Jianxi Province, south-east China.

Mariane Quadros de Souza. Jess Lumley. John Lin Location: Jiangxi.096 sqm Photographs: Rufwork . China Project Team: Christiane Lange. Anna Wan Project Manager: Maggie Ma Project Year: 2012 Project Area: 1.Architects: Rufwork – Joshua Bolchover.

. An interesting feature in the walls is the perforations in the brick patterning. which make them more open to air and light. as well as protecting the classrooms from excessive solar exposure. These buildings are generic two storey buildings with open balconies constructed from reinforced concrete and brick infill.

The brief was to expand an existing school from 220 children to 450 through the creation of a new building with 11 classrooms to provide a learning hub for a network of rural villages The intention is to make use of these waste materials in the construction of the new school through re-deploying this material in innovative ways .

 The roof is formed from recycled brick waste and rubble that thickens the roof to provide additional thermal mass cooling the building in summer and retaining heat during the winter The roof steps down to join the wall which gradually becomes more open through perforations in the brick patterning .


740 rmb) total area (m²) 1.096 .281.616 usd ( finished in 2012 cost 173.

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