple] nova, newest. (4) The basic numbers which do not change form are: unu (one), du (two), tri (three), kvar (four), kvin (five), ses (six), sep (seven), ok (eight), nau (nine), dek (ten), cent (hundred), mil (thousand). Tens and hundreds are formed by combining the basic numberals. Ordinals are formed by adding a to the cardinals; multiples, by adding obl; fractions, by adding on; and collectives, by adding op. Example: tria, third; triobla, triple; triono, onethird; triope, by threes. (5) The personal pronouns are: mi (I), vi (you), li (he), si (she), gi (it), si (self), ni (we), vi (you), ili (they), oni (one, they, the people (indefinite)). The possessives are formed by adding a. The declension is the same as that of nouns. (6) The verb has one ending only for each of the separate tenses. The ending does not change to indicate first, second or third person, or singular or plural in number. The verb endings are as follows: as, present tense; is,
AGO 4300B



(8) (9) (10) (11)





past tense; os, future tense; us, conditional mood; u, imperative mood; i, infinitive mood. The active participles end in anta, inta and onta. Example: doni, to give; donanta, (is) giving; doninta, (was) giving; dononta, (will be,) giving. The passive participles end in ata, ita, and otr. Example: donata, (is) given; donita, (was) given; donata, (will be) given. The passive voice and all compound tenses of the active voice are formed by using t:ie only auxiliary verb in the language: esti, to be, plus the participle, ie, present participle estas donanta, is givirg; estis doninta, was giving; estos dononta, will be giving; passive participle; estas donata, is given; estis donita, was given, estos donota, will be given. To conjugate verbs the infinitive ending i is dropped in all instances unless expressed as an infinitive in the statement, il,, Li estas doni. He is to give. The adverb ends in e. Comparison is expressed as for adjectives. Example: brile, brightly; pli brile, more brightly; plej brile, most brightly. All prepositions are followed by the nominative case. Every word is pronounced as it is spelled. The acc:ent or stress is always on the next to the last syllable. Compound words are formed merely by joining together the desired words. Hyphens are not necessary, but they are commonly used in certain numberals and geographical names. The negative word ne (no, not) is omitted from a sentence wvhen another negative word is present. Example: Li hav.s nenion por mi. He has nothing for me. The ending of the accusative case, n, is added to a word in order to express "direction towards." Example: Li iris gardenon. He went toward the garden ("gardenward"). Each preposition has a definite meaning; but if the direct sense does not indicate which preposition should be used, the "general" preposition je is employed. Example: Ili venis j] grandaj nombroj. They came in great numbers. No change is made in "international" words nor in most of the proper names, except to make them conform to Esperanto spelling. Examples: mikrofono, microphone; mikrofona, microphonic; mikrofone, microphonically; LondonD, London.
AGO 4300B


(16) The final vowel o of a noun and a of the article may sometimes be dropped and be replaced by an apostrophe. The elision occurs almost solely in poetry. (17) The word cu introduces a question, when no other question word such as kio, what, or kiu, who, is used. To form a question begin the regular statement with cu. Example: Vi parolas Esperante. You speak Esperanto. Cu vi parolas Esperante ? Do you speak Esperanto ? g. Prefixes and Suffixes. These are used in Esperanto to give richness and flexibility to the language. Translators will find that a thorough knowledge of them is extremely valuable. COMMON PREFIXES bo-: relation by marriage; patro, father; bopatro, father-in-law. dis-: separation, dispersal; doni, to give; disdoni, to distribute. ek-: beginning, brief or sudden action; ridi, to laugh, ekridi, to burst out laughing. eks-: former or (the) late; prezidanto, president; eksprezidanto, ex-president. ge-: both sexes together; patro, father; gepatroj, parents. mal-: opposite ideas; amiko, friend; malamiko, enemy. pra-: (1) removed relationship; patro, father; prapatroj, forefathers. (2) remotness in past time; tempo, time, protempa, primeval. re-: again, back; iri, to go; reiri, to go back, go again. -ac: -ad: -aj: COMMON SUFFIXES contempt, disgust; hundo, a dog; hundaco, a cur. continuation of action; pafo, a shot; pafado, firing or shooting. concrete ideas, something made from or having the quality of; nova, new; novajo, news. Heredi, to inherit; heredajo, inheritance. a member, inhabitant, adherent; klubo, club; klubano, clubmember. Parizo, Paris; parizano, Parisian. a collection of things; arbo, a tree; arbaro, a wood or forest. possibility; kredi, to believe; kredebla, credible. abstract ideas; libera, free; libereco, freedom, liberty. enlargement, intensity; domo, a house; domego, a mansion. Warma, warm; warmega, hot. place where an action occurs; pregi, to pray; pregejo, a church. Lerni, to learn; lernejo, a school.

-an: -ar: -ebl: -ec: -g: -- ej:

AGO 4300B

kredema. sister. to remember. socialisto. leader. du. mono. two. 4. du. -id: young of. kandelingo. ruga. a knife. -uj: that which contains or produces. kandelo. a ship. mono. E'omo. timulo. ruler. Lo attack. brother. to air. to aerate. a coward. Klukowski "The Esperanto English Dictionary". aero. Millidge "Esperanto". A. W. air. rugigi. double. -et: diminution of degree. Ataki. money. to blush. a kitten. duobla. one (. -estr: chief. to fulfill. -il: instrument tool. two. sipestro. -on: fraction. a mountain. -er: unit. -op: Collective. disposition. duope. -ind: worthiness. full. -ing: holder of one object. a small mountain. a tooth. c u. dentisto. atakema. fratino. a coin. plenumi. aggressive. profession. -obl: multiple. kato. apple. Dr. memorable.f a collection.-em: tendency. turn. katido. pomujo. apple-tree. Lock and Stuttard 8 AGO 4300B . frato. sipo. a captain. References The following is a list of reference books for the use of those who may desire a more complete explanation of the rules of Esperanto grammar or a more complete vocabulary than that which follows: "A Practical Course in Esperanto". indefinite suffix. money. socialism. credulous. -ul: person characterized by. socialismo. Plena. tranci. two. monero. one-half. duono. to cut. Butler "Esperanto for Americans". a cat. -um: general. by twos. a candlestick. kredi. Gething "Step by Step in Esperanto". dento. socialist. -ist: occupation. a dentist. red. monteto. monto. -in: feminine gender. trancilo. a candle. -ism: theory. monujo. aerumi. Terenc Szilogyi "Essential Esperanto". doctrine. timo. Hartley and Cresswell "Nelsons Esperanto Course". trade. descendant. purse. -ig: to become. fear. memori. memorinda. to believe.

e.SECTION III VOCABULARY. Those words ending in o. to abolished about (round about) about (concerning) about face above abreast absence absent. to abbreviation abdomen ability able. adverbs. 7. Verbs All verbs listed in this vocabulary are in their infinitive form and must be conjugated when used in a statement or phrase. ENGLISH-ESPERANTO 5. see paragraph 3f(6). Words Words in this vocabulary are listed alphabetically according to spelling and not necessarily grouped by tense with the basic word. to be aboard abolish. an abandon. To conjugate verbs. a. Abbreviations The following abbreviations have been employed in this section: avn _________-_aviation geog ______-____geographical gram__________-grammatical med __________. English-Esperanto English Esperanto a.medical mil ____________military nav ___________naval off____________-official 6. adjectives. are nouns. 8. not expressed) forlasi mallongigo ventro kapableco povi surgipe forigi foriga cirkari pri Mirkali frontu super flanko Ce flanko foresto foresti foresta senpermese 9 . chapter II. to be absent without leave AGO 4300B (indefinite article.

to active active army active defense active duty active material active national guar I activity actual add. to accept. to acknowledge receipt. to act (action) acting acting commander action (battle) (mil) action (deed) activate. to abutment academy accelerate. to adjustment adjutant administration administration (staff) administrative administrator admiral adopt (take up). to according to account. to accident accomplish (perforrl). to additional additive address adequate adjacent adjust. to add up. to accountability accountable accountable for accuracy of fire accurate accusation accuse. to across act. to ace acknowledge.Eng ish Esperanto absolute absorb. to 10 absoluta sorbi limitusajo akademio akceli akcepti akcidento elfari lai konto respondeco responda responda pri precizeco de pafado preciza akuzo akuzi aso atesti avizi pri ricevo trans agi ago aganta anstataia komandanto batalo ago aktivigi aktiva aktiva armeo aktiva defendo aktiva deJoro aktiva materialo aktiva nacia gvardio aktiveco reala aldoni sumigi plua adicivo adreso sufita apuda gustigi gustigo adjutanto administrado administracio administra administranto admiralo alpreni AGO 4300B .

to agreement aid. the aggressor agitate. to aid aim. to advance advance advance guard advance party advantage advantage. to take advantageous advice advise. to agitation agitator agree. to aim aiming air (atmosphere) air army airborne airburst aircraft carrier air defense air delivery airfield air fleet air forces air lift. to aerial aeronautics aeronautical affair affairs (business) afloat (floating) afloat (on the water) aft after afternoon again against agency (agent's office) agent aggressive aggressor.English Esperanto advance. to air lift airplane aisle alarm AGO 4300B antaueniri antatieniro antaia antaigvardio antaugrupo avantago profiti profita avizo avizi aera aeronaitiko aeronaitika afero aferoj flotanta surakve malantaue posta posttagmezo denove kontrati agentejo agento atakema agreso agresa agiti agitado agitisto konsenti interkonsento helpi helpo celi celo celado aero aviadarmeo aerportata aereksplodo aviadportgipo aera defendo aera transdono aerodromo aviadsiparo aviadfortoj aerolevigi aeroleviko aeroplano flanknavo alarmo .

to allot. to 12 alkoholo vigla atentega fremdulo fremda 0io tuta lafidira alianco asigni asigni asigno permesi permesabla kompenso monsubteno porcio lailonge de tra alfa radio ankaii alterni alterna kvankam alto aluminio ambulanco embuski embusko pafmunicio pafmunicia oficejo meze de sumo amfibia ampleksigo ampleksigilo ampleksigi amuzi analizi analizo analizisto analiza ankri ankro kaj angulo angula besto maleolo almeti almeto anonci AGO 4300B . to anchor and angle angular animal ankle annex. to ambush ammunition (explosives) ammunition office among amount amphibious amplification amplifier amplify. an alien all (everything) all (entire) alleged alliance allocate. etc. to amuse. to allotment allow (permit).Enj lish Esperanto alcohol alert (lively) alert (vigilant) alien. to alternate although altitude aluminum ambulance ambush. to allowable allowance (compensation) allowance (monetary support) allowance (share) along the length of along (a road.) alpha rays also alternate. to annex announce. to analysis analyst analytical anchor. to analyse.

to apply for.English Esperanto announcement answer. to arch archipelago arctic area arm (part of the body) armament armed forces armistice (truce) armor. to approximate approximately aptitude arch. respondo anteno himno kontraiaerportata kontraiiaviada kontraiaviada kanono kontratiamfibia kontrajipersonara antikvajo antikva antisepsilo kontraitanka kontraitanka kanono kontraiveneno aparato klara videbla evidenta ilo petanto aplikilo apliki peti sin turni al sin doni almeti al nomi ofico proksimigi proksimigo alproprigi targa alproprigo aprobo aprobi proksimuma proksimume kapableco arkigi arkajo insularo arkta areo brako armilaro armitfortoj batalhalto kirasi kiraso kirasportilo kirasata kavalerio armilisto 13 . to appropriate appropriation approval approve. to apply oneself to.) antiairborne antiaircraft antiaircraft gun antiamphibious antipersonnel antique antique antiseptic antitank antitank gun antitoxin apparatus apparent (clear) apparent (visible) apparent (evident) appliance applicant applier apply. to answer antenna anthem (national. to approach appropriate. to appoint (name). to apply to. to appointment (post. employment) approach. etc. to armor armored carrier armored cavalry armorer AGO 4300B anonco respondi.

to assistance assistant. to attention attitude. to arrive. to arrive at (reach). to attached attachment attack. to assuming assumption (adoption) assumption (supposition) kiraspenetra kirasajo armeo terarmeo terfortoj terarmegrupo aresti alveni atingi arsenalo metiisto artefarita arte artlierio kiel kis tuj kiam supreniri surtere asalti asalto kunveni kunveno kunvenejo difini al helpi helpo asistanto asista supozi aroganta alpreno supozo at (place) at (time) atmosphere atmospheric atoll atom atom bomr atomic attach. presume). to assist. to assault (mil) assemble. the assistant assume (suppose. to ce je atmosfero atmosfera atolo atomo atoma bombo atoma alligi alligita alfikso ataki attack attain. to assembly assembly area assign to.English Esperanto armor-piercing armor-plate army army (ground forces) army forces army group arrest. to ashore assault (mil). attritic n audible audio 14 atako atingi atento pozo disfrotado audebla audio AGO 4300B . to arsenal artificer artificial artifically artillery as (like) as far as (up to) as soon as ascend.

to avenue (approach route) avenue (street) average. the azimuth bachelor back backblast backwards bad bad (serious) badge bag (sack) baggage balance. to augmentation authentic authenticate. to authority authorities. the auxiliary available (procurable) avenge. to average. to automatic automaton autumn (season).English Esperanto augment. to balance ball (for firearms) ball (globe) ball (in machinery) ball (round mass) ballistics balloon band (fastener. the autumn auxiliary. the average average. on the aviation aviator avoid. holder) band (ribbon) band (strap) band (stripe) band (troop. to AGO 4300B pliigi pliigo aitentika atitentigi ajitoritato aritoritatularo rajtigi automata atitomato aituno arituna helpanto helpa havebla venki aleo avenuo mezigi mezalo meza meze aviado aviadisto eviti aljuki premio akso azimuto azimuta frailo dorso malantauiblovego malantarien malbona grava signaSo saketo pakayoj ekvilibri ekvilibro kugiego globo kuglo bulo balistiko balono ligilo rubano rimeno strio bando bandigi '15 . to award (prize) axis azimuth. the authorize. gang) band together. to award.

to bandage bandolier bank (of a river) bank (slope) bar (exclude). to beach beachhead beacon beam. to barricade barrier base base (bottom) basic bandaki bandako kartocbaleto bordo deklivo elbari advokataro strio stango pikildrato pikila senkovra barko farmtenejo kazerno barajo barelo tubo barikadi barikado bariero bazo fundo baza bastion battalion battery (elec or mil) battle. to beach. to beam (of light) beam (of wood) bearing (direction) bearings (geog) bearings (of a machine) beat. to because because of bed bed (of river) 16 bastiono bataliono baterio batali batalo batalgrupo batalzono batalejo batalgipo bajo bajoneto raketeljetilo esti surterigi marbordo marbordoteno signalfajro radii radio trabo biro orientiko frotpartoj bati ^ar pro lito fluujo AGO 4300B . to bar (society of barris:ters) bar (stripe) bar (thick rod) barbed wire barbed bare barge barn barracks barrage (mil) barrel (cask) barrel (of a gun) barricade.Engli h Esperanto bandage. to battle battle group battle zone battlefield battle ship bay (geog) bayonet bazooka be.

band) bench mark besides best better between between-times beyond (in excess of) beyond (past) big billet (troops). to blind blister. to blank blank (of ammunition) blanket (wool cover) blast. to go to before begin. to blast blind. to blister block.English Eaperanto bed. to blue board (go on board). to below belt (zone) belt (waist. to bite (wound) biting bivouac. shoulder) belt (strip. to bin bind (books). to behind belief believe. to belong to. to bivouac black blackout blame. to birthplace bite. to bell belly (abdomen) belong. to block blockade blockhouse blood blow. to bind (tie). to AGO 4300B bedi antail komenci post kredo kredi klogo ventro aparteni aparteni al sub zono balteo strio termezursigno alia ol plej bona pli bona inter intertempe super preter granda logigi ujo bindi ligi naskikloko mordi mordvundo morda bivaki bivako nigra senlumigo mallaudi malpleno senkugla lankovrilo eksplodigi bloveco blindigi blinda vezikigi veziko bloki bloko blokado blokhauiso sango blovi blua suriri 17 .

to bombardier bombardment bombing aircraft (bomber) bombing run boobytrap book boom boost (accelerate). etc. road. to bracket (shelf) bracket (support) branch.) branch (of a tree) branch of service brave breach (gap) break.Englias Esperanto board (wooden) boarder (in boarding house) boarder (in instituticn) boarding-house boat (small ship) body bog bogie bolt (join by bolts). to breakthrough breakwater 18 tabulo pensionulo internulo pensiono boato korpo marco bokio bolti bolto bombo bombardi bombardiero bombardado bombardaeroplano bombardaproksimigo bubitrapo libro bumo akceliki akcelikilo boto markeno bori kalibro am'bali botelo fundo saltegi saltego boksi kofro kesto skatolo fargvagono knabo bojkoti bojkoto kunkrampi breto subtenilo brandi filio fako branavojo brando branao de dejorado brava breio rompi trarompo digo AGO 4300B . to branch (establishment) branch (department i branch (railway. to boycott bracket. tc booster (accelerator) boot (footgear) border (boundary) bore (make a hole). to bore (of a gun) both bottle bottom bound (leap). to bound box. to bolt (screw-bolt) bomb bombard. to box (container) box (large or heavy: box (small or light) boxcar boy boycott.

coalbuoy buoyancy (tendency to float) AGO 4300B kontraiibrusti brusto brustkiraso pontumi ponto brigado brigadestro venigi disvastigi disvastigo flankpafaro flankpafado prezenti la flankon malperfekta rompa bronzi bronzo rivereto bruna kontuzi kontuzo brosi broso subkreskaro sitelo buki buko kamaradsistemo bugeto bufro klariono klarionvoko konstrui konstruisto konstrualo bulbo lumobulbo bulba elsveli grandeco sipvando termovadilo celpunkto kuglo bulteno kuglorezista bumpero aro amaso siplito karbujo buo flotemo 19 . to bridge brigade brigadier general bring. to breast breastplate bridge. to builder building bulb bulb (light) bulbous bulge. to brush (for brushing) brushwood (undergrowth) bucket buckle. to bronze brook brown bruise. of language) broken bronze. to bruise brush. group) bunch (mass) bunk (on ship) bunker.Englieh Eaperanto breast. to buckle buddy system budget (financial) buffer bugle bugle call build. to broadcast broadside broadside fire broadside on. to bulk (size) bulkhead (on ship) bulldozer bulls-eye bullet bulletin bulletproof bumper bunch (collection. to be broken (imperfect. to broadcast.

to calibration calibrator calisthentics 20 flotiga flotema skribmeblo domrabisto domrabo enterigo bruligi brulvundo enterigi omnibuso arbeto buSelo okupata klopidi sed krom krom pro buai buWisto pafilkapo pafilkapltalo pafilkapbato butila alkoholo zumi zumado zumilo de laui ne post per po preterpasi preterpaso fiakro kabano kabli kablo kablogramo kadeto kadrano enkagigi kako kalkuli kalkulema kalkulo kalkulilo kalkuluso kalibro alnormigi alnormigo alnormigilo kalisteno AGO 4300B . to burn (wound) bury. to butcher (slaughterer) butt (of gun) butt plate butt stroke butyl alcohol buzz. to cable cablegram cadet (mil or nav) cadre cage. to cage calculate.Enloig h Esperanto buoyant (causing to Iloat) buoyant (tending to loat) bureau (piece of furniture) burglar burglary burial burn. to but but (except) but for butcher. to buzz buzzer by by (according to) by (not later than) by means of by (at rate of) by-pass. to bus bush (small tree) bushel busy busy (oneself). to calculating calculation calculator (machine I calculus caliber calibrate. to by-pass cab cabin cable.

English Esperonto call (summon). to call (summons) call-letters call-sign camera camouflage. to campaign canal canalize. to be capacity (of vessels. to cancellation candidate canister (receptacle) cannibalism cannon (gun) cannoneer cannot canopy canteen canvas. to capsule captain (mil rank) captive (prisoner) capitivity captor capture. etc) cape (garment) cape (geog) capital (chief town) capital (financial) capital (punishable with death) capital punishment capitalism capitalist capitulate. to can cancel. to camouflage camp camp. to capitulation capsize. the canvas canyon cap (man's) cap (mil or off) capability capable capable of. to captured material car (railroad) carbine carbon AGO 4300B voki voko identiga radisignalo identiga radisignalo kamereto kamufli kamuflado kamplokejo kamplogi kampanjo kanalo kanalizi povas nuligi nuligo kandidato ujo kanibalismo kanono kanonisto ne povas baldakeno kantino kanvaso kanvasa kanjono Eapo kepo kapablo kapabla kapabli enhavo pelerino promontoro Eefurbo kapitalo mortpuninda mortpuno kapitalismo kapitalisto kapituli kapitulemo renversi kapsulo kapitano kaptito mallibereco kaptanto kapti kaptita materialo vagono karabeno karbono 21 .

to 22 kardi karto kartono prizorgi kariero zorga senatenta senzorga Sarko vagonpleno vagono portilo Sipbazita porti kartoco kesto ekzemplo en okazo de muldi muldaSo senzorga okaza viktimco katapulto preni kliko atingi kategorio katedralo katizi kauzo goseo averti singardo averto singardema kavalerio kaverno enfali kaverno 8esigi sencesa plafono karcero 6elo 8ela unuo tombejo cenzuri cenzuristo cenzuro cento centrigi AGO 4300B . etc) case (instance) case (in case of) cast (mould). to catch (mechanical) catch up (overtake). tc take career careful careless (inattentive) careless (lacking careO cargo carload carriage carrier carrier-based carry. to cause causeway caution (warn). to censor. a censorship cent (coin) center. to ceaseless ceiling cell (in prison. to caution (care) caution (warning) cautious cavalry cave cave in. to cavern cease. to category cathedral cause. etc) casual (careless) casual (chance) casualty catapult catch. etc) cell (natural cell) cellular unit cemetery censor. to card cardboard care of (look after).English Esperanto card. to cartridge case (large box. to cast (moulding.

to chain chain of command challenge. to challenge chamber (room) chamber (compartment) chance (risk). to check chemical chemical chemical warfare chemist (scientist) chemist (tradesman) chemistry chess chest (breast) chevron chief chief chief of staff chlorine AGO 4300B centro centimetro centra centralizi ceremonia ceremonio certa atesto diplomita atesti Eeni aeno ceno de komando defii defio Eambro kamero riski hazardo risko Sangiki §ango Sanka sulko sanelo kapelo pastro karaktero karakteriza karakterizi akuzi akuzo karto grafika3o carti carto Uasi forpeli Eeko kemiago kemia kemia militado kemiisto apotekisto kemio sakoj brusto cevrono Wefo cefa stabestro kloro 23 . to cermonial ceremony certain certificate certificated (holding a diploma) certify. to change changing channel (furrow) channel (waterway) chapel chaplain (mil) character characteristic characterize.Enplish Esperanto center centimeter central centralize. to charge chart chart (diagram) charter. to chain. to chase (chase away). to chance (hazzard) chance (risk) change. to charter chase. to charge (to accuse).

to clash class classification classify. to cite (summon). to citizen citizenship city civil civil affairs civilian civilian claim. to clean. to clash (mutually interfere).English Esperanto chlorine choice choice choke. to clean clear clearance clearing station clerical clerical error clerk climate climatic 24 klora elekto elekta sufoki sufoka kolero kolerema elekti prekejo cigaredo Eifro rondiri rondo cirklo cirkuito cirkulero ronda cirkuli cirkonferenco cirkonstanco ordenlatido citi alvoki civitano civitaneco urbo civila civilaj aferoj civilulo civila pretendi pretendo krampi krampo kunkrampi klarigi malakordi interkontrauii kunklako klaso klasifiko klasigi purigi pura klara malobstrukco netiganta stacio komiza skriba eraro komizo klimato klimata AGO 4800B . to clarify. to church (building) cigarette cipher (secret code) circle. to circumference circumstance citation (mil) cite (quote). to circle circle (geometrical) circuit circular circular circulate. to clamp clamp together. to choking cholera choleric choose. to claim clamp. to clash (disagree).

to coil (of rope. to close (near by) close range closing closure cloth clothe. to coding coffee coffee-pot coil. to clog (hinder). etc) coincide. to coach (teacher) coach (railway carriage) coal coarse coast coastal coat coat of arms coax. to close (shut). to coincidence coincident cold (temperature) cold (the cold) AGO 4300B klimakso grimpi grimpo kliniko klinika tranceti tondi krampilo horloko §topi malhelpi fermi proksima proksima pafdistanco ferma fermo §tofo vesti vestoj nubiki nubo sennuba nuba klubo amasiki amaso motorgankilo instruiki instruisto vagono karbo maldelikata marbordo maborda vesto blazono kajoli kobalto kunmilitanta kunmilitanto pilotfako kodo kodigi kodado kafo kafkruco volvigi volvajo koincidi koincido koincida malvarmo malvarmumo 25 . to clothing cloud over. to cloud cloudless cloudy club cluster. to clip clock clog (stop up). to clip (shear). to cobalt co-belligerant co-belligerant cockpit (avn) code codify. to cluster clutch coach (teach).English Esperanto climax climb. to climb clinic clinical clip (cut).

to combat combat (one by one) combatant. to collision colonel color colorless column (mil) column commander column cover column of battalions columnar tactics combat. to command (to be in authority over). to collation collect. to collaboration collaborator collapse. to combined combustibility combustible combustion come. to command (post of authority) commandant commander commander-in-chief commanding (dominating) command post commence. to 26 malvarma kunlabori kunlaboro kunlaboranto kolapsi kolapso kolapsigebla kolumo klaviklo kunkompari kunkomparo kolekti kolekta kolekta loko kolektiva kolizii kolizio regimentestro koloro senkolora margantaro mariantara komandanto margantara girmo mariantaro de batalionoj mariantara taktiko kontraibatali batalo unuopa batalo batalanto batalanta batalema kombinalo kombini kombina bruleme brulema brulo veni komandi komando komandanto komandanto generalisimo estra posteno de komando komenci komenco laiido komerca komisaro komisii AGO 4300B . to collecting collecting point collective collide. to collapse collapsible collar collarbone collate. to commencement commendation commercial commissary commission. a combatant combative combination combine.English Esperanto cold collaborate.

to concealment concentrate. to AGO 4300B komisio komisiono fari farajo komitato komercajo ordinara komunikiki komunikajo komunismo komunisto komunisma komunumo roto rotestro komparisto kompari komparo fako kupeo kompaso devigi kompilajo kompiii plendi plendanto plendo plenda komplemento kompletigi kompleta kompletigo finigo kunkulpeco elemento kunmetita korto kompromisi kompromiti kompromita devigo deviga kalkulo kalkuli kalkulilo kamarado konkava kasi kagiko koncentri koncentro koncepto koncerni 27 . to complete completion (completing) completion (finishing) complicity component (mil) composite compound (yard) compromise (arrange). to computer (instrument) comrade concave conceal. etc). to communication communism communist communistic community (town or village) company (mil) company commander comparator compare.English Esperanto commission commission (special committee) commit (an action. to compilation compile. to complain. to compromising compulsion compulsory computation compute. to compromise (implicate). to comparison compartment (division) compartment (of railway carriage) compass (instrument) compel (force). to concentration concept concern. to complainant complaint complaining complement complete. to commitment committee commodity common communicate.

to conference confess. to conqueror conquest conscript. to conscription consider (think about). to consistency consistent 28 pri koncerto akordioneto drato koncesio konciza betono betona kundaira kondamni kondensi kondensilo kondieo kondiea konduki konduko konuso konsiligi konferenco konfesi konfesinta konfido konfidenca mallibereco konfirmi konfirmo konfiski konflikti konflikto konformiki konfuzi troplenigi troplena tropleneco konusa konusa esplorado kunigi kunigilo venki venkinto venko devigvarbi devigvarbo konsideri konsiderajo konsiderado ekspedi adresito ekspedo ekspedanto konsisti el konsekvenceco konsekvenca AGO 4300B .) confidence confidential confinement (capitivit¥r) confirm. to confessed (self-avowec. to conduct cone confer.English Esperanto concerning concert (musical) concertina-wire concession concise concrete (for building'. to congest. to connection conquer. the concrete concurrent condemn (sentance). to conflict conform. to congested congestion conic conical scanning connect. to confuse. t) condense. to consignee consignment (dispatching) consignor consist of. to condenser (apparatus) condition conditional conduct. to conflict. to consideration (thing considered) consideration (thinking) consign (dispatch). to confirmation confiscate.

to convalescent (person) convalescent convalescent. to conspiracy conspirator conspire. to convert. to consul consume. to contaminate (pollute). to consumption contact contagion contagious contain. a convex AGO 4300B firmigi konspiro konspiranto konspiri policano polico konstanta starigi starigita konstitucio konstrui konsulo konsumi konsumo kontakto kontagio kontakia enhavi enhavilo infekti malpurigi malpura malestimo malestiminda enhavo kontinento kontinenta kontingento dairigi konturo kontrabandajo kontrabanda inventajo kontrakti kontrakto kontraudiri kontraidiro kontraidirema kontraiemo kontraiia kontroli resanigulo resanikanta resanigi kunvenigi konvenaj signoj kaj simboloj konvergi konvertiko ganko konverti §anki konvertito konveksa 29 . to contaminated contempt contemptible (mean) contents continent continental contingent (troops) continue. to conversion conversion (change) convert. to container contaminate (infect). to contract contradict. to contour contraband contraband contraception contract.English Esperanto consolidate. to constituted constitution construct. to contradiction contradictory contrariness contrary control (supervise). to constable constabulary constant constitute. to be convene. to convert (change). to conventional signs and symbols converge.

to correspondent corridor corrode. to counterattack counterespionage counterfire. to countersign country (national te!rritory) country (native lan 1) country( rural areas) country courier 30 eskorti eskorto kuiri kuiristino kuiristo kunagi kooperativa kunordigi koordinatoj kunordigo imiti kopii kopio kaporalo korpuso korekti kusta prava senerara respondi korespondi korespondanto koridoro korodi korodilo koroda korveto kozako kosti kosto multkosta kostumo liteto dometo koncilio konsilanto kontraiii kontraibatali kontraiibatalo kontraiiataki kontraiatako kontrauspionado kontraipafi kontraiipafo kontraiiinteligenteco kontrolsubskribi signalrespondo lando patrolando kamparo kampara kuriero AGO 4300B . to corrosive. to cost costly costume cot (small bed) cottage council councillor counter. to cooperative coordinate coordinates coordination copy (imitate). to counteraction counterattack.Engli2 h Esperanto convoy. to cook (female) cook (male) cooperate. to correct (exact) correct (in opinion or action) correct (without error) correspond (answer to). to correspond (in writing). to copy (make a copy o:'). to counteract. to convoy cook. to counterfire counterintelligence countersign. to copy (copy made) corporal corps correct. a corrosive corvette Cossack cost.

to crack (sound) crash. to crack (burst). to cruiser (ship) crush (break up). to credentials credit (put to person's credit). to cover (shelter) cover. to cross.English Esperanto court (body of judges) court (place of justice) court (of royalty) court (tribunal) court (yard. enclosure) court-martial. disable). to take coverage crack (break). to cryptanalysis crypt cryptography cultivated soil culvert AGO 4300B jugistaro jukejo kortego tribunalo korto militjuki milita tribunalo bajeto kovri girmo singirmi kovrilajo rompi krevi krako krakegi krakego kratero rampiri legitimiloj krediti kredito rampiri rampado kresto supro fendego fendeto Sipanaro kripligi kriplulo kripla kritikanto kriza kritikema kritikado kritiko transiri krucigi kruco transiro transirejo vojkrucigo kairi krozi krozsipo dispremi subpremi kriptoanalizo kripto kriptografio kultura tero drenilo 31 . to cross (place crosswise). to cruise. to court-martial cove cover. to crash crater crawl (go slowly). a crossing (act of) crossing (place) crossroads crouch. to creeping crest (insignia) crest (of a hill) crevasse crevice crew (of a ship) cripple (main. to cripple (person) crippled critic critical (at a crisis) critical (criticising) criticism critique cross (go across). to crush (suppress). to credit creep (go slowly).

ted stroke) data date date. up to (of statistics) dawn day daylight D-Day deactivate. to curtail (shorten). to curtailment (reductin) curtailment (shortening) curtain curtain (iron curtaii) curvature curve curve curved custom cutom-house customs customs-officer cut. dam damage. to cut cut (wound) cyclone cylinder cylinderical daily daily daily newspaper daily strength report. to dead deaden. to curse curtail (reduce). up to (modern) date. to dart (weapon) dash (rush). to damage danger dangerous dark darkness dart. to dash (small quantity) dash (written or prir.Englij h Esperanto curfew currency (coinage) current curse. to 32 fajrestinga signalo mono fluo malbeni malbeno malpliigi mallongigi malpliigo mallongigo kurteno kurteno de fero kurbiko kurbiki kurbo kurba kutimo doganejo dogano doganisto tranCi tranCo tranevundo ciklono cilindro cilindra ciutaga ciutage ciutaga 5urnalo ciutaga personara raporto digo difekti difekto dangero dankera malluma mallumo sin jeti mansago iregi iometo streko donita5oj dato moderna kisdata tagigo tago taglumo Ta-Tago deaktivigi senviva nuligi AGO 4300B .

to debarkation debrief. to decoration (mil) decoy. to declination (map) decontaminate. to deduction (deducing) deduction (deducting) deductive deep deep defeat. to declassify. to deciding decimal decimal decipher (decode). to defendant (accused person) AGO 4300B plena halto mortiga morta morto morte elgipigi elgipiko eladvokatumi eladvokatumo putrigi putra trompa trompi decentrigi decentrigo trompo trompa decidi decidiga decimalo decimala deCifri decido decidiga ferdeko deklaro deklaracio deklari deklasigi dekliveco elinfekti ordendonaci ordeno delogi delogilo malpliigi malpliigo dekreti dekreto dedukti depreni dedukto depreno dedukta profundalo profunda venki venko neperfektalo forigo neperfekta defendi akuzito 33 . to defeat defect defection defective defend. to deduct. to decoy decrease decrease decree. to decayed (rotten) deceitful deceive.English Esperanto deadlock deadly (death dealing) deadly (deathly) death deathly debark. to decentralization deception deceptive decide. to debriefing decay (rot). to decentralize. to decree deduce. to decorate (mil). to decision decisive deck (of a ship) declaration (declaring) declaration (manifest) declare.

to demonstration demoralize. to depletion deploy. to dependable deplete. to depart. to delay (retardation) delaying action deliberate (consult). to 34 defendo profunda defendo defenda zono defensivo defensiva prokrasti tergirmitloko defleksi deflekso grado diplomo grade malfruigi malfruigo malakcela batalado konsiliki intenca liveri delto postuli postulo limdifino demilitarigo demobilizigo demobilizi demokrateco detrui detruado demonstri demonstracio demoraligi demoraliga depromocigi depromocigo densa denseco denta dentisto nei malkonfesi foriri departmento fako foriro dependi fidi al fidinda malplenigi malplenigo etendigi etendigo deponi AGO 4800B . to defilade deflect. to democracy demolish. to deployment deposit (for safe keeping). to delta demand. to demolition demonstrate. to department (adminitrative) department (section)l departure depend. to deny (disavow). to deliberate deliver. to depend on. Esperanto defense defense in depth defense zone defensive (mil) defensive (mil) defer (postpone). to deflection degree degree (university) degrees. to demoralizing demote.Englis). to demand demarcation demilitarization demobilization demobilize. by delay (retard). to demotion dense density dental dentist deny (declare untru).

to detonate. to dictator AGO 4300B demetajo depoto stacidomo senigi profundo deputito dereligi deiri rakonti dezerto forkuri forkuranto forkuro desegni desegno titoli signi titolo deziri dezira skribtablo furiozega vojagfino detrui destrojero detruo detrua apartigi tacmento detali detalo eltrovi determini eksplodigi eksplodo deturnigo elvagonigi aperigi riveli deflankiki devizo rimedo roso diagonalo diagonala diagramo ciferplato dialekto diafragmo taglibro dikti diktatoro 35 . to desert (wilderness) desert (run away). to device (emblem) device (means) dew diagonal diagonal diagram dial dialect diaphragm diary dictate (a letter). to destroyer (nav) destruction destructive detach.English Esperanto deposit (matter deposited). to determine. to designate (signify). to design designate (entitle). to depth deputy derail descend. to depot (mil) depot (railway station) deprive (of). to designation (title) desire. to develop (photo). to describe. to deviate. to develop (to bring into being). to detonation detour detrain. to desirous desk desperate (furious) destination (end of journey) destroy. to detail detect. to detachment (mil) detail (give details of). to deserter desertion design.

to disadvantage disadvantage (detririent) disadvantageous disaffected disaffection disagree. to dimmer dip (immerse). to disarmament 36 diktatora vortaro morti dizela diferenci diferenco diversa malsama malfacila malfacileco fosi enfosi dignulo fosajo digo malheligi malhela amplekso malgrandigi plimalhela trempi konkavo trempo kliniko diplomatio diplomato diplomata direkti ordoni direkto direktivo direktoro direkcio malpurajo koto kotvojo malpura malkapablo malkapabligi kripligi malavantago malprofito malprofita malkontenta malkontento malkonsenti malkonsento malaperi malaprobo malaprobi senarmigi senarmigo AGO 4800B .Engli8 i Eeperanto dictatorial dictionary die. to direct (command). to disable (main. to disagreement disappear. to dip (hollow. to dim (not bright) dimension diminish (become or make less). to diesel differ (be different). to disarm. to dignitary dike (ditch) dike (embankment) dim (reduce in brightness). to disapproval disapprove. to dig in. to direction directive director directorate dirt dirt (mud) dirt road dirty disability disable (disqualify). cripple). concavity) dip (immersion) dip (inclination) diplomacy diplomat diplomatic direct. to difference different (various) different (not the sane) difficult difficulty dig.

to displace (put out of place). to discovery discretion discretion (one's own judgment) disembark. to discover. to dismount (move from mounting).i malkago malkunigi nesekva eesigi senkurakigi eltrovi eltrovo diskreteco bontrovo elgipigi liberigi libera maskumi maskumo malhonora formovi mallojala eksigi eksigo deirigi malmunti malobeo malobea malobei malordo senorda malbonkondukta senordeco malordigi senorda ekspedi depeso disigo disigi delokigi delokigita persono delokigo elmontri elmontro 37 . to display AGO 4300B malkolekti katastrofo katastrofa disigi elspezo disko eksigi eksigo malhonora eksigo pafigi pafigo disciplini disciplino malka. to disorganized dispatch (send off). to dispatch (a report). to displaced person displacement display. to disguise dishonorable dislodge. to dismissal (from service) dismount (get down). to disengaged disguise. a discipline discipline disclose. to discourage (dishearten). to disengage. to disorder disorderly disorderly (in conduct) disorganization disorganize. to discharge discharge (dishonorable discharge) discharge (of firearms) discharge (of firearms). to disbursement disc discharge. to disconnected discontinue. to dispersal (scattering) disperse (scatter).English Esperanto disassemble disaster dissastrous disband. to disloyal dismiss (from service). to disclosure disconnect. to disobedience disobedient disobey.

to dissolve (break up).EngialJ. to dissemination dissolve (annul). to dispose of (finish off). to dive. to distortion distress (mil) distress (displeasure) distressing distribute distributing point distribution distributive district district district engineer disturb (disarrange). to disrespect disrupt. to disruption disseminate. l:o dissolve (melt). to disposition (arrangenment) dispute. a dive (navy) dive (avn). to distinguish (eminent) distort. to dispute disregard. Esperanto disposal dispose of (deal with). to 38 dispono disponi elfini aranko disputi disputo ignori malrespekto disrompi disrompo dissemi dissemo nuligi disigi solviki malproksimo distanco malproksima malfamiliara distingi eminenta distordi distordiko urea dangero malgojo malgojiga distribui distribuinta loko distribuado distribua distrikta distrikto distrikta inkeniero malordigi tumulto malkvieto malkvieta tranceo plungi plungo subakvigi terenflugegi plungisto distra5o flankenigo fiankeniga diverseco distri deturni amuza dividi apartigi AGO 4300B . to diver diversion (distractiolt) diversion (turning a ide) diversionary diversity divert (distract) divert (turn aside) diverting divide divide (separate). to distance (distant position) distance (space betw en) distant (far off) distant (in manner) distinguish (differentiate). to disturbance (tumult) disturbance (unrest) disturbed ditch dive.

to dot double (fold in two). to drag (a river. to document documentary dog fight dollar dolly (for hauling) domestic domesticate domesticated door doorkeeper dope (narcotics) dope. etc. to dose (of medicine. to dozen draft (commercial) draft (a check) draft (of soldiers) drag (draw along). to doctor (medical) doctor (title) doctrinal doctrine document.). to double double doubt.English Esperanto diving bell division (mil) division division artillery divisional (mil or nav) division reserve divisor do.) dot (punctuate). to drag (for dragging a river) drag (on a wheel) AGO 4300B subrakviga klogo divizio dividado divizia artilerio divizia divizia rezervitaro dividanto fari endokigi doko dokejo kuraci kuracisto doktoro doktrina doktrino dokumenti dokumento dokumenta aviadbatalo dolaro dolo hejma hejmigi hejma pordo pordisto narkotajo narkoti dozo punkti punkto dufaldi duobligi duoblajo duobla dubi dubo duiba malsupre malsuprena malsuprena malsupren dormeti dekduo trato eeko tacmento treni dragi dragilo radsuo 39 . to dock (put to dock). to dock (for vessels) dockyard doctor (treat medically). to double (make twofold). to doubt doubtful down downhill downward downwards doze. etc.

etc. to dress (clothing) dress up. to drawbridge dredge. to drone. to drift (to be carried a'ong). to drone drop (fall.) drill (exercise) (mil l. lo drop (jump) (mil). to duplicate duplicate 40 dreni drenilo drenado drentubo tiro trablovo enakviko trablova tiri levponto dragi dragmarino draggipo feeo vesti vesta5oj kostumi drivi bloviki blovamaso ekzerciki ekzercado trinki drinki trinko guti puNi veturigi zumadi zumado faligi desalti guto desaltzono cilindro tamburo timpano sekigi seka duala maleksplodo §uldata devi alveni kauize duelo elfosaSo imitajo tenejo duno duplikati duplikato duplikata AGO 4800B . to drink (to excess). to drain drainage drainpipe draught (drawing) draught (of air) draught (of a ship) draughty draw.). to drop (of liquid) drop zone drum (cylinder) drum (instrument) drum (of ear) dry. to drift (of snow. to drive (a vehicle). to drink drip. etc.Englis L EpVeravnto drain. to be due to (caused by) duel dugout dummy dump (mil) dune duplicate. to drive (force). to drill (mil) drink. to dredger (machine) dredger (vessel) dregs dress (clothe). let fall). to dry dual dud due (owned) due (to arrive). to drift (of snow.

to ease (facility) ease (tranquility) east eastern eastward easy easy-chair eat. to edge (brink) edging (border) edible edit. to eatables ebb. to ebb ebb (away).English Esperanto durability durable duration during dusk dusky (in color) dust duty duty (being on duty) duty. to eddy edge. to echo eddy. to edition editor editorial editorial AGO 4300B dariereco datirema daiiro dum obskuro malpala polvo devo dejoro degori disenterio Hiu unu la alian aglo orelo spiko frua frue kapatidilo tero tera tertremo faciligi facileco trankvilo oriento orienta orientena facila komfortsego mangi elmangi mankgaoj reflui refluo forflui reflua tajdo stupigi nivelo resoni resono kriligi krilo borderi bordo bordero mangebla redakti eldono redaktoro redaktora artikolo redaktora 41 . to eat up. to be on dysentery each each other eagle ear ear (of corn) early early earphone earth earthen earthquake ease. to ebb-tide echelon echelon (of command) echo.

to elect elected election elective elector electric Elector (title) electrician electricity electrify. to ejector elbow elect. to make an effort eighth (fraction) eighth eighty either ..ed) education (bringing up) educational (instructional) educationist effect. au elleti elSetilo kubuto elekti elektita elekta elekto elekta elekanto elektra Elektoro elektristo elektro elektrigi elektromagneto elektromagneta elektrono elektrona elemento elementa altigi alta alteco lifto dekunu dekunua elimini elito eviti nekaptebla digo ensipigi engipigo embasado AGO 4300B . to elite elude. to educated (well educa'..Englis % E8peranto editorial department educate. to electromagnet electromagnetic electron electronic element elemental elevate. to elevated elevation elevator eleven eleventh eliminate. to effective effective... to embarkation embassy 42 redakcio eduki instruita edukado instrua edukisto efektivigi efektiva efiki efektivo kompetenteco kompetenta klopodi klopodo okono oka okdek a.. or eject. to elusive embankment embark (on ship). to be effectives (mil) efficiency efficient effort..

to enlargement enlist. to employee employer employment empower. an emergency emigrant emigrate.English Esperanto emblem emerge. to AGO 4300B emnblemo eliki urgeco urgeca elmigranto elmigri sendito enlokigi enlokigo okupigi dungito dunginto okupigo rajtigi malplenigi malplena tendaro entendigo encifri Eirkaiii enfermi enferma enmetalo renkonti renkonto kuragigi fini fino endangerigi tolerebla tolero daflri darira malamiko energia energio enfili efikigi deviga ekbatali kun okupata masino ellabori ingeniero ingeniera bataliono Angle grandigi grandigo varbi varbikanto varbo survoje enskribi 43 . to engineer (professional) engineer battalion English enlarge. to endurable endurance endure (last). to enforced engage with. to empty. to emplacement employ. to enlistee enlistment en route enroll. to enduring (lasting) enemy energetic energy enfilade. to engaged engine engineer. to enclosed enclosure (letter) encounter encounter. to end. to empty encampment (camp of tents) encampment (encamping) encipher. to encirle. to emergency. an encourage. to enforce. to emissary emplace. to enclose (shut in). to end endanger.

c. etc. to escort. to establish (set up). l:o escape (getting away). to entrance entrench. to entire (whole) entrain. to error escape (run away).Englis. to enter (go in). to estimate estuary etcetera ether evacuate (mil). to envelopment environment envoy epidemic epoch equal. to escort espionage essential establish (as a fact).) establishment (setting up) estate (land) estate (possessions) estimate. to equator equatorial equip. to equality equalize. to equipment equivalent equivalent err. to entanglement enter (come in). to entrenchment entry (place) envelop.t Esperanto enrollment entangle.) etero evakui malokupo malokupa lazareto evakuanto AGO 4300B . to evacuation evacuation hospital evacuee 44 enskribo impliki implikiko enveni eniri tuta entrajnigi enirejo tranaeumi tranteumo enirejo envolvi envolvo eirkaiiaro delegito epidemio epoko egali egaleco egaligi ekvatoro ekvatora ekipi ekipajo ekvivalento ekvivalenta erari eraro forkuri forkuro eskorti eskorto spionado esenca konstati starigi establita konstato servistaro establo starigo bieno posedajo taksi takso estuaro kaj ceteraj (k. tc established establishment (as a fact) establishment (body of servants) establishment (business house.

to execute (put to death). to exercise exile. to excellence Excellency (title) excellent except (besides) except for exception exceptional (special) excess exchange. to excavate (archaeology). to executioner executive.English Esperanto evade. to execute (carry into effect). to evaluation evasion evasive ever (always. to exceed (surpass). to exchange exclude. to evader evaluate. to exempt exemption exercise. to AGO 4300B eviti evitanto taksi takso evitado evitema siam aiu atestalo atesto evidenta kusta ekzameno ekzameni ekzemplo elkavigi elfosi fosmarino preteriri superi bonegeco Ekselenco bonega krom krom pro escepto aparta troafo interganki inter§anko elbari elbarado ekskluziva ekskurso pardoni efektivigi ekzekuti ekzekutisto agadisto agada administranto liberigi libera libero ekzerci ekzerco ekzili ekzilito ekzisti ekzisto ekzistanta elirejo ekspansii 45 . to existance existant exit (way out) expand (increase in size). to example excavate (a hole). an executive executor exempt. to exiled (person) exist. at all times) every evidence (supporting fact) evidence (testimony) evident exact examination examine. to excluding exclusive excursion (trip) excuse (pardon). to excavator (machine) exceed (go beyond).

to experience experienced experiment. to exploit. to extract (draw out). to extermination external extinguish extra. to expectancy expedite. an expert expire (end). to explain.Engli. to expedition expeditionary expend. to expendable expenditure experience. an explosive expose. to explorer explosion explosive.h Esperanto expand (open out). to 46 etendi ekspansio ekspekti ekspektado rapidigi ekspedicio ekspedicia elspezi elspeza elspezo sperti sperto sperta eksperimenti eksperimento eksperimenta spertulo sperta finiki klarigi klarigo klariga eksplodi ekspluati farego ekspluato esplori esploristo eksplodo eksplodajo eksploda malkovri esposi sengirma malkovro etendi plilongigi longega disa ordo etendo plilongigo vasta ekstero ekstera ekstermi ekstermo ekstera estingi ekstrajo ekstra ekstrakti eltiri AGO 4300B . to expose (in photography) exposed (unsheltered) exposure extend extend (lengthen). to explanation explanatory explode. to expansion expect. to experiment experimental expert. an extra extract. to extended (lengthy) extended order (mil'l extension extension (lengthening) extensive exterior. the exterior exterminate. to exploit exploitation explore.

to farm farther fast (quick) fatal (deadly) fatal (disastrous. to fallout false false (untrue) family famine famine (starvation) famished far farm (cultivate). to failure (breaking down) failure (lack of success) fall. an extreme extreme eye eyeglass face.English Esperanto extract. to fear fearless feasibility feasible federation federal feed (give food to). to facility facsimile fact factor factory fail (be unsuccessful). to fail (cease to function). to feint female female auxiliary AGO 4300B ekstrakto ekstremo ekstrema okulo okulvitro fronti faco facoinstrumento faciligi facileco faksimilo fakto faktoro fabrikejo malsukcesi malfunkeii malfunkcio malsukceso fali radioaktiva preciptalo falsa malvera familio malabundo malsatego malsatega malproksima farmi farmbieno pli malproksima rapida mortiga pereiga patro laceco lacigi laciga kulpo favora timi timo sentima plenumeblo plenumebla federacio federala nutri fajnigi gajnigi sajnigo virino helpantinaro 47 . to feint. ruinous) father fatigue fatigue fatiguing fault favorable fear. to feign. to face (surface) facepiece facilitate.

to ferry (boat) ferryman fever few field field army field artillery field equipment field fortification field grade officer field of fire field ration fifteen fifth (fraction). to film film filter. to file (collection of papers) fill. to fire control net fire coordination fire direction center fire-escape fire mission fire plan fire power fire-proof fire superiority 48 virina barilo transirigi pramo pramisto febro nemultaj kampo terarmeo kampartilerio kampekipajo kampfortikajo altranga oficiro pafkampo kampporcio dekkvin kvinono kvina batali batalo batalaeroplano batalaeroplana skadro batalado batala enfakigi paperaro plenigi filmo filma filtri filtrilo malpurajo malpurega fina monumi financo financa trovi bela fingro fjordo brulado pafi pafregada reto pafkunordigo pafdirektada centro fajrsavilo paftasko pafplano pafpovo nebruligebla pafsupereco AGO 4800B . to fine finger fiord fire fire (a weapon). Esperanto feminine fence ferry. to finance financial find. to filter filth filthy final finance. a fifth fight fight fighter aircraft fighter squadron fighting. the fighting file (put away for ref arence).Engliui.

to flash flash-point flashlight flat flat (flat place) flat car (railroad) flee. to flash. to fleet (ships) flesh flexibility flexible flight (avn) flight (fleeing away) float. to flank flanking movement flare. to flood. at first aid station fiscal fish. to flag flak flame. to following fluctuate. the fire support firing firing battery firing position first first. to flood flood-tide follow. to flush (with water). to fish fitness fix. to fog foggy foliage food (nutriment) AGO 400B pafhelpo pafhelpa pafado pafbaterio pafejo unua unue kuraca posteno fiska figi figo taigo fiksi flago kakpo flami flamo flama flamSetilo flanki flanko flankmovado flagri flagrajo ekflagri ekbrili ekbrilo ekbrila-punkto poelampo plata ebenajo platvagono forkuri §iparo karno fleksebleco fleksebla aviadflugo forkuro naki superakvi superakvo alfluo sekvi sekvanta varii traakvumi flugi nebuli nebulo nebula foliaro nutralo 49 . to flame flaming flame thrower flank.English Esperanto fire support. to fog. to fly. to flare flare up.

to ford fordability fordable forecast. to form (shape) formation former formerly fort fortification fortified fortify (mil) fortress fortune forward (dispatch). to forge (work metal). to free free (free of cost) freeze.Englis b Esperanto foot (part of body) foot (12 inches) for forage force (compel). to free. to freight (carriage) freight (load) freighter (ship) French frequent frequency 50 piedo futo por furako devigi soldataro transvadi vadejo transvade transvada antaiidiri antaudiro fremda fremdulo arbaro falsi forki falsigo formi formo formado antauia antaie fortikaSo fortikigo fortikiga fortikigi fortikajo fortuno ekspedi krimago kvar kvarono kvara vulpkavo fragmento fragmenta fragmenteco skeleto malkaga fratigi liberigi libera senpaga frostigi frosti freto sarko gargSipo France ofta ofteco AGO 4300B . to forecast foreign foreigner forest forge (commit forgery). to freeze (of weather). . to force (mil) ford. l.o forgery form.:o foul play four fourth (fraction) fourth foxhole fragment fragmentary fragmentation framework frank fraternize.

to further (more distant) fuse. to fuse (electrical) fuse (for explosives) fuselage fusilier fusion (fused condition) fusion (union) future future future. to gag (for the mouth) gagged gain AGO 4300B frega sensala refreSigi frotado amiko amika de fronto antaria antai fronto fronta landlimo frosto frostovundo frosta frosta hejtaSo plenumi plena fumo fumizi funkcio funkcii funkcia fondo provizo fundamenta monoprovizo funeralo funerala funelo pelto forpermeso sulkigi sulko antauenigi pli malproksima fandi fandrato fuzajo fuselago fuziliero fanditeco kunfandigo estonteco estonta estonte bu§stopi bu§stopilo busstopila gajni 51 . the funeral funnel fur furlough furrow. to functional fund (financial) fund (store) fundamental funds (money) funeral. in frontage frontal frontier frost frostbite frosty frozen fuel fulfill. to function function. in the gag (stop up the mouth of). to full fumes fumigate. to friction friend friendly from front front front of. to furrow further.English Esperanto fresh fresh (not salty) freshen.

to get away. to governing government 52 gajno margmaniero gamago brava breco interspaco garando riflo fusi garnizoni garnizono gaso gasa kontraiigasmasko petrolo gasa mezuri mezurilo interrelo gazo kenerala generalo generalisimo dinamejo generatoro denevo Genevo Konvencio dolEa geografio geografia Germane ricevi forigi fantomo fantoma fertrabo doni vitro glaso aerglitilo globo globa ganto gantita iri Dio bona kornvundi kornvunda montgorko regi regada registaro AGO 4300B . to gauge (measure) gauge (of railroad trucks) gauze general general (mil rank) generalissimo generating station (el ec) generator Geneva Geneva Convention gentle geography geographical German get. a ghostly girder. to ghost (phantom). iron give glass (substance) glass (vessel) glider globe globular glove gloved go.English Esperanto gain gait gaiter gallant gap (breach) gap (space) garand rifle garble. to gored gorge (geog) govern. to garrison. to garrison gas (not gasoline) gaseous gas mask gasoline gassed gauge (measure). to God good gore.

to groove gross (twelve dozen) gross (of weight) ground ground forces group. to growth guard (mil). particle) grain (weight) grand (great) grand (magnificent) graph graphic (in science. rango laligrada greno granjo grano granda grandioza grafikajo grafika grafito tombo §tonetaro registrado de tomboj griza pa§ti granda pligranda verda horo de grenvieo grenado grenadjetegeilo krado krada kvadrato kaneli kanelo groco kuntara grundo terarmeo grupi grupo bosko kreski kreskado gardi gvardio gerilo gerila gvidi gvidanto gidono gvidlibro kulpeco kulpa golfo kavego kanjoneto pafilo kanono fusilo kanon§ipo 53 . etc) graphite grave gravel graves registration gray graze (feed). to great greater green greenwich time grenade grenade launcher grid (map) grid square groove.English Esperanto governor (ruler) grade (mil) gradual grain (corn) grain (single grain. to guide (person) guidon guide book guilt guilty gulf (arm of the sea) gulf (on land) gully gun (of any kind) gun (cannon) gun (shotgun or rifle) gun-boat AGO 4300B reganto grado. the (mil) guerilla guerilla guide. to guard. to group grove grow.

to harden (temper. to harvest haste haste. to hand handbag hand grenade handset handwheel hang. to harbor hard (firm) hard (not soft) harden (make or become hard). to have to (be obliged to). to harbor. (make well). to haven hazard (chance) hazardous haze hazy he head (part of body) head (chief person) head (geographical) headquarters headquarters (mil) headquarters battery headquarters company heal.Englias Esperanto gunner gunpowder gyroscope H-Hour habit half half-track (mil vehicle) halt. to hangar hangfire happen. to harass. to make hasty (rapid) hat haul. inure). to harvest. to halt (stopping place) halve. to healing health 54 kanonisto pulvo giroskopo Ha-Horo kutimo duono duontirilvagono haiti haltejo duonigi mano manmonujo mangrenado manaparato manrado pendi aeroplanejo pendpafado okazi turmenti enlogigi haveno firma malmola malmoligi hardi rikolti rikolto rapidemo rapidi rapida Eapelo treni treno havi devi haveno hazardo riska nebuleto nebuleta li kapo 6efo kabo 8efsidejo stabejo stabeja baterio stabeja roto resanigi resanika farto AGO 4300B . to haulage have.

to history hit (the mark). to hold together. to holding attack hole holiday (free day) holiday (public holiday) hollow. to hold. to heat heavy hedge hedge height (highness) height (high place) heighten (makes higher). to heat.English EEsperanto hear. to hide (skin) hiding place high high command highway hill hilly hinder hire. to AGO 4300B aridi varmigi varmo peza heki hero alteco alta3o plialtigi helikoptero helikopterhaveno heliumo kasko helpi helpo helpisto helpema helpa senpova 8i tie heroo heroa ka§ika kagiki hafito kagejo alta alta komando cefvojo monteto monteta malhelpi dungi historio trafi teni tenadi kunteni tenadatako truo libertago ferio kavo kava kavajo patrolando hejmposteno honoro hoki kroci hoko hoka esperi 55 . to helicopter heliport helium helmet help. to help helper helpful helping helpless here hero heroic hidden hide. to hook (fasten). to hollow hollow. to hook hooked hope. to hold on to. the homeland homestation honor hook (catch with a hook).

wound).Englisl. military hospitality hospitalize. to hurt (cause pain). Esperanto hope hopeless (past hope) hopeless (without hoIe) horde horizon horizontal horn horse horsepower hose hose (flexible) hospital hospital. to §vebi hovering how (in what way) how many howtizer hull (of a vessel) human human humid humidity hundred hundred (numeral) hundreth (fraction) hundreth hunger. field hospital. to hurt (injure. to hostage hostile hostilities (fighting) hostility hour house hover. to hunt hunter (horseman) huntsman hurricane hurry. domo 9sveba kiel kiom da haribizo sipkorpo homo homa humida humideco cento cent centono centa malsati malsato malsata casi caso cascevalo casisto uragano rapidigi vundi dolori vunda kabano hidrailika hidrailiko hidrogeno AGO 4300B . to hunger hungry hunt. woundo:d) hut hydraulic hydraulics hydrogen 56 espero preterespera senespera hordo horizonto horizontala korno Eevalo eevalforto tubo flekseblatubo hospitalo kamphospitalo lazareto gastameco enhospitaligi garantiulo malamika militado malamikeco horo. to hurt (injured.

English Esperanto hydrographic hydrographic chart hygiene hygienic hymn hysteria hysterics hysterical I ice. to ill ill. to illuminated (lit) imitate. to identity identity book idle. to if if (whether) igloo ignite. to idle idol idolize. to ice iceberg icy idea identical identification identify. to impose (lay upon). to be illegal illness illuminate (light up). to AGO 4300B hidrografika hidrografika karto higieno higiena himno histerio histerio histeria mi glaciigi glacio glasimonto glacia ideo identa idento identigi identeco identlibro malokupiki neokupata idolo idoligi se cu igluo ekbruligi ekbruliga ekbrulilo ekbruligo ekbruligo ignori malsana malsani kontrauilefa malsano lumigi lumiga imiti imito tuja tuj senmova selhmoveco imuna imuneco kunfrapo netransirebla impliki grava altrudi surmeti 57 . to imitation immediate immediately immobile immobility immune immunity impact impassable implicate important impose (force upon). to ignited igniter (instrument) ignition ignitor ignore.

Englial. to incline. to increase increment (mil) inciti incito inklini klini deklivo inklina klina enfermo enhavi enhavante enhavigo inkluziva inkognito pliigi pliigo pliigitajo indecent indecision indefensible indefinite independence independent 58 maldeca maldecidemo nedefendebla sendifina sendependeco sendependa AGO 4800B . to incline (slope). an inclined (having a tendency) inclined (sloping) inclosure include. to in imponi maljustajo surmeto saturi impresi impresa impreso plibonigi plibonigo improvizi en in order that in order to in place of in spite of inability inaccessibility inaccessible inaccuracy inaccurate inaction inactive inactivity inadequate incapability incapable por ke por anstatai malgrari malpovo neatingebleco neatingebla malgusteco malkusta neaktiveco neaktiva neaktiveco nesufica nekapableco nekapabla incendiary inch (measure) incident incidental flamiga colo okaza3o okaza incite. to improvement improvise. Esperanto imposing. to including (inclusive of) inclusion inclusive incognito increase. to impress. to be imposition (injustice) imposition (laying on) impregnate. to impressed impression improve. to incitement incline (have or give t :ndency).

to injured (wounded) injurous AGO 4300B nedetruebla nedeterminebla nedifinita indekso montra fingro montri indika indikativo indikativa montrilo indikena nerekta individuo individualisto endoktrinigi giro indukto indukta industria diligenta industrio infanterio infanteriano infekti infekto suba enfiltrigi enfiltrigo infinitivo senlimeco inflikti inflikta informi neformala informo infraruka enlogi enloganto parafi komenca komenca radiado parafo iniciati iniciativo iniciatanto injekti injekta injektilo vundi malutili vunda malutila 59 . to 'iri indorse. to injected injector injure (wound). to initiative initiator inject. to informal information infrared inhabit. to injure (harm). to initial initial radiation initials (abbreviated signature) initate (start). to indicative indicative (gram) indicative (gram) indicator indigenous indirect individual individualist indoctrinate. to inhabitant initial. to inflicted inform. to infection inferior infiltrate. to infiltration infinitive infinity inflict.English Esperanto indestructable indeterminable indeterminate index index finger indicate. to indorsement induction inductive industrial industrious industry (commercial) infantry infantryman infect.

to intact (unbroken) intact (undivided) intact (uninjured) intake integrate. to intention intentional intercept (overhear. to intercept (capture on l:he way) interchange. to ink inland (inner) inland (within the lalld) inner innermost inoperative inquire. to interfere with. to instruction (teaching) instructional (educational) instructions (orders) instructive insubordinate insubordination insurance insure. to integral intelligence intend. to interchange intercom interdict. Eeperanto injury (wound) ink. radio). to interdict interfere. to inserted inside inside inside out insignia inspect inspection inspector install. to installation instead of instruct (teach). to intercept (to stop enroute). to inquiry insect repellant insert. to -60 vundo inkumi inko interna enlanda interna plej interna nefunkcianta demandi demando kontraiiinsekta substanco enmeti enmetita interna5o interna intern-ekstere insignoj inspekti inspektado inspektoro instali instalajo anstataU instrui instruo instrua instrukcio instrua malobea malobeo asekuro asekuri senrompa nedividita sendifekta enfluejo integrali integralo inteligenteco intenci intenco intenca subaudi survojhalti interkapti intersangi intersanka interkomuniko interdikti interdikto entrudiki malhelpi AGO 4300B .Englii .

English Esperanto interference (hindrance) interference (intrusion) interim. to invention inventory inversion invert. an interim interior interior intermediary intermediate (between) intermediate (middle) intern. to invalid. to interrogation interrogator interrupt. to internal international internment camp interpret. to interval intrench. to interruption intersect. to issue (edition) issued it Italian AGO 4300B malhelpo entrudiko intertempo intertempa interno interna perulo intera meza internigi interna internacia internigejo interpreti interpreto interpretisto demandadi demandado demandisto interrompi interrompo interkrucigi interspaco tranceumi tranceumo prezenti invadi malsanulo malsanula senvalora invado elpensi elpenso inventaro inversigo inversigi jodo fero neregula malebena nereguleco malebeneco geno insulo izoli izola izoleco istmo eldoni eldono eldona gi Itale 61 . to intrenchment introduce. to iodine iron (metal) irregular (deviating from rule) irregular (of surface) irregularity (deviation from rule) irregularity (of surface) irritant island isolate. to interpretation interpreter interrogate. to isolated isolation isthmus issue (publish). to invade. an invalid (in health) invalid (not valid) invasion invent.

to key key terrain kick. to judge. to know (be acquainted with). a judge advocate judgement judical judicious jump. to joint journal judge.Englis E speranto item itinerary jacket jam (stick tight). to knock know. to label labeled labor labor 62 ero vojagplano jako fiksigi pordfosto blokado gipo taska analizo kunigi kuna taglibro jugi jukisto jugadvokato juko jukista prudenta salti salto desalti kuniko relkunigo junglo jungla militado aitoritato jurio justeco teni slosilo cefmilitterajo piedfrapi piedfrapo mortigi kilogramo kilometro speco kuirejo trancilo frapi frapo scii koni scio konata etikedi etikedo etikeda labori laboro AGO 4800B . to jump jump (drop) (mil) junction junction (railway) jungle jungle warfare jurisdiction jury justice keep. to knowledge known label. to kick kill. to jamb (of door) jamming (radio) jeep jet §prucajo jet aircraft §prucplano job analysis join. to kilogram kilometer kind (type of species) kitchen knife knock.

to lead (go in front). to lack lacking ladder lading. rule) law-abiding lawful lawless (against the law) lawless (without law) lead (conduct). to lead (metal) lead astray.English Esperanto labor (punitive hard labor) labored laborer laboratory lack (be without). at last. to lasting late lateral (mil) latest latitude latrine latter launch. to launch (boat) launcher launching laundry and bath schedule law (enactment. to land (a particular country) land (earth) landing landing strip landmark landscape lane language lapel lapse (of time) lapse (temporary failure) large largely (in great measure) last (ultimate) last. to lake lakeshore land. bill of lag. to leader (chief person) leading (chief) leadership AGO 4300B punlaboro labora laboristo laborejo manki manko mankanta §tupetaro Sargbilo malrapidi lago lagbordo surterigi lando tero alteriko alterirstrio orientilo pejzako vojeto lingvo refaldo forpaso ekmanko granda grandparte lasta fine dariri dauira malfrua flanka lasta latitudo latrino lasta lanai salupo jetilo jetila lesiveja kaj bana lauiplanordo lego legobea lailega kontrauilega senlega konduki antaiiri plumbo erarigi cefo cefa kondukeco 63 .

Engli ,h


leaf leak, tU leak leak (inward) leak (outward) leakage (outflow) leaky learn (acquire by stt.dy), to learn (become informled of), to learned leap, to leap least least, at leather, the leather leave, to leave (go away), to leave (start), to leave (permission) leave (of absence) ledge ledger leeward, to leeway left left, on the legacy legal (legitimate) legal (pertaining to law) legality legalize legation legible legion legitimate length lengthy leninism lens lensatic less let go (allow to passe, to let in, to let out, to lethal letter (epistle) letter (of the alphabet) letter, capital letter, small level (make flat), to level (flat)

folio traflueti traflueto enflueti elflueti elflueto traflueta lerni sciiki instruita salti salto malplej almenati ledo leda lasi foriri ekiri permeso forpermeso breto eeflibro fordevente ventdrivo maldekstra maldekstre testamentalo lafileka leka laiileeco legitimi legatejo legebla legiono lauilega longeco longega leninismo lenso lensa malpli preterlasi enlasi ellasi mortiga letero litero majusklo minusklo ebenigi ebeno
AGO 4300B



level (fiat) lever leverage levy, to levy liaison liaison liberate, to liberty lieutenancy lieutenant (mil rank) lieutenant colonel (mil rank) life lifelong lifetime lift, to lift (lifting) light (illuminate), to light light (not heavy) light (of color) lighthouse like (appreciate, be fond of), to like (similar to) like (in like manner to) like (as) likely (apparently true) likeness limit, to limit limited limitation limitless line line of departure line up, to lineal linear linguist link, to link (connection) link (of a chain) liquid, a liquid liquidate, to list (put into a list), to list (catalog, table) listen, to litter (for carrying) little little, a (some) live (a life), to live (dwell), to
AGO 4300B

ebena levilo levpovo kolekti kolektado kunigo kuniga liberigi libereco leiltenanteco leritenanto komandanto vivo dumviva vivdauro levi levo lumigi lumo malpeza hela lumturo §ati simila al simile kiel kiel versajna simileco limigi limo lima limigo senlima linio linio de foriro liniigi linia linia lingvisto kunigi kuniglio cenero likvajo likva likvidi enlistigi listo auiskulti portilo malgranda iom vivi loki

Engli h


live load, to load (a firearm), to load loaded loaded (a firearm) lobe local locale locality localize, to locate, to locate (place), to location (localization } locator lock, to lock (on doors) locomotive lodgement logic logical logistics logistical long longevity longitude look (direct the gaze), to look (gaze) loose lose, to loss "perdo lost (by voting) lost, to be (to lose one's way), to lot of (much), a loud loudspeaker lower (let down), to lower (make less high), to lower (make less loud), to lowermost lowland, the lowland lowlander lowly loyal loyalist loyalty lubricant lubricate, to luck (good luck) luckless lucky lynch, to

viva garki §argi §argo garka §arga lobo loka lokigo lokeco lokalizi lokalizi loki lokalizo lokilo glosigi seruro lokomotivo logejo logiko logika logistiko logistika longa lonviveco longitudo rigardi rigardo malfirma perdi malakceptita perdigi multe da lauita lauitparolilo mallevi malaltigi mallauitigi plej malsupra malaltejo malalteja malaltejano humila lojala lajalisto lojaleco lubrikajo lubriki bonsanco malfelica bon§anca linci
AGO 4300B



macadam machine machinegun machinery madam magazine (mechanical) magazine (periodical) magnesium magnet magneto magnetic magnetical magnetism magnetize, to mail, to mail mail (letters, etc.) maim, to main (principal) mainland maintain (assert), to maintenance (conservation) maintenance area major (greater) major (mil rank) majority (greater number) make, to make (earn), to malaria malarial male, the male malfunction, to malfunctional man, a manage, to manager mandate maneuver, to maneuver maneuverability maneuverable maneuvering manifest, to manifest manifest manifold manner manpower manual many map, to
AGO 4300B

makadamo ma§ino maginpafilo masinaro sinjorino magaseno gazeto magnezio magneto magnetajo magneta magneta magnetismo magneti poWti posto postajo kripligi tefa Eeftero aserti konservado konservada areo pligranda majoro plimulto fari gajni malario malaria virulo vira malfuncii malfuncia viro administri administranto mandato manovri manovro monovrokapablo monovrokapabla manovra evidentigi evidenta manifesto multnombra maniero viropotenco lernolibro multaj mapi



map map out (plan), to maraud, to marauder march, to march march control march discipline march graph march order march table march technique margin marginal marine (fleet) marine (a marine) mariner mark, to mark mark (detonate), to mark (in examinaticn, etc.) mark (sign, token) marker (for scoring) market (store) marksman marsh marshal, field (mil r:nk) marshal (mil rank) marshalling martial law mask, to mask mass, to mass (great majority) mass (large collection) mass (of material) master (chief, owner, principal) master (leader in a profession) master sergeant mat match (harmonize), to match (pair), to match (lucifer matc i) matching (harmonizing) material material (cloth, textiles) material (consisting of matter) matrix matter (affair) matter (substance) maximum, the maximum

mapo plani vargrabi vagrabisto margi margo margkontrolo margdisciplino marggrafikajo margordo marstabelo margtekniko markeno markena ^iparo marsoldato maristo marki marko noti poento signo poentilo vendejo pafcelisto marco cefmargalo margalo kunorda milita leko maski masko amasiki plejmulto amaso maso mastro majstro serkentestro mato konformiki parigi alumeto konforma materialo §tofo materia matrico afero materio maksimumo maksimuna
AGO 4300B



may (to be able), to mayor me meal (repast) mean (mean to say), to mean (average, middle) mean (contemptible) mean (ignoble) mean angle means (method, way) means (resources) measure, to measure (instrument) measurement mechanic mechanical mechanics mechanized medal mediate, to mediator medic (doctor) medical (of doctors) medical (of medicine) medical depot medicated medicinal medicine medium meet (assemble), to meet (come to meet), to meet (encounter), to meet (go to meet), to meeting (assembly) meeting (encounter) member membership memorandum memorial memorize, to memory men menace, to menace mental mentality mention, to mention mercy merit, to merit meritorious mess (mil), to
AGO 4300B

povi urbestro min (accusative case) mango voli diri mezajo malestiminda malnobla meza angulo rimedo rimedoj mezuri mezurilo mezuro maginisto mekanika mekaniko mekanikita medalo interpacigi interulo kuracisto kuracista medicina kuraca depoto medikamenta medicina medicino meza kunveni veni renkonte al renkonti iri renkonte al kunveno renkonto membro membreco memorando memorajo enmemorigi memoro viroj minaci minaco mensa mentalo mencii mencio korfavoro meriti merito merita kunmanki 69

Engli, h


mess (mil) message message center messenger (commiss'.onaire) messenger (person s!nt) metal, the metal meteorological meteorology meter method methodical microphone mid middle, the middle midnight midnight midpoint midst midway mil mild mile mileage military military military military government military police millimeter million millionaire mind (pay attention), to mind (intellect) mine (mil) mine (lay a minefield), to minefield mineral miniature, the miniature minimum, the minimum minor, a minor (less important) minor (lesser) minor (of lower rank) minority (lesser number) minus (sign) minus (less) minute (a minute) miscalculate, to 70

kunmango mesago komunikejo komisiisto mesagulo metalo metala meteorologia meteorologio metro metodo metoda mikrofono meza mezajo meza noktmezo noktmeza mezpunkto mezo mezvoje milo milda mejlo mejlmezuro soldatoj milita armea milita registaro milita polico milimetro miliono milionulo atenti menso eksplodilo pretigi minkampon minkampo mineralo miniaturo miniatura minimumo minimuma neplenagulo malpligrava malpligranda malsupera malplimulto minuso malpli minuto miskalkuli
AGO 4300B

mixture mixture (pharmaceutical) mob mobile mobile defense mobility mobilize. to be mission (mil) mistake mistaken mistaken. to be misuse. to mislead miss (miss one's aim). to molestation moment momentary momentum money monitor monogram month monthly monthly AGO 4300B miskalkulo miksita malpafigi erarigi maltrafi senti la mankon de maltrafo jetajo jetarmilo mankanta manki tasko eraro erara erari misuzi misuzo miksi miksa miksajo miksturo popolamaso movebla movebla defendo movebleco mobilizi mobilizo moki nevera modo modeli modelo modela moderigi medera modereco modernulo moderna modifajo modifa modifi geni geno momento momenta momentumo mono monitoro monogramo monato ciumonata ciumonate 71 . to miss (feel the want of). to molest. to miss (missing an aim) missile missile weapon missing missing.English Esperanto miscalculation miscellaneous misfire. to mock (unreal) mode model. to mobilization mock. the model moderate. to misuse mix. to mixed. to model. to moderate moderation modern (person) modern modification modified modify.

to move (change reside: ce). to motivation motive motor motorcycle motorized mount (ascend). to motionless motivate. mount (fix in position).t. to mount (hill) mount (in framing) mountain mouth mouth (river mouth:l mouthful movable move.Engli h Esperanto moon moonlight moonshine mop up. to movement move back. to moral (of a story) moral morale morale (mil) morality more more of more (longer) morning morning mortality mortar most mother motherly mother country mother tongue motion (movement) motion (gesture). to mount (rise). to much mud muddy multiple multiple multipurpose munitions 72 luno lunlumo lumbrilo ekstermi moralajo morala spirito militspirito moraleco pli pli da plu mateno matena mortado bombkanono plej patrino patrina patrinlando nacia lingvo movo mansignali senmova stimuli stimulo motivo motoro motorciklo veturigita supreniri suriki munti levigi monto muntalo monto buso enfluejo plenbuso -mova movigi translokigi movado retroigi multo koto kota oblo obla multintenco municio AGO 480pB . to mount (get up on).

to muster mutinous mutiny mutual (common) mutual (profit-sharing) mutual (reciprocal) muzzle. to neglect neglectful AGO 4300B mustardo sinapo mustarda gaso kolektiki kolektiko ribela ribelado komuna mutuala reciproka busumi bugo naiva nomi nomo fajrbombo mallarkigi mallarga nacio nacia naciismo nacieco indigeno indikena natura naturisto naturo marista mara §ipa marfortoj navigebla navigi navigacio navigisto militsiparo proksima apude necesaj o necesa kolo kravato bezoni bezono kudrilo nadlo negativo negativa klisajo malatenti malatento malatenta 73 . to navigation navigator navy near nearby necessary necessary neck necktie need. to name napalm narrow narrow nation national nationalism nationality native. to need needle (for sewing) needle (mechanical or scientific) negative negative negative (photo) neglect. to muzzle (of a gun) naive name. a native natural naturalist nature nautical (of sailors) nautical (of the sea) naval naval forces navigable navigate.English Esperanto mustard (condiment) mustard (plant) mustard gas muster.

.... to negotiate (arrange).Engll Ah Esperanto negligence negotiate (deal with i.. nor malatento trakti arangi traktado najbaro cirkaiia5o najbara nek nek . nek nerve nervous nerve gas net net (drag-net) network neutral neutral (person) neutrality neutralize.. to never nevertheless new newly news newspaper next (adjacent) next (following) next door next to nickel night night nitric nitrogen nitrogenous nitroglycerine no no one noise noisy nomenclature nomenclature (terminology) nonaccountable (non explicable) nonaccountable (uniesponsible) nonappropriated non-commissioned of icer none none (no quantity) nonpersistent noon nor norm 74 nervo nerva nerva gaso reto trenreto retaSo neitrala neutralulo netitraleco neitraligi neniam tamen nova nove novajo jurnalo apuda sekvanta tute apuda apud nikelo nokto nokta nitra nitrogeno nitrogena nitroglicerino ne neniu bruo brua nomenklaturo terminaro neklarigebla neresponda nealpropriga suboficiro neniu neniom nepersista tagmezo nek normo AGO 4300B . to negotiation neighbor neighborhood neighboring neither neither .

to object (thing) objective (mil) obligation (compulsion) obligation (debt) obligation. to take an obey. the numeral numerator numerical numerous nurse (the ill). a number (quantity) number (count).English Esperanto normal north north northwards nose nostril not not at all note. under obligatory oblique observation observation point observe. to note note (short letter) nothing *notice (observe) notice noticeable notification notify. to observer observing obsolete obstacle AGO 4300B norma nordo norda norden nazo naztruo ne tute ne noti noto letereto nenio rimarki rimarko rimarkebla avizo avizi nuklea nukleo genaJo numeri numero nombro da nombri cifero numera numeratoro numera multnombra flegi flegistino flegisto oazo Juro juri obei malsati kontraii objekto celajo devigo ^uldo sulda deviga oblikva observado observadejo observi observisto observa arkaika baro 75 . to number. to nuclear nucleus nuisance number (give numbers to). to nurse (female) nurse (male) oasis oath oath. to object (dislike). to numeral. to object (oppose).

to on on (according to) on (of time) on account of 76 bari akiri okazo okupado okupanto okupado okupa okupi ekokupi okazi okazajo oceano oktano stranga odoro senodora odora de da al kompreneble for ofendi krimulo kulpa ofendo krimo ofendigi ofensivo ofensiva proponi oficejo ofico oficiro oficisto oficiala limigita kompenso forbordo ofte ofte oleo oleoputo olea antikva malnova ellaso ellasi sur laui je pro AGO 4800B . to take offensive (mil) offensive offer. to occupy (by force) (fril) occur. to obtain.Engli Ah Esperanto obstruct. (criminal) offending (quality) offense (affront) offense (crime) offense. to office (place of business) office (position) officer official official off limits offset offshore often offtimes oil oil well oily old (ancient) old omission omit. to occasion occupancy occupant occupation occupied occupy. to offender. to occurrence ocean octane odd (peculiar) odor odorless odorous of of (denoting numbex or quantity) of (towards) of course off (away) offend.

to opposed opposed to opposite opposition (opposing) opposition (political. etc. to operate (work). at (simultaneously) once more one (numeral) one (pronoun) one (a certain person) one moment! oneself only (but) only only (sole) only (sole) onward onwards open.) operational operative operator opponent opportunity oppose. to open opening operate (have an effect).English Esperanto on behalf of on call once (after) once (on a single occasion) once (on a certain occasion) once (upon a time) once. military. to operate (surgical). to deliver an oratorical orbit. scientific) oppress oppressive optic optical optician optics or oracle oral oration oration. to orbit AGO 4300B por sur voko post kiam unufoje iufoje iam samtempe ankorafi unufoje unu oni iu momenton ! si sed nur sola sole antafiena antaien malfermi nefermita aperturo efiki operacii funkcii funkciado efikado operacio funkcia funkcia operatoristo kontrauianto oportunafo kontraiii kontraiia kontrai kontraiia kontraio opozicio subpremi subprema vida optika optikisto optiko aiu orakolo bufa oratorajo oratori oratora orbiti orbito 77 . to operation (functioning) operation (having an effect) operation (surgical.

). to originator other otherwise ounce our out (outside) out of outcome outer outfit outlay (expenditure) outlet outline. to organized orient oriental oriental. Esperanto ordeal order (command). to order order (-supplies. at fi:rst) originate. etc.Englisl. to order (-supplies. to outline (sketch).) order (written authority) order (military decoration) ordinary ordnance ore organ (musical instrument) organ (physical) organic (chemical) organic (psychological) organism organization organize. an orientate. to overdue 78 provego ordoni ordono mendi mendo mendato ordeno ordinara kanonaro mineralo orgeno organo organika organa organismo organizajo organizi organita oriento orienta orientano orienti orientajo origino originalo originala originaleco unue estigi estigulo alia alie unco nia ekstere el rezulto ekstera ekipajo elsperzo elirejo knoturi skizi konturo skizo antailposteno ekstero ekstera eksteren super venki malfrua AGO 4300B . the outside outwards over (above) overcome. etc. to outline (sketch) outpost outside. to outline (contour). to orientation origin original original originality originally (first.

to overlay (mil map) overload. to paint-brush pair pair palace pale. to overlook.English Esperanto overhead overhear. to pale palm (of the hand) palm (tree) pamphlet pan panel (of wood. to own (possess). to pain painful painless paint. to paddle paddle-boat pail pain.) panic paper paper parade. etc. to overpass overseas overshoot. to parade parachute. to overt overtake overthrow. to overtime owe. to parachute paragraph parallel AGO 4300B supertera subaidi tradesegno preter^arki preterlasi transvojo transmara superpafi nekaga kuratingi renversi ekstra tempo ^uldi posedi paSi paso pacifisto paki pako pakajo porta tabulo pakaSeto interkonsento padeli padelilo padelboato sitelo dolori doloro dolora sendolora kolorigi peniko parigi paro palaco paligi pala manplato palmo brosuro pato panelo paniko papero papera paradi parado parasuti parasuto paragrafo paralelo 79 . to pace (step) pace (step) pacifist pack. to pack package packboard packet pact paddle.

. to parley parole part. by. to park parley. (through). etc. to pause 80 paralizi kvazatimilita kvazaiitrupoj patro patrino gepatroj enparkigi parko konferenci konferenco honorpromeso parto rolo kajero partia parta Sati partieco sato partoprenanto partopreni parteto partiano partiana grupo partio paso montpasejo pasi preterpasi trairi pasebleco sufiee bona trapasebla trairejo pasiva signaldiro pasinteco pasinta vojeto vojtrovulo paciento pacienca patrioto patriota patriotismo patroli patrolo modelo modela pauzi pauzo AGO 4300B .) pass pass (mountain pass) pass. to passability passable passable (passage) passage (way through) passive password past past path pathfinder patient (invalid) patient (displaying p tience) patriot patriotic patriotism patrol. to be partiality (bias) partiality (liking) participant participate. to pass. to pass.English Esperanto paralyze. to patrol pattern (model) pattern (model) pause. a part (role) part (of book or serial publication) partial (bias) partial (in part) partial to. to particle partisan partisan party (mil) party ( paramilitary paratroops parent (male) parent (female) parents park.

to permit persist (continue). to payable payment peace peaceful peak (summit) peculiar pedestal pedestal (base of column) pedestrian. to paved road paving pay. a pedestrian pen (for writing) pencil pending penetrate. a percussion percussion-cap perform (do). to perishable permanent permissible permit. to persist (persevere) persistence (continuance) persistence (perseverance) persistent persistent (unceasing) person personal personnel AGO 4300B pavimi goseo pavimo pagi pagebla pago paco paca pinto stranga piedestalo soklo piediranto piedira plumo krajono okazonta penetri penetra penetrado duonisulo popolo homoj per laii procento procento perkuto prajmo fari eble dangero perimetro perimetra defendo periodo perioda periferio periskopo perei pereema konstanta permesebla permesi permeso dauri persisti dauiro persisto persista sencesa persono persona personaro 81 . to perhaps (possibly) peril perimeter perimeter defense period periodic periphery periscope perish. to penetrating penetration peninsula people (nation or race) people (persons) per per (according to) percent percentage.EngliUh Esperanto pave.

to pile pillbox (mil) pilot. to petroleum petty (small) petty (trivial) phantom phase phaseline philosophy phonetic phonetics phoney phosgene phosphate phosphorus photograph. to picket picture. to pin pincer movement pincers pinpoint (mil).Engl8i4 E8peranto persuade. to phrase physical physician physicist physics pick (collect). to photograph photographer photographic photography photomap. to photomap photomapping phrase. to pike (fish) pike (weapon) pile up. to pioneer. to pilot pin (fasten with a pill). to picture piece pier (of a bridge) pier (in a harbor) pierce. to picket. to 82 influi tralego tralegi kruda petrolo malgranda bagatelema fantomo fazo fazlinio filozofio fonetika fonetiko falsa fosgeno fosfato fosforo fotografi fotografaSo fotografisto fotografa fotografio fotomapi fotolandkarto fotomapado frazi frazo fizika kuracisto fizikisto fiziko kolekti pikedi pikedo bildigi bildo peco pontfosto en§ipigejo piki ezoko pikarmilo amasigi amaso blokhaiseto piloti piloto pingli pinglo pinca movado pincilo guste meti pioniri AGO 4300B . to perusal peruse.

to plant plastic plastic plate (for food) plate (thin metal) plateau platform platoon play. to plug pneumatic pocket. to point (indicate with finger). to pivot place (locate). to point point (tip) poison. to place (put). to poison AGO 4300B celigi pintigi fingromontri punkto pinto veneni veneno 83 .English Esperanto pioneer pioneer pip (fowl disease) pipeline pistol piston pit pivot. to pocket pioniro pionira pipso tublinio pistolo pi§to kavo pivoti pivoto loki meti loko spaco ebenaJo malkaga simpla plendanto plani plano raboti ebeno ebena planedo planeda planada faktoro planti planto plastiko plastika telero lameno altebenalo estrarejo plotono ludi ludo movlibereco ekfunkcii abundo konspiri konspiro Stopi stopilo pneumatika enposigi pogo point (aim). to plot plug. to play play (freedom of movement) play. level) plain (frank) plain (simple) plaintiff plan. to come into plenty plot. to plan plane. to point (give a point to). to plane (surface) plane planet planetary planning factor plant. to place place (public open space) plain (even.

elec.) pool (common fund) poor populate. tc post (camp or station) post (an upright. to pound (weight) pour. etc. to powder (med) powder-magazine power (force) power (might) 84 polusa stango poluso polico polica poliso administra sistemo politika politikisto politiko ponco lageto pontono pontonponto komunigi lageto komunalo malrica enloki enloka logantaro haveno porcio portebla pozicio pozicia pozicia defendo absoluta certa pozitiva posedi posedado ebleco ebla eble posteni posteno fosto pogtkosto posta prokrasti enpotigi poto ebla saketo pisti funto ver^si pulvoro pulvtenejo forto potenco AGO 4300B . to pool (of water.) police police policy (insurance) policy political politician politics poncho pond pontoon pontoon bridge pool. etc. to possession possibility possible possibly post (guard post). etc. a slake) postage postal postpone. to pot potential pouch pound.) pole (geog.Englisi Esperannto polar pole (of wood. to pot. to populated population (inhabitants) port (harbor) portion portable position (mil) positional positional defense positive (absolute) positive (certain) positive (in science) possess (own).

to precaution precautionary precede. to press (be urgent). to prevention preventive preventive previous price pride AGO 4300B farebla praktika ekzerci ekzercado kutimo antaiparolo antaiiaranki antaizorgo antaizorga antaiiri antaieco precedento antailira antaia preciza precizeco antaildiri raba antauidiro preferi prefere prefero antatia preparajo prepari preta pretpozicio antauplana defini preskribi defina ceesto estanta prezenti estaneco konservi konservo konserva prezidanto prezidanta premi urgi urga premo preteksto preteksti malebligi malebligo malhelpa malhelpilo antauia prezo fiereco 85 . to prescribed presence present (of time) present (to introduce) present time preserve (keep). to preservation preservative president presidential press. to practice practice (custom. to prescribe (medically). habit) preamble prearrange. to prediction prefer. to pressing (urgent) pressure pretense pretend. to prevent. to precedence precedent precedent preceding precise precision predatory predict.English Esperanto practicable practical practice. to preferably preference preliminary preparation prepare. to prepared prepared position (mil) preplanned prescribe (define).

to proclamation procure. to promise promising promote (in rank). to profession professional. a professional professor (academic) professor (one who p::ofesses) proficiency proficient profile profit. to 86 unua unua kvalita 5efa Uefa antaieco karcerejo kaptito militkaptito privata simpla soldato supera soldato privilegio privilegita premio probableco probabla esplori problemo procedo procedi antaieniri procedo proklami proklamo havigi havigo produkti profesio profesiulo profesia profesoro konfesanto kompeteneco kompetenta profilo profiti profito programo progresi progreso progresema elstari pafa5o elstrarajo projekciilo daura elstara promesi promeso promesa promocii AGO 4300B . to procurement produce. to profit program progress. to process proclaim. to problem procedure proceed (act by plan).Englisil Esperanto primary prime (first quality) prime (principal) principal (main) priority prison prisoner (captive) prisoner of war private private (mil rank) private first class (senior private) privilege privileged prize (reward) probability probable probe. to proceed (go forward). to progress progressive project (jut out). to projectile projection (prominent terrain feature) projector prolonged prominent (conspicuous) promise.

to pull pulse pump.English Esperanto prompt prone (prostrate) proof (evidence) propaganda propaganda device propagandist propel. to proportion proportional proportionate propulsion propulsive protect (commercially). to pump punch (with fist). to punch (a drink) punctual punish. to purchase (article bought) pure (clean) pure (chaste) purge (medically). to protest. to pull. to provisions (stock. to punishment puppet puppet purchase. to purge (purgative) purification purify AGO 430CP. to protest prove (establish by evidence). supply) provisions (food supplies) provisional provost marshal (mil) proximity psychology psychological public public publish.R tuja sternita pruvo propagando propagandilo propagandisto antatienigi irigilo pu^a sargo prava proprajo proporcii proporcio proporcia proporcia antarienigo antatieniga protekti girmi protesti protesto pruvi provizi provizoj mankeblajoj militpolicestro provizora proksimeco psikologio psikologia publiko publika eldoni tiri tiro pulso pumpi pumpilo pugnobati punco akurata puni puno marioneto marioneta aceti acetajo pura ^asta laksigi laksilo purigo purigi 87 . to protect (screen). to propeller propelling charge proper property proportion. to provide.

to pursuit put.Englis Esperanto purpose pursue (chase after). to quarantine quarry (stone quarry) quarter (mil billet). etc) qualify (classify) qualify (make or become suitable) qualifying (making eligible) qualitative quantity quarantine. subdue). to raid railway railway (passenger train) 88 celo postkurl persekuto meti ordigi subigi pufi pugo piroteknika pirotekniko korto kvarangula kvadranto kvalrata kvalifiko klasigi kvalifiki kvalifika kvalita kvanto kvaranteni kvaranteno Itonminejo kvartiri furiro kvartiroj kvartmastro demandi demando rapida trankvila forlasi konkurso kurado strecilo tenujo breto radelamo radelama radia radii radiado radio radofteco radia aktiva radiologika duondiametro floso invadeti invadeto fervojo personvagonaro AGO 4300B . etc. to put (put down. to push. to put (put in order). to question quick quiet quit. to race race (running) rack (for torture) rack (holder) rack (shelf. to push pyrotechnic pyrotechnics quadrangle quadrangular quadrant quadratic qualification (for a pcsition. to radiation radio radio frequency radioactive radiological radius (of a circle) raft raid.) radar radar radial radiate. to quartermaster (mil) quarters (mil billets) quartermaster (nav) question.

at range (of gun.English Epeeranto railway station railway track rain. to readable ready real real (actual. line) rank (grade) (mil) rapid rapidity rapids rare (infrequent) rarity rate (at the rate of) rate (rate of exchange) rate of climb ratio ration. to react. to rally (regain strength). to reaction reactionary (individual) reactionary read. to ration (food) rational ravine raw razor reach (attain). to ram (mil) ramp (raised floor) rampart random random. within range (mountain range) rank (row. to rally (reassemble). to raise (give rise to). etc) range. to rally rallying point ram (mil). to rake with fire (mil). to rain raincoat rainfall raise (bring up). not imaginary) rear (mil) rear (mil) rear area AGO 4300B stacidomo relvojo pluvi pluvo pluvmantelo pluvfalo eduki naski enfili rekolektiki refortiki rekoletiko kolektikejo rami ramo estrado remparo sencela sencele trafpovo trafebla montaro vico rango rapida rapideco rapidaaoj malofta malofteco po kurzo suprenira rapideco proporcio porciumi mangporcio racia ravino kruda razilo atingi reagi reakcii reakcio reakciulo reakcia legi leginda preta realo reala posta posto postareo 89 . to react (chemically).

to record (phonographic) recover (get again). to reclaim. to reconstruction record. to recommendation recondition reconnaissance reconnaissance company reconnoitre. to recreation 90 postgvardio motivo prudenta reasigni reasigno ribeli ribelado resalti resalto revoki retroigi kvitanci ricevo kvitanco enspezo ricevi ricevilo 9telricevisto fresa fresdata ujo akcepto akceptema internejo intertempo recepto ricevanto reciproka reciproki regajni regajno reklasifiko reklasigi rekono rekoni resalti resalto senresalta rekomendi rekomendo restato cirkaiiesploro Mirkaiesplora roto cirkauiesplori restarigita rekonstrui rekonstrualo registry kroniko disko reakiri distrigo AGO 4300B . to recoil recoil recoilless recommend. to record (chronical). to recede. to recognition recognize. to reassignment rebel.English Esperanto rear guard reason reasonable reassign. to receiver (instrument) receiver (of stolen goois) recent recent (of recent date) receptacle reception receptive recess (inner spot) recess (interval) recipe recipient reciprocal reciprocate. to reclamation reclassification reclassify. to reconstituted reconstruct. to receipt for. to receipt (act of receiving) receipt (for money) receipts (money received) receive. to rebellion rebound. to rebound recall.

to recurrence recurring red redeploy. to reference reference to. to redeployment redesignate. to refuge refugee refusal refuse. etc. to regime regiment regimental region regional regional command register. to redesignation reduce. to reimbursement reinforce. to reimburse. to regulation regulator (instrument) rehearsal rehearse. to register regroup. to refuse.English Esperanto recreation-ground recruit. to regular regularity regulate.) reinforcement AGO 4300B ludkampo rekrutigi rekruto rektangulo rektangula reokazi reokazo rikura ruga reetendiki reentendiko resigni resigno malpliigi degradigi rifejo revarbi revarbo rilati aludo rilate al rafinejo reekipiki refleksa replenigi rifuki rifuko rifukanto rifuzo rifuzi rubo regajni regimo regimento regimenta regiono regiona regiona komando registri registro regrupi regula reguleco reguligi regulo reguligilo antauiripeto antauiripeti repagi repago plifortigi armaturita plifortigajo 91 . rubbish) regain. to recruit rectangle rectangular recur. to reflex refuel refuge (take refuge). (trash. with refinery refit. to reenlistment refer. to reinforced (of concrete. to reefer reenlist. to reduce (in rank).

to reorganization reorganize. to representative representative reprisal reprisals. to repatriates repeat. to remark (saying) remember (have in mind). to remember (recall to mind). to relations (mutual deal ings). .English Eaperanto reinforcements (mil) reinstate. to removable remove (move away). to repair (mend). to rendezvous renovate. to remind. to relocation remain. to release reliable relief (help) relieve (mil). to reinstatement reject.o rendezvous. to repairs repatriate. to repack. to relay (send on). to reply report. to make republic 92 helptrupoj restarigi restarigo rejeti interrilatoj ekspedi liberigi liberigo fidinda helpo helpi religio relokalizi relokalizo resti resta5o restanta rimarki dirajo memori rememori rememorigi removebla formovi rendevui rendevuo renovigi renovigo reokupi reorganizo reorganizi repaki ripari riparoj reenpatrujigi reenpatrujoj ripeti repeli anstatauiulo respondi respondo raporti raporto pafbruo laiidira raportisto reprezenti reprezentanto reprezenta reprezalo reprezali respubliko AGO 400ooB . to remainder remaining remark (notice). to religion relocate. to repel. to renovation reoccupy. to replacement (person) reply. to report report (of a gun) reported (alleged) reporter represent (act on behalf).

to requisition (mil). to resist resources (means) respect. to rest rest (remaining part) rest camp restrain. to retreat (mil). to retreat (mil). to reveille AGO 4800B respublikano repeli repelo peti peto bezoni rekvizicii rekvizicio redirekti savi savo studo resekci resekco rezervita rezervito rezervujo restanta radiado rezisti rezisto rimedoj respekti respekto spirado spirilo spira spiri priresponda ripozi ripozo restalo ripoza tendejo enteni limigi limigo limigita limiga rezulti rezulto podetali podetala reteni emerita repreni retroiri retreto reira reira movado reveni reveno revenulo aperigi vaksignalo 93 . to result retail. to responsible rest. to rescue.xEglish Zgteanto republican repulse. to rescue research resect. to resection reserve (mil) reserve reservoir residual radiation resist. to request require (need). to retired retract. to respect respiration respirator (instrument) respiratory respire. to return returnee reveal. a retrograde retrograde movement return. to repulse request. to retail retain. to restriction restricted restrictive result. to requisition (mil) reroute. to restrict.

to rib rich ricochet. to review revoke. list of na. to riot rip (tear). tco ridge rifle rifleman right (direction) right (direction) right face rigid ring riot. to risk river river crossing riverside road roadblock road junction rock rocket rod roentgen role (part) roof (of a building) room (of a house) root rope. to ricochet ride.nuro nomaro turnigi AGO 4300B . to ride ride (in a vehicle). to revolt revolution (political' revolutionary reward. to revenge revengeful reversal reverse (opposite). to risk. to revolt. to rope roster (roll. to 94 vengi venko venkema renverso malo mala revui revuo nuligi ribeli ribelo revolucio revolucia rekompenci ripo rica resalti resalto rajdi rajdo veturi altajrando riflo riflisto dekstro dekstra dekstra frontu rigida ringo tumulti tumulto §iri riski risko rivero rivera transiro riverflanko vojo vojblokado vojkunigo atonego raketo vergo rentgena rolo tegmento cambro radiko snurigi .Zngli h aepe'anto revenge.mes) rotate. the reverse (opposite) review (mil).

hilly) round. to ruins rule. a round round (round of ammunition) route routine routine rove. to salute AGO 4300B turniko lauvice malebena rondo ronda pafrondo vojo rutino rutina vagi vagema remi vico bruo malpaco rega rekeco ka5iuko kaiiuka ruinigi ruinoj regi regado kenerale onidiro kuri forkurinto kurado flugkurvojo rustigi rusto rusta disrompi sabotado saboturano gardsranko sendagera senriska sekura sendifekta gardi gardilo sendangereco sekureco veliri velo maristo elstarafo elstara elirataki saluti saluto 95 . to runaway. to salute. in rough (bumpy. to rule rule. a running runway rust. to sabotage saboteur safe (repository) safe (not dangerous) safe (not risky) safe (secure) safe (uninjured) safeguard. to safeguard safety safety (security) sail (travel by ship). to sail sailor salient salient sally (mil). to rust rusty sabotage. to row (line) row (noise) row (quarrel) royal royalty (kingship) rubber rubber ruin. to roving row (with oars). as a rumor run.English Esperanto rotation rotation (by turns).

to scanning scarce scatter. to scale (measure) scan (to view). to score scout (mil).Engli h Epveranto salvage. to schedule school science scientific scientist scope . to salvage salvo (volley) same same as same as (all the same) sand sandbank sandy sanitary sanitation sap (mil) sapper satchel satellite savage.o seal (impression) seal (instrument) 96 savi salvo savo sama tiel same kiel tute egale sablo sablorifo sabla sanitara sanitarigo sapealo sapeisto saketo satelito sovakulo sovaga savi §pari diri skalo elesplori elesplora malabunda disleti sceno lauplanordigi latiplanordo lernejo scienco scienca sciencisto amplekso poenti poentaro skolti skolto peceto peceta sirmi sirmilo maro marbordo maristo havenurbo fiksi sigeli sigelo sigelilo AGO 4300B .score. to scout (mil) scrap scrappy screen (to shield). to scene schedule. to say. a savage save (rescue). to screen (shield) §raiibi screw. to save (economize). to §raibo screw §rauibturnilo screwdriver sea seacoast seaman seaport seal (fasten shut). to. . seal (put a seal on).

to search searchlight seashore season seat. to secure security (mil) sedition seditious see. to send on. to seat (sitting place) second second (of time) secondary second lieutenant second-rate secret secret. to seizure select. a secretarial secretary secretive section section (mil) sectional sector secure. to seize. to separate separate (not together) AGO 4300B serEi servo serelumilo marbordo sezono sidigi sidejo dua sekundo sekundara sublefitenanto duaklasa sekreta sekreto sekretaria sekretario sekretema fako sekcio sekcia sektoro sekurigi sekura sekureco ribelo ribela vidi zorgi pri segmento apartigi ekpreni ekpreno elekti elektita elekta3o memo memantaueniga duonaiitomata sendi transsendi sendisto supera supereco senco sensenca sentema kondamni kondamno frazo sentinelo apartigi aparta malkuna 97 . to see to. to sender senior (in mil rank) seniority (in mil rank) sense (meanings) senseless sensitive sentence (impose punishment) sentence (punishment) sentence (phrase) sentinel separate (place apart). to segment segregate.English Esperanto search. to select selection self self-propelled semi-automatic send.

to she shear. t shade (screen from light). to shelter (place) shield (in armor) shield (screen) ship (transport by wa:ter). to shell (explosive missile) shell (hard covering) shelter. to 98 sekvado serkento befserkento seriajo seria serio serioza servado uzeble meti difini por repu. h Esperanto sequence sergeant sergeant major serial serial series serious service serviceability set (place. to shadow shaft (in machinery) shaft (of a column) shaft (of a mine. to shipwreck shipyard shirt shock. to shears (for cutting) shed shell (mil). to sharp sharpshooter shatter. to set aside for. to several severance (cutting ofF) severance (cutting tk rough) severe sex shade (a drawing).i repugo kolonieto tratranai kelkaj detranao tratranao severa sekso ombrumi ombri ombro 9afto fusto §akto timono skui akra tiralj oro frakasi Ai tondi §erego budo bombardi obuso selo §irmi §irmejo §ildo §irmilo §ipekspedi §ipkonsigno engipigo §ipperei §ippereo §ipkonstruejo cemizo §oki AGO 4300B . to setback settlement (colony) sever (cut through). put). to hipo ship (vessel) shipment (consignment sent by ship) shipment (loading on ship) shipwreck.Engli. to setback. etc) shaft (of a vehicle) shake.

to sight (object seen) sight (faculty of vision) sight (of a gun) sign signal. to show (display). to silence. the silver simple simplicity simplification simplify. to silhouette silver. to silence silent silent. to be silhouette.English EsperaEnto shock shock action (mil) shoe shooting shop shore short shortcoming shot (small shot) should (conditional mood) shoulder shout. a AGO 4300B skuo agado de skuo suo pafo magazeno bordo mallonga manko kugleto devus gultro kriegi kriego montri elmontri pluveti pluveto 9prucbano grapnelo malsana malsanuloj flanko trotuaro flanken oblikve siego ekvidi vidajo vido celilo signo signali signalo subskribo signifi silentigi silento silenta silenti silueti silueto arkento argenta simpla simpleco simpligo simpligi ^ajnigi sajniga depost depost la tempo sola unu 99 . to simulate simulated since since the time single (sole) single. to shower. to shower shower-bath shrapnel sick sick (the sick) (plural) side sidewalk sideways (to the side) sideways (obiquely) siege sight (catch sight of). to signal signature signify. to shout show.

to slip (piece of paper) slippery slope sloping slow slow down. to ski skiing skill skillful skin (hide) skirmish. to sling (for throwing) sling (supporting strap) slip. to slave sled sleep. to situation (circumstance) size (bulk) sketch. to slow. to smash 100 subigi sinjoro fratino sidi sidiki situacio grandeco skizi skizo skii skio skiado lerteco lerta hauto bataleti bataleto kranio Mielo malstreeita tran&i tranco buNi butado butejo sklavi sklavo sledo dormi dormo dormema negpluvi maniko sledi sledo gliti klisajo rimenjetilo skarpo faleti slipo glitiga deeklivo dekliva malrapida malakceli malfrui malgranda malgrandarmiloj lerta frakasi frakaso AGO 4800B . to sleeve sleigh. to slaughter slaughter-house slave. to sit down. to skirmish skull sky slack (loose) slash.Engl~h Esperanto sink (move under) sir sister sit. to sleep sleepy sleet. to be (of clocks) small small arms smart (clever) smash. to sketch ski. to sleigh slide slide (for projector). to slash slaughter.

to sniper (marksman) sniping snow. therefore) so (to such a degree) so . community) soft (not hard) soil (earth) soldier soldierly solid solidarity solution solve. to smoke smoke (lay smoke-screen). to snow 9miri smiro odori odoro fumiki fumi fumo fum§irmigi senfuma fumtubego glatigi glata sufoki subbruli kontrabandi kontrabandisto kontrabanda solpafi solpafanto solpafado neki neko so so (according. . kiel tia maniere ke por gis nun gis tiu punkto se nur tiom tiom ke por ke tiel ke trempi sapo societa socia socialismo socialisto socialisma societo socio mola tero soldato soldata solida sQlidareco solvo solvi iom 101 . to smokeless smokestack smooth smooth smother smoulder smuggle. to smear smell.. to soap social (agreeable. to some (quantity) AGO 4300B tiel do tiom tiel .English Esperanto smear. friendly) social (of the community) socialism socialist socialistic society (formal organization) society (the. to smell smoke (emit smoke). to smuggler smuggled snipe. . to smoke (tobacco).. as so as to (in such a manner) so as to (in order to) so far (till now) so far (to that point) so long as (if only) so much so much so that so that (in order that) so that (in such a manner that) soak.

Engliih Esperanto some (a few) somebody somehow something sometime. to sound (noise) source south southerly southern soviet space. to speculation speculative speech (language) speech (oration) speech (speaking) speed. to spark speak. to speed speedy spend (time). to species specification specimen speculate. as sortie sound (give out a sound).to spinal spine 102 kelkaj iu iel io iam ie filo bofilo baldafi frue kiel eble plej bladati eliratako soni sono fonto sudo suda suda sovjeto interspaci spaco vasta hispane maldensa ekstra sparki fajrero paroli antaitataki antatiatako speciala specialisto specialigi speco specifiko specimeno spekuli spekulo spekulativa idiomo parolado parolo rapidigi rapideco rapida pasigi mortinta sfero ^pini spina spino AGO 4300B . to spearhead (mil). to spearhead (mil) special specialist specialize. at somewhere son son-in-law soon (before long) soon (early) soon as possible. to space spacious spanish sparse spare (extra) spark. to spent (of bullets) sphere spin (weave).

to stand. to standard standard (flag) standard operating procedure standpoint (viewpoint) star AGO 4300B spirito vivega fendi fendo malbonigi malboniga spontanta makuli makulo senmakula makulita ekvidulo sprucigi sprucigilo fonto saltisto printempa printempo sprono spioni spiono lorno areto skadro eskadreto eskadro kvadrato premi premo pikegi pikego stabileco firmigi firmiga stabila staki stako stabi stabo scenigi scenejo estrado stuparo stupo fosto haltigi sigeli starigi morma standardo norma efika procedo (NEOPO) vidpunkto stelo 103 . to spoiled spontaneous spot (cover with spots). to stabilized stable stack. to split spoil. to spot (blotch) spotless spotted spotter spray.English Esperanto spirit spirited split. to staff (personnel) stage. to stamp (seal). to stab stability stabilize. to spy spyglass squad squadron (mil) squadron (avn) squadron (nav) square (geometry) squeeze squeeze stab. to stage (in a theater) stage (platform) stairs stairstep stake (post) stall. to spray (instrument) spring (of water) springer spring (season) springtime spur spy. to stack staff.

Engi9 hA Eepearnto start. to stock (of a gun) stockade stone stop. to station. a stationary statistics status steady steam steam-engine steamship steel steel helmet steep steer step (pace). to storm strafe. (radio) static (motionless) station. to state (a nation) static. to step (pace) stick stiff still sting. to straggler straight strain. to straggle. to strait (geog) strange strange (foreign) strap strategic strategy stream street strength (mil) strengthen (mil). to stoppage (cessation) stoppage (stopping t p) storage (keeping in store) storage (putting into store) storm. to sting stock. to start (cause to start]. to stress (accent) 104 § komenci ekirigi stato radimalhelpo senmova postenigi stacio fiksa statistikoj stato firma vaporo vapormagino vajorgipo §talo §tala kasko kruta direkti paMi paso bastono nefleksebla kvieta piki piko stoki kolbo palisaro §tono halti cesigo topo konservado entenejigo ventegi ventego Wtrafi disvagi postiginto rekta trostreai markolo stranga fremda rimeno strategia strategio fluo strato forktikeco fortikigi akcento AGO 4a00B .

to suggestion suggestive AGO 4300B emfazo streMi sternigi homportilo frapi frapulo §nureto strio strio stria forta struktura strukturo konstrualo barakti barakto obstina studanto studento studi itofo stumbli stulta stilo bonstila subkalibro subkurso subdistrikto temo subjekto submasinpafilo submarsipo subigi subulo suba ekzistado anstatauiigi anstatauanto anstatauia suburbo suburba renverso renversa renversi sukceso sukcesa tia subita suferi sufica sugesti sugesto sugesta 105 . to stuff (matter) stumble. a subordinate subsistence substitute.Englih Esperanto stress (emphasis) stretch. to stupid style stylish subcaliber subcourse subdistrict subject (theme) subject (gram) submachine gun submarine subordinate. to sufficient suggest. to success successful such sudden suffer. to striker string strip stripe striped strong structural structure structure (building) struggle. to subordinate. a substitute suburb suburban subversion subversive subvert. to stretch out flat stretcher (litter) strike (hit). to substitute. to struggle stubborn student (college) student (pupil) study.

to supply supply point suppress. to surprise surprise attack surprising surrender. a superior superiority superquick supersensitive supervise. to supper supplement. to supplement supplemental supplementary supplies support. to supreme sure surely surface surface surgeon surgery.ish Esperanto suitability suitable summarize. the surgery room surgical surname surplus (excess) surprise.Eng. to surrender surround 106 taigeco targa sumigi sumigo supro pinto sumo procesi procesalvoko suno sunradio sunbruno sunsubiro sunleviko sunsubiro superulo supera supereco superrapida supersentema direkti vespermango aldoni aldono aldono aldona provizoj subteni subteno subtena provizi provizo loko de provizo subpremi superega certa certe surfaco surfaca kirurgo kirurgio kirurgejo kirurgia alnomo troajo surprizi surprizo ekatako surpriza cedi cedo cirkaui AGO 4300B . to support supporting supply. to summons (legal) sun sunbeam sunburn sundown sunrise sunset superior. to summary summit (top) summit (of mounta in) sum summon.

to sweat. to take off (avn) talk. to suspend (keep back). to talk (converse) AGO 4300B observado surrigardi termezuri termezuristo postvivo postvivi postvivanto suspekti suspektato pendigi reteni pendigo reteno mario maria malbeni §viti trikotvesto 9vita balai §veli nagi svingi svingilo svingo komutilo turnringo Ivela glavo jurigita simbolo simbola simboliko simboligi sinkronigi sistemo sistema sisteme rubando tablo tabeligi takelo takto takta taktika taktikisto taktiko preni ekflugi ekflugo paroli interparolo 107 . to surveyor survival survive.English Eeperanto surveillance survey (scan). to suspect (a suspect). to tackle (system of ropes and pulleys ) tact tactful tactical tactician tactics take. to suspend (hang up). a symbolical symbolics symbolize. to sweater (garment) sweaty sweep (brush) swell. to take off (avn). to suspension (hanging up) suspension (keeping back) swamp swampy swear (curse). to swing (swing freely). to survivor suspect. to swim. to synchronize system systematic systematically tab table (piece of furniture) tabulate. to swing (instrument for swinging) swing switch (mechanical) swivel swollen sword sworn (took oath) symbol. to survey (land).

to telephone telephonic telescope teletype. to tear out. to teletype televise. to §iri tear gas tear off. to 108 alta tanko cisternvagono tankdetruilo portpetrolgipo rubandeto alpintiki celtabulo tasko batalgrupo instrui instruisto kunbatalantaro larma gaso degiri forgiri disgiri teknika teknikeco dentoj telegramo telegrafi telegrafo telefoni telefono telefona teleskopo telema. to tear up. the television television receiver tell.inskribi teleskribmasino televidebligi televido televida televidilo diri temperature portempa dek tendo dekono deka templimo termino termo finiki terminaro konditoj interkonsenti militterayo militteraja teritorio provi AGO 4800B . to target task task force teach. to telegraph telephone.English Esperanto tall tank (armored vehicle) (mil) tank car tank destroyer tanker (ship) tape taper. definition) term (math) terminate terminology terms (conditions) terms (come to ternms) terrain terrain territory test. to teacher team (mil) tear (rip). to television. to technical technique teeth telegram telegraph. to temperature temporary ten tent tenth (fraction) tenth term (time) term (name.

to thin (not thick) thin (not stout) thing (object) think. to third (fraction) third thirst thirsty this (one) this (thing) thorough thoroughfare though (as if). to thin. to that that one that sort of that thing thaw. to AGO 4800B provo atesti atesto teksto ol danki ke tiu tia tio degeli degelo la teatro ilia ilin tiam tiuokaze tie tien jen estas jen estas ei tiuj iii dika densigi maldensigi maldika maldika objekto pensi triono tria soifo soifa ci tiu ci tio kisfunda trairejo kvazari penso pensema fadeno spiralo minaco minaci minaca tri gorko tra per 5eti pusi .English Esperanto test testify. to thrust. to testimony text than thank. as thought thoughtful thread thread (of screw) threat threaten. to thaw the theater their them (accusative case) then (at that time) then (in that case) there (in that place) there (to or toward that place) there are there is these they thick thicken. to threatening three throat through through (by means of) throw.

to torpedo torture. to tight (taut) till (until) till (money box) tilt. to total 110id puso dikfingro fulmotondro bileto tajdo altmaro malaltmaro ligi stracita gis kaso kliniki tempo altempigi frua hortabelo lado stano dankmonumi dankmonumo enuigi enuiga radringo titolo dinamito al hodiaii kune tolerabla morgau tuno lango hodiaui nokte tunkvanto ankau tro ilo dento supro supra temo topografia topographio plej sekreto torco torpedi torpedo torturi torturo tortura sumigi sumo AGO 4300B . low. to keep timely timetable tin (metal) tin plate tip (give gratuity to).(high water) tide. to . to tip (gratuity) tire.(low water) tie (fasten). high.Engli rh Esperanto thrust thumb thunderstorm ticket tide tide. to time time. to torture torturing total.tiresome tire (of a wheel) title (designation) TNT to today together tolerable tomorrow ton tongue tonight tonnage too (also) too (too much) tool tooth top top topic topographical topography top secret torch torpedo.

to traveler traverse. to tour tour of duty tourist tournequet tow. to toward (in the direction of) tower town town-hall townsman toxic trace (copy over). to training traitor traitorous trajectory transcribe. to translation translator transmission transmit. to trail (path) trailer train (railway) train (exercise). to train (undergo training). to trap travel. to AGO 4300B tuWi tugo kortuga malmola vojagi vojako periodo de dejorado turisto tornikedo treni en la direkto al turo urbo urbdomo urbano toksa traskizi sekvebla kuglo postsekvi tankglitilo traktoro trafiko treniki vojeto sekvaveturilo vagonaro ekzerci ekzerciki ekzercado perfidulo perfida trajektorio transskribi transskribo transigi transigo maldaira transiro traduki traduko tradukisto transsendo transsendi sendilo sendstacio transporti transportsipo transportado kapti kaptilo vojagi vojagulo traversi . to tracer bullet track. to track (tank runner) tractor traffic trail.English Esperanto touch. to transfer transient transit translate. to transcript transfer. to touch touching (heart touching) tough tour. to transmitter (radio) transmitting station transport transport ship transportation trap.

the twilight twin twin twist (twine). to tug. to treat (deal with).Enigh h Esperanto traverse treason treat (deal with). to triumph troop (mil) troop train (railway trophy tropic tropical trouble. to turret twice (doubly) twice (on two occasicns) twilight. to 112 traverso perfido trakti kuraci trakato arbo tranceo provo jukado triangulo triangula 8ano ekskurso tripiedo triumfi triumfo trupo trupvagonaro trofeo tropiko tropika keni geno pantalono garkveturilo vera torso trunko kofro fidi fido fidema vera3o verdira peni tiregi tirego trenboato tunelo turni turno rezulti tureto double dufoje krepusko krepuska gemelo kemela volvi tordi serpenti AGO 4300B . to treaty tree trench trial (test) trial by court triangle triangular trigger (of a gun) trip (excursion) tripod triumph. to tug tugboat tunnel turn. to twist (wind in and out). to turn turn out (result). to twist (wring). to trouble trousers truck true trunk (body) trunk (tree) trunk (box) trust. to trust trustful truth truthful try (made an effort).

a unit (as in "unit of fire") unity United States universal unless unload. ne malsarki senmaskigi nemilita sensulda neokupa dangera nevida neutila nestabila 113 . to underpass undersigned.. to unit. to unmask.. to undertake. to undesirable undivided unequal unification unified uniform (mil) uniform (of one form) unify.English Eaperanto twist two twofold twofold type ugly ultimate ultimatum unarmed unassigned unauthorized unchecked unclassified unconditional unconditionally unconventional uncover. to undergrowth (underbrush) undermine (subvert).. to unmilitary unobligated unoccupied unsafe unseen unserviceable unstable AGO 4300B tordo du doubla double tipo malbela fina ultimato senarmila neassigna nerajtiga nekontrola neklasifika senkondica sendoniae malkonvencia malkovri nedefendita sub suba malpli ol subsinteno nekustetaksi subkreskaro renversi subpaseo subskribinto kompreni entrepreni nedezirinda nedividita senegala unuigo unuiga uniformo unuform unuigi unito unuo unueco Usono universala se . the understand. to undefended under under under (less than) undercarriage understimate.

Engli L Eseperanto unsuccessful until untrained up uphill upon upper uranium urban urgent urgent. to vacate office. to vaporous variable variation variety various vehicle velocity vendor verbal verification . to utmost vacant vacate.verify. to useful useless user usual utility utilize. to vacuum vague valid validity valley valor valorous valuable value. to be us (accusative case) usable use use use up. to vertical very 114 nesukcesa gis needuka supre suprendekliva sur supra uranio urba urga urgi nin uzebla uzi uzo elkonsumi utila senutila uzulo ordinara utileco utuligi plej lasta vakanta vakigi eksifi vakejo malpreciza valora valoreco valo braveco brava multvalora sati valoro ventmontrilo vaporo vaporigi vapora sangebla §angado §angeco diversaj veturilo rapideco vendanto vorta konfirmo konfirmi vertikala tre AGO 430013 . to value vane vapor vaporize.

Engliuh ERperanto veteran veteran veterinary veterinary surgeon viaduct vice (mechanical) vice (of character. to visit visitor visual visualize vital void void. to wage war wagon waist wait. to vomit vulnerability vulnerable wade. to walk. to volunteer. etc.) vicinity victim victor victorious victory vigilance village village villager violate. to AGO 4300B veterano veterana bestkuraca bestkuracisto viadukto §raubtenilo malvirto proksimeco viktimo venkinto venka venko observemo vilako vilaka vilakano perforti perforto fortega viruso videbleco videbla viziti vizito vizitanto vida viziigi grava nula nuligi vulkana vulkano salvo volto amplekso propravola sinproponi volontulo vomi vomajo vundebleco vundebla vadi faradi vagono talio atendi forlasi veki piediri muro deziri 115 . to wake. to violence violent virus visibility visible visit. a vomit. to wall want (desire). to volcanic volcano volley volt volume voluntary volunteer. to waive.

a waste. to waste watch (guard). to weight welfare well (healthy) went were west westerly western wet what (thing) what (kind of) what (one) wheel 116 militi milito militkrimo militkrimulo magazeno militado militpintajo militema varma varmigi averti averto averta militaipo estis lavi lavado malipari malsparo gardi gardo poghorloko akvo akvujo ondo ni malforta malfortigi armilo porti eluzi vetero kojnumi kojno semajno labortago semajna pesi pezi pezo bonstato sana iris estis okcidento okcidenta okcidenta malseka kio kia kiu rado AGO 4300B . to warning warning warship was wash. to warn. to wedge week weekday weekly weigh (find weight of)]. to weather wedge. to washing. to weigh (have weight). to war war crime war criminal warehouse warfare warhead warlike warm warm. to weapon wear.English Esperanto war. to watch (guard) watch (timepiece) water watertank wave (of water) we weak weaken. to wear out.

to win wind windage window windshield wing winter. to witness (see). to witness (attest). to winter wintry wipe out. to without without fail withstand. the who whoever whom whole (entire) whole (intact) whose why wide (broad) width wife wild win (conquer). to withdrawal withhold. to win (gain). to witness (attestor) witness (spectator) §anceliga wobbly woman AGO 4300B kareo kiam kiam ajn kie kieo kie ajn cu kiu kio kiu ajn dum blanka blanko kiu kiu ajn kium tuta sendifikta kies kial larga larkeco edzino sovaka venki gajni venko vento ventago fenestro ventsirmilo flugilo traventri vintro vintra ekstermi drato telegrafi sterni draton saga kun retiri retiriko deteni sen nepre rezisti atesti vidi atestanto vidanto virino 117 . to lay wise with withdraw. to wire. to wire (metallic) wire (telegraph).English Esperanto wheelbarrow when whenever where whereabouts wherever whether which (one) which (thing) whichever while white white.

to writer wrong wrongdoer X-ray yard (court) yard (3 feet) yardstick year yellow yellow yes yesterday yield (give way. to zigzag zigzag zinc zinc zone ligno lano labori laboro mondo monda cagreni cagreno plej malbona valoro valori volue vundi vundo vunda pereigi rompajo rompilo manradiko manumhorloketo skribi skribisto malkusta malbonfaranto rentgenradio korto jardo jardmezurilo jaro flavo flava jes hieraui cedi vi vin juna via vi mem juneco juneca nulo zigzagi zigzago zigzaga zinko zinka zono 118 - AGO 4800B .Englids Esperanto wood (material) wool work. to worry worst worth worth. to be would like (conditional mood) wound. surrender) you you (accusative) young yours yourself youth youthful zero zigzag. to wound wounded wreck. to work world worldly worry. to wreckage wrecker wrist wrist-watch write.

adreso advokataro aera aera defendo aera transdono aereksplodo aerglitilo aero aerodromo aerolevigi aeroleviko aeronauitika aerona'itiko aeroplanejo aeroplano aerportata afero aferoj agada agadisto agado de skuo aganta agentejo agento agi agitado agiti agitisto aglo ago agresa agreso akademio akceli akceliki akceligilo akcento AGO 4300B absolute. Esperanto-English Esperanto English absoluta abundo aeetaSo aceti adicivo adjutanto administra administra sistemo administracio administrado administranto administri admiralo adresito. action aggressor aggressor academy accelerate boost (accelerate) booster (accelerator) stress 119 .9. matter affairs (business) executive executive shock action acting agency (agent's office) agent act agitation agitate agitator eagle act. manager manage admiral consignee address bar (society of lawyers) (barristers) aerial air defense air delivery air burst glider air (atmosphere) air field air lift air lift aeronautical aeronautics hangar airplane airborne affair. executor. positive plenty purchase (article bought) purchase additive adjutant administrative policy administration (staff) administration administrator.

high. supplement supplement avenue (approach route) alfa rays attachment flood-tide other besides alliance otherwise award alcohol attach attached at least annex annex surname calibrate calibrator calibration taper adopt (take up) assumption (adoption) appropriate appropriation elevated. supplementary add. charge water watertank of (towards). to alarm supplemental.Esperantc English akceptema akcepti akcepto akcidento akiri akordioneto drato akra akso aktiva aktiva armeo aktiva defendo aktiva dejoro aktiva materialo aktiva nacia gvardio aktiveco aktivigi akurata akuzi akuzito akuzo akvo akvujo al alarmo aldona aldoni aldono aleo alfa radio alfikso alfluo alia alia ol alianco alie aljugi alkoholo alligi alligita almenau almeti almeto alnomo alnormigi alnormigilo alnormigo alpintiki alpreni alpreno alproprigi alproprigo alta 120 receptive accept reception accident obtain concertina-wire sharp axis active active army active defense active duty active material active national guard activity activate punctual accuse. charge (to accuse) defendant (accused person) accusation. tall AGO 4300B .

instead of substitute acting commander substitute substitute replacement (person) before. pile both ambulance amphibious friendly friend amplify amplifier amplification dimension. scope. volume diverting amuse analytical analyze analyst analysis English angular angle also. height keep time landing landing strip alternate alternate elevate high-tide altitude field grade officer impose (force upon) reference match aluminum arrive cite (summon) cluster. to once more anchor anchor announce announcement in place of.Eaperanto English alta komando altajo altaSrando altebenajo alteco altempigi alteriko alterirstrio alterna alterni altigi altmaro alto altranga oficiro altrudi aludo alumeto aluminio alveni alvoki amasiki amaso ambati albulanco amfibia amika amiko ampleksigi ampleksigilo ampleksigo amplekso amuza amuzi analiza analizi analizisto analizo Angle angula angulo ankaui ankoraui unufoje ankri ankro anonci anonco anstataui anstataua anstataia komandanto anstataianto anstatailigi anstatauiulo antaii AGO 4300B high command height (high place) ridge plateau elevation. mass. mass. cluster. in front of 121 . pile up bunch.

preliminary. previous prearrange spearhead (mil) spearhead forecast. priority onwards onward propulsive further. separate develop (to bring into being). next nearby negotiate (arrange) disposition (arrangement) forest bush (small tree) tree area AGO 4300B . prediction formerly precedence. proceed advance advance party advance guard precedent lead (go in front). propel propulsion advance. preceding. divide.Esperant D English antaila antaiaranki antatiataki antatiatako antaidiri antaidiro antaiie antaieco antauen antauena anta5eniga antaienigi antaienigo antarieniri antaiieniro antarigrupo antaugvardio antailira antariiri antajiparolo antaiplana antauposteno antariripeti antairipeto antaizorga antaizorgo anteno antikva antikvaJo antisepsilo aparato aparta aparteni aparteni al apartigi aperigi aperturo apliki aplikilo apotekisto aprobi aprobo apud apuda apude arangi arango arbaro arbeto arbo areo 122 advance. former. precede preamble preplanned outpost rehearse rehearsal precautionary precaution antenna old (ancient). segregate. reveal opening apply applier chemist (tradesman) approve approval next to adjacent. separate belong belong to detach. front. predict forecast. antique antique antiseptic apparatus exceptional (special).

attain. certify.. testimony arrive at. witness certificate. testify. or 123 . overtake.Esperanto English areto aresti argenta arkento arkaika arkajo arkigi arkta armaturita armea armeo armilaro armilisto armilo armitfortoj aro aroganta arsenalo arte artefarita artilerio asalti asalto asekuri asekuro aserti asigni asigno asista asistanto aso atakema ataki atako atendi atentega atenti atento atestajo atestanto atesti atesto atingi atmosfera atmosfero atolo atoma atoma bombo atomo au au . evidence. allot allotment assistant assistant ace aggressive attack attack wait alert (vigilant) mind (pay attention) attention evidence (supporting fact) witness (attestor) acknowledge. catch up...) military army armament armorer weapon armed forces bunch (collection. au AGO 4300B squad arrest silver silver obsolete arch arch arctic reinforced (of concrete. reach atmospheric atmosphere atoll atomic atomic bomb atom or either. etc. group) assuming arsenal artificially artificial artillery assault (mil) assault (mil) insure insurance maintain (assert) allocate..

warning warn. gang) barrage (mil) struggle struggle barrel (cask) barge obstruct barrier barricade AGO 4300B . jurisdiction authorities autumn autumn (season) advantage avenue (street). notify to acknowledge receipt advice. warning air army dog fight flight (avn) air forces aviator aviation aircraft carrier air fleet advise. notification azimuth azimuth petty (trivial) cove bay bayonet sweep (brush) canopy soon ballistics balloon belt (waist.Esperan o English aidebla aldi afidio ariskulti aitentigi afitentika automata ajitomato ailtoritato autoritatularo aituna autuno avantato avenuo averta averti averto aviadarmeo aviadbatalo aviadflugo aviadfortoj aviadisto aviado aviadportgipo aviadgiparo avizi avizi pri ricevo avizo azimuta azimuto bagatelema bajeto bajo bajoneto balai baldakeno baldau balistiko balono balteo bandagi bandako bandigi bando barajo barakti barakto barelo barko bari bariero barikadi 124 audible hear audio listen authenticate authentic automatic automation authority. shoulder) bandage bandage band together band (troop. caution caution.

Esperanto English barikado barilo baro bastiono bastono batala batalado batalaeroplana skadro batalaeroplano batalanta batalanto batalejo batalema bataleti bataleto batalgrupo batalhalto batali bataliono batalo batalgipo batalzono baterio bati baza bazo bedi bela bestkuraca bestkuracisto besto betona betono bezoni bezono bieno bildigi bildo bileto bindi biro bivaki bivako blanka blanko blazono blinda blindigi blokado blokhaiiseto blokhaiso bloki bloko AGO 4300B barricade fence obstacle bastion stick fighting fighting fighter squadron fighter aircraft combatant combatant battlefield combative skirmish skirmish battle group. fight battalion action. require need estate (land) picture picture ticket bind (books) bearing (direction) bivouac bivouac white white coat of arms blind blind blockade. task force armistice (truce) battle. combat. jamming (radio) pillbox (mil) blockhouse block block 125 . fight battleship battle zone battery beat basic base to go to bed fine veterinary veterinary surgeon animal concrete concrete (for building) need. battle.

etc. etc. valorous valor breach. etc. gallant. road.Esperant) English blovamaso bloveco blovi bloviki blua boato bofilo bokio bojkoti bojkoto boksi bolti bolto bombardaeroplano bombardado bombardaproksimigo bombardi bombardiero bombkanono bombo bona bonega bonegeco bonganca bonnanco bonstato bonstila bontrovo borderi bordero bordo bori bosko botelo boto brako branci branco branco de dejorado brancvojo brava braveco breco breto brigadestro brigado bronzi bronzo brosi broso brosuro brua 126 drift (of snow.) blast blow drift (of snow. shore) bore (make a hole) grove bottle boot (footgear) arm (part of a body) branch branch (of a tree) branch of service branch (railway. edge. ledge.) blue boat (small ship) son-in-law bogie boycott boycott box bolt (join by bolts) bolt (screw-bolt) bombing aircraft (bomber) bombardment bombing run bombard. rack (shelf) brigadier general brigade bronze bronze brush brush (for brushing) pamphlet noisy AGO 4300B . gap bracket (shelf). shell (mil) bombardier mortar bomb good excellent excellence lucky luck (good luck) welfare stylish discretion (one's own judgment) edge edging (border) bank (of a river.) brave.

slaughter butcher (slaughterer) shed buffer budget (financial) buckle buckle bulbous bulb ball (round mass) bulletin boom bumper buoy oral bushel mouth. chest boobytrap slaughter slaughter-house butcher. row breastplate breast.Esperanto English brulado brulema bruleme bruligi brulo brulvundo bruna bruo brustkiraso brusto bubitrapo buEado bueej o buci bueisto budo bufro buketo buki buko bulba bulbo bulo bulteno bumo bumpero buo buga bugelo buso bugstopi busstopila bu§htopilo busumi butila alkoholo cedi cedo celado celajo celi celigi celilo celo celpunkto celtabulo cent centa centimetro cento centono centra centralizi centrigi AGO 4300B fire combustible combustibility burn combustion burn (wound) brown noise. muzzle (of a gun) gag (stop up the mouth of) gagged gag (for the mouth) muzzle butyl alcohol surrender. yield (give away) surrender aiming objective aim point (aim) sight (of a gun) aim. hundred hundredth (fraction) central centralize center 127 . purpose bulls-eye target hundred (numeral) hundredth centimeter cent (coin).

positive. leading (chief). leader sergeant major headquarters AGO 4300B . principal ledger field marshal key terrain chief. sure surely numeral dial cigarette cyclone cylindrical cylinder. hunt huntsman hunt pure (chaste) at (place) presence chief. drum circle (geometrical) circumference circumstance circuit circular circulate tank car cite (quote) civilian civil affairs civilian citizenship citizen inch (measure) worry worry chamber (room).Esperan io English centro cenzuri cenzuristo cenzuro ceremonia teremonio certa certe cifero ciferplato cigaredo ciklono cilindra cilindro cirklo cirkonferenco cirkonstanco cirkuito cirkulero cirkuli cisternavagono citi civila civilaj aferoj civilulo civitaneeco civitano colo cagreni eagreno cambro cano capelo capo Ear carti earto cascevalo easi casisto caso casta ce ceesto eefa ceflibro cefmarsalo cefmilitterajo cefo cefsergento cefsidejo 128 center censor a censor censorship ceremonial ceremony certain. prime. main. room trigger (of a gun) hat cap because charter charter hunter (horseman) chase. head (chief person).

continue continue 129 . every monthly monthly daily daily newspaper daily strength report daily if (whether). peril thank tip (give gratuity to) tip (gratuity) date durability enduring (lasting). surround each. prolonged durable endure. whether of (denoting number of quantity) dangerous. at all times) sky cipher (secret code) all (everything) about (round about) about face neighborhood environment reconnaissance company reconnoitre reconnaissance encircle. discontinue stoppage (cessation) horsepower horse chevron here this (thing) this (one) these ever (always. draft (a check) cellular unit cell (natural cell) shirt link (of a chain) chain chain chain of command cease. last.Esperanto English Weftero 5efurbo Mefvojo 8eko aela unuo eelo 5emizo &enero aeni eeno aeno de komando 8esigi Eesigo Eevalforto cevalo 8evrono ci tie 8i tio Zi tiu 6i tiuj Siam dielo eifro cio cirkaii Eirkaii frontu Uirkaiiao cirkaiiaro cirkauesploro roto eirkaiiesplori cirkaiuesploro cirkaiii Miu ciumonata ciumonate ciutaga ciutaga Surnalo ciutaga personara reporto ciutage cu da dangera dangero danki dankmonumi dankmonumo dato daiereco daira dalrema dauiri dairigi AGO 4300B mainland capital (chief town) highway check. unsafe danger. persist.

continuance by. decisive decision decipher (decode) decimal decimal deduce deductive deduction (deducing) defense zone defend defense defensive defensive challenge prescribed prescribe challenge deviate deflect deflection thaw than reduce (in rank) descend dismount (get down) be on duty duty (being on duty) ten deka dekduo dekkvin deklaracio deklari deklaro deklasigi dekliva dekliveco deklivo dekono dekreti dekreto dekstra dekstra frontu dekstro dekunu 130 tenth dozen fifteen declaration (manifest) declare declaration (declaring) declassify sloping declination (map) bank. slope tenth (fraction) decree decree right right face right eleven AGO 4300B .Esperan o English dairo de deviga deaktivigi decentrigo decida decidi decidiga decido decifri decimala decimalo dedukti dedukta dedukto defenda zono defendi defendo defensiva (mil) defensivo (mil) defii defina defini defio deflankiki defleksi deflekso degeli degelo degradigi deiri deirigi dejori dejoro dek duration. of obligatory deactivate decentralization decided (firm) decide deciding. from. persistance. incline.

Esperanto English dekunua delegito delogi delogilo delokigi delokigita persono delokigo delto demandadi demandado demandi demandisto demando demetaJo demilitarigo demobilizigo demobilizi demokrateco demonstracio demonstri demoraliga demoraligi denove densa denseco densigi denta dentisto dento dentoj departmento dependi depeso deponi depost depost la tempo depoto (mil) depreni depreno depromocigi depromocigo deputito dereligi desalti desaltzono desegni desegno desiri destrojero detali detalo deteni determini AGO 4300B eleventh envoy decoy decoy displace (put out of place) displaced person displacement delta interrogate interrogation inquire. question deposit (matter deposited) demilitarization demobilization demobilize democracy demonstration demonstrate demoralizing demoralize again dense density thicken dental dentist tooth teeth department (administrative) depend dispatch (a report) deposit (for safekeeping) since since the time depot deduct deduction (deducting) demote demotion deputy derail drop (jump) drop zone design design tear off destroyer (nav) detail (give details of) detail withhold determine 131 . question interrogator inquiry.

steer. obligation conscript conscription device (emblem) duty should (conditional mood) desert (wilderness) desirous desire. enforced. dam. dynamite God diplomatic diplomacy diplomat certificated (holding a diploma) degree (university) remark (saying) directorate direct. want (desire) diaphragm diagonal diagonal diagram dialect damage damage differ (be different) difference assign to set aside for dignitary breakwater. supervise AGO 4800B . force compulsion. obligatory compel. dike (embankment) thick thumb dictatorial dictator dictate (a letter) industrious generating station (elec) TNT. destroy destruction divert (turn aside) detour have to (be obliged to) due (to arrive) compulsory.Esperasto English detranci detranto detrua detruado detrui detruo deturni deturnigo devi devi alveni deviga devigi devigo devigvarbi devigvarbo devizo devo devus dezerto dezira deziri diafragmo diagonala diagonalo diagramo dialekto difekti difekto diferenci diferenco difini al difini por dignulo digo dika dikfingro diktatora diktatoro dikti diligenta dinamejo dinamito Dio diplomata diplomatio diplomato diplomita diplomo diraJo direkcio direkti 132 sever (cut off) severance (cutting off) destructive demolition demolish.

Esperanto English direktivo direkto direktoro diri disa ordo disfrotado disciplini disciplino disenterio disigi disigo disjeti disko diskreteco disponi dispono dispremi disputi disputo disrompi disrompo dissemi dissemo disgiri distanco distingi distordi distordigo distrajo distri distribua distribuado distribui distribuinta loko distrigo distrikta distrikta inkeniero distrikto disvagi disvastigi disvastigo diversa diversaj diverseco dividado dividanto dividi divizia divizia artilerio divizia rezervitaro divizio dizela AGO 4300B directive direction director say. tell extended order (mil) attrition discipline discipline dysentery disband. record (phonographic) discretion dispose of (deal with) disposal crush (break up) dispute dispute disrupt. disperse (scatter). dissolve (break up) dispersal (scattering) scatter disc. sabotage disruption disseminate dissemination tear up distance (space between) distinguish (differentiate) distort distortion diversion (distraction) divert (distract) distributive distribution distribute distributing point recreation district district engineer district straggle broadcast broadcast different (various) various diversity division divisor divide divisional (mil or nav) division artillery division reserve division (mil or nav) diesel 133 .

). etc. etc. while lifelong AGO 4300B . therefore) custom-house customs officer customs dockyard dock (for vessel) doctor (title) doctrinal doctrine documentary document document dollar gentle dolly (for hauling) painful hurt. drain drainpipe drink (to excess) drift (to be carried along) two second second-rate dual doubtful doubt doubt duel double (fold in two) twice during.Esperan to English do doganejo doganisto dogano dokejo doko doktoro doktrina doktrino dokumenta dokumenti dokumento dolaro dolca dolo dolora dolori doloro dometo domo domrabisto domrabo doni donitajoj dormema dormeti dormi dormo dorso dozo dragi dragilo dragmasino drag§ipo drato drenado dreni drenilo drentubo drinki drivi du dua duaklasa duala duba dubi dubo duelo dufaldi dufoje dum dumviva 134 so (according. dredge drag (for dragging a river) dredger (machine) dredger (vessel) wire drainage drain culvert.) drag (a river. pain pain cottage house burglar burglary give data sleepy doze sleep sleep back dose (of medicine.

plane (surface) possible.Esperanto English dungi dunginto dungito duno duobla duoblaJo duoble duobligi duonatitomata duondiametro duonigi duoninsulo duono duontirilvagono duplikata duplikati duplikato ebena ebenajo ebenigi ebeno ebla eble ebleco edukado eduki edukisto edzino efektiva efektivigi efektivo efikado efiki efikigi egaleco egali egaligi ekatako ekbatali kun ekbrila punkto ekbrili ekbrilo ekbruliga ekbruligi ekbruligo ekbrulilo ekflagri ekflugi ekflugo ekfunkcii ekipajo ekipi AGO 4300B hire employer employee dune double. twofold double twice. plain (even. operate (have an effect) enforce equality equal equalize surprise attack engage with flash-point flash flash ignited ignite ignition. possibly possibility education (bringing up) educate. raise (bring up) educationist wife effective effect. execute (carry into effect) effectives operation (having an effect) be effective. ignitor igniter (instrument) flare up take off (avn) take off (avn) come into play equipment. twofold double (make twofold) semi-automatic radius (of a circle) halve peninsula half half-track (mil vehicle) duplicate duplicate duplicate level. potential perhaps. outfit equip 135 . plane (surface) flat (flat place). level) level (make flat) level (flat) .

relay.Espera. forward. dispatch. mop up. outer. spare overtime extra extract extract extreme extreme equatorial equator sight (catch sight of) spotter balance balance AGO 4300B . to English ekiri ekirigi ekmanko ekokupi ekpreni ekpreno Ekselenco eksiki eksiki eksiko ekskuro ekskluziva ekspansii ekspansio ekspedanto ekspedi ekspedicia ekspedicio ekspedo ekspektado ekspekti eksperimenta eksperimenti eksperimento eksploda eksplodajo ekspelodi eksplodigi eksplodilo eksplodo ekspluati ekspluato ekstera ekstere eksteren ekstermi ekstermo ekstero ekstra ekstra tempo ekstraJo ekstrakti ekstrakto ekstrema ekstremo ekvatora ekvatoro ekvidi ekvidulo ekvilibri ekvilibro 136 ]36 leave (start) start (cause to start) lapse (temporary failure) occupy (by force) (mil) seize seizure Excellency (title) discharge. dismissal (from service) excursion. outside extra. outside out (outside) outwards exterminate. wipe out extermination exterior. explosion exploit exploitation exterior. trip exclusive expand (increase in size) expansion consignor consign. dismiss (from service) vacate office discharge. detonate mine (mil) detonation. external. send on expeditionary expedition consignment (dispatching) expectancy expect experimental experiment experiment explosive explosive explode blast.

practice. training (exercise) drill (exercise). select selective choice. election Elector (title) electric electrify electrician electricity electromagnetic electromagnet electronic electron elemental component (mil). example drill. select elect.Esperanto English ekvivalenta ekvivalento ekzameni ekzameno ekzekuti ekzekutisto ekzemplo ekzercado ekzerci ekzerciki ekzerco ekzili ekzilito ekzistado ekzistanta ekzisti ekzisto el eladvokatumi eladvokatumo elbarado elbari eldona eldoni eldono elekanto elekta elekta~o elekti elektita elektiva elekto Elektoro elektra elektrigi elektristo elektro elektromagneta elektromagneto elektrona elektrono elementa elemento elesplora elesplori elfari elfini elflueti elflueto elfosaJo elfosi AGO 4300B equivalent equivalent examine examination execute (put to death) executioner case (instance). elect. elected. training (exercise) exercise. train (undergo training) exercise exile exiled (person) subsistence existent exist existence out of debrief debriefing excluding bar (exclude) issued issue (publish) edition. element scanning scan accomplish (perform) dispose of (finish off) leak (out) leakage (outflow) dugout excavate (archaeology) 137 . elective selection choose. issue elector choice. practice.

Espera? to English eligi elimini elinfekit elinfekti eliratako elirejo elito elSeti eletilo elkavigi elkonsumi ellabori ellasi ellaso elmangi elmigranto elmigri elmontri elmontro elpensi elpenso elgipigi elSipiko elspeza elspezi elspezo elstarajo elstari elstara elgveli eltiri eltrovi eltrovo eluzi elvagonigi embasado emblemo embuski embusko emerita emfazo eminenta en en la direkto al en okazo al enakvigo encifri endangerigi endokigi endoktrinigi energia energio enfakigi 138 emerge eliminate decontaminate sally sortie exit. expenditure. omit omission eat up emigrant emigrate display. disembark debarkation expendable expend disbursement. salient project (jut out) prominent. salient bulge extract (draw out) detect. show display invent invention debark.) use up engineer let out. outlay projection. discover discovery wear out detrain embassy emblem ambush ambush retired stress distinguish (eminent) in towards (in the direction of) in case of draught (of a ship) encipher endanger dock (put to dock) indoctrinate energetic energy file (put away for reference) AGO 4300B . etc. outlet elite eject ejector excavate (a hole.

shipment enroll enrollment receipts (money received) encampment (encamping) storage (putting into store) restrain bury burial entrain undertake interfere interference (intrusion) tire tiresome enter (come in) 139 .Esperanto Engliel enfali enferma enfermi enfermo enfili enfiltriki enfiltrigo enfluejo enflueti enfosi enhavante enhavi enhavigo enhavilo enhavo enhospitaligi enirejo eniri enkakigi enlanda enlasi enlistigi enloga enlokanto enloki enlo'igi enlokigi enlokigo enmemorigi enmetajo enmeti enmetita enparkigi entposigi enpotigi ensipigejo ensipigi ensipigo enskribi enskribo enspezo entendigo entenejigo enteni enterigi enerigo entrajnigi entrepreni entrudigi entrudigo enuigi enuiga enveni AGO 4300B cave in enclosed enclose (shut in) inclosure enfilade. populate harbor emplace emplacement memorize enclosure (letter) insert inserted park pocket pot pier (in a harbor) embark (on ship) embarkation. capacity (of vessels) hospitalize entrance. mouth (river mouth) leak (inward) dig in including (inclusive of) contain. include inclusion container contents. rake with fire infiltrate infiltration intake. entry (place) enter (go in) cage inland (within the land) let in list (put into a list) populated inhabitant inhabit.

etc. in the future commanding (dominating) ramp. mistake item exception essential squadron (avn) squadron (nav) convoy. to be mistaken lead astray.) present time present (of time) to be originate originator extinguish was. stage (platform) platform estuary expand (open out). were future future.Esperaz to English envolvi envolvo epidemio epoko erara erari erarigi eraro ero escepto esenca eskadreto eskadro eskorti eskorto esperi espero esplori esploristo esposi establita establo estaneco estanta esti estigi estigulo estingi estis estonta estonte estonteco estra estrado estrarejo estuaro etendi etendigi etendigo etendo etero etikeda etikedi etikedo evakuanto evakui eventuala evidenta evidentigi evitado evitanto evitema 140 envelop envelopment epidemic epoch mistaken err. probe explorer expose (in photography) established establishment (business house. mislead error. manifest manifest evasion evader evasive AGO 4300B . extend deploy deployment extension ether labeled label label evacuee evacuate potential apparent. escort hope hope explore. escort convoy.

facilitate face (surface) facepiece thread napalm bomb spark curfew fire escape branch.Esperanto English eviti ezoko fabrikejo facila facileco faciligi faco facoinstrumento fadeno fajrbombo fajrero fajrestinga signalo fajrsavilo fako faksimilo fakto faktoro faleti fali faligi falsa falsi falsigo familio fandi fanditeco fandrato fantoma fantomo faradi farajo farebla farego fari farmbieno farmi farto favora fazlinio fazo febro feco federacio federala fendego fendeto fendi fendo fenestro ferdeko AGO 4300B avoid. elude. etc. make. section facsimile fact factor slip fall drop (fall. facility ease. department. evade pike factory easy ease. phoney forge (commit forgery) forgery family fuse fusion (fused condition) fuse (electrical) ghostly ghost. let fall) false. phantom wage war commitment practicable exploit commit (an action. compartment. perform (do) farm farm (cultivate) health favorable phaseline phase fever dregs federation federal crevasse crevice split split window deck (of a ship) 141 .).

ultimate financial finance at last point (indicate with finger) finger end expire (end). stabilize fish fiscal fish physical physicist physics fiord flag flare flare flaming flame incendiary flame thrower flame lateral (mil) AGO 4300B . terminate completion (finishing) end hard (firm).EsperanCo English ferio ferma fermi fermo fero fertrabo fervojo fiakro fidema fidi fidi al fidinda fido fiereco fiksa fiksi fiksigi filio filma filmo filo filozofio filtri filtrilo fina financa financo fine fingromontri fingro fini finigi finigo fino firma firmiga firmigi fisi fiska fiso fizika fizikisto flziko fjordo flago flagri flagralo flama flami flamiga flamletilo flamo flanka 142 holiday (public holiday) closing close (shut) closure iron (metal) iron girder railway cab trustful trust depend on dependable. reliable trust pride stationary fix. seal (fasten shut) jam (stick tight) branch (establishment) filmy film son philosophy filter filter final. steady stabilized consolidate.

quit. stream bed (of river) foliage leaf fund (financial) phonetic phonetics source. flee a runway desertion. side abreast broadside fire broadside yellow yellow nurse (the ill) nurse (female) nurse (male) flexible flexible hose flexibility afloat (floating) buoyant (tending to float) buoyancy (tendency to float) buoyant (causing to float) raft fly wing runway current. spring off (away) offshore leeward absent without leave be absent absence ebb (away) forge (work metal) abolished abolish get away defection depart. waive 143 . flight abandon. escape. leave (go away) departure deserter desert (run away).Esperanto English flanken flankeniga flankenigo flankmovado flanknavo flanki flanko flanko ce flanko flankpafado flankpafaro flava flavo flegi flegistino flegisto fleksebla flekseblatubo fleksebleco flotanta flotema flotemo flotiga floso flugi flugilo flugkurvojo fluo fluujo foliaro folio fondo fonetika fonetiko fonto for forbordo fordevente foresta senpermese foresti foresto forflui forgi foriga forigi forigi forigo foriri foriro forkuranto forkuri forkurinto forkuro forlasi AGO 4200B sideways (to the side) diversionary diversion (turning aside) flanking movement aisle flank flank. escape.

leave of absence tear out strong violent fort. smash smash barn french knock. foreigner fresh. remove (move away) lapse (of time) chase (chase away) furlough.Esaera to English formado formi formo formovi forpaso forpeli forpermeso forgiri forta fortega fortikaJo fortikeco fortikiga fortikigi fortikigo forto fortuno fosajo fosfato fosforo foskeno fosi fosmarino fosto fotografa fotografa5o fotografi fotografio fotografisto fotolandkarto fotomapado fotomapi fragmenta fragmenteco fragmento frakasi frakaso framtenejo france frapi frapo frapulo fratigi fratino frauilo frazil frazo fremda fremdulo fresa fre~data freto fronta 144 formation form form (shape) dislodge. strengthen fortification power fortune dike (ditch) phosphate phosphorous phosgene dig excavator (machine) post (an upright. a stake). stake photographic photograph photograph photography photographer photomap photomapping photomap fragmentary fragmentation fragment shatter. recent recent (of recent date) freight (carriage) frontal AGO 4300B . fortress strength fortified fortify. strike knock striker fraternize sister bachelor phrase phrase. sentence (phrase) alien. foreign. strange (foreign) an alien.

frontage frosty. operational. make (earn). soon thunderstorm smoke (tobacco) smoke (emit smoke) fumigate fumes. timely early. operative operation (functioning) function. win (gain) gain. safeguard. bottom funnel funeral funeral functional. gassed 145 . watch (guard) safeguard watch (guard) safe (repository) garrison garrison gaseous. smoke smoke (lay smoke-screen) smokestack fundamental base (bottom). operate (work) function pound (weight) forage desperate (furious) quartermaster fuselage garble gun (shotgun or rifle) shaft (of a column) foot (12 inches) fuse (for explosives) fusilier gain.Esperanto English fronti fronto frosta frosti frostigi frosto frostovundo frotado frotparto frua frue fulmotondro fumi fumiki fumizi fumo fum~irmigi fumtubego fundamenta fundo funelo funerala funeralo funkcia funkciado funkcii funkcio funto furako furiozega furiro fuselago fuji fusilo fusto futo fuzajo fuziliero gajni gajno gamago gantita ganto garando riflo garantiulo gardi gardilo gardo gardsranko garnizoni garnizono gasa AGO 4300B face front. frozen freeze (of weather) freeze frost frost bite friction bearings (of a machine) early. win (gain) gaiter gloved glove garand rifle hostage guard (mil).

) chart (diagram). size (bulk) enlargement enlarge grand (magnificent) largely (in great measure) grain (single grain particle) grain (weight) bad (serious). large bulk (size).Esperan o English gaso gastameco gazeto gazo generalisimo generalo generatoro geografia geografio gepatroj gerila gerilo Germane gidono giroskopo glacia glaciigi glacimonto glacio glaso glata glatigi glavo gliti glitiga globa globo golfo gorgo grade grado grafika grafikajo grafito granda grandeco grandigo grandigi grandioza grandparte granjo grano grava grenadjetegilo grenado greno grimpi grimpo griza groco grundo grupi grupo 146 gas (not gasoline) hospitality magazine (periodical) gauze commander-in-chief. important. great. grand (great). globe gulf (arm of the sea) throat by degrees degree. grade (mil) graphic (in science. graph graphite big. generalissimo general (mil) generator geographic geography parents guerrilla guerrilla German guidon gyroscope icy ice iceberg ice glass (vessel) smooth smooth sword slide slippery globular ball (globe). vital grenade launcher grenade grain (corn) climb climb gray gross (12 dozen) ground (soil) group group. etc. party (mil) AGO 4300B .

until up to date (of statistics) thorough so far (till now) so far (to that point) correct.Esperanto English guti guto gvardio gvidanto gvidi gvidlibro kemela gemelo kenajo kenerala generale denevo Konvencio 6enevo keni keno ki gipo kiri kiro kis gisdata kisfunda gis nun kis tiu punkto gusta guste meti gustigi gustigo Ha-Horo haltejo haiti haltigi hardi haiibizo haiito havebla haveno havenurbo havigi havi havigo hazardo hegi hego hejma hejmigi hejmposteno hejtago hela helikopterhaveno helikoptero heliumo AGO 4300B drip drop (of liquid) guard (mil) guide (person) guide guide book twin twin nuisance general as a rule Geneva Convention Geneva molest. trouble irritant. molestation. port (harbor) seaport procure have procurement chance (hazard). till. stop stall harden (temper. inure) howitzer hide (skin). domesticated domesticate homestation fuel light (of color) heliport helicopter helium 147 . trouble it jeep indorse indorsement as far as (up to) . exact pinpoint (artillery) (mil) adjust adjustment H-Hour halt (stopping place) halt. skin (hide) available (procurable) harbor. hazard hedge hedge domestic. haven.

relief (help) reinforcements heroic hero hydraulic hydraulics hydrographic hydrographic chart hydrogen yesterday hygienic hygiene anthem (national. assist.). auxiliary female auxiliary auxiliary helpful aid. assistance. etc. help. hymn Spanish hysterical hysteria. help. relieve (mil) helper aid.Esperanto English helpa helpantinaro helpanto helpema helpi helpisto helpo helptrupoj heroa heroo hidrailika hidrauiliko hidrografika hidrografika karto hidrogeno hieraui higiena higieno himno Hispane histeria histerio historio hodiaii hodiaii nokte hoka hoki hoko homa homo homoj homportilo honoro honorpromeso hordo horizontala horizonto horlogo horo horo de grenvico hortabelo hospitalo humida humideco humila iam identa identeco identika radisignalo identika radisignalo identigi identlibro 148 helping. hysterics history today tonight hooked hook (catch with a hook) hook human human people (persons) stretcher honor parole horde horizontal horizon clock hour Greenwich time timetable hospital humid humidity lowly once. some time identical identity call-letters call-sign identify identity book AGO 4300B .

implicate entanglement be imposing impressed impress impression improvise immune immunity incite incitement index indigenous. ignore they their them appliance. imitate imitation entangle. native native indicative indicative (gram) indicative (gram) individualist individual inductive induction industrial industry (commercial) infantry man infantry contaminate.Esperanto English idento ideo idiomo idoligi idolo ie iel igluo ignori ili ilia ilin ilo imitalo imiti imito impliki implikigo imponi impresa impresi impreso improvizi imuna imuneco inciti incito indekso indigena indikeno indika indikativa indikativo individualisto individuo indukta indukto industria industrio infanteriano infanterio infekti infekto infintivo inflikta inflikti influi informi informo infraruga ingeniera bataliono ingeniero iniciatanto AGO 4300B identification idea speech (language) idolize idol somewhere somehow igloo disregard. infect infection infinitive inflicted inflict persuade inform information infrared engineer battalion engineer (professional) initiator 149 . tool dummy copy (imitate).

intentional intend intention between intermediate (between) interdict interdict intercept (capture on the way) intercom terms (come to terms) agreement. learned instructions (orders) instruction (teaching) archipelago island integrate integral intelligence deliberate. instructive instruct coach (teach) coach (teacher). inner. inside. interior. instruction.Esperantv English iniciati iniciativo injekta injekti injektilo inklina inklini inkluziva inko inkognito inkumi insignoj inspektado inspekti inspektoro instalayo instali instrua instrui instruiki instruisto instruita instrukcio instruo insularo insulo integrali integralo inteligenteco intenca intenci intenco inter intera interdikti interdikto interkapti interkomuniko interkonsenti interkonsento interkontrarii interkrucigi interna internacia interna-ekstere internajo interneSo internigejo internigi interno internulo 150 initiate (start) initiative injected inject injector inclined (having a tendency) incline (have or give a tendency) inclusive ink incognito ink insignia inspection inspect inspector installation install educational. internal international inside out inside recess (inner spot) internment camp intern interior boarder (in institution) AGO 4800B . teacher educated. pact clash (mutually interfere) intersect inland.

interchange exchange space gap (space). recess (interval) mediator raid raid invade invasion inventory contraception invert inversion something a little. interval interim between-times interim. interpreter interpretation gauge (of railroad tracks) relations (mutual dealings) interrupt interruption interchange exchange.Esperanto English interpacigi interparolo interpreti interpretisto interpreto interrelo interrilatoj interrompi interrompo interganga interganki interganko interspaci interspaco intertempa intertempe intertempo interulo invadeti invadeto invadi invado inventaro inventaJo inversigi inversigo io iom iometo iregi iri irigilo iris iri renkonte al istmo Itale iu iufoje izola izoleco izoli jako jardo jardmezurilo jaro je jen estas jes jodo jugado jukadvokato jukejo AGO 4300B mediate talk interpret. there is yes iodine trial by court judge advocate court (place of justice) 151 151 . somebody once isolate isolation isolate jacket yard (3 feet) yardstick year at (time). on (of time) there are. some (quantity) dash (small quantity) dash (rush) go propeller went meet (go to meet) isthmus Italian one (a certain person).

) kaj tiel plu (k. compute calculator (machine).t.p. computation calculus comrade buddy system camera chamber (compartment) field campaign country AGO 4300B .Esveroan o English jugi jukista jukistaro jugisto juko juna juneca juneco justeco Jetalo Jetarmilo Jeti letila 5etilo 3ungla militado junglo juri Jurigita jurio Jurnalo Yuro kabano kabli kablo kablogramo kabo judge judicial court (body of judges) judge judgement young youthful youth justice missile missle weapon throw launching launcher jungle warfare jungle take an oath sworn (took oath) jury newspaper oath cabin. caliber calisthentics calculating calculate. computer (instrument) calculation.c. hut cable cable cablegram head (geog) kadeto kadrano kafo kafkruco kako kaj kaj cetera (k.) kajero kajoli kakpo kalibro kalisteno kalkulema kalkuli kalkulilo kalkulo kalkuluso kamarado kamaradsistemo kamereto kamero kampo kampanjo kampara 152 cadet (mil or nav) cadre coffee coffe-pot cage and et cetera and so on part (of book or serial publication) coax flak bore (of a gun).

aptitude be capable of capability earphone chapel capitalism capitalist capital (financial) captain capitulation capitulate head (part of body) corporal capsule capto capture. trap trap captured material captive. gunner cannon (gun).Eaieranto EnOlish kamparo kampartilerio kampekipajo kampfortikaSo kamphospitalo kamplokejo kamploki kampporcio kamuflado kamufli kanalizi kanalo kandidato kaneli kanelo kanibalismo kanjoneto kanjono kanonaro kanonisto kanono kanongipo kantino kanvasa kanvaso kapabla kapableco kapbli kapablo kapauidilo kapelo kapitalismo kapitalisto kapitalo kapitano kapitulemo kapituli kapo kaporalo kapsulo kaptanto kapti kaptilo kaptita materialo kaptito karabeno karakteriza karakterizi karaktero karbo karbono karbujo karcerejo AGO 4300B country (rual areas) field artillery field equipment field fortification field hospital camp camp field ration camouflage camouflage canalize canal candidate groove groove cannibalism gully canyon ordnance cannoneer. prisoner (captive) carbine characteristic characterize character coal carbon coal-bunker prison 153 . gun (cannon) gun-boat canteen canvas canvas capable ability.

cavern hollow barracks that several. like (as). some (a few) chemical chemical warfare chemical chemist (scientist) chemistry cap (mil or off) box (large or heavy).Esperant English karcero kardi kareo kariero karno karto kartoebalteo kartoco kartono kagejo kagi kasiga kaSgii kaigko kasko kaso katapulto katastrofa katastrofo katedralo kategorio kaUiuka kaieuko kafiri katize kaizi karizo kava kavo kavalerio kavego kaverno kavigi kazerno ke kelkaj kemia kemia militado kemiajo kemiisto kemio kepo kesto kia kial kiam kiam ajn kie kie ajn kiel kiel eble plej bladaui 154 cell (in prison. etc.) what (kind of) why when whenever where wherever as (like). pit cavalry gulf (on land) cave. how (in what way) as soon as possible AGO 4300B .) card wheelbarrow career flesh card. case (large box etc. chart bandolier cartridge cardboard hiding place conceal hidden hide concealment helmet till (moneybox) catapult disastrous disaster cathedral category rubber rubber crouch due to (caused by) cause cause hollow hollow.

Esperanto English kieo kies kilogramo kilometro kio kiom da kirasata kavaierio kirasi kiraso kiraspenetra kirasportilo kirasajo kirligi kirlo kirurgejo kirurgia kirurgio kirurgo kiu kiu ajn kiun klara klariga klarigi klarigo klariono klarionvoko klasifiko klasigi klaso klaviklo kliko klimakso klimata klimato klina klini klinigo kliniki klinika kliniko klisajo klisajo klopodi klopodo klora kloro klo§o klubo knabo kobalto kodado kodigi AGO 4300B whereabouts whose kilogram kilometer what (thing). qualify (classify) class collarbone catch (mechanical) climax climatic climate incline (sloping) incline (slope) dip (inclination) tilt clinical clinic slide (for projector) negative (photo) busy oneself. clear explanatory clarify. whoever whom apparent. explain explanation bugle bugle call classification classify. make an effort effort chlorine (adjective) chlorine (noun) bell club boy cobalt coding codify 155 . who whichever. which (one). which (thing) how many armored cavalry armor armor armor-piercing armored carrier armor-plate eddy eddy surgery room surgical surgery surgeon what (one).

lieutenant colonel command (to be in authority over) command (post of authority) combined combination combine initial initial radiation begin. start commencement commercial commodity easy chair commissary commission messenger (commissionaire) commission commission (special committee) committee clerical clerk compare comparator AGO 4300B . levy. trunk (box) coincident coincide coincidence wedge wedge collapse collapsible collapse stock collecting collecting point levy collect. commence. pick rallying point muster muster collective choleric cholera collide collision neck settlement (colony) paint color collar commandant.Esperanto English kodo kofro koincida koincidi koincido kojno kojnumi kolapsi kolapsigebla kolapso kolbo kolekta kolekta loko kolektado kolekti kolektikejo kolektiki koliktiko kolektiva kolerema kolero kolizii kolizio kolo kolonieto kolorigi koloro kolumo komandanto komandi komando kombina kombinajo kombini komenca komenca radiado komenci komenco komerca komercajo komforteseko komisaro komisii komisiisto komisio komisiono komitato komiza komizo kompari komparisto 156 code box (container). commander.

proficient compilation compile complement complete complete completion (completing) of course understand compromise (arrange) compromising compromise (implicate) mutual pool communication message center communicate pool communistic communism communist community switch board switch known concentrate concentration concept concern concert (musical) concession council concise condemn. offset efficiency. sentence (impose punishment) sentence (punishment) concurrent condense condenser (apparatus) conditional condition terms (conditions) leadership conduct. parley professor confess 157 . lead (conduct) conduct parley conference. proficiency efficient.Esperanto English komparo kompaso kompenso kompeteneco kompetenta kompilaSo kompill komplemento kompleta kompletigi kompletigo kompreneble kompreni kompromisi kompromita kompromiti komuna komunaSo komunikalo komunikejo komunikiki komunigi komunisma komunismo komunisto komunumo komutila tabulo komutilo konata koncentri koncentro koncepto koncerni koncerto koncesio koncilio konciza kondamni kondamno kondauiro kondensi kondensilo kondica kondieo kondicoj kondukeco konduki konduko konferenci konferenco konfesanto konfesi AGO 4300B comparison compass (instrument) allowance (compensation).

Esperant. storage preserve (keep) preservation consideration (thinking) consideration (thing considered) consider (think about) councillor confer. plot conspiracy. concavity) race consistent consistency agree preservative maintenance area maintenance (conservation). verification confiscate conflict conflict matching (harmonizing) conform. construct builder consul consume consumption contagious contagion contact continental continent contingent (troops) account contraband. English konfesinta konfidenca konfido konfirmi konfirmo konfiski konflikti konflikto konforma konformiki konfuzi koni konkava konkavo konkurso konsekvenca konsekvenceco konsenti konserva konservada areo konservado konservi konservo konsiderado konsideraSo konsideri konsilanto konsiligi konspiranto konsisti el konspiri konspiro konstanta konstanta konstati konstato konstruaSo konstitucio konstrui konstruisto konsulo konsumi konsumo kontagia kontagio kontakto kontinenta kontinento kontingento konto kontrabanda kontrabandajo 158 confessed (self-avowed) confidential confidence confirm. plot constant permanent establish (as a fact) establishment (as a fact) building. structure constitution build. smuggled contraband AGO 4300B . verify confirmation. match (harmonize) confuse know (be acquainted with) concave dip (hollow. deliberate (consult) conspirator consist of conspire.

Eeperanto English kontrabandi kontrabandisto kontrakti kontrakto kontrau kontrauia kontraiiaerportata kontratuamfibia kontraiianto kontratiataki kontrauatako kontrauiaviada kontrauiaviada kanono kontrauibatali kontraibatalo kontrauibursti kontraidirema kontraidiri kontrauidiro kontraliemo kontrauigasmasko kontraii kontrauiinsekta substanco kontrariinteligenteco kontra5ilea kontra5o kontrauipafi kontraiipafo kontrauipersonara kontraispionado kontraitanka kontraio kontrauitanka kanono kontrauiveneno kontroli kontrolsubskribi konturi konturo kontuzi kontuzo konusa konusa esplorado konuso konveksa konvenaj signoj kaj simboloj konvergi konverti konvertiko konvertito kooperativa koordinatoj kopii kopio AGO 4300B smuggle smuggler contract contract against. outline bruise bruise conic conical scanning cone convex conventional signs and symbols converge convert conversion convert cooperative coordinates copy (make a copy of) copy (copy made) 159 . object (oppose). opposite antiairborne antiamphibious opponent counterattack counterattack antiaircraft antiaircraft gun combat. opposed to contrary. counteract counteraction breast contradictory contradict contradiction contrariness gas mask counter. opposed. lawless (against the law) opposition counterfire counterfire antipersonnel counterespionage antitank opposition antitank gun antitoxin control (supervise) countersign outline contour. oppose insect repellant counterintelligence illegal.

quadrangle touching (heart touching) corvette cost cost dress up costume muddy dirt. court (yard).Esperant a English korekti korespondanto korespondi korfavoro koridoro korno kornvunda kornvundi koroda korodi korodilo korpo korpuso kortego korto kortuia korveto kosti kosto kostumi kostumo kota koto kotvojo kovri kovrilaSo Kozako krada kvadrato krado krajono krakegi krakego krako krampi krampilo krampo kranio kratero kravato kredi krediti kredito kredo krepuska krepusko kreskado kreski kresto krevi kriegi kriego 160 correct correspondent correspond (in writing) mercy corridor horn gored gore corrosive corrode corrosive body corps court (of royalty) compound (yard). mud dirt road cover coverage Cossack grid square grid pencil crash crash crack (sound) clamp clip clamp skull crater necktie believe credit (put to person's credit) credit belief twilight twilight growth grow crest (insignia) crack (burst) shout shout AGO 4300B . yard (court).

maim cripple (person) crypt crytanalysis cryptography criticism critic critical (criticising) critique critical (at a crisis) hook (fasten) but (except). offending guilt fault cultivated soil with joint cooperate team (mil) concurrent together society (social gathering-club) fusion (union) impact liaison connect. except (besides) but for. link connection. except for register (chronical) cruise cruiser (ship) cross (place crosswise) cross raw petroleum steep elbow needle (for sewing) ball (for firearms) shot (small shot) ball (in machinery). link (connection) liaison junction 161 . disable. bullet bulletproof kitchen cook cook (female) cook (male) guilty. join.Eesperanto English krimago krimo krimulo kripla kripligi kriplulo kripto kriptoanalizo kriptografio kritikado kritikanto kritikema kritiko kriza kroci krom krom pro kroniko krozi kroz§ipo krucigi kruco kruda kruda petrolo kruta kubuto kudrilo kugiego kugleto kuglo kuglorezista kuirejo kuiri kuiristino kuiristo kulpa kulpeco kulpo kultura tero kun kuna kunagi kunbatalantaro kundaura kune kunesto kunfandiko kunfrapo kuniga kunigi kunigilo kunigo kunigo AGO 4300B foul play offense offender crippled cripple.

practice (custom. together complicity collaborator collaborate collaboration mess (mil) mess (mil) composite co-belligerant co-belligerant marshalling coordinate coordination gross (of weight) hold together assembly area assemble. meet (assemble) convene assembly. physician race. meeting (assembly) compartment (of railway carriage) medical depot first aid station doctor (treat medically). medic. running encourage overtake curved curve curvature curve courier run curtain curtain (iron curtain) rate (rate of exchange) custom. habit) quadrant quadratic square (geometry) qualifying (making eligible) qualify (make or become suitable) qualification (for a position. treat medical (of doctors) doctor. clamp. habit.Esperamto English kunklako kunkompari kunkomparo kunkrampi kunkulpeco kunlaboranto kunlabori kunlaboro kunmanki kunmango kunmetita kunmilitanta kunmilitanto kunorda kunordigi kunordigo kuntara kunteni kunvenejo kunveni kunvenigi kunveno kupeo kuraca depoto kuraca posteno kuraci kuracista kuracisto kurado kurakigi kuratingi kurba kurbigi kurbigo kurbo kuriero kuri kurteno kurteno de fero kurzo kutimo kvadranto kvadrata kvadrato kvalifika kvalifiki kvalifiko klasigi kvalita kvalito kvankam kvanto 162 clash collate collation bracket.) qualify (classify) qualitative quality although quantity AGO 4300B . etc.

latest. per (according to). etc. work weekday fatigue fatiguing fatigue tin plate lakeshore pond. on (according to) alleged.) lake purge purge plate (thin metal) launch frontier country (national territory). reported (alleged) gradual 163 . pool (of water. by (according to).Esperanto English kvar kvara kvarangula kvaranteni kvaranteno kvarono kvartiri kvartiroj kvartmastro kvazaii kvazaiimilita kvazaritrupoj kvieta kvina kvinono kvitanci kvitanco la labora laborejo labori laboristo laboro labortago laceco laciga lacigi lado lagbordo lageto lago laksigi laksilo lameno lanai landlimo lando lango lankovrilo lano larka largeco larma gaso lasi lasta latitudo latrino laui laudira lauigrada AGO 4300B four fourth quadrangular quarantine quarantine fourth (fraction) quarter (mil billet) quarters (mil billets) quartermaster (nav) as though (as if) paramilitary paratroops still fifth fifth (fraction) receipt for receipt (for money) the labored laboratory labor. latter latitude latrine according to. land (a particular country) tongue blanket (wool cover) wool wide (broad) width tear gas leave last (ultimate). work laborer labor.

Easeranto English laiileka laiilekeco laiilonge de lariplanordigi laiiplanordo laiita lafitparolilo lafivice lavado lavi lazareto leda ledo leka legatejo legebla legi leginda legiono legitimi legitimiloj leto Iekobea leninismo lensa lenso lernejo lerni lernolibro lerta lerteco lesiveja kaj bana laiiplanordo letereto letero leiitenanteco lelitenanto levi levigi levilo levo levponto levpovo Ii libera libereco liberigi liberigo libero libertago libro lifto 164 lawful. rule) law-abiding leninism lensatic lens school learn (acquire by study) manual skillful. free. exempt. liberate. release release exemption holiday (free day) book elevator AGO 4300B . exempt. free liberty disengage. legal. legitimate legality along the length of schedule schedule loud loud speaker in rotation washing wash military hospital leather leather legal (pertaining to law) legation legible read readable legion legalize credentials law (enactment. smart (clever) skill laundry and bath schedule note (short letter) letter (epistle) lieutenancy lieutenant lift mount (rise) lever lift (lifting) drawbridge leverage he disengaged.

table) letter (of the alphabet) cot (small bed) bed deliver lobe population lodgement live (dwell) billet (troops) logical logic logistical logistics loyal loyalty loyalist local localize.Esperanto English ligi ligilo ligno likva likvajo likvidi lima limdifino limiga limigi limigita limigo limitusajo limo linei lingvisto lingvo linia liniigi linio linio de foriro listo litero liteto lito liverj lobo lokantaro lokejo loki lokigi logika logiko logistika logistiko lojala lojaleco lojalisto loka lokalizi lokalizo lokeco loki lokigo lokilo loko loko de provizo lokomotivo longa longeco longega longitudo lonviveco AGO 4300B bind (tie). restricted limitation. linear line up line line of departure list (catalog. place locale locator place supply point locomotive long length extended (lengthy).lengthy longitude longevity 165 . locate location (localization) locality locate. restriction abutment limit lynch linguist language lineal. restrict off limits. tie (fasten) band (fastener. holder) wood (material) liquid liquid liquidate limited demarkation restrictive limit.

Esperarto English lorno lubrikajo lubriki ludi ludkampo ludo lumiga lumigi lumo lumobulbo lumturo lunbrilo lunlumo luno magaseno magazeno magneta magnetalo magneti magnetismo magneto magnezio majoro majstro majusklo makadama maksimuna maksimuno makuli makulo makulita mala malabunda malabundo malakceli malakcela batalado malakceptita malakordi malalteja malaltejano malaltejo malaltigi malaltmaro malamika malamikeco malamiko malantauiblo vego malantaule malantaien malaperi malaprobi malaprobo malaria 166 spyglass lubricant lubricate play recreation-ground play illuminated (lit) illuminate (light up). light light bulb (light) lighthouse moonshine moonlight moon magazine (mechanical) shop. warehouse magnetic. magnetical magneto magnetize magnetism magnet magnesium major (mil rank) master (leader in a profession) capital letter macadam maximum maximum spot (cover with spots) spot (blotch) spotted reverse (opposite) scarce famine slow down delaying action loss (by voting) clash (disagree) lowland lowlander lowland lower (make less high) low-tide hostile hostility enemy backblast aft backwards disappear disapprove disapproval malarial AGO 4300B .

small small arms diminish (become or make less) 167 . thin (not dense) thin thin (not stout. swear (curse) curse bad wrongdoer spoiled spoil disorderly (in conduct) transient indecent indecision left on the left coarse sparse. mean (comtemptible) contempt difficult difficulty distant (in manner) luckless open loose weak weaken late. negligence low-tide disadvantage ugly curse. petty.Esperanto English malario malatenta malatenti malatento malaltmaro malavantago malbela malbeni malbeno malbona malbonfaranto malboniga malbonigi malbonkondukta maldaura maldeca maldecidemo maldekstra maldekstre maldelikata maldensa maldensigi maldika malebena malebeneco malebligi malebligo malgranda maleksplodo maleolo malestiminda malestimo malfacila malfacileco malfamiliara malfelica malfermi malfirma malforta malfortigi malfrua malfrui malfruigi malfruigo malfuncia malfuncii malfuncio malgojiga malkojo malgranda malgrandarmiloj malgrandigi AGO 4300B malaria neglectful neglect neglect. overdue to be slow (of clocks) delay (retard) delay (retardation) malfunctional fail (cease to function). hilly) irregularity (of surface) prevent prevention petty (small) dud ankle contemptible. rough (bumpy. malfunction failure (breaking down) distressing distress (displeasure) little. not thick) irregular (of surface).

confinement (captivity) abbreviation lower (let down) disloyal short curtail (shorten) abbreviation. insubordinate AGO 4300B . interfere with preventive interference (hindrance) dishonorable imposition (injustice) discharge (dishonorable discharge) disable (disqualify) disability plain (frank) disclose disclosure disassemble deny (disavow) disagree disagreement disaffected disaffection unconventional' expose.Espera fto English malgrail malkusta malkusteco malhela malheligi malhelpa malhelpi malhelpilo malhelpo malhonora maljustaJo malhonora eksigo malkapabligi malkapablo malkaga malkagi malkago malkolekti malkonfesi malkonsenti malkonsento malkontenka malkontento malkonvencia malkovri malkovro malkuna malkunigi malkvieta malkvieto mallarka mallargigi mallalidi mallatitigi mallibereco mallongigo mallevi mallojala mallonga mallongigi mallongigo malluma mallumo malmola malmoligi malmunti malnobla malnova malo malobea 168 in spite of inaccurate. tough harden (make or become hard) dismount (move from mounting) mean (ignoble) old reverse (opposite) disobedient. wrong (incorrect) inaccuracy dim (not bright) dim (reduce in brightness) preventive clog (hinder). curtailment (shortening) dark darkness hard (not soft). hinder. uncover exposure separate (not together) disconnect disturbed disturbance (unrest) narrow narrow blame lower (make less loud) captivity.

decrease minority (lesser number) minus (less) inability vague disadvantageous disadvantage (detriment) distant (far off). sick ill (to be) illness invalid (pertaining to health) invalid (pertaining to health) sick (the sick) unload hungry famished 169 . insubordination clearance rare (infrequent) rarity evacuation hospital idle (be idle) evacuation disorganize. reduce curtailment (reduction). filth filthy contaminate (pollute) slow lag disrespect poor different (not the same) ill. dirty dirt. far distance (distant position) contaminated. decrease.E8peranto Englisk malobei malobeo malobstrukco malofta malofteca malokupa lazareto malokupiki malokupo malordigi malordo malpaco malpafigi malpala malperfekta malpeza malplej malplena malplenigi malplenigo malpleno malpli malpli ol malpligranda malpligrava malpliigi malpliigo malplimulto malpli malpovo malpreciza malprofita malprofito malproksima malproksimo malpura malpurajo malpurega malpurigi malrapida malrapidi malrespekto malriea malsama malsana malsani malsano malsanula malsanulo malsanuloj malsarki malsata malsatega AGO 4300B disobey disobedience. empty depletion blank less under (less than) minor (lesser) minor (less important) curtail (reduce). disturb (disarrange) disorder row (quarrel) misfire dusky (in color) broken (imperfect of language) light (not heavy) least empty deplete.


malsati malsatego malsati malsato malseka imalspari mal§paro malstreeita malsukcesi malsukeesi malsukceso malsupera nmalsupre malsupre malsuprena malsuprena maltrafi maltrafo malutila malutili malvarma malvarmo malvarmumo a malvirto manaparato mandato maneajoj mankebla mankeblajoj manki manio mangkporo mangporcio mangrenado maniero manifesto maniko


object (dislike) famine (starvation) hunger hunger hunger wet waste waste slack (loose) fail (be unsuccessful) failure (lack of success) minor (of lower rank) down downwards downhill; downward miss (miss one's aim) miss (missing an aim) injurious injure (harm) cold cold (temperature) cold (the cold) false (untrue) vice (of character, etc.) handset mandate eatables edible provisions (food supplies) eat meal (repast) ration (food) hand grenade manifest sleeve
sleeve manifest

manki manko manmkonuo manmonujo mano
manovra manovra manovri manovro manovrokapabla manovrokapablo manplato manradiko manrado mansago mansignali manumhorloketo mapi mapo

lacking; missing lack (be without); to be missing lack; shortcoming handbag hand hand maneuvering maneuver maneuver maneuverability palm (of the hand) wrist handwheel dart (weapon) motion (gesture) wrist-watch map map
AGO 4300B



mara marborda marbordo marbordoteno marca maa:rdo marfortoj markena markeno marioneta marioneto marista marki marko rmarkolo maro margalo marsantaro margantara komandanto marsantara girmo margantara taktiko margantaro de batalionoj marsdisiplino marsgrafikajo marsi marskontrolo marsmaniero marso marsoldato marsordo marstabelo marstekniko masinaro masinisto masino masinpafilo maski masko maskumi maskumo maso mastro matena mateno materia materialo materio mato matrico medalo medicina medicino medikamenta
AGO 4300B

nautical (of the sea) coastal beach; coast; seacoast; seashore beachhead swampy bog; marsh; swamp naval forces marginal border (boundary); margin puppet puppet nautical (of sailors) mark mark strait (geog) sea marshal (mil rank) column (mil) column commander column cover columnar tactics column of battalions march disciplines march graph march march control gait march marine (a marine) march order march table march technique machinery mechanic engine, machine machine gun mask mask disguise disguise mass (of material) master (chief owner, principal) morning morning material material matter (substance) mat matrix medal medical (of medicine); medicinal medicine medicated 171



mrjlo mejlmuzuro mekanika mekanikita mekaniko memantat1eniga membreco membro memo memorajo memorando memori memoro mencii mencio mendato mendi mendo mensa menso mentalo merita meriti merito megago mesagulo metala metalo meteorologia meteorologio meti metiisto metoda metodo metro meza meza angulo mezajo meze meze de mezigi mezo mezpunkto mezvoje mezuri mezuri mezurilo mezuro mi

mile mileage mechanical mechanized mechanics self-propelled membership member self memorial memorandum remember (have in mind) memory mention mention order (written authority) order (supplies, etc.) order (supplies, etc.) mental mind (intellect) mentality meritorious merit merit message messenger (person sent) metal metal meteorological meteorology place (put) ; put; set artificer methodical method meter average; intermediate; medium; mid; middle mean angle average; mean (average, middle); middle on the average among average midst midpoint midway measure gauge (measure) gauge (measure); measure (instrument) measurement I
AGO 4300B



miksa miksajo miksi mikrofono miksita miksturo milda milimetro miliono milionulo milita militado militado milita leto milita polico milita registaro milita tribunald militema militi militjuki militkaptito militkrimo militkrimulo milito militpintajo militpolicestro militsiparo militsipo militspirito militterafa militterajo milo min (accusative case) minaca minaci minaco mineralo miniatura miniaturo minimuma minimumo minkampo minuso minusklo minuto miskalkuli miskalkulo misuzi misuzo mobilizi mobilizo modela modeli
AGO 4300B

mixed mixture mix microphone miscellaneous mixture (pharmaceutical) mild millimeter million millionaire military warfare hostilities (fighting); warfare martial law military police military government court-martial warlike war court-martial prisoner of war war crime war criminal war warhead provost marshal navy warship morale (mil) terrain terrain mil me threatening menace; threaten menace; threat mineral; ore miniature miniature minimum minimum minefield minus (sign) small letter minute (a minute) miscalculate miscalculation misuse misuse mobilize mobilization model; pattern model 173

up to date (modern) modern (person) modified modification modify mode soft (not hard) mock momentary moment one moment momentum month worldly world monitor currency (coinage).Esperan o English modelo modera modereco moderigi moderna modernulo modifa modifajo modifi modo mola moki momenta momento momenton momentumo monato monda mondo monitoro mono monogramo monoprovizo monsubteno montaro monteta monteto montgorgo monto montpasejo montra fingro montri montrilo monumi morala moralajo moraleco morda mordi mordvundo morgau morta mortado morte morti mortiga mortigi mortinta morto motivo motorciklo motoro 174 model. pattern moderate moderation moderate modern. lethal kill spent (of bullets) death motive. show indicator finance moral moral (of a story) morality biting bite bite (wound) tomorrow deadly (deathly) mortality deathly die deadly (death dealing). reason motorcycle motor AGO 4300B . mountain pass (mountain pass) index finger indicate. fatal. money monogram funds (money) allowance (monetary support) range (mountain range) hilly hill gorge (geog) mount (hill).

Esperanto English motorgankilo mortpuninda mortpuno mova movado movebla movebla defendo movebleco moviki movlibereco movo muldajo muldi multaj multe da multintenco multkosta multnombra multo multvalora municio muntajo munti muro mustarda gaso mustardo mutuala nacia nacia lingvo nacieco naciismo nacio nadlo nagi naiva najbara najbaro narkotaJo narkoti naski naskigloko natura naturisto naturo navigacio navigebla navigi navigisto nazo naztruo ne ne post AGO 4300B clutch capital (punishable with death) capital punishment movable movement mobile mobile defense mobility move play (freedom of movement) motion (movement) cast (moulding) cast (mould) many a lot of (much) multipurpose costly manifold. swim naive neighboring neighbor dope (narcotics) dope raise (give rise to) birthplace natural naturalist nature navigation navigable navigate navigator nose nostril no. numerous much valuable munitions mount (in framing) munti mount (fix in position) wall mustard gas mustard (condiment) mutual (profit-sharing) national mother tongue nationality nationalism nation needle float. not by (not later than) 175 .

nor neither. no one unoccupied idle AGO 4300B . nor incapable incapability elusive overt nonaccountable (nonexplicable) unclassified unchecked unmilitary few never nothing none (no quantity) no body.. inactivity nonappropriated unassigned inaccessible inaccessibility fire-proof foggy hazy haze fog fog necessary necessary indefensible undefended indeterminable indestructible undesirable indeterminate intact (undivided) untrained open stiff informal inoperative negative negative snow snow sleet sleet underestimate deny (declare untrue) neither. nek nekapabla nekapableco nekaptebla neka§a neklarigebla neklasifika nekontrola nemilita nemultaj neniam nenio neniom neniu neokupa neokupata 176 cannot inactive inaction....Esperant& English ne povas neaktiva neaktiveco nealpropriga neasigna neatingebla neatingebleco nebruligebla nebula nebuleta nebuleto nebuli nebulo necesa necesaSo nedefendebla nedefendita nedeterminebla nedetruebla nedezirinda nedifinita nedividita neduka nefermita nefleksebla neformala nefunkcianta negativa negativo negi nego negpluvi nekpluvo negustetaksi nei nek nek .

Esperanto English neperfekta neperfektajo nepersista neplenagulo nepre nerajtiga neregula nereguleco nerekta neresponda nerva nerva gaso nervo nesekva nestabila nesufica nesukcesa netiganta stacio netransirebla neutila neuitrala neuitraleco neuitraligi neuitralulo nevera nevida nia ni nigra nikelo nin nitra nitrogena nitrogeno nitroglicerino nivelo nokta noktmeza noktmezo nokto nombri nombro da nomenklaturo nomaro nomi nomo norda norden nordo norma norma efila procedo (NEOPO) normo AGO 4300B defective defect nonpersistant a minor without fail unauthorized irregular (deviating from rule) irregularity (deviation from rule) indirect nonaccountable (unresponsible) nervous nerve gas nerve disconnected unstable inadequate unsuccessful clearing station impassable unserviceable neutral neutrality neutralize neutral (person) mock (unreal) unseen our we black nickel us nitric nitrogenous nitrogen nitroglycerine echelon (of command) night midnight midnight night number (count) number (quantity) nomenclature roster appoint (name) name north northwards north normal. standard standard operating procedure normal 177 .

smell offend take offense offense offensive offensive office official officer official appointment (post. void cancellation zero numeral. note note new news newly cloudy cloud over cloud nuclear nucleus void cancel. surveillance vigilance observe observer dusk stubborn shell (explosive missile) ocean smell odorous odor. deaden. dissolve. office AGO 4300B 178 .Espera nto English noti noto nova novajo nove nuba nubigi nubo nuklea nukleo nula nuligi nuligo nulo numera numeratoro numeri numero nur nutraJo nutri oazo obei objekto obla oblikva oblikve oblo observa observadejo observado observemo observi observisto obskuro obstina obuso oceano odori odora odoro ofendi ofendigi ofendo ofensiva ofensivo oficejo oficiala oficiro oficisto ofico mark (denote). revoke. numerical numerator number (give number to) a number only food. employment). thing (object) multiple oblique sideways (obliquely) multiple observing observation point observation. nutriment feed (give good to) oasis obey object (thing).

military. occurrence happen. scientific) optical optician optics oracle oratorical oration deliver an oration orbit orbit decorate citation decoration. engaged occupy employ employment than oily oil oil well shade (screen from light) shadow shade (a drawing) bus wave (of water) one rumor operate (surgical) operation (surgical.Esperanto English ofta ofte ofteco oka okaza okazajo okazi okazo okazonta okcidenta okcidento okdek okono oktano okulo okulvitro okupa okupado okupanto okupata okupi okupigi okupigo ol olea oleo Dleoputo ombri ombro ombrumi omnibuso ondo oni onidiro operacii operacio operatoristo oportunajo opozicio optika optikisto optiko orakolo oratora oratorajo oratori orbiti orbito ordendonaci ordenlauido ordeno ordigi AGO 4300B frequent often. western west eighty eighth (fraction) octane eye eyeglass occupied occupancy. occupation occupant busy. order (military decoration) put in order 179 .) operator opportunity opposition (political. incidental incident. ofttimes frequency eight casual (chance). occur occasion pending westerly. etc.

order (command) order (command) ear organic (psychological) organic (chemical) organism organized organization organize organ (physical) organ (musical instrument) eastern. oriental orientation oriental eastward orientate bearings (geog) landmark east.Esperan :o English ordinara ordinara ordoni ordono orelo organa organika organismo organita organizajo organizi organo orgeno orienta orientajo orientano orientena orienti orientiko orientilo oriento originale originaleco originalo origino paca pacienca paciento pacifisto paco padeli padelboato padelilo pafado pafajo pafbaterio pafbruo pafcelisto pafdirektada centro pafejo pafhelpa pafhelpo pafi pafigi pafigo pafilkapbato pafilkapo pafilkapstalo pafilo pafkampo pafkunordigo pafmunicia oficejo 180 1 80 common. orient original originality original origin peaceful patient (displaying patience) patient (invalid) pacifist peace paddle paddleboat paddle firing projectile firing battery report (of a gun) marksman fire direction center firing position fire support fire support fire (a weapon) discharge (of firearms) discharge (of firearms) butt stroke butt (of a gun) butt plate gun (of any kind) field of fire fire coordination ammunition office AGO 4300B . usual direct (command). ordinary ordinary.

etc.Esperanto English pafmunicio pafo pafplano pafpovo pafregada reto pafrondo pafsupereco paftasko pagebla pagi pago pakaJeto pakajo pakaJoj paki pako pala palaco paliki palisaro palmo panelo paniko pantalono papera paperaro papero paradi parado parafi parafo paragrafo paralelo paralizi parasuti parasuto parigi pardoni parko paro parolado paroli parolo parta parteto partia partiana partiano partieco partio parto partoprenanto partopreni AGO 4300B ammunition (explosives) shooting fire plan fire power fire control net round (of ammunition) fire superiority fire mission payable pay payment packet package baggage pack pack pale palace pale stockade palm (tree) panel (of wood) panic trousers paper file (collection of papers) paper parade parade initial initials (abbreviated signature) paragraph parallel paralyse parachute parachute match.) part participant participate 181 . pair excuse (pardon) park pair speech (oration) speak. talk speech (speaking) partial (in part) particle partial (bias) partisan partisan partiality (bias) party (political.

through (by means of) lose lost (lose one's way) loss AGO 4300B . per. step graze (feed) chaplain plan motherly mother. parent (male) pause pause pave paving scrap scrappy piece landscape cape (garment) fur hang suspend (hang up) suspension (hanging up) hang fire penetrating penetration penetrate try (made an effort) paint-brush thoughtful think thought boarding house boarder (in boarding house) by means of. step pass spend (time) past past passive pass pace. homeland patrol patrol father.Esperanto English pasebleco pagi pasi pasigi pasinta pasinteco pasiva paso paso patti pastro pato patrina patrino patrinlando patriota patriotismo patrioto patrolando patroli patrolo patro parizi pauzo pavimi pavimo peceta peceto peco pejzago pelerino pelto pendi pendigi pendigo pendpafado penetra penetrado penetri peni peniko pensema pensi penso pensiono pensionulo per perdi perdigi perdo 182 passability pace. parent (female) mother country patriotic patriotism patriot fatherland (native country).

permit pursuit persistent persist (persevere) persistence (perseverance) personal personnel person passenger train (railway) intermediary weigh (find weight of) applicant request. ruinous) wreck traitorous treason traitor violate violence periphery perimeter defense perimeter periodic period tour of duty periscope percussion allowable. permissable allow. permit leave (permission). sting barbed barbed wire sting 183 . apply for request gasoline heavy weigh (have weigh) weight pedestal kick kick pedestrian pedestrian walk foot (part of body) pike (weapon) picket picket stab stab pierce.Esperanto English pereema perei pereiga pereigi perfida perfido perfidulo perforti perforto periferio perimetra defenda perimetro perioda periodo periodo de dejorado periskopo perkuto permesebla permesi permeso perseputo persista persisti persisto persona personaro persono personvagonaro perulo pesi petanto peti peto petrolo peza pezi pezo piedestalo piedfrapi piedfrapo piedira piediranto piediri piedo pikarmilo pikedi pikedo pikegi pikego piki pikila pikildrato piko AGO 4300B perishable perish fatal (disastrous.

summit (of mountain) pioneer pioneer pioneer pip (fowl disease) pyrotechnic pyrotechnics pound piston pistol pivot pivot ceiling planning factor planetary planet map out (plan).Esperan to English pilotfako piloti piloto pinca movado pincilo pingli pinglo pintigi pinto pionira pioniri pioniro pipso piroteknika pirotekniko pisti pinto pistolo pivoti pivoto plafono planada faktoro planeda planedo plani plano planti planto plastika plastiko plata platvagono plej plej bona plej interna plej last plej malbona plej malsupra plej multo plej sekreto plena plena halto plenbuso plenda plendanto plendi plendo plenigi plenumebla plenumeblo plenumi pli pli da 184 cockpit (avn) pilot pilot pincer movement pincers pin (fasten with a pin) pin point (give a point to) peak. plaintiff complain complaint fill. feasible feasibility fulfil more more of AGO 4300B . point. plan plan plant plant plastic plastic flat flat car (railroad) most best innermost utmost worst lowermost mass (greater majority) top secret full deadlock mouthful complaining complainant.

further (more distant) majority (greater number) platoon more (longer) additional lead (metal) pen (for writing) dive diver dive shower shower rainfall rain raincoat rain pneumatic by (at rate of). major (greater) augment. rate (at rate of) retail retail score score marker (for scoring) mark (in examinations. etc.Esperanto English plialtigi pli bona plibonigi plibonigo plifortigi plifortigajo pligranda pliigi pliigitajo pliigo plilongigi plilongigo plimalhela pli malproksima plimulto plotono plu plua plumbo plumo plungi plunkisto plungo pluveti pluveto pluvfalo pluvi pluvmantelo pluvo pneimatika po podetala podetali poenti poentaro poentilo poento polica policano polico poliso politika politikisto politiko polvo polusa poluso ponco pontfosto ponto pontono pontonponto pontumi AGO 4300B heighten (raise) better improve improvement reinforce reinforcement greater. increase extend (lengthen) extension (lengthening) dimmer farther. increase increment (mil) augmentation.) poncho pier (of a bridge) bridge pontoon pontoon bridge bridge 185 . elec.) police constable constabulary. etc. police policy (insurance) political politician politics dust polar pole (geog.

) postal rear area mail post (guard post) station post (camp or station) command post rear guard straggler once (after) postage pursue (chase after) mail rear (mil) track afternoon demand demand survivor survive survival power (might) pot can may (to be able). so that allowance (share). in order to. litter (for carrying) tanker (ship) estate (possessions). possess watch (timepiece) flashlight pocket behind after. race) for.Esperanto English popolamaso popolo por por ke porcio porciumi pordisto pordfosto pordo porta tabulo portebla portempa porti portilo portpetrolgipo posedalo posedi poghorloko poglampo pogo post posta pogtalo po§ta postareo poWti posteni postenigi posteno posteno de komando postgvardio postiginto post kiam pogtkosta postkuri po§to posto postsekvi posttagmezo postuli postulo postvivanto postvivi postvivo potenco poto povas povi pozicia pozicia defendo pozicio pozitiva 186 mob people (nation. wear carrier. so as to in order that. etc. rear (mil) mail (letter. on behalf of. possession own. portion ration doorkeeper jamb (of door) door packboard portable temporary carry. to be able positional positional defense position positive (in science) AGO 4300B .

ready pretend pretense claim claim exceed (go beyond) beyond hopeless (past hope) let go (allow to pass). prize (reward) pressure. concerning spring (season) springtime responsible private privilege privileged take care of (look after) because of. overlook by-pass.Esperanto English pozo prajmo praktika pramisto pramo prava pravo precedento preciza precizeco precizeco de pafado prefere preferi prefero pregejo premi premio premo preni preparafo prepari preskribi preta preteksti preteksto pretendi pretendo preteriri preter preterespera preterlasi preterpasi preterpaso preter§argi pretigi minkampon pretpozicio prezenti prezenti la flankon prezidanta prezidanto prezo pri printempa printempo priresponda privata privilegio privilegita prizorgi pro probabla probableco problemo AGO 4300B attitude percussion-cap practical ferryman ferry (boat) correct (in opinion or action) proper precedent accurate. squeeze award. take preparation prepare prescribe (medically) prepared. squeeze catch. on account of probable probability problem 187 .. precise precision accuracy of fire preferably prefer preference church (building) press. present (introduce) be broadside on presidential president price about (concerning). pass by by-pass overload mine (lay a minefield) prepared position introduce.

near close range vicinity proximity approach approach approximate approximately promising promise promise promote (in rank) cape (geog) propaganda device propagandist propaganda offer proportional. percentage produce professional profession professor (academic) professional profile advantageous to take advantage. ratio property voluntary protect (commercially) protest protest ordeal AGO 4300B .D English procedi procedo procesi procesalvoko procento produkti profesia profesio profesoro profesiulo profilo profita profiti profito profunda profunda defendo profundajo profundo programo progresi progresema progreso projekciilo proklami proklamo prokrasti proksima proksima pafdistanco proksimeco proksimeco proksimiki proksimiko proksimuma proksimume promesa promesi promeso promocii promontoro propagandilo propagandisto propagando proponi proporcia proporcii proporcio propraJo propravola protekti protesti protesto provego 188 proceed (act by plan) procedure. postpone close (near by).Esperant. proportionate proportion proportion. process summon summons (legal) percent. profit profit deep defense in depth deep depth program progress progressive progress projector proclaim proclamation defer.

thrust push. pure (clean) clean. supply). supply provisions (stock.Esperanto English provi provizi provizo provizoj provizora provo prudenta pruvo pruvi psikologia psikologio publika publiko pugnobati pulso pulvo pulvoro pulvtenejo pumpi pumpilo punao puni punkti punlaboro punkto puno pura purigi purigo pusa sarko pusi puso putra putrigi raba raboti racia radelama radelamo radia radia aktiva radiado radii radiko radilmalbelpo radio radioaktiva preciptajo radiologika rado radofteco radringo rafinejo AGO 4300B test provide. supply fund (store). radiate root static (radio) beam (of light). supplies provisional test. point punishment clean. radio fallout radiological wheel radio frequency tire (of a wheel) refinery 189 . push. purify purification propelling charge drive (force). thrust decayed (rotten) decay (rot) predatory plane rational radar radar radial radioactive radiation beam. reasonable proof (evidence) prove (establish by evidence) psychological psychology public public punch (with fist) pulse gunpowder powder (med) powder-magazine pump pump punch (a drink) punish dot (punctuate) labor (punitive hard labor) dot. trial (test) judicious.

speedy rapids rapidity. hasty. creep (go slowly) grade (mil). rank (mil) fast. velocity haste to make haste expedite. quick. rapid. speed report reporter report ravine razor react reactionary reaction react (chemically) reactionary (individual) recover (get again) actual. empower rocket bazooka describe drag (on a wheel) ram (mil) ram (mil) creeping crawl (go slowly). hurry.Esperant a English rajdi rajdo rajtigi raketo raketeljetilo rakonti radguo rami ramo rampado rampiri rango rapida rapidajoj rapideco rapidemo rapidi rapidigi raporti raportisto raporto ravino razilo reagi reakcia reakcio reakcii reakciulo reakiri reala realo reasigni reasigno recepto reciproka reciproki redakcio redakti redaktora redaktora artikolo redaktoro redirekti reekipigi reenpartrujigi reenpatrujoj reetendiki reetendigo refaldo refleksa reflua tajdo reflui refluo refortiki 190 ride ride authorize. real real reassign reassignment recipe mutual (reciprocal). reciprocal reciprocate editorial department edit editorial editorial editor reroute refit repatriate repatriates redeploy redeployment lapel reflex ebb tide ebb ebb rally (regain strength) AGO 4300B . speed.

Esperanto English refesigi rega regada regado regajni regajno reganto regeco regi regimenta regimentestro regimento rekimo regiona regiona komando regiono registaro registri registro registrado de tomboj regrupi regula reguleco reguligi reguligilo regulo reira reira movado rejeti reklasifiko reklasigi rekolektigi rekolektigo rekomendi rekomendo rekompenci rekoni rekono rekonstrualo rekonstrui rekrutigi rekruto rekta rektangula rektangulo rekvizicii rekvizicio religio relkunigo relokalizi relokalizo relvojo rememori AGO 4300B freshen royal governing rule reclaim. regain reclamation governor (ruler) royalty (kingship) govern. rule regimental colonel regiment regime regional regional command region government record. register register graves registration regroup regular regularity regulate regulator (instrument) regulation retrograde retrograde movement reject reclassification reclassify rally (reassemble) rally recommend recommendation reward recognize recognition reconstruction reconstruct recruit recruit straight rectangular rectangle requisition requisition religion railway junction relocate relocation railway track remember (recall to mind) 191 .

recoil. overthrow. undermine reversal. repulse repulse refuel retract make reprisals reprisal representative representative represent (act on behalf) setback setback rebound. heal (make well) convalescent (person) resect resection redesignate redesignation echo echo respect respect accountable accountable for accountability AGO 4300B . subvert. ricochet rebound. subversion recur recurrence reoccupy reorganize reorganization reimburse reimbursement repack repel. meeting (encounter) renovate renovation roentgen X-ray subversive capsize. meet (encounter) encounter.Esperan to English remi rememorigi removebla remparo rendevui rendevuo renkonti renkonto renovigi renovigo rentgena rentgenradio renversa renversi renverso reokazi reokazo reokupi reorganizi reorganizo repagi repago repaki repeli repelo replenigi repreni reprezali reprezalo reprezenta reprezentanto reprezenti repusi repuso resalti resalto resaniga resaniganta resanigi resanigulo resekci resekco resigni resigno resoni resono respekti respekto responda responda pri respondeco 192 row (with oars) remind removable rampart rendezvous rendezvous encounter. recoil. ricochet healing convalescent be convalescent.

rebellion rebel. suspend (keep back) suspension withdraw withdrawal net retreat (mil) move back. seditious mutiny. revolt revolt.Esperanto English respondi respondo respubl ikano respubl iko restajo restanta restanta radiado restarigi restarigita restarigo resti restato retaJo reteni reteno retiri retiriko reto retreto retroigi retroiri revarbi revarbo reveni reveno revenulo revoki revolucia revolucio revui revuo rezervita rezervitaro rezervujo rezisti rezisto rezulti rezulto ribela ribelado ribeli ribelo rica ricevanto ricevi ricevilo ricevo rifejo riflisto riflo rifufanto rifugi AGO 1307B answer. reply answer. turn out (result) outcome. receive receiver (instrument) receipt (act of receiving) reefer rifleman rifle refugee refuge (take refuge) 193 . recede retreat reenlist reenlistment return return returnee recall revolutionary revolution (political) review (mil) review reserve reserve (mil) reservoir resist. withstand resist result. correspond (answer to). rest (remaining part) remaining residual radiation reinstate reconstituted reinstatement remain recondition network retain (hold) . result mutinous. reply republican republic remainder. sedition rich recipient get.

resources (means) sling (for throwing) band. break wrecker circular. risk develop (photo) river crossing brook riverside river part (role) . round circle circle. risk chance (risk). strap ring repair (mend) repairs repeat rib rest camp rest rest hazardous chance (risk). rubbish) red ruin AGO 4300B . way) means (resources) . round dew company commander company (mil) tape tab band (ribbon) refuse (trash. means (method. role broken wreckage crack (break).Esperanto English rifugo rifuzi rifuzo rigardi rigardo rigida rikolti rikolto rikura rilate al rilati rimarkebla rimarki rimarko rimedo rimedoj rimenjetilo rimeno ringo ripari riparoj ripeti ripo ripoza tendejo ripozi ripozo riska riski risko riveli rivera transiro rivereto riverflanko rivero rolo rompa rompaJo rompi rompilo ronda rondiri rondo roso rotestro roto rubandeto rubando rubano rubo ruga ruinigi 194 refuge refuse refusal look (direct the gaze) look (gaze) rigid harvest harvest recurring with reference to refer noticeable notice. remark (notice) notice device (means).

pouch.. only (but) segment dry sectional section dry secret 195 .. save (rescue) rescue. volley same at once (simultaneously) well blood sanitary sanitation sap sapper soap satellite impregnate rescue. leap salute salute salvo. satchel bound (leap) bound jump.Esperanto English ruinoj rusta rusto rustigi rutina rutino sabla sablo sablorifo sabotado saboturano saga saketo saltegi saltego salti saltisto salto saluti saluto salvo sama samtempe sana sango sanitara sanitarigo sapeajo sapeisto sapo satelito saturi savi savo scenejo scenigi sceno scienca sciencisto scienco scii sciiki scio se se. salvage stage (in a theater) stage scene scientific scientist science know learn (become informed of) knowledge if unless so long as (if only) but. salvage. leap springer jump. ne se nur sed segmento seka sekcia sekcio sekigi sekreta AGO 4300B ruins rusty rust rust routine routine sandy sand sandbank sabotage saboteur wise bag (sack).

security (mil) secure sequence following. whole (intact) indefinite transmitter (radio) sender emissary painless transmitting station unequal correct (without error) hopeless (without hope) smokeless deprive colorless unconditional unconditionally bare blank (of ammunition) discourage (dishearten) lawless (without law) AGO 4300B . secure safety. next trailer tracer bullet follow weekly week without disarm disarmament unarmed careless (inattentive) random at random ceaseless. safe (uninjured).Esperanw o English sekretema sekretaria sekvaveturilo sekreto sekso sektoro sekundara sekundo sekura sekureco sekurigi sekvado sekvanta sekvaveturilo sekvebla kuglo sekvi semajna semajno sen senarmigi senarmigo senarmila senatenta sencela sencele senaesa senco sendankera sendangereco sendependa sendependeco sendi sendifekta sendifina sendilo sendisto sendito sendolora sendstacio senegala senerara senespera senfuma senigi senkolora senkondica senkondice senkovra senkugla senkuragigi senlega 196 secretive secretarial secretary secret sex sector secondary second (of time) safe. persistent (unceasing) sense (meaning) safe (not dangerous) safety independent independence send intact.

Eaperanto English senlima senlimeco senlumigo senmakula senmaskigi senmova senmoveco sennuba senpaga senorda senordeco senodora senpova senresalta senriska senrompsensala sensenca sengirma sensulda sentema senti la mankon de sentima sentinelo senutila senvalora senviva senzorga serci serclumilo serco serego sergentestro sergento seria seriajo serio serioza serpenti seruro servado servistaro severa sezono sfero si sidi sidejo sidigi sidigi sieko AGO 4300B limitless infinity blackout spotless unmask immobile. casual (careless) search searchlight search shears (for cutting) master sergeant sergeant serial serial series serious twist (wind in and out) lock (on doors) service establishment (body of servants) severe season sphere oneself sit seat (sitting place) seat sit down siege 197 . disorganized disorganization odorless helpless recoilless safe intact (unbroken) fresh (not salty) senseless exposed unobligated sensitive miss (feel the want of) fearless sentinel useless invalid (not valid) dead careless (lacking care). static (motionless) immobility cloudless free (free of cost) disorderly. motionless.

sign silent be silent silence silence silhouette silhouette symbolical symbolize symbolics symbol like (similar to) likeness like (in like manner to) plain (simple). pail situation squadron scale (measure) sling (supporting strap) box (small or light) framework skiing ski AGO 4300B . stamp seal seal (impression) password badge beacon signal signal countersign designate (signify) signify mark (sign. simple private (mil rank) simplicity simplify simplification mustard (plant) apply oneself to cautious caution (care) dart madam sir synchronize volunteer take cover apply to systematic systematically system bucket. token).Esperani o English sigeli sigelilo sigelo signaldiro signajo signalfajro signali signalo signalrespondo signi signifi signo silenta silenti silentigi silento silueti silueto simbola simboligi simboliko simbolo simila al simileco simile kiel simpla simpla soldato simpleco simpligi simpligo sinapo sin doni almeti al singardema singardo sin jeti sinjorino sinjoro sinkronigi sinproponi sinsirmi sin turni al sistema sisteme sistemo sitelo situacio skadro (mil) skalo skarpo skatolo skeleto skiado skii 198 seal.

sketch outline (sketch). wild savage soviet place (public open space). friendly) society (formal organization) society (the community) thirsty thirst pedestal (base of column) only. single (sole) soldierly force soldier military only solid solidarity sniping sniper (marksman) snipe solve dissolve (melt) solution sound (give out a sound) sound (noise) absorb savage. sleigh slip (piece of paper) social (of the community) socialistic socialism socialist social (agreeable. sketch slave slave scout scout clerical error write writer bureau (piece of furniture) desk shake sleigh sled.Esperanto English skio skizi skizo sklavi sklavo skolti skolto skriba eraro skribi skribisto skribmeblo skribtablo skui sledi sledo slipo socia socialisma socialismo socialisto societa societo socio soifa soifo soklo sola soldata soldataro soldato soldatoj sole solida solidareco solpafado solpafanto solpafi solvi solvigi solvo soni sono sorbi sovaga sovagulo sovjeto spaco sparki speciala specialigi specialisto specifiko specimeno AGO 4300B ski outline (sketch). space spark special specialize specialist specification specimen 199 .

spirit spontaneous spur headquarters battery headquarters company headquarters (mil) chief of staff staff stable stability stable staff (personnel) depot (railway station). stand constituted establishment (setting up) statistics state (a nation). railway station station station depot stack stack standard (flag) bar (thick rod) . status star lay wire stretch out flat prone (prostrate) style motivate motivation AGO 4300B . pole (of wood) tin (metal) constitute. expert experiment experience expert ear (of corn) spinal spine spy espionage spy respiratory respiration thread (of screw) respire respirator (instrument) morale. establish (set up).Esperan bo English speco spekulativa spekuli spekulo sperta sperti sperto spertulo spiko spina spino spioni spinado spiono spira spirado spiralo spiri spirilo spirito spontanta sprono stabeja baterio stabeja roto stabejo stabestro stabi stabila stabileco stabilo stabo stacidomo stacio stacio stacidomo staki stako standardo stango stano starigi starigita starigo statistikoj stato stelo sterni draton sternigi sternita stilo stimuli stimulo 200 kind (type or species) species speculative speculate speculation experienced.

under inferior. bar (stripe). subdue). undergrowth subcourse second lieutenant submachine gun submarine non-commissioned officer underpass oppressive oppress. suppress crush (suppress) undercarriage the undersigned signature supporting support bracket (support) support subordinate suburban 201 . belt. overhear smolder subdistrict put (put down. sink (move under). under diving bell dive (navy) intercept (overhear. subordinate.Esperanto English stoki stranga strategia strategio strato streNi strecilo strecita streko stria strio struktura strukturo studanto studento studi studo stulta stumbli stupigi sub suba subakvika klogo subakviki subaidi subbruli subdistrikto subigi subita subjekto subkalibro subkreskaro subkurso subleitenanto submasinpafilo submarsipo suboficiro subpaseo subprema subpremi subpremi subsinteno subskribinto subskribo subtena subteni subtenilo subteno subulo suburba AGO 4300B stock odd (peculiar). radio). subordinate sudden subject (gram) subcaliber brushwood. peculiar. strange strategic strategy street stretch rack (for torture) tight (taut) dash (written or printed stroke) striped band (stripe). band structural structure student (college) student (pupil) study research stupid stumble echelon below.

sufficient passable choking choke. presume) assumption (supposition) top. summit. over (above) senior (in mil rank). upon on call afloat (on the water) surface surface mount (get up on) board (go on board) impose (lay upon) AGO 4300B . superiority exceed (surpass) supreme overshoot superquick supersensitive overhead superior assume (suppose. mount (ascend) crest (of a hill). upper up uphill rate of climb ascend.Eapercnto English suburbo suda sudo suferi sufica sufie bona sufoka sufoki sugesta sugesti sugesto sukcesa sukceso sulkigi sulko sumigi sumigo sumo sunbruno sunleviko suno sunradio sunsubiro super supera suburb southerly. southern south suffer adequate. total sunburn sunrise sun sunbeam sundown. total summary amount. top on. summarize. sum. furrow add up. superior superakvi superakvo supera soldato supereco superi superega superpafi superrapida supersentema supertera superulo supozi supozo supra supre suprendekliva suprenira rapideco supreniri supro sur sur voko surakve surfaca surfaco surigi suriri surmeti 202 flood flood private first class (senior private) seniority (in mil rank). smother suggestion suggest suggestion successful success furrow channel (furrow). sunset above. beyond (in excess of).

land en route intercept (to stop en route) suspect (a suspect) suspect swing (swing freely) swing (instrument for swinging) swing shaft (in machinery) simulated feign. load freighter (ship) boxcar truck like (appreciate. be partial to. freight. etc. marine (fleet) carrier-based ship (transport by water) 203 . feint. simulate feint chess shaft (of a mine. conversion loaded bill of lading loaded (a firearm) load load (a firearm) bill of lading cargo. value partiality (liking) shell (hard covering) she shield (in armor) naval crew (of ship) fleet (ships). be fond of).) launch (boat) wobbly channel (waterway) changing variation variable variety convert (change) change change.Esperanto English surmeto surpriza surprizi surprizo surrigardi sursipe surtere surterigi survoje survojhalti suspektato suspekti svingi svingilo svingo §afto gajniga §ajnigi gajnigo 9akoj Sakto Aalupo gancelika ganelo Banka sankado gankebla Sankeco gangi sangigi ganko sarga sargbilo sarga sargi sargi sarglisto sargo §arHipo sargvagono sargveturilo sati sato Aelo si gildo sipa gipanaro siparo gipbazita sipekspedi AGO 4300B imposition (laying on) surprising surprise surprise survey (scan) aboard ashore beach.

textile rock gravel quarry (stone quarry) stone clog. shield. shelter screen. shield cover lock key smear smear string rope rope shock causeway.Esperc nto English Sipkonsigno §iplito gipkonstruejo §ipkorpo Cipo §ipperei gippereo §ipvando Airi §irmejo girmi Sirmilo girmo §losigi 1losilo smiri 9miro §nureto . screen. plug plug stoppage (stopping up) strafe stairs ladder stairstep under obligation due (owed) owe AGO 4300B 204 . paved road save (economize) spin (weave) shower-bath jet spray (instrument) jet aircraft spray shrapnel screw screw vice (mechanical) screwdriver steel helmet steel receiver (of stolen goods) cloth. material.nurigi 9nuro 9oki §oseo :pari spini 9prucbano Sprucajo §prucigilo 9prucplano ^prucigi ^rapnelo ^raibi ^raibo srauibtenilo Iraibturnilo stala kasko ^talo §telricevisto stofo stonego stonetaro §tonminejo §tono §topi §topilo §topo §trafi stuparo ^tupetaro stupo ^ulda ^uldata ^uldi shipment (consignment sent by ship) bunk (on ship) shipyard hull of a vessel ship (vessel) shipwreck shipwreck bulkhead (on ship) rip. tear shelter (place) protect.

evaluate estimate. evaluation tactful tactical tactics tactician tact waist drum (instrument) nevertheless tank destroyer track (tank runner) tank (mil) job analysis mission (mil). wire (telegraphic) telegraph telegram teletype 205 . suitable fitness suitability theater roof (of a building) technique technical text telephonic telephone telephone telegraph. draft (of soldiers) dawn diary. task appropriate.Eeperanto English §uldo gultro §uo §veba §vebi 9vela Aveli 9vita §viti Ta-Tago tabeligi tablo tabulo taWmento tagiko taglibro taglumo tagmezo tago tajdo takelo taksi takso takta taktika taktiko taktikisto takto talio tamburo tamen tankdeturilo tankglitilo tanko taska analizo tasko tariga taungo tauigeco teatro tegmento teknikeco teknika teksto telefona telefoni telefono telegrafi telegrafo telegramo telemasinskribi AGO 4300B obligation (debt) shoulder shoe hovering hover swollen swell sweaty sweat D-Day tabulate table (piece of furniture) board (wooden) detachment (mil). journal daylight noon day tide tackle (system of ropes &pulleys) estimate.

. topic temperature term (time) time holding attack hold on to encampment (camp of tents) tent dump (mil) hold.Esperan to English telero teleskopo teleskribmagino televidebligi televida televidilo televido temo temperaturo templimo tempo tenadatako tenadi tendaro tendo tenejo teni tenujo tera teraramegrupo terarmeo terenflugegi terfortoj teritorio termezuri termezuristo termezursigno terminaro termino termo termovadilo tero terSirmitloko tertremo testamentalo tia tia maniere ke tiam tie tiel tiel ke tiel . terminology term (name.. land (earth). soil defilade earthquake legacy such. field army dive (avn) army forces territory survey surveyor bench mark nomenclature. as same as there (to or toward that place) fear fear shaft (of a vehicle) drum (of ear) that thing so (to such a degree) so much so much so that type AGO 4300B . definition) term (math) bulldozer earth... keep rack (holder) earthen army group army. kiel tiel same kiel tien timi timo timono timpano tio tiom tion tiom ke tipo 206 plate (for food) telescope teletype televise television television receiver television subject (theme). ground forces. that sort of so as to (in such a manner) then (at that time) there (in that place) so so that (in such a manner that) so.

). treat (deal with) tractor peruse perusal 207 . etc. shear topographical topography torch twist (wring) twist tourniquet torpedo torpedo trunk (body) torturing torture torture along (a road. pull designate (entitle) designation (title). pull draft (drawing). title (designation) that one then (in that case) toxic endurable. etc. tolerable endurance cemetery grave clip (shear).) passage. thoroughfare pass (through) trajectory negotiation treaty negotiate.Eaperanto Engliah tiraljoro tiregi tirego tiri tiro titoli titolo tiu tiuokaze toksa tolerebla tolero tombejo tombo tondi topografia topografio torso tordi tordo tornikedo torpedi torpedo torso tortura torturi torturo tra traakvumi trabo trablova trablovo tradesegno traduki tradukisto traduko trafebla trafi trafiko traflueta traflueti traflueto trafpovo trairejo trairi trajektorio traktado traktato trakti traktoro tralegi tralego AGO 4300B sharpshooter tug tug draw. through flush (with water) beam (of wood) draughty draught (of air) overlay (mil map) translate translator translation within range hit (the mark) traffic leaky leak leak range (of gun.

soak dip (immersion) tugboat drag. trench clip (cut) entrench. intrench entrenchment. transit ferry move (change residence) overseas transportation transport transport ship transmit transmission transcribe transcript fordable fordability ford overpass passable (passage) break through trace (copy over) draft (commercial) sever (cut through) severance (cutting through) traverse traverse winter very dip (immerse).Esperam to English tran8eo tranceti traneeumi tranceumo tranei traneilo trando tran8vundo trankvila trankvilo trans transigi transigo transirejo transiri transiro transirigi translokiki transmara transportado transporti transportsipo transsendi transsendo transskribi transskribo transvada transvade transvadi transvojo trapasebla trarompo traskizi trato tratran8i tratranco traversi traverso travintri tre trempi trempo trenboato treni treniki treno trenreto tri tria triangula triangulo tribunalo 208 ditch. haul. slash cut (wound) quiet ease (tranquility) across transfer transfer crossing (place) cross (go across) crossing (act of). tow trail haulage net (drag-net) three third triangular triangle court (tribunal) AGO 4300B . slash knife cut. intrenchment cut.

cannister. receptacle ultimatum ounce 209 . surplus trophy deceitful.Esperanto English trikovesto trinki trinko triono tripiedo triumfi triumfo tro troalo trofeo trompa trompi trompo tropika tropiko troplena tropleneco troplenigi trostreei trotuaro trovi trunko truo trupo trupvagonaro tublinio tubo tuj tuj kiam tuja tumulti tumulto tunelo tunkvanto tuno tureto turisto turmenti turni turnigi turniko turno turnringo turo tuai tuso tuta tute apude tute egale tute ne ujo ultimato unco AGO 4300B sweater (garment) drink drink third (fraction) tripod triumph triumph too (too much) excess. riot tunnel tonnage ton turret tourist harass turn rotate rotation turn swivel tower touch touch all. hose immediately as soon as immediate. whole (entire) next door same as (all the same) not at all bin. deceptive deceive deception tropical tropic congested congestion congest strain sidewalk find trunk (tree) hole troop trooptrain (railway) pipeline barrel. (of a gun). prompt riot disturbance.

a single each other first. town pressing (urgent). urgent distress emergency emergency press (be urgent). originally unity once (on a single occasion) uniform (of one form) unified unify unification unit (as in "unit of fire") combat (one by one) hurricane uranium urban townsman town-hall mayor city. primary prime (first quality) at first. to be urgent United States useful utility utilize usable serviceability use use user ford wade roving rove train (railroad) carriage. railroad car. coach (railway carriage).Esperan o English uniformo unito universala unu unu la alian unua unua kvalita unue unueco unufoje unuforma unuiga unuigi unuigo unuo unuopa batalo uragano uranio urba urbano urbdomo urbestro urbo urka urka dankero urgeca urgeco urki Usono utila utileco utiligi uzebla uzeble uzi uzo uzulo vadejo vadi vagema vagi vagonaro vagono vagonpleno vagrabi vagrabisto vakanta vakejo vakigi valizo valora valoreco 210 uniform (mil) unit universal one (numeral). wagon carload maraud marauder vacant vacuum vacate valise valid validity AGO 4300B .

defeat. victor conquest. victory. win (conquer) conqueror. worth vaporous vaporize steam-engine steam. belly (abdomen) windshield true truth green truthful rod likely (apparently true) pour vertical supper 211 .Esperanto English valo valori valoro vapora vaporigi varpormagino vaporo vaporSipo varbi varbiganto varbo varii varma varmigi varmo vasta veki veksignalo veliri velo vendanto vendejo veneni veneno venkema vengi vengeo veni veni renkonte al venigi venka venki venkinto venko ventako ventdrivo ventegi ventego ventmontrilo vento ventro ventlirmilo vera verajo verda verdira vergo verlajna verdi vertikala vespermango AGO 4300B valley be worth value. warm heat extensive. spacious wake reveille sail (travel by ship) sail vendor market (store) poison poison revengeful avenge. revenge revenge come meet (come to meet) bring victorious conquer. defeat. overcome. win windage leeway storm storm vane wind abdomen. vapor steamship enlist enlistee enlistment fluctuate warm heat.

witness sight (faculty of vision) standpoint (viewpoint) alert (lively) casualty.Esperant) English vestajoj vesti vesto vestoj veterana veterano vetero veturi veturigi veturigita veturilo vezikigi veziko vi via viadukto vico vida vidafo vidanto videbla videbleco vidi vido vidpunkto vigla viktimo vilaka vilakano vilako vi mem vin vintra vintro vira viro virina virino viroj viropotenco virulo viruso vitro viva vivdauiro vevega vivi vivo viziigi vizitanto viziti vizito dress (clothing) clothe. visible visibility see. victim village villager village yourself you (accusative) wintry winter male man feminine female. visual sight (object seen) witness (spectator) apparent. dress (clothe) coat clothing veteran veteran weather ride (in a vehicle) drive (a vehicle) motorized vehicle blister blister you yours viaduct rank. row optic. women men manpower male virus glass (substance) live lifetime spirited live life visualize visitor visit visit AGO 4300B 212 .

Esperanto English vojakfino vojagi vojako vojagplano vojagulo vojblokado vojkrucifo vojkuniko vojeto vojo vojtrovulo voki voko voli diri volontulo volto volus volvano volvi volviki vomajo vomi vorta vortaro vulkana vulkano vulpkavo vunda vundebla vundebleco vundi vundo zigzaga zigzagi zigzago zinka zinko zono zorga zorgi pri zumadi zumado zumi zumilo destination (end of journey) tour. zone careful see to drone buzz.) twist (twine) coil vomit vomit verbal dictionary volcanic volcano foxhole injured. wound injury. travel tour itinerary traveler roadblock crossroads road junction lane. etc. route pathfinder call (summon) call (summons) mean (mean to say) volunteer volt would like (conditional mood) coil (of rope. wounded. hurt vulnerable vulnerability hurt. trail road. injure. wound zigzag zigzag zigzag zinc zinc belt (zone). drone buzz buzzer AGO 4300B 213 . path.

Mi vidas. Does anyone here speaLk Englsh? No. : am visiting Fort Riley and would like to know the purpose of the Aggressor. Unua. Sir. Captain. Do you understand me. Colonel Alexander. eU vi komprenas min. Mi estas Regimentestro Smitho. Colonel we in the Aggressor Center speak Espel anto. First. Dua. Captain? Certainly. Glad to meet you. mi deziras vidi la komandantan oficiron. the Adjutant. aldoni emfazi al inteligenteca preparado.o training. ycu speak Esperanto well. Thanks. Captain Gilbert. to add realism . kapitano? Certe. to add emphasis to intelligence training. mi estas Regimentestro Smitho. Second. Kapitano Gilberto. Smith. The purpose of the Aggressor is fourfold. ni parolas aliajn lingvojn alia ol Esperante. Sir. Nuiu ci tie parolas Angle? Ne. Common Phra!. eu la personaro de la Agresa Centro parolas aliajn lingvojn alia ol Esperante? Jes. I see. sinjoro. sinjoro. we speak other languages besides Esperanto. kapitano. Colon1l. good! Do you speak Esperarto. Bonvolu sidigi. ni en la Agresa Centro parolas Esperante. Estas plezuro koni vin. Colonel? A little. Captain. kapitano. Regimentestro in Everyday Conversation English Esperanto Good morning. la adjutanto. Glad to meet you. Please come in. regimentestro. I am Colonel Smith. Oh. 214 . aldoni realismon al preparado. La celon de la Agreso estas kvarobla. kapitano. AGO 4300B Colonel Alexander. regimentestro.10. Just a moment. Colonel. Bonvolu enveni. Momenton. mi estas vizitanta Fort Rili kaj mi deziras koni la celon de la Agreso. Colonel. Estas plezuro koni vin regimentestro. Good morning. Do personnel of the I ggressor Center speak other languages besides Esperanto? Yes. I am Captain Gilbert. vi parolas Esperante bone. Regimentestro Aleksandro. chair. Dankon. Capta:n. regimentestro. bone! 6u vi parolas Esperante regimentestro ? Iomete. [ am Colonel Please have a Bonan matenon. Bonan matenon. Mi estas Kapitano Gilberto. Ho. I would like to see the Commanding Oificer.

Sir. kapitano. Kapitano Rodrigo. he is in Texas presenting an Aggressor orientation. to instill an awareness in exercise participants of the basic differences between United States and potential enemy forces. Fourth. Dankon. this is the Order of Battle Branch. Komandanto Leopoldo. I speak Spanish. this is Colonel Smith. do you speak other languages besides Esperanto? Yes. kun via permeso. enigi la konscion en ekzercaj partoprenantoj de la bazaj diferencoj inter la Usono kaj eblaj malamikaj fortoj. will escort you. Bonvolu sidigi. Thank you." Estas tauiga nomo. manovroj. 215 . Colonel Leopold. Tre interesa. mi parolas Hispane. estas la Ordona de Batala Fako. Kiu estas la cefo? Majoro Viliamso. mi eskortos vin al la Inteligenteca Sekcio. Mia agadista oficiro. Colonel. cu vi parolas aliajn lingvojn alia ol Esperante? Jes. I will take you to the Intelligence Section. Who is in charge? Major Williams. Where did you learn it? In Panama. field training exercises. Estas supre. and other tactical training exercises. kampaj preparadaj ekzercoj. sinjoro. eskortos vin. My Executive Officer. is Major Williams in the office? No. Sir. Estas plezuro koni vin. Would you like to tour the Aggressor Center? Certainly. AGO 4300B Tria. sinjoro. Very interesting. kaj aliaj taktikaj preparadaj ekzercoj. Unua. Captain Roderick. It is upstairs. Ni ankaui pretigas Lernolibron tridek streko unu-nulo-tri (KL 30-103). Captain. Regimentestro Aleksandro. "the birthplace of armies. regimentestro. Please sit down. Colonel. Sir." That is an appropriate name. Glad to meet you. Sinjoro. maneuvers. provizi ordinaran kaj realisman bazon por la evoluo de komandpostenaj ekzercoj. We also prepare Field Manual thirty dash one-zero-three (FM 30-103). May I help you? Yes. au vi deziras viziti la Agresan Centron? Certe. First. to provide a common and realistic basis for the development of command post exercises. with your permission. li estas en Texo prezentanta Agresan paroladon.English Esperanto Third. We prepare Aggressor order of battle and scenarios for command post and field training exercises. regimentestro. "naskigloko de la terarmeoj. Permesu mi helpi vin? Jes. estas Regimentestro Smitho. Kie vi lernis? En Panamo. Ni pretigas Agresan ordonon de batalon kaj scenejojn por komandpostenaj kaj kampaj preparadaj ekzercoj. Komandantc Leopoldo. Colonel Alexander. Kvara. cu estas Majoro Viliamso en la oficejo? Ne. Lieutenant Colonel Leopold.

Colonel Valenltine. plotono. sinjoro. kaj kirasa portilo. kolumaj rubandoj. Regimentestro Smitho ? Bone. "Fusilier" trupoj portas ruga eapo kiel klara marko. mortar. The Operation SectiolL is downstairs. kaj regiona komando. Rekte antaue. bataliono. "Fusilier" troops weer a red cap as a distinctive marking. Nun mi eskortos vin al la Proviza Sekcio. estas Majoro Huberto. riflo. hafibizo. Oficiroj kaj soldatoj portas identajn uniformojn. and you. brigado. In addition. Goodbye. raketo.oon. kanono. division. what ire "Fusilier" troops? Troops who have distinguished themselves in combat. La Operacia Sekcio estas malsupre. The Aggressor uniform is jungle green in color. kio estas "Fusilier" trupoj? Trupoj kiu distingis mem en batalo. Kiel vi fartas. and shoulcer straps indicote the rank. flikajoj. what are the Aggressor Center support units? 216 Sur la karto estas montrata la organizajon de la Agresaj militfortoj enhavanta la sekvantaj niveloj: areto. divizio. Colonel Smith. thank you. Dankon. has a distinctive ridge. Komandanto Valentino. company. and armored carrier. Fine. armeo. Adiaui. Pardonu min. section. Regimentestro Smitho. la bazaj tipoj de Agresaj armiloj estas listiginta: pistolo. tank. and regional command. rocket launcher. Major. senresalta pafilo. Officers and enlisted men wear identical uniforms. Jetalo. Sir. Dankon. bombkanono. missile. this is Colonel Valentine. collar tabs. Komandanto Valentino. La Agresa kasko havas klaran egon. army group. La Agresa uniformo estas Sungla verdo en koloro. roto. manikaj. Now I will take you to the Supply Section. Thank you. brigade. Bone. braneon kaj uniton de la individuo. sekcio. rifle. Colonel Valentine. Excuse me. machine gun. Straight ahead. baterio. the basic types of Aggressor weapons are listed: pistol. and unit of the individual. branch. battery. regiment. kaj sultraj rimenoj indikas la rangon. Colonel Smith. gun. regimento. howitzer rocket. Thanks. kio estas la Agresaj Centraj subtenaj unitoj? AGO 4300B . Apud. battalion. recoilless rifle. masinpafilo. Regimentestro Smitho. armegrupo. The Aggressor helme. La insignoj de rango. Colonel Smith? Fine. estas Komandandto Valentino. kaj vin. sleeve patches. pla . Insignia or rank. This section prepares and ships Aggressor uniforms mand Aggressor equipment. Diru min. How are you. Tell me. this is Major Hubert. ei tiu sekcio pretigas kaj ekspedas Agresajn uniformojn kaj Agresan ekipajon. arm . dankon. kapitano. Captain.English Esperanto On this chart is show the organization of Aggressor military forces including the following echelons: squad. tanko. majoro.

Regimentestro Smitho. where is the Company Commander? Captain Ferdinand is inspecting the mess hall. estas Kapitano Ferdinando. sinjoro. sinjoro. this is Captain Ferdinand. You have a good company. Iru diri al lin Komandanto Leopoldo estas 8i tie. What are the missions of the platoons? The Headquarters Platoon supports Aggressor Center Headquarters and the Engineer Platoon operates the pneumatic equipment and other simulating devices. Would you like to have a cup? Certainly. Dankon. Regimentestro Smitho. Komandanto Leopoldo. Kaporalo Martinezo. Sir. Captain. ni vizitos la rotojn. Very well. La regimentestro deziras viziti vian roton. estas la tempo por kafon. Colonel Smith. will you show us the way to the Orderly Room? Yes. Downstairs we have the supply room and weapons room. and the Engineer Platoon. kie estas la rotestro? Kapitano Ferdinando estas inspektanta la mane8ambron. 217 . sinjoro. I'll be seeing you! Signal Company Special is next door. Certainly. Vi havas bonan roton. Malsupre ni havas la spaco por provizo kaj armiloj. Sir. The Headquarters Company consists of two platoons: Headquarters Platoon.English Esperanto Headquarters Company and Signal Company Special. eu vi montros al ni la vojon al la oficejo de la rotestro? Jes. Regimentestro Smitho. estas Kapitano Lairenco. Kio estas la taskoj de la plotonoj? La Stabeja Plotono subtenas Agresan Centran Stabejon. Colonel Smith. Certe. After the coffeebreak. The Colonel would like a tour of your company. this is Captain Laurence. Colonel Leopold. Corporal Martinex. Tre bone. kaj la Inkeniera Plotono. kapitano. we will visit the companies. Colonel Smith. Go tell him that Colonel Leopold is here. Thank you. Sergento. Sir. Sergeant. AGO 4300B La Stabeja Roto kaj la Signala Roto Speciala. kaj la Ingeniera Plotono funkciigas la pnelimatikan ekipajon kaj aliajn sajnigajn devizojn. Poste la kafon. ris revido! La Signala Roto Speciala estas tute apuda. with pleasure. it is time for a coffee break. La Stabeja Roto konsistas el du plotonoj: la Stabeja Plotono. kun plezuro. Cu vi deziras tason? Certe.

This is the President E[otel. sinjoro. di at atingos Kansas Citi ok horo.ime for me to leave now. Does the price include the tax and service charges? Yes. Kiam foriros la aeroplano? Sep horo. Kiom kostas la veturon al la Prezidanto-Hotelo? Du dolaroj Bonvolu atendi min. kapitano. Please call a taxi for ne. Yes. Thank you. ki havas psikologia militado kaj propaganda disvatiga kapablo. Adiaui. When does the plane h1 ave? At seven o'clock. Captain. I want a room with a bath. sinjoro. What is the rate per day? Ten dollars. eu la prezo inhavigas la imposton kaj servprezojn? Jes. I am Colonel Smith. All right. Mi deziras eambron kun bano. At what time do you v ant the driver to take you where y)u plan to go? In about an hour. estas tempo por mi nun foriri. Colonel Leopold. Bonvolu voki taksion por mi. I will take it. In addition. Is there a bus to the ai::port? I'll have a sedan for ycu. la numero de la flugo estas du-nulo-unu (201). the flight nlmber is twozero-one (201). Dankon. Bone. I will be in the Officers' Club. Please wait for me. Mi prenas. AGO 4300B . Sir. Sir. It will arrive in Kansas City at eight o'clock. Mi estas Regimentestro Smitho. it is :. Mi certe estimas. Sir. 8u estas auitobuso al la aerohaveno? Mi havos auitomobilon por vin. Kiom estas la kosto po tage? Dek dolaroj. :: want to confirm my reservation. Je kiomo horo deziras vi la venturigisto preni vin kie vi planas iri? Post unua horo. Thank you. 218 Signala Roto Specialo estas ekipata kun sona ekipajo kiu havas kapablo de produktanta sortimento de batala sono por faranta malgranda unito gajni granda. Jes. it has psychological warfare and propaganda broadcast capability.English Esperanto Signal Company Spec: al is equipped with sonics equipmint which has the capability of ploducing a variety of battle sounds for the purpose of making a i:mall unit appear large. Goodbye. Mi estos en la oficira klubo. Estas Prezidanto-Hotelo. sinjoro.ate it. I certainly will apprec:. How much is the fare to the President Hotel? Two dollars. Apud. Komandanto Leopoldo. Dankon. Mi deziras konfirmi mian rezervajon.

Where can I find a gas station? How much is gas per gallon? Thirty cents. Goodbye. You will have to stay in the hospital. The battery needs water. How is the weather today? The weather is fair. Can you show it to me on the road map? The tank is empty. Bonvolu subskribi la hotel-registron. Bonvolu sanki la oleon. de la Kiam vi atendas telefonalvokon. I will let you know when it comes in. bonvolu pretigi kin por mi kiel eble plej baldai. di estas ostrompa. There has been an accident. Tiuokaze. Please get a doctor.English Esperanto Please sign the hotel register. eu vi fartas bone? Mi doloris mian piedon. it is swollen. Mi lasas vin koni. Please change the oil. Je kioma horo devas mi forlasi la eambron? Tri horo. When must I check out of the room? Three o'clock I am expecting a call from Fifth Army Headquarters. Adiaui. eu vi povas fari kin nun? Mi provas. Sir? Any time. sinjoro? Ietempo. Can you do it now? I'll try. Show me the road to Washington. Bonvolu obteni kuraciston. ki svelas. When do you expect the call. It is fractured. Mi atendas telefonalvokon Kvinta Terarmea Stabejo. Je kio mi povas trovi benzinsstacion? Kiom kostas litro de benzino? Tridek cendoj. I want to leave tomorrow morning. Is the Major in? No. Montru min la vojo al Vagingtono. Are you all right? I have hurt my foot. Yes. please have this ready for me as soon as possible. AGO 4300B 219 . Mi deziras foriri morgaii matenon. 6i necesigas esti rentgenradiata. It needs to be X-rayed. Mi deziras lasi la auitomobilon 8i tie dum la nokto. li ne estas dejoras. Jes. In that case. Vi devas resti en la hospitalo. Cu la majoro dejoras? Ne. Okazis akcidento. Kia vetero hodiaii? La vetero estas hele. eu vi povas montri kin al mi sur la vojokarto? La benzinujo estas malplena. I wish to leave my car here for the night. he is not in yet. La baterio bezonas akvon.

°@3 C o = C So Cs 4 03 cd@3@ co &a .'O ° o= ~ o * CoCs AG400 . £k o aS o o a Ca .0 AO 4o E~ 20 c cs. : 3 @ . 0. o oY .co ba Q .

-. bo as P4 a O N AGOE~~~~~~~~ 1~~~~~~~221 .) w .G nn coNo 4 Xc P 0 c kco co Cs Ca C Ca C$ -o N 0j 0 g > o So C$ 4P"0 .q 00 O V 0 ~ r~ r 221 AGO 4300B . Ca0 C ' o 0 . 0 x.C a0 ) co . 4300B 2 C 2 0 b UCa a .0C0 cC 0 0 ) a 0 .) ~ < CN) C 0 a .- 0 ~ C..C >C. N . pa pa A .4 ) V Cs V o .'0 +C E > a -o° N 2 -( C 0 o - ~o~OFo .- '0 3' r0 m m mm .

t co d 93 ce ia 41.C 0 ~ .:1 o o 4 V~. .a 4 WPI c u g fa ~a rr ~ E4 ~. Fr r-I IR Er o0 ho :>* S rX 0 o qL .. d z' P. o .c ~ : E Q M ci Ei S I~ - ~ .~r. 222 222 AGO 43O0B .24 I..C oo~ Cd in~~~~~~~~L DE~~~~ C E S Ld~~~ ti~~~~~~~ aC o ) 1. .° 00 d~ccqp 4 r-- (d~~~~~~Wa)S E 4 r C:C O : O o 0 0 b: o t C* ) 3P4:a a) AG 4300 .

- - Cs Cs 0 -0 IQ o a o r.4 c* ~ 0" 0p o .F. 0 O:p U 01 0 Csco p mp ap )PL 2)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C E~~-0C 00 d > 3 a o dP C .p ..7~~~ 0 -C Qce P C Q Paa 'Cl o o ' a o 0- 0 C 0C Ox .o2 c 2 co' d .P .P o p t: Cd 0 . C d as a Csr AGO 4300B 223 .I Ox Ox P p 01~~~~~.a a ed (a . .- a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Q4 ..P. C 110 0 till Cd -Ci 024.c .I 0 I~~~O B 1 p: (d~* ~~E pQx 'U 9 18 P Ox d P o Ox m 1pP zI Caco4.t: Ox4 -~~~~ Ox 430 cd .1 Cd 14.m p p ~" *5 (22 pCZ QIV 1 P p ' n~~ ~ ~ ~~~~c Cs coCd~ Cd CI C3 co 0t pa Cd 01 Ox w EkO~ 0 ~ ~~O0m p Ox 0 p AG~~~~~~~O .7 .d 0 oA .l P.p 0 0 P ~ 0 a .~ ~ 0P 4 .EI p 1 '7 .

.. PI V s 0 c . n 1.q . 0 ~~~~~~~ ~ a ~ ~ ~ ~~0 0 0 aa .. C a a 0 o'4a a~~ '4 ~~~ 0 · ' . Cs 0 'co * lE 03 CD 0 . 4 4f c~ ~ ~~o Cs r.. .- $. 224B ci 00 'm o c cd O cl co Fso~~~~~~~~~~~~~~W co C 3 p.- as 0 04U2 ac 0 '4 asaI BO '4 E co 2 0 L9 0 $-.o ' 'o '4 PS P 0 co &1. 4 0 0 ac 0)% . r 0 4) 0 O- o Cs. ' V 4) E .M '4E E. o 0 .-.4 c : 224 AGO 4300B .

B F~~ . '~ . O~~~~ oo E Ef~~~~~~~CE ~. ~ .2 05.. o 0 0 C . 3 0 00 E . 1".A.4 0 r.. 22N 0 M.R co .a. C .: 0 co 0 . c0 C Ca 0 0c - ~~~~~*o ~ 4300B0 AGO R2 0~_ ~ "oE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~m~~. V00b2oo w0. co 1E ~ o 1 ~z 'S Q C 0 ~E .o 00. .C c 5 c 0 2 0 .. O Cg 'o a.0 C) C 0 w Cs 0 C 0 E . .~E !. 0 A0 0 0 0 0 O .. 0d ~ CU ! 0 k~~~~~ Cs ~~~ 0 oo0 0~~~~~ r . .-~E~Ecar. o _0 p.. 0~~~~~" E 0 O . 0 S0 . 0 0 0 2 00 0C 000 0) )C 0 r. a k · -~ 0 0 N. 0 1. X ~~o a I a :3 ~E . 225 0d 0d 0 0 0 O 100B 0~00 0~~ 22 .0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~·~ 0* ~ · . co . 0 C a 5.I aI 0 E "0 000 ~zz E mmm .

. o ~s . Os ·- ol Os · W Os d os 226 AGO 4300B .. ~~~o O F. 4 ..W C Cs~ ril~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~i ~ riri 021 o % a~~~~~~~~: 02 k I 0~F.0 i PL *i 226 A4 Os Os 0- A419 s 0 2 s-mU Os CI U M os 2 AGO 4300B So) . o Os 0 '... z ~ 'a~ ~0 e·· o Os . O .Os v i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 s~~~~~~~~`i Cs ~ D ~24O~ W BI. Os I0 > . 0 0:~E . P4 P4 Os ~ 02 P CsOs .6 E 2 *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:p o. S.s 0 0 -th 8 O P4 4) U~~~~~~~~~~~~~~U 3~~ P4 o .· UI i Os Os Os Os 0 0~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ 5. co *. 0 .P O 4)0. ' 8~ ~ a~~~ .. v I. - s . os W. E e·~~0 E m~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. 0 Cs. c~~~~o 0 > o ad S.os Oc b Cs o 0 0. 0 O o Osr/2 Os~ Cs*- 430o d226 co a s~ 4 G . .~ . co ~ 0 -. 02~ 0 -aO co > 0.

O2 as 8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O ·e (d I I AGO 4300B 227 .I? . 3 o 0 . .co ca Y oa Pa es Z o Ys Os 0 .0S.O to :O0 O 0 b : 0 4Q (d~~~~a4 0 AGO 4 P 0 ~ ~ . s Cs ro < x t oC .0 'G3 0-o m E c.

jakso A.lariko Alberto Akleksandro Alfredo Andreo Antonio I rturo A igusto Auirelio I itoliko I:ajardo I :enedikto I:ernardo ILlasio E. Proper Names English Esperanto English Esperanto Achilles Adonis Ajax Alaric Albert Alexander Alfred .12.kilo A.doniso A.ajsaro I astoro I arolo I :laidio I onrado IDanielo IDavido Eduardo I:riko :iistako I'abio I'rederiko c efro Georgo e-iraldo (Gregorio [adriano I anibalo I[ektoro I enriko I erberto Hercules Icarus James Jerome John Julian Justin Lawrence Louis Luke Mark Matthew Michael Norman Octavius Patrick Paul Pericles Peter Philip Pollux Remus Richard Robert Roger Romulus Rupert Scipio Stephen Thomas Timothy Ulysses Victor Vincent Walter Wilfred William Herkuleso Ikaro Jakobo Jeromo Johano Juliano Justino Laurenco Ludoviko Luko Marko Mateo Mikaelo Normando Oktavio Patriko Paulo Perikieso Petro Filipo Polukso Remo Rikardo Roberto Rogero Romulo Ruperto Scipiono Stefano Tomaso Timoteo Uliso Viktoro Vincento Valtero Vilfrido Vilhelmo 228 AGO 4300B . Andrew Anthony Arthur August(us) Aurelius Autolycus Bayard Benedict Bernard Blaise Caesar Castor Charles Claude Conrad Daniel David Edward Eric Eustace Fabius Frederic(k) Geoffrey George Gerald Gregory Hadrian Hannibal Hector Henry Herbert P.

Days and Months Days of the Week Months of the Year Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday dimanco lundo mardo merkredo latido vendredo sabato January February March April May June July August September October November December Januaro Februaro Marto Aprilo Majo Junio Julio Aigusto Septembro Oktobro Novembro Decembro AGO 4300B 229 .13.

Ic 5 3 Cs *9 :5 03 >> Cd ' -4 p d . Xir42nr>* z a 3 7.: C) 41 Q)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23 S~~~~~~ rn m 'W' 4S PP) >GO In T 4To.= 4 00 I P P 04 M 2cT )C T To P%~~ -~ -('I')I'0I O 4~ o ToT '>' l 0' oT 0' oT Q) P % - - - f To oT 00' I- 230 AGO 4300B .. oG) "'~~~~c~c )g cd Cd 3 4-4 0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - 'P P ci w cG C) H C) To To C) To To P C P> P00w To ...

4 2C.C+4+4t4.. c~~~"'~~~~~~~~~9~~~~~C ~g~~* ~ -"s EEE 000 C> CD .CC._" CX. ° .2 U2 . O+4IO.ICC U) U) LC) 4-.Cd cL )z 5C. u .) Q u d .

Co C~ uE:~O : /D .0 CD . _ 0 co r. P c o W bO 4 w. oo.C 0 0 0 o la 4-r 232 AGO 4300B AGO 4300B . C 14 00 C CDCI.

Subtract 32° . Multiply by 4 and subtract 1/5 of the number of gallons. Multiply by 9 and divide by 10. USAR: Units-Same as Active Army except allowance is one copy for each unit. The Adjutant General. Multiply by 9/5. DECKER. Chief of Staff. see AR 320-50. * U. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY: Official: G. Table of Approximate Conversions Inches to centimeters: Yards to meters: Miles to kilometers: Gallons to liters: Pounds to kilograms: To change 'C to 'F: To change 'F to 'C: Multiply by 10 and divide by 4. J. Distribution: Active Army: CofSA (2) USACDEC (10) Svc Colleges (5) DCSOPS (2) Br Svc Sch (10) except ACSI (2) CARROTC (2) USAINTS (17) USA Aggressor Cen (2500) CINFO (2) Ft Hood (2) CNGB (2) Ft Bliss (2) CMH (2) Ft Leavenworth (2) TIG (2) TAG (XO) (2) Ft Sheridan (2) Ft McClellan (2) USAIB (2) Ft Lewis (2) USAINTB (2) Ft Carson (2) USCONARC (10) OS Maj Comd (20) Ft Gordon (2) Ft Lee (2) MDW (1) Armies (10) Ft Eustis (2) Corps (10) Ft Holabird (2) Div (10) Ft Monmouth (2) Ft Devens (2) Bde (5) Regt/Gp/bg (2) NG: State AG (3). United States Army. Multiply by 5 and divide by 11.16. United States Army. then multiply by 5/9. Multiply by 8 and divide by 5. C. Major General. For explanation of abbreviations used. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1962--O610519 AGO 4300B 233 . General. LAMBERT. units-same as Active Army except allowance is one copy for each unit. then add 32° . S. H.

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