Grammar Item: Articles (a and an


owl. deductive •Topic: Animal in the Zoo •Materials: -6 pictures of animal in the zoo  (ostrich. zebra. in context. chimpanzee.•Level: Year 3 •Approach: covert. elephant. lion) -Sentence strips -Worksheets .

Procedure •Set induction -Pictures of animals in the zoo are shown to pupils •Presentation .g a is used when the animal name starts from vowel. E.Teacher introduced sentences to describe the animals. . This is an elephant. -Pupils are given explanation about the use of a and an. -E.g This is a zebra. an is used when the animal name starts from consonant.

Pupils are given worksheet (fill in the blanks with the suitable articles). .• Practice .g What animal did you see in the zoo? I saw an ostrich/I saw a chimpanzee. • Production .Pupils are asked to make dialogue based on what animal did they see in the zoo. .Pupils are given drilling on the sentences. E.

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