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407-886-6787 Did you know Aquatic Eco-Systems offers technical workshops? We will host your team at our facilities, or the AES technical staff of aquaculture engineers (PE), wastewater engineers (PE) and biologists will bring their expertise right to your doorstep—worldwide! Obviously, complex systems like recirculating aquaculture and aquarium life support cannot be taught in a one-day workshop. So we provide hands-on activities that clearly demonstrate key principles and concepts. Standard cost per person is typically $120 for our 1-day workshops with 15 participants. If you would like a workshop in your area, call 877-347-4788 or email your request to For more information, call customer service and request a brochure describing our standard workshops (see topics below). AES will also develop custom aquatic workshops to meet specific needs.
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Recirculating aquaculture system design. Aquarium life support systems design.  ducation curricula (embryology, water chemistry, hydrology, E animal husbandry, etc.) and lab facilities. Aquatic research system LSS and aquatic lab animal husbandry. Lake and pond aeration system design.  quaponics (system design, aquatic animal selection and plant A selection). Gas transfer (aeration, oxygenation, ozone and degassing). Live feed production.

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Symbol Legend
Invented Here - Invented Here AES designed and developed. Our expertise backs these items, so you can expect better performance and reliability than from similar products. AES Exclusive - AES Exclusive We are the only source for these products. aes - AES Number This will help you estimate aerator sizing (see Tech Talk 84). Hazmat Air - Hazmat Air Hazardous Material: Air Fees Only. Hazmat AG - Hazmat AG Hazardous Material: Air and Ground Fees. CHEMICAL
Waiver Form Required

Chemical Waiver Form


- Fresh Water or Salt Water
Indicates products that are compatible with fresh water or salt water. Aquaculture Duty - Aquaculture Duty Ultra reliable and tough enough to withstand constant use.

Products with this symbol require a Chemical Waiver form (see p. 357). These products are not FDA approved and may be used with ornamental, aquarium and bait fish but not with fish that could be used for human consumption. TF - Tech Favorite These products are highly recommended by our technicians. FD - Factory Direct These products ship directly from the manufacturer. If the item is over $200 and you are paying with a credit card, we'll charge the credit card for the merchandise amount at the time the order is placed. Freight will be billed later.

- Warranties
Identifies the manufacturer's length of warranty.

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Message From the President
We keep hearing the phrase "economic recovery" these days, as if just saying the words will make it true. But unemployment, debt and foreclosure remain true challenges for which there is no easy or immediate solution, and they continue to threaten sustainable economic growth globally. Of course, hope breeds optimism, which in turn builds confidence. And just as pessimism is contagious and fuels fear, apprehension and a retreat to safety, optimism too is contagious and will at some point usher in a new era of growth and prosperity. As I used to ask my dad on a long road trip, "Are we there yet?" Current economic conditions are like a trip to the beach: The sky seems a little brighter, I see a few seagulls flying around and there's a sign that I can buy three T-shirts for $10. But until I put my feet in the sand and feel the cool water wash over my toes, I can't declare us there yet. That said, 2010 was a good year for Aquatic Eco-Systems as we saw our sales grow, added jobs to our workforce and saw many of our customers experience a similar story. Future growth, however, will come from our ability to adapt to an ever-changing world market. The globalization of aquaculture will usher in new opportunities overseas for AES as we open our first subsidiaries outside the US in 2011. Likewise, the new numeric nutrient criteria issued by the EPA have created compliance issues for lake and pond owners. The Aquatic Eco-Systems Lakes Department is working with landowners, developers, municipalities and our government representative as they grapple with the overwhelming challenge of compliance. We are investing significant resources in new products and new markets as we capitalize on our longstanding expertise and focus on "greener" technologies. We have increased our emphasis on hydroponic and aquaponic solutions as we encourage more efficient and productive use of our limited environmental resources. We are also introducing new systems using such renewable energy sources as wind and solar energies as alternatives to fossil fuels and to reach remote areas off grid. We are building smart controllers to automate the collection and analysis of data and replace the redundant tasks of today. These are only a few of the things we are looking at in 2011. As always, we value the feedback of our customers, and we are listening. We heard the request to expand our technical support resources and are investing in the training and personnel needed to remain your most reliable source for expert answers and solutions to all your difficult aquatic questions.

AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Our customers are our first priority. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free, conforming to the requirements of our customers. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfaction. We thank you for your patronage.

We want to hear from more of you, too. You can always reach me on my cell phone, 24 hours a day, at 407-456-4644 if you have a question or a concern. Otherwise, you can reach me by email at At Aquatic Eco-Systems, we are not sitting still, waiting for the surf to come to us. We are investing in new technologies, innovative products and inventive tools to improve the customer experience, and we're preparing the business for the better days just around the corner. We have our swimsuits and sunscreen on, and we're ready to join our customers in a positive year of growth and prosperity. See you at the beach.

Todd Childress, President

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Complete Systems

Design & Engineering/R&D

Design and Engineering Services
Throughout the 30+ years AES has been in business, we have developed and tested many products. From creating high-density rotifer systems in-house to improving microflocculation tilapia systems currently, we continue to push the envelope with respect to design and R&D. We work closely with academic institutions with extensive aquaculture curriculums, such as NC State (NCSU. edu) and UNC Wilmington (, to continually refine our products. We have built an extensive database of system design criteria over the years that we use to assist clients in choosing the proper components for their particular applications. From oxygen utilization spread sheets to mass balance calculators to aeration system sizers, we have a unique combination of tools paired with many decades of practical experience at our disposal to help our customers maximize their yields. Some of the projects we are in the process of researching are:
• • • • •

Innovative ozone dissolution contactors and controllers.  Advanced automation and monitoring of systems.  Aquaponic systems where fish and vegetable crops can be grown concurrently.  High-density koi filtration systems.   reen technologies using solar collectors to power system components and G heating and cooling applications to lower electricity usage.  ero discharge recirculating systems where all nutrients are managed to minimize Z the contamination of natural waters.

Research and Development Division
Improvements in technology and equipment can help you improve efficiency, cut costs and see a better bottom line for your organization. Our dedicated team (headed by a PhD) travels the globe to source materials and production processes to take advantage of when developing new products for your changing needs. This past year we created a line of monitoring and controlling systems that are flexible enough to meet a range of demands. The standard system with 3.5" touchscreen monitors pH, conductivity, TGP and temperature; automates pH and conductivity dosing; notifies you of high-temperature and low-water conditions; and can be linked to a Sensaphone® for off-site alarms.

Our advanced system with 15" high-res touchscreen performs every function the standard system does and much more. It allows remote monitoring, controlling and alarming; calculates filter vessel pressure differentials for maintenance notices and alarms; and records any parameter (dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc.) measured with a probe. That's just a sampling of its capabilities.

Need design or engineering assistance?
We give our customers free advice over the telephone. Just call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401, give us your customer number and keep the conversation under ten minutes. For in-depth services, we'll be happy to design a system for you at a fair price based on the complexity of your project.

You can count on us to continue to develop innovative solutions to problems faced in many different industries.

Order Online: Order by Phone: 877.347.4788 Tech Support: 407.598.1401

Fish Farm/Holding Systems

Complete Systems


Fish Farm™ II

Invented Here AES Exclusive Assembly of the system is easy. Most components come preassembled, requiring only a screwdriver and less than 4 hours of labor. Flexible pipe joins the tanks to the filter. This allows some options for tank position to fit a variety of layouts. Complete instructions and a setup/operation video are included. Tanks are 70" D x 30" H. Weighs 620 lbs, ships via motor freight. All accessories packages are available for various species, climate conditions and special applications. One-year warranty. FF400 ALR15 PF2 SL88 Fish Farm™ II Replacement Diffusers Replacement Filter Media Replacement Air Pump $ 6,221.23 12.86 29.00 472.00

The ultimate in a Fish Farm™.
Our Fish Farm™ II is a perfect system for producing up to 300 pounds of fish at one time. Avoid the usual high costs and problems associated with designing an untested system. It is perfectly suited for schools and individuals who wish to "get their feet wet" prior to going into the fish farming business. The Fish Farm™ II features two 500-gallon polyethylene tanks with viewing windows and support stands, a complete filtration unit using a double-drain system to separate and remove solids and a moving bed bioreactor. An efficient compressor provides aeration and circulation. This eliminates electrical devices in the water for safety. With two tanks, it is possible to culture two species or two sizes of fish at the same time. Isolation valves allow separation of one or both of the tanks from the filter for cleaning or treatment. Maintenance requires as few as 15 minutes a day and 40 gallons of makeup/exchange water.

For AES Vibratory Feeders, see page 147.

Stocking your Fish Farm™ with koi can teach your students valuable lessons AND recoup some of your costs at the end of the year. Ask for part number KFS400 when you call and save $215!

Holding System, 1,500-Gallon

Invented Here AES Exclusive

Produce up to 700 pounds of fish at one time.
You don't have to guess about equipment sizing or worry about losing fish with this system. We've designed and tested it to ensure that it is complete, easy to maintain and flexible; just supply water and a place for drainage! Our commercial system includes three 500-gal tanks, bead filter, biofilter, air and water pumps, UV sterilizer, sump, plumbing, feeders and mesh tank covers. This system is great for quarantine or for holding fish for retail. Each tank has valves for adjusting its water level to full, half-full or empty. For example, you may want to lower a tank's level to half-full when treating diseased fish with medicine, halving the volume of water so that you only need half the medicine as a full tank. Because the plumbing is already in place underneath the tanks, you don't need to build it into your flooring. Other features include a bottom center drain, baffle to help create a circular water flow inside the tanks and mesh netting to cover each tank. Each tank has a vibratory feeder (holds 1.75 liters of up to 6-mm food), digital timer, controller and adapters. Set up to 24 feedings per 24 hours from 1–59 seconds each. We use top-quality, reliable components for each commercial system. You get a Sweetwater® air pump (SL170), AquaDyne® Bead Filter 2.2 and Clearwater™ Low-Space Bioreactor (handles 4–9 lbs feed/day). The bead filter has its own air pump for backwashing. You can bypass the UV sterilizer (120 W, puts out 30,000 µWs/cm2) for service. We recommend operating the supplied Artesian water pump at 30–45 gpm. System is 115V/60 Hz or 230V/50 Hz (for export) and requires a minimum space of 25' L x 8' W x 5.3' H. Call AES to learn more about our commercial system or for a quote on a larger package. Note: This system is built to order. FHS $ 12,398.25
Mechanical Filtration with Backwash Assist Pump Filter Return Line

You can make PVC rings to hold the mesh netting tightly in place, eliminating any sag over the center of the tanks. Just cut a 1-inch wide ring of PVC out and then make a notch in the ring so it can be stretched open. You may want to smooth any sharp edges before use. Slide the ring over netting on a tank's edge (our picture is of 1" wide, 2" dia. PVC rings).

Biofilter (4–9 lbs of Feed per Day)

For AES Vibratory Feeders, see page 147.

Sweetwater ® Air Pump

Order Online: Order by Phone: 877.347.4788 Tech Support: 407.598.1401

Ships motor freight. And remember. providing optimal nutrient uptake and aeration of roots without the use of gravel or perlite. a state-of-the-art clarifier and a biological filter employing moving bed technology. Maintenance takes less than ten minutes per day and only two 5-gallon pails of water need to be emptied and replaced. Eighteen lettuce.598. personal assistance is only a phone call away. while supplementing biofiltration with plant uptake. This unit is modeled after a commercial aquaponics unit that produces 45.86 342.00 — — — 6. FF50W.27 203.14/6+ 11. simple to maintain and simple for a novice to successfully bring 100 pounds of tilapia to market size under standard conditions. aquaculture-duty components. The beauty of the Mini Fish Farm™ is its simplicity. see page 147. Includes 24 net pots (2"). water changes and overall size and weight minimal. Made entirely of professional quality. Weighs 60 lbs. Special screening protects plant roots from foraging fish and the design provides proper tray height above the water. It includes a quiet.00 22. plus a comprehensive hydroponics manual.54 155.347. the Mini Fish Farm™ is not a toy. by using this aquaponics kit with our Mini Fish Farm™ FF50.00 The Mini Fish Farm™ Stand-Alone Aquaponics Option Kit Invented Here AES Exclusive Utilize dissolved fish waste as fertilizer.64 22. 230 lbs $ 2. With minor maintenance all components have a life expectancy exceeding fifteen years.6 Complete Systems Fish Farm/Aquaponics Invented Here AES Exclusive Stocking your Fish Farm™ with koi can teach your students valuable lessons AND recoup some of your costs at the end of the year. That's under $4 per month! Safe and easy to maintain. 213/4" x 243/4". It weighs 30 lbs and is capable of growing up to 24 plants. Included is an operational manual and a video that gives step-by-step set-up instructions and maintenance procedures. fl owers and other crops in the same tank as the fish! This interaction between animals and plants provides students with the opportunity to study and observe a more natural ecosystem. The Mini Fish Farm™ is a complete fish raising system. Order by Phone: 877. All electrical components are UL-approved and power consumption is a mere 60 watts. FW22. It requires no additional power. 18 net pots (2") with growing cubes and all plumbing/fi ttings for hookup to the Mini Fish Farm™. The 5'4" diameter x 35" high polyethylene tank is shown here with an optional viewing window. herbs. Extremely safe. herb or other leafy plants are partially suspended in the recirculated water.57/10+ — Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. 2 trays and complete instructions. Made in USA. The entire system fits in a 6' x 8' area and can fit through a 36" door. CK50 CK50R Mini Fish Farm™ Aquaponics Option Aquaponics Refill Kit $ 178. Ask for part number KFS50 when you call and save $56! The Mini Fish Farm™ #1 in the classroom. The entire system contains only 400 gallons of water. Aquaponics refill kit weighs 2 lbs and includes 24 net pots (2") and 24 Rockwool® cubes. 93/4" x 213/4" is also available.00 CK50 Order Online: AquaticEco. FF50HT FF50HT-R CK50R Stand Alone Aquaponics Option Kit Retrofit Kit to Fit FF400 Aquaponics Refill Kit $ 698.24 7. FW22. making and the system is virtually leakproof. Order multiple windows if you like.590. The kit is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic and designed to float within the AES Mini Fish Farm™. The Mini Fish Farm™ Floating Aquaponics Option Kit Would you like a low-cost addition to your Mini Fish Farm™ that could greatly enhance its use as a teaching tool while making it even more exciting to your students? The Aquaponics option is a unique hydroponics tray that allows the growth of lettuce. there is no electricity in the water. 24 Rockwool® cubes. A smaller window. sold separately. aluminum stand.1401 . oilless air pump.58 23. Kit includes black ABS tray with removable top for root inspection and harvesting (measures 4' long x 2' wide x 6" deep).4788 Tech Support: 407. Made in USA. Exceptional quality.000 heads of lettuce per day. FF50-2 FF50W FW22 ZPF2 ALR15 SL44B Mini Fish Farm™ Small Window. One-year warranty.16 12. Each Large Window. Each Replacement Filter Pads Replacement Diffusers Replacement Air Pump Ship Wt FF50-2 Large viewing window. For AES Vibratory Feeders. Ships Oversize. covering one half of the water's surface. ships Ground. It is simple to set up.

Each system includes an imported fiberglass tank.825. self-sustaining life support system (five days at heavy feeding). easy-to-maintain system. AES Exclusive A complete tank and filter system that can be used for a multitude of applications.43 303. The chambers can also be filled with carbon or other chemical Order by Phone: 877. Out B C D A B C D hs81A hs122A 48" 60" 30" 30" 15" 18" 21" 33" hs235A hs523A 72" 96" 36" 48" 24" 30" 33" 36" Order Online: AquaticEco.Fish Farm/Quarantine Systems Complete Systems 7 Fish Farm™. Operate several Fish Farm™ with one Pulse controller and large air pump. 523 gal Replacement Particulate Filter Replacement Bio-Filter. Automated Simple.00 745. HS81A HS122A HS235A HS523A PF2 AZ16027 HS81A Holding System. Request a brochure to learn more. Use it for holding sick fish. This Fish Farm™ can automatically remove fish waste every few hours.366. Air pumps sold separately. 235 gal Holding System. one for time off. thicker gel coat and stronger than ever. In the basic system (FF50MA) the filter is washed by opening a valve for 20 seconds. 81 gal Holding System. Request the UV sterilizer (FF50AUV ) to keep water and filter clear of algae and to reduce fish pathogens. The basic system supports up to 50 lbs of fed fish. 122 gal Holding System. The top filter chamber includes brushes and filter pads for removing debris and two biological chambers filled with ceramic biorings for high surface area. It's simple! The 400-gallon tank self-cleans through a center drain and is equipped with a float valve that maintains tank water level. reliable. delivers air to the diffuser and cleans the filter.16 Window Included Filter Waste Flush Line Pulse BioClarifier Air Pump Our Auto Fish Farm has been a great learning experience.1401 .96 1.40 817.00 7. Secure a tarp to the frame to exclude light or airborne pollutants.60 1.—the applications are endless. FF50MA FF50ACP FF50AB3 FF50AF FF50AUV ff50auv Mount on a Post or Wall Bioreactor Option Float Valve Post Not Included Basic System w/Manual Controls Pulse Auto Control Panel Bioreactor Precision AutoFeeder UV Sterilizer Ship Wt 290 lbs 5 lbs 75 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs $ 3.598. add a sL56 if ordering as a retrofit) to support up to 125 lbs of fish. Top View B D Side View C A In Overhead view of top filter chamber.347. and we are excited about adding another tank to our existing system. low-maintenance. etc. Select the automatic Pulse wash cycle using two dials–one for time on. 24" $ 638.40 2. You don't have any fish waste to handle or waste water to haul. Mike and Charlotte Henderson Manual Controls (Standard) FF50AF FF50ACP Automation Option Quarantine and Holding Systems New. All options are easy to install as retrofits. maintaining excellent water quality. The Fish Farm™ comes with a sturdy dome frame for hanging the Precision AutoFeeder and for supporting the net cover (included). Made in USA. ultra-quiet air pump recirculates the water. captures suspended particles and acts as a biofilter. day and night. Mike Hosford has been a readily available resource to help us with our Auto Fish Farm installation and operation.72 375.55 4+ A Crating charges not included in price. Note: All plumbing will be underground w/out stands. a top-mounting filter with multiple filtration chambers and a UL-listed submersible pump. Tanks are nestable and ship via motor freight.33 29. for retailing koi and goldfish in a pond shop.69 6. A single energy-efficient. order the Bioreactor (sL94 air pump included.050.25 Each — — — — 26. The Auto Fish Farm is a balanced.4788 Tech Support: 407. The Pulse Auto Control Panel (FF50ACP) can be added at any time to automate filter cleaning and fish feeding and is recommended for heavy fish and feed loading. Components assemble in about 1 hour. The trout we are raising in our basement are healthy and amazingly fast growing.239. The innovative Pulse BioClarifier (patent pending) gently settles out fish waste. The Precision AutoFeeder (FF50AF ) coupled with the Auto Control Panel make a complete.

347. we have the expertise to provide you with the best designs. Troubleshooting Waterlife field personnel will schedule on-site visits to assess water quality or filtration issues on existing systems. training and experience are reliable and proven. If you have other engineers working on a project. Order Online: AquaticEco. Engineering Need a system that incorporates dependable equipment suitably sized for the target species while also taking personnel and visitor needs into account? Waterlife's professional engineers draw on their 100+ years of experience to deliver exactly that. In addition. Consulting Receive expert advice on exhibit concept development. so you'll still have ways to save time and money without a complete overhaul.598. CAD Waterlife's drafting staff will give you drawings and specifications of your system from design through construction. Start-up. we can recommend retrofit work to optimize its efficiency. We value quality. thoroughness and timeliness with our diagnostics. What We Offer • • • • • • Project design. we offer a 3D virtual walkthrough. a great way to visualize the mechanical spaces that also prevents conflicts in the field during installation. aquarium and aquaculture industries. Concept development and implementation. engineering.8 Waterlife Design Group® Who We Are Waterlife Design Group® is a Order by Phone: 877. commissioning and staff training. Husbandry manuals and operations/maintenance manuals. Whether you need a life support system designed and installed or already have an LSS that needs improvement or expansion. If you have an older system. Troubleshooting and retrofitting existing systems. consulting and construction team servicing the public zoo. giving your staff valuable hands-on experience in proper maintenance and operational procedures. we will seamlessly coordinate with them to assist with any aspect of design.4788 Tech Support: 407. life support system requirements based on animal and exhibit needs and mechanical area layout. Turnkey systems. ensuring accuracy. consulting and management. efficiency and completeness in order to provide better long-term solutions. We even offer "green" design. We can provide both design and construction documentation to head off any problems that might crop up in building out a system design. design and layout. so there will be no costly surprises for you. If you want to maximize your facility's performance while remaining within budget. then Waterlife's knowledge.1401 . incorporating water reclamation and power conservation strategies to lessen your system's environmental impact. We can also provide training in person.

We will fine-tune all the components and train your staff to properly operate all equipment prior to sign-off by the owner. Start-Up/System Commissioning After the glue has cured and the pipes have been hydro-tested. we'll be happy to supply one if you prefer. Installation We are uniquely suited to assist our clients by drawing on our extensive field experience to make sure your system is not only functional but also easy to use and maintain.347. a Waterlife representative will be there to "flip the switch" and get your system up and running.598. Although not everyone needs an operations/maintenance manual.Waterlife Design Group® 9 Project Management A large-scale installation requires experts from several different trades to work together. Our experience means we will avoid potential pitfalls and retain the flexibility to smoothly handle the unexpected.4788 Tech Support: Order by Phone: 877. Waterlife's installation team includes master plumbers and project/ construction managers who fully understand the special needs of aquatic system construction where animal welfare is critical.1401 . To coordinate the various jobs and ensure that your filtration equipment is installed and integrated properly. Order Online: AquaticEco. Waterlife can provide an on-site project manager for the duration of the life support system installation.

ergonomic. • Children's Hospital of Boston. taking full advantage of their 20 years of experience as system designers and supplier to the aquaculture science communities. She specializes in recirculating systems for aquaculture and has done research on fish nutrition and larvaculture. Order Online: AquaticEco. When you partner with AHAB. • University of California. • Massachusetts General Hospital. AHAB developed the premier aquatic housing system now being copied by other manufacturers. efficient. We can make sure you get exactly what you want within the limits of your budget. San Francisco. Our policy of continuous improvement. • Oregon Health Sciences University. Technician Profile Abby Walker Abby received her BS in environmental science from Springfi eld College in Massachusetts and her MS in zoology from the University of New Hampshire. shrimp. university of Washington. Biological Laboratories. Custom system at AHAB production facility. stickleback. from carefully listening to your goals to making recommendations on facility design. incorporating customer feedback.4788 Tech Support: 407. Whatever research model you are working with—zebrafish.10 Aquatic Habitats® The Best Environment Outside of Nature Aquatic Habitats® (AHAB) was founded in 1997 to meet the unique needs of the aquatic research community. • University of Utah. engineers and other professionals with aquatic system experience can design the perfect system for you. aquaculturists. • • Fred • Carnegie • Marine Institution of Washington. • Georgetown University. • National University of Singapore. And now we are partnered with Aquatic Eco-Systems. • Phylonix Pharmaceuticals. Our combined resources will also speed up the development and introduction of enhanced systems and services. These fine institutions are already utilizing AHAB systems: Dana Farber Cancer Institute.598. We make every effort to keep updates backward compatible so all systems benefit. • University of Massachusetts Medical Center. university of utah. continues to help us evolve and maintain our position as the leader. • University of Order by Phone: 877. • National Institutes of Health (NIH).1401 . New York university. Princeton university. eel. Purdue university. We design a turnkey system that is secure. • University of Maine. AHAB now has access to more systems and expertise than ever before. • University College London. robust and as fail-safe as possible. medaka. we will be there for you every step of the way. • Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory.347. allowing you to focus on your research. We do it all—from design and manufacturing to turnkey installations. Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. • Harvard University. With AHAB you will receive the all-important "single-vendor" responsibility. octopus—AHAB's team of fisheries biologists. Xenopus.

You'll get flexible options regarding tank sizes. with as many racks as your research needs. time-tested zebrafish housing systems. Order by Phone: 877.5-liter tanks. filter accessories. Research Systems Here are a few of the systems that AHAB offers: Stand-Alone System The Stand-Alone is one of our proven. X-Rack The X-Rack line is designed for Xenopus applications and accommodates a wide variety of tank sizes for other species. Each shelf holds six 10-liter. For help ordering a system. filter media. air compressors. Mix and match for added versatility! Danio rerio Multi Glass Tank System With bigger tanks than the Stand-Alone system.Aquatic Habitats® 11 The New AquaticHabitats. tubing and more—directly from AHAB's website! Click on "Consumables" in the top navigation bar to get started.4788 Tech Support: 407. Also a great choice for toxicology-related studies in which plastic tanks may not be ideal.598. you can fit up to 120 tanks in the same footprint as three conventional 10-gallon glass aquaria! Xenopus laevis Benchtop System The AHAB benchtop system is ideal for labs that have no floor space and limited counter space. Oryzias latipes Close-up of spawning sites. Mass Embryo Production System (MEPS®) Designed specifically for the production of large numbers of zebrafish embryos for drug screening. In fact. chemicals. shelf configurations. Order Online: Now you can order consumables and repair or replacement parts for your AHAB system—including tanks.1401 . toxicology assays/experiments or propagation of fish. call 407-886-7575 or request a system quote online. the Multi Glass system is a nice fit for labs where larger species of fish are being used. Multi-Rack System The Multi-Rack system is custom-built to your specifications. No facility design is too complicated. air pumps. Save time setting up and keeping track of your experiments compared with conventional fish-keeping systems. twelve 3-liter or twenty 1.347. rack widths and heights—everything.

inadequate mixing?  Lack of benthic organisms such as mussels and snails?  Foul odors and fishkills?   erial mapping & aeration equipment A sizing. oxygen can be consumed faster than it can be Order by Phone: 877. Whether you need a large reservoir aeration system designed and quoted. that's when we succeed. giving all the high level of attention and service they deserve. as mandated by the US Clean Water Act of 1972. Don't wait until you experience a fishkill to realize that you have a problem! Aeration system design map. Eliminate thermal stratification.  Not suspend bottom sediments—guaranteed!  Bathymetric map of country club lake in Southgate. you're in qualified hands.598. We can provide you with the following services: • Does your lake or pond have .  General aquatic troubleshooting. killing aquatic animals in the lower levels.. One of our lake technicians testing a new product. having improved the quality of large bodies of water and aquatic ecosystems since 1978.  Improve water clarity. assistance troubleshooting the backyard farm pond or simply an answer for an aquatic question.347.  Fisheries consulting. Nutrients that would normally be unavailable or "locked" in the sediment get recycled into the water column.  Eliminate fishkills and improve fishery.  quatic weed management A assistance. The Solution Invented Here A Great Lakes® synergistic airlift diffuser assembly will deliver up to 10 lbs of dissolved oxygen per horsepower per hour! Our Sweetwater ® compressor. Fertilizers. septic tank seepage and nutrients recycled from the sediment all increase a lake's need for oxygen.  Reduce internal nutrient cycling. accurate technical information and believe this dedication to detail is the keystone of our business and important for your success. • • • Pond management consulting. delivers 8. Without bottom oxygen. Count on lots of personal attention as we draw from our extensive resources to tackle all your lake and pond problems. During the summer months when the water is warm. If you accomplish your goals. These excess nutrients are just as harmful to the lake as those that come from the surrounding watershed. poor circulation and/or rapid consumption. We also stock a wide selection of equipment and can ship in-stock items the same day! Our Lakes team is ready to listen and help. Our Lakes Department values relationships with every customer. The Results A Great Lakes® aeration/destratification system will: • • • • • • • • • We focus on correct.  Reduce algae growth. Oxygen is absorbed at the surface but fails to reach the lake bottom due to thermal stratification.. animal droppings.  Reduce BOD and COD. Give us a call at 407-472-0520 to talk with a lakes technician. a lake's self-purification capability is reversed.  Reduce sedimentation rate (muck accumulation).12 Lake & Pond AES Lakes Department Aquatic Eco-Systems Lakes Department We are world leaders in lake management systems. KY. • • • • • • • Frequent algae blooms?  Low oxygen in the lower levels?  High nutrient levels?  Toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia?  Stagnant. Order Online: AquaticEco. We do require accurate data on which to base our design and guarantee.  • The Problem A great need for oxygen exists at the bottom of a eutrophic (nutrient rich) lake. Guarantee We will guarantee in writing that our aeration systems will keep the bottom dissolved oxygen above 5 mg/L. Our 50+ years of field experience in pond and lake management includes a PhD Professional Engineer who leads a staff of highly trained biologists.1401 .000 gpm/hp of circulation—by far the highest in the industry—guaranteed.  Increase bottom redox potential.4788 Tech Support: 407. when requested to do so. in conjunction with our Great Lakes® synergistic airlift diffuser assemblies. technicians and specialists.

6 Water Clarity (Secchi Depth) 1. The cost of treating the reservoir's water (to make it drinkable) was significantly reduced. tubing.4 1. The AES Great Lakes Aeration System brought rapid improvement that exceeded their criteria.4 0. carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.4788 Tech Support: 407. Florida. algae blooms. The lake generated many complaints involving hydrilla. including a significant improvement in water clarity. Within weeks. such as ammonia. ® Park Lake A 10-acre lake. Without the mussels. Large Lake and Reservoir Systems We have everything needed for a complete solution.6 0. man-made reservoir was highly eutrophic. The diversity and quantity of other species increased.2 0 Jul Phosphorus Total Phosphorous Ortho Phosphorous Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 28 18 15 12 mg/L 9 6 3 0 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec ® 24 Carbon Dioxide & Dissolved Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Dissolved Oxygen Ammonia (Nitrogen) mg/L 20 16 12 8 4 0 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Return a design questionnaire and we will size and quote the perfect Great Lakes system. Dissolved oxygen levels were typically less than 1 ppm at the bottom and ORP values above the sediment layer (in some places up to 13 feet thick!) were -400 mV.0 0. Lake Study: Park Lake 24 21 18 15 Depth (feet) 12 9 6 3 0 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec mg/L 1. The Taiwan Water Authority used two main criteria for judging the success of the operation: the D. Inc. mufflers. located in Orlando. Oxygen becomes depleted and toxic gases. snails. the lake's water quality could only get worse.2 1. The Great Lakes® Synergistic Airlift Technique employs oilless air compressors with the appropriate accessories. dissolved oxygen levels in the lake increased and the toxic gases dispersed. accumulate. Order Online: Order by Phone: 877. the lake supported largemouth bass and hundreds of waterfowl.000 acres of lakes. Visit our website or call and ask for the Lakes Department. the lower water cannot exchange gases. supplied and installed an aeration/ destratification system in the 255-acre Chern Ching drinking water reservoir in Taiwan. The lake remained stratified (stratification occurs when a layer of warmer. Nutrient levels would increase from the internal nutrient cycling. Over the years. Chern Ching Reservoir Aquatic Eco-Systems. less dense water settles on top of cooler. soundproofing. aerobic bacteria and other organisms that feed on the detritus.1401 . designed. Park Lake is now considered a jewel to the city and the surrounding neighborhood and to have some of the best water quality in this city of 90 lakes. the City of Orlando has purchased thirty additional systems for other city lakes. levels measured at 4 inches above the sediment layer would have to be at least 4 ppm and the ORP values at any location would have to be greater than 0. including protective cabinets. The ability of the lake to assimilate nutrients into the food web has been vastly improved.O. denser water). low dissolved oxygen. The urban run-off added nutrients to the 24-foot deep lake. Most of the lake's bottom remained devoid of organisms. Phosphorus and other nutrient levels decreased and water quality improved. The Taiwan Water Authority declared the operation a success on all accounts. Within one year. couplers and clamps as well as super efficient air diffuser assemblies..347.598. The 45-year-old.8 0.Lake & Pond Case Studies 13 AES has aerated over 500. The City of Orlando installed an aeration system designed to aerate the lake by turning over the water every six days. The herbicides that were used offered some relief of the blooms but were an expensive. and internal nutrient cycling compounded the problem. When this occurs. was plagued with some of the poorest water quality in the area. high nutrient levels and fishkills. ongoing cost.

Reliable Rocking Piston Compressor Hinged Cover for Easy Access High-Flow. which provides extra air in larger.624.056.62 1.78 Louvered Design Allows for Optimal Air Flow Rubber Shock Mounts Reduce Vibration DA2B System DA2B DA2BW DA2BWNC DA2BNC DA2BNT Cabinet Unweighted Tubing (200') up to 1/8 acre. The sound-reducing.39 1. NoiseReducing Air Filter Open Top Cabinet Design Allows for Easy Maintenance DA1B System DA1B DA1BW DA1BWNC DA1BNC DA1BNT Cabinet Unweighted Tubing (100') P P P P P Weighted Tubing (100') P P Ship Wt (lbs) Efficient. required for DA3B) is sold separately.162.70 1.80 1.547. 8 Feet of Heat-Dissipating Hose Included Pressure Relief Valve Included Sound-Reducing Foam High-Flow.15 860. DA1B and DA2B come with ala4glb 4-diffuser manifold (DA2B includes two) and unweighted or easy-to-install weighted tubing (see item descriptions below for which is included). 3–5' deep up to 1/4 acre.474. 9–12' deep up to 2 acres.518. 105-cfm Cooling Fan 45+12 59+12 38+12 24+12 39+12 $ 1. Instructions are included.4788 Tech Support: 407. rocking piston air compressor and larger ala6glb 6-diffuser manifold. efficient rocking piston air compressor and synergistic diffuser manifolds.94 1. deeper impoundments.347. 3–5' deep up to 1/2 acre.93 833. 115V/60 Hz. Order Online: AquaticEco. Also available is the DA3B aeration system. ventilated. 12–15' deep up to 3 acres. In keeping with the benefits of the original systems. weatherproof.359. heavy-duty cabinet is easily installed on a post. the compressor can be located up to 1. 12–15' deep up to 11/2 acres. 9–12' deep up to 1 acre. the DA3B is install-ready with all-weather cabinet.14 Lake & Pond Aeration Great Lakes® Aeration Systems ® Invented Here TF Our Great Lakes Aeration Systems are complete and ready-to-go packages that include everything you need: lockable heavy-duty aluminum cabinet.000' away with additional P200S tubing. and the entire unit can be shipped Ground.1401 . Weighted 5/8" tubing ( wd1r. To keep from bringing electricity to the Order by Phone: 877. Great Lakes® systems with self-weighted tubing do not require bricks or ties and install much easier and faster than systems with unweighted tubing. 230V systems require longer lead time.65 1. 5–9' deep up to 1 acre.078.598.11 up to 1/4 acre. Or install on the ground with an additional base (dabase ). 15–20' deep da1b P P P P P Weighted Tubing (200') P P 56+12+12 85+12+12 63+12+12 35+12+12 44+12+12 Ship Wt (lbs) $ 1. pier or boathouse. 5–9' deep up to 1/2 acre. 15–20' deep da2b *Consult the sizing guides on these pages or call 407-472-0520 for the Lakes Department and ask for sizing advice on irregularly shaped ponds.

11 1.89/4+ 34.18/10+ 1.30 12. 5–9' deep up to 11/2 acres. 15–18' deep up to 4 acres. Thanks! Tom Rosegger.22 1. 18–20' deep DA3B Lockable lid shown on ground mount (DABASE ).80 .60 17.39 75. Barb x Barb Replacement Cooling Fan Replacement Diffuser 9" Repl.02/4+ 69. and I am very pleased with his help. 9–12' deep up to 21/2 acres. Diffuser Replacement Air Filter DA1B Compressor Repair Kit DA2B Compressor Repair Kit DA3B Compressor Repair Kit Ground Mount w/24" x 24" Pad $ 45.36 121.11 1. Ship Wt (lbs) $ 1.15 43.48 4. MS DFAN ALR15MB ALR23MB Order Online: AquaticEco.598.34/10+ Order by Phone: 877.584.65/10+ — 11.44/10+ 3.01/4+ 86.1401 .48 . 12–15' deep up to 31/2 acres.4788 Tech Support: 407.98 1.36 112.27 112. Close-up of Lock up to 3/4 acre.22 Handheld Depth Finder—see page 36. Accessories WD2R WD2R-100 WD1R P200S 62071 62072 ZB3858 DFAN ALR15MB ALR23MB AB300B DA1B-RK DA2B-RK DA3B-RK DABASE 50' 3/8" Weighted Air Tubing 100' 3/8" Weighted Air Tubing 50' 5/8" Weighted Air Tubing 100' 1/2" Unweighted Air Tubing 3/8" x 3/8" Adapter.26 37.423.69 91.44/10+ .347.24/10+ — — — WD2R-100 Lake Specialist John Baylor went above and beyond what I expected.584. Barb x Barb 1/2" x 1/2" Adapter.Lake & Pond Aeration 15 DA3B System Cabinet DPX200 DA3B P 52+15 DA3BNC 31+15 DA3B-230* P 52+15 DA3BNC-230* 31+15 *230V models have additional lead time.423. Barb x Barb 3/8" x 5/8" Brass Adapter.02/4+ .05 40. This is all you see in the water when your aeration system is running.30 128.

It's best to install the system prior to stratification. The temperature. unconfined airlifts or non-ducted aeration systems have been studied for many years in a variety of applications. The 4-sq. We'll need to know the lake's shape. moving 2. The surface boil—created by the kinetic energy of the rising water—rises approximately two inches above the surrounding water level. fountains and "air bubblers" are typically less than 2 lbs per horsepower per hour. But. history. use that same small volume of air to induce a significant rising current. surface tension and wind. In the case of a stratifi ed lake. the buoyant plume will rise to different levels before water is detrained and moves out horizontally. escape from the bottom water. From there. All diffusers need maintenance.. safe and virtually maintenance free.598. The flowrate of unconfined systems can be quantified. What is clear is using confined flow or flow in a ducted system is not an accurate method of describing flowrates in unconfined bubble plume systems. bottom type. even ones with rubber membranes. it is difficult to describe water flowrates from bubble plumes without complex limnological and climatological input data. Supersaturated gases. moving low oxygen water up from the bottom and eliminating The bubbles continue to rise and entrain more water. Most lakes cover vast areas and contain millions of gallons of water with a biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of 10 mg/l or less. Without a standard method.ft. It's the most effective lake aerator made! As little as 3/4 horsepower can be used to properly aerate a eutrophic 10-acre lake! Technically Speaking Subsurface Peel • When oxygen levels are low. solar radiation and wind speed also affect the water flow patterns in bubble plumes. And. Weakly stratified conditions will affect water flow differently than strongly stratified conditions. should never be used as a basis for system sizing. depending upon temperature. using a confining tube will affect the velocity and flowrate (causing a "chimney effect").347. The column of water entrained within the bubbles from a synergistic diffuser rises at about a foot per second. There is no electricity in the water. Tech Talk 36 Lake Aeration It takes a lot more than bubbles to do it right. and you have an extremely efficient lake aerator! Aquatic Eco-Systems' synergistic airlift diffusers are designed to lift and circulate huge volumes of water. and oxygen is absorbed. Common to all of these applications is the difficulty in predicting water flowrates and lake or pond turnover water is entrained (carried with the bubbles) in a mixture of bubbles and water. Hundreds of man-hours have gone into the development of this technique. The detrained water will sink to a level of neutral density and then spread out horizontally away from the bubble plume. However. So a few random air bubbles rising from the bottom just aren't enough to satisfy a lake's need for oxygen.) Bubbles expand and spread out as they rise. containment of water quality contaminants (phytoplankton and suspended solids) and ocean sequestration of carbon dioxide. Others have completed fl owrate testing in tanks or containers where walls and boundaries affect the results. water source. Some manufacturers have placed their diffusers in a draft tube to determine the water flowrate. making the diffuser appear to perform better than it Order by Phone: 877.000 gpm from the area above the diffuser (a drilled pipe diffuser with the same air volume would move only about 200 gpm). These systems have been used for lake and reservoir destratifi cation. including underwater dye-flow studies and destratification experiments. including carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Call for a sizing form or you'll find one online at AquaticEco. size. There are several types of fl ow patterns generated. which can be described as Types 1. There's no danger to swimmers. The system is simple. either by measuring the time required to destratify a large lake-like impoundment or by taking direct measurements of their flowrate. It takes know-how and a properly-sized Great Lakes® aeration/ destratification system. As the bubbles rise to the water surface.4788 Tech Support: 407. This rising bubble plume carries deeper water that is colder and heavier than the water above. This will vary depending on the degree of stratification as shown in the figure. These methods of testing are so unlike the actual conditions of unconfined bubble plumes that the results should not be used to predict flowrates in an open water body and should not be used in making comparisons between diffuser systems. If the volume of anaerobic bottom water is greater than 1/6 of the lake's total volume.1401 . The lake surface tension is ruptured in the boil area. Because of these complications. These unique air diffusers were specifi cally engineered to cause an upwelling current without turbulence or bottom erosion. An AES aeration specialist will be happy to assist with equipment selection and system design. there is no way to accurately compare different unconfined bubble systems because there is no standardized method of testing to evaluate water flowrates. • Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 • In unconfined bubble columns. lake stratification and weather conditions. bringing life-giving oxygen from the surface to the bottom. The fi gure below shows the three flow patterns. flow. depths. contact AES for start-up instructions. Researchers have shown that water flowrates in bubble plumes will vary depending on gas flowrate. Several researchers have used sophisticated water quality models to describe bubble plume behavior in different applications. diffuser assembly creates a vertical current using the rising force of air. water within the bubble plume is detrained (ejected) or peels off. At this level. you can expect transfer performance of more than 10 lbs of dissolved oxygen per horsepower per hour! (Pumps.16 Lake & Pond Tech Talks Tech Talk 122 Water Flow and Turnover Rates in Bubble Plume Aeration Systems Bubble plumes. At present. air is forced through diffusers at the lake bottom. This is because of the complex interaction of limnological and climatological conditions.. sometimes traveling more than 100 feet. • • • • Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. there is no way of comparing water fl ow and turnover rates for competing systems. like hundreds of others. the water rushes outward until its energy has dissipated. 2 and 3. bubble curtains for prevention of ice formation. Turnover rates are especially difficult to calculate and. The plume will rise until the negatively buoyant water is no longer entrained. gas transfer and reaeration. etc. boaters or aquatic life—even a marking buoy is unnecessary. until a standard measurement is established. Order Online: AquaticEco. Every lake is different. you'll enjoy watching the surface "spring" boils.

Unfortunately. The method we used in our R&D. either by measuring the time required to destratify a large lake-like impoundment or by taking direct measurements of their flowrate. It will require a wire rack with 2" x 2" grid. however.4788 Tech Support: 407. That would be like comparing the rise rate of free-floating helium balloons to that of a chimney full of helium balloons. It will also cause all of the tested devices that have the same airflow rate to have the same water flowrate. The ceramic diffusers used on SAMs should be inspected every three years in most cases. The ALA6glb diffuser manifolds are best used in water 8 to 40 feet deep.1401 . which limits their effectiveness. If you are managing a municipal lake or reservoir. The rubber membrane type (RM) was designed to aerate waste water. The ALA8glb diffuser manifold is typically used in water deeper than 30 feet. It can be used for diffused air. see Tech Talk 68—Airlift Notes). as opposed to aquaculture or wastewater. This technique requires a specific spacing of the individual diffuser fingers to provide nonturbulent entrainment of the bottom water into the column of rising bubbles. in keeping with the US Clean Water Act of 1972. dislodging the fouling matter. The deeper the water. retrieve the diffuser and replace the rubber membrane. The goal is to identify and measure the uprising column of water's minimum diameter and speed. These shallow depths cause short circuiting of the lifted water back to the diffuser. After that. thus removing stratification. as in a balloon. The flow rack should be fixed at the minimum column diameter in the upwelling stream. The smaller ALA4glb manifold is designed for shallow lakes from 4 to 8 feet in depth. This is true for all diffusers. Destratification is the most economical form of lake aeration. greatly reducing their oxygen transfer ability. many more of them must be used to achieve the same result as a single synergistic airlift assembly. as illustrated by B. we have seen a lot of lake aeration companies come and go. For that reason. measurements recorded. You can use either a dye or a flow grid (along with a diver and underwater camera) for in-place measurements. more diffuser manifolds per surface acre of water are required than for a deeper lake of the same size. Realizing this problem early on. AES then developed the synergistic airlifts as the best nonducted or unconfined airlifts. then estimate and subtract losses due to eddy currents (dye will provide a good visual). but it may be impractical for lake applications where there is only one compressor. Subtract losses from eddy currents and express results in gallons per minute per kilowatt hour. During our research and development. they may operate for as long as one year without excessive clogging. unconfined. This will blow up the rubber. If detected. One thing they had in common was that they all exaggerated their performance. The goal of our technique is to move enough water to keep the lake bottom above 5 mg/l dissolved oxygen. If used for lake aeration. This difference makes the standard aeration techniques ineffective or impractical. The original pressure will be quickly restored and the small amount of acid will be diluted with no effect on the lake. It is important that this be done in a large lake-like impoundment with very clear water (much of our testing was done in clear ocean waters).Lake & Pond Tech Talks 17 Tech Talk 101 Lake Destratification System Evaluation Over the last 31 years at AES. Tech Talk 94 Lake Aeration Diffusers The air diffusers used will determine the overall efficiency of a lake aeration/ destratification system. making comparisons impossible. The synergistic airlift assembly (SAM) is made to lift a large volume of bottom water. Wastewater treatment plants are designed for this. Order Online: AquaticEco. SAMs were developed through extensive underwater flow testing to lift the maximum amount of water from above the diffuser to the surface of the lake with a minimum amount of air (8. is the flow grid. Each was designed for different tasks. Lakes have a very low BOD to volume ratio. we recommend that you join the North American Lake Management Society (608-233-2836). but the following is the background you will need to evaluate manufacturers' claims. We estimate their efficiency at 90%. 6glb and 8gl diffuser manifolds. remote cleaning can be accomplished by doubling or tripling the amount of air delivered to a diffuser. Measuring Performance The performance of systems can be quantified." high efficiency and lack of a requirement for a sophisticated air diffuser (for an explanation of how ducted airlifts work. RM diffusers will tear. with 12" long negatively buoyant ribbons attached at each intersection and adjustable legs. which is very efficient at moving bottom water to the surface.347. and the one that we feel is the most accurate. When the rubber membrane diffusers are used in salt water or waste water. as the confining tube will increase the velocity and flowrate ("chimney effect"). then annually checking the pressure to see if it has increased. Therefore. RM diffusers are not designed to lift water for destratification. The two most common styles are the synergistic airlift assembly (developed by AES) and the rubber membrane diffuser. or other important water body. propeller or venturi type destratification devices. It is no different today! We see others with superior claims who have not measured or don't know how to measure their performance. so they are not recommended for lake Diffusers can be cleaned by pouring muriatic acid into the air lines and turning on the compressor. installation and maintenance costs. however.000 pm/hp). we had to discontinue their use for most lake destratification jobs because of their high capital.598. you cannot use a draft tube measuring device (A). we developed the air-driven. we naturally began with a draft tube because of its "chimney effect. This is only accomplished by moving large volumes of water. Sometimes. Clogging can be detected by recording the air pressure when new. the greater volume of air that needs to be used by each Order by Phone: 877. It's not easy. then flows calculated by the diameter of the current and rise rate. The draft tubes worked very well. destratification technique. Each is optimized for a specific depth range. they must take on the odd shape of the ALA4glb. www.

Install a Great Lakes ® system and be confident that you have the most effi cient and effective system available. 4–6' deep 4GL96 up to 31/ ep 2 acres.279. These systems feature Sweetwater® unconfined synergistic airlift (USA™) diffusers that have proven their effectiveness in over 250. One-year warranty.41 97 lbs 2. 0–30 psi liquid-filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. We have more experience than anybody. w/o Cabinet 147 lbs 87 lbs $ Order by Phone: 877.347.67 2. Our shallow lake systems. 4–6' deep up to 11/ ep 2 acres. 4GL32 up to 1/2 acre. 4–6' deep 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs $ 97. Tubing is not included. not wired. gasket and two inlet filter elements.479. 6–9' deep up to 11/ p 2 acres.678.93 4GL53 up to 3/4 acre.664. 9–12' deep up to 4 acres.598. then contact us to double-check before ordering. w/o Cabinet 3/4-hp ship Wt 150 lbs 90 lbs $ 2. add oxygen and deliver the many benefits that result from sufficient bottom oxygen.66 114. Great Lakes® systems feature Sweetwater® oilless rotary vane compressors that include a muffler. 4–6' deep up to 1 acre. For Shallow Lakes For shallow lakes: Systems come factory wired for either 115V or 230V single-phase (add "-230" after part number for 230V). w/o Cabinet 165 lbs 105 lbs $ 3.166.000 acres of lakes worldwide. 12–15' deep ship Wt up to 2 acres. 4–6' deep up to 21/ ep 2 acres.197.829. 12–15' deep 4gL54 gL54NC Aeration System + 4 Diffusers w/Cabinet Same.46 1. 12–15' deep 1/4-hp Aeration System + 2 Diffusers w/Cabinet 4gL32 4gL32NC Same.1401 . we recommend P200 polyethylene tubing on the land and WD1 weighted tubing underwater.104. 9–12' deep up to 5 acres. 6–9' de up to 5 acres.48 4GL54 up to 2 acres. 9–12' dee up to 2 acres.88 13.90 4gL96 1-hp Aeration System + 6 Diffusers w/Cabinet 4gL96NC Same. 6–9' deep up to 3 a cres. 12–15' deep ship Wt 3/4-hp Aeration System + 3 Diffusers w/Cabinet 4gL53 4gL53NC Same. 12–15' deep ship Wt 4GL75 up to 11/2 acres.60 230.952.47 Note: Maintenance kits include four sacrificial carbon vanes. are also available. Maintenance kits include four sacrificial carbon vanes. For system sizing see the Average Sizing Guides below. gasket and two inlet filter elements.468. inlet check valve.83 1.92 1. SL3MK SL5MK SL9MK N516 Maintenance Kit for 1/4-hp System Maintenance Kit for 3/4-hp System Maintenance Kit for 1-hp System Nut Driver (Fits All Clamps) ship Wt Powered by up to 1 acre. w/o Cabinet 3/4-hp ship Wt 157 lbs $ 2.4788 Tech Support: 407.92 4gL75 4gL75NC Aeration System + 5 Diffusers w/Cabinet Same.18 Lake & Pond Aeration Invented Here great Lakes® Aeration Systems The Great Lakes® aeration/destratification system is guaranteed to be the lowest cost method of inducing circulation to remove stratification. 6–9' de up to 2 acres. are recommended when the majority of the lake is 4–15 feet deep.79 Order Online: AquaticEco. w/o Cabinet 127 lbs 67 lbs $ 2. 9–12' deep up to 3 acres. Installation available. 9–12' deep up to 6 acres. 6–9' de up to 4 acres. Three-phase models. control valves. which use the ALA4gLb diffuser manifold(s).

10–12' deep up to 13 acres. 8–10' deep sL7 up to 7 p acres. If used in the water. Tubing sold separately due to the variation in lake sizes. sL3 up to 2 Order by Phone: 877. Cabinets come mounted on a lightweight equipment pad that is suitable for private installations. Motor starters.914. Cabinets can be located a long distance from the lake shore (call and ask us for guidance or see the friction loss chart with HeavySet® tubing). 10–12' dee up to 9 ac res. 15–20' deep up to 10 acres. lockable cabinet.10 2. 15–18' deep SL3 SL3NC 1/4-hp Aeration System (AQ3) + Diffusers w/Cabinet Same. lock(s) and soundproofing that keeps the noise level below 55 dB (normal conversation) at 10' and virtually inaudible at 50'. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties.25 80 1.575.314. The compressors can be mounted in an optional vandalproof. One coupling and two clamps per connection will be needed.945. 12–15' deep up to 17 acres.598. 12–15' deep up to 13 acres. The cabinet can be bolted to a concrete base (for public installations).05 Order Online: AquaticEco.1401 . the unweighted tubing requires tie wraps ( T120R) and three-hole bricks (purchased locally) attached every 5–8' for weight. phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally. 8–10' deep up to 10 acres.65 1.Lake & Pond Aeration 19 For Deep Lakes For deep lakes: Compressors are factory wired for either 115V or 230V single-phase (add "-230" after part number for 230V). w/o Cabinet 120 60 $ 1. 15–18' deep ship Wt (lbs) 3/4-hp Aeration System (AQ5) + 2 Diffusers w/Cabinet SL5 SL5NC Same. w/o Cabinet ship Wt (lbs) 142 82 $ 2.4788 Tech Support: 407. 10–12' deep up to 6 p acres.184.47 1. The cabinet is made of 1/8" thick galvanized steel and powder-coated avocado green to blend into the landscape.24 SL9 1-hp Aeration System (AQ9) + 4 Diffusers w/Cabinet SL9NC Same. Cabinets include built-in cooling fan(s).92 SL7 SL7NC 3/4-hp Aeration System (AQ7) + 3 Diffusers w/Cabinet Same. Three-phase models. 15–18' deep ship Wt (lbs) up to 1 acre. 20–28' deep sL5 sL9 ship Wt (lbs) up to 8 acres. Self-weighted tubing (WD1) takes much less time to install and eliminates the bricks and tie wraps. 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment. 10–12' deep up to 3 a cres.76 up to 4 acres.617. not wired. 12–15' deep up to 5 acres. w/o Cabinet 150 90 $ 2. Both types of tubing can be connected using couplings (101A) and clamps (use SSA for P200 tubing and SSb for WD1 tubing). are also available. Choose either a 100' (P200S) or 400' (P200) roll of unweighted tubing on land. 12–15' dee up to 8 ac res.551. 8–10' deep up to 5 acres.347. w/o Cabinet 140 $ 2. Deep lake systems use our ALA6gLb diffuser manifold(s) intended for lakes deeper than 8'. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation. the boil from an installed aeration system.876.

Contains 2% carbon black for UV protection. Installation is fast.625" .2 cfm indicate the 6-diffuser manifold is most efficient.45 1.00 — 13. Study by Gerald L.85 10. however. Synergistic lift occurs when individual air diffusers arranged in an array create a bubble plume that renders the whole diffuser assembly greater than the sum of its individual air diffusers.34/10+ 1. Weight $ 1. p250 SSB SSC 1" SS Clamps for WD4 SSE 11/2" SS Clamps for WD5 T120R Tie Wraps.70 . Compatible with 1/2" "nominal" insert fittings and "shoreside" tubing. Ships Nominal Actual Weight Max psi Coil Ground I. 3 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 62071 Barb 3 /8 " 1" I. This phenomenon is depicted in the graph. in marine science. 111/16" O.00/4+ 2. the Sweetwater ® synergistic airlift diffuser manifold has a greater pumping rate as airflow increases than that of the rubber membrane-based competition. At flowrates up to 2. P200S P200 P250 P300 Yes Yes Yes No 5/8" 5/8" 3/4" 1" .060" .25/4+ 1. P300 ships by motor freight. Made in USA.A.5' off the bottom.824" 1.00/4+ 150.500 2.4788 Tech Support: 407.4°F Length Each Coil Technician Profile Daniel Kerr Dan graduated form Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.D. shorter distances or where line loss is not important.049" .D.34 300' 148.D. Uses insert fittings with hose clamps. when tested in the same environment.30/4+ 133.2 cfm. "Evaluation of Fine Bubble Diffuser Pumping Rates" 3.63 35.80/ft — 37.63 1. the 4-diffuser manifold is the most efficient method of aeration.24/4+ 117. x 30' H tank. 3/4" for WD4 1/2" SS Clamps for WD2.24 — 15.598.625" .31/10+ Order by Phone: 877.37/10+ 12.06 4.D. while the 4-diffuser manifold ( ALA4GLB) produces the maximum pumping rate at flowrates below 2. wd1r Ships exposed.000 1. After testing was completed.44 34.96 1. Lifetime warranty.2 cfm.22/10+ 1. The dark blue color makes it easy to hide.65/4+ 3.500 1.58 2 3 4 5 ssb kt100 Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Tubing This heavy-duty.11/ft — 132. Requires clamps (or solvent weld the couplings). Made in USA.07/ft — 45.39 86.60/4+ Third-Party Comparison of Lake Diffusers This experiment was performed in a 21' Dia.20 .48 — 2 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 62069 Barb 3 /8 " 5 /8 " 1/4" Actual 1/2" O. p200 101B Coupling.D.50/4+ 91.347. Each coil of this unique tubing has sealed ends and is factory pressurized at 10 psi. 5/8" WD1 Per foot 1 lb 5/8" WD1R 50' Coil 27 lbs WD1R-100 100' Coil 5/8" 54 lbs 3/8" WD2 Per foot 1 lb 3/8" WD2R 50' Coil 10 lbs WD2R-100 100' Coil 3/8" 20 lbs 1/4" 1 lb WD3 Per foot 1/4" WD3R 50' Coil 6.D.61/ft — 75. 12 oz/ft Use SSC Clamps Use 101B Barb Actual O.26 2. 2. Inc. differs from nominal size. 18 oz/ft Use SSE Clamps Use 101C Barb I. He has advanced knowledge and experience with water quality testing and practice. The results show that. 50/Pkg. flowrates greater than 2.29 .26 70. 1 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 101A Barb 5 /8 " 5 /8 " Air Friction Loss Psi Cfm Air Friction Loss Psi Cfm Distance Inches H2 O Distance Inches H2 O 1 1.93/10+ 1.40 1.20 Lake & Pond Aeration Invented Here wd3 wd2 wd1 wd4 wd5 p200 HeavySet® Weighted Air Tubing Our HeavySet® tubing remains on the bottom when filled with air.060" . Note: Actual I.02/4+ .000 500 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Gas Flowrate (SCFM) 14 16 18 6-Diffuser 4-Diffuser 4-Disc 2-Disc Order Online: AquaticEco. 5/8" for WD1. Call for large quantity discounts.00/4+ 1. Diffusers were placed in 7' of water but raised 3. Pumping rates increase as airflow increases.000 Pumping Rate (GPM) 2. clean and neat. Wall Per 100' @73. Shell @ GSEE.80 400' 125. p250 SSA 3/4" SS Clamps for WD1.30 1.00 97.47 .48 1.D.2 cfm.82 400' 130.12/10+ 1.D. For long distances and large bodies of water use 3/4" or 1". the following conclusions were offered: 1. 8 oz/ft Use SSB Clamps Use 101A Barb 3/4" I.44/ft — 105.12 2 3 4 5 6 8 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 4 8 13 19 27 44 . Use 1/4" or 3/8" for smaller volumes of air.1401 .5 lbs 3/4" 1 lb WD4 Per foot 3/4" WD4R 50' Coil 39 lbs WD5 Per foot 1" 2 lbs WD5R 50' Coil 1" 59 lbs 101A Coupling. 17/16" O. 15" Long KT100 Tubing Cutter 5/16" Nut Driver for Clamps N516 I.00 124.53 140.D.D.070" 6 lbs 6 lbs 7 lbs 11 lbs 100 100 100 100 100' $ 37.02/4+ 113. high-density polyethylene tubing is kink-resistant and durable.63 . 11/8" O. T  he 6" x 9" glass-bonded silica 6-diffuser manifold (ALA6GLB) configuration produces the maximum pumping rate at flowrates over 2. 5/8" I.20 1.5 101a 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 18 35 57 115 190 280 .D.060" .15 6.69 42. It is important to note these differences in efficiency are a direct result of air diffuser size and proven arrangements.

Whether you use glass-bonded silica or rubber membranes. However. If this back pressure persists.0 . 3 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 10 lbs* 1 lb 13 lbs* 3 lbs 6 lbs 16 lbs* 2 lbs 9 lbs 1 lb $ 56. The good news: An annual inspection plan is all it takes for you to rest assured your system is running optimally. Whether or not a diffuser is operating unobstructed is impossible to tell by simply looking at the bubble plume.56 22. Rubber diffuser membranes consist of many tiny holes that open as air passes through and close when airflow ceases. undiluted muriatic acid can be used for both kinds of diffusers.98 159.0–7. 3 Cut Weighted.36 8.20 3. tubing.4 cfm. Underlay Repl. **Also compatible with discontinued models ALA4gL and ALA6gL. aLa4GLb aLa6GLb aLP4 aD11GL aFM4GL aFM6GL Diffuser Comparison Diffuser type recommended cfm Inlet Fitting 3 / 8" 5 / 8" 5 / 8" 5 / 8" 5 / 8" 5 / 8" 5 / 8" ship Wt (lbs) replacement Diffuser application ALP4 ALA4gLb ALA6gLb ALA8gL AFM4gL AFM6gL AD11gL WD50 WD55 4 x 3" Medium-Pore 4 x 6" Medium-Pore 6 x 9" Medium-Pore 8 x 9" Medium-Pore 4 x 6" EPDM Membrane 6 x 10" EPDM Membrane Rubber Membrane Weighted. AFM4gL AFM6gL S1 4-Diffuser Station 1. when compressed air is introduced into water.1/ft . causing unnecessary back pressure on the compressor or blower over time.4 6-Diffuser Station 3–7 Repl.4 3.0 6.4 3.2 cfm.5–2. 6–10 cfm.598.71/10+ — — 11.60 189. it is imperative they are checked at least once a year to determine if cleaning is necessary. 5/8" Barb 9" Repl. leading to an inability to go back to its original size for the rubber (called memory loss).00 249. Nothing in life is maintenance-free. I. This process prevents water from entering the unit. other organics and mineral deposits such as calcium carbonate.Aeration/Tech Talk Lake & Pond 21 Synergistic Airlift Diffusers by great Lakes® ALP4 ALR8Mb ALP4MU ALA4gLb ALR15Mb ALA6gLb S1b S2 ALA8gL ALR23Mb AD11gL CV1 Small Pond Diffuser Manifold.01/ft barb barb barb barb barb barb barb I. There is only one way to be sure the diffusers are free of obstructions—remove them from the water and take a look. calcium carbonate (CaCO3) forms a hard crust on the diffuser surface.09 156. This results in larger bubble size and a less efficient diffuser. 5/8" Barb Check Valve.90/10+ — 7.05 7. If needed. The calcium buildup on these small openings forces the rubber to stretch in order to continue to diffuse air. *Ships in 2 boxes. your aeration system requires some upkeep.50 147. 5/8" Barb Repl. 1. 1.2 1. 3–7 cfm. De-Icing 1. Underlay (White)** req'd cfm ship Wt (lbs) 10* 13* 1 $ 102.23 22. 5/8" Barb 6" Repl.5–2. Unfortunately. but this is not always the case. as in aeration.0 2. Use item number 62021 for 3/4" NPT x 3/8" barbed male adapter if using 3/8" I.D. Great for de-icing as well as aeration.78 17.0 1. 3/4" FNPT ship Wt Invented Here all are self-weighted and include a plastic underlay that prevents sediment erosion. Underlay 4-Diffuser Manifold.45 — 6. Diffuser De-Icing Diffuser.5–2. Glass-bonded silica diffusers may become infused with bacteria.5–2. 2 cfm. 3 10 13 16 10 13 9 48/200' 48/200' ALR8M ALR15M ALR23M ALR23M DYMD6 DYMD10 AD11 — — Koi Pond Lakes <11' Deep Lakes >11' Deep Very Large. Deep Lakes Organically Rich Water* Organically Rich Water* De-Icing Aeration tubing De-Icing Tubing 1/2" 1/2" *EPDM rubber membrane diffusers are designed for lakes with high levels of organics and/or salinity as well as wastewater lagoons. It may be apparent if the rising bubbles are noticeably larger. 5/8" inlet.4788 Tech Support: 407. 3/8" Barb 3" Replacement Diffuser Repl. Your diffusers are constantly exposed to an organically rich environment and are going to have buildup. Order Online: AquaticEco. require little maintenance and are built for lakes with high levels of organics and/or salinity.46 *Ships in 2 boxes. it can dramatically increase wear and tear and.D. See Tech Talk 53 for more Order by Phone: 877.D. shorten the life of the compressor. they can't be expected to clean themselves.84/10+ — — — — 16.58/6+ Flexible Membrane Synergistic Lift Stations Flexible membrane diffusers prevent clogging.347. in turn. Keep in mind that pumping rates are not as efficient as with ALA4gLb and ALA6gLb. Tech Talk 121 Diffuser Maintenance Just as maintenance is important for your home and your car.15 12.0–10. Ballast Attachment 8-Diffuser Manifold. Diffuser 6-Diffuser Manifold.47 51.1401 . Note: See the third party diffuser comparison study on page 20.0–7.

lack of toxins and of disease organisms. As water approaches the freezing point. The electric de-icer may work best at the shoreline. One-year warranty on all parts. when the oxygen consumption rate is highest and stratification is most severe.1401 . they are healthier from natural foods. With Aeration Artificial circulation removes toxic gases from bottom water. insects and food to settle to bottom. the situation is reversed. which can result in the loss of too much of the lake's heat. LPA3-2 $ 875. dead leaves and other plant and animal matter. fish food. Clean lakes. Floating scum of decaying algae. five-year warranty on diffuser. Air is delivered from the shore-mounted compressor to the air diffuser assembly. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Order Online: AquaticEco. that is. Fish feed on benthic organisms.4788 Tech Support: 407. Dead water. Benthic organisms feed on fish and water fowl droppings. In some lakes and ponds. Septic water. Dead algae. The diffuser is mounted on a weighted plastic support. Black anaerobic sludge Blue-green algae bloom shuts out sunlight. Weighs 63 lbs.22 Lake & Pond Aeration Info/De-Icers/Tech Talk Benefits of Lake Aeration Without Aeration Fish try to catch food on its way to bottom. excretes toxins. The heart of the aerator is the reliable Sweetwater® compressor. Call for placement suggestions. The special de-icing diffuser assembly (AD11GL) is a 10" diameter flexible membrane that moves less water than the ALA4GLb diffuser and is ideal for de-icing applications. thermal stratification occurs when warmer water floats above cooler.84 Note: If used for summer aeration/destratification. Also. Decaying septic sludge of decomposing fish. De-Icing System by Great Lakes® Invented Here Looking for a low-cost de-icing system for a pond or lake? Here it is! This aerator will do a fine job keeping water open (see De-Icing Tech Talk). either by using air or an electric de-icer. Oxygen enables benthic organisms and fish to live on bottom. Tech Talk 56 De-Icing Lakes Most of us are aware that aeration systems are primarily required in summer. the simplest way to prevent a winter fishkill is to keep a small area ice free. heavier water. No oxygen. the photosynthetic oxygen production can also be virtually eliminated. a 24" x 24" polyethylene underlay is included. those with a low trophic state index. Since the rate of these reactions is related to temperature. so we recommend contacting the AES Lakes Department for assistance. fish.347. be careful not to open too large a hole in the ice. AD11GL WD2R-100 Experience is necessary when designing de-icing systems. abundant oxygen. fertilizer. During the summer. Near freezing. This is done via 100' of HeavySet® self-weighted tubing (included) to ensure that the tubing and the diffuser assembly stay securely on the bottom (HeavySet® tubing does not contain lead or other metals). Caution must be taken due to the hazards of open water in the winter. while air-powered systems seem to be preferred where longer distances are involved. Loaded with toxic gases from decaying animal matter. oxygen transfer from the atmosphere is eliminated. where people or animals may be on the ice. If it is acceptable to have an open hole in the ice. there will be a fishkill. When ice covers a lake. plants. To prevent any possible bottom erosion and to give the assembly a stable platform.598. perhaps mounted on a dock. No living fish or animal winter fishkills are also quite common. it expands and floats on top of warmer water. the winter aeration system needs to be only about 20% of the size of a summer aeration system. The compressor is mounted in a cabinet with an exhaust fan to provide cool compressor operation. Thin layer of water with oxygen suitable for fish life. Suitable for ponds from 1/4 to 5 acres. may not require winter aeration. switch to an ALA4GLb diffuser assembly (not included). the air line is buried below the frost line into the lake and directed to the area that is to remain ice-free. When the air compressor is mounted on the shore. which uses only 253 watts at 115V. The oxygen consumption that takes place in a lake is the result of biological and chemical reactions. If there is a significant accumulation of snow on top of the Order by Phone: 877. If the ice and snow cover persists long enough and the oxygen consumption rate underneath the ice is great enough. animals.

230V 50' Cord Control Unit Universal Dock Mount Horizontal Float Twist Lock Electric Plug. 115V De-Icer. it's critical to keep an open hole in the ice to continue to attract waterfowl such as ducks and geese to your pond. Our self-weighted PerfAerated tubing is flexible and can be designed to fit any application. The motor assembly is sealed in an oil bath for long life and has ball bearings that provide smooth operation. One C20 controller will control one de-icer. which decreases existing algae's ability to make oxygen that your fish need to live. guard assembly. boat slips or in front of sea walls to prevent structural damage from expanding ice formations. Mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position. causing turbulence that reduces or eliminates ice formation.00 622. sunlight penetrating the pond is severely reduced. For the winter hunter.00 180. Two-year warranty. controls how long the de-icer will operate when temperatures demand.4788 Tech Support: 407. zinc anode and 25' of low-temperaturerated power cable. Flexible and self-weighted. The shore-mounted compressor can power up to 100' of continuous tubing length. Perfaerated tubing can be installed around dock pilings. C20 Timer/Thermostat Control: Designed for outdoor use. LPA3-2 Tubing is weighted to the bottom.1401 . As thousands of tiny bubbles rise to the surface.347. Or curve the tubing around any structure to prevent ice from forming and damaging expensive equipment. Custom designs are available through the AES Lakes Order by Phone: 877. Well suited for shallow water or where water/ice levels may fluctuate. The 1/2-hp model keeps a 30–50' diameter area from freezing. 20' of suspension rope. Rising bubbles burst at the surface and prevent ice from forming. including docks or open water. the 3/4-hp model keeps a 50–75' diameter area from freezing. Order Online: AquaticEco. The tubing can be formed into concentric rings and placed around pilings to deter ice formation. as thick sheets can structurally damage boat hulls and pilings." Our LPA3-2 De-icing system uses a rubber membrane diffuser to make a hole in the ice that encourages winter waterfowl populations and prevents winter fishkills.00 670. Options: Universal Dock Mount: Dock mount kit allows the de-icer to be mounted in a vertical position or several other angles. The guard and motor case are made of stainless steel.00 31. They may also be attached to an optional horizontal float or universal dock mount (sold separately). they effectively disrupt surface tension and prevent ice crystals from forming in the area. also known as "ice jacking. 115V De-Icer. the de-icer circulates water to the surface. like tidal waters.00 167. As ice forms and snow falls. Bubble curtains are the most versatile de-icing method available. Horizontal float with D100. Each unit includes a motor. ETL-approved to UL standards. C20 timer. 30 A 1/2-hp 3/4-hp 3/4-hp Dock mount kit (kD) With D100. De-Icers Kasco® de-icers are designed to be suspended from a dock or boat.00 196. D100 D101 D102-50 C20 KD HF T10 De-Icer. propeller. Another important reason to consider de-icing is to simply allow your pond to breathe in the winter. D100.Lake & Pond De-Icers 23 bubble Curtain De-Icing Ice can be a dock or boat's worst enemy.00 Want to dramatically improve water clarity in your lake or pond? Ask our Lakes team about an alum injection system. Horizontal Float: Allows an elongated circulation pattern.598. The de-icer can be adjusted to a maximum of 10' away from the mounting bracket. 26 lbs 36 lbs 36 lbs 3 lbs 22 lbs 6 lbs 1 lb $ 546.

00/Roll 3. mounted diaphragm compressor. diffuser assembly and complete instructions.1401 . Ships motor freight. Equal bubble distribution is possible with lengths as long as 25' for WD50 and 200' for WD55.1 1/2" 5 / 8" WD55 Diffuser. • Save money—both the windmill and electric aerator are connected to the same air line.00/ft 3.347. An aeration windmill can effectively aerate up to a one-acre pond (15' deep) with as little as a 5 mph wind! As the blade spins. ALA4gLb diffuser manifold is sold separately. PIOM PIOt WD55 st Th e B e for g De-Icin WD Fittings These black plastic fittings are required for the weighted diffuser tubing.D. The PIOM is a 1/2" male adapter.25/Roll 900. Weighted — PIOU WD Coupling — — — PIOM WD Male Adapter.00 1.4788 Tech Support: 407. The windmill gives you efficient.43/10+ 2.345.645 2. add "-250" to part number. For 250' roll. the box shuts your electric system back off. Easy to install—just attach the "T" valve into your windmill air line.895 151 WCb1 $ 299 Aeration Windmills No wiring needed. weighted diffuser tubing is useful in applications where long lengths are required.00 97. See Index for less expensive. Weighted. plug it in. the box's air pressure sensor system turns on your electric aeration system. On the WD55 ice-melting diffuser tubing. When the wind picks back up. The tee union (PIOT) connects two lengths of tubing to a 1/2" MNPT male adapter. lockable heavy-duty aluminum cabinet.48/10+ 6. air is compressed in the direct drive diaphragm compressor and forced through a 3/8" air line down to the diffuser on the pond bottom (40' maximum depth).D. the electric aeration system will automatically kick in.80 2. Made in USA. WCb1 windmill control box and 100' polyethylene tubing. This diffuser tubing is not compatible with most regenerative blowers as 2–5 psi is required. Order Online: AquaticEco. 100' air line.24 Lake & Pond Aeration/Windmills PIOU Weighted Diffuser Tubing This 1/2" I.145. Includes galvanized windmill aeration system. environmentally friendly power whenever possible. Cfm/ft 1/2" 5 / 8" WD50 Diffuser. environmentally friendly way to power your aeration system.95 Note: ALA4gLb diffuser manifold sold separately.75 956. This weighted tubing requires WD fittings. Tube insert supports included. Get everything you need to keep your pond aerated 24/7—while using as little energy as possible—in one package. ensuring your pond will stay aerated. FAW12 FAW16 FAW20 FAW1 Windmill Pkg Windmill Pkg Windmill Pkg Freeze Control 12' H x 61" W 16' H x 79" W 20' H x 97" W 2-gallon Tank Dimensions FaW12 244 lbs* 276 lbs* 356 lbs* 6 lbs ship Wt $ 1. The feeder tubing ( WD0) has no slits. HWS1-12 HWS1-16 HWS1-20 WD1R-100 12' H x 100" W 16' H x 80" W 20' H x 631/2" W 5/8" Weighted Tubing Dimensions ship Wt 245 lbs 276 lbs 305 lbs 54 lbs $ 2. but what about when the wind stops blowing? Use this windmill control box in conjunction with your electric aeration system to take advantage of alternative energy and still have aeration 24 hours a day. Weighted. electric rocking piston air compressor.00/Roll 765. • Hybrid Windmill System A complete windmill aeration system that won't stop just because the wind does.D. O.245.75 6.00/4+ Roll 726. HWs1-12 *Ships in multiple boxes. unique die cut slits—located in sets of three every 11/2"—flex open with air pressure and close when air is stopped. single die cuts are located every 24". isopropyl alcohol are not included).770 2. Full rolls are 250' long (60 meters).44/4+ Roll 855. 1/2" MNPT — — — WD50 24 lbs/100' 24 lbs/100' 24 lbs/100' ship Wt $ 4. The FAW12 galvanized steel windmill package includes a 12' H x 6' W base (16' H and 20' H models also available). HeavySet® feeder tubing. 12-blade 65" diameter rotor. and then plug your electric aerator into the control box. If the wind stops blowing. On the WD50. • One-year warranty on all parts and components. 3 Cut 2 . aes I. The PIOU couples 1/2" tubing.40/ft 3. Also note that this coarse bubble diffuser tubing will only provide about 1/3 as much oxygen transfer per cfm of air when used for aeration with diffusers. • 15-second delay prevents over-cycling. When winds drop below 5 mph.04 . De-Ice .00 1. One-year warranty.06/10+ 908. Automatic overspeed protection is standard.01 1/2" 5 / 8" WD0 Feeder Tubing. 1/2" MNPT — — — PIOT WD Tee Union.25/ft 4. The freeze control option with 2-gallon tank (FAW1) helps to prevent air line freeze-up (ethanol.598.75/4+ Roll Windmill Control box Windmills are a Order by Phone: 877.

Add "L" after the part number for a 100' power cord and add $133.S.74 103. 50 Watts Green Bulb.5' H x 10' W) 5 hp (14' H x 12' W) spruce 2 hp (19' H x 10' W) 3 hp (21' H x 13' W) 5 hp (24' H x 15' W) Lighting Packages Come with three adjustable.71 855.247.00 4.00 5. it can draw from 7'. 50 Watts Red Bulb. KFJ751-100 KFJ751-200 KFJ752-100 KFJ752-200 KF202-100 KF202-200 KF303-100 KF303-200 KF505-100 KF505-200 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 hp hp hp hp 2 hp 2 hp 3 hp 3 hp 5 hp 5 hp Voltage 115 115 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 running amps 6.50 149.50 21.25 3.9 2. Order Online: AquaticEco. His technical experience includes hatchery management.00 2. Hs8 shown during testing at aquatic Eco-systems' r&D facility.5 Extension Tube. power control center with GFCI and three 50' mooring ropes.5 Aerator. One-year warranty. degree in aquaculture technology. It transfers gases more effectively—including oxygen.5 2 $ 922. 115V 7.4 13. standard models draw water from a depth of over 3 feet.9 10 10 13.5' H x 28' W) 3 hp (13' H x 35' W) 5 hp (14' H x 36' W) 2 hp (8' H x 46' W) 3 hp (9' H x 48' W) 5 hp (10' H x 50' W) 2 hp (18' H x 30' W) 3 hp (19' H x 35' W) 5 hp (20' H x 35' W) birch 2 hp (12' H x 11' W) 3 hp (14.80 13.00 redwood 2 hp (22' H x 7' W) 3 hp (24' H x 8' W) 5 hp (26' H x 8' W) 3/4 hp (7' H x 4' W) sequoia 5 hp (21' H x 10' W) 3/4 hp (4. Three-year Order by Phone: 877. A 50' power cord is standard. You also get three clear lens covers and 100' of power cable.598. 3 and 5 hp) Yellow Bulb. aquatic weed control and aquarium supplies. actual weight is 20 lbs. ETL-approved to UL and CSA standards.70 1. 50 Watts 15 18.1401 .190. Technician Profile Clarke DeWitt Clarke graduated from Brunswick Community College in Supply. Winter Replacement Propeller.5 6.4788 Tech Support: 407. 3' Replacement Propeller.347. 1/2 hp. Look under the pictures to see what nozzles are included with different models (except Cypress.737.919. Three-year warranty.50 4.5' H x 15' W) Willow 3/4 hp (3' H x 20' W) Juniper 3/4 hp (6' H x 16' W) Cypress 3/4 hp (6' H x 18' W) Linden 2 hp (12. Each fountain includes float with screens.00 21. NC. HS8 HS9 HS36 HS38 HS37 HS8F HS9F Aerator.4 20 20 Cord Length 100' 200' 100' 200' 100' 200' 100' 200' 100' 200' $ 1. By simply connecting an optional extension tube. 1/2 hp. ship Wt (lbs) 50+4 lbs 50+4 lbs 30 lbs* ship Wt LR375 LR375QD 840322 b501 b502 b503 b504 Light Kit for All Fountains Light Kit With Quick Disconnect Bracket Kit for 6 Lights (2.50 3.25 175.80 13. To aerate the entire pond with a surface aerator.50 1.80 13. The lowest oxygen levels are nearest the bottom. you need the unique Bottom-Draw Surface Aerator.236.278.94 52.756.26 Each *Ships Oversize at 30-lb rate. Summer Replacement Foam Float w/Plastic Coating Replacement Foam Float aes 600 600 running amps all four colored bulb options in action.610. You may also want to order a winter propeller if you plan to operate it in freezing weather. bottom-Draw Surface Aerator by Shearwater® Pulls water from as deep as 7 feet. which is 3/4-hp only).45. The standard unit draws water from a depth of over 3'.915.Lake & Pond Fountains 25 Floating Fountains These Kasco® fountains are built for larger ponds and more decorative applications. Made in USA. Fountains provide a full column of water 10' high x 10' in diameter when run with no nozzle.594. Made in USA.00 4. 12V.633. hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide—because it throws water higher and in smaller droplets than other surface aerators.00 2. *Not included with 3/4-hp models. with an A. 230V 3.5 2.80 $ 935. 50 Watts Blue Bulb. solid brass-cased halogen lights.00 13.

000-Watt Light Kit $ 3. Please specify your nozzle choice and desired cable/hose length when ordering.26 Lake & Pond Fountains Whether you'd like to create a majestic new focal point for your lake or enhance its existing natural beauty. Water drawn from the bottom of the pond is then aerated as it is discharged through the fountain. Lighting power cords are available in even 50' increments starting at 100 feet. Allow 10–14 days for delivery. Our fountains are available in three different operating system types. The system uses a shore-mounted pump with an intake located on the bottom of your pond.33 1. FOB Orlando. pump. no electrical parts are installed in the pond.57 3. Add nozzle suffix to part number for fountains (e.87 4. a floating fountain is the perfect solution. Due to the potential improvement in water quality and additional atmosphere that fountains provide.347.83 4. this fountain is safe and easy to maintain.4788 Tech Support: 407. The Onshore is a Desert Rain™ exclusive.847.3 500-Watt Light Kit 1..1401 .5 (115/230V) 7 2 10. 100' of fire hose for discharge and 25' of suction hose for intake.652. your choice of 8 different display nozzles. Additional power cable for lights and additional suction and discharge hose also available. stainless steel intake assembly with foot valve. Twins and Trips Custom fountains Twins and Trips fountain packages offer the flexibility to run multiple fountains off one pump.or 500-watt quartz lamps. OSF1T ). Add the power cord length to the end of the part number (e. Spray shape can be customized by choosing from our assortment of 8 nozzles. Desert Rain™ fountains are built to last using the finest materials and workmanship available. Hp Amps @230V Base Price Control Panel Valve Pump Rigid Pipe Float Flexible Hose Intake Diagram of Twin Onshore fountain system. LK2250-150). Unless a light kit is Order by Phone: 877. all pump maintenance can be performed on dry land. With all electrical and moving parts on land. Twins incorporate two nozzle heads. call 800-899-2565.757. 100' of power cable.98 1. mooring rope. Light kits include stainless steel brackets. submersible cast bronze fixtures with clear lenses and 250. while the Trips package can power up to three nozzles.115. H W OSF5TT-TWIN OSF5C-TWIN OSF5SC-TWIN OSF5TT-TRIP OSF5C-TRIP OSF5SC-TRIP 5 5 5 5 5 5 230 230 230 230 230 230 Three-Tier Cascade Sky Cascade Three-Tier Cascade Sky Cascade Twins Twins Twins Trips Trips Trips 21' 9' 15' 15' 7' 10' 16' 5' 3' 12' 4' 3' OSF5TT Three nozzles operating on just one pump. All trips and twins fountains are fully adjustable since each nozzle runs on its own discharge line. Onshore systems include a prewired control panel. allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Optional light kits are matched to fountain size.000-Watt Light Kit 2.00 Diagram of Trip Onshore fountain system. Call for more information about this option. brackish water or any body of water in need of both circulation and aeration. Order Online: AquaticEco.5 3 16. For more information about Desert Rain™ fountains. All fountains ship motor freight.227. Manufactured by Aquatic Eco-Systems. ensuring excellent circulation and aeration. No electricity is in the water unless the optional light kit is installed.039. dual compartment float. You can use any combination of nozzles.g. GFCI and photo cell controls are prewired into control panel if lights are ordered with the fountain. Since these multinozzle packages use our Onshore fountain technology. HP V Nozzle Display Spray Config. timer. Control Panel Valve Float Underlay Pump Rigid Pipe Flexible Hose Intake OSF1 OSF2 OSF3 LK2250 LK2500 LK4500 1. The intake for the pump can be placed anywhere in the pond but is usually located at the deepest point. Twins and Trips fountains can even add value to your property. The pump is mounted on dry land close to the shoreline. You determine which system is best suited for you based on your location and personal preferences.g.598. Onshore Fountains The Onshore fountain system is a good choice for fishing lakes. A valve connects to each individual discharge line at the pump and can increase or decrease flow to each nozzle.

Direct Line fountains include a dual compartment float.or 500-watt quartz lamps. solid brass display nozzle of your choice. mooring rope. stainless steel frame and 100' of PVC doublejacketed power cable.598..656. 2 hp (25' H x 4' W). FOB Orlando. mooring rope and 100' of 2" fire hose. Light kits include stainless steel brackets.46 *Base price includes 100-ft power cord.g.00 1. All fountains ship motor freight. DLF1SC). 3 hp (15' H x 6' W) Three-Tier ( TT ): 1 hp (10' H x 12' W).33 1. submersible pump.3 500-Watt Light Kit 1. 3 hp (35' H x 4' W) Cascade (C): 1 hp (8' H x 4 ' W).274.Lake & Pond Fountains 27 Traditional Fountains Traditional fountains include a prewired control panel. FOB Orlando. Float Control Panel Float Pump Intake Cord Diagram of Traditional fountain system.5 3 16.115. stainless steel hardware and nozzle holder. 100' of power cable. Add nozzle suffix to part number (e. and additional power cords for pumps and lights are also available in even 50' increments starting at 100 feet. Eight different nozzle options are available. 3 hp (30' H x 20' W) Trumpet ( T ): 1 hp (3' H x 10' W). Photo cell controls are prewired into control panel if lights are ordered with the fountain.00 DLF1 30–130 gpm @ 5–10 psi $ 998. See more nozzles on page 25.891. Required Flow Base Price 1 7 2 10. These systems usually ship in 5 to 10 business Order by Phone: 877.347. 2 hp (10' H x 6' W).57 3. Flexible Hose Irrigation or Fill Line Diagram of Direct Line fountain system.419. TfF1 TfF2 TfF3 TLK2250 TLK2500 TLK4500 Direct Line Fountains The Direct Line fountain is used on irrigation or fill lines and is a cost effective way to add an aesthetic improvement to your lake. Add nozzle suffix and power cord length to part number (e. 3 hp (26' H x 32' W) Sky Cascade (SC): 1 hp (18' H x 4' W). submersible cast bronze fixtures with clear lenses and 250.22 5. Install and anchor the float and nozzle assembly in your pond and enjoy the beauty of your new fountain. 2 hp (22' H x 28' W). This system offers simple installation and the most display options. 2 hp (3' H x 15' W). Please allow 2–6 weeks for delivery. Traditional fountains are made to order and require a 50% nonrefundable deposit and/or a signed purchase order with approved credit.000-Watt Light Kit Hp Amps@230V Base Price* $ 5. The Traditional floating fountain is a stainless steel submersible pump mounted on the float frame. There is no need for a control panel or electrical cable.227.4788 Tech Support: 407.000-Watt Light Kit 2. Desert Rain Nozzles Arch (A): 1 hp (18' H x 24' W).g. timer and GFCI.67 6. Sky Cascade (SC) with optional light kit. 2 hp (20' H x 15' W).1401 . Optional light kits are matched to fountain size. float system. display nozzle. All fountains ship motor freight. 3 hp (6' H x 20' W) Order Online: AquaticEco. TfF1SC-100). Simply connect the supplied 2" hose to your existing pump's discharge..

Black 267.629.50 1.00 99.340.00 949.362. These models have a V-shaped display.25 1. power control center with GFCI protection and two 50' mooring ropes. Lamp.249.6 7. Blue Repl. 6' H x 18' D Tiara Spray Nozzle.7 3.988.347. Lamp.1401 . 100' Cord 750 8. 60 Hz (50 Hz also available). aes amps ship Wt(lbs) Each PHF1b 1-hp Fountain. KFX501-50 hp KFX501-100 hp KFX751-50 3/4 hp KFX751-100 3/4 hp KFX752-50 3/4 hp KFX752-100 3/4 hp 4400VX-100 1 hp 4400VXH-100 1 hp 8400VX-100 2 hp 5100VX-100 5 hp 1/2 1/2 Voltage 115 115 115 115 230 230 115 230 230 230 running amps 5.832.3 3. Order Online: AquaticEco. Two-year warranty.401.927.01 amp and include four lights.00 749.6 amps.00 PHF2Cb 1-hp Fountain. Lamp. One-year warranty.00 Low-Cost Floating Fountains by Kasco® Floating fountains offering very good quality at a low price and delivering an effective mix of aeration and display.349. 100' Cord 750 4.4788 Tech Support: 407.401.244.50 2.50 3.314.50 2.28 Lake & Pond Fountains Fountain/Aerator Use this reliable fountain in areas where the appearance of the pond or lake is as important as the need for aeration.00 99. 100'' mooring rope and two mooring stakes. Made in USA. Green Repl.058.1 45 + 30 230V.00 1.00 99. 6' H x 21' D Cluster Arch Spray Nozzle. 115V.00 29. The high-volume spray resists misting and icing and produces a spray 7' high by 18' in diameter. Optional stainless steel LED light kits are .75 bLF Replacement Float. but it uses about half the electric power. 6' H x 16' D Fleur de Lis Spray Nozzle.00 99.00 29. 7' H x 18' D Spider & Arch Spray Nozzle. 1/2 hp.50 1.7 11 20 Cord Length 50' 100' 50' 100' 50' 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' Display Dimensions 5. Two-year warranty. Lamp.50 4.00 29.1 50 + 30 1.00 1.598.00 PHF1Cb 1-hp Fountain.50 1. Tornado pattern is 6' H x 15' D. timer and photo sensor.6 5. Yellow $ 1. Tornado spray pattern. 50' Cord 750 Order by Phone: 877. EV650 EV6100 EV6175 EV6LED50 EV6LED100 EV6LED175 EV6ARU EV6CLA EV6FLE EV6SAR EV6TIA EV6RED EV6bLU EV6gRE EV6YEL Fountain w/50' Cord Fountain w/100' Cord Fountain w/175' Cord Light Kit w/50' Cord Light Kit w/100' Cord Light Kit w/175' Cord Arum Spray Nozzle. Include float with screening. 115V. 6' H x 21' D Repl.00 PHF2Cb Floating Fountains by Aqua Control High flow at a low price. 50' Cord 750 4. The pattern it produces is comparable to many of the larger fountains on the market.00 799.50 1.5' H x 15' W 5' H x 15' W 6' H x 21' W 6' H x 21' W 6' H x 21' W 6' H x 21' W 8' H x 26' W 8' H x 26' W 8' H x 32' W 9' H x 34' W $ 1.145.00 99. 115V.3 7. Includes solid bronze end bells and foam-filled ABS float. 5.3 5. 230V.00 arum Cluster arch Fleur de Lis spider & arch tiara torrent (No Nozzle) tornado Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.00 29.7 11.2 45 + 30 $ 1. The Evolution series fountain is shipped fully assembled and includes CSA-listed controller with GFCI.00 FTP Replacement Propeller 109. Red Repl.340.00 PHF2b 1-hp Fountain.212.2 50 + 30 1.599.

I deal with a lot of suppliers of pond and koi equipment. surge protection and properly sized breakers to turn off the fountain when either electricity or cooling is inadequate.50 Light Kit Only 287. Light kit is 8 lbs. I must tell you.4788 Tech Support: 407. C  alculate from TRUE SOURCE to the motor when figuring cable size.434 1. Two fountain patterns in one Order by Phone: 877. Add a " D" to part number for deluxe units. The fountain is also available with an LED underwater light ring that includes a 50-ft waterproof power cord and low-voltage transformer. Lake aeration systems like AES's Great Lakes® technique are located on the bottom of the lake and lift huge quantities of low-oxygen water from the bottom using a comparatively small amount of energy.5 ft Flowrate: 200 gpm 49/74 lbs 49/74 lbs 3. 1400J 1400F 1401L Condor (Inner Tier: 4' H x 4' W. Hawk's Nest (3' H x 7' W) Osprey (3. The motors are made with marine-grade aluminum with a polyester coating for high corrosion resistance.04 SAE* rating. 3. ETL-listed.and CE-listed. The fountain needs two things to ensure long life: adequate electricity and adequate cooling. one-year warranty. 20115 21115 Ship Wt (Standard/Deluxe) Amps 1/4 hp Aerator. 2. 2. Units are 115V/60 Hz (230V/50 Hz available on special order). 100-ft cord 1/4 hp AquaGem Nozzle Spray Height: 3 ft Spray Diameter: 7 ft Flowrate: 175 gpm 1/2 hp AquaGem Nozzle Spray Height: 4 ft Spray Diameter: 9.095 1.Fountains/Tech Talk Lake & Pond 29 Aqua Series Aerating Fountains • Operate in as little as 14" of water. If not included. as there is an obstruction of some kind that needs to be cleared.5 and a Great Lakes® system can be as high as 10! This poor SAE of fountains is due to the wasted energy from throwing water much higher than is needed for aeration.) meter to measure bottom D.19 SAE* rating.1 amps and has a minimum operating depth of 12". Each aerator includes an oil-cooled motor (with thermal overload protection). Fountain is 115V/60 Hz. When you see that the fountain spray is shrinking. ETL. All submersible pump motors are water-cooled. a fountain can aerate. power cable. whereas an aerator is more than 2. 1/2 hp.25 Fountain Kit With LED Light Kit 829. However. Ship in 1 box. two 15-ft mooring ropes and RC-15 timer box with photoeye and GFCI protection.5' H x 7' W) With Lights Eagle's Nest (3. two fountain nozzles (AquaGem and AquaBlast patterns). float. Some motors contain oil that requires periodic changes. but they are not the most cost-effective way. turn it off. KY 1/4 hp AquaBlast Nozzle Spray Height: 1. draws 3. The fountain includes a 50-ft waterproof power cord.9 5.260 1.50 How to ensure a long life for your fountain. Made in USA. 50-ft cord 1/2 hp Aerator.5 $ 1.To achieve some of the benefits of destratification and aeration. For prolonged pump and motor life (regardless of brand). have your electrician take care of it.5 lbs/kWh. Fountains have a two-year warranty.5' H x 10' W) Falcon (4' H x 4' W) Order Online: AquaticEco. and you are by far the most prompt in shipping and customer service. lights have a one-year warranty. if the fountain draws its water from a deep depth and if it is operated at night. locate the pump's intake near the bottom of the pond. an adequate level of electricity must be provided to the motor.347. Our fountains are distinguished from our aerators by their intended function and aeration efficiency. True source is typically the electric company's installed meter.565 "D" *SAE is "Standard Aeration Efficiency. U  se one continuous (NO SPLICING) PVC-jacketed electrical cable from motor to control panel. Most manufacturers include ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI). especially if used in a pond that is not too large. Traditional floating fountains aerate only the surface water near the fountain and only when the surface oxygen level is low. There are two cardinal rules for floating fountains concerning electricity: 1. Shipping weight 35 lbs.  •1  /4 • These floating aerating fountains are designed for beauty and aerating small. shallow ponds. high-intensity MR16 halogen lights.O. They are the more cost-effective way of aerating lakes deeper than six feet. Stephen Scott Hampstead. and when it drops below 5 mg/L operate the aerator/fountain. Fountains are designed for appearances.O.598. Outer Tier: 2' H x 10' W) With Lights Fountain Kit $ 721. Aeration systems are designed to aerate.5 ft Spray Diameter: 4 ft Flowrate: 210 gpm 1/2 hp AquaBlast Nozzle Spray Height: 2 ft Spray Diameter: 5. especially at night. The deluxe series includes the Fountain Glo low-voltage light set—two 12V. The standard aeration efficiency SAE of a fountain is typically less than 1. Decorative Fountain This 1/4-hp floating fountain includes five interchangeable nozzles and is a good choice for use in smaller ponds.  hp. debris screen and mini power panel with GFCI and timer." See Tech Talk 4. Use a dissolved oxygen (D.5 ft Flowrate: 260 gpm Tech Talk 104 Floating Fountains Do fountains aerate? Of course.1401 .

AWR1 $ 134. Unlike some copper-based ones. have been linked to human and animal illness around the world. Teeth. Three-part handle (9' total) allows easy storage. damage the liver and cause cancer! Recent evidence has shown that the probability that any blue-green algae bloom will be toxic is 45-75%! Since laboratory tests are needed to confirm toxicity. synergistic airlift destratification systems also dramatically increase lake bottom (hypolimnion) oxygen concentration. The tip of each tooth has holes.00 Ps51 beach Rake An easy and effective way to remove debris from the beach without taking the sand along for the ride. The Weed Raker is a 3' wide patented tool featuring 8" flexible teeth that won't get locked in heavy roots. Tooth Repl. A two-piece handle adjusts from 51/2' to 10'.00 Controlling blue-Green algae With algaecides In addition to controlling blue-green algal blooms with aeration.00 54. which reduces the level of phosphorus—a key nutrient for algal blooms—released from lake sediments. rigid aluminum teeth. you can use algaecides. Micro.00 Tech Talk 77 blue-green Algae the Problem Blue-green algae. or ppb) standard for microcystin-LR.4788 Tech Support: 407. you know what a miserable job it is. Made in USA. Aeration and destratification have been shown to dramatically reduce the abundance of Microcystis by circulating the water and reducing the amount of time the blue-green algae spend in water with enough light available for photosynthesis (photic zone).7 ppm.3 to 1. These algaecides can also control both planktonic algae (green water) and filamentous algae (long string-like algae) at higher concentrations. Caution: cutter blades are very sharp. Made in USA. farm and wild animal deaths occur when cyanotoxins are concentrated. Approved for use by the Florida EPA.00 5. Weed Rake With 3" Teeth Floats or sinks. PS51 PS52 Large Screen Micro Screen $ 149. b04A $ 49. the most common cyanotoxin. Weighs 8 lbs. filamentous algae and larger debris. Algaecides with sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate are effective at rapidly eliminating blue-green algae. This aquatic weed cutter will do in two hours what would take two days to do by hand. It is made of galvanized steel with stainless steel blades and comes complete with a blade sharpener and 30' of rope. peroxyhydrate algaecides applied according to label directions will not harm fish and other freshwater animals. while the fine aluminum mesh sifts out the sand. Large-screen model (1/4" hole size mesh) is great for trash.1401 . if desired. cause muscle tremors. Includes 43' of rope and a sectional. and it comes with 20' of poly Order by Phone: 877. Hydrogen peroxide quickly destroys the thin membrane cell wall of the blue-green algae at low concentrations of .30 Lake & Pond Weed Control/Tech Talk Parachute Skimmer This economical aquatic plant control tool is like a push broom for water. As the skimmer is pulled from the pond. 12/Pk $ 119. Additional weight (which increases the digging action) is easily added by filling the hollow rake bar with stones. warm layer of water that can form at the surface of lakes or ponds during warm months. People swimming in waters with concentrated cyanotoxins can experience skin irritations. which can happen when accumulated near the shore. Weighs 10 lbs. the device closes and traps the catch. Weed Rake With 8" Teeth replaceable teeth. Mixing eliminates another condition for blue-green algae growth: the stable. Certain blue-green algae (Microcystis.00 149. Algaecides that form hydrogen peroxide are 100% biodegradable. allowing the addition of a filament (included) to assist in pulling weeds from lake bottom. allowing you to scoop up the debris. 1" aluminum frame cuts into sand. When added to water. Controlling blue-Green algae With aeration Artificial mixing of lakes using aeration has been shown to shift the dominant resident planktonic community towards more desirable green algae and diatoms. Rake weighs 12 lbs.598. gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and allergic reactions without actually ingesting any water. can form unsightly and unhealthy algal blooms. It is equipped with a foam float that's easily removable if you need to pull in floating weeds or rake the bottom. Simply throw it out and pull it in—it cuts a 49" path up to 30' deep. 11' aluminum handle. The World Health Organization has identified blue-green algae in drinking water as an "urgent concern" and established a 1 microgram per liter (1 part per billion.95 Aquatic Weed Cutter Cuts plants off at the roots. called cyanotoxins. also known as cyanobacteria. Anabaena and/or Aphanizomenon) produce harmful toxins that damage nerves. watermeal and smaller vegetation. Our aquatic weed rake is 3' wide and features 3" long. Pet. AWC1 $ 146. If you've ever tried to cut aquatic weeds. In addition to removing blue-green algae from the photic zone and creating circulation.screen model is ideal for duckweed.347. experts recommend that all blue-green algae blooms be treated as if they were toxic to humans and all animals. AWR22 AWR22T AWR22T Rake Repl. 14" x 12" x 31/2" deep with 36" handle. Order Online: AquaticEco. It sweeps a five-foot swath using a mesh screen to capture everything in its path. these compounds break down into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate and typically last for less than 48 hours.00 Blue-green algae toxins.

Schmidt and James R. G = Good. Fast. water soluble (dissolves in the upper two feet of water) and will not clump. Kannenberg. PFP25 Warning: Maidencare Paragrass Pickerelweeds Sawgrass Smartweeds Southern Watergrass Spatterdock Torpedograss Water Paspalum Water Pennywort Water Primrose Watershield Waterwillow Duckweed Giant Duckweed Mosquito Fern Salvinia Slender Duckweed Waterhyacinth Waterlettuce Watermeal Bladderworts Coontail Egeria Elodea Eurasian Watermilfoil Fanwort Horned Pondweed Hydrilla Naiads Parrotfeather Pondweeds Water buttercup Widgeongrass Wildcelery 25 lbs $ 73. Hydrochloa caroliniensis Nuphar luteum Panicum repens Paspalum fluitans Hydrocotyle umbellata Ludwigia uruguayensis Brasenia schreberi Justicia americana Lemna minor Spirodela polyrhiza Azolla caroliniana Salvinia rotundifolia Wolffiella floridana Eichhornia crassipes Pistia stratiotes Wolffia columbiana Ultricularia spp. Arlo W. Phragmites australis Leersia hexandra Nymphaea odorata Zizaniopsis miliacea Setaria magna Panicum hematomon Panicum purpurascens Pontederia spp. making full use of his knowledge of aquatic plant management.347. Each plant is pictured. During this time he has had extensive experience with golf courses and homeowners' associations. constructing and managing the limnology of man-made lakes and ponds. Ceratophylium demersum Egeria densa Elodea canadensis Cabomba caroliniana Zannichellia palustris Hydrilla verticillata Najas spp. This mixture is easy to apply. causing extensive maintenance problems as time passes. It can be broadcast from a bank or pier or poured out of a boat. Do not fertilize if undesired vegetation is present because the fertilizer will only stimulate growth.Lake & Pond Weed Control Herbicide Weedtrine® D or Reward® Shore-Klear™ Aquathol® Sonar 31 Designed Lakes and Ponds Too often. G F G Technician Profile John Baylor John has been a licensed/certified aquatic herbicide applicator in the state of Florida since 1996. Includes the scientifically designed Micro-Nutrient package and has a patent pending. application techniques and general lake and pond management tips. Typha spp. man-made lakes are not properly designed. along with the suggested herbicide and application rate to control it. E = Excellent NOTE: This is a guide only. maintenance and safety issues that can make the difference between a healthy lake and a dead one and provides guidance for designing.95 Aquatic Plant Alligator Weed American Lotus Bulrush Cattail Common Reed Cutgrass Fragrant Waterlily Giant Cutgrass Giant Foxtail Alternanthera philoxeroides Nelumbo lutea Scirpus spp. James C. 128 pages.598. Use only if you want "green water" in your pond. Don't guess what plants are in your pond. read and follow manufacturer's labels. The formulation for Perfect Pond Plus is 12-48-8 (N-P-K). Water Weeds and Algae TF F F = Fair.1401 .83 Order Online: AquaticEco.4788 Tech Support: 407. 1998. Here is a good reference guide for identifying 65 aquatic plant species. WQB122 $ 26. Cladium jamaicense Polygonum spp. 2010. This book describes some limnological. Features herbicide product information.50 The purpose of Perfect Pond Plus fertilizer is to increase algal growth. Myriophyllum aquaticum Potamogeton spp. Ranunculus aquatilis Ruppia maritima Vallisneria americana Submersed Plants Myriophyllum spicatum Floating Plants Emersed Plants G G E E G G G F F G G G E E G E E F G F F E E F G G F G G F G G G G F F G F E F F F E E G F G G F G G G G G G F G G E E E F G E F G E E G E G F E E E G E E G G E G E E G G G E G G G G G F F Perfect Pond Plus Fertilizer Maintains the perfect balance of plankton in your pond. up to a 5-acre pond can be fertilized from just one location. 5th edition. constructed or maintained. WQB2 $ Order by Phone: 877.

95 liter Gallon. greenClean® GreenClean® works on contact to control algae in water gardens.347. the same active ingredient successfully used by aquatic weed management specialists for over 20 years to control hydrilla.1401 . livestock watering. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II. dry.8 liters 5 gallons. filamentous and chara algae in lakes. Made in USA. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II.00 22. May be harmful to salmonids in soft or acid water and members of the family Cyprinidae (minnows and carp). For spot treatments apply at a rate of 20–50 lbs/acre-foot. EPA-approved. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick. GreenClean® also eliminates algae on a wide variety of surfaces. toxins or pollutants.00 129. AQA9-C $ 37.00 — 37. water clarity and reduction of organic solids.14/4+ *For best results. carp. Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate destroys algal cell membranes and chlorophyll within 60 sec.50 35.4 ppm copper. Contains 20% copper pentahydrate and should be used carefully and only as labeled. It is a patented.000 gallons of water. reservoirs. concentrated. irrigation or fishing. odor problems. Clean. One gallon treats approx. 326.50 55.45 82. 30-lb bag. Call 407-472-0520 to get started. Cutrine®-Plus Granular Algaecide controls bottom-growing algae. Usable in California! gC51-C 50 lbs $ 125 116. Average application rate is one gallon per acre-foot. More effective on planktonic algae and problematic bacteria. long-term control of submersed weeds. Ships motor freight.598. AQA3 $ 86. ponds. apply at the rate of 1 lb per 720 ft2 (1 kg per 147 m2). potable water.32 ® Lake & Pond Weed Control/Algaecides Hazmat Air R Cutrine -Plus Cutrine®-Plus granular Algaecide Great for spot-treating. *For best results. Nonfoaming and will not stain surfaces.2 ppm to . liquid herbicide/algaecide that contains chelated copper and stays in solution long after initial application.000-gal pond for an entire season. Earthtec® algaecide/bactericide contains a high concentration of biologically active cupric ions in liquid form and will control and prevent recurrence of planktonic. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick.9% higher active ingredients. For the management of unwanted aquatic vegetation in freshwater ponds. EPA-approved for use in lakes and potable water reservoirs. greenClean® Pro granular Hazmat AG Algaecide This non-copper-based algaecide eliminates algae on contact. Not for use in California. Controls all types of algae without leaving behind sediment. Designed for lakes. Contains Flurido ne. Biodegrades completely and adds 13% bioavailable oxygen to the water. Safe for use with koi and trout.25/4+ PX700 Liquid biostimulant A 100% all-natural liquid plant extract that stimulates bacteria in a safe. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick.26 22. granular algaecide sinks rapidly and works evenly over the affected area. FF30 $ 25.4788 Tech Support: 407. Ship weight per gallon is 11 lbs. EPA-approved. 20 liters AQE2 AQE3 AQE4 ship Wt A liquid concentrate version of GreenClean® Pro.95/4+ 49. Great for green water or planktonic algae! Registered by the EPA and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for addition to drinking Order by Phone: 877.66/4+ Do not use copper-based products in waters with koi. Easily spread from the bag (wear gloves) or with a crank-type rotary spreader. Do not use with salmon or cyprinids. Quart.55 161. ornamental ponds. ponds and unpainted surfaces. for filamentous algae blooms treat at a rate of 50–90 lbs/acre-foot. vitamins and micro. and its patented formula releases oxygen into the water as it biodegrades. PX700 5-gallon pail $ 295 Whitecap Herbicide Whitecap SC provides effective. drainage canals and irrigation canals.60/4+ F-30 Algae Control The professionals' choice. fish farms. PX700 is sold only through our AES Lakes Department. gC21-C gC81-C 2 lbs 8 lbs $ 25.40/4+ 149.42/4+ Cide-Kick II.25 41. farm fish ponds and fish hatcheries. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II. 2-lb container treats a 1. utilizing activated liquid peroxygen chemistry to control a wide variety of algae on contact. fountains and other water features. fountains and other water systems.73/4+ GC21-C *For best results. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick. R Ideal for use in lakes. Eurasian water milfoil and other noxious weed species. Derived from sea kelp. lakes. 3. Excellent for algae control.94/4+ Order Online: AquaticEco. hazmat. Contact one of our Lakes technicians to discuss your lake management needs and recommended solutions. Provides an innovative solution for an environmentally sound and effectively safe treatment for lakes and ponds.25/4+ Earthtec® Algaecide R self dispensing—no need to spray. aQE2 greenClean® Liquid Hazmat AG *For best results. Average treatment rate is 1 gallon per acre foot (1 liter per 324 m3). use with a surfactant such as 3 lbs 11 lbs 53 lbs Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat AG $ 16. goldfish or trout. . reservoirs and potable water supplies. Controls algae at . Does not harm aquatic life. F-30 is an odorless blue liquid containing 10. for algae blooms apply at a rate of 9–30 lbs/acre-foot. Water bodies treated with Cutrine ®-Plus can be used immediately after application for swimming. P1123b 8 oz $ 158 146. Made in USA. fast and effective manner. For spot treatment. gCL25 $ 144.and macronutrients.

cattail. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II. Apply 3 oz of Eraser AQ per gallon of water. milfoil and most pond weed species. Weighs 8 lbs. Check local laws prior to ordering. Available in 1-quart (1 liter) containers only. an aquatic herbicide that is not absorbed by fish. nonionic surfactant containing free fatty acids. AQT10 ships Ground.69/4+ *For best Order by Phone: 877. use with Red River 90 surfactant. Apply on a sunny day to actively growing weeds at the rate of 1 to 2 gallons per surface acre. IA. fishing or drinking. coontail. Look forward to doing a lot of business with you in a couple of months. D. Controls bladderwort. Available in 2. Tank mix with Cutrine®-Plus for greater effectiveness on copper only resistant algae. Red River 90 or Aquathol® K (Liquid or Granular) R Organic-Kick. Cide-Kick II Surfactant makes your spray application more effective. WTD2 $ 19. RW25 $ 398 366/4+ Shore-Klear® R A systemic postemergence herbicide used in controlling undesirable vegetation growing in and adjacent to aquatic sites. Made from citrus peel oil. duckweed. Apply only to water where there is no overflow. VT and WA. NH. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II. 1 lb $ 380 361/6+ *For best results. Do not use treated water for animal consumption. Apply 3 oz of Shore-Klear® per 1 gal of water (24 mL per liter) for control of most postemergent weeds.25 Thank you. RRERG $ 32 Spray herbicides more effi ciently (and save money) by sticking to your target—not the area surrounding it. Organic-Kick Surfactant A nonionic wetting agent. naiad.598.O. even immediately after application! Rates depend on target species and habitat conditions. As always. including cattails and torpedo grass. shoots and from roots. Use 1 ounce of Organic-Kick per 1 gallon of spray solution.4788 Tech Support: 407. spraying. pithophora. A nonionic additive mixed with herbicides to break down the waxy coating on the leaf surface. Red River 90 is a multifunctional. it spreads the mixture evenly across the leaf surface. We are in a process to acquire a much bigger facility and expand our business roughly 20 times of our current scale. with visible effects in a few days. As always. Follow label rates and restrictions. Ideally suited for use in small bodies of water.00 279. ME. 2. use with a surfactant such as Cide-Kick II. SN1 1 pint Ship Wt This is a form of diquat (8.5%). CT. RD1 RD25 Quart 2. Won't restrict swimming. coontail.1401 . Use 1 ounce of Cide-Kick II per 1 gallon of spray solution (8 mL/L). read and comply with product labels. Made in USA.T. Sonar controls target weeds in almost any body of water. AQT25 ships motor freight only. Apply 1 gallon per acre-foot (1 liter/326 m3) for control of most plant species. consistent and fast weed control. your prompt response and professional efforts are greatly appreciated!! Your employer is lucky to have an employee like you.347.82/4+ Rd1 Red River 90 Surfactant Eraser-AQ A systemic herbicide that targets common shoreline weeds. Also recommended for top-kill of shoreline emergent weeds and as a grass and broadleaf weed killer in noncrop areas. WTD1 $ 78.47 251.00 Each 228.5-gallon (9. Not for use in turbid water conditions. elodea. water lettuce and water milfoil.35 4+ A fast-acting contact herbicide containing diquat (35%) with a 24. The result is a highly effective.5 L) containers.00 73.95 12. a deficiency of green pigment.Weed Control/Surfactants Lake & Pond 33 Sonar R Weedtrine®-D Hazmat Air R can control weeds up to one full year. Granular formulation recommended for spot treating small weed patches and deep growing plants. Compatible with most herbicides and inhibits excessive foam produced by many wetting agents. apply at the rate of 2 oz/gal of water. Carries no turf irrigation restrictions. Organic-Kick helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface and helps penetrate the cell wall of the plant. Susceptible weeds will start to show chlorosis. It usually takes 30 to 90 days for Sonar to work.5 gallons $ 56.00 90. Cullen. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick. OMRI®-listed. Reward® Hazmat AG R *For best results. Red River 90 or Organic-Kick. water hyacinth. Works best when used with a nonionic surfactant like Cide-Kick II.00 52. Hazmat AG *For best results. including Najas species.52/6+ 81. salvinia. Sonar's selectivity lets desirable aquatic plants become reestablished. allowing quick penetration of leaf tissue. Susceptible plants absorb Sonar through their leaves. Absorption and herbicidal action are usually quite rapid. MT. as use of this product may not be legal in your area.75 18.50 36-hour burndown that is less selective than Aquathol® K. Within a short period (seven to ten days) injury symptoms begin to appear. NJ. effectively penetrating the cell wall of the plant. Carries a 14-day irrigation restriction. allowing a more effective uptake.35/4+ Selective contact control for submerged aquatic weeds. For marginal weed problems. follow label rates and restrictions. pond weeds. pennywort. activator and penetrant all in one. Liquid formula supplies most active ingredients per dollar. Jyuhn-Mirng Chern (Jimmy) Capital Aquaculture Order Online: AquaticEco. This item cannot be sold to the following states: CA. ORK1 $ 15. irrigation or domestic purposes for 14 days after treatment. RR90G RR90Q Gallon Quart $ 29. rating is hazardous when shipped by air. weighs 25 lbs. When mixed with herbicides. NE. spirogyra.5 gallons 10 lbs AQT25 AQT10 Ship Wt AQt25 25 lbs 11 lbs $ 242.

000 gallons. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. fountains. lakes. ISO 9001-certified and EPA-approved. They are used in some of the finest garden ponds in the USA. bluegreen algae. Like Blue Vail. humans and birds.42 35.000. Sold in single packets. Products with this symbol cannot be sold into the states of California. The typical application rate is 1 gallon per 1. 4' deep with sloping sides).46/4+ Blue/Black Vail Black Vail Quarts/Acre 2 3 $ 35. We recommend Blue Vail™ for use in controlled waterways like private ponds.26 31.347. fish hatcheries and swimming ponds. Salt water compatible.000. Montana. Simply toss one or more packets into the water. 16-packet case weighs 8 lbs.8 m3).42 Each 31. Iowa. 1 foot deep = 324. Use only one-fourth as much Blue Vail™ as any other dye! That's right—use only one quart per 1.9 m3).4788 Tech Support: 407. The quarts per acre are typical for 3 acre feet or approximately 1. herbicides and algaecides are restricted. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. OWD4 $ 20.000 gallons of water. Maine. Blue/Black Vail and Black Vail If you prefer the natural look. lakes.8 liters 1 pound (16 ounces) = 454 grams 1 foot = 30.1401 . New York. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. One quart treats one acre-foot to control filamentous blue algae. Blue Vail™ will turn water an attractive blue color and is harmless to animals and fish when used as directed. Aquashade® Water Colorant EPA-registered. 1/2 lb) typically treats 250. It is also useful for coloring water an attractive blue to enhance its aesthetic quality. One packet (approx.000 gallons (3.000 gallons of pond water. fountains and fish 355.522 gallons. Case contains 4 gallons.598.5 cm R In certain states. Four gallons per case.00 ADMIRAL® Liquid R For control of algae and aquatic vegetation growth. Apply to controlled waterways such as ornamental and golf course ponds. A one-acre pond 4' deep with sloping sides is only about 1.000. May be used for swimming ponds (after complete dispersal). where they quickly disperse. OWD5 Quart OWD5c Case $ 31. Order Online: AquaticEco.34 Lake & Pond Water Dyes ™ Blue Vail Super Concentrated Blue Colorant Harmless to animals and fish.000.303. Sold in quart bottles. Results appear immediately and last up to four months in nonflowing waters. spirogyra. clear water in a lake with a natural black bottom looks black from all angles. Sold in quart containers (equal to one gallon of other brands) and by the case of 12. One acre-foot = 1 acre. CB64 Gallon $ Order by Phone: 877. Connecticut. Lasts up to 4 months. ADMIRAL® is an EPA-approved water colorant that controls the growth of several types of aquatic weeds and algae while enhancing the appearance of the water. It can be used in natural or man-made ponds.35 Each 55. OWD7 OWD8 ALD1 Gallon Ship Wt 11 lbs $ 51.60 Each 47. Clean.50 17. leafy pond weed.000 gallons of pond water (equals one acre. Nebraska. prices.000 gallons. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Before After R Aquashade® is a water dye that filters sunlight to reduce the growth of aquatic weeds and algae. OWD2 One surface acre 4' deep = 1.79 4+ Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. but comes in packets that are 100% water soluble.25 4+ Crystal Blue® Crystal Blue® is a water colorant that produces a more vibrant blue color than some other dyes. chara. The typical application rate is one gallon per 1.000. Vermont or Washington. Performs like the liquid water colorants.75 30. Made in USA. they contain no herbicides or algaecides. Blue Colorant Dry Packets Easy to apply. lakes and fountains.93/16+ OWD2 Gallon Ship Wt 11 lbs $ 59.404 gallons (4. Four gallons per case. Michigan. are nontoxic and safe for fish. slender naiad and water milfoil at depths greater than two feet. New Hampshire. 3' deep or approximately one acre. Additionally. Not recommended for use with fountains.26 6+ owd7 owd8 1 gallon = 3. errors occasionally occur. We offer Blue/Black Vail (a 50/50 mix) and Black Vail because they look more natural.

water-soluble bags. It is the only alum treatment product that addresses the large amount of phosphorous that resides in the bottom sediment of many ponds. The Sweetwater ® Microfl oc Alum Injection System eliminates nuisance algal blooms in ponds by continually removing the nutrients (food) that feed algae. A buffering agent prevents pH drops.50). Safe for swimmers and harmless to fish and wildlife. Made in USA. garden ponds and golf courses.00 347. One 40-lb (dry powder net weight) plastic pail of DePhos-A will treat 45.5 and 8. alkalinity between 50 and 200 ppm and salinity below 3 ppt. Order Online: AquaticEco. making it unavailable to algae. Pond logs are specific to your water's chemistry. When treating large ponds/lakes.4788 Tech Support: 407. 239400 239410 239425 Six 1-oz Bags One 8-oz Bag One 25-lb Bag $ 13. 4' deep). reduced algae. Benefi ts include increased water clarity. Note: BARACLEAR® leaves a residual stone in the pond after the active alum ingredients have entered the water. The typical application rate for phosphorus removal in municipal lakes. decreased suspended solids and metal reduction.51/4+ 80. They work in conjunction with your bottom-based aeration system. ventilated. to the bottom and provide a time-release of alum into the sediment and water. alum storage tank and timers. biofilters or raceways. nontoxic and formulated for specific water environments. Typical application rate is 80 lbs per acre-foot (25 ppm). For pond sample analysis forms and procedures. Based on that. The pH should be between 5. The system's small shore station delivers particles of alum (aluminum sulfate) into the water column and evenly distributes them throughout the pond. They will sink. Phosclear® Phosclear® (buffered aluminum sulfate) is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters. we'll send you the pond log(s) best suited to your lake or pond's specifi c needs (each type is $ 152. The pebbles are easy to use—simply scoop up the 3/8" pellets and scatter them over the surface of the water. improved formula! BARACLEAR® is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters. Each system includes a microfl oc generator with alum metering pump. AL40 $ 118.0. floating fountain or waterfall to improve the water quality in your lake or pond. Simply calculate water volume and dispense at the rate of one 1-oz bag per 600 gallons of water or one 8-oz bag per 4. double dose on first application of the season and if temperatures are below 68ºF (20ºC). contact the AES Lakes Department at 407-472-0520. Large quantities ship from factory. golf courses and farm ponds is 1/2 lb per 1. On contact with the water the alum particles form a floc of aluminum hydroxide. use an algaecide first. Use in any size waterway. Ship weight 45 lbs. Send us a sample of your water and bank soil.800 gallons in ornamental 10.000 ft3 (equal to one acre. Note: pH should be between 5. DePhos-A is a 2-part buffered alum water clarifi er from Sweetwater Technology Corp.000 gallons of water. then DePhos-A after the algae bloom subsides). 115V/60 Hz. It is not an algaecide—it flocculates and removes phosphorus and particulate matter from the water (if water clarity is less than 24". • • Great for small recreational lakes. Microfloc Alum Injection System by Sweetwater® continuous algae control.20/4+ ALmIS *First test the flocculent treatment in a sample portion to determine whether the pond's water chemistry causes the floc to float or sink. keeping them in line with the upward bubble movement enabling the polymer blend to dissolve. weatherproof. Has no impact on rooted plants. 2" Stone Pad Weighted Alum and Air Lines microfloc generator Shore Station Pond Clarifier Removes phosphorous.598. Place the pebbles in a mesh netting to prevent residual stones. BAR40 50 lbs $ 82. Comes in handy-to-use.1401 . or approximately three 50-lb pails of clarifier per acre-foot. farm ponds.Lake & Pond Pond Clarifiers 35 Nutrient-Binding Pond Logs Water clarification and erosion control made easy! These semisolid blocks are environmentally safe. at 407-472-0520 for sizing and pricing.000 gallons. heavy-duty metal cabinet. Float "Bacteria in a Bag" by ProLine® ProLine® "Bacteria in a Bag" is a good product for elimination of pond sludge and odors. Simply broadcast the granules evenly across the surface of the water. alkalinity between 50 and 200 ppm and salinity below 3 ppt.90 4+ diffuser Pond Log Aeration: Pond Logs are simply tied to a float.86 39.00 106. Dramatically improve water clarity and quality with this easy-to-install and maintain system. It uses natural bacteria and enzymes to biodegrade bottom sludge. Make a slurry and spray it over the pond surface*.com Order by Phone: 877. Made in USA. mostly intact. ponds and reservoirs. It is safe for swimming (and drinking) and harmless to fish. Everything is enclosed within a sound-reducing. which removes phosphorus. PHOS15 15-lb Container PC40 40-lb Pail $ 43. odor control. farm ponds and golf courses.00 239410 BARACLEAR® Pond and Lake Clarifier New.5 and 8. Call for a quotation.347. If it floats. one foot deep or 1/4 acre.31/4+ Pc40 Please call the Lakes dept.00 77. It is ideal for small recreational lakes. air compressor. Use in lakes. look online at AquaticEco. Large quantities are shipped from the factory. One log treats up to (Request AES Services link at the bottom of any page) or email Lakes@AquaticEco.90 82. dose 1 lb per acre-foot of water every two weeks while temperatures are above 68ºF (20ºC).0. from one hundred to ten million gallons. use a skimming device to remove it.

10 12. FT28B). Anesthetized fish should be held firmly as well.50 Each 5. The number style is international orange with black numbers. Lower it into the water and when it disappears.19/10+ Decal Disk $ 6. This means you should actually feel the bone when setting the tag. record its depth. forcing it forward through the dorsal rays. Order Online: AquaticEco.90 3. 21 oz.14 10. He worked as a consultant to the energy industry for environmental compliance and mitigation issues concerning marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico. year class. Pk/100 Tagging Gun Replacement Needle Needle Sharpener $ 4. 1. The tag should be inserted in the operculum or lower jaw (always allow room for growth) and an applicator tool is required. Cullen also has experience with pest and weed control and environmental restoration. 5.95/10+ 9.33 20. 1–100 Tags. Pk/100 No. Steel tags are available in red (R).64/10+ 3. tags can keep track of sex. swab the needle with rubbing alcohol.65 4+ A s L ow $ sec On D ec al 5 64 ly as Tech Talk 79 Tagging Fish Fish tags can be useful in fisheries research.A. Pk/100 Orange Flag Tags. age.36 Lake & Pond Measuring Secchi Disk and Decals The plastic Secchi disk is a standard for measuring the relative visibility of water. Squirming fish can bend the needle and cause injury.598. See more details on page 38.64/10+ 3. SE1 SEC Fish Tags Farmers and researchers have found that fish tags are one of the best ways to identify individual fish. 8" (20 cm) diameter.64/10+ Order by Phone: 877. green (G). fft1 tg Technician Profile Cullen Danner Cullen received his B.00 13. They can mark genetic strains and individual fish for research and growth studies. When used with proper record keeping. Add color letter after part number (e. etc. genetic line. uses a needle to insert the tags to a depth of 5/8".30 45." Making a good tag consistently can take some practice.15 4.. cause minimal stress and can remain in the fish for years.347. iodine. 4. SEC is a LaMotte® silk-screened plastic disk with stainless steel eye bolt and lead weight. dispersal patterns or that the fish's name is "Bob. Lowering line not included.1401 . They can be used to distinguish male fish from females and broods from the rest of the stock. Self-Piercing Tags Small animal ear tags are self-piercing and can be used as operculum tags in aquatic research and aquaculture applications.62 34. The goal is to set the "hook" of the tag into the dorsal fin rays that extend into the musculature of the fish. Sold in packs of 100. Once withdrawn. 3.95/10+ 12.00 93. SE1 is a black and white vinyl decal for freshening up any 8" Secchi disk or for making your own. DO NOT RELEASE THE COMPRESSED HANDLE UNTIL THE NEEDLE HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN.38 14. blue (B). hold the gun firmly against the fish's body while compressing the handle firmly. Pk/100 Dk Green Flag Tags.  Using the needlepoint. T  wist the gun slightly and remove the needle. FFT1 FFT2 FFT3 FFT4 FFT6 FFT7 FFT9 FTN100 TG TGN TGS Lt Blue Flag Tags. which is recommended for saltwater applications. They're easy to insert. release the handle slowly to make certain the next tag is fed into position for tagging. To minimize risk. Failure to do so may cause feed mechanism to skip.15 4.64/10+ 3. tracking growth rates and marking broodstock. T  ug the tag lightly to set..03/10+ lm1065 Using a Secchi disk to measure your water's transparency? Lower it into the water with a calibrated sampler line.64/10+ 121. They are also useful for monitoring fish habits. H  old the fish firmly in the swimming position when it is tagged to reduce movement.15 4. after each tag. Pk/100 Dk Blue Flag Tags.15 4.4788 Tech Support: 407.15 4.g.15 129. and yellow ( Y ).30 27. FT10 FT10T FT15 FT15T FT28 FT28T Monel Tool Monel Tool Steel Tool 10 mm — 15 mm — 28. We offer the popular T-bar anchor tags in both flag and number styles. but the following general procedure can be followed for most species of fish.64/10+ 3. lift up a scale on the left side of the fish and insert the needle at the anterior (forward) base of the dorsal fin. The tagging gun. in environmental and aquatic sciences from the University of Central Florida.64 24.15 4. Custom printed tags and other styles are also available. 2. Pk/100 Clear Flag Tags. as well as broodstock management. One final note: disease transmission can be a concern when tagging fish. Pk/100 Yellow Flag Tags.64/10+ 3.00 26.  Once the needle is inserted. which is compatible with both tag styles. Pk/100 Red Flag Tags.5 mm — $ 14. The flag tag is 21/2" long with a 3/16" x 3/8" flag (no labeling possible). Tags are available in steel or monel (nickel-copper alloy).

TAP2 $ 17. Measures to 25'. They are the perfect complement to research equipment and fisheries gear. On-site inspections and underwater photos show that the AquaCrib® attracts abundant varieties and sizes of sport fish. Made of recycled HDPE. these fish scale sample envelopes can be written on in the rain or shine.85 39. Functions especially well in deep lakes. TAP1 TAP3 100' 300' $ 19.598.31/Pk Measuring Tape. . FMB2 $ 66.14 mm .27 mm 1. Thanks again and have a great day! Crystal Schalmo Sacramento Zoo Order Online: AquaticEco.Measuring/Fish Habitat Lake & Pond 37 Fish Measuring Board Quick and easy to use! This economical board is easy on the fish and easy to use.27 2.81 Time-tested value. A durable shelter for fish through all life cycles.27 2. All metal parts are stainless steel. Overall length is 24" (60 cm). which often are lacking in protective vegetation. Its innovative design has since been patented (#5. effective and ecologically sound method of fish propagation and an active mechanism to ensure supplies of game fish in shelter-poor waters. It has a wall thickness of . Weighs 30 lbs. corrugated plastic and measures 60" L x 48" W x 48" H (153 cm x 122 cm x 122 cm). The AquaCrib ® is a convenient.97 mm x 1. The information you provided was helpful and I look forward to using your business in the future. in inches and feet.85 AquaCrib® Fish Habitat Encourages fish propagation.87/4+ 37.15 59. Weighted with concrete block. x Outside Dia. Made entirely of ABS with permanent markings in inches with 1/10" divisions and in centimeters. The AquaCrib® is the most functional.90/4+ tap1 "Rite in the Rain"® Scale Envelopes Made from all-weather "Rite in the Rain"® paper. convenient and cost-effective means to date for encouraging sport fish propagation. The AquaCrib® is the only fish habitat chosen by the Bureau of Fish Management of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after three years of in-depth study.90 17. the AquaCrib® encourages propagation of most inland-water species of fish. It is 1/2" wide and graduated in feet and inches to 1/8". RR101 $ 20. Markings are clear and Order by Phone: 877. Catheter Tubing This Teflon® tubing is commonly used for sampling egg stage development in brood stock.19 mm x 1. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how impressed I was with the quick response time to my question.86 mm x 1.15 mm (150 microns) and is safer than glass capillary tubes.424).49 mm 1. Sold in packages of 100. Sold by the foot.73 mm x 2. made of recycled materials. Stainless Steel A great measuring tape for those who work in and around water. AC $ 148 TT86 TT97 TT119 TT173 Inside Dia. with spawning indicated next to the structure. Ship weight 2 lbs.4788 Tech Support: 407. Weighs 4 lbs. A built-in shock absorber is used to protect blade tip. Made in USA.47/4+ Reel Tape This lightweight reel tape has a frame made of strong fiberglass. Hinged top panel allows replacement of brush.03 mm $ 2.347.042. keeping the AquaCrib ® functional indefinitely.27 2.1401 .

It is left in place for two weeks.77 bs195 Dredge. plastic jacket for accurate temperature readings (range is 5 to 45º C). LM1069 $ 485 Water Sampler Find true water quality at depth. The rugged slide tray holds up to 8 slides. peaty Order by Phone: 877.1401 . and light gravel. A 2-lb spring clip is attached to one end for easy attachment. Ships Ground. Made in USA. Weighs 1 lb. 107/8" deep and 9 5/8" diameter. handheld depth finder will give instant readings from 2. Sampling area covered by open dredge: 45 in2 (114. The seal is made with two heavy plungers. This artificial substrate sampler can be placed in a stream. Made in USA.25 lbs (1. Measures 143/4" x 73/4" x 61/2". A brass messenger is sent down a 20-meter.5 kg). Weighs 10 lbs. LM1065 actual weight is 3. reservoir or lake and is secured by means of a line or anchor. Weighs 14 lbs. Sampling volume is 110 in3. Weighs 2 lbs. Kit includes: Forel-Ule color comparator kit and Secchi disk (20 cm in diameter) to determine turbidity and degree of visibility in water columns. The digital backlit display will show depth or switch to display air and water temperature (°F). LM1077 $ 216 Sampling & Measurement Kit.86 96.4788 Tech Support: 407. BS195 SBK2 SBK3 Bottom Grab $ 442. bottom grab samplers and water samplers. horizontal-style sampler features a clear acrylic body with a built-in outlet for removal of the water sample. All items are contained in heavy-duty 14" x 14" x 7" foam-lined case. zinc weight and two extra inner collection chambers are included. Line is wound on a foam spool to prevent loss if dropped overboard. Measures 81/4" x 3" dia. WB2 $ 137 ps156 Order Online: AquaticEco. in which time algae grow on the glass slides. it requires a messenger to release the two-pin jaw. Weighs 4 lbs.98 Solid Messenger 50. Great for use with Secchi discs.5 kg). nylon line to trigger a release mechanism sealing the sample chamber. Glass microscope slides are held firmly in place in a removable slide tray. Made in USA. Marine Science This rugged combination outfit is easy to transport. Actual weight is 3 lbs.86 Wash Bucket Easily and quickly washes and sorts samples from dredges and bottom grabs. Makes a messy job easier. plankton net to collect plankton and invertebrates for surface studies (153 micron mesh net is 15" in length and has a 5" diameter mouth and two 50 ml collection tubes at end). Durable. water sample bottle to collect water samples for analysis at controlled depths (holds 60 ml of sample).5' to 120' (1/10" precision). Simplified. Made of 316 stainless steel. Replaceable bottom screen is #30 stainless steel mesh (600 microns) that catches macroinvertebrates. sounding lead and calibrated line (includes a 2-lb weight and a nylon sampler line marked from 0–20 m in one meter increments). LM1060 $ 108. At the end of the sampling period.347. Weighs 5 lbs. Meets EPA recommendations. Powered by a 9V battery (included) and measures 7" x 2" x 2". PS156 PS156T Periphyton Sampler Replacement Tray $ 96.50 52. the slides are removed and the algae and other growths can be examined for identification and counting. armored thermometer in protective. mud or fine. reliable sampling gear and measurement devices all housed within a rugged field carrying case for easy transport and storage. A thermometer clip.70 Calibrated Sampler Line This heavy-duty nylon line is marked from 0 to 20 m in one-meter increments.200 mL) is clear acrylic. LM1097 $ 195 Periphyton Sampler Ideal for sampling algae or zebra mussels. simple to use and a necessity for any salt water field sampling. Uses 11-oz messenger (SBK2 or SBK3—not included) and 3/16" braided line. calibrated. It shoots through fiberglass hulls and ice. Collect samples from depths between one and twenty meters.25 lbs (2. one-liter.47 LM1065 LM1064 Calibrated Line Calibrated Line w/Lead Weights lm1064 $ 38. Made in USA. sand. bottom sampling dredge to obtain bottom sediment for surface analysis. Messenger and calibrated line are included. LM1064 includes a 2-lb (908 grams) lead weight and has an actual weight of 5. A lead collar surrounds sampler to eliminate drift. Two polyurethane floats keep the sampler self-righting and allow it to float inconspicuously. A newly designed trigger ensures that the jaws stay open during descent. D. Made in USA.O.3 cm2). DPX200 $ 119. Waterproof up to 50'.598. Its inner collection chamber allows dissolved oxygen samples to be "fixed" prior to removal.00 Each Bottom Grab This benthic sampler is designed for taking samples on soft muck. Outer chamber (1. Handheld Depth Finder This versatile.38 Lake & Pond Water Sampling/Bottom Sampling Water Sampler Recommended for water 5 meters or more in depth. Two-year warranty.00 Split Messenger 61. Bottom Sampling Our all stainless steel dredge features a bottom sensing closure that eliminates the need for a messenger weight! This dredge is a convenient sediment-collecting device for mud. complete with 16 slides.

mechanical velocity meters are designed for measuring water ow in lakes.66–10' $ 38.A. It is highly accurate and comes complete with LCD digital display. The low-speed meter measures from 2 to 100 cm/sec. Ideal for measuring ow in hard-to-reach areas.7'–6' Handle Flow Probe. Unit also displays true digital running average. MAX and AVG. etc. The 1. lakes.46 Shown with 203002. sewage plants. with a B. FP6 FP7 Flow Probe.95 39. This water ow probe is a lightweight.66' Graduated 6.06' Graduated 0–3. After completing each sampling. Subtract the rst reading from the second to calculate average speed over a given time.5 feet per second (fps)) and average velocity (accuracy .56' Graduated 0–2. Indiana. 56106 56156 56206 56333 56666 5610 56333 The cleanest lake in the USA? Looks like that honor goes to Crater Lake in Oregon.95 52.999—equal to approximately 14. in biology.45 52.06' Graduated 0–1.4788 Tech Support: 407. It is in a national park with only six boats allowed. including MIN. LCD Display 203007 $ 160. Datalogger stores 30 sets. four tour boats and two research vessels. irrigation channels. 3. Water clarity is typically 142 feet (43 meters).Lake & Pond Water Flow 39 Water Flow Probe Perfect for monitoring spring Order by Phone: 877. Shipped in a padded case for safe carrying. (including salt water).9 fps (0. aeration systems as well as aquatic weed identi cation and control. He has operated a hatchery and lake and pond management company.85 FP6 203001 Wading Rod For mechanical velocity meters. Properly balanced to maintain a horizontal position when suspended by a towing line. Weighs 1 lb per ft. simply remove the meter and record the reading and time.95 42. graduated to hundredths. 19/16" in diameter and includes 18" of tow line and a stainless steel connecting axle pin. marked at every foot and tenth. The meters incorporate a precision-molded rotor coupled directly to a six-digit counter that registers each revolution of the rotor and displays it similar to an odometer (up to 999.45 Order Online: AquaticEco. internal ball bearings and a telescoping handle. ponds. The high-speed meter measures from 10 cm/sec to 7. This telescopic wading pole extends from 3' to 9' and has a stainless steel swivel tting that connects to the velocity meters above.33' Graduated 3. Commonly used to gauge water depths in rivers. Technician Pro le Matt Rayl Matt graduated from Earlham College in Richmond.940 foot deep lake stays clear (oligotrophic) because it has a relatively small watershed and no tributaries to bring in nutrients or sediments. Style "C" Gauges Gauges are 21/2" wide. Ship weight 12 lbs.1401 . 5. Reads in fps and meters per second (m/sec). Order a bottom section plus any others to reach the required level. Weighs 3. Made in USA. Determine water speed. 203001 203002 High-Speed Meter Low-Speed Meter $ 524. nished with a white porcelain enamel to resist rust and discoloration for many years. Each gauge is accurately graduated and has grommet holes for fastening. volume or distance. Sensor is a protected Turbo-Prop propeller with magnetic pickup. Ship weight 2 lbs. Internal lithium battery is nonreplaceable and has 5-year life. Each ow meter measures 83/8" long. 203007 Impeller Staff Gauges Monitor your water level at a glance.33–6.45 52.5 nautical miles). Matt has extensive knowledge of lake and pond ecology.1 fps). updated once per second. Probe measures both instantaneous velocity (accuracy . These heavy-duty gauges are made of heavyweight steel. rivers and more.3–19.1 m/sec).347. Range is 0. Graduated 0–1. One-year warranty.598.5'–15' Handle $ 844 906 Water Flow Meters Automatically stay horizontal! These compact. easy-to-use water velocity meter.9 m/sec.62 553. One-year warranty.1–6.5 lbs.

487 1.307 1.0049 .1401 ..0004 . The net mouth is braced by a sturdy brass ring and wire .0197 .0029 .. BBPC4 BBPC5 BBPC6 BBPC20 BBPC21 6" Dia. these nets are also used for a variety of aquaculture applications.0017 .4788 Tech Support: 407. The net mouth has a stainless steel ring with nylon tow lines attached through grommets. 50-mL. Minute plankton are collected and can be observed in the clear.0083 Mesh 80 100 120 140 170 200 230 270 325 400 550 800 1.40 Lake & Pond Plankton Nets Plankton Nets Designed for biological.0165 . Miniature Plankton nets have a 5" (12.0232 . 53 microns 6" Dia.0510 . LM1063 $ 83.08 25.0079 . conical graduated tube at the end of the net.598.7 cm) diameter net mouth and measure 15" (38 cm) long. 125 microns 12" Dia. cone-shaped net has 153-micron mesh net that measures 38" long with a 12" mouth opening.0015 . The 12" diameter models also include a rope handle.000 840 710 590 500 420 350 297 250 210 1 ft = 30. Weighs 2 lbs.0331 .250 — 2 Plankton Collectors Microns 177 149 125 105 88 74 62 53 44 37 25 15 10 5 1 yard = .0021 .36 58. LM007 LM008 153 microns 80 microns $ 46. LM30023 $ 140 PKN1 PKN2 PKN3 PKN4 PKN5 PKN6 PKN7 PKN8 PKN9 PKN10 30 30 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50 Net Length Mesh Opening (cm) (microns) 90 90 90 90 90 150 150 150 150 150 35 63 80 100 150 80 150 200 335 500 $ 394 362 353 336 327 538 474 466 454 458 Plankton Net Great for student Order by Phone: 877.72 lm007 Conversion Chart Mesh 4 8 10 14 18 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 Microns 5.24 52. The 6" diameter models have permanently mounted screens of high-grade polyester plankton cloth. Sampling Large.0280 .09 m 2 Inches .0750 .205 2. Nets include a 125-mL sampling bottle.00 66.0024 . = 2.923 1. Two tubes are provided. Order Online: AquaticEco.2030 . limnological and oceanographic studies. including plankton and larval collecting.0117 ...0059 .0041 .91 m 1 ft = . Mouth Diameter (cm) Plankton Nets. 153-micron nylon cloth. The 5" net mouth is braced by a sturdy brass ring and harness. 120 microns $ 28. cod end ring. Collectors can also be used to harvest zooplankton for larval feeding.0394 . 25 microns 6" Dia. The small mouth to net ratio (3:1) makes them good for shallow water sampling.86 bbpc4 bbpc20 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. rubber-coated hose clamp and a 1-liter capacity cod end jar. 53 microns 12" Dia.33 27.54 cm Inches ..50 pkn2 Plankton Nets. Each net includes a stainless steel mouth ring/towing bridle.5 cm 1 in.0098 .0970 . A 53-micron screen is best for collecting rotifers and a 120-micron screen for Artemia nauplii. Nets are conical in design. There is a 50-mL collecting bottle at the end of the net.0138 .0002 These heavy-duty collectors are great for field sampling or lab scale work.0006 .0009 . this 15" cone-shaped plankton net is made from #10 mesh.

Includes two wooden poles. Two formulations: FWT Red.  certified for use in potable water. The Hess sampler consists of a circular cylinder which is pushed into the substrate. 106023 106001 FWT Red.25 103. Weighs 3 lbs. 10.32 21. Weighs 2 lbs.5 lbs. stream bottom sampler.74 64. Sides are hemmed for poles and bottom has a reinforced seam for anchoring. Net measures 1 m x 1 m (3. 35. A plastic collecting bottle with screw-off end cap for emptying sample is attached to the net. HN5 500 microns $ 475. The bag depth is 8". Fish and Wildlife Conservation Kit by Hach® Hazmat Air • NSF This kit has everything necessary to learn whether ponds.00 D-Shaped Net This sampling net has a heavy cotton/polyester bag and is secured to a 12" wide D-frame. Weighs 3. Custom nets are also available with different mesh sizes. The inlet measures 12" x 12" (30 cm x 30 cm) and the net is 24" (60 cm) in length. The sampler is 14" in diameter and 18" high. 60 and 230).46 mg/L as CaCO 3).and 153-micron mesh sizes. a formulated version of the dye Fluorescein. S3076 consists of four high-impact plastic sieves. flow mapping.598. lake studies. a solid container at the bottom and a snap-on lid (US Bureau of Standards mesh sizes Order by Phone: 877. Supplied with a 5" stainless steel hoop mouth and 6" stainless steel bridle. Weighs 12 lbs.84–342 mg/L). After the horizontal frame is set in the substrate. Made in USA.74 dnp8 Ring Nets Designed for collecting plankton and other pelagic organisms. drop-count titration and color disc colorimetry to test for acidity (1 drop = 2.88 Sieve Sets Used to separate and grade samples.07 Surber Sampler The Surber sampler is a small. Assembled and ready for use. lakes. bottom mesh is approximately 500 microns and is protected from snags and wear by a 4" skirt.97 60 microns 153 microns $ 64. SN5 $ 334. The net and screen wrap around the frame and are secured with Velcro®. Pint Liquid FLT Y/G. Weighs 9 lbs. Weighs 5 lbs. and the organisms are washed into the collecting bag by the current flowing through the front screen opening.28' x 3. these sets are great for students. Mesh close-up. Sieves measure 63/4" x 3".1401 . It utilizes analytical. The dyes are temporary and will degrade naturally in sunlight (2–3 days for Red and 5–7 days for Yellow/Green) or with the addition of chlorine.27 mg/L or 5. pollution studies and leak detection. DNP8 DNP9 Kick Nets Perfect for benthic studies. LM100 $ 63.50 s3076 Bright Dyes • Fluorescent water tracing dyes. Substrate bottom is then stirred up.27 RN80 80 microns Ship Wt 2 lbs $ 287. Pint Liquid $ 21.28') and is 500-micron mesh. Weighs 2. 1 pint per 10. Meets US EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for benthic invertebrates.000 gallons.4788 Tech Support: 407.347. rivers and streams are healthy for fish and wildlife. stainless steel wire screens. Net is constructed of 500-micron screening. wetlands. alkalinity (6. S548 includes six interlocking sieves with plastic frames and graduated. The fluorescent colors can be detected visually in most water conditions or with the use of ultraviolet light or a fluorometer. Each kit includes enough reagents for 100 tests (pH up to 300 tests). 1802-33 $ 190 Ecologically safe dyes for use in stream tracing. The nets measure one meter long and are made with high-quality mesh netting.25 lbs. portable. S3076 S548 Four-Sieve Set Six-Sieve Set $ 74. Has a 4–8' telescopic aluminum handle. hardness (0–513 mg/L). Net funnels down to a two-piece PVC collecting bucket that features quick release clamps and filtering holes. It consists of two folding brass frames that are affixed to right angles and locked by braces. mouth sizes and length ratios (please inquire). 120 and 230). KN1 $ 128.32 106023 106001 Order Online: AquaticEco. a specially formulated version of the dye Rhodamine WT. solid container at the bottom and lid. Made in USA. Designed to collect aquatic organisms from natural waters and shorelines up to 2' deep. Available in both 60. dissolved oxygen (0–10 mg/L) and pH (4–10). Net length is 18" (45 cm) long. Yellow/Green is resistant to absorption in organic matter and should be used in water with heavy sediment loads. and FLT Yellow/ Green. 60. 10. storm and sewer analysis.Plankton Nets/Sampling Lake & Pond 41 Plankton Nets For use where a flow-through straining bucket is not required. silt and rocks are stirred up so that the current can wash the bottom organisms into the net. with graduated mesh sizes (5. carbon dioxide (5–100 mg/L). Hess Sampler Bottom samplers collect flora and fauna in gravel and cobble stream bottoms. enabling them to be easily removed. these nets have a 12" (30 cm) diameter circular mouth with a stainless steel ring and 3-point bridle.

stick-on thermometer works by liquid crystal color changes. etc.85 16. Contains mercury. Overall length is 8".com Order by Phone: 877. Easily reset with the push of a button. It reads 64 to 93°F (18 to 34°C). outside. Contains nontoxic red liquid. 0–40ºC). Measures 5" x 3/4".347. Designed for mounting on the outside of glass aquariums. TH26 TH27 Aluminum Plastic $ 7. hot tubs. TH31 $ 10. Two-year warranty. Three-foot cord is included.05 Sinking This sinking thermometer has a tough. a building. the temperature is in between the two. If two numbers show a color change.94 Min/Max A simple way of knowing the high and low temperatures in water. Reads -20 to 120ºF and -30 to 50ºC. Monitor includes one remote sensor. TH10A $ 2. range -40 to 70ºC and -40 to 158ºF.05 / TH11AC 12/Pk 32. TH25 $ 17. etc. The monitor can accept up to four different remote sensors and receive signals as far as 100 feet (30 meters) in optimum conditions. Dual scales of -50/50ºC and -40/120ºF. but it has a plastic protective case. WTP100 WTP101 Monitor w/Sensor Additional Sensor $ 36.65 Stick-On This accurate. digital.00 19. Reusable adhesive. Length is 8". Reads both ºF and ºC.1401 . The LCD display is 13/4" x 13/4". Range 30 to 120ºF and 0 to 50ºC.25 Wireless Thermometer Utilizing a radio wave signal. Accuracy of 1%. perfect for aquariums. minnow tanks. The monitor and remote sensors require two AAA batteries each (not included). Measures both ºC and ºF.42 tH11A tH31 tH21 tH10A tH25 tH175 Order Online: AquaticEco. Contains a nontoxic red liquid. It reads in both ºF and ºC (30–110ºF. TH21 $ 9. The remote sensors have a waterproof probe tip attached to a 36" cable. Overall length is 5".75 Pond/Tank This ABS plastic thermometer is ideal for use in garden ponds and fish tanks.598. displaying the reading in either ºF or ºC. has a shatterproof magnifying lens and features a snap on/off cap that allows it to float or sink. TH175 $ 1.4788 Tech Support: 407. Floats in an upright position. ranges 30–120ºF and 0–50ºC. Perfect for fish ponds. Measures 5" (13 cm) L x 1" (3 cm) W. Measures 8" (20 cm) long x 11/4" (3. this monitor measures the temperature at remote sensors. Contains a nontoxic red liquid.45 5.85 tH26 tH27 WtP100 Stainless Steel The lip on the stainless steel back allows thermometer to hang inside tank. over time.2 cm) dia.96/4+ Floating This low-cost floating thermometer is ideal for aquariums and small tanks. A suction cup support is included. cooler. Reads both ºF and ºC.42 Lake & Pond Thermometers Pocket Thermometers This shirt-pocket thermometer ( TH26) is filled with nontoxic red liquid and includes an aluminum protective case. TH11A $ 3. Contains nontoxic red liquid. clear buterate casing with a 21" tether cord and ring. TH27 is the same.

Large 1. adhesive backing. Uses one AAA battery (included).91/4+ Temperature Alarm. Capable of max/min recall of high and low temperatures.0" x 1.3% ROG. Reads in Fahrenheit only.000ºF Resolution . Meter includes 9V battery. Safe for fresh or salt water.75" (70 mm) stainless steel stem to measure temperature.3 lb. It may be dashboard-mounted in hauling trucks or boats (case is water resistant) with its 20' sensor cable.99 19. the audible alarm will sound at 51 dB.48 15. 39240 $ 19.99 Ranges -50–1. Requires minimum immersion depth of 3".90 21. This device can be set with both minimum and maximum temperatures.15 37.7" Temperature Alarm The large display Temp Alert ® features an adjustable audible alarm for high and low temperatures and larger digits on a 4" x 4" x 1" meter. Weighs . The range is 0 to 230ºF and -20 to 110ºC. One AA battery (included).Lake & Pond Thermometers 43 Pocket-Sized. Weighs 14 oz. The bright red 3/4" digital readout can be seen even in direct sunlight.4788 Tech Support: 407. Made in USA. Cable is 30" long. The digital display shows Fahrenheit (-40 to 392º) or Celsius (-40 to 200º) with ± . Display is 11/2"x1/2" with 5/16" digits. Accuracy of ± . TH22A $ 22.2 lb.0 Accuracy .00/4+ Heavy-Duty These rugged.56 61. Indoor/Outdoor A great thermometer for greenhouses and fish rooms. One-year warranty.00 th29p Underwater Remote This 12V thermometer will allow temperatures to be monitored from up to 20' away. handheld. Reads temperature in ºC or ºF and has a clock function. If either temperature is passed. Range: -58 to 158ºF (50 to 70ºC). Accuracy is ±2ºF or ±1ºC.15 th24 th29 Temperature Alarm Set the temperature and feel safe with this alarm thermometer. One-year warranty. however. A basic 18" wire cable probe is included for air measurements. weighs .5" LCD shows indoor and outdoor temperatures at the same time. maximum reading and data hold.18/4+ Laboratory This accurate yet economical thermometer is made with nontoxic red liquid (no mercury) on white background. Includes 10' weatherproof outdoor temperature sensor. °F Alert.99 39.1º resolution.9º.598. One-year warranty. screws for wall mounting and AAA battery. holster with stand and wrist strap. TH6 $ 3. TH29 TH29P HD Thermometer General Purpose Probe $ 94.80 Order Online: AquaticEco. Five-year warranty. the optional TH29P general purpose probe is required for use in liquids.5º. Waterproof This thermometer uses a 2. Overall length is 12".347. built-in stand. It is a 31/2" stainless steel probe with 39" cable. One-year warranty. suction cup and AAA battery included. It is also a digital clock. ±1ºC or ±2ºF Dimensions 6.2ºF/± . They read in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade and feature a large LCD display. Includes one LR44 button battery and a protective cover.99 / 39240C 5/Pk 89. 8040 $ 18.94/4+ Digital Thermometer w/Light Measures both ºF and ºC. with calibration adjustment on back. °C $ 37. each has data hold and auto shut-off. TH24 TH24C Alert. One-year warranty.1401 . OAL is 6". Submersible probe with 3' cable. DTDS1 Digital Thermometer $ 16. TP12 $ 66. Other type K probes also fit. 52 dB) and red/green LED indication when temperature is above or below set points. Weighs 4 oz. Features an audible alarm (approx. The alarm will activate for both water and room temperature Order by Phone: 877. Measures 23/4" x 23/4". ranging from -58 to 158ºF (with great precision).300ºC -50–2.96 Miniature Digital This inexpensive digital thermometer measures temperature at the base unit and at a cable-connected submersible probe.1 or 1. 41/2" long. 0 to 99. TH28 $ 20. Displays can be read in either Fahrenheit or Centigrade and range from 23 to 122ºF (-10 to 50ºC).5" x 3. digital thermometers are designed for field use. Uses 1 AAA battery (not included). includes miniature submersible probe with 36" cable.1ºC accuracy and .

recalibration nut and watertight plastic dial cover.347. Uses one AA battery (included) that will last for over a year. and can be caught with almost any kind of bait.20 12.08 8. this precision 4" (10 cm) hygrometer is easy to read from a distance.e. Catfish are omnivores. i. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied. walls. Has a 5" stainless steel stem. You will find these extremely useful for finding insulation leaks and motor temperatures. This quartz clock uses O-ring seals.75 Order Online: AquaticEco. Ponds. Measures wind speed with a precision ultra light impeller that turns on sapphire bearings.3 m/s Max Wind Speed 40 m/s Display 21/2" digit LCD Water-Resistant Clock by Sweetwater ® 100% humidity? No problem. Five-year warranty.598. 6" (15 cm) face with chrome hands. 800102 $ 60. Results are displayed on a large backlit LCD in either ºF or ºC. fpm and Beaufort force. The English scale measures in increments of 1/100" of an inch to 6". Readings are held for 7 seconds after trigger is released. Comes with aluminum mounting bracket and two mounting screws. classroom or indoor fish farm.45 Pocket Wind Meter This sleek wind meter is very accurate. even on the battery compartment. 14" long. Compare to others at over $30. accuracy ±2%. tough and affordable. an item you purchased or anything at all. Auto power off. kph. accuracy ±2%. The inner dial thermometer reads in ºF to an accuracy of ±2%.24/4+ Dial channel catfish The channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) is the most predominant catfish species in North America. we're unhappy. Immerse at least 1" but 3–4" is better.2 lb. They are popular for their mildly flavored white meat that can be prepared many ways.95 14. whenever and wherever needed. when held 8 inches away.49/12+ Have a complaint? If you're unhappy. Range: -4 to 840ºF (-20 to 450ºC). RG6 $ 9. easy-to-read dial with an accuracy of ±1%.44 Lake & Pond Thermometers/Meters/Accessories Infrared Temperature Scanners Read temperature instantly from a distance! It is easy to measure pipes. It can weigh as much as 40–50 lbs (18–23 kg). Simply hold it up to measure wind speed. *Some information from Mississippi State University Extension Service: <http://msucares. It provides relative humidity to an accuracy of ±5% using a precise synthetic hair hygrometer. It reads 0 to 230ºF (2° divisions) and 18 to 110ºC (1º divisions). Weighs only 2 oz.78/6+ Hygrometer know your humidity level. If you have a problem with our service. weatherresistant. Selectable display reads ºF or ºC. we want to know about it. Channel catfish are especially suitable for commercial aquaculture. Channel catfish keep a good growth rate and feed conversion efficiency through their life cycle. vents. etc. Distance to size (D:S) ratio is 8:1. Ideal for the lab. ceiling insulation. cages and raceways are all successfully used in channel catfish culture. Five-year warranty.45 lb (200 g). Minimum and maximum readings are stored in the internal memory. MT100 $ 38. 810034R $ 16. Scanner is 8" x 3" x 13/4". which can quickly begin consuming manufactured feed after yolk-sac absorption. hold function freezes reading for 7 seconds.00 Rain Gauge This rain gauge uses a wedge design that is recognized as the most accurate by universities and the US Weather Bureau. clear plastic resists discoloration. HG1 $ 34.. They also handle crowded and diverse conditions well. measures 1 inch dia. with the world record catch weighing 58 lbs. Uses 9V battery (included). and we want to keep it! The Mini TempTestr ® IR The is an economical. The average-size channel catfish in most waterways is between 2 and 4 lbs. noncontact.. solid or semisolid in less than one second. floats and includes a slip-on case and batteries. infrared thermometer that is only 11/2" wide by 21/2" high and measures surface temperatures of any Order by Phone: 877. One-piece. They spawn easily and produce a lot of fry. Five-year warranty. Range: -30 to 430ºF (-33 to 220ºC).html> Features a large 13/4" diameter.1401 . weighs only . TH4 $ 14. Measures in knots. This precision meter is made in Germany and weighs just . Simply point them at any surface and read the temperature. mph. motors. 800102 $ 100 Min Wind Speed . We appreciate your business. It is completely waterproof. heavy-duty. up to 930ºF. The large model features a built-in laser that guides you right to the point of measurement.4788 Tech Support: 407. The meter can track maximum and average wind speeds. along with current readings. KWM1 mt100 Now you can measure hard-to-reach and high-temp areas. Pocket clip case included.

weighs 3 oz. "Rite in the Rain"® is a unique paper that allows field notes to be written in wet or humid conditions. RR311 RR391 Level Columnar Horizontal Lines $ 4. Field pattern. has 50 leaves. Ship weight is 1. is designed to handle rough and wet weather conditions. Numbered notebook pages 1 through 64. a notebook that works as hard as you do. Paper sold separately. Sold in packs of 100 only.95 17. RR393 $ 7. RR200 RR312 RR392 Binder Level Order by Phone: 877. 32 leaves. weighs 5 oz.4788 Tech Support: 407.17/12+ Field Notebook This 81/2" x 11".85 15.95 4. 45/8" x 7".18 Each 9.47 4. Fabrikoid (hardbound cloth) cover. Great mini notebook for field notes.97 12+ Memo Book Perforated leaves that are stapled at the top fill this memo book. Black ink. as well as the glue.63/12+ RR200 with RR392 This 6-ring binder has a hard polyethylene cover and contains an inside clear plastic pocket on the inside front cover.53 18. horizontal lines and a polyethylene cover. both with 24 leaves. these fish scale sample envelopes can be written on in the rain or shine.97 13. RR100 $ 4. 9 oz. Designed to hold 100 leaves and measures 511/16" x 73/4".95/Pk 31.53/12+ RR104 RR1136 All-Weather Pen Writes underwater and upside down! Fine point. readable notes.72/12+ $ 9. 100 Sheets Horizontal Lines.95 All-Weather Copy Paper 81/2" x 11".85 4. A flexible PE cover folds back and has a side wire spiral. 31/4" x 53/4". Features horizontal line paper and a PE cover.598. this paper works best using just a pencil (felt-tip pens will not work). saddle-stitched notebook. 78 leaves. The cover. RR851 $ 33.85 Each Grid Sheets 81/2" x 11". Includes a title and contents page.68 15.90 6. 200 sheets per pack. Sold in packages of 100. The chemical coating on the paper sheds water. Perfect for fi eld trips. RR146 $ 5.60/12+ All-Weather Binder Level Book Notebook Finally.347.97 13. RR37 RR37R All-Weather Pen Refill RR37 "Rite in the Rain"® Scale Envelopes Made from all-weather "Rite in the Rain"® paper. 50 leaves. weighs 3 oz.97 7.18 15. making it possible to write clear.31/Pk 17. RR310F $ 20.17/12+ All-Weather Spiral The all-weather spiral notebook is great for fitting into tight spaces. Make your own waterproof forms! 3 lbs. All-Weather Notebook A hip pocket. 100 Sheets $ 13. Made in USA. Requiring no special writing instrument. notebook that becomes hands-free when not in use.5 lbs/100.67 5. RR115 $ 16.1401 .95/4+ Shirt Pocket Spiral Book This spiral-bound booklet is 3" x 5". They are the perfect complement to research equipment and fisheries gear. RR135 $ 4.47 12+ $ 17. This bound book has been manufactured with tough outdoor components. Printed on one side. spiral-bound notebook has 24 leaves and a polyethylene cover. RR101 $ 20. Choose either level columnar ruled or horizontal lines.85 Order Online: AquaticEco. 4" x 6". even in a rainstorm.95 Notebook All-weather tag-board covers this 45/8" x 7". This may be the best insurance against lost time and ruined field notes. Wire spiral at top of notebook. RR1104 RR1136 1/4" Quadrille Grid 36 Horizontal Lines RR311 4. Has horizontal lines and a tagboard cover. 43/4" x 49/16". Binder is chrome and contains antirust metals.Lake & Pond Field Notebooks 45 Waterproof Paper "Rite in the Rain"® writing paper for wet places—no more ruined field notes. "Rite in the Rain"® sheets in a choice of two patterns.

detachable hood and bib overall with front fly (sold in complete sets only). Resists oil. Top drawstring closure provides snug fit.. Both the chest and waist high waders have stretch shoulder strap suspenders and belt loops. These lightweight chest waders are durably constructed of pliable PVC. utilities. Durable. Add size to end of part number. Built-in "gaiter type" ankle guards keep sand out of your shoes. salt water and ozone.71 123. In cold water. The upper part of waders in all shoe sizes accommodates build of average size person only. Three pieces allow flexibility.20 mm PVC fabric. e. gasoline. 86066-9. PVC upper with polyester backing and built-in adjustable belt loops and drawstrings. heavy-duty.94/3+ Chest Waders Extra tough . X-large. Attached hood has draw cord and is detachable. gasoline. They can be folded or rolled without cracking and resist oil.92 121.5" in height from heel to top of wader.347. use WC9). kick-off lug. They weigh 2 lbs. salt water and ozone. Add size to end of part number.. Completely waterproof.55 mm thick chest waders offer excellent cold weather flexibility. e. 73515 $ 12.64/3+ 86049 The level of service was extremely responsive. Available in two models. Made in USA. The larger shoe sizes do not accommodate a larger build. M. Weighs 4 lbs. Waders weigh approximately 9 lbs. There are two front flap pockets and underarm vents provide ventilation.76 27. Add letter after part number. Available in men's shoe sizes 7–13. Bill Ashling Order Online: AquaticEco.15/3+ 103. Model 86856 features a steel midsole and ultra-grip bottom soles. Ankle and cuff take-up snaps provide extra protection. XX-large or XXX-large.63 11.46 Rain Suit Lake & Pond Waders/Boots/Rain Suits Ultra Lightweight Waders Built-in latex "socks" keep feet warm and dry. Specify size: small. even in cold weather. these hip waders are comfortable and flexible. In warm water. All chest waders measure 56. grease. Use part number followed by shoe size (example: to order size 9. Waders have reinforced belt loops and suspender buttons (belt and suspenders NOT included). Bib overalls have adjustable waist snaps for a perfect fit. This rain suit is made of nonwoven polyester for comfort and protection. In this day and age of poor service and belligerence. Available in men's sizes 6–13. Drop-in replaceable insoles provide comfort.. Add size to part number. Add size to part number. durable PVC upper with a nonabsorbent. Thank You. fishing. oil and cold weather. adjustable suspenders are reinforced for durability. one-piece leakproof boots. polyester backing is very comfortable. Batwing construction allows freedom of movement and the dielectric sealed seams are stronger than the garment itself. Complete 3-piece suit: jacket. e. The lightweight.61 86856 Steel Midsole 115. 86049 Standard $ 84. each wader has quadruple interlocking stitching.15 76. Now the same technology used by cold water sport fishermen and divers (dry suit) is available to the aquaculturist. medium. Made of a tough 430 denier nylon fabric with a 3-layer polyurethane backing that ensures watertight integrity.g. etc. wear thermal underwear under the waders. WC (7–13) $ 137.g. both with steel toes. 86049-12. Excellent for use in aquaculture. municipalities. it was enjoyable to experience a company who prides themselves on taking care of the customer.12/3+ Please specify small. steel shank (meets ANSI 241 standard). Waders come with a storage/ travel bag. It has a snap front with storm Order by Phone: 877. 73515M for medium size. e.598. salt water. use the waders as they are over jeans. removable insole and great resistance to ozone. large. divers' booties or boots on the outside to protect the latex socks from abrasion. Specify men's shoe size 6–13. FCW FWH Chest Waders Waist-Highs $ 159 143 148/3+ 131/3+ fwh Chest Waders Complete with leakproof boots..43/3+ Hip Waders Superior waterproof protection to the hips. L and XL. 86066 $ 134. I am very satisfied with Aquatic Eco-Systems' professional and rapid service. e.g.4788 Tech Support: 407.g. Made in USA. I will certainly make them one of my go-to companies.1401 . RS4M. PVC upper with polyester backing can be folded or rolled without cracking. RS4 $ 29. FCWM. Must wear shoes.. Comes in sizes S. as well as the quality and value of the products. medium or large. Full cushion insoles are replaceable. They come with an inside storage pouch.g. have injectionmolded.97/3+ All-Purpose Rain Suit This rain suit is made from .

Everyone needs sun protection outdoors. Not recommended for handling fish. size large only.15 5.64/12+ Pith Helmet Tried and true performance. The pith helmet is popular around the world because its form follows function—to keep the head cool while keeping the sun off ears. I would be glad to recommend your company and products to anyone who asks. Recommended by commercial divers. All the ponds beyond ours are covered in scum and duckweed while ours is clear and beautiful. Black.47/12+ Apron This waterproof apron has a large belly flap for long life with less weight. Gold color and large only. neck and out of eyes. reasonably priced hats and feature an adjustable headband that fits all.97/6+ gw14 ag2 g9c gd John. Appreciate your advice.1401 .79/12+ Gloves.25 11. Gloves are 1. Full arm length (28" total) with elastic bands to hold them snugly on the upper arm. 14" Waterproof Flexible.4788 Tech Support: 407. Made of 20-mil PVC in turquoise. Dive These 60% acrylic. Aqua Designed to keep arms and hands completely dry when working inside tanks and aquariums. but we are very pleased with the results and appreciate all your help. H1 $ 24. Outstanding cut resistance. AG2 $ 18. PVC-coated gloves that maintain an excellent grip when wet. these clear. providing about 70% shade.02/12+ A quick note from your customer in Michigan again. These are high-quality.00 15. Attached are before and after pictures of our pond. 40% nylon gloves are ambidextrous and offer an excellent grip. Price is per box of 100. GD $ 5. Fillet Single ambidextrous glove made of "New Twist" yarn that provides the safety of steel mesh and the comfort of man-made fiber. shoulder length gloves are made of polyethylene and will keep your hands and arms dry. one size fits all. I should have contacted you guys years ago. face.74 Gloves.Lake & Pond Gloves/Apron 47 Gloves. G9C $ 17. these gloves stay snug under water and dry quickly.86 7. GW14 $ 6. Shoulder Length Disposable An economical alternative to our aqua gloves. Made in USA.16 4. Flexible PVC with fiber-reinforced Order by Phone: 877.598. Your recommendations worked! It took about 4–5 weeks for the pond to completely clear up. Easily trimmed. large only. Look online at AquaticEco.30/12+ Gloves. Gloves. The porous material is very to see additional gloves.49 16. GA35 $ 8.25 mil thick and 34" long. Machine washable.347. Our bog garden was only mildly impacted by the Sonar product. B61000 $ 12. Roland Fortner Before After Order Online: AquaticEco.

7 @ 230V 10. Thermal overload protection.6 10.7 6.77 97.1 @ 230V 11.1/8.1 1. energy-saving models.7 2. Check valves are recommended where air tubing can fill with water when the compressor is off.41 762. Felt Holder for All Quiet Models Filter Element. Installed (1/4–1 hp) Brass Male Adapter 1/2" NPT x 5/8" Barb Gauge.1/8. They more than double the air output of reciprocating compressors with better longevity. Rotary Vane Compressor Accessories miscellaneous Parts AQ3V AQ5V AQ9V AB992B AF109C AQ11 AQ14 AQ255 AQ16 AQ13 AQ1301 AQ13OR AQ19 ZBN54 Vane Set for AQ3 Vane Set for AQ5.6 8.94 206. Three-phase models ship with vanes removed.347.24 *High-efficiency. vanes last 9–18 months. 1/4 to 1 hp by Sweetwater® motor-mounted. air filter. The only wearing parts are carbon vanes. Brass hose barb adapters are supplied on all outlet assemblies.5/7.6 7. depending on pressure.05 1.29 59. Replacement Vane Part No.8/10. max psi cfm @ 5 psi 60 Hz/50 Hz cfm @ 10 psi 60 Hz/50 Hz customized End Plate Rust-Resistant Bolts AQ5 AQ3-2* 1/4 hp 3/4 hp AQ5 AQ5-2* 3/4 hp 3/4 hp AQ7 3/4 hp. 60 psi Single Outlet for 5/8" I. Although all models can be rewired in the field.95 71. 15 psi Gauge.6/3. continuous-duty applications.6 10.8 11.598. 16-oz Aerosol Hazmat Air Muffler Assembly (Specify 1/4. 3/4 or 1 hp) Pressure Relief.35 241.2 10.88 181.D. 0822HP.0/3.10 $ 11. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties.69 59. Liquid-Filled Gauge.8/7.9 @ 230V 115 / 100–240 115–230 / 100–240 100–115 / 208–240 115–230 / 100–240 208–440 / 208–440 115–230 / 100–240 208–440 / 208–440 Voltage 60 Hz/50 Hz Ship Wt 34 lbs 53 lbs 58 lbs 53 lbs 60 lbs 62 lbs 62 lbs $ 535.28 260. clamps and a hose barb fitting for 5/8" Order by Phone: 877.8/10. 115V 4.2 3. **Note: See compressor comparison table on page 49 for more info. vanes.57 99.1401 . AQ73 Vane Set for AQ9 and AQ93 Vane Set for 0822.8 10.48 Aeration Compressors the only compressor made for the Aquatic Industry Heat Expansion Bearings Rotary Vane Compressors. All Sweetwater® compressors are performance tested before shipping and covered by a one-year warranty (not including air filters. which can be replaced in about 15 minutes using common tools.8 5.00 30.4 9.41 6. so we can supply the correct power cord (all single-phase models will be wired 115V if not specified).5/6.5 8.65 AQ14 AQ19 AQ3V (Vane sets include gaskets.00 *All include gauge.4788 Tech Support: 407. three-phase pumps do not have a power cord and must be wired by an electrician. oilless vane compressors are compact. water or lightning damage). Hose Single-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Two-Valve Outlet Two-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Three-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Four-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Five-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Six-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 2 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 6 lbs 7 lbs 8 lbs $ 74. AES highly recommends using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment.2 11. depending on tubing diameter and distance. 3/4" NPT (1/4–2 hp) Pressure Relief.2 8.2 @ 230V 60 Hz 50Hz Running Amps @ 10 psi.0 6.6 1. easy-to-service and excellent for moderate-pressure.8/5. 1" NPT (2–5 hp) Replacement O-Ring for AQ13 Inlet Check Valve. Sacrificial oilless carbon vanes automatically adjust as they wear to maintain efficiency.) AQ16 AQ13 gauges BG15 LPG30 BG61 AOV1 AOV1PR* AOV2 AM2PR-G* AM3PR-G* AM4PR-G* AM5PR-G* AM6PR-G* outlet Valve Assemblies $ 30.2 7.8/5. AQ7. 1022 Vane Set for 0522 End Cap.0tt 10.22 796. In continuous operation.55 889. Ten-psi models work to a water depth of 18 feet and 15-psi models work to 27 feet.78 3.0 9.61 205.88 12.60 147.48 817.94 79.95 70.8 9.65 25. 3-Phase AQ73 AQ9 1 hp AQ93 1 hp.85 11. ZBN54 LPg30 Am5PR-g Order Online: AquaticEco. inlet check valve and 8' power cord are included on single-phase units.2/6.8/7. together with galvanized steel fittings and 2' of heat-resistant flexible hose.95 19.70 72.2 2.5/7. 1/4–1 hp Models Flushing Solvent.38 890. 3-Phase AQ3V AQ5V AQ5V AQ5V AQ5V AQ9V AQ9V 10 15 15 10 10 10 10 4. 30 psi.5 7.91 886. it's best if you specify your voltage when ordering.

60 Hz 115/230V. 8 diffuser outlets.85 71. Order Online: AquaticEco. Weighs 70 lbs.1/8.8 10. CABL Protects two vane compressors up to 1 hp each.0/3.598.5 19. 60 Hz 115–230V / 100–240V 115–230V / 100–240V 115–230V / 100–240V 115–230V / 100–240V 208–440V / 208–440V 115–230V / 100–240V 208–440V / 208–440V 230V. Replacement Fan 230V. energy-saving Order by Phone: 877. soundproofing. built-in locks and bottom outlet holes (air compressors and valve outlets not included).5 19. One cooling fan.8/5.00 917. CABXL Protects up to four vane compressors up to 1 hp.75 4.00 119.5 19. 24" x 24" x 18" H.5 50. 60 Hz 115V.3 4. The sound level is typically below 55 dB at 10' and inaudible at 50'.5 4. Replacement Vane Reference List Compressor Model Vane Set Compressor Model Vane Set Compressor Model Vane Set Compressor Cabinets Invented Here Soundproofing included with all cabinets.55 72.1401 .6 4. 24" x 15" x 16" H. electric receptacles. CABS2 ships Ground. 50/60 Hz 208/230/460V. 0522 0522q 0523 0822 0822q 0822hp 0822hpq 0823 0823hp cabl af109c aq3v aq3v ab992b aq5v ab992b aq5v aq5v aq5v 1022 1022Q 1022Q3 1023 AQ3 AQ5 AQ7 AQ73 AQ9 AB992B AQ5V AQ5V AQ5V AQ3V AQ5V AQ5V AQ5V AQ9V cabxl AQ93 AQ20 AQ21 AQ23 AQ31 AQ33 AQ60 AQ61 AQ9V AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ6V AQ6V CABS2 Protects one compressor up to 1 hp with up to 6 diffusers.2/6. CABS2 CABL CABXL CF1 CF2 CF3* CF4* PAD24 PAD36 PAD3648-3 cf1/cf2 24" x 15" x 16" H Cabinet 24" x 24" x 18" H Cabinet 44" x 24" x 22" H Cabinet 115V.5/7.2 — — — — — — — — — — — 1. 60 Hz 115/230V.2 7.1 — 6.087.45 130.6 2.0 9.00 61.6 8. Replacement Fan 230V. 44" x 24" x 22" H. The most durable cabinets in the industry.73 52.00 2. One cooling fan. Replacement Fan 115V.8 3.5/7. 60 Hz 208/230/460V.5 — 1.4788 Tech Support: 407.6/3.85 3. *High-efficiency.7 6.2 3. Weighs 105 lbs. Three cooling fans.8/7.5 1. They're equipped with cooling fan(s).5 53 53 1. 60 Hz 208/230/460V.9 50. Add "-230" for cabinets with 230V receptacles.2 11.9 4.5/6. 50/60 Hz 20 20 20 20 30 10 15 15 10 10 10 10 8 8 10 10 10 10 — 1.2 4 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 3.8/7.7 3 4.9 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 3.4 4. 60 Hz 230V.2 4. cabs2 cf3/cf4 Compare picture with your fan to ensure you order the correct style.Accessories/Cabinets Aeration 49 Repair Kit / Vane Set Compressor Comparison Compressor Type Hp 1/8 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 Phase Voltage 60/50 Hz Max psi 5 psi 60/50 Hz 10 psi 60/50 Hz 15 psi 20 psi 25 psi 30 psi Ship Wt (lbs) FB109D AQ101 AQ201 AQ401 AQ501 AQ3-2 AQ5 AQ5-2* AQ7 AQ73 AQ9 AQ93 AQ21 AQ23 AQ31-2 AQ33 AQ61 AQ63 Diaphragm Rocking Piston Rocking Piston Rocking Piston Rocking Piston Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Rotary Vane 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 115V. Weighs 245 lbs.9 17.6 10. 60 Hz 115V. 60 Hz 208/230/460V.347.5 8. These heavy steel cabinets are almost 1/8" thick and virtually vandalproof.0 6.1/8.8 — — 17. 16 diffuser outlets.2 19. others ship by motor freight.5 7. Replacement Fan 24" x 24" x 2" Equipment Pad 24" x 36" x 2" Equipment Pad 36" x 48" x 3" Equipment Pad Ship Wt 70 lbs 120 lbs 205 lbs 6 lbs 6 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 8 lbs 10 lbs $ 729.2 6.8/5.8/10.8 — — — — — — — — — — — — — 17 19 21 17 17 34 53 58 53 60 62 62 90 85 95 90 175 155 AF109RK AQ101RK AQ201RK-2 AQ401RK AQ501RK sl3mk sl5MK sl5MK sl5MK sl5MK sl9MK sl9MK AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ6V AQ6V 1 1 11/2 11/2 2 2 5 5 Standard frequency in the US is 60 Hz.8 9.00 161.8 11.00 *CF3 and CF4 are newer style fans sold from February 1996 on.8/10.

11/2 hp Compressor. They are the perfect choice for aerating small ponds or deep water applications.523. Operating range is 800–1. jar-type filter and coupling only with base not included.70 32.84 103. **Ships HazMat Air. 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment.12 61. 11/2 and 2 hp aq20 This oilless vane compressor can be powered by an electric motor (as shown) or by belts and pulleys. Motor horsepower depends on rpm and pressure.6 5.60 395. aq13 AQ101 AQ201 AQ401 AQ101RK AQ201RK-2 HA109 1.3 FLA 18 lbs 428. 5.14 12.5 19.97 50+40 lbs 1. 2 hp AQ2V AQ2V AQ2V AQ5V AQ5V None 1-Ph.370.77 Accessories for 11/2 to 5 hp Compressors AOVL1PR2* AOVL2PR2* AOVL3PR2* AOVL4PR2* AOVL5PR2 AQ2V AQ6V AQ14 AQ15 AQ17 AQ18 ICV2 ICV3 AQ13 AQ255** AE586 AE593 Single-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Two-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Three-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Four-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Five-Valve Outlet w/Pressure Relief Vane Set for AQ20 – 33 Vane Set for AQ60 – 63 Filter Element for AQ20 – 33 Filter Element for AQ60 – 63 Muffler Assembly for AQ20 – 33 Muffler Assembly for AQ60 – 63 Inlet Check Valve Assembly for AQ20 – 33 Inlet Check Valve Assembly for AQ60 – 63 Pressure Relief.50 Aeration Compressors/Accessories Vane Compressors.00 21.735.5 19. The vane life is 9 to 18 months.0 16. pressure relief valve. 60 Hz. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation.800 rpm. 16-oz Aerosol Rubber Coupler for AQ20 – 33 Rubber Coupler for AQ60 – 63 2 lbs 5 lbs 7 lbs 9 lbs 11 lbs 1 lbs 2 lbs 1 lbs 1 lbs 2 lbs 4 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 1 lbs 1 lbs 1 lbs 2 lbs $ 124. AQ20 AQ21* AQ23* AQ31-2* AQ33* aq21 Vane Part No. 50/60 Hz 53 53 53 Cfm @ 1. See DA1b or DA2b for complete pond aeration systems. Three-phase vane compressors ship with the motor coupling removed. Made in USA. but others are available. AQ60 is a compressor. two are required for the AQ201. 2 hp Compressor. These vane compressors are guaranteed for one year (not including vanes [AQ2V ] or filters [AQ14]).08 4. 208/230/460V.4788 Tech Support: 407. 2. Clean air filters quarterly and replace the piston cup and valves (included in repair kit) every two years. 11/2 hp Compressor. 3/4" NPT (11/2 to 5 hp) Flushing Solvent.95 30. The vane life is 9 to 18 months.54 Ship Wt aq18 aq101 aq201 Order Online: AquaticEco.5 Cfm @ 1. 5 hp Vane Part No. Motor 5 psi Compressor Head Only Compressor. 60 Hz 19.598.6 cfm @ 20 psi.115.36 Optional Outlet Hose 13.52 24. The shaft is 7/8" diameter.5 7.00 Repair Kit for AQ101 128. 1/3 hp. AQ201 has dual outlets. 208/230/460V.5 50 lbs $ 813.56 2.80 186. 41/2" H and rotates counter clockwise (facing shaft).5 50. AQ101 and AQ201 are 115V/60 Hz only. One-year warranty.800 rpm. All vane compressors are equipped with an inlet muffler and 1" NPT ports. 50/60 Hz Order by Phone: 877.5 19.725 rpm 10 psi Max psi 50.38 Ship Wt *Compressors with motors shipped in two boxes when shipping Ground. Motors listed are 1. 6-foot power cord and thermal overload protection.9 17.5 19.56 171. 60 Hz 3-Ph. depending on rpm and pressure.140.347. 4. Motor 5 psi AQ6V AQ6V AQ6V None 1-Ph. Motors listed are 1. 1/4 FNPT outlets. 230V. 230V.7 FLA (230V) 20 lbs 530. 5 hp AQ63 Compressor. One-year warranty. 20 psi max continuous duty.27 50+40 lbs 1.37 59.5 10 10 10 Running Amps @ 8 psi (230V. Optional outlet hose assembly is 2 feet long with brass 5/8" barb (compatible with 1/2" nominal tubing).58 Rocking Piston Air Compressors by Sweetwater® Sweetwater ® continuous-duty oil-free rocking piston air compressors are the highest performing piston compressors available.4 FLA (115V). 208/230/460V. Motor horsepower depends on rpm and pressure.85 50+35 lbs 1.1401 .725 rpm ODP. All vane compressors are equipped with an inlet muffler and 1" NPT ports. Vane Compressors. but others are available. depending on rpm and pressure.44 271.56 155 lbs 2. 5.00 50+45 lbs 1. Power cords are not included. Made in USA. AQ401 is 115/230V. These vane compressors are guaranteed for one year (not including vanes [AQ6V ] or filters [AQ15]).198. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties. The shaft is 7/8" diameter. 208/230/460V. 5 hp This oilless vane compressor can be powered by an electric motor (as shown) or by belts and pulleys. 60 Hz) — 8.3 Ship Wt 90 lbs $ 1.4 FLA 14 lbs $ 319.9 15 15 15 15 15 Running Amps @ 8 psi (230V.2 cfm @ 20 psi. One-year warranty on compressors. Operating range is 800–1. *Use with AQ20 –AQ33 units only.5 50.9 — — 17.27 Repair Kit for AQ201 112. 60 Hz 1-Ph.90 220. aq60 AQ60 Compressor Head Only AQ61 Compressor. 60 Hz 3-Ph.5 4.17 175 lbs 2. phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally.00 246.151.60 112. Three-phase vane compressors ship with the motor coupling removed. 41/2" H and rotates counter clockwise (facing shaft).00 13. Motor starters. They come equipped with noise reducing intake air filter.725 rpm 10 psi Max psi 17. Power cords are not included. 60 Hz) — 26.9 cfm @ 20 psi.725 rpm ODP.

Note: Warranty requires the gear oil be changed after the first 3 months. 230/460V.73 492. 2. motors. Made in USA. ready for attachment to the floatation assembly.15. see Index.63 463. 3φ. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties.67 472.0 430 2. FD The AIRE-O2® is the original aspirating aerator first developed over 25 years ago.5 460 Replacement Motor. We will be happy to provide quotations for larger quantities shipped directly to you from the factory. 3 hp.0–2.83 50. The SAE is approximately 4. phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally.1401 . bearings.98 57. Ships by motor freight from factory.4788 Tech Support: 407. 3 hp 53 SAE 90 Gear Oil. It forms a guard around the 316 stainless steel hollow shaft and supports a field replaceable. The entire unit.900 13. aspirating aerator. 60 Hz 2. The shaft housing is nonmetallic.1 SA E PW11 The AIRE-O2® Series II Aerator For aeration and circulation. But be careful.43 1. 60 Hz 230/460. 60 Hz 1. paddles and seals are all problematic components. 1 gallon 12 Pillow Block (Fits All) Motor Cover (Fits All) Paddle Wheel (Fits All) Float (Fits All) $ 911. The motor is connected to a hollow shaft within a protective housing that is angled into the water.and three-hp models are available in various voltage and phase options.167. Power cable not included. 60 Hz 4.2 mm in diameter.44 314. Two. The propeller/diffusercan be replaced easily in the field. including gear reducer and motor.71 All models are salt water compatible. 2 hp. It is totally enclosed and fan-cooled with a service factor of Order by Phone: 877. 1 hp. adjustable.235. Each aerator arrives fully assembled. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation.450 8. molded.29 1. Ships motor freight only. polyethylene floats.900 6/3 430 2 hp. 230/460V. One-year warranty. 1φ. for Aquaculture & Waste Water One-year warranty. Other features include fiber-reinforced nylon paddles (8 blade) and one-piece. Motor starters. 50-Hz models are available in quantity by special order. 115/230V. Order underwater power cable below (not included). 60 Hz 3 hp. The frame.1 on all models. even in North America. PW11 PW21 PW23 PW333 PW11M PW21M PW23M PW33M PW11G PW33G G90 PW23-5 PW23-3 PW11-5 PW23-8 aes Running Amps Ship Wt (Lbs) 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment. they are not all the same. 230V. 60 Hz 208/230. It consists of a pontoon made of molded polyethylene with a UV inhibitor. producing bubbles smaller than 2.45 2.040.00 17.347. Gear reducers.666. It is lightweight and portable and can be adjusted from 25 to 45 degrees to optimize mixing and oxygen dispersion for various depths and applications.20 4. 1 & 2 hp 47 Replacement Gear Box.054. Aquaculture farm in Hawaii. electric motor-driven.14 1. See Index for mooring cable (not included). The motor is a premium quality USA motor designed for tough environments and years of trouble-free operation. 60 Hz Volts Phase(s) 3 1 3 1 $ 1. 1 hp. 1φ 132 Replacement Motor. The design features floatation built to withstand harsh conditions.131. because of their low cost.82 273. drive shafts and hardware are 304 stainless steel—all compatible with salt water.2 lbs/O2 /hr SAE 2 hp 2 hp 3 hp 3 hp 230/460.Paddle Wheels Aeration 51 Paddle Wheel Aerators. including 50 Hz. Asian-made paddle wheels have become the most popular. The AIRE-O2® system distributes and mixes oxygen throughout the pond.42 1.598. 60 Hz 208/230. 5101197 5101226 5101198 5101227 Motor View from underwater. Weighs approximately 70 lbs.00 945. 3φ 143 Replacement Motor. warranty replacements and efficiency ratings must be considered over low price! We offer only high-quality. 1φ. The availability of repair parts.98 11. Taiwanese-made paddle wheels featuring high-efficiency TEFC motors and the high-quality gear reducer to ensure a long service life. Excellent oxygen transfer and circulation.00 245.350 9/4. The shaft is connected to and drives a propeller/diffuser that draws air through intake holes above the water surface and down through the propeller/diffuser. 3φ 152 Replacement Gear Box. The AIRE-O2® Series II is a surface mounted. 2 hp.0 400 2 hp. Order Online: AquaticEco.50 24. 1φ 143 Replacement Motor. noncorroding and flanged for mounting to the aerator. Larger hp models are also available for export. 3φ. has a one-year warranty. water-lubricated bearing press-fitted into the housing's lower end.

Systems can be retrofitted to power LED pond or landscaping lights.52 Aeration Pond Aeration/Tech Talks Pond Aeration Systems Perfect for large koi ponds. amps are used to size wire. we have published the actual watts for most of our motor-driven devices as tested in-house in our RDTE shop with our test equipment. solenoids. transformers. self-weighted tubing (dark blue for low visibility) and diffuser(s). These aeration systems use UL-listed. See Index for poly tubing (use part no. small decorative fountains and 12V water pumps. the formula for single-phase loads is volts x amps x power factor = watts.598. Level in Water Being Aerated 50°f (10°C) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 89% 82% 75% 67% 58% 52% 41% 34% 25% 17% 9% 90% 82% 73% 64% 55% 46% 36% 27% 17% 8% 0 91% 82% 72% 62% 51% 41% 30% 19% 8% 0 0 92% 82% 72% 58% 47% 35% 24% 10% 2% 0 0 96% 82% 67% 56% 44% 31% 17% 3% 0 0 0 As always. "How many watts does this motor use?" Watts are what you pay for.23 lbs). SPAM and SPAL include 200' of 5/8" and 50' of 3/4" self-weighted tubing. Because the rate of oxygen transfer is concentration.55 8.347. but it is not correct for motors.55 4.311. shipping quotes or just plain old advice. When dealing with power loads that involve inductance magnetic devices such as motor windings. bottom-mounted air diffuser assemblies. less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 8. SPAK and SPAS include 100' of 3/8" tubing.097.73 Tech Talk 35 How much oxygen will aeration devices deliver? None at all if the oxygen level in your water is at saturation! Many commercially made aerators have been tested for their standard oxygen transfer rate. valves (on larger system). industrial battery(s) enclosed in a weatherproof. Example: if the water temperature is 68°F and the oxygen level is 5 mg/L. All systems include photovoltaic solar panel(s).73 Price Solar Aeration Systems KPA3 Solar-powered aeration systems utilize the sun's energy to add oxygen to your pond. Michael H. Systems are complete with the appropriate couplings.O. Comet Order Online: AquaticEco. not amps. Richard Masse replied within a very brief time.3 lbs per hour (3 lbs x 41% = 1. etc. linear air compressor. AES customer service remains the most exemplary of ANY company that I have ever dealt with. 8 ft 10 ft Watts 50 90 Lbs of fish 100 200 Diffuser Assemblies 1 2 Weighted Tubing 25' 50' $ 459. This is the best way to aerate a pond! It is the most economical. In many cases.000' from the compressor in place of running electricity to the pond. It's an environmentally friendly way to take care of your pond and save money on electricity! The solar panels convert photons from sunlight into usable energy. I have the misfortune of running into many people from various supply companies that view it almost as an inconvenience to help with tech information. but that much oxygen can almost never be expected. The only way to determine the watt consumption is to test it using a wattmeter (such as our KW4). In the AES catalog.18 4. lamp ballasts. If all of your employees follow his lead. P200) in order to pipe air up to 1. SPAK SPAS SPAM SPAL Panels 1 2 2 4 Batteries 1 2 2 4 kW 1/2 1 1 2 $ 3. And there is no noise or electricity in the water. and stainless steel clamps. destratify and aerate because so much water is moved by so little energy. They Order by Phone: 877. tubing.1401 . which is then stored in a battery and used to power a highly efficient air compressor. Actual Oxygen Transfer Rate As a Percentage of the Maximum Advertised Transfer Rate* 59°f (15°C) 68°f (20°C) 77°f (25°C) 86°f (30°C) SPAS D. answered my question and provided me with more information than I could have ever dreamed. the actual watts used are significantly less than what is calculated by multiplying volts x amps. You can read about the method in Tech Talk 101. breakers. energy-efficient way to circulate. "How many amps does this motor use?" instead of. The small system will provide oxygen for up to 100 lbs of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water depth. an aerator that is rated at 3 lbs of oxygen per hour will really only provide under 1. all-weather linear compressors that deliver air via easy-to-install self-weighted tubing to the diffuser assembly. we know that most people don't know about watts. Use this chart to estimate the oxygen transfer an aerator will give when there is already oxygen in the water. especially with linear air compressors and mag drive pumps. ventilated steel cabinet. etc. an aerator will only provide its measured (advertised maximum) oxygen transfer rate when the oxygen level in the water is close to zero.and temperature-dependent.854. The direct current formula we all learned (volts x amps = watts) is correct for incandescent light bulbs and electric heaters.38 692. That is not an issue with AES—never has been and I am sure never will be. KPA3 Small System KPA4 Large System Max Diffuser Depth Tech Talk 5 "Why Watts" You know how you can tell what people know by the questions they ask? Well. Just drop the tubing and diffuser in the water and plug into a 115V power source.000 gallons while using only 50 watts! The compressors and air diffusers have two-year warranties..4788 Tech Support: 407. *These percentages are approximate for fresh water at sea level. one can see why this is a fantastic company! With deepest gratitude.

They are lightweight. Dock Mount Kit (KD) Easy to install — just drop it in! KA501-50 KA501-100 KA501-150 KA501-200 KA751-50 KA751-100 KA751-150 KA751-200 KA752-50 KA752-100 KA752-150 KA752-200 KA101-50 KA101-100 KA101-150 KA101-200 KA102-50 KA102-100 KA102-150 KA102-200 KA202-50 KA202-100 KA202-150 KA202-200 KA303-50 KA303-100 KA303-150 KA303-200 KD KM501-50 KM751-50 KM752-50 KM202-50 KZA KPROP12 KPROP34 KPROP2 KF34 KF2 RC-15 aes hp w/50' Cord 600 hp w/100' Cord 600 hp w/150' Cord 600 hp w/200' Cord 600 3/4 hp w/50' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/100' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/150' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/200' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/50' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/100' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/150' Cord 800 3/4 hp w/200' Cord 800 1 hp w/50' Cord 1.100 2 hp w/50' Cord 2.00 809.00 747.00 1. Order Online: AquaticEco.850.00 14.3 3. Prop for 3/4 hp Repl.3 11.81 27.173. simple to operate and backed by a two-year warranty.188.7 Order by Phone: 877. are included.3 10 — — — — — — — Voltage 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 230 230 230 230 115 115 115 115 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 230 — 115 115 230 230 — — — — — — 115 32+30* lbs 38+30* lbs 27+24+30* lbs 27+30+30* lbs 40+30* lbs 45+30* lbs 36+24+30* lbs 36+30+30* lbs 40+30* lbs 45+30* lbs 36+30+30* lbs 36+38+30* lbs 45+55* lbs 38+17+55* lbs 38+38+55* lbs 38+49+55* lbs 45+55* lbs 38+20+55* lbs 38+32+55* lbs 38+55+55* lbs 56+55* lbs 53+20+55* lbs 53+35+55* lbs 53+42+55* lbs 76+60* lbs 70+17+60* lbs 70+34+60* lbs 70+53+60* lbs 22 lbs 22 lbs 33 lbs 33 lbs 46 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 23 lbs 49 lbs 2 lbs Ship Wt $ 702.00 2. thermal overload protection.00 *Aerators ship Ground in multiple boxes.1401 .  SAE rating of 3.266. permanent-split capacitor type.4788 Tech Support: 407. Call an AES technician for help with sizing aeration devices (407-598-1401). (1" Dia.7 3.180.3 3.007.00 1. Zinc Anode. Float for 1/2 and 3/4 hp Repl.00 2.00 250.00 1.00 2.255. energy-efficient.  Portable for fast response to emergencies.3 5. Fits All Models Repl.114.127.100 1 hp w/150' Cord 1.3 11.326.00 1.00 1. 3/4 hp w/50' Cord Motor Only.00 714.00 1. 3/4 hp w/50' Cord Motor Only.186. Made in USA and you won't find them for less than at AES! • • • • • • • • High oxygen transfer at an affordable price. Prop for 2 hp Repl.3 11.200 3 hp w/150' Cord 3.  Salt water compatible and fitted with a zinc anode.347.200 3 hp w/200' Cord 3.681.7 3. Prop for 1/2 hp Repl.  Water circulation with little or no bottom turbulence.00 808.00 1.00 2.598.00 629. Kasco® motors are specially designed.455.3 3.0.100 1 hp w/200' Cord 1.7 5.797.  Shown during testing at Aquatic Eco-Systems' R&D facility.032.00 778.100 1 hp w/150' Cord 1.7 10.  Two mooring ropes.7 5.00 1. continuous duty and single-phase with automatic reset.100 2 hp w/100' Cord 2. 2 hp w/50' Cord Repl.7 — 5 6.7 6.200 3 hp w/100' Cord 3.3 11.100 1 hp w/100' Cord 1.100 1 hp w/200' Cord 1.100 2 hp w/200' Cord 2.00 1.7 9 9 9 9 10.  E xcellent shallow water operation.00 1.00 877.183. 50' each.50 164.00 2.100 1 hp w/50' Cord 1.390.7 6.Surface Aerators Aeration 53 Surface Aerators by Kasco® Kasco® aerators are ideal for aquaculture and wastewater applications.7 10.00 1. Float for 2 hp Aerator Timer Control w/GFCI 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 Running Amps 5 5 5 5 6. 1/2 hp w/50' Cord Motor Only.123.482.00 875.366.256. ETL-approved to UL and CSA standards.100 3 hp w/50' Cord 3.00 235. stainless steel housing with a stainless steel prop guard.00 799.00 1.00 2.200 Dock Mount Kit.00 2.00 2.7 5.  Ideal for supplemental aeration. They are fitted in an oil-filled.00 1.102.00 200.100 1 hp w/100' Cord 1. easy to install.92 26.7 6.00 1.477. Steel Pipe Not Included) Motor Only.100 2 hp w/150' Cord 2.00 1.

the fish will move to that location. Float ships Oversize at 30-lb rate (two can ship for price of one).. SAE numbers are a fair comparison only when comparing aeration equipment of the same exact type. Aerators ship in 2 boxes. 15' deep.75 170. 50' Cord 1-hp. What appears to be lower SAE efficiency (2.0 3. Its rate of oxygen transfer is excellent.00 1.75 92. are transferred to the water under standard conditions.00 1.347.1 lbs of oxygen per horsepower. 100' Cord 50 lbs 1-hp. 115V. AES E diffused air systems are preferred over agitators in bait stores. Made in USA. As more of our research is conducted under water.00 790. See Tech Talk 84.151. Tech Talk 4 Choosing an Aerator Efficiency Versus Type . Replacement (Black) 30 lbs Upper Propeller Lower Propeller 3/4-hp.150. if cold water temperatures are required when air temperatures are warm (summer trout culture).151. Standard aeration efficiency tests conducted at Auburn University showed that the AES Sweetwater ® diffuser and 1-hp blower combination yielded a 2. The higher the SAE.54 Aeration Surface Aerators/Tech Talk Dual-Prop Surface Aerators by Power House The dual-prop aerators provide high oxygen transfer with low energy consumption.00 The SAE can be calculated by measuring the aerator's oxygen transfer and the amount of energy used per horsepower. Dual-Prop Motor Assembly & Cord Only DP34M DP34MC DP35M DP35MC DP01M DP01MC DP02M DP02MC DPC1 DPC2 DPC3 DPC4 DPF DPROP1 DPROP2 115V. Only 1 cfm of air may be needed to aerate a 1/20 -acre pool when raising tropical fish.100 1.598. only a few air diffusers may be needed to accomplish this. 100' Cord 50 lbs 230V. 230V. 230V. The situations and considerations are virtually endless. black is available by special order). 100' Cord 50 lbs 50' Replacement Cord.150. 230V.50 24. you can discuss your application with an AES aquaculture technician and get an expert opinion (407-598-1401).0 4. 60 Hz (50 Hz also available). 50' Cord 45 lbs 1-hp.089. Through a phone call. 230V. 115V 5 lbs 50' Replacement Cord.00 267. Select the right type of aerator for the application. However. An aerator's standard aeration efficiency (SAE) is an important consideration when comparing one aerator with another. Some fish breeders have reported that diffused air is the only aeration method they can use that will not disrupt breeding. Ship Wt Here are some examples (analyze the differences): $ 671. It can actually aggravate the problem.4788 Tech Support: 407.100 1. Order Online: AquaticEco. 50' Cord 45 lbs 3/4-hp. such as our Great Lakes® aeration Order by Phone: 877.00 1.8 4. Again.75 • A surface aerator like our Kasco 3/4 hp (with an SAE rating of 2. 115V.00 1. improving conditions for both the fish and the employees.00 1.5 45+30 lbs 50+30 lbs 45+30 lbs 50+30 lbs 45+30 lbs 50+30 lbs 45+30 lbs 50+30 lbs Ship Wt $ 1.. agitators.00 731.  surface aerator would be a poor choice for a large or deep pond. For instance.00 790. we are increasingly aware of underwater noise produced by devices such as paddle wheels.00 92. • • • DP35 DP35 Float Close-Up of Motor • aes This is the pounds of fish supported. 50' Cord 115V.00 1.100 1. for example.  surface aerator may be excellent in emergencies because it quickly raises A the oxygen level in a small area. 3/4-hp.  destratification system.000 730.00 1.211. Auburn gave air diffusers in general an SAE rating of only 1.0 7. adding no oxygen where it is needed. per hour. the higher the efficiency. may need only 3/4 hp. If trained.6. 115V or 230V. Water-moving aeration devices like the AIRE-02® Series II aerator and paddle  wheel type aerators are excellent choices for medium and large ponds where movement of oxygenated water away from the aerator is most important. 3/4-hp. 50' Cord 230V. however. An SAE of 2. 3/4-hp. One-year limited warranty.7) is more than offset by comparative application efficiency.089.00 170.7) may be the best choice A for multiple tanks and ponds because the energy source (blower) can be centralized and just the right amount of energy (compressed air) can be easily directed where it is needed.and CE-listed. 100' Cord 1-hp.5 3. 3/4-hp. Before looking at the SAE numbers. 50' Cord 45 lbs 1-hp. If destratification alone will solve a bottom oxygen problem. 230V 5 lbs 100' Replacement Cord.0 9. 50' Cord 1-hp. a 10-acre lake. airlifts and drilled pipe spargers (our Sweetwater® air diffusers have a barely audible hiss). it will continue to pump the same water over and over again.00 730. the higher the oxygen transfer.71 SAE. 230V. so take some time to research the best aeration method for your particular application. it cannot raise the oxygen level of such a large volume quickly enough to avoid a fishkill.8 7.100 Amp Draws 9. means that 2. compared to 6 cfm per pool using airlifts. 230V 10 lbs Float Only.211. 50' Cord 45 lbs 115V. should A not be used as an emergency aerator because it very quickly mixes the water. 115V 10 lbs 100' Replacement Cord.1401 . choose the right type aerator or oxygenator for the job. You cannot use the SAE as your only tool in the selection of an aeration system. under standard conditions. They are built with solid bronze end bells and foam-filled ABS floats (white is standard.00 671. 100' Cord 230V. Prior to rating our diffusers. 800 800 800 800 1. 3/4-hp.1.  ven noise is a consideration above and below the water surface. • • • UL. Complete Aerators With Floats DP34 DP34C DP35 DP35C DP01 DP01C DP02 DP02C aes 115V. because both the motor and the airborne water droplets will add unwanted heat. however. That 70% increase illustrates how much efficiency can change when the right combination is used. 100' Cord 3/4-hp. 100' Cord 1-hp. such as in a culture tank or small pond. it will not be a good choice for full-time aeration because it will not disperse oxygen throughout the pond. Without A moving water away from the aerator.9) may be a  good choice where the volume of water is small and the stocking density is high. 100' Cord 50 lbs 1-hp. It may be a poor choice. per hour.00 24. 115V. 115V.00 731.  diffused air system (with an SAE rating of 2.

you can refill the above oxygen cylinders from a larger one.Oxygen/Fish Transport/Tech Talk Aeration 55 Tech Talk 82 Blowers. aluminum oxygen cylinder (rated to 2. first determine the pressure required. tubing and appropriate fittings to get you running immediately. Their simple design makes them easy to maintain and repair (oilless. DC1240 DC1280 DC24120 DC1260 DC1220 Fish-Flo2 Oxygenation Systems The best for live wells and fish transport. A compressor with as little as 3/4 hp can be used to aerate and destratify a 10-acre lake.6 2. One-year warranty.5 2. easily accessible brushes and diaphragm). Example: For a water depth of 36"." DC 12 20 DC1 230 Wire Max Ship Wt Voltage Length cfm (lbs) Air Pumps Fractional horsepower Sweetwater ® Linear Piston Air Pumps fill the gap between aquarium air pumps and blowers. such as with lake aeration.6 .5 1. One-year warranty. FF100 $ 264. very quiet operation and very low energy use. however. Air Pumps or Compressors Blowers Blowers are designed to provide large volumes of air at low pressure (under 4 psi). it's important that the air piping system and diffusers offer little resistance to air flow (request our bulletin "Air Distribution Systems for Sweetwater® Blowers").com Order by Phone: 877. pressure gauge and instructions. Pigtail wires and 3/4" 90º ell are included. x 25.60 How about those anxious drives with live fish in the back of the truck? Will they or won't they be swimming when you reach your final destination? The HTA1-2 aeration system will provide enough aeration for up to 200 lbs of warmwater baitfish at a water depth of 48" (100 lbs at 24" water depth) and double that for the HTA2-2. The next consideration is the volume of air needed to accomplish the job. Regulator has 1/4" barb fitting outlet.9 1. 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V 24V 6' 6' 9" 9" 12" 12" 12" .216 psi.5 4 13 13 23 23 30 30 30 $ 172 185 248 272 343 368 394 Each 155 167 224 245 309 332 355 3+ System Sizing To size a system. They are a perfect fit for koi ponds. bait fish and lobster holding facilities and shallow pond aeration. They are commonly used in conjunction with air diffusers and airlifts.5 3. these complete packages include diffuser manifolds. call an AES technician at 407-598-1401. One-year warranty. Ship weight is 2 lbs. bait shop tanks. Made in USA. classrooms. Simply mount the special. Made in USA. ultra-fine-pore diffuser in your hauling tank or boat live well.4 3. BA100 $ 354 3. HTA1-2 HTA2-2 fish Capacity 200 lbs 400 lbs Ship Wt 18 lbs 28 lbs $ 401 765 HTA2-2 Order Online: AquaticEco.0 .598. When using low-pressure air. they can also be used in emergency situations. The system includes the nickel-plated oxygen regulator. One-year warranty. two or more primary blowers or compressors and one emergency back up may be required. If you need help. x 12" 4. It's that easy! Choose from 12 settings. Selecting the right system for your application is accomplished simply by comparing your pressure and airfl ow requirements with manufacturer's performance charts. Made in USA. 7' of oxygen tubing.5 4.5" Dia. Ship weight 13 lbs. In a larger facility. For use with CGA 540 inlet valves. These units supply up to 4 cfm at depths to 8 feet. For use with CGA 540 inlet valve cylinders. laboratories. These compressors allow air lines to be run thousands of feet when electricity is not near the water. Built around a 12VDC compressor. and an ultra-fine-pore bubble diffuser (6" x 1").0 Flowrate (CFM) 2./680 liters Tank Size Bottle Dimensions S100 Oxygen Bottle Adapter With this transfiller adapter.035 cfm DC1220 DC1230 DC1240 DC1260 DC1280 DC12100 DC24120 20 Lpm w/o Case 30 Lpm w/o Case 40 Lpm w/Plastic Case 60 Lpm w/Plastic Case 80 Lpm w/Steel Case 100 Lpm w/Steel Case 120 Lpm w/Steel Case DC12100 DC24120 DC 12 DC 100 128 0 Compressors Sweetwater ® oilless rotary vane and piston compressors are used in applications where water depths are greater. Typical applications include live fish transport on trucks or fishing boats. Battery not included. Compressors used for aquaculture should always be "oilless. Now you can oxygenate on board with the same method that the professionals use.5" $ 515 558 Invented Here 12V Hauling Tank Aeration Systems Fish-Flo2 Oxygen Regulator No oxygen meter? No problem! Just dial the pounds of fish in your tank and the regulator automatically feeds the correct amount of oxygen to your diffuser. This combination adds oxygen and removes carbon dioxide with low power consumption. not intended for medical use. the piping friction loss and the diffuser's resistance to airflow. DC Air Pumps TF 4. Choose from 12 settings between 5 lbs and 40 lbs of fish.5 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pressure (PSI) DC 126 0 DC 124 0 Perfect for use with solar power. Air pumps provide long service life. one linear air pump compressor with an additional one for emergency back up may be sufficient. Maximum working pressure is 3./170 liters 24 cu.1401 . This nickel-plated brass regulator is designed for use in harsh marine environments. DC1220 and DC1230 include car lighter plug but do not include ell. algae culture and lobster pounds. Enough pressure is needed to overcome the water pressure at the diffuser's depth. If there is only one fish room. Typical applications include recirculating fish tank and aquarium systems.2" Dia.0 3.ft. Adapter has a 36" flexible connecting hose. Performance charts and tables are available for all of our blowers and compressors. This is equal to about 2 psi. then set the selector knob on the regulator for the estimated number of lbs of fish you have. Models that include cases do not require additional housing for outdoor use. Regenerative blowers are preferred in the aquaculture industry because they are the most reliable and economical in this pressure range. These commercial-grade DC air compressors offer superb performance and durability.000 psi. between 5 lbs and 40 lbs of fish (1/32 to 8 liters per minute).ft.347.4788 Tech Support: 407.0 1. shipped empty). a low-restriction piping system of 4" of water and a low-resistance air diffuser of 10" of water (just prior to cleaning) will require an air pressure of at least 50" of water (36" + 4" + 10"). 1 Lpm = . S100 S101 6 cu.2 3. etc.

67 173.598.0 1. Bait store owners are discovering what aquarium shops and fish farmers have already learned: it's much better and quieter to use air than to use agitators! H H The only thing in the water is an air diffuser and a flexible 1/4" air supply line. All you supply is 1/2" PVC pipe. causing a draft of bubbles. CBS4 $ 143. A5 This heavy-duty 12VDC agitator draws 5 amps and is often used on hauling trucks by installing it in a 4" hole in the tank top. A shaft spinner on the top shows the driver it's working. salt water compatible model. Use of a GFCI is recommended with 115V units. The A5 is also available in the bubble aspirating style (A6). Air pump is for indoor use only.1401 . 60-Hz. 6-valve control manifold. which adds oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. and they are much quieter than agitators. We offer three complete.98 Order by Phone: 877. increasing the pumping efficiency. v1 v2s Order Online: AquaticEco.09 186. Agitators are the best choice for heavy stocking loads because they transfer more oxygen than aspirators. Agitators use a small motor (normally 12V) to spin a paddle that is in the water. Small Invented Here We offer both the traditional agitators and the bubble aspirator style. Models V1 and V1S are 12VDC. System is for use in multiple small tanks or a single tank with separate compartments. propeller and fasteners for salt water compatibility.5 9" 15" 9" 143/4" 90 50 90 45 9 lbs 6 lbs 10 lbs 7 lbs $ 186.51 35 661. Made in USA. Air is pulled down through the shaft and exits the venturi underwater. 129. Each is designed to aerate 3 tanks (or compartments) with one diffuser in each. CBS3 Supports up to 30 lbs of fish per diffuser (9" long). A smaller.12 518.00 224. CBS10 CBS20 CBS3 Ship Wt Vertical Pump Aerators These aerators have changed little in the last 25 years because they work so well! The patented design uses a propeller inside the lift tube. 115V/60 Hz.19 595. fourth diffuser on each system is used to aerate your customer's bait bucket while waiting.56 Agitators Aeration Baitfish/Hauling/Tech Talk Bait Aeration System. CBS10 Supports up to 10 lbs of minnows per diffuser (3" long). One-year warranty. Vertical pump aerators are ideal for hauling tanks. CBS20 Supports up to 20 lbs of minnows per diffuser (6" long).2@115V 20" 17 $ 507.08 Tech Talk 8 Aspirators vs Agitators Aspirators and agitators are the aeration devices most commonly used on hauling tanks when the stocking densities do not require the use of pure oxygen. Each air diffuser will support approximately 1 lb of minnows.4788 Tech Support: 407. Aspirators also use a small motor. ready-to-install systems. A9 uses the same motor but is the aspirator style. Pump has six-month warranty. Pumping Ship Rate Power Tube Wt (gpm) (V) Amps Length (lbs) Each 3+ 30-lb Bait System 60-lb Bait System 90-lb Bait System 16 lbs 23 lbs 30 lbs $ 282. quiet Sweetwater® linear air pump. Power cords are not included.48 Agitator Aspirator Agitator Aspirator Power Amp Draw "H" Lbs of Fish Ship Wt 12V 12V 115V 115V 5. A7 This 115V AC (60 Hz) agitator is normally suspended above the water by its hanging ring. Low-restriction slots spray the lifted water.46 456.67 173.00 224. Bait Tank Aeration System Invented Here Imagine walking into your bait shop and not hearing the splashing sound of the agitators.347. providing excellent aeration.71 17 576.98 240. Models V1S and V2S use a stainless steel bearing. It's a heavy-duty unit with automatic thermal overload protection and an 8' power cord. one diffuser per compartment is needed. Air flow to each diffuser is controlled with valves (included).11 cbs10 V1 Aerator 75 12 10@12V 20" V1S Aerator (Saltwater) 75 12 10@12V 20" V2S Aerator (Saltwater) 115 115/230 3. tube. One-year warranty. Compressor is rated for outdoor use but is not UL-listed. The paddle splashes the water.5 1.0 4. PVC plumbing is overhead or along the tank wall and air is supplied by a single. All have a one-year warranty. 10-amp units that are very popular for live fish transport.09 Each 3+ a5 a7 Find bait tank water conditioners on p. which spins a small venturi device. Each has a high-impact nylon basket and continuous-duty motor. V2S is a 115/230V single-phase. Aspirators are a good choice for smaller stocking densities.84 384.12 416. Made in USA. flexible tubing and 6 air diffusers (AS2). Ready-to-install system includes a quiet air compressor. A5 A6 A7 A9 For use in bait shops or home bait holding systems. If divider screens are used.

Our precious young aquaculturist demonstrates fish-handling skills. Twice the lbs of fish can be supported in 63ºF water than at 80ºF with the same aeration system. Output is . tubing and clip-on attachment (case).45 25.95 Bait Bucket Aerator This high-quality air pump is designed for 5-gallon buckets and insulated chests. The fish consume less oxygen when they are Order by Phone: 877. It operates on two D cell batteries (not included).65 ppm at 63ºF). Choose the KA1 for up to 10 lbs of bait or the KA5 for up to 50 lbs of bait.5–2. Pump includes battery clips and cable (battery not included). approximate the total weight of fish based on length and body depth of species. The following numbers are based on the average condition factor of the fish. Weighs 2 lbs. Both models include a 6' power cord with battery clips. How many lbs of fish will a bait aeration system support? The following chart is based on test results with minnows in 63ºF (17ºC) fresh water.1 2.598.5" 2–3. Thirty-day warranty.Baitfish/Hauling/Tech Talks Aeration 57 KeepAlive® Aerator Ideal for salt water. resulting in less oxygen transfer. above the saturation point. Small Fathead Large Fathead X-Large Fathead Small Shiner Large Shiner Rosy Large Rosy Minnow 6 8 10 12 1 foot 2 feet 1 foot 2 feet 1 foot 2 feet 1 foot 2 feet 4.5" 2–3" 2. The 12VDC pump mixes air with water to produce a gentle current of bubbles for aeration.95 8.5" 1. The carrying capacity of AES aerators is rated in lbs of fish. This great little aerator comes with an air diffuser. Like our other battery-powered compressors.O. The aerator pumps 360 gph. low-pressure compressors give less air deeper in the water.) to minimize stress.O. Note that aeration systems cannot bring D. If the oxygen level were higher than saturation.5–2. yet draws only 2 amps. KA1 Economy Bait Bucket Aerator This low-cost bait bucket aerator is handy when moving or holding small numbers of fish in a 5-gallon bucket. They work best in salt water because they produce smaller bubbles.2 3. Output is about .95 43. and at a minimum of 6 ppm dissolved oxygen (D. DC3 $ 8. bringing it down to the saturation point. includes air diffuser. However.06/12+ DC3 KeepAlive® aerators are 12V. concentrations above saturation (9.03 cfm at 12".60/12+ Floating Bait Aerator Floating aerators will automatically adjust to a live well of any depth.9% oxygen) cannot get the D.347. Note that the tests were done at two depths—one foot and two feet—and that air induced at greater depths will result in greater oxygen transfer. 1. if possible.03 cfm at 12"—that's enough for 1/2 lb of minnows. FA3 $ 49.5" Size quantity Per Lb 25–30 Dozen 12–15 Dozen 9–12 Dozen 25–30 Dozen 9–15 Dozen 25–30 Dozen 10–15 Dozen Order Online: AquaticEco.1 5. it can also be used as an emergency air source during power interruptions. 3-month warranty. KA1 KA5 10-lb System 50-lb System $ 49. 30" of tubing and a clip for attachment to a bucket. Made in USA. Its low amp draw provides over 100 hours of operation on two alkaline D cell batteries (not included).1 Not Possible Not Possible Note: Reduce lbs of fish supported by 50% for a 18ºF (10ºC) increase in water temperature. Six-month warranty.1401 . Air by itself (20. hauling tanks and bait buckets. The 3 suction-cup feet keep them secured in a portable cooler or live well.95 71. ideal for delicate baits. The unique air induction method creates a fine mist of bubbles. Oxygen consumption rates of fish at 80ºF (27ºC) can be double those at 63ºF (17ºC). and cold water holds more oxygen than warm water.5–3. an aeration system would drive oxygen out of the water.86/4+ Tech Talk 50 Aeration Requirements Bait Tanks It is best to hold and transport bait at lower water temperatures. making them very versatile for live wells.4788 Tech Support: 407. high-performance submersible units that provide a gentle delivery of air. KeepAlive® Aerator PPM Dissolved Oxygen to Be Maintained Test Depth Lbs of fish Tech Talk 85 Bait Counts Per Pound To estimate the carrying capacity of a bait aeration system. DC5 $ 27.5–3" 2.5–4" 1.O.

a bubble diffuser located about middepth and a source of oxygen gas. Speece initially called his system a downflow bubble contact aeration apparatus.4788 Tech Support: 407. USA. oxygen is introduced through a fitting at or near the top of the cone. A side stream setup minimizes flow requirements while still providing very high levels of dissolved oxygen or ozone. We have offered these pumps for many years and they remain our #1 low-cost air pump. 6" of 3/8" I. PE Speece cones offer a very efficient method for increasing oxygen levels in water for aquaculture applications as well as zoo and aquarium exhibits. The design of the cone optimizes oxygen transfer. under steady-state conditions. outlet hose and inlet filter. In addition. Speece Cones Saturate Water With Oxygen. highly concentrated sources of oxygen can be fire or explosion hazards. Therefore. The complete system included an inverted funnel open at the bottom with a water pump at the top.43 30. The newer enclosed cones can be used at higher pressures limited by the type of material used for construction. The early design of the cone was limited to the wildlife hydrostatic pressure as defined by the depth at which the funnel was placed in the water body. Additional Components In addition to the cone.347. When the pressure of the gases over water is decreased.1401 . The pressure gauge monitors the pressure within the cone.00 120.87 62.00 Each 85. as efficiencies are near 100%. Outlet holes for mounting pipe flange fittings are custom. Ozone Applications Speece cones are also very efficient at dissolving ozone in water for aquaculture or other uses. Water at higher temperature or salinity dissolves less gas per unit volume. Imported. and efficiencies up to 100% are possible. although it is not necessary. Designed without an air inlet filter. no matter how large or small they are. Failure to keep the operating pressure at or below this level can result in permanent damage to the cone and/or serious injury to the operator. Because the cone is pressurized. • Pressure gauge. Tennessee. including control of full flow line pressure. The inverse is the case for temperature and salinity. The venturi injection method has the added benefit of improved oxygen dissolution in the water due to the turbulence created in the venturi.56 3+ 8 20 Flowrate vs Pressure 0 CFM 1 2 AMPS 18 16 12 8 4 0 PSI 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 DC20 PSI dc8 dc15 0 DC2 6 4 2 0 CFM 1 2 3 Order Online: AquaticEco. Gas Transfer The transfer of oxygen gas to the water follows Henry's Law. Pure oxygen at high pressure in combination with a spark can lead to an explosion. the economics of ozonation can be greatly improved in terms of lower capital.000 hours of use). Ozone by Gary Rogers. For example. We recommend additional housing for outdoor use. DC8 DC15 25 Watts 80 Watts Ship Wt 8 lbs 9 lbs $ 95. Although cones can be designed to handle full flow in a recirculating system. ball bearing construction and low amp draw with replaceable diaphragms and brushes for extended life (brushes on motors wear out after about 2. Oilless operation.59 12 10 8 Each 284. These include: • Pipe side flange fittings.00 3+ 8 6 PSI 4 2 Flowrate vs Pressure DC 1 5 DC DC20 DC20RK DC20B 12V Compressor Repair Kit for DC20 Brushes only. • Bleed valve.88 56. Higher pressure increases the amount of gas dissolved per unit volume.D.D. Flanges can be either American or European standard sizes. Each pump comes with 12" pigtails. 12V Air Pumps Want a basic. In some cases.000–3.50 108. a venturi is used to introduce oxygen. providing high volume at low pressure (10 psi max). The bubbles are kept in suspension. the saturation concentrations of those gases will vary depending on temperature.70 33. The bleed valve purges gas trapped inside the cone during the start-up procedure. emergencies and even solar power applications. Not recommended for saltwater environment. Cone Operation Speece oxygen cones are fairly easy to install and operate. Specially designed for aquaculture. In addition. Cones have been designed using polyvinyl chloride. fiberglass cones are not designed to operate at pressure greater than 21 psi. DC20 Pressure vs Amps Ship Wt 9 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 299. • Outlet valve. Concentrations of oxygen greater than saturation can be obtained depending on various operational parameters. Speece cones Precautions Two safety considerations are important when working with oxygen cones. Comes with 9" pigtail wires. maintenance and operational costs. hard-working. effluent water becomes supersaturated with oxygen by the time it reaches the tank. the partial pressures of dissolved gases in water are in balance with the pressures of the same gases in the atmosphere above the water. First. The downward-flowing water counteracts the buoyancy of the rising oxygen Order by Phone: 877. Richard Speece at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. two feet of 3/8" I. Six-month warranty. a device used to supersaturate water with oxygen. 12V Diaphragm Compressor Great for mobile use. Oxygen cone ozonation eliminates the need for venting gas or an ozone destruct unit. The DC20 will run for over six hours on a typical car battery. The oxygen cone concept was originally developed by Dr. so the saturation concentration for a gas is higher at higher pressure or in deeper water. outlet hose and a plastic manifold for aquarium tubing. which is used to determine saturation concentrations of dissolved gases. 12V pump? Take a look at these. they are more often plumbed in a side stream configuration by pumping out of a sump. the amount of dissolved gas also decreases. lower energy requirements for pumping and a limited space requirement. Water enters at the top of the cone and flows downward. Three-month warranty. they are virtually maintenance-free. the design and manufacture of oxygen systems requires that potential ignition sources are eliminated. The design has since been modified to an enclosed cone-shaped chamber. Secondly. An outlet valve regulates the operating pressure within the cone. a few other items are necessary for operation. a venturi provides other advantages. temperature and pressure. In addition. Once installed. cone size. salinity and pressure. According to Henry's Law.58 Aeration Article/Battery-Powered Pumps can provide dissolved oxygen levels of 25–50 mg/L depending on flow rate. At the same time.598. PhD. fiberglass or stainless steel materials.

Six-month warranty. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty! Total cfm @ Outlets 12" 18" 24" 36" 48" Important 96" DW9622 2 .65 9. 25 W Pump w/10-Outlet Adapter.5 .347.05 @ 7. Imported.90 2.09 cfm 3. .95 Elite 801.8 4. The perfect choice for air-driven protein skimmers.4 .35 1.36 Each 69.5 4. AH801.1 2.94 1. . the pump is not UL-listed. CSA-approved.3 . .04 cfm x 2 55 gal Repair Kit for SA2 Repair Kit for SA4 Rated Up To Ship Wt 2 lbs 3 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 15.56 16. deep aquariums.4 PSI 2. errors occasionally occur.50 Repair Kit for AH800.20 87. Pumps include 6' power cord.5 psi Shutoff sa4 sa2 Whisper® Air Pump by Tetra® This quiet air pump has tremendous power for its size.4788 Tech Support: 407.5 2.6 .95 Elite 803.12 cfm 4. Order Online: AquaticEco.Aquarium Pumps Aeration 59 Air Pumps by Penn Plax® Lots of output and high quality.18 cfm 4.05 cfm to see additional aquarium pumps. Diaphragms for 9720 (x2) Repl.5 . flexible outlet adapter.5 8. It features a heavy rubber diaphragm and adjustable air output.54 ah801 9720 5. Psi Watts Each 4+ Low-Cost Outdoor Air Pumps These large-size air pumps have aluminum covers and internal noise-absorbers.76 6.33 4+ Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as Order by Phone: 877. Additionally.9 1.0 4.06 11. pump is 115V/60 Hz. Safe for outdoor use.0 17.15 $ 75.7 1.5 12. Pumps are 115V. Each pump features separate compressors for each outlet. Six-month warranty.50 Each 59.95 61.94 4.15 Repair Kit for AH803 2. nonskid feet and mounting tabs for attaching to a wall with screws (not included).58 — — 4+ AH800 AH801 AH802 AH803 AH805 AH807 A18080 A18190 A18330 Elite 800.90 6.95 Optima.0 4.1 1.46 4+ .5 CFM . Five-year limited warranty. this small air pump can deliver enough air for an aquarium airstone at a 7' depth.0 2.95 Maxima.16 8. it works great for aerating small fish ponds.4 1.02 cfm 20 gal .60 Repair Kit 9. etc.15 Repair Kit for Maxima and Optima 5.05 cfm x 2 3.66 12.1401 . Air Pumps by Hagen Hagen air pumps are powerful.53 24. . Cubic Feet per Minute TL5 TL5RK Pump $ 64. 50 W Repl.16 28.6 . reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.80 Each 14. and outlet adapter to aquarium tubing (3/16"). prices.09 @ 3 psi .74 23. The Silent Air series air pumps offer reliable. SA2 SA4 SA2RK SA6RK Luft Pump Designed for higher pressure applications. AH802 (AH802 Requires 2) 2. Diaphragms for 9730 (x2) Ship Wt 10 lbs 12 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 65.09 cfm x 2 2.5 31. Max 4 Lpm. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. Ideally suited for deeper aquariums (up to 8') and fine pore air diffusers. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. 9720 9730 9720D 9730D Pump w/6-Outlet Adapter.8 2.66 2.5 3. low in power consumption and economical in price.598.05 7.06 96. . foam fractionators. Although the pump housings are waterproof and designed for outdoor use.0 $ 7. Outlets are 3/16" barb fittings.5 13. weighs 3 lbs. . 115V/60 Hz.8 97 20 973 0 Look online at AquaticEco.95 Elite 802.5 2. 1/4" hose barb.24 7.31/4+ — @ 1 psi . quiet operation.

Whitewater ® pumps deliver from . UL-listed. 92 W 100" max depth. An inexpensive air pump will do for low-value.1401 .2 . Built for outdoor use. They are virtually silent and feature a rugged. summer aeration in a koi pond where a water pump/splash is the primary aerator. It all depends on your need for reliability.09 70.4 . 50-Hz performance is the same ±10%. • Outdoor-rated • Exceptionally housing. we needed a fitting and he brought us to his office while he researched the part and made sure we got what we needed. energy-effi cient operation and clean. it's very nice to feel valued." but true linear "piston" type pumps.91 LT11 LT15 LT19 LT24 LT26 LT28 Watts @ 2 psi Diaphragm Air Pumps by Whitewater ® Outdoor rated. They can also be used as economical backup air pumps. It's hardly ever that you run across an individual quite like him. Outlet is 3/8" barb.00 173. energy efficiency. 4 PSI 2 CFM 1 LPM 28 B 44 SL 22 SL SL22 SL 8 8 Mento 2 57 3 85 4 5 6 113 141 170 SL88 R. Since the only moving part—the piston—floats on a bed of air. These Medo pumps will provide exceptionally quiet. longer at lower pressures. Every air pump will fail eventually and when it does you will want something in place to automatically prevent catastrophe. 48 W 100" max depth.8 to 7. Whitewater® air compressors are designed for indoor use only.00 187." 60-Hz performance at sea level is shown. • V3 01 Extremely quiet. for instance.6 . always helping us with a smile. Add "D" to the part number of the pump for a replacement diaphragm set (2). One-year warranty. 3/4" hose barb and 115V/60 Hz are all standard (add "H" to the end of the part number for 230V/50 Hz). aluminum housing.75 Each 60.1 . 15" x 8" x 9". UL-listed. It could be two air pumps installed on separate breakers so that when one failed the other would do the job. he shook my hand and made sure we were taken care of.347. Ramjeawan SL44B Order Online: AquaticEco.65 7.00 135. at your warehouse. Imported.00 Order by Phone: 877. very quiet air pumps will provide a long service life. I only buy aquaculture products through you.9 cfm (23 to 223 Lpm) of oil-free air with a maximum pressure of 4 psi.598. • Outstanding Note: To power any linear air pumps with inverters (square wave).5 .65 76. As a small customer to a huge.00 93. You guys rock! Products and customer service are top shelf.80 70. Every time after that. SL22 SL44B SL88 81" max depth. • True long service life. Each has a 3/4" barb outlet and grounded power cord (5 ft).60 Aeration Pumps Linear Air Pumps by Whitewater ® Indoor rated. 64 W $ 257.00 6 5 4 PSI 3 Each 65. you not only need a reliable air pump (read expensive) but also a redundant system and a backup.00 221. 115V/60 Hz with 6' power cord.53 252. Renzo Fancellu Silent Pumps by Whitewater ® Need a pump for deep water? These inexpensive pumps work well in deep applications. 7" x 7" x 8".35 8.00 272. Two-year warranty. Diaphragms typically last one year at the highest pressures. 11" x 8" x 8".69 257. 115V/60 Hz. Not UL-listed. The last time.4788 Tech Support: 407.07 V201 4+ Linear Piston Air Pumps These are not linear "diaphragm.3 . Six-month warranty.00 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. low-risk and/or temporary applications of less than 9 months duration. a exceptionally long service life can be expected (8 years of continuous life is not uncommon). If an air pump failure will cause a signifi cant disruption and/or jeopardize the health of your fish. TF 16 34 51 60 105 130 Ship Wt 4 lbs 7 lbs 14 lbs 16 lbs 18 lbs 23 lbs Diaphragms Only These sturdy. oil-free air.00 126. a grounded power cord.00 472. oversize the inverter at least 200%.8 V20 1 Watts 15 25 Ship Wt 7 lbs 9 lbs $ 65. 50/60 Hz (230V available for export). TL40 TL66 Watts @ 2 psi $ 5.96 4+ 35 50 Ship Wt 15 lbs 17 lbs $ 226. V201 V301 6 5 4 PSI 3 2 1 CFM .09 TL66 TL40 28 LT 6 LT2 4 LT2 9 LT1 5 LT1 4 3 PSI 2 1 CFM 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 TL40 6 TL6 2 1 LT11 LT24 LT19 CFM 1 Q: Do I need an expensive air pump? A: Maybe not. Mento really does signify "customer service. An outdoor-rated housing. multimillion dollar corporation. The first time I met him. weatherproof. it was the same. Six-month warranty. Pumps have a 3/8" outlet and a 4' power cord.55 6.70 8. 115V. reliable. imported.20 7. linear piston.7 .00 342.

You will see similar looking air pumps imported from Asia.00 Each Above part numbers are 60-Hz for use in North and South America and the Caribbean. Repair kits include diaphragms.49 = mbar mbar x .588 = cfm inches H2O x . and the outlet air is always clean.. physical size.5" x 10" Repair Kit for SL14 and SL24 Repair Kit for SL56 Repair Kit for SL56A Repair Kit for SL94 Repair Kit for SL170 Repair Kit for SL190 Air Filter Kit for SL14.85 228.28 5. Outdoor 190" 11" x 8. heads and valves.5 to 400 to 650 60 80 PSI 5 5 10 20 40 60 80 12 1.25 11. cfm x 1.2 . Indoor 120" 6" x 5" x 5" Air Pump. There is no need for lubrication. Outdoor 150" 8" x 5" x 9" Air Pump.54 cm 1 psi = 27.7 8.5 3 8. Three-year warranty (does not include filters or diaphragm).22 155. SL14 SL24 SL56A SL94A SL190 SL1424RK SL56RK SL56ARK SL94RK SL170RK SL190RK SL5694A SL56AA SL94AA SL170A SL190A Air Pump.85 12. cast-aluminum.75 78. 50-Hz performance is the same ±10%.71 925. but the Sweetwater ® brand is significantly different.25 5.59 = "H2O cfm x 28.7" H2O CFM 1 LPM 28 4 SL2 4 SL1 56 SL 2 57 3 85 4 5 6 7 8 9 113 141 170 198 226 255 9 15 50 90 190 Outlet 1/4" 1/4" Sound (dB) 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 40 40 40 50 48 Cfm @ 1 psi . SL24. SL56H). Order by Phone: 877. dripproof housing. Aquaculture Duty 8 6 4 60-Hz performance at sea level is shown. Africa. Outdoor 180" 8" x 5" x 9" Air Pump.68 = "H2O inches Hg x 13. For 230V export models add "H" to the end of the part number. Prices are the same.8 Cfm @ 2 psi .074 = 1" Hg inches H2O x 1.5 50 15 50 Airflow/Volume 6. Prices are the same.56 1.4788 Tech Support: 407.3 Lpm 1 inch = 2.347. Indoor 85" 6" x 5" x 5" Air Pump. Also in 50 H z SL190 SL94A SL56A SL14/SL24 Tech Talk 64 Air Pump/Compressor Comparison For the safety of our aquaculture customers we only offer oilless type air pumps and compressors.868 = mmHg inches H2O x 2. etc. To select the one that is right for you first determine the volume of air you require in cubic feet per minute (cfm) and the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) to get it there (Hint: It takes 1 psi to push an air bubble 28" below the surface of the water). Besides being effi cient..5 Pressure 7.24 328. Standard models are 115V/60 Hz with 6' power cords.51 435. pet store or laboratory.5 50 These quick guides will help you decide what type of air pump for which to look. then pick the type most efficient for your situation. Consider the cost. Order Online: AquaticEco.1401 .598.1 Ship Wt 7 7 15 16 30 $ 208. These models permit continuous operation exceeding 3 years! Simply clean the air inlet filter as needed.g.40 = "H2O psi x 27.75 43.70 5. To order 50-Hz use the part numbers followed by an "H" (e.02 124. they are quiet. Each uses a heavy. etc. We also offer 50-Hz models @ 230V (same watts as 60-Hz units) for use in Europe.035 cfm 1 cfm = 28.85 2 3. UL-listed and CE-approved. SL56 and SL94 Air Filter Kit for SL56A Air Filter Kit for SL94A Air Filter Kit for SL170 Air Filter Kit for SL190 Max Depth Dimensions (L x W x H) Watts SL 9 PSI SL1 90 4 2 1 Lpm = .699 = m3h m3h x .036 = psi inches H2O x . You can even operate them right in the classroom.5 .32 = Lpm Linear Diaphragm Rotary Vane Piston Rotary Lobe Regenerative Blower CFM 5 10 20 40 9. noise level.Linear Pumps/Tech Talk Aeration 61 Linear II Diaphragm Air Pumps by Sweetwater® Higher output and lower watts.00 215.95 52. These are designed for 60-Hz (American) operation to produce maximum efficiency (we also offer 50-Hz models for export).

They are extremely energy-efficient and quiet. High-Efficiency Premium Motor Runs cool. are also standard equipment. They are inexpensive to operate. CSA-certifi ed and CE-compliant.347. only certified electricians should be installing electrical equipment!).1401 . Outlet fl ex hoses. performance tested prior to shipment and guaranteed by AES for three years! All are UL-listed. The Sweetwater® blower's electric motor is a high-efficiency type motor that will run cool and handle a wide range of power variations so often found in rural locations. no seals and no lubrication. This can be a costly mistake.4788 Tech Support: 407. A phase tester should always be used to test the rotation.and CE-compliant. (Keep in mind. CSA. Air filter Low-restriction inlet. which simplify installation. And simplicity means reliability. 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment. and the air they deliver is oil-free. phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally. washable inlet filters as standard equipment. 3-Phase Motor Testing A common mistake in the field is to wire a 3-phase motor and "bump" it to test the rotation. Motor starters. Each blower is assembled with antiseize compound. When a motor is "bumped" and the rotation is incorrect. operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers. Antiseize Compound Sweetwater ® is the only blower we know of that is assembled with antiseize compound to ensure easy disassembly when it becomes necessary years down the road. the Sweetwater ® blower will automatically restart after cooling ( *except S631). is completely enclosed and fan cooled for the utmost reliability in humid environments. Are All Regenerative Blowers the Same? NO! Sweetwater ® regenerative blowers reach higher pressures. The rotating impeller doesn't touch a thing. it will not only break the impeller but also damage the volute. Universal 50/60 Hz. UL-. the Sweetwater® blower will restart automatically after cooling. Order Online: AquaticEco. washable filter that removes particulates to 50 microns included in price. They have only one moving part: a dynamically balanced impeller that is attached directly to the motor shaft. Motors are completely enclosed and fan cooled for the highest reliability in a humid aquaculture environment. Sweetwater® blowers are simple. so there's no wear. Should a power brownout occur and trip the motor. Just wash the inlet air filters as needed and replace the motor bearings after three years of continuous Order by Phone: 877. no vibration.62 Aeration Sweetwater Regenerative Blowers All Sweetwater® blowers come with internal mufflers and low-restriction. When the impeller spins off. the impeller can—and will—spin off. Automatic thermal overload protection is standard (except S631). Automatic Thermal Overload Protection* Should a power brownout occur and trip the motor. flexible outlet hose simplifies installation.598. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation.

92 4.2/230 18.190/60" 48.85 944.000/150" 38.25 84.0/115 3.710/80" 29. At 50 Hz.5 We follow a policy of continuous improvement and reserve the right to alter published data. All Sweetwater® blowers come with inlet air filters and flexible pipe connectors as standard equipment. Deduct 4% of volume and pressure for every 1.520/80" 36.95 17. which are 60 Hz only.450-rpm motors used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. Inches H2O 110 100 250 Starting The 3. S453 and smaller ship Ground.898.77 944. but strongly recommended.0/230 19.9/230 6.4/230 4.85 1.38 983.000 860/40" 5.600/40" 14. add "230" after the part number.8/115 3.640/80" 75.96 12.03 1.25 591.000/80" 70.400/60" 21.347.000 800/80" — 11. Double the pressure by using two blowers of the same size.2/230 25.22 Standard with 115V or 230V 8' power cord (230V models are also rated for 208V).200 1.43 24.000 1.Sweetwater Regenerative Blowers Aeration 63 Regenerative Blowers by Sweetwater® Altitude Aquaculture Duty s45 s69 High altitude will affect blower performance. Three-year warranty begins on date of shipment.63 706.5 295.760/40" 14.800 471/30" 2.000 20.000 12.9/230 11.44 19.5 126.898.45 KPA 14.000 3.4788 Tech Support: 407. s11a 27. otherwise 115V cord will be fitted.000 1.33 1.40 1.91 4. 3-Phase Note Combination starters are not included.75 338 380.000 1.486.12 2.00 — 5. Input @ Starting Full Load w/o Number 20" 30" 40" 50" Duty Hp Phase Filters Inches Water Watts Voltage Amps Filter Width Outlet Hose Price Pipe Weight (Including Size (lbs) Filter) S11A 1 2 S21 1 2 S31 1 2 S313 1 S41 1 2 S43 2 S45 2 S453 2 S51 2 S53 2 S61 3 S63 3 S631 3 5 S651 3 S653 3 S56 3 S69 3 S73 3 2S41 4 S15 S18P S18S S30P S30S 1 2 13 3 — — 27 19 7 — 34 28 21 16 34 28 21 16 70 65 53 36 70 65 53 36 110 100 90 80 110 100 90 80 135 120 110 100 135 120 110 100 190 180 165 — 190 180 165 160 190 180 165 160 190 180 165 160 190 180 165 160 120 120 118 117 250 245 230 210 390 375 350 330 78 74 70 61 650 640 630 610 720 710 690 650 410 405 400 395 1. S56 S7 3@ 9 S6 53 1/S S5 50 40 30 20 10 S4 1/S 43 50 HZ 100 50 Volume (CFM) m3/H 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 25 42. See the 2S41 example in the curve to the right.0/230 22. with one blowing into the other.380.60 578.000 410/30" 4. 4 Blowers in series double the pressure.93 22.000 4. 3 S7 90 80 70 2S41 @ HZ 60 200 Ordering Information Single-phase blowers up to and including 1 hp are supplied with a 8' power cord.000 971/40" 4. Specify voltage when ordering.48 4.49 Pressure.000 2.65 597. 3 S51 and larger ship via motor freight only.000 115/230 115/230 115/230 230/460 115/230 230/460 115/230 230/460 115/230 230/460 115/230 230/460 230 230 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 — 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 2. To order 230V.260/60" 28.000 20. Hz All models will operate on both 50 and 60 cycle (Hz) power except S631 and S651.190 650 640 630 625 34" 43" 56" 56" 58" 58" 65" 65" 65" 65" 45" 80" 75" 100" 110" 280" 110" 125" 110" 125" 105" 200" 125" 225" 1/8 1/3 1/2 1/2 1 1 11/2 11/2 21/2 21/2 21/2 31/2 31/2 5 5 6 51/2 10 1+1 15 18 18 30 30 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 1 3 3 3 3 — 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 1 1 2 1 2 1 198/20" 900 377/30" Order by Phone: 877.5 464. Order Online: AquaticEco.92 8.000/80" 90.000/80" 140.1401 mbars 60 150 3 S6 5 S4 S6 1 53 /S 4 S21 A S11 ) 1(C S4 1/S313 S3 A(B) S11 .000 3.402. Blower Specifications (at Sea Level.98 2.46 9. both pressure and volume will be about 30% less than the 60-Hz curves shown.000 3.015.696.3/230 12.8/230 19.22 8.40 1. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers.80 2.064.000 4.8/115 5.000/80" 90.0/230 9.6/115 50/230 52/230 52/230 98/230 98/230 10" 10" 10" 10" 12" 12" 14" 14" 14" 14" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 19" 22" 24" — 23" 20" 22" 23" 23" 8" 9" 10" 10" 12" 12" 15" 15" 15" 15" 17" 17" 17" 17" 17" 22" 22" 22" — 21" 28" 28" 32" 33" 1" 1" 11/2" 11/2" 11/2" 11/2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" — 3" 4" 4" 5" 5" 23 28 36 36 50 50 77 85 87 100 100 115 115 150 150 215 250 245 — 452 438 431 630 606 $ 488.289.230 1.000 3. 68°F. 5 No thermal overload protection.206.75 507 549.000 12.9/230 11.58 537.275 1.06 1. NEC and local electrical codes prevail.8/230 8.48 1.25 253.750/40" 17.500/40" 12.000' (300 m) above sea level. See specifications for both starting watts and running watts.97 7. power draw is much higher than normal.479.25 422.598.2/230 10.22 704.000 1.6/115 2.75 169 211. 60 Hz) Running Watts Max Rated Height Model Cfm Free Air @ Inches Water Max No. otherwise 115V will be shipped.0/230 18.000/80" 140. During this period.000 7.981.430/40" 9.

50 53. Elbow) for S41. S30S.50 12.51 4+ Note: 2 or more BF6 filters required for S45 and larger blowers. BV1 BV2 BV3 BV4 BV5 Fits S11.27 80. run cooler and use less power when excess air is vented or "bled off. requiring steel. S65. S51. Elbow) for S63. prv20 Heat Dissipating Pipe When air is compressed it gives off heat.85 14. 0–60 psi. Rated to 4 psi (110").11 36.73 *Air filters not included.00 121.25 22.1401 .98 Clamp Flange w/Nipple Flex Hose Muffler Assemblies* (for Blower Inlet) bv1 Check Valve Assemblies (for Multiple Blower Applications) Inlet check valves can be plastic.99 80. change out as needed.55 3" PR Valve Assembly 338. 1/4" NPT Gauge. 1/4" NPT Gauge Kit (w/o Gauge). Keep a spare on hand.71 26. SD6 (2" NPT) External Inlet Muffler Assembly (Steel) for S15. 1/4" NPT Gauge.30 55. but outlet check valves are subject to high temperatures.10 21. 45° Elbow. Made in USA. 2" x 8" Flex Hose.77 21. This 8" diameter thin wall galvanized steel pipe can be used to cool the compressed air before it reaches the plastic pipe.37 39.32 20. 0–60" H2O. S45.49 12.80 77. bf6 Straight Pipe.35 10. 0–30 psi. then wash and dry the dirty one when you have time. SD4. Order Online: AquaticEco.45 87. SD5 (11/2" NPT) External Inlet Muffler Assembly (Steel w/Galv.85 12." Weighs 3 lbs. 90° Clamp w/Gasket.18 25.80 60. 1.42 56.87 3" Muffler Assembly (use with PRV30) 330.55 128. these valves will automatically protect blowers from over-pressurization by discharging air to the outside. 4" for S11. 11/2" x 8" Flex Hose. One-year warranty. BF4 BF6 Filter. PRV20 PRV30 BM60-2 BM70-2 2" PR Valve Assembly $ 222.18 Order by Phone: 877.98 Each 16. When the inlet air is 100°F and the blower pressure is just 55" H2O (2 psi).40 96. 6" for S31 and larger $ 18. S21 with ALR15 Silencer Fits S31 with ALR15 Silencer Fits S41 with ALR15 Silencer Fits S45 and S51 Fits S6 Series $ 26.91 BM20 BM30 BM40-2 BM60-2 BM70-2 External Inlet Muffler Assembly (Plastic) for S11 or S21 (both 1" NPT) External Inlet Muffler Assembly (Plastic) for S31 (11/2" NPT) External Inlet Muffler Assembly (Steel w/Galv. This heat of compression.29 6.17 142. 1/4" NPT Gauge.4788 Tech Support: 407.25 20.87 34.98 41.58 24.12 28.100°F Flange with 11/2" Nipple Flange with 2" Nipple Flange with 3" Nipple Flex Hose.68 Each 78. the resulting 150°F discharge air can soften plastic PVC pipe.64 Aeration Regenerative Blower Accessories Pressure Relief Valve Assembly Designed for low-pressure blowers.55 67. S53. Pressure relief valves can be noisy when dumping air. 0–100" H2O. 4" x 12" Flex Hose.34 10.49 196. S18P.29 2" Muffler Assembly (use with PRV20) 100. 5" x 16" Elbow Straight Pipe Ship Wt 13 lbs 3 lbs 6 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb $ 82.30 36.D. can make a blower's outlet air temperature high enough to fry an egg. BCVA1 BCVA2 BCVA3 BCVA4 BCVA5 BCVA6 Inlet Check Valve Assembly for S11– S21 (Plastic) Inlet Check Valve Assembly for S31 (Plastic) Inlet Check Valve Assembly for S41 (Plastic) Inlet/Outlet Check Valve Assembly for S5 Series (Steel) Inlet/Outlet Check Valve Assembly for S6 Series (Steel) Inlet/Outlet Check Valve Assembly for S7 Series (Steel) $ 15. perhaps a dirty air filter is keeping air from getting into the blower. The valve assembly is easy to install and calibrate. plus the heat from friction.13 172. 3' Tubing.00 28. bm60-2 bcva4 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. 58" Elbow. so add a muffler assembly if you plan to use it as a normally open bleed valve.15 13. 1/4" NPT Gauge.46 100. On/Off Valve and Adapter (1/8" NPT) $ 4+ Bleed Valve Assemblies Regenerative blowers are quieter. DH8 DH45 DH90 DH19 DH20 PFG1 PFG2 PFG3 FH1 FH2 FH3 FH4 FH5 Air Filters If you're not getting the air you need out of your blower. See Index for drill and NPT taps. S73 (3" NPT) $ 27. 0–35 psi. 3" x 8" Flex Hose.50 57. Liquid-Filled Gauge. 1/4" NPT. S21 Filter. 0–15 psi.73 Gauges* BG60 BG100 BG15 LPG30 VF2 BG61 BG00 Gauge.49 lpg30 *Recommended for all blowers.56 205. Flex hoses are listed by pipe size and include clamps. S69.347.87 330. S18S.598.65 65. Each clamp includes one gasket.20 38. Both sides are FNTP. S30P. 190°F Clamp w/Gasket. Both filters have 23/8" I. Seal connections with silicone to prevent air leaks.

Regenerative Blowers/Tech Talks Aeration 65 Regenerative Blowers.65  leed off as much excess air as you can while you still have as much air as B you need. Accuracy ±3%. its internal or external cooling fan is working (if so equipped) and the ambient air temperature around the motor is below 104°F (40°C).0 service factor motor doing the same work. B601 $ 29.73 240. The power factor of a fully loaded electric motor is about . Pricing includes filter. pull a sock over the filter (the sock becomes a pre-filter). Always compare work being done to power consumed in watts. bird feathers.89 298. etc.000 rpm with both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.14 Each Tech Talk 83 Blower Buying and Operating Tips Compare blowers not by horsepower ratings but by watts.4788 Tech Support: 407. keeping the original one as a Order by Phone: 877. Three-phase watts = volts x amps x 1. It will actually use more electricity. Low Cost by Whitewater® blowers are a very good value for aquariums. If the tested amp draw does not exceed the nameplate rating. Then change your socks frequently!  fter three years of continuous operation in critical animal life support A applications.5 20 50" — — — — — 6 Aquarium Outlets @ 10" Depth 40 60 100 300 460 860 Max Duty 25" 28" 35" 40" 43" 56" Noise. Air/water line hose barb is 1/8". Can be used for either normally open or normally closed. Don't get fooled by low horsepower ratings on electric equipment. Includes cone. you may have seen air blowers and water pumps advertised with lower horsepower ratings than other equipment of the same size. You can't measure watts without a wattmeter. Made in USA. purchase a new blower and have the original blower's motor bearings replaced.26 Pressure Switch A low-cost method of starting backup equipment or tripping an alarm. BUT you can estimate watt consumption with these formulas: Single-phase watts = volts x amps x power factor. They feature a "cupped" impeller for reduced noise. Operate the original unit for a month to be sure the work was done correctly. One-year warranty. All Whitewater ® blowers include: • Inlet • filter. The small motor may get through a temporary overload condition but is not reliable for continuous duty. outlet. pet stores.0 service factor motor for the continuous duty work being done. high service factor motor to imply superior performance. bait systems and seafood holding systems. Moistureproof. operate at a higher temperature and have a shorter life than a larger 1.10 215. even though it is too hot to touch. The blower will run cooler and use less power.31 263. They are smaller.1401 .or belt-driven equipment. Is this a problem?" The old "Too-Hot-To-Touch" test no longer applies due to the improved materials now used in motor manufacturing. Each motor has a nameplate listing full-load amps (FLA). The gimmick is to use an undersized.00 342. Will carry up to 3 amps at 115V. Power cord. 2" L x 11/2" H.73 x power factor. filter connections and a flexible outlet. engines and chain. Order Online: AquaticEco. If the ambient air is so dirty (feed dust. Sweetwater® blowers run cooler because they use the correct 1. Filter connections.598. low-cost. Perfect for motors. • • Tech Talk 11 Motor Too Hot? "My motor is running too hot to touch. Reads from 50–4.347. but is adjustable from 27" to 33" H2O.) that the air filter requires frequent cleaning.9. Preset to switch on/off at 30" H2O. The specially designed motor is low in power consumption and excellent in performance. the motor is probably not running hot. Here are some blower operating tips: • Tachometer This tachometer will indicate the true shaft speed. For instance. • Flexible • ww10 ww80 WW10 WW18 WW29 WW39 WW60 WW80 10" 4 8 15 25 33 55 Cfm @ inches Water 20" 30" 40" 2 3 8 15 21 43 — — 2 6 13 31 — — — — 3.and cup-shaped tips for use on virtually any shaft style. lighter and quieter than most blowers and very energy-efficient. then switch back to the new blower. But this smaller motor has to work harder to do the job. That's what you pay for! Electricity cost should be a major concern when motors operate continuously. 3BY11 $ 118. dB 48 48 52 54 60 64 Running Watts 170 190 260 330 410 687 Outlet Hose for Pipe Size 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" Ship Wt 1" 11/4" 15 lbs 16 lbs 18 lbs 19 lbs 21 lbs 23 lbs $ 204. Blowers are 115V/60 Hz and include a 6' power cord. but this goes down significantly as the load on the motor is reduced. The best way to determine if a motor is operating properly is to check the ampere (amp) draw.

Oxygen can only be measured with a test kit errors occasionally occur.347. Order Online: AquaticEco. wired to come on if the primary blower fails for any reason. Both must be within the motor label's specifications. then. When it fails depends on how well the motor was built. oxygen measuring and aeration equipment is very important to the aquaculturist. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. as low as 187. always measure the volts and amps at the motor location. Oxygen is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to monitor." For instance. When it comes to life support.598.O. We always recommend having a second blower attached to the main air supply line." That would be true if your service always gave a minimum of 208V.4788 Tech Support: 407. Not to be used for wiring or plumbing.66 Aeration Tech Talks Tech Talk 1 Dissolved Oxygen in Aquaculture Dissolved Oxygen in Aquaculture: the First Limiting Factor of Water Quality Air breathing animals are used to air containing about 21 percent oxygen. when other equipment starts up. if your service is 208V. A common application is boosting 208V to 230V. A pressure switch is located between the primary blower and its check valve. If it is too low.O. A motor labeled as 120V can operate reliably between 108 and 132V. Typical Daily Oxygen Curve for Outdoor Ponds Tech Talk 3 Backup Blower Setup Anyone who has worked with fish for a while knows that if you don't plan ahead. With so little oxygen available in the best of conditions. See Tech Talks 5. of course. This is why some 230V motors operate on 208V service for a while. The check valves keep air from being lost through the nonrunning unit." These will show as lower voltage and higher amperage at the motor. More Aeration than Required—Wasting Energy Just Right Aeration No Aeration—Stress & Possible Fishkill at Times Important Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. the voltage drops below 207 and the motor draws more amps.. you can install a "buck-boost transformer" to raise your voltage. For illustration only. Be sure the stand-by unit is on a different electrical circuit breaker. Monitoring and record-keeping will provide predictive knowledge. The most crucial of life support requirements is maintaining an adequate oxygen level because it can be used up so quickly. how hard it is working and the actual voltage that is getting to the motor.). The diurnal oxygen cycle in outdoor ponds is show below. If the oxygen level is too high. After reading these ranges you might think. If your motor is a long distance from your power meter you will also incur "line losses. 10. The range for 230V is 207 to 253V. Switch Location for Auto-On Backup Blower Air Pipeline Check Valve Air Connection Check Valve Oxygen Saturation "Normal On" Blower Normally Closed Pressure Switch (B601) (+) (-) Standby Blower Contacter (Relay) From Power Supply Minimum Safe Level of Oxygen Zero Oxygen 8 AM 10 12 2 PM 4 6 8 PM 10 12 2 AM 4 6 8 AM The two blowers on this system work off of different circuit breakers. No one can just look at the water and know the oxygen level. To be sure your installation is correct. prices. they can experience severe stress and. the fish may not eat and may expend additional energy seeking oxygen. Both blowers must have check valves on them. and 11 for more information. while it and everything else on that line is operating. Check valves must be able to tolerate high temperatures. all of which can kill fish. with an oxygen meter.1401 . feed rates. The motor will fail and will not be covered by warranty. Measure oxygen after altering water flowrates. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. If you only have 208V power and can't find a motor that is rated for it. lower D. Tech Talk 39 208V vs 230V Motors A motor that is rated for 230 or 240 volts is not compatible with 208V power. a backup blower could save your business. death. But it will not because of "voltage Order by Phone: 877. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. you will experience normal voltage variations Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. more conveniently. Most—but not all—AC motors are built to tolerate a 10% up or down voltage variation from what is shown on the motor nameplate. temperature and wind conditions. the standby blower will start. Buck-boost transformers reduce (buck) or raise (boost) supply voltage to the required level. overheats and fails. If lower yet. levels will occur in the summer because the rate of oxygen consumption increases as the temperature increases. and when developing new growing systems. causing an electric relay to start the backup blower (see diagram). "A 230V motor can work at 208V. you won't be in business for long. it closes. In the event that the "normal on" blower shuts down.0001 percent oxygen (10 mg/L). When this pressure switch senses a loss of air pressure. In outdoor ponds. whereas aquaculture is conducted in water containing less than . oxygen supersaturation can cause gas embolism. Additionally. etc. it is apparent that knowledge of dissolved oxygen (D. The range for 208V motor is 187 to 229V. depress metabolism and inhibit respiratory enzymes. The delicate balance of dissolved oxygen vs the rate of oxygen consumption can shift rapidly with changing algal.

5 40.7 1.4 19.524.347.25 .0 1. The cool-running outboard bearings increase service life. might be an even better choice if there is the possibility of using more air in the future.7 26.0 6.0 2.0 13.54 25.67 679.1 43. it is critical that nonrestrictive piping be used.25 .4 52.0 5.221.5 2 3 4 6 Actual Inside Diameter (Inches) 1.0 30.0 200.Sweetwater® Blower Packages/Tech Talk Aeration 67 Sweetwater® Series 2 Regenerative Blowers These regenerative vacuum. The average line pressure is 3 psi.0 1. When designing the air system. rotary lobe blowers.75 . which would probably be unacceptable. the resistance in the air piping system and the resistance caused by the air diffuser.0 3.17 660.2 8. close-coupled construction means you can quickly add them to your system.0 3.25 .0 45.5 .6 .0 150.5 Hp Cfm 235 235 235 300 370 370 500 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 Voltage Phase(s) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1. Easy-to-install.0 75.3 1.2 39.4 25. it is important to add together all of the following: the maximum water depth to which the air is driven. Their rugged die-cast aluminum build is lightweight.0 .35 Calculations based on average pressure of 3 psi.5 .03 1.00 1.576.8 20.37 487.783.6 0. average air temperature of 90ºF and an air kinematic viscosity of 1.25 1.50 1.0 10.0 4.50 958.3 2 2.0 15. Under this temperature and pressure. A 1" pipe. Our simplified chart can be used as a guide in determining the pressure loss caused by the piping. The resistance to airflow caused by friction will decrease both the pressure to the air outlet (typically an air diffuser) and the volume of air delivered.7 19.5 11.76 642.59 2. the scfm (standard cubic feet per minute) volume is 13% greater than actual.3 2.6" of loss. The blower pressure and air diffuser resistances are published in this catalog.80 1 1.45 2.0 3. Pressure loss in air systems can be measured in inches of water ("H 2O).5 1. CE. pressure blowers are ideal alternatives to standard rotary vane pumps and positive displacement.4 26.5 153.7 .75 Hp Cfm 30 60 75 105 105 105 150 150 115 115 230/460 115 230/460 230/460 115 230/460 Voltage Phase(s) 1 1 3 1 3 3 1 3 $ 459.376.7 17.05 3.6 1.6 2.30 3.63 Tech Talk 2 Pipe Sizing. If you are confused.1401 Cubic Feet Per Minute .0 77. costing little more than the 3/4".3 101.0 11.43 1.4788 Tech Support: 407.5 19.35 2. As the volume of air passing through the piping increases.63 2.8 1.0 5.0 4.470. Order Online: AquaticEco.5 32.7 .62 . Air Incorrect pipe sizing all too often causes unsatisfactory performance.39 1.and UL-listed TEFC motors. There are no odd twists or elbows that need to be considered.03 939. The smaller 1/2" pipe would cause 24. Example: 4 cfm need to be delivered a distance of 200 feet from a rotary lobe blower.0 5.1 34. compact and super-quiet. Friction is the culprit.8 7.0 . Since most aquaculture type aeration systems utilize lowpressure blowers.0 2. Oilless and virtually maintenance-free. the pressure required to deliver the air also increases due to friction (think of it as wind resistance). causing 7. Call an AES technician at 407-598-1401 for help.0 100. 180 160 140 Pressure.00 SST50 SST55 SST60 SST65 SST70 SST75 SST80 3.3 3. don't worry.03 1.0 12.0 250.7 x 10 -4 ft 2/sec.4 11.2 8.0 3.3 12.8 .0 20.0 1.3 0.0 2.04 4.00 Order by Phone: 877. Friction Losses for Air as a Function of Flow and Pipe Size (loss expressed in inches H 2 O per 100' of pipe) Schedule 40 Pipe Nominal Diameter (Inches) .3 1.6 6.0 125.0 7.2 3.4" H 2O resistance or pressure loss.4 4.3 25.2 6. The minimum diameter of plastic pipe will be 3/4".36 1.3 1.598.3 15.0 10.62 594.25 9.0 50.608.0 5. Inches H2O 120 100 80 60 40 20 CFM 100 200 300 400 500 600 SST10 SST15 SST20 SST25 SST30 SST35 SST40 SST45 SST50 SST55 SST60 SST65 SST70 SST75 SST80 sst10 SST10 SST15 SST20 SST25 SST30 SST35 SST40 SST45 0.03 Inside Diameter (mm) 6.

Inlet Filter Pulley Dia.5 YD6 3. pulleys. Inches H2O 120 Pressure.9 5.976. Remote-drive blowers allow the user to vary performance by simply changing the engine speed or the pulley size.38 22. pressure gauge and tachometer (Roots® type blower packages also are available).667.68 Aeration Blowers/Packages/Engines Remote-Drive Regenerative Blowers by Sweetwater ® Sweetwater® remote-drive regenerative blowers are almost as reliable as Sweetwater® motor-mounted electric blowers.0" 3 3" 155 lbs Repl.0" 3 3" 80 lbs Belt-Drive Blower 4. Keyed Dry Weight 4.195. and we'll build to suit. Give us the performance required and the type of drive (gas.69 Also le Availab da on With H s Engine yd4 rd5-e Diesel Engines These fuel-injected Yanmar diesels (biodiesel-compatible) can power continuousduty. Shaft diameter is 7/8" (. of Filters Outlet Hose for Pipe Size Ship Wt $ 723.000 3.7 hp 6 hp 9 hp $ 1.205. diesel engine or even hydro power.37 4.98 sd4 180 160 15 HP SD6 5500 10 HP 4500 160 140 Pressure.709.7 4. SD4 SD5 SD6* SD69* BF6 Belt-Drive Blower 2. Note: Due to the customized design of blower packages.0 3 .020. They are designed to be bolted to a base and driven by belts.60 1.34 3.000 3. 6. 160 140 Pressure.4788 Tech Support: 407.0 8. Ships motor freight. Ask an AES technician to calculate the pulley size for your application.0 6 1.00 2.4" 1 11/2" 30 lbs Belt-Drive Blower 3.84 Rpm Max Hp Continuous Hp Max Fuel (L/hr) Shaft Rotation Shaft Diameter.40 4.21 1. The power source can be an electric motor.0" 2 2" 40 lbs Belt-Drive Blower 4.5 6 8 9 13 16 Hp Gas Gas Diesel Gas Diesel Gas Gas Type Manual Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Start Cfm @ 60" Water 100 100 100 150 200 200 250 @ 100" $ 2.0 9. Made in Japan.347. but they offer the added benefits of variable performance and nonelectric drives.87 5. Inches H2O 120 100 80 60 40 20 100 200 300 CFM 100 200 2850 4 HP 7 HP 3500 11 HP 4500 SD69 *Ships motor freight. Each one is always performance tested prior to shipment. Available in 4. They are EPA emissions certified with 15-amp charging systems.175.0 3.67 2.546.750 68 lbs 5.7 6. All models come equipped with direct injection and both recoil and electric start. **Pulley diameters are pitch diameters using "A" section belts. All standard packages listed below include heavy steel base plate. YD4 YD6 YD9 4. Inches H2O 120 100 5 HP 80 60 40 3450 120 100 80 60 40 3500 20 3 HP 4500 4 HP 7 HP 5500 4500 20 CFM 300 400 Belt-Drive Blower Packages Invented Here We can custom build your blower package using Sweetwater ® remote-drive regenerative blowers.29 3.0 4 1.00 68 lbs CCW Facing Pulley End of Crankshaft Order Online: AquaticEco. please allow up to 2 weeks for production. engine-driven blowers and water pumps with extraordinary reliability.7-.** No. the air-cooled Yanmar is known for its stingy fuel consumption—a big plus for continuous-duty use.588.1401 . r Call fo Cus tom ! ion Q u ot a t rd5 Standard Packages w/Briggs & Yanmar Engines RD5 RD5-E RD6 RD8 RD9 RD11 RD16 SD4 SD4 SD4 SD5 SD6 SD6 SD69 Blower 5 6. belts.0 YD9 3.74 4. Inlet air filters.00 68 lbs 9.000 3. adjustable motor rails. flexible outlet hoses and double groove blower pulleys (sheaves) are included.911.45 1.600 4.600 6.and 9-horsepower single cylinder models. gasoline Order by Phone: 877. One-year warranty. ultra quiet muffler and a small fuel tank that will operate at maximum duty for about 45 minutes. Rotation is clockwise as you face the blower shaft.936.267.598. diesel or electric). Made in USA.875") on all models.6 YD4 3.708. Inches H2O 100 80 60 40 20 3450 CFM 50 100 150 CFM 100 200 300 1 HP 3 HP 2 HP 4 HP SD4 5500 SD5 140 9 HP Pressure.600 10. They are perfect for use in electrical emergencies or anywhere electric power is not available.

consider rotary-lobe blowers.3 — — 253/3.600 — 1.4 — — — 41/1.800 3. bioassays and aquatic toxicology.1 21/1.347. See p. Call for larger sizes. and aquaculture and aquarium system design.4788 Tech Support: 407.6 — — 108/1. let us know your exact requirements and we will provide a price quote.5 psi 4–6.73 3. V-belt drives and belt guards (pressure relief valves included with standard systems).7 — Priced with 5-hp ODP motor.64 248.486.6 101/2.5 psi 7–10 psi 1–3. Packages may be customized for your application.15 4. we've packaged standard systems with electric motors.1401 .2 — Priced with 2-hp ODP motor. Bhp is brake horsepower. Call for larger sizes. When acceptable system pressures are restored.Rotary Lobe Blowers/Pressure Relief Valves Aeration 69 Rotary Lobe Blowers by Roots® In aeration applications where the pressure required is greater than that available from a regenerative blower. Flowrates up to 2.30 194. Completely assembled packages are possible using one of the 17 frame sizes of Universal RAI® blowers. 85/1. Oversized bearings are used throughout. head plates and impellers. 7/. prawns. rb32a Custom manifolds available.73 405.3 46/. prv11 Order Online: AquaticEco.60 536.91 1. phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally.7 — — — Priced with 10-hp single-phase motor.7 59/4. Roots® Universal RAI® blowers are heavy-duty and made in the USA. To give example pricing. The valve is installed in the discharge air stream to prevent damage to blowers when operating pressures exceed the maximum. Call for larger sizes. Michael Buchal Bodega Bay.5 psi 4–6.9 64/2.160 2. inlet filters.5 psi 4–6.358.3 — — 334/4. the valve automatically returns to its closed position.0 137/3. The valve cylinder and seat are cast iron and machined to very tight tolerances for smooth operation. RB22 Blower Only 22 RB22A Blower Package 22 RB32 Blower Only 32 RB32A Blower Package 32 RB36 Blower Only 36 RB36A Blower Package 36 1.3 38/1.600 — 2 psi Cfm/Bhp 2/. These weight-loaded pressure relief valves offer nonpulsating pressure relief for positive displacement blowers.275 — 1.5 psi 7–10 psi $ 160.24 298. steel bases.3 239/5.87 1.277. 329.560 5.16 Note: Pressure ratings based on inlet air at standard pressure of 14.44 Technician Profile Huy Tran Huy received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hawaii in aquaculture sciences. Roots® Universal RAI® blowers feature machined cast-iron casings.458.2 72/2.0 — 144/2. CA 1" FPT 1" FPT 1" FPT 11/2" FPT 11/2" FPT 11/2" FPT 21/2" FPT 21/2" FPT 21/2" FPT Includes Wt for 1–3.5 321/7.2 4 psi Cfm/Bhp 6 psi Cfm/Bhp 10 psi Cfm/Bhp 12 psi Cfm/Bhp Ship Wt 32 lbs 195 lbs 69 lbs 265 lbs 102 lbs 329 lbs $ 1. the weight-loaded cylinder is forced up from the valve seat and exposes the vent ports for fast blow-down.370 cfm and pressures to 15 psi are available.8 86/6. Timing gears are center-timed to allow clockwise and counterclockwise rotation and made from hardened alloy steel.598. motor adjusting rails.7 psi (sea level) and temperature of 68°F (20°C). 34/. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties. silencers.7 95/3.160 3. Roots® 18-month uncontested warranty guarantees the repair or replacement of any unit that malfunctions for any reason.8 229/8.602.160 2. please allow up to 2 weeks for production. You are by far the most helpful and responsive vendor we deal with in the business.5 psi 7–10 psi 1–3. The impellers are dynamically balanced and antifriction. rb22 Model Rpm The air purge valve (ST5) can help prevent gas bubble disease. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the Order by Phone: 877.46 5.4 131/4.017. Note: Due to the customized design of blower packages.35 245. As system pressure approaches the valve set point.800 3. I am pleased to give you our business on this order and hope we can continue to purchase a volume of supplies through AES.55 318. PRV11 PRV14 PRV17 PRV21 PRV24 PRV27 PRV31 PRV34 PRV37 To: Huy Tran Let me take the opportunity to thank you for all the hard work on the blower quotation. 40% higher for gas engines. Pressure Relief Valves Eliminates damage from closed valves.8 32/2. Motor starters.6 27/1.3 61/3.8 — 68/1. If one of the standard packages does not fit your needs. and shrimp. The electric motor horsepower required will be about 30% higher than the bhp to allow for belts and pulleys. 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment. He has a wide range of aquatic experience including hatchery and grow-out techniques for production of freshwater and marine finfish. They consume less energy at elevated pressures than comparative regenerative blowers.8 73/1.8 122/7.01 198.

39 .57 . Lakes.736 734 1.97 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: 1 cfm/ft 15" AS230 Pure Gas (Oxygen). **For depths greater than 4 feet there is a risk of gas bubble disease in intensive systems.1 Lpm/sq.67 2. Hauling Tanks.015 cfm/hole 1/16" <6" De-Icing and Wastewater Treatment 3/4-hp Vane Compressor (AQ7 w/ WD50 diffuser) Air 5-hp Rotary Blower (RB32A. 5-year time period. High-Density Hauling. diffusers.47 1.760 15.50 5.43 .256 6.864 8.06 .6 cfm/ft 20" General Aeration: Hatchery.192 1.37 6. but should be used for comparison rather than budgetary purposes.4788 Tech Support: 407. electricity (at 10¢/kWh) and annual maintenance.70 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: .04 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: .52 . Pipe: 8 holes/LF Drilled PVC Air Air Air 8 8 3 45 299 560 $ 4.1401 . Bait.2–.92 .in. w/fine-pore diffuser) Air Oxygen Generator (SOG84 w/fine-pore diffuser) O2. 90% 3 3.41 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: 1 cfm/ft 10" AS235 Pure Gas (Oxygen).23 .025 .598.37 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: up to 10 cfm 15" ED224 Hauling: Algae Tanks 1/3-hp Diaphragm Compressor (AQ10) 3/4-hp Vane Compressor (AQ7) 31/2-hp Regenerative Blower (S63) BWD 10 Oxygen Generator (SOG84) Air Air Air O2.223 2.83 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: . Protein Skimmers 1/3-hp Diaphragm Compressor (AQ10) Oxygen Generator (SOG84) Air O2.347.70 Aeration Tech Talk Tech Talk 62 Diffuser Comparison Chart Fish Diffuser Supported Depth by System (ft Water**) (lbs) Annualized System Cost per lb of Fish Supported ($/lb/year*) Gas used Diffuser Specifications De-Icing and Algae Tank Circulation Linear Compressor (SL44).36 2.46 .80 Flowrate: Hole Size: Pressure Loss: .51 Flowrate: Pressure Loss: . 3.457 10. Hatcheries. Ponds. 90% 10 10 3 3 311 1.600 rpm w/ WD50 diffuser) Air 10 10 962 13. Holding/Grow-Out Tanks.85 . Pipe: 8 holes/LF 1-hp Regenerative Blower (S41). Waste Water. *Air compression unit. Aquariums.67 7.01–. Order Online: AquaticEco. Low-Density Hauling Linear Compressor (SL44) 1/3-hp Diaphragm Compressor (AQ7) 3/4-hp Vane Compressor (AQ7) 1-hp Regenerative Blower (S41) 31/2-hp Regenerative Blower (S63) Air Air Air Air Air 3 10 10 3 3 72 199 1. Analysis Method: Equivalent Uniform Annual Cost (EUAC). 25 psi Note: Values reflect efficient farming practices. Grow-Out.348 2.46 1. Emergency Aeration Oxygen Generator (SOG84 w/AS303 diffusers) AS404 O2. 90% 10 3 3 2. Hauling Tanks.01–.com Order by Phone: 877. Carbon Dioxide).78 . Degassing Towers.2 cfm/ft 4 psi Pure Gas (Oxygen.1 cfm/ft 2-5 psi WD50 Wastewater Treatment Linear Compressor (SL44 w/ED224 diffuser) 1/3-hp Diaphragm Compressor (AQ10 w/ED224 diffuser) 3/4-hp Vane Compressor (AQ7 w/ED224 diffuser) 31/2-hp Regenerative Blower (S63 w/ED224 diffuser) 5-hp Rotary Lobe Blower (RB32A w/ED224 diffuser) Air Air Air Air Air 3 10 10 3 10 95 159 952 4.172 1.624 1.810 2. Pipe: 8 holes/LF 3/4-hp Vane Compressor (AQ7). Back-up Aeration 3/4-hp DT12R Vane Compressor (AQ7 w/fine-pore diffuser) Air 5-hp Rotary Lobe Blower (RB32A. 90% 3 3 66 615 5.

PE 1/4" O....30 4.00 ....16 lb . PE 1/4" O..25 ..75 1.5" Plastic Base....0 will shorten the diffuser life..D..70 lb ...2...10 lb . They're machined from a solid block of glass-bonded silica....1401 .10/20+ 4...74/10+ 9..25 psi.0 1.D..000°F glass-bonded silica diffusers introduced by AES in 1984............ 4" x 2.... 12" x 2...5 1. dyfp16 DYPFP4 DYPFP8 DYPFP12 DYPFP24 DYFP8 DYFP12 DYFP16 DYFP24 Plastic Base..62 2.....0 9...5 1..4788 Tech Support: 407..5 1...D...10/20+ 4.5" Aluminum Base. PE 3/8" O.69 45...0 3......5 1.....D.D..60 87.50 ..50 lbs .77/10+ 52.5 1.. See Tech Talk 84.5" Aluminum Base. You may come across other diffusers that copy our sizes... descriptions and even our photos.. PE 1/4" O.75 ..51/20+ 9....50 lbs 1..51/20+ 11.....30 ..D.20 ...30/100+ 1...54 21..99/6+ 87.50 lbs 1.50 .0 3..... Choose from aluminum or nylon 6/glass composite (plastic) base.0 1. Nonstandard fittings are available on request......17/20+ 5.ABS (AS1 & AS2) Linear Polyethylene or Special Order Maximum Pore Order by Phone: 877. 8" x 2.50/10+ 13....38/20+ 2.....31/25+ *Dimensions of length and width are ±1/8" (3 mm).5 1..... And with an air resistance of less than ... PE 1/4" NPT.5 3....0 9.0055 inches) Bubble Size.....35 ..44/6+ 127.. PE 1/4" NPT.500 psi Length* in cm Width* in cm Suggested cfm aes This is the lbs of fish supported.49 10..20 7. AS1 AS2 AS3 ALS3 AS4 AS5S AS5L ALS5 AS8S AS8L ALS8 ALR8 AS15S AS15L ALR15 AS23S AS23L ALR23 AS30S AS30L ALR30 ASW88S** ASW88L** 1.39 lb . PE 1/2" NPT.98 104.50/10+ 16...99/50+ 8.15 inches) Nominal Particle Retention.50 ....5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 8 ........ PE 1/2" NPT.99/50+ 10..43/100+ 5. Flat Ceramic Economical price..36/50+ 8.0 1....5" Plastic Base.. PE is high density linear polyethylene...57/25+ 15... Plastic models are tested at -20ºC to ensure performance and integrity... (9 mm). (4 mm).5" Plastic Base..75 lb ...5 1......00 4...... (9 mm).0 3. 24" x 2..04–.0 2..... . (4 mm).00 1...0 3. Self-weighting when used with typical tubing lengths.49/10+ 19...0 12....D. PE 3/8" O..87 97. PE 3/16" O....35 lbs 1..0 3.00 4..93/50+ 12..5 2.34/10+ 16...... carbon dioxide).. Look for the name and the two-year warranty.0 12.75 .38/100+ 3.70 lb $ 1.65 21. (6 mm). And when cleaning does become necessary because of a buildup of calcium precipitate or bacteria.....0 1.. holding/growout tanks and emergency aeration..58/10+ 13..20/100+ 3.....0 1.88/6+ 63. there's no need for expensive air filters.5 3..10 ..3 2 2.30 .05 18.64 70..32 18...16 lb .....86 15. (4 mm)..D.80/20+ 3.90 6.20 ...140 microns (. They produce a uniform medium/fine bubble and are very resistant to clogging.. (6 mm).0 1... PE 1/2" NPT.12/50+ 6.. (6 mm)....... (9 mm).0 12.00 1.. 24" x 2..15/50+ 5....5 4 2.35 lbs 1..0 6.5" Aluminum Base..... and their preinstalled check valve prevents damage.5" Aluminum Base.85/6+ Order Online: AquaticEco..35 .83 4.....80/25+ 15....57 12... higher cfm amounts will create larger bubbles. (6 mm).....05 Each 28.80/10+ 6...80/25+ 12.65/100+ 2..54/10+ 79...31/25+ 18. 16" x 2...30/10+ 19.5 1.44 6.. (4 mm).5 1... robust performance.75 lb 1...70 aes 1..34/10+ 19. ABS is green plastic....30/10+ 1.... PE 3/16" O. 12" x 2..75 1..347..5 2.. 8" x 2.Aeration Diffusers 71 Air Diffusers Invented Here As close to perfect as diffusers get! Sweetwater® diffusers are the highest-quality ceramic-type air diffusers on the market today...44 7.... These ultra-fine pore diffusers are ideal for pure gas applications (oxygen. but it takes more than flattering imitation to compete with the best. PE 1/2" NPT. PE 1/4" O. Made in USA....5" Diffusing Area (L x W) $ 31.000°F Glass-Bonded Silica Fitting..5 2..D.. PE 3/8" O..... Because dust and dirt particles up to 30 microns in size will pass right through these diffusers.03 lb .......... PE Actual Wt .D.0 1.5 1....D.... (4 mm)...5 2.. PE 1/4" NPT.0 4 4 5 5 4 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 15 15 15 23 23 23 30 30 30 8 8 ....0 3. . an acid bath restores them to like-new performance...5 1..0 3. Aluminum models are best for long-term. heavy-duty use...39 lb .5 1.50 ..93 142.. PE 3/8" O.15/50+ 6..... PE 1/4" O.. ABS 3/16" O.... Aquatic Eco-Systems Air Diffusers.. ABS O.... PE 1/4" O.0 3..35 lbs 1..42/25+ 18.. Sweetwater® glass-bonded diffusers are compatible with economical low-pressure blowers..... Beware of imitations..D........ Note that water pH in excess of 9. They also give you the convenience of two 1/4" barb positions to choose from.15 18......35 .. (6 mm).80/100+ 3.35 3.16 lb ..5 1.05 .48/10+ 6..... (4 mm).53/10+ 40.19/10+ 94.....80/10+ 5.60/20+ 4. (6 mm).0 9.0 6.0 6....50 microns Service Life at pH Below 8.39 lb .2....35 .598..40/20+ 3.06 lb ..41/25+ 18...........29 58... PE 3/16" O.05 15...41/10+ 16.31/100+ 2..D....83 4..30 . (6 mm)...5 1....21 lb .....0 3.57 10....0..54 1..10 lb .70 . Unlimited Flexural Strength..... 1–3 mm (.......D.15 21. The suggested cfm shown above is typical for aquaculture...75 lb . Sweetwater ® Medium Pore Diffuser Specifications Body.5 3 5 5 7 8 8 8 10 10 10 10 14 14 14 20 20 20 27 27 27 19 19 3/16" 3/16" Air Supply Connection O..D.38/100+ 3.... Sweetwater ® diffusers are the original 2.39 lb ....D. **Fitting is in center of 3" x 3" dimension.42/25+ 15.00/20+ 2......... high-density hauling.....

28 EPDM Membrane..40/10+ 16..28 Rubber Poly.50 1.23 EPDM Membrane... PE...0 3.........03 lb ............. high-density hauling.....0 9...... Ceramic.75 .. carbon dioxide).69 Cylinder. Length (in.50 23.7" x 1.5 1.D.500 psi AS10 AS20 AS3F AS40 AS50 AS80 ALR80 ALR80SS ALR80SS4 AS150 ALR150 ALR150CP ALR150SS AS230 ALR230 ALR230CP ALR230SS AS300 ALR300CP ALR300SS 1...50 1....... holding/growout tanks and emergency aeration.....0 2...... ABS.87 Cylinder.00 1.....06 lb . 20" x 1.6" (x 4) 88...90 22..53 Rubber Poly......35 .com for complete specs! DYCBB DYCD7SM DYCD9SM DYCHP4 DYCHP6 DYCHP8 DYCHP12 DYMD15 DYMD20 DYMD20M DYRD8 DYRD12 DYRD16 DYRD20 HDPE Connector Block.. • Rubber poly (EPDM) diffusers perform best in pure gas applications (oxygen).78 Rubber Poly.. These offer great efficiency at an affordable price...75 1....50 1..0 6....75 lb ..21 lb ......35 ........75 .44 Cylinder.. SS 1/4" O.0 9.. Ceramic.....50 1.... 8" x 1..000˚ Heat-Bonded Silica Fitting . Ceramic.. Four different styles: • Ceramic diffusers are ideal for pure gas applications (oxygen.65 EPDM Membrane..75 1..69/20+ 5...30 ..D...27/10+ 26....D.....0 12.... growout...50 1....5" 27..0 3..5–2 mm Nominal Particle Retention ...50 1.... SS 1/4" O.05 .. 12" x 2" 64.72 Aeration Sweetwater® Fine-Pore Diffusers/AES Diffusers Fine-Pore Diffusers for Ozone and Pure Oxygen by Sweetwater® Invented Here Sweetwater® fine-pore diffusers are the same high quality as our regular Sweetwater® diffusers...50 1. Ceramic....78 lb ....... 20" x 1" (x 4) 109......D.. Sweetwater ® fine-pore diffusers do require higher pressure (about 5" H 2O more) and more frequent cleaning than our regular pore diffusers........... PE 1/4" O.. 4" x 2" 38.50 .......29 2.0 Air Diffusers by Aquatic Eco-Systems Keep any system aerated with AES' line of air diffusers..00 1. PE 1/2" NPT.96/10+ 25..0 9......0 4..598. lakes.D... CPVC or SS Maximum Pore Size .......0 9.3 2. and with our wide selection......18 6..98/10+ 22.. Bubble sizes from 3 mm down to 100 microns...... 8" x 2" 48....50 .50 1...50 1....0 4 4 5 4 8 8 8 8 8 15 15 15 15 23 23 23 23 30 30 30 .. CFM .......0 .. • Rubber diffusers are best employed in wastewater treatment...... so they are not typically recommended for regular aeration.68 lbs $ 2. 12" x 1...3...79 DYCD9SM DYCBB DYCBB with four DYCD9SM diffusers attached. Unlimited Flexural Strength . DYRD16 DYMD15 See AquaticEco... 0...50 lbs 1.45/10+ 50.. 6.0 6.1401 .50 1..0 4. PE 1/2" NPT. ponds... ABS O...88 17..... 16" x 1.....35 ......39 lb .39 lb .10 13... DYCHP12 Order Online: AquaticEco.. SS 3/16" 3/16" Air Supply Connection Actual Wt ..50 Rubber Poly..50 1... aes This is the lbs of fish supported....71/10+ 6.. CPVC 1/2" NPT SS 1/4" O..95 27.....16 lb ........0 4.35 lbs 1......0 4.20 25.. 6" x 2" 44.... One-year warranty...........25 .. which produces finer bubbles..........25 microns Service Life at pH Below 8. PE 1/2" NPT.10 lb .. The bubble uniformity is excellent. hauling tanks.60 29..0 3. Made in USA..4788 Tech Support: 407......39 lb .....50 .. wastewater and low-density hauling...75 1.39 56....347........) (cm) Suggested cfm Sweetwater ® Fine-Pore Diffuser Specifications Body .. PE 1/2" NPT.0 12.10 ...13/10+ 19.0 6..0 4..) (cm) Width (in...25 Cylinder. hatcheries and backup aeration........ See Tech Talk 84....93 Quad Aluminum Oxide..0 4..23 7.........50 1....90 20....39 lb ....... 20" x 1" 23.5 4. aquariums..11/10+ 21..875 lb 1.0 4.48 lbs 1...0 2.6" (x 4) 76.80 microns Bubble Size ..... The SS part numbers are fitted with stainless steel for use with the strongest ozone and carry a 1-year warranty.... 8..0 4.84/10+ 8....00 aes 15 30 60 75 90 100 100 100 100 150 150 150 150 220 220 220 220 300 300 300 O....5 2. CPVC 1/2" NPT...0 4...50 1.....0 3.........08 49.5" 22.50 . PE 1/2" NPT... PE 1/2" NPT. you'll find the right fit for any application...35 .50 1........5 4..67/20+ 4.........75 lb ........90 24....0 4.... The CP part numbers are fitted with CPVC for use with mild ozone concentrations...0 6.5 3..04/10+ 19..25 .D...10 1.....00 1.75 .......D......50 ..00 Quad Aluminum Oxide..35 lbs 1..95/20+ 2..35/20+ 3..... 1/4" FNPT $ 21..... • Aluminum diffusers are intended for general aeration: hatchery.50 1. ABS 3/16" O....56 lbs 1..20 .. 15" x 1" 17.05 14.00 1.... PE 1/2" NPT..0 4.91 44.57/10+ 44.. SS 1/4" NPT.0 ... bait...49/10+ Inches Water Pressure 20 10 Fine 0) (AS15 S15L) Pore Pore (A Regular Typical Range *Note: 100% pure O2.......5" 17...0 12...12/10+ 41.0 1.... PE 3/16" O..0 4.D...69/10+ 11..75/10+ 13.....77 4.0 4. CPVC 1/2" NPT.0 4.60 9..30 5. The difference is in the smaller pore size.7" x 1...... PE 1/4" O.D....50 .......50 1.38 lbs 1....5" 12.............2...86/10+ Order by Phone: 877..

77 11. 50% oxygen transfer at a depth of 4' is typical! The diffusers are set in enamel-coated aluminum frames. All diffusers have 1/8" FNPT threads that accept MNPT fittings. They produce a cloud of ultra-fine bubbles.0 $ 3. use an elbow fitting and put a weight on the tubing to counteract its buoyancy. Wedge-Lock Diffusers aes This is the lbs of fish supported. • Waste water and effluent treatment: Reduce BOD and COD in ponds.5 1.25 .5 . They can be bent and remain in almost any shape. Recommended flow 1.25 4. The streamlined wedge shape is more stable in tanks with high water flow. UV-resistant plastic.8 3.25 .2 .75 Lpm). To make the diffuser lie flat in deep water.00 126. restricting the volume of air delivered to the diffuser.347. ® Invented Here Air Curtains These flexible aquarium air diffusers produce a small curtain of air bubbles.12 15.70 . Single base (unassembled) diffusers measure 5.38 52. Diffusers are rubber porous tubing with a flexible lead weight insert to counteract buoyancy.1401 . Use tubing with a smaller I.45 9.6 15 23 30 1 1 1. ceramic plate diffusers are recommended for pure gas.3 . x 1" H / 12.82 20.75 121/8 x 11/8 / 30 x 2. Use a larger I.45 5. HDPE Male Adapters. 1 cfm = 28.95 5.7" H2O 100+ All above do not include air supply connections.50 121/8 x 23/8 / 30 x 6 6.8 lbs.00 1 lb $ 51. 2-Barb 62001-2 62007-2 62009-2 62001L 62007L 62009L 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" 62001-2 DBU Base 5" D.8 3.4 1.4 bars) the diffuser can break.69/10+ 1 lb 57.35 .22/10+ Ship Wt *Note: 100% pure O2. • Anesthetizing using carbon dioxide: For fish handling and processing.78 5. boat or plane. Order Online: AquaticEco.26 Each 2.20 6.9 1. maximum pressure is 50 psi*. See Tech Talk 84. 4-Barb 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" See Index for other connectors. One-year warranty. NPT x 3/16" Barb NPT x 1/4" Barb NPT x 3/8" Barb NPT x 3/16" Barb NPT x 1/4" Barb NPT x 3/8" Barb $ .06 10.2/1. maximum flow 3. Point Four diffuser modules "twist and lock" together to form an airtight seal without the use of tools.45 43.7 x 2.4" x 6.88 3. *Above 50 psi (3. Operating range is 25–50 psi*. either straight or elbows.8 3.5 3.035 cfm.6 Lpm).4788 Tech Support: 407.Aeration Diffusers 73 Generation II Diffusers by Sweetwater® Perfect for custom manufacturing. 5-mm air supply connection.5 1.37 14.54 cm.6" x 1.75 1. The Generation II series is the same glass-bonded diffuser that is so resistant to clogging.5 1.7/6. which must be ordered separately.00 198. barge. to act as a valve.4/1. • *Note: 100% pure O2. 100–500 microns in size.58 3. tubing in applications where the tubing is long and/ or too restrictive. For fish transport by truck.D.4/3. ense dbu Ultra-Fine Bubble Diffusers The original is still the best! These high-quality.D.9 3.65/6+ 5 lbs 233.598. Inlet is 1/4" barb fitting.55 7.6 ENSE End Set — — 2 lbs $ 64. channels and large ponds.8 aes 5 8 10 14 20 27 Avg.20 1 Lpm = .70 .07 3. AC30 AC45 AC60 AC75 AC90 12" (30 cm) 18" (45 cm) 24" (60 cm) 30" (75 cm) 36" (90 cm) Lpm .25" and weigh 1. resin-bonded.75 3. AS101 AS202 AS303 AS404 Optimum Flow Ship aes * Diffusing Area (in/cm) (cfh/Lpm) Wt 50 100 200 400 6 x 11/8 / 15 x 2. as404 as303 as202 as101 *Above 50 psi (3.33 13.24 20+ 1.05 4.60 3.98 62001l Elbows.4 cfh ( Order by Phone: 877.3 Lpm.20 12+ ASI-3 ASI-5 ASI-8 ASI-15 ASI-23 ASI-30 2 3 3 6 9 12 Length in cm 5 7. • Ozone injection: Efficient injection of ozone into water. Generation II diffusers give the added flexibility of changing the air diffuser fittings in the field. Straight.83 4.00 241/4 x 23/8 / 60 x 6 12.5 3.78 59.05/6+ Typical Applications  quaculture: For supplemental oxygen to boost fish densities and for emergency A backup. 1 inch = 2. cfm . Wedge-Lock is a modular system of ultra-fine bubble diffusers that fit together to form a bank of up to 8 units.73/10+ 2 lbs 69.5 Width in cm 2.10 57.6/. Two-year warranty. Optimum Flow aes * Diffusing Area (in/cm) (cfh/Lpm) Air Supply Connectors.6 cfh (.32/10+ 3 lbs 149.4 bars) the diffuser can break. Sweetwater diffusers manufactured by AES quickly became and still remain the standard of the aquaculture industry for diffused air aeration.6 7. Order one end set ( ENSE ) per "bank" (DBU) of Wedge-Locks.5 2. 1 psi = 27. including oxygen and carbon dioxide.78 Each 2.25 $ . Recommended operating pressure is 22–35 psi.15 4.34 18.6 1 1.45 4.7 2 $ 2.

prices. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. Additionally. It is 1/2" diameter by 13/4" long. 24/Pk .47 216.3 cfm 4 19.71/100+ 3/ 1 4" Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. 24/Pk .20 3.4 cfm 6 24.93 AA6 6".74 Aeration Diffusers/Diffuser Accessories Invented Here Diffuser Hose Air Diffusers. One-year warranty.98 172. Ship weight is about 1 lb/foot.51 12.86 77.99 AD42 4.29 10+ ad5 1/2" ad3 1" Diffuser Bumpers 11/2" Protect diffusers from abrasives or protect a tank from abrasive diffusers. Use two bumpers for each diffuser. It's made of a strong. Cylindrical These diffusers are made from fused alumina.23 194. It may be cleaned with acid to extend its life.89 .65 Bag 21.02 32.17 bwd10 24+ aa4 aa12 aa1 aa8 aa6 Diffusers.D.29 50. BWD10 BWD20 BWD30 BWD40 BWD50 BWD60 BWD100 BWD150 BSS38 aes 1' L 15 2' L 29 3' L 44 4' L 58 5' L 73 6' L 87 10' L 146 15' L 218 Brass 3/8" Barb x MGHT $ 36.63 AA4 4". Made in USA. aes Length Cfm Each 12+ AD32 3.27 40.2 8.92 AA8 8".347.82 97.33 ad42 ad52 Disposable Plastic Diffusers These disposable diffusers produce very fine bubbles.05 cfm 1 $ 19. placement and removal of these large diffusers is simple.2" . 24/Pk .56 16.5 $ . They produce a bubble size of 1–2 mm and require a higher pressure than Sweetwater ® medium-pore diffusers.2 cfm 3 14.50 67.90 13.35 137.2–. They have a molded square rubber support on each end that supports and protects them from tank bottoms and protects the tank or liner from the diffuser.6 cfm 8 34.26 44. Airflow range is . We make these medium-bubble diffusers with 3/4" garden hose fittings (a cap on the male end and a 1/4" male barb adapter on the female fitting). woven Dacron® material that will last for years.3 5. Sold in packs of 10. errors occasionally occur.2" . lakes or wherever long flexible diffusion is needed.35 6+ 29. Made of Buna 70 for an easy stretch over 11/2" square diffusers.32 55.06 cfm.11 3.69 55.79/20+ .60 Self-weighted Bio-Weave diffuser hose is for introducing air and oxygen into hauling tanks.82/Pk 4. aquarium tubing.86 69.59 20. See Index for garden hose adapters.28 62.4 6. by the pack.37 84. aes Each 12+ AA1 1". require no cleaning.75 AD52 5.34/5+ 3. culture tanks. Packed 100 per bag. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. They cause no disease carryover and. Because Bio-Weave is self-weighted. Low Cost This glass bead air diffuser is resin-bonded and produces uniform small bubbles.5 8.5 7.44 76. DB10 $ 4. Made for hobbyists and aquarium use.6 cfm per foot.90 AA12 12".598. 24/Pk . Bio-Weave has about a 20" H 2O resistance to air flow. The diffuser surface is a soft fiber that flexes easily. in Quantity These inexpensive molded diffusers are sold in bulk quantity only.98 6.64 Each 32.64 121.03 11.64 36.2" .89 3. The reusable insert (AD5) is sold separately and fits 3/16" I.50 3. 3/4" aes AD9 .86/10+ ALR8 With Bumpers ad3 w/ad5 Air Diffuser.90 16. of course. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.82 29.0 $ 4. AD3 AD5 ad32 Diffusers Insert $ 23. A good value in an American-made diffuser. They fit both 3/16" and 1/4" tubing and are 1.01 to . Not self-weighted.77 8.34 87. Order Online: AquaticEco.1401 .05 152.4788 Tech Support: 407.2" in diameter. Operating range is . so it is marginally compatible with regenerative blowers. Has a buterate stem for use with 3/16" tubing. 120/Pk .com Order by Phone: 877. 3/16" barb inlets.

D. it could be necessary as often as every 2 months. A 1/4" inlet barb fi tting is included. The XW "paper" diffuser is inexpensive. This low-pressure. completely in undiluted muriatic acid for a sufficient time to dissolve the clogging material. About 2" high x 35/32" diameter with a 3/8" MNPT and a 1/2" MNPT adapter included.. The frequency of cleaning will be determined by the mineral and organic content of the water in which the air diffusers are used.62 Snap-Cap Diffuser. The AES Number is 6 per foot. use barb fittings with clamps. To counteract buoyancy. Diffuser frames are stainless steel and fi tted with fi ne pore diffuser hose. The manifold is supplied with a ball valve for air control. are virtually indestructible and will give many years of service. The gas flowrate is an average of . AD15 $ 19.30/100+ 1. It's compatible with regenerative blowers and has an airflow resistance of approximately 10" of H2O when new. higher and lower flows are possible. Tubing has a good oxygen transfer rate (average 2. Easy to install. cold. The typical air flowrate is .. high-effi ciency rubber diffuser hose is made for aquaculture. is 7/8". soft water. aes TM6 80 $ 199.64 17. This tubing is compatible with both regenerative blowers and linear air pumps. which works well with pure oxygen systems. 100/pack.25 270. 1" O. Engineered for 2–8" metal or plastic.34/ft 1. Made in USA.347. This may take from one minute to eight hours in the most extreme cases.21/10+ — XW 103B Adapter w/T30R Tie Universal Diffuser Mount • • Provides 3/4" FNPT threaded connection. The universal diffuser mount may be used for mounting on the top or bottom of the lateral but is not recommended for sidewall diffuser mounting.Tech Talk/Diffusers/Diffuser Accessories Aeration 75 Tech Talk 53 Cleaning Diffusers Sweetwater® air diffusers. If you have a 1/2" NPT white fitting on the end of your diffuser.6 cfm/ft. rinse thoroughly before reuse. Continuous lengths of up to 50' per inlet can be used. Remove from service and blow out excess water. $ 253.1 to . 1/4" I. XW 103B T30R Diffuser Adapter Cable Ties $ .4788 Tech Support: 407.28 179. Can be glued to PVC or ABS pipe.90 3.00 335.35/4+ High-Efficiency Diffuser Tubing Perfect for high-psi or oxygen uses. Produces a strong volume of mediumDT12R size bubbles (approximately 3 mm). 4. Here's a solution! This six-diffuser manifold with deflector has been designed to induce circular flow in a round tank while adding oxygen and assisting the self-cleaning effect.38 304. In clean.45/10+ 10 lbs 12 lbs 13 lbs 14 lbs 15 lbs $ 289. After the clogging material has been dissolved.598. never add water to acid. In very hard water or water high in organics. DT12R DT14R 1/2" I.1401 .35 304. I. It uses a snap-on flexible diaphragm with built-in check valve. rolls fl at for easy shipping and produces fine bubbles. scrape or hose off. Sold by the 50-m roll. deburring the hole. Discard the used acid after reducing its strength to a neutral pH by diluting with at least ten times as much water as acid. self-cleaning effect that makes round tanks with center drains so desirable.D. No warranty due to individual clogging and fouling possibilities. hold-downs or weights are required.12 lbs/O2/hour.2 psi (34" H2O min) and will supply approximately . Fits over 3 /4" barb.36 4.00 Order Online: AquaticEco.1–.68/6+ Diffuser Manifold for Round Tanks Putting air diffusers in a round tank upsets the rotating. Hose ends may be heat-sealed or fitted with a plug and clamp. made of polyethylene. Be very careful when using acid! Wear eye. 1" O. Add acid to water. If fouled with barnacles or other gross foreign Order by Phone: 877. Ship weight 17 lbs. installing the diffuser mount and screwing in the diffuser. 2. • • Hauling Tank Diffusers These diffusers are specifically made for fish hauling tanks and are virtually indestructible. For connections. a union for complete removal and six ALR23M diffusers. ED328 $ 3. face and hand protection and have clean water available for rinsing and acid diluting in the case of an acid splash or spill. Installation simply requires drilling a 11/4" diameter hole. not the fitting. This diffuser is popular for shrimp larvae culture tanks and other applications where a long disposable diffuser is desired.5% per foot of water depth) with a head loss of only about 1 psi. 3. 3" This coarse bubble diffuser is very clog resistant. immerse the diffuser portion. cleaning may only be necessary every 2 or 3 years. It will connect directly to 1" PVC pipe and can be suspended over the side of tank to a depth of approximately 24" (standard length). 1. The only maintenance normally required is periodic cleaning.D.D. T30R cable ties have a max bundle diameter of 11/4" and 6" length.5 cfm/ft. It requires 4. made of glass-bonded silica. Diffuser lengths of up to 20' per inlet are possible at low airflow rates. See index for more sizes of cable ties. thick or thin wall pipe. "Paper" Diffuser Excellent for shrimp culture. FD8575 FD8580 FD8585 FD8590 FD8595 25" x 22" 28" x 22" 33" x 22" 36" x 22" 39" x 22" Ship Wt FD8560 The universal diffuser mount for disc diffusers is designed to accept a 3/4" MNPT diffuser connection.5 cfm at 1.35 . Handles fl owrates up to 10 cfm @ 12" H2O loss.62 320. Made in Germany.D.

Each diffuser has a minimum of 6.42/10+ Environmental Dynamics.73 37.80 8.  Engineered for maximum performance. Parkson Wyss™. Pure oxygen can be a very cost-effective tool for raising fish.44" 2. along with maximum operational flexibility.91 BD4 4" . When used in large intensive culture systems. specially engineered urethane membranes are available (please inquire). But a high-tech approach is not necessary if a low-tech one will do. ed224 • • • Order Online: AquaticEco. It's especially cost-effective when used to raise the ambient dissolved oxygen a few parts per million to or above the saturation level. back-up compressor and increased generator size.46 bd3 Air Diffusers for Wastewater Treatment AES features EDI diffuser systems.57 6+  e sure to total all pure oxygen costs when figuring cost effectiveness. Contact our wastewater department for more details. diffuser membranes and diffuser components for the most demanding wastewater aeration applications.63 34.  High capacity airflow ranges to 20 cfm. SSI and mechanical aerators. In a recirculating system you will need to "aerate" (de-gas). For applications with high concentrations of oils and solvents. Made in USA. The body is ABS and diffusers are available with both 3/4" and 3/8" MNPT connections. Flygt®. reduce suspended solids. B including storage vessel rent.2 1 $ 4. Sanitaire®.4 2 5.63 32. etc.03 8. Parkson BioFuser®.73 42. ED327 $ 20.90 BD5 5" .44" 3. ED325 ED501 3/4" MNPT 3/8" MNPT $ 8. The disc diffuser has an integral "triple" check valve to prevent fluid backflow.  MNPT 304 SS thread connection.598. plus repairs.68 Each Order by Phone: 877. However. 9" Designed to prevent blowout. FlexAir™ disc diffuser bodies are made of high-strength polypropylene with 3/4" MNPT connections. leaks.26 53. This results in improved oxygen transfer efficiency. EDI FlexAir™ T-Series fine bubble diffusers feature: • • Airflow ranges from 0–40 cfm. OTT. That's about 10 cents per lb. Resistance is about 10" H2O when clean. Pure oxygen becomes more economical when raising oxygen to levels above 70%. will 100% of it be absorbed. coarse bubble diffusers.00 6.  Inject supersaturated water over a wide area to prevent large oxygen gradients in the fish tank.5" 0–8 cfm 0–8 cfm 0–20 cfm 0–30 cfm 0–40 cfm Airflow Ship Wt 4 lbs 5 lbs 6 lbs 7 lbs 8 lbs $ 34. The EPDM membrane is mechanically locked in place to prevent blowout. tests have shown that EDI membrane diffusers deliver increases of 15 to 50% over competitive products.  Largest capacity airflow with greatest membrane area for fewer units required. Can you buy pure oxygen that cheap? If you can buy it that cheap. Here are a few tips: • •3  /4" EDI FlexAir™ diffusers are durable. Use a saturation technique that is at least 80% efficient. The special design of the EPDM membrane. Normal airflow range is 0–5 cfm.60 3.1401 . with its engineered thickness taper. include the actual cost of compressed air. ED224 ED226 ED220 ED230 ED240 Length 24" 26" 20" 30" 40" Diameter 2. Inc.76 • • Aeration Diffusers/Tech Talk Coarse Bubble Diffusers 5" diameter coarse bubble diffusers. which is up to 20% more than comparable models.52 18. aes Size Cfm Each 12+ BD3 3" . FlexAir™ disc diffusers in stock have EPDM membranes installed and weigh 2 lbs.73 34. These proven EDI products provide enhanced performance. Simple old-fashioned aeration (done correctly) will provide 1 lb of dissolved oxygen (at 75% of saturation) for about one kilowatt of energy. Aqua-Aerobic ®. Schreiber. Ecologix. It can unclutter the culture tank. or will you lose some through escaping bubbles.4788 Tech Support: 407. results in full utilization of the membrane surface. Airflow range is 0–20 cfm.  Upgrade for smaller diameter diffusers.? Is a water pump or other energy source required? A 1-horsepower water pump by itself can burn another 10 cents per hour.347. EPDM elastomer membrane was specifically developed for municipal and industrial applications. AES also supplies EDI products for replacement or upgrade of most diffuser aeration systems.600 engineered air release orifices.40 4. if your operation is large enough or intensive enough to warrant aerating with pure oxygen. water pumping cost and oxygen loss. it can be a great tool when used wisely.5" 3. even at low airflow operations. improve feed-conversion ratios and reduce stress. EDI Flexair™. to remove carbon dioxide. Tech Talk 80 Pure Oxygen or Aeration? Aerators that spray water through the air or put bubbles in the water can typically compete with the economics of pure oxygen up to about 70% of saturation. Replacement parts and upgrade equipment are available for AERCOR®. PermaCap 5 diffuser design offers greater unit capacity over small diameter diaphragm.  • • Disc Diffuser. each only 1" high with a 3/16" aquarium air line connection.10 51. liquid oxygen can be purchased at a low price. If you're thinking about making your own oxygen. Gummi Jager.03 ed325 10+ Bubble Disk These unique round air diffusers come in three sizes. Manufactured utilizing the most advanced technology. Made in USA. in addition to oxygenation.89 45.5" 3. The special inlet is molded from high-strength ABS and is permanently bonded to a PVC membrane support tube to create an integral diffuser body. GVA.80 Each 8.7 4 7.

347. V384 V584 V978 V1584 V514 Inlet/Outlet MNPT 1/2" MNPT 3/4" Barb Flow Thru Injector @15 psi In/5 psi Out 1" MNPT 11/2" MNPT 2" MNPT 1 gpm 4 gpm 7 gpm 31 gpm 57 gpm Air Suction @15 psi In/5 psi Out 1 5 9 72 394 Each $ 67 54 125 170 370 60 49 112 153 348 4+ ed2 v1584 Tech Talk 63 Venturis A well-designed venturi working in shallow water to aspirate air may cause as little as 15% additional head pressure and as little as 10% reduction in volume pumped. When installed properly.5" 4. both models are FNPT inlet and MNPT outlet.15 Each 29. especially when it completely eliminates another piece of equipment.5 gpm to draw in five times more.70 59. PVC $ Order by Phone: 877. These are constructed of PVDF Kynar ® and are ozone compatible. Venturis have no moving parts and provide trouble-free operation. Recommended flowrates shown are for between 10 and 50 psi.1401 . All except V514 include a 1/4" barbed ozone-safe check valve. an air pump or an ozone unit's air pump. When sucking air the deeper the depth. the greater the air volume. Pump Pressure Required (psi) ED2 ED1 ED3 3/8" MNPT 3/4" MNPT 11/2" MNPT OAL 4. When used with low-pressure pumps. including low-strength ozone. Order Online: AquaticEco. Made in USA. Mazzei ® venturis have no moving parts and provide trouble-free operation. the greater the pressure needed. give us your customer number and keep the conversation under ten minutes.88 20.30 22. these may be used to draw in liquids or gases.91 12. Tests have shown that when installed properly.5" 10" 7–17 13–30 33–75 Gpm $ 31. Made of ozone-resistant ABS plastic. the increase in head causes such a large reduction in volume that the venturi application becomes impractical.30 24.01 10+ Air In 8 8 Water & Air Out 4738 One Gallon Pumped Five Gallons Circulated Venturi Injectors Widely used for the injection of air.Inches H2O* This is the greatest depth at which the Venturi may be located. As a venturi draws air into a depth of about 2 feet. Need design or engineering assistance? We give our customers free advice over the telephone. oxygen. 3/4" Male Slip H2O Flow (gpm) 6 4 2 4738 Venturi Tee Depth Limits 6 4 2 ed3 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Two Gallons In Vacuum . Made in USA.4788 Tech Support: 407.598. They are particularly useful when injecting chemicals and gases that are aggressive in nature and would require special materials for the pumping device. a venturi can be a very economical device to operate. Therefore.98 55. venturi injectors can transfer ozone into water with efficiencies as high as 99%. Maximum operating pressure at 100°F (38ºC) is 400 psi. and ozone. Venturi 4734 is fiber-reinforced plastic and has female slip ends. Molded of glass-filled polypropylene with smooth surfaces. see Design and Engineering Services on page 4. such as a chemical metering pump.69 Our venturi fittings were engineered to entrain the greatest amount of air with the least resistance to water pressure. Also compatible with liquids.74 9. v12 4738 4732 4734 Venturi Tee.25 18.11 22. When pumping water. The shallower the depth.Injectors/Eductors/Tech Talk Aeration 77 Turbo-Venturi® Injector These inexpensive venturis are ideal for small protein skimmers and koi ponds. PVC 11. For in-depth services. Made of PVC with standard slip connections. injectors can transfer ozone into water with efficiencies as high as 99%. Low Cost Each 10+ NPT NPT 3–30 gpm 5–40 gpm $ 20. 4738: 3/4" in x 1" out 4732: 11/2" in and out Both are female slip with 3/4" air inlet. there will be increased water pressure resistance and a reduction in volume pumped.60 Venturi Tee.88 Each 7. Just call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401.52 4734 10+ 3/16" Male Barb Mixing Eductors It's easy to multiply the mixing force of pumped water. This nozzle requires as little as 7. Flow Venturis offer an efficient and reliable way to inject virtually any gas or liquid into water.02 Venturi Plastic 13. V12 V34 1/2" 3/4" Venturi.

• • ter etwa Swe ® & Blower ting C Diffuser Opera ost Example: Cost/100 lbs Oxygen generator running cost including water pump cost.8 13. self-weighting. meters at sea level @ 29. 6.1 8.0 53. frequency of cleaning can range between monthly in very hard water to once per year in soft water. Water saturation point (this example). Aquatic Eco-Systems introduced the low-pressure. But clogging is most often due to calcium carbonate deposits (this source of plugging is prevalent in hard water and salt water).5 7.2 60. reliability.3 9. Aeration Oxygen 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 Cost Per 100 Punds of Oxygen (Dollars) Look online at AquaticEco.6 times the surface area of the large bubble.  • Water temperature 80°F (27ºC).6 13.2 78.347. When we find one.6 57. maintenance & depriciation.8 7. but it's not very cost effective.4 8. We're always looking for a better diffuser. sea level. as well as a larger diameter air-distribution pipe. we'll let you to see additional Tech Talks. Lesson 2 3mm 296 small bubbles (3 mm) could be made from the large bubble in Lesson 1. With our Sweetwater® glass-bonded diffusers. safety.9 9.6 times as much water can be aerated with the same amount of air! Solubility of Oxygen in Fresh Water Use this table to air calibrate D. such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.3 10. medium-bubble diffusers are the most popular among aquaculturists.598. circulation and carbon dioxide degassing are needed in many locations.100—that's an extra $16. medium (approximately 3 mm) or fine (approximately 1 mm) air bubbles. go up beyond high supersaturation levels.8 39. If you find one better than the Sweetwater® diffusers. medium-pore diffuser is still the standard. MG/L (PPM) 7 6 5 4 3 2 Cost Using a Blower Oxygen generator running cost. This would make the utility cost rise from $700 a month to $2.000 lbs of fish.8 83. This is 6. when aerating with air. This not only reduces the aggravation created by multiple individual cleanings.O.8 64. Note that the cost of adding pure oxygen remains almost the same until reaching higher supersaturation levels. lower pressure loss. Fine-bubble diffusers are typically chosen for pure oxygen or ozone systems where pressure requirements are less important than transfer efficiency. • Fresh water @ 24 lbs/day oxygen concentrator.4788 Tech Support: 407.1 6.4 68. but also it suggests when to schedule the next cleaning. with the small bubbles. while underwater diffusers introduce bubbles from a depth to achieve oxygen transfer and mixing. The fine-bubble diffuser's superior oxygen transfer usually does not compensate for its higher pressure and maintenance requirements. Lesson 3 Theoretically. Diffuser clogging can occur from the inside of medium and fine pore diffusers by dust and dirt particles carried by the air supply if an air inlet filter is not used. and therefore cost. Replacing medium.8 46. but its superior oxygen transfer more than compensates for the increase in maintenance.8 100. flexibility and overall efficiency.4 86. saturation values. that is. Also see Tech Talk 80. low-maintenance. which also forms on the external surface of the diffuser. Diffusers are made to deliver either coarse (approximately 6 mm).4 Order Online: AquaticEco.8 10. if coarse-bubble diffusers were chosen over medium-bubble diffusers. E Sweetwater® standard diffusers at 40" H2O.8 6.3 7. This generalized chart should help to quantify the difference between using an air blower with diffusers and using pure oxygen with a water pump and oxygen saturator (oxygen cone). 10 9 8 Dissolved Oxygen. System Design with Medium-Bubble Diffusers Diffuser placement should allow for easy removal.0 O2 ppm 14. Cost of pure oxygen is fixed at this cost regardless of saturation level. Pumping pressures.5 11.6 93.800 per year paid to the power company.0 71.2 96. finer bubbles.6 cm2.9 11.78 Aeration Tech Talks Tech Talk 7 Pure Oxygen vs Diffused Air Cost is one of the biggest considerations. Tech Talk 52 Aeration Energy Consumption Mechanical aerators break water into droplets to produce liquid/air contact. This Generalized Chart Is Based On:  lectric cost of 8¢ per kWh. medium-bubble air diffuser to the aquaculture industry in 1978.92 inches Hg barometric pressure. A Short Course in Fine Bubbles Lesson 1 20mm This large bubble (20 mm) has a volume of 4. no clogs and less money.0 34. Overall. Bubble aerators are also better at removing gases.4 104.1401 .4 50.and fine-bubble diffusers with coarse-bubble diffusers might seem like a good way to avoid periodic cleaning. The medium-bubble diffuser requires only slightly higher air pressure.0 89.7 8. please let us Order by Phone: 877. medium-bubble aeration system can support 40.6 cm2. Bubble type aeration systems are replacing many mechanical aerators because of their low maintenance. saturation values and pure oxygen is more efficient at higher D.1 12. They excel where small amounts of aeration. °C 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 °F 32.6 6.1 7. Our glass-bonded silica. Coarse-bubble systems require the lowest air pressure and are very resistant to clogging but are about a third as efficient as medium-bubble systems in transferring oxygen to the water. An additional 20 horsepower in blowers would need to be purchased. Another source of plugging is bacterial slime. • 40-gpm pump using 5 amps @ 115V. and time should be allotted to clean all the diffusers in one section at one time. a coarse-bubble system would require 30 horsepower! Electricity currently costs about $70 per horsepower per month in our area. Let's work out the economics on a 10-horsepower system: If a 10-horsepower.5 9.19 cm3 and a surface area of 12. They would have a total surface area of 83.O.O. 1 ppm $ 1 $7 5 ppm $ 7 $7 7 ppm $ 18 $7 10 ppm No Way $7 This cost comparison illustrates that blowers are more efficient at lower D.2 42.6 75.

As inaccurate as these meters may be. B (. One-year warranty. Therefore. Also available by the foot with no connections.0 1–10 4–40 15–150 20–200 Cfh OAL 59.83 70. the measured volume will change depending on the pressure at which it is being used.598. hatcheries.95 OX8 OX7 OX5 OX6 Oxygen Hose Single-braid construction for conveying low pressure (to 200 psi) oxygen. Calibrated at 0 psi.0 Lpm).72/5+ 1. block style flow meters are clear and one piece.10/30+ 4.22 64. Imported.72/5+ 59. OSHA and MSHA requirements. but the flow may actually be 10 cfh. they are good tools for "relative" fl ow adjustments and for resetting the same flow used in the past. you should never expect the meter to provide an accurate reading.68 159.5" 6.54 101.5–15 Lpm 1/8" NPT x 1/4" Barb Brass Adapter $ 64.40 70. flow meters are off even further.5" 4. 20°C).83 70. Sold in 10' lengths with brass female oxygen threaded connections (flared is standard for oxygen connections). OX10 $ 83.16 76. Use where slight pressure changes won't affect the job.72/5+ 59. are calibrated with no back pressure on the outlet side (unless specifi ed). 4-lb ship weight.83 70. Add "F" to the part number.25–8 Lpm . They are easily mounted to hauling tanks or trucks and can be connected to form larger configurations. Pressure gauge included. Calibrated at 50 psi.1–1.5 Lpm . brass.98 115. and C (. Cap fits US standard oxygen bottles. a pressure regulator is required).00 45.12 128.5" 6. UL-listed. with built-in. bait stores. Rugged heavy-duty construction meets DOT.40 56. The scale reads in cfh.80 34. leak tested and include inlet/outlet barb fittings. etc.22 1. Knobs and barbs are plastic. See Tech Talk 13.64 60.00 1. a precision flow-adjusting valve and a Lexan® high impact hood.347.5 to 15 Lpm). unless it has been calibrated for the same gas at the pressure and back pressure at which it is to be used. Manifolds are fully assembled. MFR613 MFR614 MFR615 62007B .125 to 3.16 Each 56.16 76. MFR223 MFR228 2-Way Manifold 3-Way Manifold $ 312. Price includes 1/4" barbed brass inlet and outlet adapter fittings. including all AES meters. At high pressure. the meter may read 5 cfh.5–5.0 . Acrylic These acrylic.16 76. cubic feet per hour at standard pressure (sea level) and temperature (68°F. Rarely. Nickel-plated brass with 1/4" barbed inlet/outlets. however.5" 6.97 37. Lockable design protects against theft (key lock included). Not recommended for use with ultra-fine bubble diffusers.66 31. Made in USA. When used in vacuum applications.5" $ 60. MFV3 MFV4 MFV5 3-Valve Manifold 4-Valve Manifold 5-Valve Manifold $ Order by Phone: 877. Approximate shipping weight of a single flow meter is 1 lb. MFM2 MFM3 MFM4 MFM5 2-Meter Manifold 3-Meter Manifold 4-Meter Manifold 5-Meter Manifold Ship Wt 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs $ 67.05 Tech Talk 13 Flow Meters Most flow meters.76 144. Connections are 1/8" NPT female. Approximate shipping weight of a single flow meter is 1 lb. medium-duty regulator rated at 0–100 psi with 540 CGA connections. Overall length without fitting is 51/2" (14 cm). Connections are 1/8" NPT female pipe thread on the side inlet and a 9/16" 18 male DISS bottom outlet.5 Lpm).62 5+ MFM3 Flow Meters We carry both the solid acrylic block style flow meters and the Lexan® round tube style.50 435.70 5+ Oxygen Accessories OX5 OX6 OX7 OX8 "Y" w/o valves "Y" with valves Coupler FxF 1/4" Barb FxF $ 29.25 Each MFR615 Air/Oxygen Flow Meters. The MFR615 is a favorite for hauling tanks equipped for pure oxygen.73 91.4788 Tech Support: 407. OX3 $ 125 Order Online: AquaticEco.83 5+ MFR5 MFR4200 Flow Meter Systems Manifolds are constructed from stainless steel and use our popular MFR series oxygen flow meters. flow-regulating valves suitable for air or oxygen. Oxygen Manifolds These manifolds can be used for hauling tanks.5" 6.68 Each 60.1401 . Oxygen Regulator A single-stage.125–3. MFR1 MFR5 MFR410 MFR440 MFR4150 MFR4200 .30 2. Imported. One-year warranty. The manifolds and adjustable valves are chrome-plated. Flow meters measure from 0 to 6 Lpm and have 3/8" barb inlet/outlet connections.Pure Oxygen Accessories/Tech Talk Aeration 79 Oxygen Flow Meters These durable meters have a chrome-plated brass base.30 27. Because pressure compresses the gas being measured.16 Each MFR228 Flow Meter Manifolds These flow meter manifolds are designed for use with pure oxygen.40 41. Both have a precision flow-adjusting valve with positive shut-off and a 100 psi maximum rating (when used in high-pressure systems. Price includes 1/4" barbed brass inlet and outlet adapter fittings. are flow meters used without some back pressure. Available in three flow ranges (add letter after part number to designate flow range): A (.22 64.25 to 8.95 Each MFV3 Safety Cap Safety cap protects high-pressure oxygen cylinders even when in use. OX4 $ 17.64 76.

7 1.8 1.6 39 45 51 40 46 52 40 47 53 40 47 53 25 29 32 33 38 43 39 44 49 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 0.18 0.09 0.7 1.8 15.5 12.O.15 0.7 5.9 2.0 3.6 0.2 3.5" 4" 9" OY110F-1 107" 40" 19.6 6.3 0.8 2.55 1.1 3.6 0.1 2.2 1.2 2.0 1.4 1.8 0.7 0.4 18.1 12.761.O.9 4.0 6.4 1.4 1.7 0.1 7.6 3.5 2.0 1. ozone or other gas) enter from the top at a relatively high velocity. and gas transfer efficiencies of up to 100% are possible.0 1.0 2.08 40 0.8 9.0 8. lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L Oxygen Capacity D.80 Aeration Sweetwater Oxygen Cones Sweetwater® Cones for Oxygen or Ozone 100% efficiency potential.3 21.32 0.0 6.40 0.1 3.9 1.4 2.1 1. D.1 4.16 0.4 0.2 4.15 0. Sweetwater ® cones may be operated at a pressure of up to 21 psi.8 5.0 1. Operation of the cone is simple: as water and gas (either pure oxygen.4 0.9 15.5 12. 1 kPa= .5 2.2 1.06 0.5 4.3 7.1 0.1 1.5" 10" OY140F-1 129" 48" 22" 6" 11.5 2.6 16.2 1.0 59 68 76 60 69 78 61 70 80 62 71 81 62 72 81 63 72 82 1.7 1.7 4.2 2.6 17.O. Inflow Sat. the water shears and moves the bubbles downward. AES has the right cone for your application.48 0.3 6.O.0 1. **Two required.6 6.17 0.13 0.5 1. At higher pressures.25 53 0.9 1.6 7. No matter what concentration of dissolved oxygen is needed.8 3. lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L Oxygen Capacity D. flanges and valves.5 6.1 2.7 1.67 D A E *See Index for flow meters.6 3. the dissolved oxygen concentration may be increased significantly above saturation.0 3.1 5.3 2.0 1.08 0.2 3.4 0.0 1.1 2.2 1. 60% Temp 50ºF (10º) Temp 68ºF (20º) Temp 86ºF (30º) Temp 50ºF (10º) Temp 68ºF (20º) Temp 86ºF (30º) Gauge Pressure psi bars OY30F-1 130 gpm OY60F-1 260 gpm OY110F-1 480 gpm OY140F-1 600 gpm OY10 12 gpm OY18 25 gpm OY35 65 gpm D.6 1.6 0.3 14.3 1.2 3.13 0.9 5.22 47 0.7 1.4 0.8 6.8 2.0 1.3 10.7 1.0 1.7 1.0 1.69 1.23 0.7 13.7 0.6 4.) Inlet/ Outlet Ship Wt (lbs) Each Water Inlet e Ozon tible Compa OY30S (Complete System using OY30F-1—Call for Info) B OY30F-1 OY60F-1 OY110F-1 OY140F-1 73–130 150–260 280–480 350–600 MFR440 MFR4150 MFR4150** MFR4150** 45 110 195 335 3" 4" 5" 6" 65 100 245 290 $ 1.1 1. For example.8 4.2 2.4788 Tech Support: 407. a Sweetwater® cone operating at only 10 psi can deliver water with a dissolved oxygen concentration above 25 mg/L.31 0.4 1.9 9.2 1.6 9.7 1.5 1.3 4. lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L Oxygen Capacity Oxygen Capacity 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 10 15 20 0.6 3.1 1.0 4.9 11.2 1.8 3.0 3.5 1.18 41 0.6 3.781.17 0.5 0.7 11.1 5.7 1.O.2 0.4 0.7 2.9 7.0 2.20 0.7 1.3 3.6 0.9 8.5 1.8 4.8 6.5 6.4 1.4 6. Salinity 0.8 4. Various Temperatures and Pressures.0 1.4 0. Flow Range Suggested Flow Meter* Gallons (approx.1 0.11 0.598.5).2 14.7 8.7 1.7 1.4 0.7 1.5" C 1 lb O2= 12.8 9.6 3.8 0.4 47 54 61 48 55 63 49 56 64 49 57 65 50 57 65 50 57 65 1.5 4.2 17.6 4.347.4 0.4 2.1401 .4 5.0 0.3 9.4 0.6 0. Oxygen Capacity at Maximum Order by Phone: 877.3 8.O. Please contact an AES technician for assistance with sizing and complete skid systems. lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L lbs/hr kg/hr mg/L Oxygen Capacity Oxygen Capacity Gauge Pressure psi bars OY35P 65 gpm OY75 90 gpm OY110 130 gpm OY160 200 gpm OY250 300 gpm OY400 500 gpm D.7 7.7 13.07 0. D.497.5" 8" OY60F-1 85" 34" 16.0 1. 28 liters = 1 cubic foot.O.0 1.1 10.05 0. The undissolved bubbles keep returning to the top.4 3.5 1.9 0.8 0.5 1.20 0.6 0.5 5.353.8 2.7 2.8 2.0 61 70 80 62 72 81 63 72 82 63 72 82 39 44 49 52 59 67 59 68 76 2.1 3.38 0.6 0.7 1.6 7.4 0.0 1.7 1.1 2.33 1.06 31 0.4 5.60 0.7 0.3 2.1 38 44 49 39 45 50 39 45 51 40 46 52 40 46 52 40 47 53 0.23 0. Oxygenated Water Outlet Dimensions A B C D E OY30F-1 68" 24" 16" 3.3 9.3 6.6 7. Sweetwater® cones are designed to optimize the saturation of gases in water. Sea Level.7 49 56 64 50 57 65 50 58 65 50 58 66 2.10 0.4 0. by 1.7 3.4 1.8 11. As the cone widens the velocity is reduced.27 0.3 12.4 0.8 4.7 2.5 5.5" 5.8 47 54 61 Order Online: AquaticEco.8 7.500 to estimate the lbs of fish that can be supported at 3% bodyweight (bw) feed per day (assumes oxygen/feed ratio of 0.2 5.0 1.44 1.8 5.4 10.9 2. 100%.8 1.4 0.145 psi aes Multiply lbs/hr D.3 1.08 ft3 @ STP.8 4.2 1.8 3.6 2. Contactor Sat.5 0.50 0.3 6.1 1.5 1.0 1.64 3.7 1.3 14.0 3.2 9.4 0.5 5.4 4.0 5.0 1.07 35 0.29 2. so only water without bubbles can exit the bottom.

15/100 + vs1 w/vbr1 3 /8" Brass Valve For use with 5/32" I.315 Dimensions W x D x H Ship Wt Price sog100 *Based on "K" size cylinder (244 cu.131 5. VBR12 $ 2.Oxygen Generators/Saturators/Fittings/Valves Aeration 81 Oxygen Generators We offer the AirSep® line of oxygen generators. compressed air. 42115 $ 1. The DC10 and DC11 have a 12-position ratchet control. SC212 $ 6.347.22/50+ 1. Clamp Type Manufactured of tough plastic without sharp edges. O2 Cyl Cfh Lpm Lbs/hr Equiv.6 1. Hinged sides allow for installation without disconnecting the tubing.D.37 dc9 Up to 1/4" 1/8" to 3/8" Up to 3/4" $ . Sold each.25 25+ Order Online: AquaticEco.96/100+ Screw Clamps These autoclavable screw clamps provide fine control that can replace stopcocks. Just drill a hole into 1/2" PVC pipe and secure the saddle in place with PVC glue.5 6.74 rc10 Pinch Valves For applications where precise flow is required.) and approximately 40-hr week operating time. In most cases. They run automatically.815 1. They are the most efficient and dependable line of PSA regenerative oxygen generators.35 19. 1/8" FNPT threads. use larger compressors for shorter run times.19 . Each 25+ RC9 RC10 1/8" to 7/16" 1/4" to 9/16" $ 6.2 3.50 5.631 1. The unique design of the ATF ® generator eliminates hundreds of oxygen concentrator components (including all solenoid control valves and regulators) and dozens of pneumatic and electrical connections. PVC Saddle Our straight PVC saddle is easy to install.5 7. For use with 3/16" I. CA.1401 .ft.4 1.1 1. SOG8 SOG12 SOG15 SOG25 SOG60 SOG100 SOG84 OG20 and OG45 AirSep® The larger AirSep® oxygen generators have a maximum oxygen delivery pressure of 45 psi and all require dry. DC9 is an "on/off" valve only. Mechanical parts are kept to a minimum and.80 2.4788 Tech Support: 407. Simply slide tubing through valve and adjust as necessary. dry. **Air required at 90 psi and less than 110°F/43°C before reaching oxygen generator.62 2.2 Ship Wt 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 85 lbs 105 lbs 105 lbs 265 lbs $ 1.50 Each .com Order by Phone: 877. DC9 DC10 DC11 $ 14.473 10. Ships motor freight.6 . There is no need to replace membranes or molecular sieves. supplying oxygen 24 hours a day.* Cfh** Hp*** OG12 12 5. stands only 26" high and weighs 55 lbs. 365 days a year. Its maximum oxygen delivery pressure is 9 psi. the operations manual and video tape provided with each unit simplify any corrections that may be needed.35 1.5 3 7 — 5.72 2. 1/8" MNPT.3 11.6 OG45* 45 21.88 6. tubing. VPL12-B $ . The trouble-free design of the AirSep® line helps the pumps to last indefinitely if the minimum maintenance procedures are followed.9 1. 34342 34341 34342 1/4" & 3/16" 3/8" Tubing Valves.0 OG20* 20 9.41/25+ Tubing Valves. compressed air. Roll Type Made of a polyester (PBT) that offers permanent rigidity.7 1.30/25+ Plastic Valve An inexpensive valve that will not corrode.21 . if a problem should occur.88/10+ Drip Emitter Can be used in almost any flow application. 3/16" tubing or into the open end of a riser tube. Provide 90+ psi for the Quads. The T60 holding tank is included.0 — 17" x 10" x 26" 55 lbs $ 1.965 3. high-performance oxygen generators separate air into its components and concentrate oxygen up to 95%. Workhorse 8 Workhorse 12 Workhorse 15 Workhorse 23 Quad 60 Quad 100 Teamwork 84 Cfh of 90% O2 8 12 15 23 60 100 84 No.60 1.70 6.263 6.48 7. tubing.168 OG12 AirSep® Features a built-in air compressor.575 5 17" x 15" x 57" 300 lbs 5. 1/8" MNPT. ***Air compressor hp listed are approximate ratings. It only requires 4 amps at 115V/60 Hz.7 4. as they will last indefinitely if you provide this generator with clean. VS1 Straight Saddle $ 1. Accepts air line up to 1/2" (13 mm) O.D. you will also want an oxygen receiver tank and an oxygen pressure regulator. They have an infinite adjustment up to 2 gph and will screw into a 10-32 thread.97 . SeQual's ATF® is an ideal source of dry oxygen for applications such as oxygen enrichment for aquaculture or for the production of ozone.929 3 13" x 11" x 57" 192 lbs 3. One-year warranty.598. Autoclavable to 320°F (160°C). lbs O2 /hr . Oxygen Generators Using a patented Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®). Ships from factory. The Workhorse and Teamwork units include internal air compressors.D.

347. air or gas flow. Stays where you set it.95 3.85 5.16 6+ 1.95 32. inlet/outlet barbs fit 1/4" to 3/8" I.4788 Tech Support: 407. then thread in the connection.28 cfm mounted in a vertical position.70 Each 2. A PVC 3" x 3/4" reducing tee costs about $10. press in a tee eliminator.D.75 2. Fits 3/16" aquarium tubing.30 6.93 2. 3/8" NPT Tap.65 bT1 16015 16010 16005 Order Online: AquaticEco. Measures 39 mm x 57 mm. saddles and adapters.598. Minimum flowrate with air is .64 .1401 .D. 23/32" for 1/2" NPT Bit. Fits Tubing 1" 11/8" TP30 TV40 TV60 TP70 TV80 TV90 TV100 TV125 $ 2.05 21.25 7.57 .20 5.75 7. 140 mL/min mounted in a vertical position.72 6.65 7.D.35 9.08 4.30 bNT1 Rigid Clear Tubing Rigid tubing is ideal for microalgae and zooplankton culture tanks where aeration is required at the bottom of the tank.75 4.21 10+ mSk816 mSk610 4.00 2. 7/16" for 1/4" NPT Bit. BNT1 BNT2 BNT3 BNT4 BNT5 Tap.67 .20 2. Max pressure 10 psi. These tee eliminators can do the same thing for under a buck! Just drill a hole.92/12+ min Pipe Diameter 1" 1" 11/4" 11/2" Hole Size 13/16" 17/16"–11/2" 1" $ . mild steel. Minimum flowrate with water to activate the ball is 50 mL/min mounted horizontally.32 5.75 6.25 18.1 cfm mounted horizontally. FW1 $ 21. "straw-like" tube. VG2 VG3 VG4 VG5 2-Gang Valve 3-Gang Valve 4-Gang Valve 5-Gang Valve $ 5.82 Aeration Fittings/Valves Tee Eliminators Here is a hard-to-find.84 1.56 1.60 Each Aquarium Gang Valves Top-quality gang valves with visual flow indicator.87 2.65 10.60 8.85 FC36 FC36 Hose Valve This all-plastic hose valve fits 1/2" and 3/4" I.01 Order by Phone: 877. Work in all rigid pipe materials with pipe walls between 1/8" and 1/4" thick. Made of flexible PVC with female pipe threads. Handle turns easily.030" thick).00 15.020" to . 11/32" for 1/8" NPT Bit.39 24+ Drill Bits BT1 BT2 BT3 BT4 BT5 Bit. 9/16" for 3/8" NPT Bit.28 12+ vG3 mSk558 mSk714 Thread Cutting Taps These taps will cut pipe threads (FNPT) in PVC. tubing. use a piece of vinyl tubing as a coupler. With an extra input/output connection.07/12+ Miniature Stopcocks For low-pressure air and water. etc.07 2. To extend length.20 Each 1. 16005 16010 16015 16025 16035 16040 16045 16050 Length 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 3/16" 5/16" 3 / 8" 1/2" 5 / 8" 3/4" O.71 4.20 22. 1/8" NPT Tap.24 5.18 6. Use with bits shown below to save the cost of tees.66 5.15 7.70 3.36 3. rigid. Made in USA. MSK558 MSK610 MSK714 MSK816 8 mm (5/16") 10 mm (3/8") 14 mm (1/2") 16 mm (5/8") $ 1.20 2. 15/16" for 3/4" NPT $ 3. 1/2" NPT Tap. cost-saving fitting.88 2.68 5. 3/4" NPT $ 7. .90 14. tubing. Plastic mounting bracket hangs on tank. 70012 $ 6. 1/4" NPT Tap.00 Each 50+ .60 1.85 2. This is a thin wall (only . FC32 FC34 FC36 FNPT Size 1/2" 3/4" Flow Indicators This polystyrene flow indicator provides an immediate visual indication of water.28 2.75 1.

Small These 1/2" PVC air manifolds are made with your choice of valves. The side holes are 1/2" NPT and have 1/8" diameter flow restrictors that can be easily drilled as needed for higher flow applications. It's the perfect choice for aquarium systems or anywhere that 5/32" or 3/16" I.18 35.D. Overall length 23/4". Thank you.37 12.15 Each 5. ACV1C $ 2. 228215 fits tubing 11/13/15 mm (7/16"– 5/8" I. duckbill check valves work great for preventing water from back siphoning into ozone generators.4788 Tech Support: 407. salt water or air. They also make excellent manifolds for air distribution. Made in USA.).97 4+ Aquarium Check Valve This high-quality duckbill check valve will prevent back siphoning through tubing when power is off. Polypropylene valve is highly resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to 100°C (212°F). Type P is made with plastic ( VPL12).19 62. My teacher and I were afraid we weren't going to be able to get our aquarium to work for our Small Animal Care class.46 15.95 4+ 2-Valve 3-Valve 4-Valve 5-Valve 6-Valve 81/4" 101/2" 137/8" 151/4" 151/4" OAL $ 23.26 39.Valves/Manifolds Aeration 83 Valve Manifolds.D.05 8. Resistance at .54 45.82 33.D.20 31. You were very helpful in telling me what I needed to know to start our filter. Each valve will pass 2 gpm with less than 1 psi pressure loss.05 42. MV2 MV3 MV4 MV5 MV6 4 4 6 6 8 8 Plastic VPL12 Brass VBR1 Plastic VPL12 Brass VBR1 Plastic VPL12 Brass VBR1 Approx. tubing. 228225 will fit tubing 8/9/10 mm (1/4"– 3/8" I.69 30. The air supply inlet is a 1/2" FNPT with 1/4" barb (62014) which fits 1/4" I.598.00 18.31 42. Tim Talford Order Online: AquaticEco. The manifold ports are 1/2" FNPT and a 1/2" FNPT plug is included.01 8. CV1 CV2 CV3 CV4 CV5 228225 228215 $ 3. Overall length 21/2". 1/2-lb stainless steel springs (about 20" H 2O resistance) available for more positive closure for 25¢ more per valve.91/100+ pv5 Check Valves Quick and positive action in any position.90 9. Each valve will pass .84 16.49 Each 20.03 3.96 56.07 cfm is only 3" H 2O. tubing is used.45 7.34 ckv60 10+ Aquatic Eco-Systems' customer service was very helpful and quick.79 24.14 29. The center port is 3/4" NPT.34 48. The manifold ports are 1/2" FNPT and a threaded plug is included (see Index for tubing adapters).30 Each 8. Made in USA. Add "85" to end of part number.). Use for any pressure or vacuum system.19 30.11 43.11 67.10 26. Large These PVC globe valves are glued together as manifolds to save time.70 167/8" Each 24. Nonmetallic Check Valves These polymer check valves have no springs. Weighs 1/2 lb.74 20. They are made with quarter-turn valves (BV25).64 4+ vmp4-b mv4 137/ 8" vml4 Valve Manifolds. Each valve is 1/4" FNPT (see Index for tubing adapters).75 28.5 gpm with less than 1 psi pressure loss.96 20.97 228225 50+ Ozone-Safe Check Valves These clear. Inlet/outlet accepts 1/8" and 3/16" I. PV2 PV3 PV4 PV5 PV6 Round Manifolds We make these solid PVC manifolds for use as top inlet air diffuser manifolds.75 19.347. tubing (see Index to locate valve descriptions).D. NPT 1" NPT 11/4" NPT 11/2" NPT 2" NPT 3/4" $ 8. B with brass ( VBR1).78 28.75 52.25 2. Make excellent foot valves with low pressure loss. Each manifold includes two 1/2" Clic fittings for mounting to a flat surface.67 Each 3.D. M6B M08 $ 37.87 m6b 2-Valve 3-Valve 4-Valve 5-Valve 6-Valve 71/2" 101/2" 135/8" 167/8" 20" OAL $ 26. Overall Length (OAL) Each 11" 11" 13" 13" 15" 15" $ 19. Use for fresh water. M6B has 6 side holes. Made in USA. Sold each.27 10+ cv CKV55 CKV60 3/16" Tubing 1/4" Tubing $ 6.65 41.D.98 38.57 4.1401 . VMP4-B VMB4 VMP6-B VMB6 VMP8-B VMB8 Valve # Valves Type Valve Manifolds.09/25+ 1. Cracking pressure is 21/2" H 2O. The 1/2" threaded plug may be removed for another connection.71 26.35 33.26 18. which fit 3/16" I. The valves have 1/2" FNPT outlets.06 38. M08 has 8. but you'll find many other applications for them.30 13. tubing. Medium Our valve manifolds will save you time and Order by Phone: 877.

35 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.81 Each 100+ .05 45.60 1.70 .25" 1.34 1.14 Fits vinyl Tubing Part # TV40 TV60 TV70/ TVR60 TV80/ TVR70 TVR80 TV90/ TVR90 $ . Weighs .95 43.67 27.37 1. KT100 KTB100 KT200 KTB200 Tubing Cutter 1" Replacement Blade Tubing Cutter 11/2" Replacement Blade $ 15.00" 2.75 44. polyethylene and other soft materials (not PVC pipe).63 24.56 .00" 6.45 1. Black hides well in garden ponds. The KT100 cuts up to 1" outside diameter tubing.50" .com.06/5+ 2. range of .04 10+ SSA Soft Tubing Cutters These handy cutters are great for vinyl tubing.00 Each Plastic Clamps These quick ratcheting.45 .) of the tubing that it will be holding.45 1. Call our Lakes Dept.00" 1.73 Nut Driver This top quality 5/16" chrome-plated nut driver is the handiest tool we've ever found for tightening or loosening clamps.85 41.12 1.24 28.84/20+ 25.86 .83/20+ 9.40 1.88" 1.40 1.08 25. Use an "F" at the end of the part number to indicate purchase by the foot.70 .75" 1.351 . Sold per package.75 2. T18R T30R T40I T120R T21081 T21084 T40I Outside Diameter 5/16" 3 / 8" 5 / 8" 5/16" 3 / 8" 1/2" 5 / 8" Ship Wt Cable Ties Cable Ties Cable Ties 3" Cable Ties 4" Releasable Tie 5" Releasable Tie 10" max bundle Diameter Length 3/4" 11/4" 4" 6" 111/2" 151/4" 20" 35" # in Pack 100 100 100 50 25 25 $ 3. Choose clamps with a larger maximum diameter than the outside diameter (O.54/5+ 10.46 .50" 3. and even bend the tubing to conform to the shape of your waterway.00" 4.347.74 .39 .50 174. N516 $ 13.25" 2. BTP30HD BTV40 BTV70 WTP30HD WTV40 WTV60 WTV70 Black Black Black White White White White Inside Diameter 3/16" 1/4" 1/2" 3/16" 1/4" 3 / 8" 1/2" Cable Ties.51 .2 lb/foot.51 .22" .62" . American-made nylon ties are made with carbon black for the best protection against UV light. but then they must be replaced when the screw rusts away.25" 4.82/20+ 4.598.00 53.53 42.05 2.6 cfm. Comes in 100' rolls.50" 2.33 Pack Price 3.60 Foot 22.37 1.94 roll 4+roll 20.80 . Weighted tubing has 3/8" inside diameter and an operating Underwater view of tubing at work.70 . you can provide continuous aeration to lengths of up to 100'.63 . Sold by the foot.50 85.00/4+ 43.30/10+ 48.82 18. WTv40 WTv60 bTv60 bTv70 Order Online: AquaticEco. Made in USA. etc. rubber hose.45 .80/4+ 23.51 . noncorroding clamps work very well on vinyl tubing.57 . Working pressures same as clear. SNP2 SNP6 SNP10 SNP14 SNP19 SNP24 Clamp Diameter min max kT100 .43 .02 1. at 407-472-0520 for help with sizing. Not for high-pressure applications.41 .4788 Tech Support: 407. while the KT200 cuts up to 11/2".18/10+ 4 lbs 4 lbs 8 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 8 lbs $ .com Order by Phone: 877.58 37.84 Aeration Tubing/Clamps Stainless Steel Hose Clamps You can find clamps for less. UV-resistant.15–. The band is 9/16" wide (5/16" on SSAA) and the screw has both a slotted head and a 5/16" hex. Also great for de-icing and creating a barrier to protect from nuisance vegetation.70/5+ 9.30 12. Use longer ties and wrap around twice for double strength.99 .56 . With perforated diffuser tubing.30 4.57 .34 1.75 1.35 10.30 1.00 5. Made in USA. Black These quality. Made in USA.06" 1.22 1.20 1.63 .25 Each .50" $ 1. Made in USA. They tighten by hand or with pliers and are releasable/reusable.45 .48 SNP2 Black and White Vinyl Tubing Opaque (nontransparent) tubing blocks sunlight to eliminate algae growth when used for water delivery.41 .50" . WBT2 Per Foot WBT2-25 25' WBT2-50 50' WBT2-100 100' $ 1.50 49.06 26.25" 2. Made in USA.50" 3.94 1.50" 5. Ideal for raceways and hydroponics systems.D.1401 .60 1.78 7.18 23. SSAA SSA SSB SSC SSD SSE SSF SSG SSH SSI SSJ Size 1/4" 1/2" 3/4" PerfAerated Diffuser Tubing Aeration tubing and diffuser all in one! Need to aerate a narrow or oddshaped body of water? Regular diffusers might not be your best choice.00 Diameter minimum maximum SSb 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2" 21/2" 31/2" 4" 5" . max 100'. These quality clamps are all stainless steel (#301 SS band) including the screw (#410 SS)! The one-piece housing is locked to the band without spot welds. Opaque tubing may be purchased by the roll or by the foot.62 29.99 1.65 .82 2.38" .09/5+ 3.75" 2.10/20+ 11.

Use the smaller 1/4" ( WD3) or 3/8" ( WD2) I.D. 18 oz/ft Use SSE Clamps Use 101C Barb Order by Phone: 877.37/10+ To avoid the use of lead.00 1. wd3 wd2 wd1 wd4 Factory Pressurized.049" . x 1/2" O. buy HeavySet® tubing by the foot.07/ft 45.30 1.60 3 /8 " Air Friction Loss Psi Cfm 5 /8 " Air Friction Loss Psi Cfm Distance Inches H2 O Distance Inches H2 O 1 1.44/ft 105.00 1. making installations fast.93/10+ 1.45 70. Lifetime warranty.00/4+ 42.34 300' 148. then thread your air line through it.824" .00/4+ 97.D. 12 oz/ft Use SSC Clamps Use 101B Barb Long Lasting.33 1.20 1. Made in USA.D.75 2.D.D.25 . 1 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 101A Barb 5 /8 " P200S P200 P250 P300 Yes Yes Yes No 1/2" 1/2" 3/4" 1" .24 117. Use HeavySet® WD3 1/4" WD2 3/8" WD1 5/8" TP30 5/32" I.D.44 34. Contains 2% carbon black for long-term UV protection.625" .22/10+ 1. WD1 WD1R WD1R-100 WD2 WD2R WD2R-100 WD3 WD3R WD4 WD4R WD5 WD5R 101A SSA SSB SSC SSE wd1r p200s Per foot 50' Coil 100' Coil 3/8" Per foot 3/8" 50' Coil 10 lbs 3/8" 100' Coil 20 lbs 1/4" Per foot 1/4" 50' Coil 6. 5/8" for WD1 1/2" SS Clamps for WD2 3/4" SS Clamps for WD1 1" SS Clamps for WD4 11/2" SS Clamps for WD5 5/8" 5/8" 27 lbs 5/8" 54 lbs I.63 2.11/ft 132.50 2. Only P200S.D. Wall Per 100' @73. 17/16" O. positioning as needed.060" .347.25 .02/4+ 35. Made in USA.D. TV40 1/4" I.34/10+ 1.D..Aeration Tubing wd5 85 p200 Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Tubing Durable.80 400' 125.00 1.00 3. Call for large quantity discounts. indicating no leaks.13 . Each coil has sealed ends and is factory pressurized @ 10 psi.12/10+ 1. HeavySet ® tubing for smaller volumes of air or with higher pressure compressors where line loss is not important.50/4+ 86.. or solvent weld the PVC barb couplings.D.D. Compatible with insert fittings (see Index). pressurized air will blow out. x 3/8" O.D.4ºF Length Each Coil 2 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 62069 Barb 3 /8 " 5 /8 " Actual O. Weight $ 1. 1/4" Actual 1/2" O. high-density polyethylene tubing is kink resistant and so durable that it is warranted for twenty years—yet is quite inexpensive. clean and neat! Compatible with 1/2" "nominal" insert fittings (see Index) and P200 "shore side" tubing (see above).31 133.50 50 2 3 4 5 6 8 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 3 5 7 20 25 44 .D.4788 Tech Support: 407. Requires SSB clamps. cut it in pieces with a knife.1401 . Uses insert fittings with hose clamps (see Index). Air Lines Requires 3" per foot (5 cm/30 cm) 4" per foot 4" per foot HeavySet® Weighted Tubing Air Line Tubing Diffuser Order Online: AquaticEco.D. 11/8" O. It is designed for lake and pond aeration. 8 oz/ft Use SSB Clamps Use 101A Barb 3/4" I. You can tie-wrap it. P200 and P250 can ship Ground. When an end is cut off.65/4+ 122.40 1.58 HeavySet® Weighted Air Tubing Invented Here 3 4 5 Our HeavySet® tubing contains no lead and remains on the bottom when filled with air.20 1.625" . Call for large quantity discounts.598. differs from nominal size.76/4+ . The dark blue color makes it easy to hide.070" 6 lbs 6 lbs 7 lbs 11 lbs 100 100 100 100 100' $ 37.00/4+ 140. 5/8" I.90/ft 37. This heavy-duty.82 400' 130. your assurance that it is leak-free. Flexible piping installs much faster than rigid pipe and comes in long lengths requiring fewer fittings.D.39 .26 150.D. Note: Actual I.5 lbs 3/4" Per foot 3/4" 50' Coil 39 lbs Per foot 1" 50' Coil 1" 59 lbs Barbed Coupling.D.61/ft 75.D. and you can split it with a knife or saw. 3 oz/ft Use SSA Clamps Use 62071 Barb 4+ 1" I.060" 1. TV60 3/8" I.060" . 111/16" O. Ships exposed.5 2 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 100' 5 15 27 41 68 140 . Specify this tubing for lake aeration systems and water piping where kink resistance is required.25 . Ships Actual Weight Max psi Coil Ground Nominal I.53 1.D.69 91. x 1/4" O.02 113.

60 9. r20111 Pond Care® Master Test Kit This is a complete kit for testing pond water.86 Water Quality Test Kits Professional Test Kit by LaMotte® For the koi keeper who demands the most accurate tests! We co-developed this test kit for the professional koi keeper. 50 $ 182. 80 nitrite tests. 164M $ 19. All are accurate. holding tray and enough reagents for 50 tests each. PK94 3968-H 3969-H 6459-H 3976-H 3885-H 3920-H 3886-H Test Kit Ammonia #1 Reagents.52 Deluxe Freshwater Aquarium Test Kit Hazmat Air This all-inclusive test kit is for both beginners and serious freshwater aquarists. 60 iron tests.20 14. improved color cards for easy reading. 35 carbon dioxide tests. nitrite. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. See individual tests below for ranges. pH and salinity. 50 Alkalinity Reagents.4–8. Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.40 Saltwater Test Kits by Red Sea® Pk94 Red Sea® test kits are a fast and accurate method for testing water quality and marine fish and reef tanks. Tests include pH.20 14.25 11. dechlorinator and pH reducer. errors occasionally occur. 50 pH Refill. 60 chlorine tests and samples of plant fertilizer. This master test kit includes 45 ammonia. 60 nitrate. TK2 $ 38. TK3 $ 41. 50 Nitrite Reagents. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.55 9. complete instructions. R20111 R20121 R20131 R20171 R20180 R20145 R20201 pH/Alkalinity Ammonia Nitrite Copper Ozone Nitrate Oxygen 100/60 45 80 55 100 60 60 # Tests 7.20 16. ammonia.598. 25 hardness tests. Includes 100 pH tests. 60 ammonia tests.50 7.50 Marine Lab Test Kit by Red Sea® Ideal for saltwater fish aquarium systems. Weighs 2 lbs.347. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. a stir rod.90 14. four 10-mL sample vials with lids.40 16.5–100 ppm 0–10 ppm range $ 13. 50 Chloride Reagents.46 10. 50 Ammonia #2 Reagents. 80 nitrite.45 10. prices. The kit utilizes LaMotte® spectrophotometric tablets individually foil-wrapped. For use with salt water Order by Phone: 877.20 14. Weighs 1 lb. testing vial and reagents. ammonia.45 13. It measures dissolved oxygen. The most important consideration is their use for fresh or salt water. Kit contains instruction book.1401 . 100 pH and 60 alkalinity tests. 4 test tubes.6 0–5 ppm 0–8 ppm 0–10 ppm 0–1 ppm 2. a 100-mL sample vial.60 Order Online: AquaticEco.4788 Tech Support: 407. Additionally. Look for these symbols. Each kit includes a color comparator chart.20 We offer many test kits designed for different markets. The kit has reagents for 50 tests each. 50 Dissolved Oxygen Tablets. nitrite and phosphate.

0–500 mg/L $ 14. pop-top lid and a wrap-around desiccant liner to protect strips from moisture intrusion.55 11. and compare color on the reagent pad to the color chart on the bottle.89 18. from low-priced to expensive. Each kit contains all necessary apparatuses and instructions.75 r442 Test Kits/Strips 87 Instant Ocean® Calcium Kit Economical test kits for reef tanks. All kits and refills include enough reagents for 20 tests each.60 6. High Range Strips per Vial Range 25 200 200 100 50 0–10 ppm 10–200 ppm 12–100 ppm 50–400 ppm 0–800 ppm $ 5.5–10. Each bottle contains 25 tests. store them in the refrigerator to extend freshness.89 18. H27453. Always be sure reagents are fresh. Test strips are both fresh and salt water compatible.4788 Tech Support: 407. All kits and refills include enough reagents for 20 tests each.95 9. In hot climates.59 16. Kits utilize a color chip comparator that is much more durable and easier to use than paper charts. Nitrite. R443 R444 R442 Ammonia. Pond Test Strips No tablets or liquids.95 5.8–8. The multi-strips have 5 different tests (alkalinity. Only parameters marked with an asterisk (*) can be used with salt water. STK1 STK1A STK1B STK1C STK1D Multikit (pH. See test results in just 30 seconds with the high-range chlorine strips. hinged. easy measurement of water quality. The calcium kit measures levels accurately to determine the need for supplements or water changes.3–3.35 10. 0-10 ppm/Nitrate. 0–10 mg/L) Nitrate Refill (0–100 mg/L) $ 42. QAC ("quat") test strips come in an opaque vial with desiccant cap and read all types of quaternary ammonium cations. The phosphate and low-range nitrate kits are sensitive enough to measure extremely low levels.50 16613 lm2951 lm4250bj lm2948bj Order Online: AquaticEco. These kits use a color chip comparator and foil-packed granular reagents for accurate.75 5.99 9. alkalinity.15 16675 16676 16613 16617 16630 pH Fresh pH Salt Nitrite Ammonia Oxygen 5. Test ponds the easy way! Simply dip a test strip into the pond and compare the color of the pads to the color chart provided. iodine.19 9. Chlorine and iodine strips include a color chart and come in a waterproof vial.347.0–7.68 11252 stk1 Tetra test® Kits Tetra test® water quality kits are highly recommended for beginner aquarists.0 7. nitrite. though alkalinty tests will be affected by water hardness.09 Ocean Master Saltwater Test Kits AES has sold these test kits for years and found them to be accurate. An excellent value! Range Test Strips by LaMotte® Chlorine. 25 tests per kit.598.50 16. all with proven reliability.59 14. Alkalinity. Each kit contains 50 tests.Water Quality Water Testing Strips Each vial of test strips features a leakproof. Note: mg/L (milligrams per liter) and ppm (parts per million) are interchangeable.1401 .35 7. 11252 11253 Pond Test Strips Total Ammonia Test Strips $ 15.60 5. wait for color to Order by Phone: 877. LM2963lr-g Total Chlorine LM4250BJ Chlorine LM2948BJ Iodine LM2951 QAC LM3031 Chlorine. QAC and high-range chlorine.65 13.35 5.8 mg/L) Nitrite Refill (0–1. dependable and very easy to use. nitrite and nitrate.60 5. Pads on the strips test pH.3 ppm 0–5.0 ppm 0–8 ppm # Tests 50 50 45 25 30 $ 4. Ammonia.95 Water Quality Test Strips These small test strips provide a rapid means of checking water quality.6) Ammonia Refill (0–. tr1003 H27448 H27553 H27451 H27450 H27452 H27453 H27454 H27456 H27571 Alkalinity 0–240 ppm Ammonia 0–5 ppm Copper (Total) 0–240 ppm Free and Total Chlorine* 0–10 ppm Hardness* 0–425 ppm Iron (Total) 0–5 ppm Nitrate/Nitrite 0–50 / 0–3 ppm pH* pH 4–9 Phosphate* 0–5 ppm Test Range $ 9. Nitrate) pH Refill (7. The granular reagents (alkalinity test is liquid) are foil-packed to protect them from light and moisture. Simply dip a strip into the sample. The total ammonia strips test for ammonia only. as they are very easy to use.0 .89 19.59 18. except H27451. TR1003 Calcium Kit. All of the test kits (except pH) can be used in fresh and salt water. 0–200 ppm Multi-Strip $ 12. nitrate and hardness) on one strip. pH.50 5. H27454 and H27553 have only 25.40 8.25 h27448 We offer a wide selection of test kits. 0–6 ppm Nitrite.95 11.

25 Hazmat Air 68.65 Hardness The total hardness of water generally represents the total concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions.95 LM7414RP 30.00 Hazmat Air Nitrite This is an intermediate compound formed in the oxidation (nitrification) process of ammonia becoming nitrate. especially with low pH and alkalinity levels. Testing takes 2 minutes.45 LM6616RP 6. Units of 7. LM2159-01 range: 7.01 to 1. When using salt.90 Hazmat Air LM3319RP 28. For testing fresh water only. Ammonia builds up in the water primarily by the metabolism of protein (nitrogen). Range: 5. Testing takes 2 minutes.00 LM3114RP 22.45 LM4491RP 14. Recirculating aquaculture systems need calcium levels greater than 50 ppm to maintain a fully functional biofilter. LM3609 $ 43. low level To know how toxic ammonia is to your fish. Although it is not usually considered a threat to freshwater fish. 0 to 200 ppm.0. you must know the ammonia level. high alkalinity may not always indicate high hardness. Takes 2 minutes. and the presence of one or the other can be expected in your municipal water supply.30 Iron Alkalinity Alkalinity refers to the quantity and type of compounds present in the water that shift the pH above 7. like oxygen.0. or more simply. High CO2 can stress and even kill fish. LM3308 $ 62. Range: .74 Sulfide For measuring hydrogen sulfide (toxic to fish). Testing takes two minutes.5 to 100 ppm. whether the solution is acidic or basic. aerate the water and then settle or filter out the resulting orange iron oxide particles. About 10% of the protein fed to fish will show up as ammonia in the water. Testing takes 5 minutes. Testing takes 5 minutes.15 Salinity titration Chlorine For measuring both low and high salinity levels in ponds. Range: . Water with high alkalinity tends to be more strongly buffered. etc. LM7459 $ 58. 0 to 50 ppm.40 Hazmat Air LM4503RP 26. be careful where discharge occurs. shrubs and trees. soil runoff. Takes two minutes. fish foods.45 Nitrate.598. The typical range for aquaculture is 50 to 200 ppm. Range: . Once the water is clear. Total ammonia consists of both nontoxic NH4 (ionized) and toxic NH3 (un-ionized) Order by Phone: 877. etc. Testing takes 2 minutes. inexpensive and suitable for both fresh and saltwater testing (except when noted).80 LM4482RP 17. 0 to 200 ppm. LM4482 lm3319 $ 41.0 ppm.10 LM7787RP 18. A total ammonia level of 10 ppm may not be harmful to trout at a pH of 6.20 Hazmat Air Ammonia-Nitrogen This is the final nitrogen product formed by bacterial oxidation of ammonia.0 ppm). the pH level and the temperature. Testing takes 2 minutes. sewage.95 LM3352RP 23. All replacement reagents are sold with "RP" after the part number.85 Chlorine and chloramines (chlorine/ammonia complex) are toxic to fish. measuring hardness by itself may not reveal enough.4 (Cresol Red). e.05 to .45 pH Carbon dioxide This is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration. Each kit (and replacement reagent) contains enough reagent to run between 50 and 200 tests. Testing takes one minute.00 LM3353RP LM2159-01RP 6. brackish waters. Note: These tests may not give accurate results when used with ammonia-reducing chemicals. leaving water crystal clear. depending upon the amount of reagent used to reach the end point. It also forms carbonic acid. To remove iron. LM3315 range: 1 to 8 ppm. Although necessary for biological processes.15 Hazmat Air LM3351-01RP LM3304RP LM3315RP 23. Although closely related to alkalinity and the buffering capacity of water. It can be very toxic to juvenile clams and other invertebrates. Range: . For freshwater use only. LM3353 LM2159-01 $ 45. oxidize most organics and remove color.02 Test Kits by LaMotte® LaMotte® brand water test kits have been in use for over 50 years. Range: . 0 to 20 ppt (parts per thousand) in . it is a plant nutrient and can harm marine invertebrates.90 Ozone Calcium hardness Ozone will destroy viruses and bacteria. The test kits measure + total ammonia.2 to 3 ppm.65 Carbon dioxide (CO2) is present in water as a dissolved gas.25 Hazmat Air 74. Testing takes 2 minutes. LM7787 $ 92.30 Hazmat Air 21. Salt water is about 16. activated carbon or just give it time to revert to oxygen. LM3351-01 LM3304 LM3315 $ 69.40 Phosphate Chloride Chloride is one of the major anions found in water.45 LM3308RP 14.000 ppm chloride. LM3114 $ 89. LM3351-01 range: . Made in USA. Testing takes 12 minutes. particularly saltwater species. For freshwater use only. They are accurate.0. chlorine should be removed chemically.2 ppm can cause "Brown Blood" problems with catfish). Range: . Range: . The proportion of one to the other is variable.95 LM7297RP 12. Concentrations as low as . Testing takes 2 minutes. LM3319 $ 77. Note: Water containing Ammo Lock® and other ammonia-removing chemicals should be tested using an ammonia kit (LM3304) that uses the salicylate method (0 to 2.0 to 10. 0 to 200 ppm.9 are referred to as acid or acidic. but it would be deadly if the pH were 7. which lowers the pH.60 Order Online: AquaticEco. LM6616 $ 84. Hard waters (above 150 ppm) are generally more productive for fish than soft waters. Testing takes 5 minutes. LM7414 $ 49. but it can be lethal to fish at low levels.5 ppm.0. Remove ozone from the water by aeration. Units 0 to 6. Range: 0 to 200 ppm.25 LM3322RP 21. LM3352 $ 77.25 to 10 ppm. by aeration or by aging.80 Well water often contains high concentrations of ferrous iron (iron in solution).0 ppm.05 to .4788 Tech Support: 407.95 LM3609RP 18.1 to 14 are considered basic and pH 7.75 Hazmat Air 32. high levels of residual ozone need to be removed before it reaches the fish. Nitrites interfere with the ability of the fish's blood to take up oxygen (levels as low as .347.10 Because calcium and magnesium are both major components of the total hardness of water.0 is neutral. LM4503 $ 43. it takes only about 500 ppm chloride to kill some plants.4 increments.7 to 8. recirculating systems.8 ppm. Dissolved oxygen This kit provides an inexpensive alternative to a dissolved oxygen meter. Add sodium bicarbonate to increase alkalinity (buffering capacity) and calcium chloride for hardness. Testing takes 2 minutes.g.. LM7297 $ 36. the most common form of sulfide.88 Water Quality Test Kits Copper Copper as copper sulfate is often used in fish culture as an algaecide. Chloramines must be removed chemically. LM4491 $ 33.2 to 20 ppm.40 LM7459RP 34.30 13. Buffering will reduce the tendency of the pH to shift. LM4456RP. too much phosphate may cause excessive growth of algae and plants. Testing takes 2 minutes.35 Hazmat Air Phosphates enter water supplies from wastewater treatment.2 ppm can be harmful to certain species of fish. Range: .1401 . 0 to 10 ppm.05 to 1 ppm. The toxic form increases in proportion as the pH and/or temperature increases. Nitrite can become toxic in recirculating systems. LM3526 $ 109. Testing takes 5 minutes. For aquaculture applications.2 to 3.85 59. LM3322 $ 58. UV light.15 LM3526RP 16. All single kits are approximately 2 lbs.

Excellent for both fresh and saltwater analyses. hardness and alkalinity.000 0–2.1 ppm Strontium: 8–10 pp Alkalinity: 125–160 mg/L** Iodine*: .8 ppm Nitrate: <1.5–8 6–8 6–8 6–8 6.6 0–.500 Chloride mg/L Salinity ppt 0–3 0–3 0–15 0–4 0–3 2–35 0–5 0–5 Marine Reef Water Quality Guide Use these numbers for guidelines only. The portable lab analyzes the 8 critical factors most commonly required by a fish farmer: dissolved oxygen.000– ammonia. meter ( Y550A12). AAL1 • $ 1.Water Quality Test Kit/Tech Talk 89 Aquaculture Analysis Laboratory Hazmat Air Highly recommended for the serious field professional.2 0–. pH Alkalinity CO2 Temp mg/L Units mg/L mg/L Un-Ionized Ammonia mg/L Trout Hybrid Striped Bass Tilapia Goldfish/Koi Shrimp (Freshwater) Shrimp (Saltwater) Minnows Shiners Tropical Fish (Freshwater) 45–68°F/7–20°C 70–85°F/21–29°C 75–90°F/24–32°C 65–75°F/18–24°C 68–80°F/20–27°C 60–75°F/16–24°C 60–75°F/16–24°C 72–84°F/22–29°C 5–12 4–10 3–10 4–10 4–10 4–10 4–10 4–10 5.5 6–8 6–8 50–250 50–250 50–250 50–250 60–100 50–250 50–250 50–250 0–20 0–25 0–30 0–25 0–20 0–15 0–25 0–20 0–.347. Test Dissolved Oxygen Temperature pH Alkalinity Hardness Ammonia Nitrite Range 0 to 20 mg/L.8 Dissolved Oxygen: 5–7 ppm Nitrate: <40 mg/L Carbon Dioxide: 5º 10º 15º Iron: 0 to 1.1401 . Use this chart for guidelines only. nitrite.5 mg/L Carbonate Hardness (KH): 3.2 8. **Calcium carbonate (CaCO3).02 0–.000 0–2.0 mg/L Trace Elements: 0 to . Tech Talk 47 Water Quality Guide These are healthy growing tolerances.4 7. These figures are percentages. pH. *Level found in natural seawater. temperature.500 0–5.8 0–. Temperature: 74–79°F pH: 6. See part numbers for individual reagents. D.8 8. • Pocket dial thermometer ( TH4). not limits for fatalities. • • Each kit includes: YSI® 550A D. this kit includes most things a fish farmer needs to monitor water quality. Tolerance levels can vary greatly depending upon a variety of factors.03 0–. Tolerance levels can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Temperature: 72–78°F Redox: 350–400mV Salinity: 22–35 ppt pH: 8. Fish will excrete about 14 grams of ammonia for each lb of food eaten (@ 35% protein).03 0–.1 to .2 Redox Calcium: 350*–500 ppm Dissolved Oxygen: 5–7 ppm Boron*: 4.500 0–2.5 to 5.394 Alkalinity test strips (H27448). Test kits read total ammonia.1 0–. Tolerance levels can vary greatly depending upon a variety of factors.5–4.5–9 6–8.0 ppm Phosphate: <. Percentage of Un-Ionized Ammonia at Different pH Values and Temperature 7. Order by Phone: 877.6 9. the outfit is packaged in a durable. See chart for conversion. • Ammonia test kit (LM3315).8 mg/L Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.O. waterproof Pelican™ case that is foam-lined and holds the components in place.03 Nitrite mg/L 0–.500 0–1.01 0–. not for water quality limits.O. 0 to 200% Sat 0 to 230°F.9 Hardness mg/L 50–350 50–350 50–350 50–350 60–250 50–350 50–350 50–350 0–1.0 dKH If dKH level is: Then CO2 level should be: 10–15 mg/L 15–30 mg/L 30–40 mg/L Recommended light levels: 4–6 watts/gallon in a 1:1 ratio of actinic blue to daylight. • Salinity refractometer (SR5).08 0–. this guide gives un-ionized ammonia levels. These are healthy growing tolerances.0 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm Freshwater Plant Water Quality Guide Use these numbers for guidelines only. Order Online: AquaticEco.6 0–.04 0–. • Nitrite test kit (LM3352). Designed with field analysis as a priority.598. These are healthy growing tolerances.00 0 to 240 ppm 0 to 425 ppm 1 to 8 mg/L . • Waterproof pH pen ( YPH10). so remember to move the decimal point two spaces to the left for the equation. Hardness test strips (H27452). Some species are also sensitive to nitrite above 40 ppm.9 0–.0 pH 16ºC/61ºF 1% 1% 2% 5% 11% 23% 20ºC/68ºF 1% 1% 2% 6% 14% 28% 24ºC/75ºF 1% 1% 3% 8% 17% 34% 28ºC/82ºF 1% 2% 4% 10% 22% 41% 32ºC/90ºF 1% 2% 6% 13% 28% 49% Equation: ppm un-ionized ammonia = ppm total ammonia (measured) x un-ionized ammonia (from above).05 0–. -18 to 110°C 0 to 14.8 0–.0 mg/L Phosphate: 0 to 5.0 7.06 ppm Silicate*: <2.4788 Tech Support: 407.500 13. not for water quality limits.000 0–1.

com has been around for 15 years.00 108.2–3 mg/L Nitrite .17 Hazmat Air 42.25–10 ppm 5.2–1. The kit is the same as the LMAQ2 but without pH.05–10 ppm 0–200 ppm 0–50 ppm 0–10 ppm 0–20 ppt lmaq4 Reagent Refills For LMAQ2. dissolved oxygen and temperature. Kit weighs 10 lbs.00 135. Kit and reagent refill contains enough reagents for 50 tests each.8 mg/L Alkalinity 0–200 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 0–50 mg/L Chloride 0–200 mg/L Hardness 0–200 mg/L Limnological Water Test Kit lmaq3 Hazmat Air Kit includes individual tests for seven parameters. LMAQ3 LMAQ3RP Fish Farm 6 Test Kit Reagent Refill Kit $ Order by Phone: 877. refill kit weighs . refill 1 lb. dissolved oxygen and thermometer.09 31.0–10. The kit features deluxe octa-slide comparators by LaMotte®. LMAQ3 and LMAQ4.30 37.0 .4788 Tech Support: 407. Salinity can read to 40 ppt by diluting half the sample and doubling the final readings.0 ppm .598.90 Water Quality LaMotte Test Kits TF Hazmat Air Fish Farm 9 Test Kit Saltwater Fish Farm 9 Test Kit Hazmat Air Here are the most common water quality parameters tested by freshwater fish farmers—in one rugged carrying case.0–10. LM5902 LM5902RP Limnological Test Kit Reagent Refill $ 440. Kit weighs 18 lbs.1401 .05–. An armored thermometer (-5 to 45°C) is included. Kit weighs 10 lbs.02 6.00 141. lm5902 Order Online: AquaticEco. three handbooks and analysis report forms.00 146.0 .8 mg/L pH 5–10 Alkalinity 0–200 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 0–50 mg/L Chloride 0–200 mg/L Dissolved Oxygen 0–10 mg/L Hardness 0–200 mg/L Temperature -5–45°C Test Ammonia Nitrogen Nitrite Nitrogen pH Nitrate Nitrogen Alkalinity Carbon Dioxide Dissolved Oxygen Salinity Range .05–.75 Test Range Ammonia Nitrogen .2–3 mg/L Nitrite . lmaq2 Fish Farm 6 Test Kit Hazmat Air This is a good kit if you are using meters to measure pH.0 ppm 0–50 ppm AquaticEco.50 30.5 lb.70 Test Dissolved Oxygen Wide-Range pH Silica Total Hardness Nitrate Phosphate Carbon Dioxide Range 0–10 ppm 3. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier. busts and new booms.63 37.2–1. All components contained in a weatherproof carrying case. Includes armored thermometer. LMAQ4 LMAQ4RP Saltwater Test Kit Reagent Refill $ 285. refill kit weighs .5 lb. Refill weighs 1 lb.347.65 LM1R LM2R LM3R LM4R LM5R LM6R LM7R LM8R LM9R LM10R LM3304RP Alkalinity Ammonia Carbon Dioxide Chloride Dissolved Oxygen Hardness Nitrite pH Salinity Nitrate Ammonia for LMAQ4 $ 17.5–10 ppm 0–200 ppm .00 32.16 Hazmat Air 15. It has seen dot-com booms.25 This kit measures eight different parameters.08 Hazmat Air 43. Kit weighs 10 lbs.30 Hazmat Air lm9r Test Range Ammonia Nitrogen . Kit and reagent refill include enough reagents for 50 tests each (nitrate only 40).08 24. LMAQ2 LMAQ2RP Fish Farm 9 Test Kit Reagent Refill Kit $ 235. For fresh and salt water.2–3 ppm . Kit also includes sampling bottles.

99 26.99 13.Water Quality Hach Test Kits 91 FF1A Aquaculture Test Kit Hazmat Air FF2A Aquaculture Test Kit Hazmat Air This popular freshwater aquaculture test kit includes all the necessary apparatuses and reagents for 100 tests each of nine critical parameters. at most. The lab includes a Hach® DR/850 colorimeter. concentrated titrant solutions in disposable cartridges and has an easy-to-read digital titrator that guarantees repeatability from test to test. 10 mL Nessler Reagent Ex Alkaline.000 mg/L Ammonia* 0–3 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 10–100 mg/L Chloride 2–100 mg/L CEL/850 Portable Laboratory This high-end test kit is a mini laboratory. A detailed.29 15.05 19.69 13.000 mg/L Ammonia* 0–.81 17.35 17.5 mg/L pH 4–10 Temperature -30–120°F Replacement Reagents (PP= Powder Pillows) 34932 39732 42432 42532 42632 67132 83699 85199 94299 94399 96799 98199 98299 98766 104399 105766 172533 189736 1407899 1437701 1437801 1437901 1438001 1438801 1438901 1439301 1439601 1439701 1455099 2105769 2106069 2106169 2107169 2119432 2329332 2393701 2395266 2395466 2408932 2515025 2620532 2653199 2653299 Starch Indicator Solution. 50 mL Phenolphthalein PP Pack/100 Bromcresol Gr-Meth Red PP Diphenylcarbazone Reagent PP (FF3A) Dissolved Oxygen 1 PP* Dissolved Oxygen 2 PP 60 mL* Dissolved Oxygen 3 PP* Chloride 2 PP Chloride 2 PP.25 19.128N Bromphenol Blue PP.15 12.000 mg/L Ammonia* 0–3 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 10–100 mg/L Chloride 10–160 mg/L Test Range Dissolved Oxygen* 0–10 mg/L Hardness 100–4.2256M Silver Nitrate Std . EC10 pH/mV/temperature meter with electrode.5 mg/L 10–1.95 19. Ship weight 10 lbs. 100 mL Mercuric Nitrate Ammonia Salicylate Reagent PP Ammonia Cyanurate Reagent PP (FF3A) Sodium Thiosulfate Standard Dissolved Oxygen HR AccuVac®* Sulfuric Acid Standard . 10 mL NitraVer® 3 PP. Designed for freshwater applications only.05 17.990 mg/L -30–120°F Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air *Interference when AmQuel® Plus.5 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 10–1.3636N Sodium Hydroxide 1.000 mg/L Chloride 10–1.636N Sulfuric Acid .99 23.99 0–2. a simple multiplication or division step to determine concentration. 100 mL Rochelle Salt Solution 2 Phenolphthalein Solution 15M NitriVer® 3 PP. Ship weight 12 lbs.65 13.01N Diphenylcarbazone Reagent PP (FF2A) ManVer® 2 PP. Iron Reagent PhosVer® 3 PP.85 56.2–20 mg/L Test Hardness Nitrite pH Temperature Range 17–510 mg/L 0–.995 Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Hazmat Air Test Range Alkalinity 10–4.99 25.5 mg/L 4–10 -30–120°F FF3A Saltwater Test Kit Hazmat Air Test Range Acidity 100–4. 100 Test Wide Range pH 4–10 Indicator.000 mg/L Dissolved Oxygen* 0–15 mg/L Hardness 100–4.000 mg/L Nitrite 0–. The DR/850 colorimeter is chemical resistant.000 mg/L Nitrite 0–.15 16.598. 10 mL Nitrate 6 PP.347.35 35.4–136 mg/L Ammonia* 0–3 mg/L Carbon Dioxide 5–100 mg/L Chloride 5–400 ppt Dissolved Oxygen* . Ultimate® or ClorAm-X® has been used. illustrated procedures manual and all reagents are included. Ship weight 10 lbs. FF1A $ 277 Similar to the FF1A .000 mg/L Alkalinity 100–4. waterproof and capable of testing over 50 parameters.5 mg/L -2–19. The kit uses a digital titrator and includes detailed instructions.59 37. the FF2A has an additional test kit to measure for acidity.05 15.59 Test Range Acidity 100–4.85 17. Internal data logging function has the ability to store up to 50 measurements in the field or laboratory.35 6. Ship weight 8 lbs. Order Online: AquaticEco.000 mg/L Iron 0–3.59 15.65 7.79 12.2256N Silver Nitrate Std 1.19 17.0 mg/L Test Nitrate Nitrite pH Phosphate TDS Temperature Range 0–30 mg/L 0–3.95 10. FF3A $ 551 Test Range Dissolved Oxygen* 0–10 mg/L Hardness 100–4.1600N Cartridges Sulfuric Acid 1.89 18.35 20. Enough reagents and apparatuses for 100 tests each.5 mg/L pH 4–10 Temperature -30–120°F Hach® model FF3A test kit is designed specifically for saltwater applications. TDS pen and digital titrator. 100 mL Silver Nitrate Solution Buffer Solution Hardness 1 Hardness 2 Test Solution Hardness 3 Test Solution Sodium Hydroxide .000 mg/L Alkalinity 100–4.19 Order by Phone: 877.600N Sodium Hydroxide 3.29 17.95 34.1600N Sodium Hydroxide .95 19.35 15.19 30. Colorimetric tests provide results directly in mg/L and drop-count tests require.45 28.600N Cartridges Mercuric Nitrate . the kit uses convenient.05 17.65 11.55 13.73 26.1401 . FF2A $ 465 Test Range Alkalinity 6.49 15.79 13. The kit uses the drop-count method for titration tests and Hach® color comparators for colorimetric tests. 50 mL FerroVer®.4788 Tech Support: 407. H26879 $ 1. 5 mL Sodium Hydroxide .85 29.030N Ammonia Cyanurate Reagent PP (H26879) Ammonia Salicylate PP Pack $ 9.

50 Repl. Replacement reagents only include chemicals for 250 tests. 50 — $ 269. 5. 486698K 486641 486654 486629 486638 486655 486623 486639 Standard Kit Repl.0 Chlorine DPD-Free Com. 50 Repl. The standard kit contains test strips to measure the following (50 each): alkalinity.500 Nitrite-NaNO2 Organophosphate 0–20 Ozone 0–2. Range YPM250 $ 29 YPM251 32 YPM188 31 YPM166* 34 YPM152 45 YPM060 29 YPM252 31 YPM268 39 YPM162* 30 YPM011 10 YPM021 13 YPM031 23 YPM281 50 YPM186 52 YPM087 25 YPM179 42 YPM254 36 YPM104 19 YPM105 28 N/A — YPM156* 24 YPM193* 36 YPM173 37 YPM175 36 YPM163 52 YPM109 20 YPM260 35 YPM262 81 YPM056 52 YPM130 14 YPM177 27 YPM114 37 YPM189 37 YPM181* 48 YPM154 17 YPM266 33 YPM269 69 YPM148* 49 YAP250 YAP251 YAP188 YAP166* YAP152 N/A YAP252 YAP268 YAP162* YAP011 YAP021 YAP031 YAP281 YAP186 YAP087 YAP179 YAP254 YAP104 YAP105 YAP155 YAP156* YAP193* YAP173 YAP175 YAP163 YAP109 YAP260 YAP262 YAP056 YAP130 YAP177 YAP114 YAP189 YAP181* YAP154 YAP266 N/A YAP148* 75 75 69 89 75 — 78 95 96 29 33 49 123 136 55 98 89 46 85 105 50 66 88 95 133 52 78 195 45 27 93 85 85 112 36 78 — 129 *Not recommended for saltwater testing. DIN and ISO compliant for free and total chlorine testing We offer a more cost-efficient.5 0–1. IP-67 waterproof. Nitrite Test Strips.225. environmentally friendly meter at a better price than most other photometers. Y9300 Y9500 YSI® Photometer Photometer w/USB Connection $ 925.5 ppm 5.0 Phosphate HR 0–100 Potassium 0–12 Silica 0–4 Sulfate 0–200 Sulfite 0–500 Turbidity 5–400 `Zinc 0–4.8" L x 10. 10 crush rods. The Y9500 includes all the above plus a waterproof USB connection.0 Copper 0–5. instructions and accessories for 50 tests. 5-year warranty. Order Online: AquaticEco. and the meter operates on 4 AAA batteries (not included).2–8.95 20–180 ppm 6. Combined/Total Chlorine Test Strips.598. dilution tube.5 Ammonia 0–1. carrying case and cleaning brush.5 Hardness 0–500 Hydrogen Peroxide LR 0–2. 50. IP67-rated waterproof systems use easy-to-use reagent tablets for testing instead of liquids or powder packets.0 Calcium Hardness 0–500 Chloride 0–50 Chlorine HR 0–250 Chlorine DPD-Free 0–5. ammonia.4 Phosphate LR 0–4. Results are available within seconds. The eXact Eco-Check photometer system only uses a 4-mL water sample.003 Iron HR 0–10 Magnesium 0–100 Manganese 0–20 Molybdate HR 0–100 Nitrate 0–20 Nitrite-N 0–0. self-adjusting sample tube holder and on-screen instructions in multiple languages. The photometer display reads 3 digits.4 4.95 6. The wavelength used is 525 nm.01–11 ppm 11. You can easily measure desired parameters in the field with the test strips created for this system. ship weight 7 lbs. Calcium Hardness Test Strips. so you're using 60% less water (and chemical reagent) per reading. Alkalinity – Methyl-Orange 0–500 Alkalinity – Phenolphthalein 0–500 Alkalinity – Total 0–500 Aluminum 0–.95 0–40 ppm 10. Ammonia Test Strips. light cap.5 cm).95 YSI® 5200 controlling/monitoring systems in use at AES.95 .92 Water Quality Photometers Photometers by YSI® YSI® photometers are sophisticated water quality analysis systems that measure a variety of parameters and provide simple on-screen instructions.0 Chromium Hexavalent 0–1.95 20–990 ppm Order by Phone: 877.0 Range Starter Replacement Test/Method mg/L Kit Reagent y9500 Photometer System. cleaning brush and instruction manual. 50 Repl.0 Cyanuric Acid 0–200 Fluoride 0–1.05–3.0 Bromine 0–6. Also has backlit graphic display. nitrite and pH. weighs 5 oz (140 g).0 pH (Phenol Red) 6.00 1.95 .1401 . calcium hardness.4" D (16. combined/total chlorine. Kit also includes a factory-calibrated eXact Eco-Check handheld photometer. The Y9300 photometer includes carrying case. sample number and dilution factors.347. Reagent Repl. Reagent tablets have an indefinite shelf life when stored in their foil pouches. nitrate.00 YSI® Reagents: Starter Kits include reagents. Alkalinity Test Strips.0 Hydrogen Peroxide HR 0–100 Iron LR 0–.0 Chlorine DPD-Free Mono & Dichl.5 cm x 5 cm x 3. Nitrate Test Strips. 50 Repl. 50 Repl. eXact Eco-Check USEPA.95 0–6 ppm 12.4788 Tech Support: 407. Meter is 6. 0–5. There's no compromise on accuracy because the photometer was designed for a photocell with a 20-mm path length. 8 test tubes. pH Test Strips.8" W x 3" H. internal memory that holds up to 500 sample sets and a number of user-selectable options such as test units.4" L x 2" W x 1.8–8. & Total 0–5.

45 LM3653SC 35. preprogrammed tests. Abs.00 LM3647SC 45.80 LM3646SC 15.995. which provides an excellent range.00 Sample Tubes.80 LM3645SC 30.5" x 2. rechargeable lithium batteries and USB wall plug for recharging. Dimensions: 7.90 LM3640SC 25. automatic color measurement eliminates the need for visual interpretation and the electronics are capable of detecting faint colors in low ranges for greater accuracy.Spectrophotometer/Colorimeter Water Quality 93 SMART® Spectrophotometer This portable spectrophotometer is super easy to use and extremely accurate.85 LM3700SC 45.85 50 25 Hazmat 50 Hazmat 100 100 100 50 100 100 50 50 50 100 50 50 50 Hazmat 50 50 50 Hazmat 20 Hazmat 20 200 100 100 50 50 Hazmat 50 Hazmat 100 100 50 100 Hazmat 50 50 Unlimited 50 Hazmat Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air Air LM3641SC $ 69. Data logging feature stores results in the field for later downloading to a PC via USB interface and software.5" x 3.35 LM3644SC 30.45 LM3643SC 51. quick start guide.25 LM3649SC 42. 50/60 Hz adapter. Aluminum Ammonia Nitrogen (Salicylate) Ammonia Nitrogen (Nessler) Bromine Chlorine Iodine Chlorine Dioxide Chromium. Includes an automatic wavelength selection. The colorimeter comes with four sample tubes.60 LM3659SC 45.05 LM3650SC 42. making results fast and dependable.00 LM369901SC 51.347. self-diagnostics with error warning messages and a backlit Super Twist LCD display for easier readability. % transmittance or absorbance. Reagents are designed to avoid test interferences.35 LM3643SC 51. battery charger.60 LM3668SC 40. Weighs 11 lbs.00 SMARTLink 2 Interface CD 192. 6/Pk $ 899.55 LM2000 LM2000CS LM2000BP LM1912 0967 Lm2000 LM2000 shown with optional accessories.55 Lm3643SC Lm1910 Lm3700SC Order Online: AquaticEco.20 LM3687SC 37. It utilizes a unique optical system that uses 1. test procedures.00 LM3642SC 38. These electronic colorimeters measure the amount of light that travels through a reacted sample and convert the measurement to a digital reading as ppm. LM1910 LM1910CD 0290-6 SMART3 Colorimeter SMARTLink 3 Interface CD Sample Tubes. 6/Pk 19. instruction manual. concentration $ 1.4788 Tech Support: 407. which supports seven languages.40 LM3654SC 59.55 LM3639SC 53.00 150. The SMARTLink 3 program allows you to interface the colorimeter with any Windows-based computer program—connect using the included USB cable. instrument manual and test procedures. SMART3 Colorimeter New model—IP67 waterproof! Eliminates human error from color interpretation. Dissolved Ozone pH Phenols Phosphate (HR) Phosphate (LR) Potassium Silica (LR) Silica (HR) Sulfate Sulfide Tannin Turbidity Zinc Test Factor # of Application Tests Wavelength Range: 350–1.000 nm Accuracy: ±2 nm Resolution: 1 nm Displays %T. Colorimeters offer some distinct advantages over test kits: a dedicated light source eliminates variable background lighting.60 LM3652SC 50. • • • • SMART2 Colorimeter Reagents These easy-to-use reagent kits are produced from high-quality.80 None Required — LM3667SC 101.35 LM3663SC 99.65 LM3651SC 201. Each spectrophotometer includes 6 sample tubes.05 LM3688SC 37.20 LM3655SC 20.1401 . Any of the 80 preprogrammed or user-entered tests (up to 25) can be easily accessed through an alphabetical listing on the LCD display.00 27.598.95 Rechargeable Battery Pack 170.35 LM3643SC 51. greater accuracy and higher resolution.05 LM3664SC 50.65 LM3662SC 37. Note: Bromine.65 LM3648SC Order by Phone: 877. 115/230V. Each reagent kit includes all necessary reagents and apparatuses.65 LM3660SC 89.200 lines/mm grating. and quick start guides.5". Includes a simple menu-driven operation. Hexavalent Copper (Total) Copper (Free) Cyanide Fluoride Hydrogen Peroxide Iron (Bipyridyl) Iron (Phenanthroline) Manganese (LR) Manganese (HR) Molybdenum Nickel Nitrate Nitrogen Nitrite Nitrogen Oxygen.30 LM3666SC 46. chlorine and iodine are sold together in one kit (LM3643SC). ACS raw materials for high reproducibility. menu-driven display and RS232 compatibility.45 LM3669SC 77. Weighs only 2 lbs.00 SMART® Spectro Carrying Case 122. Shipping weight is 1 lb for each reagent.50 LM3658SC 56.65 LM3665SC 26.

screw-on cap membranes have a fast response time and are low-stirring dependent. we will have to charge for nonwarranty repair quotes. This applies to all YSI® meters that we carry. you do need to use one of the more expensive oxygen meters.1 mg/L . economical and timely service.50 Splashproof Housing Stainless Steel Probe D. If you wish to expedite turnaround.00 Detachable Cable Models y2004 Y55D Y55D12 Y55D25 Y55D50 D. Nine-volt battery life is typically 450 hours. you can count on AES to provide accurate. ® TF off 10% P ! MSR S a ve u p to Resolution O2 Sat. we can replace them. a D. Easy-to-replace. probe and cable are not removable but. You'll also need to fill out and send in our Return Form and Cleaning Certificate. regulatory enforcement.O.1401 . YDO200 Y2004 Y20010 Y5908 Y200-BOD Meter Only 4-Meter Cable w/Probe Only 10-Meter Cable w/Probe Only Order by Phone: 877. whether or not they were purchased from us. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. meter with a suitable length probe cable would easily give you the data in place. that they are backed with a two-year warranty (one-year warranty on probes). Nonwarranty repair estimates typically require between 60 and 120 minutes before a repair cost quotation can be made.O. Temp. Expect 350 hours from the 6 AA alkaline batteries (included).4°C Response Time 90% in 10 seconds 95% in 15 seconds YSI® Repair Whether it is a yearly checkup or the complete replacement of a circuit board.000') and salinity calibration (0 to 40 ppt). There is no charge for warranty repairs. Meter Only 12' Cable & Probe 25' Cable & Probe 50' Cable & Probe y55d Ship Wt 2 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs $ 546. Order Online: AquaticEco.50 427.3°C D. To obtain an estimate or to send a meter for repair. On these models. Meters by YSI Great value. The large backlit digital display is easy to read in sunlight and darkness. The Y55D series dissolved oxygen meters (not waterproof) feature a detachable cable. Therefore. wastewater treatment.2% ± . one of the low-cost meters will do fine.4788 Tech Support: 407.O.O. If you are taking readings for government monitoring. if you need to know what the D. indicator warns when battery level is low.598.25 mg/L ±2% air ± . Temp.25 346. meter probe maintenance.O. Membranes w/KCl. They even have a low battery indicator. They read in mg/L or percent of oxygen and offer built-in altitude (0-10. is under the surface or in hard to reach locations.O. They're accurate. If you will be measuring D. we can do that for a small fee. The Y55 series contains our most popular handheld meters. one-hour minimum.01 mg/L Accuracy ± . Ranges 0–20 mg/L 0–200% air saturation Resolution .O.00 32. ydo200 Nondetachable Cable Models Y5512 Y5525 Y5550 Y5520 Y5775 D. However. durable and have long been considered the industry standard—so reliable. They feature easy push-button calibration. 0–20 mg/L 0–200% -6–46°C .50 831. Meter w/25' Cable D. call us at 877-347-4788 for a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Temp. your need for reliability and the importance of absolute accuracy.50 750. 6/Pk BOD Probe $ 256 265 295 52 655 Ranges O2 Sat. We honor all factory warranties. It depends on your frequency of use. Detachable probe and cable assembly sold separately below. One-year warranty on meter. a probe storage chamber and a large simultaneous display of oxygen and temperature (°C and °F). y5512 Low Labor Rates Our electronics technicians are the best and our turnaround time is fast (1–2 weeks). Meter w/50' Cable Carrying Case for Y55 30 Membranes & KCl Kit Ship Wt 4 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs 3 lbs 1 lb $ 712.O.2% ± .1% .75 370. The Ecosense® D0200 is an economical version of the quality and results expected from YSI®. Made in USA.94 Water Quality Dissolved Oxygen Meters Q: Do I need an expensive oxygen meter? A: Maybe not. in fact. This number will allow us to identify your package and follow your instructions. we stock a full inventory of replacement parts and our labor rates are significantly lower than the amount charged by most other YSI® repair facilities. if you send them to our YSI Repair Center. infrequently in surface water or an If you are doing backyard aquaponics or occasionally checking your pond or lake. They are quite accurate above 3 ppm when calibrated correctly. Meter w/12' Cable D. They have a long shelf life and avoid D. test kit will do a good job.347. The rugged housing is IP65 splash resistant.1°C ± .O. and the large LCD simultaneously displays ppm or percent saturation and temperature (ºC only). research.25 49. EcoSense® DO200 by YSI® Pressure and salinity compensated.O. commercial aquaculture or other high-value purpose. six-month warranty on probe. Accuracy O2 Sat. a D. making probe and cable changes a snap.

01°C Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Range: 0–50 mg/L Accuracy: 0 to 20 mg/L.O. Stores 2.1401 . reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without Order by Phone: 877. It has a 5' cable and includes a package of six cap membranes and electrolyte solution. in civil engineering from Colorado State University.25 It features a field-replaceable. weighs 1 lb.  New PE membranes lessen stirring dependence.598. The digital ODO probe stores calibration data so probes can be interchanged between instruments without recalibration./Temp 10-m Probe for D. ±15% of the reading Resolution: . two years on cable and probe. Supports English. Ranges 0–50 mg/L 0–500% air saturation Resolution . Norwegian.00 100. easy-to-replace cap membranes.O. Salinity input rate 0–70 ppt. prices.1 mg/L.000 data sets. oxygen systems.O.347.1% saturation Accuracy ± . He has over 20 years of experience in the areas of aquacultural and environmental engineering.5" L x 3.O.2ºC Resolution: . Technician Profile y550a12 Gary Rogers Gary graduated with a master's degree in microbiology from Brigham Young University and a Ph. It is completely waterproof to 1 m (IP67-rated). and a low battery indicator.O. The ODO (Optical Dissolved Oxygen) luminescent sensor has no flow dependence.25" H.000') compensation. Six-month warranty. 200 to 500%.O.O. Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.1 or . Meter w/12' Cable YSI® 550A D. Spanish.  2. push-button calibration and temperature.  Rugged aquaculture-grade cable.D.00 y5905 Order Online: AquaticEco. ±15% of the reading Resolution: . meters and accessories at AquaticEco.O. Runs on two C batteries. Meter w/100' Cable YSI® 5908 Cap Membrane Kit for 550A Replacement Probe for YSI® 550 & 550A Soft-Sided Carrying Case Hands-Free Harness ® 7 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 3 lbs 1 lb $ 812. ozone. bacteria. Meter w/50' Cable YSI® 550A D. one-year on probe. hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Italian. impactresistant and measures dissolved oxygen to 50 mg/L and 500% saturation.O.3 mg/L ±2% saturation Temperature Range -5–45°C Find YSI®'s Y52 and Y58 D. YSI® 550A • • • • TF Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter by YSI® The Professional Series ProODO is YSI®'s first handheld optical dissolved oxygen instrument designed for sampling applications.O. Use with Y52 or Y58. Three-year warranty on meter. ±1% of the reading or ±1% air saturation. recirculating systems and wastewater treatment. errors occasionally occur. temperature (ºC or ºF). Meter./Temp 20-m Probe for D.00 52.  This meter is field-rugged and sets the standard for aquaculture D.O. salinity (to 70 ppt) and altitude (to 10. Sensing Element $ 650 610 675 725 100 Waterproof to 1 meter even with the battery door open. Y6262 Y62504 Y625010 Y625020 Y6263 ProODO 4-m Probe for D. 20 to 50 mg/L. Portuguese and French. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. making it the perfect choice for applications where stirring is difficult or undesirable. Sensor tip is protected from accidental damage by a guard.000-hour battery life. Y550A12 Y550A25 Y550A50 Y550A100 Y5908 Y559 Y5060 Y5085 Ship Wt YSI 550A D. coagulation/flocculation.O. Y5905 Y5906 BOD Probe Cap Membrane Kit Ship Wt 2 lbs 1 lb $ 675./Temp Repl. His specialties include aeration. Meters/Probes Water Quality 95 D. whichever is greater. Additionally. whichever is greater. German.01 mg/L . ensuring high quality data.D. Spanish manual available. Meter w/25' Cable YSI® 550A D. polarographic D. Unit is resistant to probe fouling from hydrogen sulfide and other gases. Includes four C batteries. measurement. Calibration Chamber BOD Probe This popular biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) probe features a built-in stirrer and pre-tensioned cap membranes.5 mmHg from 0 to 50ºC Resolution: .00 28. IP67-rated case. biofiltration.00 52. The large backlit display shows simultaneous readings of oxygen.00 180. This also reduces the possibility of operator error. ±1% of the reading or ± . and USB connection allows interaction with Data Manager software.1% air saturation Temperature Range: -5 to 70ºC Accuracy: ± . Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.25 946.4788 Tech Support: 407. Three-year warranty on instrument. probe that is weighted for quick sinking.00 y6262 System Specs Dissolved Oxygen (% saturation) Range: 0–500% air saturation Accuracy: 0 to 200% air saturation.01 mg/L (auto-scaling) Barometer Range: 375–825 mmHg Accuracy: ±1. 8.1 mmHg D.25" W x 2. which screw onto the sensor without wrinkles.75 888.

01 . pH. Comes in a hard carrying case complete with built-in RS232 port. Only Y60020 YSI®* D. this oxygen meter is a very good value. Temp. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied. do600 850041 850042 850043 850044 840052 840054 840090 D.4788 Tech Support: 407.O. Oxygen level displayed as 0–200% saturation or concentration (mg/L [ppm]).O. Weighs 14 oz (397 g).00 0–20. Uses one 9V battery (included). It has automatic temperature compensation as well as compensation for salinity and altitude. an item you purchased or anything at all.96 Water Quality Dissolved Oxygen Meters/Kit/Tech Talk D. industrial and municipal waste water.65 Waterproof ExStik® II Dissolved Oxygen Meter This IP67 D.O..O.O. kit in environmental testing. Five-year warranty. screw-on spare membrane cap.O. One-year warranty on meter. DO600 52. Meter Two-year meter warranty.00 229. Kit also has conductivity standards.99 0–19.1 . four 3V CR-2032 batteries. DO610 $ 409 Have a complaint? If you're unhappy. Temp Y52 YSI®* D. Inc.598. Temp.2 ppm. Meter comes complete. Kit Repl. ORP. One-year warranty on meters. (in ppm or mg/L).O.00 18. D. Simple.5% ±2ºF ±1ºC Multiparameter Kit This kit includes two waterproof ExStik® testers (DO600 and EC500).O.00 0–19. Temp Y55D YSI®* D. D.02 ±.0 0–20. and we want to keep it! Tech Talk 26 Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Probes Model Manufacturer Parameters D.O. Sal DO600 Extech D. probe. aquariums and fish hatcheries.01 No No No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes 2-yr/2-yr 1-yr/6-mo 2-yr/1-yr 2-yr/6-mo 2-yr/6-mo 3-yr/6-mo 2-yr/6-mo 3-yr/1-yr 1-yr/6-mo 3-yr/2-yr 5-yr/6-mo No No No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Polaro. Temperature-compensated from 0–50°C (32–122ºF) with an accuracy of ± .44 10.00 0–50. DO62 DO62P DO62M DO6A PA12 Oxygen Meter Replacement Probe Membrane Kit 12' Extension Cable AC Adapter $ 280.. 16 ft. electrolyte. 1.1401 . Transparent galvanic probe has built-in temperature sensor and a 4-meter cord. Temp Y58 YSI®* D.O.O.1 .O. We appreciate your business./Galv. Sal=Salinity. Review 99 data points with time stamps directly on the large backlit LCD. six months on probe.99 Extension Cable w/Probe Wt. electrode... ORP=Oxidation/Reduction Potential Order Online: AquaticEco.347. 63/4" L x 23/4" W x 11/4" H (170 x 70 x 33 mm). meter features adjustable compensation for altitude (0–20.O.0 0–50. Featuring a high-performance oxygen probe. we're unhappy..2 m) neck strap and hard carrying Order by Phone: 877. temperature readings (in ºC or ºF) and the date.O. sample pH buffers and measuring cups.5% ±.000-ft increments) and salinity (0–50 ppt).1ºC Accuracy ±1. Probe Repl.O. labs. The high performance DO62P probe is compatible with the old DO6 meters. Temp 0–20. Electrode 149.O.99 Extension Cable w/Probe Wt.5V SR44W batteries (4) and 48" neck strap.01 .4% ±2% ±1. 3 ft.01 . we want to know about it.82 28.O.99 ±. probe weight guard. Temp.03 ±2% ±.1ºF . Range Resolution Backlit Warranty Oxygen (ppm or mg/L) Accuracy (ppm or mg/L) Waterproof Display Meter/Probe Memory/RS232 DO62 American Marine D..1 . is an authorized YSI® Repair Center.01 .O. six months on sensors..99 0–50.0 0–20. Polarographic Probe Type *Aquatic Eco-Systems. auto power off and low battery indicator. 48" (1. Meter measures only 3" x 5". Two-year warranty on the meter and probe (does not cover mishandling or water damage to meter)..00 175. Temp Y85 YSI®* D. Measures 0–20 ppm or percent saturation. Ship weight is 4 lbs.00 Membrane Kit (6) for DO600 and DO605 69. Simultaneously displays D. mmHg 850041 Sper D. seven replacement membranes with caps. Membranes & O-Rings (10 Each) Repl.25 ±.50 13.O. Only YDO200 YSI®* D.01 .O. Kit $ 349. Both meters can store 25 data sets for recall and have auto shut-off. one-button air calibration and adjustable membrane temperature coefficient. Temp Y550A YSI®* D. Memory stores up to 25 data sets and self-calibrates on power-up.99 850041 Unit of Measure D.03 ±.. electrolyte with syringe and 4 AAA batteries.00 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit Use this D.99 Repl.01 .01 or . protective sensor cap. Also has data hold.000 ft in 1..75 58. D0600-K kit also includes sensor cap. If you have a problem with our service.. spare membranes. DO600-K DO603 DO605 EXC3 EXC16 D.O.1 . which measure dissolved oxygen and either pH/conductivity/TDS/salinity or temperature. Each meter comes with a replaceable probe on a 5' cable (the 12' extension cable cannot be submerged). Electrolyte Software RS232 Computer Cable Water-Resistant Instrument Pouch $ 366. DO600 84. Temp=Temperature.00 38. including D.0 0–19. ppm and mg/L Temperature ºF Temperature ºC Range 0–19. two bottles of filling solutions. Its programming and functionality are easy to follow.5 .O.2 ppm ±2% ±. Sal ® Y5561 YSI * D.01 .99 32–122ºF 0–50ºC Resolution .00 0–20.00 16.00 10.

 Note: Meter. Accuracy: ± . two years on cables and one year on probes. Meter 97 Professional Series Instrument by YSI® • • • • (Meter Only) Large.1401 . These meters are compact.O. easy-to-read. backlit display and keypad. Accuracy: ±2% of the reading or ±2% air saturation.1°C.25" x 8.) Y624C Y6210C Y6220C Y6230C Look online at AquaticEco.O. compensation range -5–45ºC). Meters measure 3. Use 2 C batteries (included).1 9 22% X X X Order Online: AquaticEco. $ 525 165 165 Probes Cables Galvanic D.95) IP67 X X 2.O.598. Resolution: . Barometer Range: 400 to 999.  Rubber over mold case for durability.  User selectable polarographic or galvanic D. y60020 Probe Not Included Instrument Y60020 Y6202 Y6203 Pro20 D.Water Quality Order by Phone: 877. Probe & Cable) 4-m Cable for Pro20 10-m Cable for Pro20 20-m Cable for Pro20 30-m Cable for Pro20 250 295 350 445 Dissolved Oxygen (% saturation) Range: 0–500% air to see additional cable and probe options.000 Data Sets USB MS Sensor Cap X X X X 2 3 80 X — 1 foot 25 0% X Sensor Cap — Professional Plus (p. Instruments with temperature and a single parameter option include the Pro20. The graphic displays show detailed instructions and an analog power gauge that continuously displays the battery level.94) IP65 — — — — — Stretch — X — — 1 1 180 — — — 20 45% — — — 550A (p. System Specs (Instrument.  50 data set memory with date/time stamp.97) IP67 X X 50 Data Sets — Military Spec.000 Data Sets USB MS Cap X X X X 2 3 100 X — 4. YSI® Handheld D.O. Resolution: .O.01 or . Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Range: 0–50 mg/L.1 mg/L. cable assembly and calibration solutions separately. (All cables include temperature sensor and weighted removable board. Temperature Range: -5–55ºC (D.2 mg/L. Polarographic D.O. sensors.9 mmHg.3ºC Resolution: . Selection Guide DO200 (p.25" and weigh 1 lb. probe.94) Waterproof Rating 1-Meter Drop Test Internal Barometer Memory PC Connection Cable Connector Membrane Type Graphic Display Backlit Display Backlit Keypad Aquaculture-Grade Cables Cable Warranty (years) Instrument Warranty (years) Battery Life (hours) Multiple Languages One Touch Cal Auto Stable Feature Sensor Response Time (sec) Flow Dependence User-Replaceable Cables User-Replaceable Sensors Additional Parameters IP65 — — — — Hiroshi Cap — — — X 1 1 500 — — — 9 22% — X — 55 (p. Accuracy: ±2% of the reading or ± . probes.347.5" x 2. Accuracy: ±5 mmHg (within ±5°C of calibration temp). Cap X X Glow in Dark X 2 3 400 X 1 foot 9 22% X X — ProODO (p. waterproof (IP67–rated) and can accommodate variable cable lengths. Resolution: 1% or 1% air saturation.O. Note: Order meter.1 mmHg. Three-year warranty on meters. cables and calibration solutions are sold separately.000 — — — 9 22% — X — Pro20 (p.106) IP67 X X 2.95) IP67 X — — — — Cap — X — X 1 3 2.4788 Tech Support: 407.

the temperature error will be negligible).00 pH/Temp Probe w/3' Cable 99. six months on probes.01 1 mV . Two-year warranty on the meter only. auto shut-off after 8.00 68. Features include internal buffer recognition. Order meter and probe separately.00 pH/Temp Probe w/12' Cable 125. but also will ensure fast.3 lb.1% ± . ATC. If unavailable.598. weighs .00 42.00 to 15. even in full sun. PH370 PH370R PA12 Pinpoint® pH Meter pH Repl. One-year instrument warranty.00 Temp Probe w/3' Cable 40. WD-35634-10 WD-35634-20 WD-35634-30 WD-35624-38 TP4 TRB pHTestr® 10 pHTestr® 20 pHTestr® 30 Repl. • • • Range Resolution .00 It floats! This addition to the EcoSense® line features one-hand operation. weighs just .02. a pH 4 buffer solution will also work temporarily.00 24. All have self-diagnostic messages such as battery power indicator and a hold function to freeze values for future use. The detachable probe with its 10' cable uses a BNC connector.0.3 lb. Once opened. Calibration solutions sold separately.5" L x 3" W. Batteries (6-pk) $ 92. weighs .00 ORP Electrode w/3' Cable 70.98 Water Quality pH Pens/Meters/Tech Talk Waterproof pH Testers These floating testers have a large LCD.00 pH Electrode w/3' Cable 55.30 24.95 112.00 15. One-year instrument warranty. Electrodes with 3' (1 m) cables are available in pH or combination pH/mV. Calibration solutions sold separately. pH Sensor Soft Carrying Case Repl.5 minutes. doing so will cause a sluggish response.  ever wipe an electrode dry as this can cause erroneous readings due N to static charges. Measures 0 to 14 with an accuracy of ± .00 10. The electrode offset recognition function displays electrode efficiency and indicates when it is time to replace the pH electrode.5" long.1°C Accuracy ± . YPH10 605113 605118 Y580 pH10 Pen Repl.00 yph10 ph370 Order Online: AquaticEco. accurate readings. "Hold" feature locks reading on display.4788 Tech Support: 407. Measures 2" W x 7. six-month electrode warranty. Measures 5. Probe AC Adapter $ 99. In general. Has a belt clip and lanyard on the back and floats if dropped in water. However open pH 10 calibration solution only has a 30-day shelf life.00 48. The digital display is easy to read. Two-point pH calibration. Y1000 Y1001 Y1004 Y1101 Y1201 Y1251 Y1111 Y1122 pH Meter only $ 250. 2. Never store electrodes in water. pH buffers only have a two-year shelf life unopened.00 and the pHTestr® 30 has simultaneous temperature display in ºC or ºF.3 lb. the shelf life drops to 2–3 months.00 4. Uses one 9V battery (included). Measures 1. The pHTestr® 10 reads -1. Calibration solutions sold separately. auto/manual temperature compensation and a large LCD display that simultaneously displays pH or mV and temperature (ºC only). the pHTestr® 20 and 30 read -1. Calibration solutions sold separately. auto-buffer recognition with 1-.200 mV Temp -5–125 • EcoSense® pH/Temp Pen by YSI® pH Meter by American Marine The PH370 is a great little pH meter at a very affordable Order by Phone: 877.00 Piercing Probe Double Junction 98. Batteries (4) Carrying Case $ 95.5" W x 6. automatic temperature compensation and a user-replaceable double-junction sensor.50 wd35634-30 EcoSense® pH100 by YSI® With electrode efficiency display.00 Flat Glass Probe Double Junction 98. Measures 7" x 3". 9V batteries included.3°C pH -2–16 ORP -1.00 99.1% ± . Electrode storage solution A is a solution of 4M KCl. It has built-in slope and calibration adjustments but is not temperature compensated (if you take measurements anywhere near room temperature.   lways keep the tip of the pH electrode moist. 50-set memory and low cost. Electrode LR44 Repl.or 3-point calibration. One-year warranty on meter. Two-point calibration.500–1. General guidelines include: • Probe Not Included y1000  lectrodes should be rinsed between samples with deionized or E distilled water. six-month electrode warranty. The pen has IP67 waterproof housing.1401 .00 Tech Talk 30 pH Probe Care & Storage Proper handling and storage of pH electrodes will not only help to prolong the electrode's life.5" L. Cables are waterproof over their whole length. push-button calibration with buffer recognition (can be calibrated to 3 points).347. and a replaceable electrode. The EcoSense® pH100 measures pH and temperature (ORP requires separate probe) quickly and accurately. which has on-screen instructions.0 to 15.

1401 . 7. anions. fungi and other decomposers. etc.30 13. Suspended: Silt. Calibration Pouches This is the easiest way to calibrate a pH pen or meter in the field.25 11. 1 pint pH/ORP Storage Solution. Floating: Oils and grease. Shelf life is one year. then determining the amount of agent used. Disadvantages: Odors. Water Quality Indicator The amount of oxygen dissolved (D. Biological oxidation of organics under conditions where there is molecular oxygen. Advantages: Low operational costs.61 7. etc. biological or chemical change in water quality that adversely affects living organisms or makes water unsuitable for desired uses can be considered pollution. poultry and beef industries. Water with less than 2 ppm oxygen will support only certain fish.).55 24.25 11. Chemical: pH. These are mainly used for swine.61 6+ ph4 ph7 ph10 Order Online: AquaticEco.00 pH 10.61 7. Each 6+ PH47 PH71 $ 14. alkalinity.) in water is a good indicator of water quality commonly used in aquaculture.00 13. reduction in pollution characteristics of the effluent and low treatment time.01 and pH 7.10 22. Water with a D.55 24. mainly bacteria.01 pH 7.55 24. Water Quality Characteristics Physical: Total suspended and dissolved solids. fungi.95 4. commonly shown as BOD5 (see Index for BOD meters). 500 mL 1. 10. Simply dissolve the preweighed powder from each capsule in 100 mL of deionized water to make 100 mL of solution. and the value it yields is referred to as the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand.O.96 Each 7.19 14.4788 Tech Support: 407.01 5 ea. Advantages: Less odor.01. conductivity. 500 mL 6. just buy these color-coded calibration capsules. land space needed (long treatment time). 20 mL Sachets (25) $ 14.00 $ 12. PH4 PH7 PH10 pH 4 pH 7 pH 10 $ 8. Digestion is done by anaerobic bacteria.00 14.50 12. which is the measurement of the organic materials in terms of the oxygen required to chemically oxidize them. clay.44 13. CS SS SBT VSDI pH/ORP Cleaning Solution. pH 4. This is measured by the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).96 8. turbidity. bacteria.55 24.50 Each 12. This is the amount of oxygen used by microbes. sludge must be removed periodically.62 15. color.26 13. Aerobic Digestion.65 16.00 Each 13. protozoa. Kit PH71 consists of five 20-mL calibration pouches of pH 7. CAL4 CAL7 CAL10 pH 4. MW5 is an assortment of all four liquids.10 22.44 ppt.30 13. worms. no need for aeration and self-sufficiency if managed properly. dissolved gases. Disadvantages: Higher operational cost (equipment maintenance. Use rinse solution between each reading for greater accuracy. 1 pint Saver Bottle Rinse Solution.50 4. electrical cost). Certain organic materials increase oxygen consumption by decomposers. Kit PH47 consists of five 20-mL calibration pouches of pH 4.50 12.00 28.44 ph47 Common Impurities in Water Dissolved: Cations.01 and pH 10. cs Typical Treatment Processes for Organic Compounds Anaerobic Digestion. Biological: Algae and microbes (bacteria. of 8 ppm will support game fish and other desirable forms of life.500 ppm. The standard test is for 5 days at 20°C. ORP or dissolved oxygen probes. Another measurement is chemical oxygen demand (COD). Digestion is done by aerobic and facultative bacteria. odors and temperature. Rinse water singles contain 20 mL of deionized water for rinsing pH.598. organic-acid forming and methaneproducing heterotrophs. 1 quart $ 13. viruses.85 4+ pH Calibration Capsules Why ship water? If you have access to deionized water. hardness.10 22.01.25 cal4 cal7 cal10 4+ pH Calibration Kits for Meters & Pens Tech Talk 67 Water Pollution Any physical. Each single pouch contains 20 mL of calibration solution. organic compounds such as vegetative dyes and pesticides and gases such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine. Fill saver bottle with storage solution.413 mS. Each box contains 20 singles.00 14. feces and debris.00 $ 24.O.pH Accessories/Tech Talk Water Quality 99 Conductivity/TDS Calibration Solutions HI7031L TD13 TD15 TD644 pH Calibration Solutions 4+ 1.347. feces. Accepts probes up to 12 mm in diameter and protects the electrode.55 Each 22.60 td13 500-mL bottles. 500 mL 1.00. MW0 MW4 MW5 MW7 MW10 Deionized Water pH 4.30 26. in the oxidation of organic materials.10 22.00 pH 10. It is measured by boiling and refluxing the sample with a strong oxidizing agent (potassium dichromate). Biological oxidation of degradable organics by microbes under conditions where there is no molecular oxygen.01. Use pH storage solution with the electrode saver bottle.382 Order by Phone: 877.96 8. and NIMBY (not in my back yard).50 Each 11.00 14. Ten capsules per bottle.10 6+ mw5 Electrode Care Accessories Electrode cleaning solution will safely clean pH/ORP electrodes. organic and inorganic colloids and living organisms such as bacteria.00 and H2O pH 7. protozoa and algae.

598. Epoxy-covered electrode with a platinum band and silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) tip. Measures 2" x 5. Weighs . It has replaceable electrodes. Measures -10ºC to 100ºC (14 to 212ºF). Clustered/decentralized onsite wastewater treatment systems.100 mV with this affordable waterproof instrument.00 4.45/4+ Calibrate to an ORP standard! Take absolute and relative ORP readings from -1. 7021 7022 SBT 240 mV 470 mV Saver Bottle $ 25. Shelf life is 6 months. documents. YORP15 Y3628 Y605123 ORP/Temp Pen Zobell ORP Test Solution ORP Replacement Electrode Kit $ 155 29 69 yORP15 ORP Meter This little meter offers ORP data at a very affordable price.100 Water Quality ORP Meters/AES Wastewater EcoSense® ORP/Temperature Pen by YSI® Water-Resistant Instrument Pouch This inexpensive. it has an easy-to-use offset screw. Has a Velcro® top • Web: AES-Wastewater.00 25. NsF-Certified to NsF/ANsI standard 40. automatic temperature compensation and auto shut-off.4788 Tech Support: 407. Use the 50-set memory (absolute/relative mV. For calibration. Calibration solutions sold Order Online: AquaticEco. Disposal systems design. Can be used in both fresh and salt water.100 to +1. temperature and a date and time stamp) and "hold" feature that locks readings on-screen.5".347. Measures 9" x 7" outside. Detachable probe with 10' cable uses BNC connector and is accurate to ±1 mV. • • AEs Wastewater Inc. etc. Residential and commercial systems.6 lb.75/4+ — ORP3 7022 7021 Wastewater Treatment Solutions Worldwide Onsite Wastewater Treatment • • • • • AERO-tECh Aerobic treatment Units (AtUs). One-year instrument warranty. Six-month warranty. Apopka. 500 gpd to 5. • 2395 Apopka Blvd.75/4+ 23. Easy-to-understand menus and IP67 housing.1401 . Liquid crystal display. waterproof pouch is great for use with small field meters. Use the Zobell ORP calibration solution (sold separately) to recalibrate at any time.000 gpd systems. Read and operate the instrument inside the pouch. weighs . Uses GAP-76 batteries (included). FL 32703 Phone: 407-598-1410 • Fax: 407-886-0800 • Email: Wastewater@AquaticEco.. Powered by single 9V battery (included). 840090 $ 10. including subsurface drip systems. six-month electrode warranty.50 9. Retro-Fix kits for your existing systems.65 23. 460-mL bottles. while the probe extends outside. Probe included. ORP3 ORP3R PA12 Pinpoint® ORP Meter ORP Replacement Probe AC Adapter $ 135 70 10 ORP Check Solution by Vital Sine® Formulated to check the calibration of ORP Order by Phone: 877.25 lb.

030 SG).Refractometers/Hydrometers Water Quality 101 Salinity Refractometer by Vital Sine™ • • TF Largest and sharpest scale display available. For rapid calibrations.000 to 1.070 specific gravity.6 lb. automatic temperature-compensated salinity refractometer. Do not dip a refractometer in water.50 HYD10 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.03 Hydrometer These inexpensive.000–1. Salinity Order by Phone: 877. The refractometer will provide many years of service if used this way.04/12+ hyD6 HYD6 is shown in a graduated cylinder sold separately (see Index). but not as durable or well made. Refractometer includes a black vinyl zip case. as this will void the warranty. The professional model has a salinity range of 1. Use a dropper and place a few drops on the prism.000 to 1. Other features include solid aluminum construction. Each refractometer is tested to ensure an accurate instrument. Our SR6 refractometer features a magnifi ed scale for better visual accuracy. Weighs .89 Daylight Plate. Made in China. simply loosen the handset screw. Antiroll stand. Measures 11/2" D x 7" L (4 x 18 cm). This is one of the highest quality refractometers we have found on the market. errors occasionally occur.49/12+ 10.95 5. It is 8" long and has a body diameter of . Protects against rolling off a table.2 lb. $ re Compaere h Elsew $ at 8 9 46 60 Economy Hydrometers Designed for use in aquariums and seafood holding systems. Houses the focusable lens and prevents light from entering through the eyepiece during use.81". scale view. Weighs 1 lb. Calibration ring for simplified calibration. SR6 $ 129. Low Cost On a tight budget? Here's a low-cost. SR5 $ 52. HYD6 HYD7 Standard Professional $ 6. both are standardized at 75ºF (24ºC). The standard model has a salinity range of 1. prices. Order Online: AquaticEco. • • • Range: 16–40 ppt (1. turn the calibration ring until the shadowline is at zero and secure the set screw—that's it! It reads specific gravity (1. To calibrate. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. 4" W x 5" H. Rubber hood. It has automatic temperature correction from 50–86ºF (10–30ºC) and a dual scale reading 0–100 ppt and 1. It is 12" long and has a body diameter of .6 lb (285 g). a rubber-gripped body and temperature compensation between 10 and 30°C (50–86°F). Calibration Ring. Direct reading in ppt and specific gravity.598. Additionally. $ 9. place a few drops of salt-free water on the prism.010–1. Six-month warranty. Exceptionally durable with a double-hinge design allowing even thick samples to be easily measured.000 to 1.070) and salinity in parts per thousand (0–100 in 1 ppt divisions).4788 Tech Support: 407. even at this low price. similar to our high-quality model.5 ppt.1401 . Accurate to ±1.5". One-year warranty. Rubber Grip. all-plastic hydrometers are individually tested for accuracy. Weighs .10 10. with a thermometer that measures from 10 to 40ºC and 15 to 105ºF. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. transfer pipette and cleaning cloth.060 and features a built-in thermometer that measures from 0 to 40ºC and 30 to 105ºF. weighs .060.347. scale view.

Calibration is done with the push of a button. Uses one 9V battery (included). Salinity can then be determined from tables based on density (specific gravity) and temperature. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied. Technician Profile Ann Poholek Ann has extensive technical sales work experience with water quality instrumentation using meters. we want to know about it. Some units give readings in millisiemens (mS) and require a salinity conversion table. Calibration solutions sold separately. One measurement method is to titrate chlorinity (chloride) and calculate the salinity based on the assumption that the composition is the same as seawater. Ship Wt Salinity Meter This salinity meter measures conductivity. If you have a problem with our service. SM6 PA12 Pinpoint® Salinity Meter AC Adapter $ 134 10 Y3010 Y3025 Y3050 Y3167-E Y3168-E Y3169-E Meter w/10' Cable Meter w/25' Cable Meter w/50' Cable 1.1–10 ppt. we're unhappy. salinity is the sum of all dissolved ions in the water (not just sodium and chloride).00 18. Two-year warranty on the meter and one-year on the probe and cable. The large backlit display makes reading easy under all conditions. Electrical conductivity is another method of determining salinity. Measures 10" L x 4" W. accurate (±1 ppt) salinity measurements.1 ppt salinity and ± . She has also completed the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program and is certified in fisheries products hazard control. if dropped in the water. Cost and care are the biggest drawbacks. Calibration solutions sold separately. The information in this Tech Talk was provided by Thomas Frakes. Aquarium Systems.00 865. Sensor element is 316 SS and replaceable.4788 Tech Support: 407. Usually titrations are based on volumes.598. They provide fast. an item you purchased or anything at all. Includes protective case and batteries. Uses 4 button cell batteries.00 795. Density is the basis of the hydrometer measuring method. The measuring methods cover a wide range of cost. SWT2 $ 89.347. The table included will give the corresponding reading in both specific gravity and salinity to 62 ppt. This is much more time consuming than other methods and may be used as a means of checking other techniques. Calibration using certified seawater is best. Comes with six AA alkaline batteries for about 100 hours of operation.000 S/cm.00 18.000 S/cm. Made in the USA. simply take a reading. Probes are not detachable. convenience and accuracy.95 When culturing saltwater organisms. it floats! The display shows temperature in ºC along with temperature compensated conductivity (micro-ohms) and salinity in ppt. We appreciate your business. Weighs only . Technical Consultant. Six-month warranty. less than a 10% variation in salinity (±5% or ±2 ppt) is often required.5" L x 3" W.. Others read directly in salinity.6 lb and measures 5. Order Online: AquaticEco. giving a digital readout in mS (millisiemens).102 Water Quality Salinity/Multiparameter Meters/Tech Talk Salinity/Conductivity/Temperature (Meter Only) Meter by YSI® The YSI® Model Y30 SCT meter is well suited to both field and lab Order by Phone: 877. probes and other test equipment. Regular calibration with a standard solution is recommended.000 S/cm. 7" L x 11/2" dia. which can introduce a 2. however. fresh water is a reasonable alternative for general aquaculture uses. Conductivity measurements are best at 25°C and any difference from this requires compensation. It is waterproof and.4 lb.00 18.5% conductivity. The tester is completely waterproof and measures salt levels between . 1 pint 10.5% error if not done correctly. Accuracy is ± . This low-range tester is specifically designed for measuring those difficult low-salt concentrations in koi ponds. Meter w/10' cable weighs 2 lbs. This meter is temperature compensated for accuracy of ±4%.1401 . It should give the same salinity. and we want to keep it! Tech Talk 28 Measuring Salinity Salt Tester. to 10 ppt Great for measuring salt levels in koi ponds. Inc. we suggest temperature-compensated models. ± . 1 pint 50.1ºC temperature. weighs . Generally. change the temperature of the water by 5 or 10 degrees and measure again. Easy calibration trimmer is isolated inside the battery compartment to prevent accidental tampering. expressed as parts per thousand (grams per kilogram). Calibrating fluid included. 1 pint 4 lbs 5 lbs 6 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb $ 775.00 sm6 y3010 Have a complaint? If you're unhappy. Refractometers are also density based. The permanently connected probe has a 3' cable. Basically. If there is a question about temperature compensation.

500 ppm. six months on sensor.999 µS/cm 2–19.413 µS.01 µS/cm 1 ppm (mg/L) . six months on probe.1 0–199. CM6 PA12 Pinpoint® Conductivity Meter AC Adapter $ 127 10 Cm6 Order Online: AquaticEco. with knobs located on the front panel of the instrument.382 ppm. CMP1 CPA CPET CMFK PA12 Range 0–9. Calibration is fast and easy. Measures pH. Runs on 9V battery (included).99 mS/cm Resolution Accuracy . temperature 0–60ºC (32–140ºF). Not waterproof. Measures from 0– Order by Phone: 877.01 mS/cm ±2% FS TDS/Salinity 0–99.99 14. data hold. Two-point calibration. One-year warranty on meter.99 ExStik® II Kit 179. TDS.99 39.99 ppt (g/L) pH 0 to 14. multirange sensor that measures four parameters—conductivity. Weighs . The LED reads in two ranges at the flip of a switch.1401 .0 and .1 ppm (mg/L) 0 to 14. Conductivity/TDS Calibration Solutions HI7031L TD13 TD15 TD644 1.9 µS/cm 200–1. The internal memory stores up to 25 labeled readings for recall. CAL-CHECK™ feature lets you easily check the probe calibration status at any time.30 13.99 ppt (g/L) .00 .44 ppt.7" x 3.99 Small Vinyl Carrying Case 9. Also available as a kit. Reads pH from 0–14. Probe Element Tip Calcium Fluid Kit AC Adapter Resolution . high-accuracy conductivity cell.9 ppm (mg/L) . Calcium probe has BNC connector and 10-ft cable. Accurate to ±4% of reading. One-year warranty on meter.598.00 14.9 µS/cm 200–1.5 lb.000 µS or 0–20. 460 mL 1. upon power-up meter does a self-calibration check to ensure calibration. ppm and 0–60ºC. Measures 1. HI9813-6N HI1285-6 Combo Meter Replacement Electrode Range Conductivity TDS/Salinity pH 0–4.5" L x 3" W. six months on sensor. weighs only . farming and nurseries.01 EC500 Conductivity Meter If you need to measure freshwater conductivity in µS.9 ppm (mg/L) . this low-cost. weighted base. 3' cable.00 28.1 oz. starter set of calibration and cleaning solution sachets.00 14. 20 mL Sachets (25) $ 14.4 lb.1 Accuracy ±2% FS ±2% FS ± . pH Electrode Range Conductivity TDS/Salinity pH 0–3.00 Each 13. Calibration solutions sold separately.99 Weighted Base w/5 Solution Cups 14. salinity and temperature. two-range meter is an excellent choice. Approximately 150 hrs of continuous monitoring on one 9-volt battery (not included). Includes combination probe.999 µS/cm $ 149 46 Resolution 1 µS/cm Accuracy ±2% FS ±2% FS ± . flat-surface pH electrode (with auto-ranging).05 EC500 EC510 EC505 EX006 EX007 CA895 ExStik® II Meter $ 139.01 ± . Features automatic temperature compensation (ATC).000 µS. 5.01 Conductivity Combo Meter Water-resistant pH/EC/TDS meter specifically designed for agricultural applications such as hydroponics.000 ppm (mg/L) .5 fi xed salinity ratio. Features: ATC.4 to 1. Calibration solutions sold separately.999 µS/cm 2–19.0.1 ppm (mg/L) ±2% FS 100–999 ppm (mg/L) 1–9. The internal memory stores up to 15 labeled readings for recall. EC/TDS and temperature measurements in ºC and ºF. RENEW feature alerts users when the electrode needs replacing. Temperature range: 32–149ºF (0–65ºC). conveniently calculates the TDS value. This scale is typically used for fresh water and low concentrations of salt. Waterproof ExStik® II pH/ Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter This meter has a rugged combination.1 µS/cm ±2% FS 0–2. six months on probe. Weighs . Meter also has ATC.99 Range Resolution Accuracy .99 Accuracy ±2% of Reading *This conductivity cell is not interchangeable with other ExStik® meters. Plus. 5.4788 Tech Support: 407.30 26.30 13. Replaceable pH electrode cartridge has extendable cloth junction* and EC/TDS graphite electrode resists contamination by salts and other substances.5" W x 7" L. auto shut-off and low battery indication. Two-year warranty.2 ppm $ 291 221 143 17 10 CmP1 Waterproof ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter This meter has one high-accuracy.67 99. Probe Assembly Repl.2 lb.999 ppm (mg/L) 0–14. 3 sample cups and a carrying case.Multiparameter Pens/Meters Water Quality 103 Calcium Monitor Get accurate calcium measurements at an affordable price.99 Spare Electrode 59.00 Resolution .1" x 1.99 13. Calibration solutions sold separately.60 4+ Range Conductivity 0–199.1 µS/cm 1 µS/cm . Extra-large LCD clearly displays the parameter being measured as well as calibration instructions.99 Spare Solution Cups (24 Pk) 13. adjustable conductivity to TDS ratio factor from .772 ppm Pinpoint™ Calcium Monitor Repl.4 to 1.99 mS/cm TDS/Salinity 0–99.1 ppm (mg/L) ±2% FS 100–999 ppm (mg/L) 1 ppm (mg/L) 1–9. Measures 2" W x 7" L. mS/cm. greenhouses.00 . which includes calibration solutions.347. auto shut-off and low battery indication. Two-year warranty on monitor. 500 mL 6. One-year warranty on meter.00 µS/cm 0–1. hI98129 *When the cloth becomes dirty from routine testing. weighs 8.01 ppt (g/L) EC400 Combo Tester This waterproof combination tester offers high-accuracy pH. check solution sachet battery and instructions. Optional AC adapter available. pull out a 1/8" section to rejuvenate electrode. HI98129 73127 Combo Tester Repl. Adjustable conductivity to TDS ratio from . 500 mL 1.99 9.5". EC400 EC405 EX006 EX007 CA895 ExStik® Meter Spare Conductivity Cell* Weighted Base w/5 Solution Cups Spare Solution Cups (24 Pk) Small Vinyl Carrying Case $ 89.0 $ 211.

RS232. Spanish. pressurized pumping and pump cavitation can all result in gas supersaturation. and 10 NTU standards. The 2020we turbidity meter comes with 0.515.3" x 3. Order Online: AquaticEco. It also measures delta P (TGP-BP). injection of air in deep water.4788 Tech Support: 407. supersaturation exists. Naturally high levels of nitrogen can be found in well water. One-year warranty. Call for availability. 1. prices. even in aquariums). TGP Cartridge 170. barometric pressure (BP. The effect of excessive supersaturation on fish has been well documented and has caused massive fishkills. Portuguese and Chinese.037 Range TGP BP Temp 0–1.2". 4 sample tubes. Maximum probe working depth 91' (31 meters). When the total pressure of all gases in the water exceeds the ambient atmospheric pressure at the water's surface.598. this saturometer/ tensionometer is a must for monitoring deadly nitrogen gas supersaturation. $150 per week. Readings are taken over a 3-second period. which affect the saturation level. 9V batteries and waterproof case. Accuracy: 1 mmHg. Meter and case weigh 5 lbs.347.1. wastewater testing and environmental water analysis in the field or the lab with a 500-point data log. USB cable and USB wall plug.550 mmHg 0–1. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. Measures 7. Simply heating the water can cause lethal supersaturation. The instrument meets or exceeds EPA design specifications for NPDWR and NPDES turbidity monitoring programs as specified by USEPA method 180. compact meter provides an extremely accurate way for taking turbidity measurements in the field. large 3-digit display and low-battery indicator.9 range 1. Japanese. algal blooms. • 6 lbs $ 925 Instrument Type Nephelometric Turbidity Range 0 to 4. 1SSA001 1SSA003 1SSA006 1SSA008 TGP Meter w/5-m Probe $ 1.00 Saturometer Designed for measuring the total dissolved gases in water.0 on 110–4. minimizing any fluctuations in readings attributed to large particles.3" x 3.00 Car Charger 86. Meter includes a probe with 5-m cable. Water pump inlets can suck air.30 Data Transfer Cable.000 range g Comin in July • • • Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TGP) Meter Increasing water temperatures. An ideal choice for regulatory monitoring. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. Algae blooms can cause supersaturated levels of oxygen.00 Repl. sample bottle. water-resistant and measures delta P directly in mmHg. Features include an auxiliary output for data recording instruments. A compliance reading mode rounds the reading to meet EPA reporting requirements. assuring long-term stability of the reading. As little as 103% TGP can be lethal. It is lightweight.5" x 3. Meter measures 6. One-year Order by Phone: 877. putting that air under high pressure in the piping (this is all too common.000 NTU Resolution . errors occasionally occur.5" (case is 10" x 13" x 6"). Range: -600 to 700 mmHg. Internal rechargeable batteries with an AC adapter are included.550–1. 300E $ 3. Additionally. TGP as low as 103% can be lethal! supersaturation can be caused by numerous man-made and natural sources: • Dam spillways can allow a high volume discharge to plunge air deep into the receiving water.104 Water Quality Turbidity/Total Gas Pressure Meters/Saturometer 2020we Turbidity Meter This portable. Not to be used for long term deployment. Can be used for spot checking tanks where supersaturation is suspected. Software 227. Italian.2ºC 1 mmHg This unit is also available for rent.0ºC Resolution 1 mmHg 1 mmHg .99 range 0. The handheld meter features a tough membrane keypad and digital display with a user selectable backlight. One-year warranty.1 on 11–109. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.550 mmHg 0–40. which can cause bubble trauma and lethal toxicological problems (gas bubble disease) for many aquatic species. A multidetector optical configuration minimizes stray light and color interferences.5" x 2. Probe includes a 5-m (16 ft) cable. This meter provides rapid and accurate measurement of total dissolved gas pressure (TGP) in mmHg or % saturation.01 on 0–10.1401 . in mmHg) and temperature (ºC). Choose from seven user-selected languages: English.550 mmHg 1ssA001 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. Temperature changes. French. LM1870 ship Wt Tech Talk 9 Supersaturation The measurement of total dissolved gas pressure (TGP) can be required in aquaculture. Price includes this waterproof case. plus shipping. Delta P -1. It has simple calibration menus and easy-to-understand operational menus.

000 S/cm 1 pint $ 925.5" x 7.50 176. pH and ORP probes.15 5.90 Order by Phone: 877.347.00 52.8 15.4" x 5. •  ield-replaceable D.1 23. Order Online: AquaticEco./Temp/Conductivity 20-Meter Cable with D. Equipped with automatic function check.598.15 10. salinity. Carrying Strap for BW50CASE Repl. Range 0–20 mg/L. handheld unit with the functionality of a multiparameter system.195. Made in USA.00 575.5" x 11.00 1.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 225.00 1.9" 4.15" 1.O.1" x 5.Multiparameter Meters/Cases Water Quality 105 Multifunction D.8" x 11.15 Rugged and reliable.000 S/cm 1 pint 10.O.5 Back Pack System for BW40CASE Back Pack System for BW50CASE Back Pack System for BW61CASE Repl.00 525. Optional internal barometer can be user calibrated and displayed along with other data. salinity and temperature and are available in detachable or nondetachable models.375.85 84.O.25 45.425.99 mS/cm. conductivity or salinity.. 0–200% air saturation w/ ±2% accuracy Conductivity Ranges 0–499.00 695. this Multiprobe System combines the versatility of an easy-to-use.00 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Y85 (Meter Only) The Y85 series meters measure dissolved oxygen. Carrying Strap for BW10CASE Repl.O.85 198.9 µS/cm.O.3" 3. Carrying Strap for BW30CASE Repl.9" x 14. Calibration solutions sold separately.00 995. a 20-meter cable and calibration supplies.00 1.00 18.00 395. temperature compensation and salinity compensation for D. Foam insert consists of prepunched cubic elements. One-. one year on probe.O. they are stackable. Internal memory stores 50 sets of data. D. Ship Wt (lbs) y5561 Y5561 Y5562 Y55634 Y556310 Y556320 Y5564 Y5565 Y6118 Y5083 Y5909 556 MPS Meter 556 With Barometer Option 4-Meter Cable with D.3" x 5.8" 6.395.00 340. Each case includes carrying strap.00 350. Cases are equipped with sturdy eyes for padlocks and an air pressure compensation valve.40 43.999 µS/cm 0–49. Powered by four C cell batteries or an optional.095.15 10. Meter./Temp/Conductivity 10-Meter Cable with D. pH.000 S/cm 1 pint 50. conductivity. Featuring an IP67 waterproof case. Measures 4" W x 10" L with 10' cable.1401 .2" x 8. They are also crackproof and virtually indestructible. 6/Pk 4 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs 10 lbs 1 lb $ 1.00 18. temperature and ORP. Carrying Strap for BW5CASE Repl.2 16. 2 mil PE.3" 10.8" 1.75 90. Digital display is backlit and simultaneously shows temperature and your choice of dissolved oxygen. Unlimited lifetime warranty. conductivity.2" x 8.00 1. 95% in 15 seconds Nondetachable Cable Models Y8510 Y8525 Y8550 Y85100 Y5906 Ship Wt Meter w/10' Cable Meter w/25' Cable Meter w/50' Cable Meter w/100' Cable Membranes. the YSI® 556 MPS simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen.00 18. One-year warranty on probe.00 54. readings.00 y8510 Waterproof Outdoor Cases These outdoor cases are perfect for tough outdoor use and are tested under extreme conditions.1 9.7" x 2.15 10.75 4.2" x 10. F • Compatible with Ecowatch® for Windows® software. Carrying Strap for BW40CASE Repl.or three-point pH calibration. Carrying Strap for BW65CASE Interior Dimensions Wt (lbs) $ 23.3 13.00 595. Each 4 4 5 7 10 1 1 1 1 1 $ 1. 0–200 mS/cm Salinity Range 0–80 ppt w/ .8" x 7.O. airtight and waterproof.1ºC accuracy Response Time 90% in 10 seconds. so you can customize your own interior.525.15 10.15 10.1 ppt accuracy Temperature Range -5–65ºC w/ ± ./Temp/Conductivity pH Kit pH/ORP Kit Rechargeable Battery Kit (w/charger) Flow Cell Membrane Kit. • Internal memory has 35 file names and stores over 49.750. two. Carrying Strap for BW61CASE Repl.7" 16.00 Detachable Cable Models Y85D Y85D10 Y85D25 Y85D50 Y85D100 Y3167-E Y3168-E Y3169-E Ship Wt Y85 Meter Only 3 lbs 10' Cable & Probe 1 lb 25' Cable & Probe 2 lbs 50' Cable & Probe 3 lbs 100' Cable & Probe 7 lbs 1.2" x 16.7" x 9". BW5CASE BW10CASE BW30CASE BW40CASE BW50CASE BW61CASE BW65CASE BW40BPS BW50BPS BW61BPS BW5STRAP BW10STRAP BW30STRAP BW40STRAP BW50STRAP BW61STRAP BW65STRAP 556 Multiprobe System (Meter Only) by YSI® TF 8. rechargeable battery pack with fast-charge feature.000 data setpoints. Spanish manual available.00 1. 0–4.00 1. Six AA batteries included for a battery life of 180 hours. The YSI® 556 comes with a soft-sided carrying case for the meter. Three-year warranty on meter. Measures 4.6 18.25 29.995. Two-year warranty on meter.1" x 3.25 115. Weighs 3 lb. Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40–80°

Polarographic D.001–.O. chloride and nitrate ISEs). default ./Temp 245 Y634C 4-m Cable for Conductivity/Temp 295 Y6114C 4-m Cable for ISE/ISE/Temp 535 Y6124C 4-m Cable for ISE/D.O. errors occasionally to see additional probes and cables. Three year warranty on meters. Instrument can log data (2. Additionally.01 units ISE Range: -1. and your choice of any two ISEs (pH.999–1.001 mS/cm (4-meter cable).3".2ºC (-5–70ºC).com Order by Phone: 877. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.1401 . salinity.O. or chloride). ISE/ISE/D.O. compensation range -5–45ºC) Accuracy: ± .3ºC (70 to 100ºC) Resolution: . weighs 1 lb.5" x 2.1 mS/cm (Range-dependent) Salinity Range: 0–70 ppt Accuracy: ±1% of reading or ± ./Conductivity/Temp 595 Y57904 Quatro 4-m Cable. conductivity..1 mV Total Dissolved Solids Calculated from conductivity (variable constant. The rubber over-molded case has an IP67 waterproof rating and is drop rated to 1 meter.999 mV Accuracy: ±20 mV Resolution: . kPa Look online at AquaticEco./Temp 535 Y6134C 4-m Cable for ISE/Conductivity/Temp 425 Y6234C 4-m Cable for D. prices.4788 Tech Support: 407. • Instrument Y60500 Professional Plus Instrument Galvanic D. nitrate.O. probes. y60500 y57904 (Quatro) Probe Not Included Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. ORP.2 units Resolution: . cables and calibration solutions are sold separately.) Y614C 4-m Cable for ISE/Temp 250 Y624C 4-m Cable for D. ammonium.O.O.598. nitrate.347./Conductivity/Temp 1. Probe & Cable) Dissolved Oxygen (% saturation) Range: 0–500% air saturation Accuracy: ±2% of the reading or ±2% air saturation Resolution: 1% or .1% air saturation Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Range: 0–50 mg/L Accuracy: ±2% of the reading or ± .1 mmHg Units: mmHg. ORP. D.3" x 8. Cables (All cables include temperature sensor. temperature. TDS. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. chloride and barometric pressure.01 ppt pH Range: 0–14 units Accuracy: ± . graphic display with detailed messages and instructions plus a gauge that continuously shows the battery level. two years on cables and one year on probes (six-month warranty on ammonia.075 165 165 160 190 285 330 330 330 Test up to 11 different parameters with one meter and only a simple cable change! Meter has a backlit display and keypad.295 System Specs (Instrument. Automatic temperature.1 ppt Resolution: .5% of reading or ± . Order Online: AquaticEco. Meter measures 3.O. Conductivity cables include a conductivity probe. salinity and barometric pressure compensation. pH. inHg.1°C Conductivity Range: 0–200 mS/cm Accuracy: ± . Data Manager desktop software. ammonium.106 • Water Quality Multiparameter Meter Note: Meter.000 data-set memory with site identity and GLP event logging) and download it to a PC. Probes Y6202 Y6203 Y6101 Y6102 Y6103 Y6104 Y6105 Y6106 Quatro The Quatro cable holds four user-replaceable Professional Series sensors for temperature/conductivity. ± . Uses 2 C batteries (included). a communication dock and USB cable are included.65) Range: 0–100 g/L Resolution: 4 digits Barometer Range: 375–825 mmHg Accuracy: ±3 mmHg (within ±15°C of calibration temp) Resolution: . Multiparameter Instrument by YSI® Measure combinations of D. ±1% of reading or ± .01 mg/L Temperature Range: -5–100ºC (D.2 mg/L Resolution: . pH ISE ORP ISE pH/ORP Combination ISE (not to be used on dual ISE cables) Ammonium ISE (fresh water only) Chloride ISE (fresh water only) Nitrate ISE (fresh water only) $ 1.1 or .001 mS/cm (20-meter cable) Resolution: .

598. Order Online: AquaticEco. Access live data remotely (LAN. and we'll ensure that your solution meets IEC.  obust control algorithms using case-based structured text and ladder R programming.55 707. CMS001 CMS002 CMS003 CMS004 CMS005 CMS006 CMS007 CMS008 CMS009 CMS0010 CMS0011 CMS0016 CMS0012 CMS0013 CMS0014 Analog Sensors (4-20 mA) Temperature. LEDs indicate power. 10. Ultra-Sonic. Polypropylene Temperature.76 762. complex or extremely specialized. 0–1. Each model operates on 100–230VAC. WAN or Internet) via a built-in Ethernet connection and save the data logged for later analysis elsewhere on an SD card (not included). PLC programming. The CM1000 can be independent or multiplied based on system size or specification. our C350 series is an outstanding choice.24 198. Advanced For more flexibility and real-time visual feedback on parameter levels. GWR Technology.09 Order by Phone: 877. and if your needs change in the future. HMI design. Additionally. SCADA Our CM1000 custom control and monitoring devices are perfect for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). we can easily reprogram the system accordingly. then our C150 series is the right choice for reliable control and monitoring. For example. Each box has a programmable momentary switch and 5 independent on/off toggle switches. 0–1. We'll custom program each C350 model to your specifications. You guys rock! Products and customer service are top shelf. alarm and one programmed function. Low-voltage models have 6 M8 quick-connect outputs at 24VDC. Control box design and layout.55 601.520. These are just a few examples of what every CM1000 offers: • • • Secure access to control and monitor your system from remote locations. analysis and charting.48 708.347. Low-voltage models have 6 M8 quick-connect outputs at 24VDC. we can configure a system with multiple gateways to redundantly monitor and control systems that need backup or tie a CM1000 together with legacy systems to maximize your existing investment. allowing you to take advantage of future developments without significant interruption. The 256-color display not only allows instant analysis but also lets you quickly toggle through different readouts at the touch of a finger. Ultra-Sonic.615. 50/60 Hz power.5 m Flow. . Data storage.00 421.33 Expect industry-leading accuracy and precision from our high-quality control panels and sensors.55 370.00 2. When you purchase a CM1000 you're getting state-of-the-art technology that's expandable and upgradeable.0 Cell Constant ORP + Transmitter Pkg D.00 1. . Our systems have programming that we customize in-house to your desired parameters.5 A and 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC.00 584.950. Each model operates on 100–230VAC. Galvanic Sump Level.5 A.62 255.75 577. 10 A and 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC. Renzo Fancellu Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Temperature. Call 407-598-1401 to get the custom design and build started. Use the C150 as a workhorse for applications ranging from blind device control to heater and pump control with built-in safety interlocking. 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC and 6 M12 quick-connect inputs at 4-20 mA.Controllers/Monitors PLCs 107 Controllers and Monitors by Aquatic Eco-Systems Standard If your needs are straightforward and unchanging. Controllers and Monitors C150L1 C150H1 C350L1 C350H1 CM1000 Low-Voltage System High-Voltage System Low-Voltage System High-Voltage System Call for a Custom Quote $ 1.00 3. UL and local specifications. I only buy aquaculture products through you.. Mag-Meter Flow. 10 A. we'll design a system that scales to your facility's needs.4788 Tech Support: 407. Temperature Flow.25 m Sump Level. 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC and 6 M12 quick-connect inputs at 4-20 mA. Each box has a programmable audible alarm. 0–10 m Sump Level. System integration. our team of engineers can design a robust control and monitoring system tailored to your requirements. 50/60 Hz power. Our industrial shop is UL508A-certified. From system intelligence gathering to case-based decision making. Digital Switch Pressure (No Display) Pressure Total Dissolved Gas Monitor 305.67 715. 316L SS pH + Transmitter Pkg Conductivity.25 405.00 Custom Enclosed Control Panels If your requirements are extensive. High-voltage models have 6 M23 quick-connect outputs at 100– 230VAC. System commissioning. Audible alarm is also 768.1401 . so no concept is out of reach. 0–200%. we perform: • • • • • • Component selection.565.O. SMS modem expansion optional. High-voltage models have 6 M23 quick-connect outputs at 100–230VAC.

Low-voltage models have 6 M8 quick-connect outputs at 24VDC.1401 . Standard Equipment AES has off-the-shelf controlling and monitoring models that are ready to ship today. Our systems offer outstanding flexibility. the device will text or email multiple cellphones to alert staff—helping prevent catastrophic failures and animal loss. Dependable Control and Monitoring Aquatic Eco-Systems offers a full range of controlling and monitoring equipment to help you safeguard any water-based activity: • • • • • House Wireless Each model has an easy-to-read touchscreen interface that will tell you system status at a glance.598. pH dosing.108 Controllers/Monitors PLCs Satellite Satellite Downlink Control and Monitoring Systems Information at Your Fingertips WWW Smartphone Tablet Computer Remote Accessibility GSM Radio Of ce Airplane Car Versatile. then our C150 series is the right choice for reliable control and monitoring. we can easily reprogram the system accordingly. Koi pond maintenance. High-voltage models have 6 M23 quick-connect outputs at 100–230VAC. so they can be configured to integrate with your existing systems or can be tailored to work as a seamless accessory with AES's in-house system designs. Order Online: AquaticEco. In addition.4788 Tech Support: 407. Public aquarium life support. Recirculating aquaculture systems. Examples of water quality and system parameters you can control or monitor include dissolved oxygen. Expect AES equipment to operate with reliability. We'll custom program each C350 model to your specifications. system temperature.5 A and 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC (C350 adds 6 M12 quick-connect inputs at 4-20 mA). Scientific research and testing. If your needs are straightforward and unchanging. total dissolved gas pressure (TGP) and pump speed. 10 A and 2 M8 quick-connect inputs at 24VDC (C350 also has 6 M12 quick-connect inputs at 4-20 mA).347. each controller and monitor is expandable and can be field upgraded. precision and responsiveness. and if your needs change in the future. carbon filter vessel pressure differentials. If an alarm condition is detected. Lake management. . our C350 series is an outstanding choice. For more flexibility and real-time visual feedback on parameter Order by Phone: 877.

4788 Tech Support: 407. we can build a customized solution that will scale to any size system or varied demand. traveling or in remote locations. from system intelligence gathering to case-based decision making. Many Ways to Access Data You don't have to be physically present in the office or lab to keep track of your system's condition and alarms. All collected information may be saved as a . Whichever method you use to log in to your network.Controllers/Monitors PLCs 109 Laboratory #1 Aquarium Laboratory #2 GSM Radio LAN Radio Transceiver WAN LAN Municipal Lake Satellite Uplink Wireless Koi Pond Aquaculture Custom Equipment and SCADA If your needs are complex and more extensive than our standard equipment can support. alarms. through the Internet or via satellite Order by Phone: 877. we'll provide a means of connectivity. Data Collection If you want historical data for recordkeeping or audits. we can configure a system with multiple gateways to redundantly monitor and control systems that need backup or tie a CM1000 together with legacy systems to maximize your existing investment. enabling you to quickly respond to problems.CSV file for manipulation in any statistical analysis software. Panel Shop and UL508A Certification AES has an in-house panel shop and retains UL508A certification for the design and manufacturing of industrial control panels. maintenance performed and operational characteristics. Information at Your Fingertips Use your smartphone. Additionally. Our CM1000 custom control and monitoring devices are perfect for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).598. Order Online: AquaticEco. our systems can provide you with a detailed history of sensors. You'll see real-time data displayed in an easily understood manner. and wherever you might be.1401 . The CM1000 can be independent or multiplied based on system size or specification.347. laptop computer or tablet to access data and reports. so no concept is out of reach.

598.O. AC or DC power. 2 mil Rail Mount Kit Panel Mount Kit Weather Shield Software. Shows all parameters Order by Phone: 877. It's also a controller and alarm system. Two-year warranty on meter. The probe can be submersed directly into a tank or threaded into a gland for in-line measurement. 5200A y5200 shown in action at our in-house test facility.O. System status history at the push of a button.4788 Tech Support: 407. Designed for aquaculture and other applications that require real-time monitoring.000 Accuracy: ±20 mV Resolution: 1 mV Conductivity LR Range: 0–2. Four cascading. 115/230V w/115V cord Monitoring Assembly. Fish ponds and raceways. CE-approved and UL-listed. Network speed is 20X faster.195 510 545 595 240 340 410 Accessories Y559 Y5204 Y6509 Y6510 Y6505 Y5209A Y5285 ESP901 Replaceable D./Temp/Conductivity 4-m Cable with D.1 ppt Differential TDGP Range: ±400 mmHg Accuracy: ±1. it can email alarms if connected directly to a computer or phone alarms when connected to an internal modem. Calibration solutions Y3167-E Y3168-E Y3169-E Y3628 Y5580 1. Live hauling. 10-event timers. • • • • Research and laboratory systems.1401 .795 995 1. AquaManager®.000 µ/cm.347. NEMA 4X enclosure. flow sensors. salinity. Module D. including total dissolved gas sensors. Improved diagnostic capability.01 mg/L Temperature Range: 0–45°C Accuracy: ±. Membrane Kit.000 µ/cm. Welcome to the next generation. pressure sensors. Advantages of the 5200A over the 5200: • • • • • • • • • Large graphic display allows for menu-driven operation. Single Network Use Opto-Isolator (not included)* Ethernet Server ship Wt 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 1 lb 2 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 180 65 40 75 60 399 145 245 *Required if unit is connected directly to computer.O. the 520 0A RSM measures dissolved oxygen. Environmental monitoring.2°C Resolution: .O. conductivity. It will even network with other RSMs.1 mmHg 10 lbs 10 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs $ 1./Temp 10-m Cable with D. temperature.1 ppt Resolution: .110 Controllers/Monitors YSI® 5200A YSI® 5200A Water Quality Monitoring System the 5200 gets an upgrade.2 pH Resolution: . 12VDC 4-m Cable with D.095 1.1 mS Salinity Range: 0–80 ppt Accuracy: ±./Temp/Conductivity 20-m Cable with D. TF The YSI® 5200 water quality monitoring system set new standards for versatility and reliability. pH. Zoological exhibits/Aquariums. 1 Pint (Brackish Water) 50. The polarographic oxygen probe requires little water movement to provide extremely accurate oxygen readings. Instruments and Probes Y5200A Y5200A-DC Y55624 Y556210 Y556220 Y55614 Y556110 Y556120 Y5564 Y5565 Y5560 Monitoring Assembly.1°C pH Range: 0–14 Accuracy: .000 µ/cm. 1 Pint (Fresh Water) 10. ORP. pH and ORP measurement (calibration solutions sold separately). conductivity.O. 1 Pint 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb $ 18 18 18 29 18 Order Online: AquaticEco.O. Provides data that can be used for better system management. System Specs Dissolved Oxygen (% saturation) Range: 0–500% Accuracy: ±2% Resolution: .5% Resolution: 1. Rs485 5200A Rs232 Alarm light Feeder Probe Assembly Aerator 5200A 5200A Applications include: • • • • Recirculating aquaculture systems. 1-year on probes and cable. 125 ml Confidence Calibration Solution. Wastewater monitoring./Temp/Conductivity 10-m Cable with D.0 mmHg Resolution: .01 pH ORP Range: -2.895 1. When used with AquaManager® software. Remote cage monitoring. salinity and temperature! The 5200 RSM can accept additional inputs.000–2.5% Resolution: .000 µS Accuracy: ±.2 mg/L Resolution: . water level sensors. etc.O. 1 Pint (Salt Water) Zobell ORP Test Solution.O.1% Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Range: 0–60 mg/L Accuracy: ±./Temp 20-m Cable with D. No loss of data when power is lost./Temp pH Kit pH/ORP Kit Conductivity & Temperature Probe ship Wt The Y5200A RSM utilizes a multiprobe sonde for simultaneous oxygen.0 µS Conductivity HR Range: 0–200 mS Accuracy: ±.

feeding.O. If you have a problem with our service. Can also be networked with YSI® 5200A multiparameter monitors.O. yet simple enough for anyone to use. . reliable system status checks. Monitor. you are a lot of fun to work with! Diane M. 5200A 5400 RS485 IP Device RS232 Wireless Header Tank Output Return Combined Y5200A and Y540 0 Networking 5400 y5400 Example of one Y5400 controlling D. Only 30-m Cable. D.795 2. the YSI® 5400 continuous monitor for dissolved oxygen and AquaManager ® Software can be used to integrate process control. The random issues that may occur are resolved immediately.1% Temperature Range: 0–45°C Accuracy: ±.O. pressure.2°C Resolution: .2 mg/L Resolution:  .Controllers/Monitors Dissolved Oxygen (D. w/Temp 30-m Cable.O. w/Temp 10-m Cable. The YSI® 5400 also features flexible monitoring and control software with graphic interface function for quick. Powerful enough to manage a full-scale farming operation from anywhere in the world. w/Temp 20-m Cable. D. we want to know about it. Plus. 12VDC D. alarming and data management into one product or can be used to simply monitor one tank. chillers. pumps.O. D. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied.1401 . Includes conditional feed timer with Feed Smart™ software.) Monitor by YSI® Designed specifically for aquaculture systems. Relay outputs can control heaters. D. D.1°C Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Range: 0–60 mg/L Accuracy: ± .O. D. Monitor. We appreciate your business. lights.O. The 5400 is perfectly suited for continuous D. and we want to keep it! AES performs on-site repair of YSI® equipment. our daily procedures and challenges. etc. D. CO2. 115–230VAC or 12VDC 4-m Cable.01 mg/L (0–10 mg/L). an item you purchased or anything at all.1 mg/L (10–60 mg/L) D. Product is superior quality every time. Only 4-m Cable. and understands.598.895 395 455 515 575 450 510 570 630 375 325 Y5200A and Y5400 can be used in the same network to provide a solution when multiparameter measurements are required. Alarming options include email and SMS from 3 to 10 email addresses.O. Only 20-m Cable. Only 10-m Cable. Order Online: AquaticEco. level.O. D. monitoring of multiple locations. aerators. we're unhappy. See page 94 for more information. Thank you Aquatic Eco-Systems for keeping customer service #1. Order by Phone: 877. channels and additional inputs for temperature. Y5400 Y54002 Y5424 Y54210 Y54220 Y54230 y5434 Y54310 Y54320 Y54330 Y5403 Y5402 Ship Wt YSI® 5400 111 System Specs Dissolved Oxygen (% saturation) Range: 0–500% Accuracy: ±2% Resolution: .4788 Tech Support: 407. TGP sensors and more.O. with each instrument capable of controlling four D. Our personal acct rep is familiar with.O. w/Temp IP Phone Modem Module Serial to Ethernet Module 10 lbs 10 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 2.347.O. Up to 32 instruments per communications port can be configured on one local network. depending on configuration. and feeding in four tanks.O. Minge Bass Pro Shops Have a complaint? If you're unhappy.

Two-year warranty on the base unit.1401 . Compatible with fresh and saltwater aquariums. marine density. Dosing Pumps Aquatronica also offers dosing pumps. SM122 SM911 pH/CO2 Smart Controller Repl. They can even be programmed to automatically adjust the water's biological balance. The controller will automatically switch on again if the ORP value falls below the set point. Ship weight is 2 lbs. The included pH electrode measures 0 to 14 pH (± . Redox. visit Order by Phone: 877. functional design for many applications. Simply dial the set point from 0 to 600 mV. Two-year warranty on the base unit. Ship weight is 3 lbs. and it will dose until it determines that the ORP set point is reached. It's completely customizable. ORP Probe $ 120 45 Order Online: AquaticEco.5 to 9. with a modern.2 pH accuracy) and has manual 2-point calibration.4788 Tech Support: 407. ORP electrode and 115V/ 60 Hz to 12VDC adapter are included. Just plug a 115V solenoid valve (not included) into the socket supplied for dosing and your CO 2 supply to the solenoid. pH. Uses a 115V/60 Hz to 12VDC adapter (included) and measures 31/4" x 51/2" x 11/2". add the Aquatronica Multitester. The control unit can also be reprogrammed with a PC. The graphic display makes programming much easier and allows you to immediately and constantly check parameters and their including temperature. Multitester To maximize the capabilities of the control unit. Controller has a set point range of 5. The control unit can control all the interfaces used for reading the chemical values of an aquarium and all the other accessories connected to the system.5 pH and a visual LED alarm that activates when the reading goes above the set point. six months on the probe. conductivity. pH/CO2 Controller Automate CO2 dosing to ensure your plants get the right amount for respiration. Manage up to 4 modules simultaneously on the same system (16 Koralia pumps). which consist of three peristaltic pumps that function independently and allow multiple dosage functions.112 Controllers/Monitors Aquatronica/pH/ORP Control Unit The Aquarium Controller System is an easy-to-use electronic system that is capable of managing electric utilities as well as monitoring all the parameters of an aquarium. SM510 SM921 ORP Controller Repl. pH Probe $ 118 42 ORP Controller Plug an ozone generator into this Smart controller's power socket.000 mV (±5 mV accuracy). Program connected pumps to create wave or tide effects using different combinations at different times of the day. level and flooding. allowing data backup and system updates. Koralia Wave Module The Koralia wave module allows you to install and manage 12V Koralia pumps. and a visual LED alarm will activate while the reading is low. six months on the probe. Controller can measure ±1. which measures a variety of water parameters.598. Dimensions are 31/4" x 51/2" x 1/2". For more information about Aquatronica products.347.

Mini switch is 21/4" OAL.65 26.00 Order by Phone: 877. Made in USA.O.347.83 Important Features:  ontinues dialing numbers in sequence for C 16–255 attempts. a2c a2b a3b I was very pleased with the response from customer service. alarm. etc.96 6+ st9 Pressure Switch Adjustable sensitivity. Units call you when there is a problem and speak in plain English. connects normally open or normally closed.) to normally closed (N. Water cannot reach the electrical section! Operates by sensing water flow only (not pressure). Can also be used under water if wire connections are thoroughly sealed. • Compatible with cellular telephones (for dialing out) equipped with an RJ11 telephone jack. They recognize and bypass all answering machines and continue dialing until they contact a person.98 713. A2 A200 A2B* A2C* AT5 A3* A2S A3B* A3C* Here is an excellent value on a UL-recognized flow sensing switch that can turn a heater. Use ST11 and ST12 for booster pumps. The customer service was much better than I expected considering the quick response time. chiller.598.07 86. single throw with 1/2" FNPT conduit connections on both sides. 5" diameter. Built-in microphone monitors sound—call at any time and listen in from a remote location. One-year warranty.74 89. up to 2 hp (@ 230V) on or off.5" H. Pang at5 Research Assistant New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences Order Online: AquaticEco. Weighs . etc. A3B Passive Infrared Motion Detector: Can detect movement within a facility to determine unauthorized entry.4788 Tech Support: 407. Weighs .00 75. Use your regular phone line (separate line not needed).65 Each 64. this flow switch causes only 6" of H2O pressure loss. High-quality.) circuitry by inverting the stem. ST3M ST3 Mini Switch Large Switch $ 19.95/4+ *Wires or cables not included. settings. Triggers dial-out if temperature passes high or low set limits. rated at 30 W.00 Low-cost method to start backup equipment or trip an alarm or relay. • Built-in clock. 1" D with 1/8" NPT mounting. Liquid Level Switches These float switches convert from normally open (N. Many other companies that I contacted said that they couldn't get this item or that it wasn't in production.20 69. • Backup battery condition monitor. A2S Smoke Detector: 115VAC photoelectric smoke alarm (85 dB) with two sets of alarm contacts. At 40 gpm. I was also given alternatives and the chance to place a special order for the item. A2C Magnetic Reed Switch: Install on doors.Controllers/Monitors Alarms/Switches 113 Auto Dialer Alarm Systems Sensaphone ® alarms pay for themselves by preventing disasters and reducing man-hours.00 30.13 106.84 41. Keep up the good work! Kevin H. For low-pressure applications (do not exceed 40 psi). Simply attach to a wall and run wire (not included) to a terminal. Will cause dial-out when contacts are opened. 3/16" air/water line hose barb. Polypropylene construction. Not only did they answer my question very thoughtfully. Rated at 50 psi. Small sensors on bottom of unit will send a signal if water is detected.2 lb. Each has 24" wires.1401 . pump.02 lb.5 lb. Weighs . One plastic plug (shown in black) is included. UL-listed. • Can dial out to beepers and pagers. snap-action (single-pole double-throw) switch will carry up to 3 amps at 115V. One-year warranty. Weighs . they have N. Plumbing is PVC slip. • Most sensors can be mounted up to 150 feet away with 18–22 gauge wire. 6" x 6"..00 95. ST9 ST12 ST11 11/2" 1" 2" $ 71. The ST9 is factory adjusted to close the circuit at 14 gpm and open it at 6 gpm but also field adjustable over a wider range. actuating a magnetic switch on the outside of the pipe. A200 can contact up to eight people. AT5 Remote Temperature Probe: Measures water or air temperature up to 50' from unit. 50' of Teflon®-jacketed cable included. Larger switch is 33/8" OAL x 11/2" D with 1/4" NPT and is rated at 60 W.C. B601 $ 29. Great pump switches when used with relays. Can be used with up to 150' of cable. Factory set at 30" H 2O. Arrow shows direction of flow.C.O.5" long. One-year warranty. • Programmable security code access. Moisture-resistant. A3 Remote Temperature Sensor: Monitors room temperature. Plastic Housing 3 lbs Max of 8 Sensors.00 78. • st3 Flow Switch a2 Auto Dialer Alarm Accessories Mount these sensors up to 150 feet away from the auto dialer! A2B Water Detection Sensor: Set on the floor to alert if flooding occurs.50 14. Triggers a dial-out when temperature passes high and low set limits. 125VAC to 25 A (1-hp motor) or 250VAC to 25 A (2-hp motor). Switch is single pole. Made in USA. • Variable AC power failure alarm. A "flapper" (piston in ST12) moves with water flow. Use 18–22 gauge wire. 2. Max of 4 Sensors. Plastic Housing 5 lbs Water Detection Sensor Magnetic Reed Switch Remote Temperature Probe Remote Temperature Sensor Smoke Detector Passive Infrared Motion Detector Humidistat Ship Wt $ 473.65 99. Made in USA.4 lb. windows. Only 1. Auto shut-down after the 16th attempt (four phone numbers. four dial attempts on rotation—up to 255 attempts)./N.

95 EcoFix® EcoFix® is formulated to make pond water clean and clear.000 gallons. Do not use AlgaeFix® with crustaceans. A1125 $ 4. May take up to 24 hours. it is safe for plants. 16 ounces treat 4. Flocculates particles down to .95 Each — 29. it helps create a healthy ecosystem and can be used in ponds containing salt. call for price.347. fish and the environment.58 4+ Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.598. Note: Will cloud water when applied. and blanketweed (Oedogonium). 16916 16964N 16 oz 64 oz Ship Wt 2 lbs 5 lbs $ Order by Phone: 877. Add 5 mL per 10 gallons of water on a weekly basis for best results. smelly brown pond water with a potent combination of beneficial bacteria that work together to maintain clear water.95 119. Dosage is one teaspoon (5 mL) per 50 gal. call for price. freshwater shrimp and freshwater lobsters. Cannot be sold into Canada.75 kp644 SeaKlear® Aquaria Natural Clarifier clears up cloudy water by causing particulates to clump together and be easily caught on mechanical filters.5 microns and makes them rapidly filterable without causing the filter system to clog. KP644 KP646 32 oz 1 gal $ Formulated to keep ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear. Its beneficial bacteria will remove small particles from the water.70 Effectively controls "green water" in ponds. blue-green algae ( Aphanizomenon). Biodegradable and usable with all sanitizers. fish and the environment. SK0104 SK0101 SK0102 1 qt 1 gal 5 gal $ 16 47 215 Re-FRESH for Natural Sparkling Pond Water Revitalize old. Do not overdose on tanks containing these organisms. 147D 64 oz $ 33. EPA-approved to effectively trap algae.114 Chemicals ® Aquarium/Pond R (Cannot Be Sold in New York) AlgaeFix for Aquariums AlgaeFix® • • AlgaeFix® is an EPA-registered clarifier that effectively controls many types of algae in freshwater aquariums. AC128 Gallon Ship Wt 11 lbs $ 57. SK0404 SK0405 SK0401 1 qt 1 gal 5 gal $ 40 112 430 PRS is a patented two-stage system proven to enhance filtration. It also removes excess oils to prevent scum at the water line. white water without the use the harmful chemicals. Can be used safely in freshwater tanks containing live plants and fish. Caution: Re-FRESH may be harmful to snails and shrimp. Safe for use with all fish and plants. animals. Dilute with warm water before adding to pond.95 kp654 Phosphate Remover eliminates phosphates by binding them in an insoluble form so they are no longer available for algae growth. SK1305 SK1301 SK1202 1 qt 1 gal 5 gal $ 46 137 430 Accu-Clear® Accu-Clear ® causes dirt particles. Nontoxic—100% safe for plants. Cryptosporidium and E.95 Each 54. Removes algae-causing orthophosphates and keeps salt generators working properly. Safe for all fish and plants. animals. string and hair algae (Cladophora).66 4+ 16916 Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier for Ponds This 100% natural water clarifier clears up cloudy.200 gallons. It contains highly active strains of bacteria that break down dead algae and help increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen in pond water.1401 . blue-green algae and most types of string algae. debris and bacterial blooms to clump together and settle to the bottom to be either vacuumed up or picked up by the filter. Add 5 mL per 10 gallons of water. 55-gal drum also available. KP654 KP656 32 oz 1 gal $ 57. AlgaeFix® effectively controls many types of green water algae (Chlorella). call for price. 55-gal drum also available. One 4-oz bottle treats approximately 1. including crabs.95 32.4788 Tech Support: 407. it can be safely used with aquatic plants and will not harm fish.800 gallons. clean pond surfaces and eliminate unpleasant odors. It clears up "green water" algal blooms. 55-gal drum also available. Wait 5 to 7 days after final dosing to add these organisms. A 64-oz bottle treats up to 16.95 159. Sk1305 Sk0104 Sk0404 Order Online: AquaticEco. thereby reducing outbreak risk. EPA-approved herbicide. coli in the filter. 3.000 ppb.

animal and environmental standpoint. These stirrers are all driven by a variable speed motor from 0 to 300 rpm. It is safe for swimming (and drinking) and harmless to fish. unflocculated. the owners actually add phosphorus to increase their productivity so they will grow more fish. golf courses and farm ponds is 1/2 lb per 1.90/4+ Tech Talk 115 Flocculation of Suspended Solids in Aquaculture Polymers or polyelectrolyte flocculants can be used to concentrate waste solids collected from recirculating systems and other aquaculture applications. With this information you can design either a batch or a continuous flow sedimentation system. resulting in clear water. Aluminum. Has no impact on rooted plants.  Watershed runoff. In aquaculture and other applications. Large quantities are shipped from the factory. Order Online: AquaticEco.000 gallons of water.5 and Order by Phone: 877. Since everyone's water and waste chemistry is different. This would be considered bad if you wanted to swim in it. Made in USA. Use in any size waterway. or approximately three 50-lb pails of clarifier per acre-foot. fertilizer additions.440. so that samples may be taken during the test. they typically ask a limnologist or other lake expert to "eyeball it" and give them their recommendation. Some remedial action can be inexpensive and other suggestions can be cost-prohibitive. cleaning stations.0. nitrogen and other nutrients enter the lake from four sources: 1. then DePhos-A after the algae bloom subsides). mostly intact. To reduce the phosphorus level is to reduce the plant and algae growth. the percent reduction of phosphorus may also be used to evaluate effectiveness of treatment. 4' deep). If the low-cost fixes are not sufficient to bring about the desired improvement in water clarity. with no outflow. which becomes incorporated into the sediments of the lake. The percent reduction of the wastewater parameter of interest is calculated in relation to this untreated. wastewater sample. you need to withhold nutrients that feed the algae. Make a slurry and spray it over the pond surface*. Place the pebbles in a mesh netting to prevent residual stones. one foot deep or 1/4 acre. Call for a quotation. It is totally safe from a human. which is an indicator of suspended solids removal. Simply broadcast the granules evenly across the surface of the water. with little submerged weed growth. Use in lakes. is one of the most common elements on the face of the earth. If the water is turbid. 2. AL40 $ 118. you must reduce the productivity. You might think of it as starving for plant nutrients. thereby allowing aggregation and floc formation. Typical application rate is 80 lbs per acre-foot (25 ppm). It has been shown that the majority of the phosphorus discharged from intensive aquaculture systems (50-85%) is contained in the settleable solids. The standard jar test apparatus uses several containers. PHOS15 PC40 PC40P 15-lb Container 40-lb Pail Thirty-six 40-lb Pails $ 43. It is ideal for small recreational lakes. Since most people can't afford that professional service. Phosphorus. we'd call it "clean" and its primary productivity would be low.00 77. a jar test must be completed to determine the optimum flocculant dosage and the duration of mixing. BAR40 50 lbs $ 82. If the water is clear. garden ponds and golf courses.Clarifiers/Tech Talks Chemicals 115 Pond Clarifier Removes phosphorous.1401 . A buffering agent prevents pH drops. improved formula! BARACLEAR® is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters.598. farm ponds. the evaluation of the effectiveness of polymer treatment is completed by analyzing the percent reduction of turbidity.  Point source (typically sources known by the owner—can be things such as fish food. use an algaecide first. like silica sand.00 105.5 and 8. A control sample is included to evaluate the effect of the polymer addition. alkalinity between 50 and 200 ppm and salinity below 3 ppt. Phosphorus is typically the nutrient that can limit plant and algae growth in freshwater lakes.4788 Tech Support: 407. It is not an algaecide—it flocculates and removes phosphorus and particulate matter from the water (if water clarity is less than 24". The pebbles are easy to use—simply scoop up the 3/8" pellets and scatter them over the surface of the water. Polymer solutions are prepared according to the manufacturer's recommendation and added in varied concentrations to the containers along with water being tested. It is used in cooking and drinking water filtration. its productivity would be high. to the bottom and provide a time-release of alum into the sediment and water. 4. An example would be the concentration of backwash wastes from microscreen filters.0.000 ft3 (equal to one acre. etc. ponds and reservoirs. One 40-lb (dry powder net weight) plastic pail of DePhos-A will treat 45. Phosphorus binds tightly to the alum.). The pH should be between 5. Ship weight 45 lbs. To identify and quantify the sources of phosphorus. They include organic polymers that are cationic (positively charged). DePhos-A is a 2-part buffered alum water clarifier from Sweetwater Technology Corp. Tech Talk 102 Alum Lake Treatments Every lake/pond is unique. each with a sampling port about 10 cm below the water line. The jar test procedure is a small scale representation of the larger scale treatment system and is used to optimize flocculant dosage and time periods for mixing and settling. If you want to have clear water. Pond and Lake Clarifier New. The typical application rate for phosphorus removal in municipal lakes.00 pc40 *First test the flocculant treatment in a sample portion to determine whether the pond's water chemistry causes the floc to float or sink.  Sediment nutrient cycling. alkalinity between 50 and 200 ppm and salinity below 3 ppt. The flocculation process includes 1) a period of rapid or flash mixing when flocculants are added to the wastewater and stirred at high speed. use a skimming device to remove it. A paddle stirrer is placed in each container. from one hundred to ten million gallons.86 2.347. It could be considered good if you were using it for aquaculture. cationic polyelectrolytes are more often used to neutralize or reduce the negative charge on the particles. any method that removes solids will also reduce the total phosphorus. A wide range of polymers are available. anionic (negatively charged) or nonionic (no charge). It is the only alum treatment product that addresses the large amount of phosphorous that resides in the bottom sediment of many ponds.  Atmospheric loading. Note: BARACLEAR® leaves a residual stone in the pond after the active alum ingredients have entered the water. Thus. Note: pH should be between 5. it is necessary to do a total nutrient budget. 2) a period of slow mixing when the wastewater is slowly stirred to form large flocs that can be easily settled and 3) a period of rest when the floc formed is allowed to settle. consider an alum treatment to reduce phosphorus in the water and reduce its cycling out of the sediments. Large quantities ship from factory. The flocculation process involves the optimization of the electric charge of the wastes and bringing floc particles together to form larger particles that can easily settle in a sedimentation basin. Made in USA. To some small farm ponds and fishing ponds that are 100% on private property. It is probably cheaper than you think. Because wastewater particles are generally negatively charged.84/4+ Phosclear® Phosclear ® (buffered aluminum sulfate) is a convenient phosphorus removal and water clarification solution for murky waters. They will sink. In short.90 82. due to planktonic algae. 3. For most applications. If it floats.

In still water ponds. BSP4 BSP10 4.50 Tech Talk 37 How Barley Straw Works Research through Aquatic Weeds Research Unit UK indicates that barley straw is highly effective in the control of algae. Start with small quantities and monitor effects. use a half-dose—the potent bacteria in Eco-Balance may cause oxygen levels in the water to temporarily drop.001. For 150 gallons of clear water. Ml7 use 12 oz for first application. 9 oz treat 6. apply 9 ounces every six weeks. decorative ponds and lagoons. For 501. It is completely harmless to fish.43 36. Concentrated One gallon treats over 10. pint 4X.62 4+ Bag $ 9. ML6 ML7 bE100 Barley Straw Extract. Each bag includes a graduated measuring cup.2-lb bag will treat 150 gallons for up to one year or 400 gallons for up to four months. degrades hydrocarbons and volatile organic carbons and accelerates plant startups and recovery from upsets or shock loads. Barley straw may be prestarted in nonalgae problem areas with good oxygenated water flows.4788 Tech Support: 407. Weight or stake them to the bottom in an area with water movement. How about that? An organic approach to algae control! It takes six to eight weeks for barley straw to become active after it is placed in moving water. bSp4 How much barley straw to use? Eco-Balance Probiotic Bacteria Probiotic bacteria are key to maintaining a balanced. The highly concentrated formula can solve the most difficult waste management problems when used in a controlled maintenance program.39/4+ MICROBE-LIFT® MICROBE-LIFT® is composed of several strains of bacteria that begin immediately to attack the materials in the water or soil that cause pollution and unpleasant odors. BE100 BE101 8 oz 16 oz $ 10 13 BE102 BE103 32 oz 64 oz $ 24 42 Quart Gallon $ 20 63 Ml6 Barley Straw Pellets Barley straw pellets are made from concentrated. It is specifically formulated for fish ponds.75 Each — 13. Add 10 mL per 10 gallons of water on a weekly basis. KP664 KP666 32 oz 1 gal $ 26.95 kp664 Barley straw is most effective in shallow (1 m) water with sunlight and good circulation. MICROBE-LIFT® complies with even the strictest of environmental regulations.15 79. Water surface area is used to calculate dosage.116 Chemicals Clarifiers/Tech Talk Clarity Max™ Plus This product combines activated 5. for severe problems double the dosage. It is a nontoxic.000 gallons.8 oz) per square meter may be required. Treat pond every 10–14 days until problem has been resolved. The most effective method is to apply the liquid directly and evenly into the pond at a rate of 1 oz per 200 gallons of pond water. Use will enhance the breakdown of organic wastes and sludge and reduce hydrogen sulfide and odor problems. The pond may become cloudy but should clear within 24–48 hours. For 150 gallons of turbid water. CCM25 2. Note: When using for the first time.000 gallons! This patented formula of barley extract works very well at clearing pond water and replaces the unsightly bundles of straw in your pond. A 2. improves BOD and COD removal efficiency.4 lbs 10. resulting in clearer water with less muck buildup. make flat sheaves or stuff it into net bags.000 gallons. BST5 1/2-lb MICROBE-LIFT ® IND is specially formulated for industrial and municipal wastewater systems. taking care not to dust the plants (it won't work if it's not in the water!). nonpathogenic. Works for up to 6 Order by Phone: 877.000-gal ponds. Order Online: AquaticEco. organic barley straw enriched with peat and humate. After that. destroy algae. bacteria and 6 different enzymes into a single.90 30. plants and wildlife. Barley straw decomposes slowly. MICROBE-LIFT® PL is completely safe and will help to maintain a balanced pond environment.000 gallons. killing the microbes. Low temperatures are less effective. gallon Ship Wt 1 lb 3 lbs 11 lbs $ 8.598. MICROBE-LIFT® 4X is specially formulated for use in septic tanks. dry packaged product for improvement and maintenance of garden ponds. With sufficient water flow through the straw. ML1 ML3 ML5 4X.000-gal ponds. so be sure to keep the water moving.347. It is a mixture of beneficial bacteria. Clear water needs less straw. USDA-authorized product that is extremely effective in the treatment and clean up of environmental waste. but can be used on larger ponds. with sunlight and oxygen. including nitrifiers and photosynthetic bacteria. It helps to break down organic materials and improves the natural nutrient cycling rate. muddy water and less sunlight.30 4+ MICROBE-LIFT® PL For over 20 years. healthy pond. sump or filter. For 1. Designed for ponds from 500 to 8. It significantly reduces odors. biodegradable.09 oz) of straw per square meter of water surface.5 grams (.50 Each 8. In water with a severe algae problem. 1/2-lb bags are designed for easy placement directly in your pond. eliminates noxious odors and reduces the buildup of wastes. MICROBE-LIFT® PL has been unique in the marketplace. Stagnant water will go anaerobic inside the straw bundle. quart IND. with no effect on higher plant and aquatic life. 4 oz/week for 4 weeks and 4 oz after that for monthly maintenance. Safe for all pondfish and plants. but with turbid. more straw is required.95 13. Microbial growth. 6 oz/week for 4 weeks and 6 oz after that for monthly maintenance. we hear good comments from barley straw users. so its oxygen demand does not cause problems unless an excessive amount of straw is used. It has a high ability to improve organic removal efficiency and stimulate nitrification/denitrification.5 lbs $ 1. use one 1/2-lb bag per 1. Eco-Balance is a natural way to promote beneficial bacteria while reducing bacteria that can be damaging to your pond. Sprinkle over the surface or around the perimeter. oxygen and warm water temperatures activate the decomposition of the straw.1401 . barley straw will remain an active algaecide for approximately six months.that reduces ammonia levels.5 lbs $ 40. the minimum quantity of straw needed to control algae is 2.95 41. high first treatments up to 50 grams (1. The research unit suggests you tie the straw in small bundles. A natural and ecologically sound method to clear water.00 37. lignins oxidize into homic acids and. apply 4 ounces every six weeks. Ml5 Barley Straw Year after year. use 16 oz for first application.

carbon dioxide and bacterial biomass.347. It also does an excellent job of eliminating the causes of noxious odors associated with drain line buildup.26/4+ — — 48.000. alkalinity above 100 and oxygen above 3 ppm (optimum is above 5 for nitrification). Bacteria work best when the following conditions exist: pH between 6 and no higher than 8. oils and proteins are drained.5 acres) Tech Talk 25 Bacteria Notes What is their size? There are thousands of strains and two major groups. such as Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter.000 in a milliliter! (For instructions on counting method. They must compete with each other and with predators. Inc. Recommended for bodies of water 8. Thus. Each strain does only one job. Bioaugmentation with Bacta-Pur® guarantees the presence of the balanced team. The result is less pollution.58 51. Ultraviolet light is used to kill bacteria. some bacteria will utilize oxygen from any nitrate when there is no oxygen. at least the spores survive. temperature between 34ºF (1ºC) and 104ºF (40ºC) (optimal is 86ºF/30ºC). or snails.5 (optimal is 7.000+ liters (1. 1 liter Sludgebusters. they have a biological directive to eat and reproduce.000 gal) 4. How fast do they grow? A population of heterotrophic bacteria can double every 20 minutes. Although many involved in water purification may get trapped in the floc they typically flow through the system. What is the relation between light and bacteria? Light is not only unnecessary for the growth of beneficial bacteria that improve water quality. It has a 2-year shelf life. chlorine.000 liters (250–1.000 liters (4 oz/1. ammonia. BX1A Bacta-Pur® KLEAR is a scientifically cultured to produce a powerful team of beneficial bacteria that improve water quality. They are cocci-shaped (round to oval) bacteria.7 acres. stress and disease.24/4+ 49. BX1 BX1A NK135 BX3 BN1A BS1A DK1 SD34 SD135 KLEAR. Freshwater and saltwater applications. Bacta-Pur® Sludgebusters contains beneficial bacteria that will efficiently biodegrade these wastes. They are elongated.000. XLSW & BX3 should not be Ground shipped if a chance of freezing exists. the slippery material one feels on a tank wall. It can improve fish flavor. lakes and under cages. 4 liters POND. NK34.23/4+ BS1A. particularly Nitrobacter. 4 liters Koi Pond Koi Pond Koi Pond Large Pond Lake Lake Aquaculture Koi Pond Koi Pond Usage Ship Wt 3 lbs 11 lbs 12 lbs 11 lbs 12 lbs 12 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 12 lbs $ 21. Each Bacta-Pur ® formula contains a balanced community of specially cultured bacteria to improve water quality safely and effectively. phosphorus and organic sludge.90 68. fish and meat processing facilities and anywhere that fats.4788 Tech Support: 407. BX1. What do they eat? An individual strain may digest a specific type of fat. Regular use prevents accumulation of organic sediments and eliminates causes of odor problems. 4 liters NUTRIPAK. 4 liters KLEAN DRAIN.00 12. typically . We recommend a one-time application of Bacta-Pur ® NUTRIPAK to ensure that all of the essential nutrients for healthy bacteria growth are present in the pond. How are they eliminated? Freezing can kill over 99% of some Order by Phone: 877. often rod-shaped bacteria.000 liters (1 oz/100 gal) 100 mL each/4. waste is channeled into the animal side of the food chain. and water movement is essential to ensure that food is brought into contact with them. This mixture accelerates start-up of biofilters for both fresh and salt water (up to 35 ppt). but all strains are not everywhere all the time.00 52. typically . bx3 Application Rates Bacta-Pur ® Klear (BX1) and Bacta-Pur ® NutriPak (NK34) for ponds Volume Weekly Dose Rate 1. The by-products of this natural water-cleaning process are water. Together the right team can eat sludge.50 68. The sludge layer resulting from uneaten feed and waste products can cause clogging of pumps and filters. acids. Heterotrophs use organic carbon (as we do). The toxicity of the UV light is a function of the wavelength. BN1A.90 70. animal wastes.598. NK135 Bacta-Pur ® NUTRIPAK.5 acres 2.1401 . fruity smell. cellulose or hydrocarbons.50 68. BN1A N3000 includes 12 strains of bacteria for ammonia and nitrite removal (nitrification) as well as for nitrate reduction (denitrification). UV light.4 µ in diameter. New benefit is reduced nitrite accumulation. Where can you buy them? From Aquatic Eco-Systems. Very useful for drains in laboratories. If a proper environment exists.000 gals to 24. goldfish. heat. Water purification cannot be optimized if all the required strains are not present. so it takes a coordinated team of strains to purify water.5).99/4+ 48. Includes activator packets #1 and #2. SD34. they will multiply.23/4+ 48. Assistance on this Tech Talk was provided by IET. contact AES or IET. Order Online: AquaticEco. 1 liter KLEAR.90 — 48. noxious odors and other problems. Add one tablespoon (15 mL) per drain per week. SD135 Bacta-Pur® Sludgebusters is effective in biodegrading sludge wastes that accumulate on the bottom of ponds. etc.Bacteria/Tech Talk Chemicals 117 Bacta-Pur® Bacteria Improves water quality! Bacta-Pur® offers one of the most concentrated bacterial cultures available. solubilize organic deposits and break down sludge and waste products into natural fish food.000+ gal) Surface Area 100 mL each/1.) Do they move around? Some bacteria form floc. hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate) will also kill them.5–25 acres 25+ acres Weekly Dose Rate 5 liters/2. These microorganisms use these wastes as food for their growth. certain proteins. Biological filters should be kept in the dark. BS1A Bacta-Pur® XLG includes 16 strains of bacteria for decomposing organic sediments (sludge) in ponds. These nutrient growth enhancers should not be required again unless water changes greater than 30% are done.000–4.5 liters/2.25–2. What do they do? Like all other living things. Autotrophs use inorganic carbon (carbonate or carbon dioxide) as plants do. 4 liters XLG.50 21. This rapid reproduction (with mutations) quickly evolves new strains. but also will inhibit the growth of nutrifiers. Spore-forming bacteria are less affected. there is very little accumulation of bacteria because these animals eat them. It has a pleasant. Bacta-Pur® KLEAR attacks both the solid and soluble organic pollution in ponds.5 acres 2. That's 100. Decomposing waste may also produce toxic gases. for example. Nitrobacter can double every 8 hours. Where do they come from? Bacteria can live in most places.2 µ (microns) wide and 4–6 µ long. In a pond with koi. carbohydrates. The bacteria on a biofilter are immobile. BX3 Bacta-Pur ® POND. This product contains 12 strains of bacteria to maintain water clarity. disinfectants.23/4+ 59.2–. which is rich in protein. The use of Bacta-Pur® assures the presence of the appropriate strains of beneficial microorganisms for fast and efficient nitrification (oxidation of ammonia and nitrite) and reduction of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Bacta-Pur® bacteria are guaranteed to have a minimum of 10" cells/mL. bacteriacides and oxidizers (ozone. DK1.000 gal) Bacta-Pur® N3000 (BN1A) and Bacta-Pur® XLG (BS1A) for ponds & lakes 1. DK1 Bacta-Pur® KLEAN DRAIN includes 15 strains of bacteria specifically designed to break down deposits that accumulate in drain lines. 1 liter Sludgebusters. 4 liters N3000. reduce fish stress and disease susceptibility and increase feed conversion efficiency.5 acres 1 liter/2. intensity and exposure duration.

Made in USA. gallon Freshwater. Like the original ProLine® "Bacteria in a Bag. The concentrate must be refrigerated at all times and has a shelf life of 3 months.55 ProLine Bacteria works exactly as promised. our main fishing pond was noticeably cleaner. the clarity was improved enough that you could literally see six feet down to the bottom. 32-ounce or one-gallon sizes. 239001 239002 Freshwater Saltwater $ 225 271 "Bacteria in a Bag" by ProLine® Add to your aquarium to aid in the nitrogen cycle. Treatment rates are 4 ounces per 10 gallons for freshwater systems (use freshwater for salinity of 7 ppt or lower) and 8 ounces per 10 gallons for saltwater systems. orders placed by early AM will either ship that day or next day. gallon Ship Wt 239410 8 lbs 1 lb 8 lbs $ 42.00 347." this saltwater formulation is conveniently packaged into a one-step maintenance program for aquaculturists working in high salinity environments. Should not be shipped Ground if chance of freezing exists. One kit is designed for use in fresh water and the other for saltwater applications. The concentrate must be refrigerated at all times and has a shelf life of 3 months.4788 Tech Support: 407. Simply calculate water volume and dispense at the rate of one 1-oz bag per 400 gallons of water or one 8-oz bag per 4. It can be used to rapidly seed biological filters and correct ammonia and nitrite imbalances. Should not be used when fish or other culture animals are present in the water. Two separate kits are available.000 gallons).00 Bacteria by ProLine® ProLine ® Nitrifying Bacteria is available in either freshwater or saltwater versions. 239400 239410 239425 Six 1-oz Bags One 8-oz Bag One 25-lb Bag $ 13. This pond has not been this clean since it was constructed 40 years ago. add four ounces per 20 gallons of water.800 gallons (use freshwater for salinity of 7 ppt or lower).68 Saltwater "Bacteria in a Bag" Great for new aquariums. "Seeing is believing. In just four days. 239201 239211 239810 Simply calculate water volume and dispense at the rate of one 1-oz bag per 400 gallons or one 8-oz bag per 4. or when adding multiple fish.25 44. nutrients and trace elements required for optimizing the seeding of biological filters.118 Chemicals Bacteria Aquaculture Bacteria Concentrate by ProLine® TF Specifi cally formulated for ammonia emergencies! ProLine Bacteria Concentrate is a high concentration of live bacteria specifically formulated for ammonia emergencies.10 11. 239805 239810 Six 1-oz Bags One 8-oz Bag $ 15. saving us thousands of dollars. 16 oz Freshwater.347. ProLine® "Bacteria in a Bag" is a good product for elimination of fish waste and odors.1401 . Do not exceed 4 mg/L and do not add fish until ammonia level is at zero. in 16-ounce. gallon $ 317 317 Ammonium Chloride by ProLine® the perfect food source for nitrifying bacteria. Please keep making this wonderful product. ® Biofilter Start-Up Kit by ProLine® Accelerate biofilter start-up by using the ProLine® Biofilter Start-Up Kit. add two gallons per surface acre of water. Each kit may be used with any biofilter with up to 50 cubic feet of media.39 12. Each kit comes complete with ProLine ® Aqua Coat water conditioner. For garden pond applications (fewer than 1. Weighs 11 lbs. Using ProLine every two weeks as recommended will now save us from dredging this 3/4 acre pond every year. All kits must ship by Next Day Air (shipping cost included in price). sludge elimination and odor removal in high salinity applications (>18 ppt).598. Maintain 1 mg/L while seeding bacteria until nitrates appear. Sold in 500-gram bottles. ProLine® nitrifying bacteria. All concentrate ships Next Day Air. For older or heavily loaded lakes.90 10. Orders placed by early AM will either ship that day or next day. One gallon of saltwater concentrate can treat up to 2. Live bacteria begin ammonia removal immediately. 239201 239210 239211 Saltwater. ProLine® ammonium chloride. gallon Saltwater. Instructions for use are included with each kit. live rock or coral. 239310 239001 239310 239300 Freshwater. Additional kits may be added for larger biofilters. This product is used as a source of ammonia to initiate the growth of nitrifying bacteria. "Bacteria in a Bag" Saltwater Formula is the perfect choice for water quality improvement. Not Order by Phone: 877.400 gallons.75 10. For lightly loaded ponds or lakes. 239100 $ 13." Jim Kaercher Spring Valley Trout Farm Dexter. possibly saving an entire system from disaster. call an AES technician. Within two days. water-soluble bag. Michigan Order Online: AquaticEco.05/4+ Biofilter start-up is initiated by adding the components of the kit to an offline biofilter. Time of biofilter bacterial colonization and start-up can be reduced by weeks. Components of the kit may also be used for reseeding biofilters in cases of shock load or system upsets.800 gallons in all home and public aquariums.800 gallons in home or public aquariums. One gallon of freshwater concentrate can treat up to 4. It utilizes natural bacteria and comes in a handy-to-use.

multiply the 41. There is no standard. Seawater cannot be evaporated to a dry salt and then be reconstituted by adding water.2 g/L (from example one) x 3. the quality of the raw materials and the uniformity of the blending.400 gallons of synthetic seawater. It just doesn't work. and require no air pump. Aquarium Systems. One bottle (2 grams) treats 300 gallons.000 gallon batch at 32 ppt.00 59. To calculate salt needed for lower salinities.1 ppt salinity! Gallon designations for commercial brands are not calculated at 35 ppt.2 kg $ 53. this all-natural sea salt replaces electrolytes such as potassium.and nitrate-free batch is individually tested to generate consistency and high quality. solve: 41. Example 2: To mix a 1. There are many formulas.00 14.396 g or 318 lbs (144 kg) of sea salt. nitrifying bacteria and ornamental fish. Because sodium chloride is a major component of most synthetic sea salt mixtures. BC23 $ 10.78/4+ Order by Phone: 877.8 g/L x 32 ppt/35 ppt = 38.95 9. multiply the 38. algaecides or erythromycin succinate. do not assume that ppt is the same as grams per liter (g/L).10 $ 63. The salinity is the sum of all of the dissolved ions.Salts/Aquarium Equipment/Tech Talk Chemicals 119 Super Salt Concentrate by ProLine® contains everything but the salt—save on shipping! This synthetic salt mixture contains all the necessary elements and buffers (except sodium chloride) required to make up to 4. control valves and tubing. They feature an easy open cap for convenient refilling. 5 grams per 10 gallons for Victoria conditions and 7. A second. Use 15 grams per 10 gallons for Tanganyika conditions. this assumption causes an error of about 2. iron. the information in this tech talk was provided by thomas Frakes.400 gallons 63 lbs 600 lbs Ship Wt Cichlid Lake Salt A chemically sound blend of salts designed to simulate the natural environment of cichlids. phosphate or heavy metals. Aquarium stores. the systems come complete with solution tank. ProLine ® Super Salt Concentrate is packaged in a semiliquid form and sold in resealable buckets. A third source of error is adding the salt to the desired volume. it is also responsible for a large amount of the weight. since all brands of sea salt use some hydrated salts (for cost and solubility reasons). PDS145 9 lbs $ 14. fully adjustable valves.5 gallons (9.06/4+ 55. The weight per fi fty gallon package varies among brands from 13. Available in two sizes.4788 Tech Support: 407. including magnesium. each with its own characteristics.1401 .514 liters) of salt water. which you can add locally to save money on freight charges.8 g/L by the ratio of the desired salinity.20 576. not the advertised gallon ratings.8 grams of sea salt mix to one liter fresh water for 35 ppt salinity. Seafood holding systems.5 liters) 5 gallons (19 liters) Replacement Hose Kit $ 47. It contains numerous essential elements. Several mistakes are common when calculating how much sea salt to use. Safe for reef tanks. Pond salt can also temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite. 239500 239510* Super Salt. Example 1: To mix at 32 ppt solution. One bucket mixes with 80 lbs of noniodized. This concentrated mixture contains everything but the sodium chloride. This causes an error of about 12% lower salinity than expected. 400 gallons Super Salt.347. it takes 41. 239500 AquaDose Systems These gravity drip systems are ideal for dosing marine reef supplements. divided by 35 ppt. or hydroponic nutrients. 279 3.598. KD2 KD5 KD6 2. 4.58 — 4+ Pond Salt Made from evaporated seawater. high-purity sodium chloride to make 400 gallons (1. Does not contain nitrate. For calculation purposes. Because seawater is heavier than fresh water. Each phosphate.01 liter solution at 29. Applications • • • • • • Public aquariums. giving salinities between 27 and 32 ppt. more serious error is to assume that the salt mix is anhydrous (water free). so artificial blends were developed. manganese and iodine.00 Each 57. Order Online: AquaticEco.000 to get 144.46/4+ Chemi-Clean Removes disease causing red slime from marine reef tanks. Research labs. The weight is the legal unit of measure.95 *Ships by motor freight. as the volume increases about 1% after adding the salt. potassium. For marine ornamental aquarium use only.78 (liters/gallon) x 1.5 grams per 10 gallons for Malawi conditions. What this means is adding 35 g of sea salt to a liter of water (1. chloride. inverts.000 grams) will result in a 1. Inc.5% lower salinity than expected. pH adjusting solutions. not for use with food fish or freshwater fish. It also oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment found on the bottom of reef tanks as well as improves water clarity. Contains no phosphates. calcium and magnesium. remember to base mix ratios on the weight of salt mix. Recirculating systems. technical consultant.60 44.2 g/L. Ideal for all ornamental koi and goldfish ponds. Natural seawater is generally considered to have a salinity of 35 parts per thousand (ppt) or grams of salt per kilogram of water. The quality of a brand of sea salt is dependent on the formula. Saltwater fish holding systems. sodium. First. calcium.60/4+ kD2 kD6 Tech Talk 27 Mixing Artificial Seawater Artificial seawater is a complex mix of many purified salts formulated to have a composition similar to natural seawater when dissolved in fresh water. sodium.7 lbs to 16 lbs. Pallet quantities available. When purchasing and mixing sea salts.

etc. consistency and uniformity. Contains no chlorine remover. IS50 CM2 150-gallon Mixture CM2B 150-gallon Bioassay Mixture CM3 150-gallon Mixture w/Bucket Ship Wt 55 lbs 55 lbs 56 lbs $ 38. Every batch is carefully analyzed to guarantee composition.25 49. 41/2 cups per 10 gallons 1 kg per 10 gallons 36 oz per 10 gallons 21/4 lbs per 10 gallons 10 gallons = 37.47/4+ 14.78/2+ — — 49.60 15.1401 .13 RS18 Aragamax Sugar-sized sand. silicate or EDTA added. Extra-fine grade sand will not alter pH. No ash or silica.95 49.62 13. Contains chlorine remover. 15 lbs Tahitian Moon. Dissolve 1 lb of salt per 4 gallons of water to approximate seawater at 35 ppt (1. this high buffering sand (1–2 mm grain size) provides calcium and other trace Order by Phone: 877.120 Chemicals Salts/Substrates Instant Ocean® Salts Instant Ocean ® has been the preferred salt mix of public aquariums and home aquarists for many years.and nitrate-free. vitamins and selected trace elements that are commonly depleted in living reef aquariums. It is scientifically blended to contain every minor and major trace element required to make artificial seawater.39 47. Grain size is . CM2B is a 150-gallon mixture specifically formulated for bioassay research.95 Each 16.07 (36) — pallet Salt.85 42.95 54. Attains a proper pH of 8. 00418 000211 00821 RS18 RS40 Aruba Shell. Reef Crystals ® is an enriched blend of sea salt that contains extra levels of calcium." this product is ideal for shallow beds. 15 lbs Special Grade. Aruba shell is a mixed grade of crushed shells with a very high buffering capacity.26/4+ Aruba Shell Flamingo pink Reef Sand tahitian Moon Sand Special Grade Reef Substrate Order Online: AquaticEco.18 (48) pallet Making Salt Water? Start by mixing at these levels.347. The smooth round grains are gentle to soft-bellied sharks and rays. White in color and metal-free. IS50 IS160 IO200 50-gallon Mixture 160-gallon Mixture 200-gallon Mixture Ship Wt Crystal Sea®/Forty Fathoms® • • • No ammonia.45 4+ — 45. Sized for most reef and marine fish systems.40 19. phosphate. Call for quotation.2 mm grains) that works well in reef tanks with burrowing inverts or jawfish. universities. is not all the same! This product is a perfect mixture of essential compounds and trace elements to make seawater (contains no anticaking agents). tahitian Moon Sand. Phosphate. Reef Crystals Sea Salt ® Developed for reef aquariums.50 15.3 upon hydration. Each package will make a 32-ppt salt solution at listed volume. Can be used in both fresh and salt water. 20 lbs Special Grade.50 28. Crystal Sea® is preferred by many public aquariums.00 31. 40 lbs $ 15. Pallet quantities available. it dissolves quickly without insoluble residue.64/2+ 51. Also known as "oolitic sand.5 liters All salts are available in pallet quantities.50 34.95 50. Contains no chlorine remover.00 17.2 mm diameter. Great for marine reef and fish aquariums.25 Each 4+ 65 lbs $ 54. Use it with confidence when setting up any saltwater ecosystem.2–1.04 13. Add more salt if needed. The fine grain size can pass easily through the gills of gobies and other sand-sifting organisms. that are often found at elevated levels in domestic water supplies. then aerate for over an hour before measuring salinity.598. like fish food. each for a 50-gal mixture. SS30 30 lbs $ 21.35 15. CM3 is a 150-gallon mixture that comes in a resealable bag and includes a bucket and a measuring scoop. 18 lbs Flamingo Pink. biological research facilities and professionals.4788 Tech Support: 407. such as copper. nitrate. 15 lbs 50 lbs 65 lbs $ 17. This ensures exact mixing of anhydrous ingredients throughout each batch. It has superior dissolvability and is compatible with all marine aquariums. IS160 Quality Assured Crystal Sea® Marinemix is manufactured under the most stringent quality control guidelines using a superior computer control blending system.022 SG). pH. A special additive helps to detoxify excess heavy metals.45 47. cM3 Seaflor Marine Substrates Aruba Shell. RC200 200-gallon Mixture Ship Wt Flamingo pink Reef Sand.95/2+ 38. Special Grade Reef Substrate A mixed-grade aragonite substrate (1–1. Biodegradable box includes four bags. allowing denitrification in as little as a 1" depth of water.

Pond Acid Buffer lowers pH and is especially useful in concrete ponds.57 15.7 for freshwater and plant systems. Made in USA.15 Indo-Pacific Black Fuji Pink 00784 125 lbs 120 lbs 165 lbs 220 lbs 250 lbs 330 lbs Special Grade Super Reef Bermuda Pink Blackwater Expert Ideal for creating conditions much like those found in the Amazon region of South America.2. 20 lbs Indo-Pacific Black.  CC2 CC5 15 lbs 40 lbs $ 12.95 17.95 9. Provides unsurpassed buffering capability to maintain pH levels at 8. 500 g Reef Builder. dolomite and oyster shell.95 17.1401 . Also removes chlorine and chloramines.2–2 mm Berlin Systems Berlin. 600 grams treat 2.8 mm Fine: .95 Each 00785 Tank Bottom Surface Area Lbs of reef sand required to make a 4" sand bed in reef tanks: 36" x 18" 48" x 12" 48" x 18" 48" x 24" 72" x 18" 72" x 24" Amount of Sand Buffers by SeaChem Acid Buffer lowers and stabilizes pH in the acid range of 4. encourage spawning and aid the hatching process. Eliminate chronic pH problems and provide maximum surface area for Order by Phone: 877. 20 lbs Super Reef Sand. Plenum. Alkaline Buffer raises and stabilizes pH in the alkaline range of 7.92 4+ Arag-Alive aragonite reef sand contains a full spectrum of bacterial species. 1 liter $ 9.95 17. pH Down: 2 drops per gallon lower pH 1 unit.57 15. 600 g Marine Buffer.90 Each 10.30 9.57 4+ 00780 00781 00782 00784 00785 Special Grade Sand.0.5–4 mm Fine: 1. Not for hydroponic use. 250 grams treat 800 gallons of salt water.90 23. magnesium and trace elements.  Composed of superior trace elements.0 mm Coarse: 2–4 mm Mixed Grades: . Reef Builder raises and maintains KH (carbonate alkalinity) without affecting pH. Tints the water a light brown or yellow color and will improve fish color. but here's a guide: rb363 mb343 ab243 nr303 pH Up: 4 drops per gallon raise pH 1 unit.95 17. Contains no phosphates. Arag-Alive Reef Sand • • Contains stabilized marine bacteria.70 10. carbonate. magnesium. 20 lbs Bermuda Pink Sand. etc. and it never needs replacement. alkalinity. UP16 DN16 pH Up. 16 oz pH Down.57 15. 20 lbs Fiji Pink Sand.9 L) Ship Wt 5 lbs $ 25. It is ideal for all marine and reef tanks. Sump. Refugiums Fish Tanks Fish tanks Berlin. including heterotrophic.  Will not cloud water.57 15. autotrophic and chemolithotrophic bacteria that quickly reduce cycling time in new tanks.02 10. Available in five grades: cc2 Fiji Pink Sand Indo-Pacific Black Bermuda Pink Sand Super Reef Sand Special Grade Sand Grade (Size) Typical Applications Extra Fine: . Plenum. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Neutral Regulator adjusts and maintains pH at 7. 500 g Neutral Regulator.2–2.Chemicals Sand/Buffers 121 Florida Crushed Coral. One teaspoon (5 mL) treats 10 gallons (38 liters). kb64 1 oz = 28 g 1 lb = 454 g KB64 64 oz (1.70 16.90 10. 20 lbs $ 17.598. 250 grams treat AB243 AB233 MB343 NR303 RB363 P2817 Acid Buffer. Coarse Grade This crushed coral with aragonite provides up to 25 times the buffering power of other crushed corals.3 for marine and brackish water tanks.5. 250 grams treat 800 gallons of fresh water. 600 g Alkaline Buffer. Elements provided by aragonite include calcium.2–8.  Application rate varies with water hardness.35 Each — 21. molybdenum and potassium. Contains naturally chelated iron. Supplies bioactive calcium.95 9.600 gallons of fresh water.347. This crushed coral allows an increase in bioload by up to 50%. 600 g Pond Acid Buffer.57/6+ pH Up and pH Down These liquid products: • • Are fast acting—no aging is required. vitamins and other organic compounds that accelerate plant growth.100 gallons of salt water.10 24. strontium. 250 grams treat 800 gallons of fresh water.02 6+ up16 dn16 Order Online: AquaticEco..4788 Tech Support: 407.0–6. 16 oz $ 10. silicates or copper sulfate.5–1. Refugiums 15. Marine Buffer adjusts and maintains a pH of 8.

product is sold by volume rather than weight. 16 oz NovAqua® Plus.347.000 µ. Regenerable up to five times. 500-mL bottle treats 5. Supplemented with a proprietary amino acid to aid in coloration of invertebrates and fishes. • New herbal ingredients for immune health aids and viral and protozoan infection inhibition. Not FDA-approved. it also contains a unique blend of buffers that help prevent pH shock.000 gal. 60-mL bottle treats 600 gal.80 liquid Reef Complete source of the elements and molecules that are directly used by corals.4788 Tech Support: 407. REP500 $ 17.45 152.59/2+ 41.122 calcion Chemicals Additives/Conditioners Strontion-p High-purity powdered strontium incorporated by corals.598. silicate and organic material. MAG500 $ 7. 5 gal NovAqua® Plus. 600-g container treats 24. reduce nitrite toxicity.75 ppm) and breaks the bond between chlorine and ammonia in chloramines (use AmQuel® Plus to remove leftover toxic ammonia).20 143.00 — 38.1401 . strontium. strontium and magnesium in the same ionic ratios found in aragonite. Not FDA-approved. 500-mL bottle treats 5.45 36.45 41. Magnesium is a component of aragonite. Stronger and more economical than liquid strontium solutions.60 phosphat-R A regenerable phosphate adsorption resin that will also remove silicates. STRP600 $ 30. Ideally sized for many stony corals. clams. tubeworms. 500-mL bottle treats 5. which means great cost effectiveness. Does not contain elements not expressly known to be used by marine organisms or take place in chemical interactions. • New vitamin ingredients for health aids. electrolytes and polymer colloids that combine to boost immune systems. Ideal for both fresh and salt water. Created for hobbyists maintaining multiple reef aquariums. • • NovAqua® by Kordon® NovAqua® is a unique combination of chemical compounds that safely neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals. Note: Resin sold moist. KALK450 $ 12.10 Garlic power Delivers the nutritional benefits of raw garlic to fish by direct application to their food. Does not require refrigeration. clams and other reef-building organisms to create skeletal material and grow.000 gal.17 mg/L free copper ions.00 44. CAL500 $ 9. therefore. PHOR500 $ 44. Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons.80 — 34. 60-mL bottle. 450-g container.15/4+ 2 lbs 11 lbs 45 lbs $ 7. iron. Useful for reef-building invertebrates such as corals. detoxify heavy metals and buffer tap water with NovAqua® Plus's enhanced formula. LRF500 $ 14. • New remover of heavy metals.60 Magnesion This highly concentrated ionic magnesium solution helps regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in aquarium water. Provides calcium. It also contains Vitamin B12.90 lugol's Solution An extremely powerful iodine solution that should only be used by advanced reef aquarists to dose iodine or to create a dip for corals and their allies. Able to detoxify other heavy metals. dealers. Increases alkalinity to help stabilize pH.20 kalk+2 Contains calcium. Also removes iodine and promotes biofiltration. gluconate or polygluconate.000 gal. Do not add this product directly to an aquarium containing live animals without first diluting in water as directed. juvenile fish and adult fish that feed on plankton and other microinvertebrates. including increased ability to remove toxic zinc.75 ppm of chlorine (free and combined) and up to 1. Why NovAqua Plus? ® Pond PolyAqua by Kordon® This liquid water conditioner is formulated to reduce the possibility of disease outbreak among injured or sick fish. Consists only of preserved extract of raw garlic with a small amount of vitamin C as a preservative. wholesalers) who transport and handle large numbers of fish that frequently incur physical damage during capture and handling.000 gal. New ingredients include organic herbs and vitamins. Not for food Order by Phone: 877. NA16p Increased ability to remove chlorine.25 — 141. NovAqua® neutralizes up to 3.000 gal. 500-mL bottle treats 2. Weight varies due to moisture content. all of which are present in natural seawater ratios. 1 mL increases the concentration of iodine in 1 gallon of water by 18 ppm. One 16-oz bottle treats 960 gallons. PA17 PA64 16 oz Gallon Ship Wt 2 lbs 11 lbs $ 7. NA16 NA64 NA5 16 oz Gallon 5 gallons Ship Wt NA16P NA5P NA64P NovAqua® Plus. LUG60 $ 17. Using synthetic polymers. 1 gal (128 oz) $ 8. This conditioner neutralizes chlorine (up to 3. No refrigeration required. A 16-oz bottle treats 960 gallons. Not FDA-approved.00/2+ NA16 Order Online: AquaticEco. Composed of purifi ed water and other high-purity materials.000 gal.00 Additives by Brightwell Aquatics This highly concentrated ionic calcium solution increases the concentration of calcium in marine aquariums to provide corals and other reef-building invertebrates with one of the most important elements required for growth. Synthetic polymer resin beads are durable and prevent channeling. 1-gal container treats 7. magnesium and potassium in approximately the same ratios in which they occur in aragonite. 500-mL bottle treats 500 gal. GAR60 $ 17.32/4+ 135. clams and other reef-building invertebrates into aragonite. It is ideal for pond hobbyists as well as professionals (shippers. May be employed in fluidized bed. Create stock solution by dissolving 6 grams in 1 gallon of fresh water. copper. Pond PolyAqua provides a "bandaging effect" for damaged tissue that reduces the possibility of infection by bacteria or external parasites.70 Zooplanktos-M Provides zooplankton ranging in size from 500–1. Contains no unwanted organic material such as EDTA. aluminum. the mineral secreted by reef-building organisms to form skeletal material.680 gallons. it will not negatively impact water quality or release phosphate or silicate once exhausted. 500-mL bottle treats 5. Not for food fish. • New electrolytes for stress reduction.59/4+ pA17 New polymer colloids for fish protection. canister or passive filtration. ZPM500 $ 12. Provides temporary alkalinity and helps maintain pH within the desired range without adding chloride to the water. etc. clams and calcareous algae. reduce stress and build up stronger slime coatings on fish. Keep closed to prevent drying. Free of phosphate. Free of phosphate. NovAqua® Plus contains stabilizers for long-term storage and is compatible with other water conditioners. larval crustaceans.60 NovAqua® Plus by Kordon® Improve your fish's health. silicate and organic material. We recommend the strontium concentration in the aquarium be determined using an accurate test kit prior to supplementing. More effective than activated aluminum and granular ferric products.80 Replenish A unique complex that replaces 29 trace and minor elements commonly lost through chemical filtration.

These chemicals are determined by the FDA to be low regulatory priority aquaculture drugs because they have no significant animal or human drug uses.95 Each 5. boosts alkalinity and adds essential electrolytes needed for proper fish growth. Use 1 teaspoon (5 mL) per 5 gallons (19 L). When testing for ammonia. Filtration with activated carbon.70/2+ ut32 16 oz Gallon 5 gallons Ship Wt 2 lbs 11 lbs 50 lbs $ 6. state and federal regulations that apply to your specific applications. Not FDA-approved. which is toxic to fish. Treats 4. Not for food fish. contact the FDA. Certain high regulatory priority drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used only under very specific circumstances. preventing loss of body fluids and electrolytes. Finding and using the correct chemicals according to the labeled instructions is very important. It's safe enough to be used with all medications and does not harm saltwater invertebrates. shipping and other forms of stress. a salicylate test kit must be used. Ammo-Lock ® is a liquid water conditioner that eliminates the toxic effects of ammonia in both fresh and saltwater systems. Use with koi.61 28. zeolite or ozone does not affect its properties. Here is a product to keep handy at all times. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine Communications Staff 7519 Standish Place.46/4+ 131.67 — 40. This is very useful when hauling.95 45. Not FDA-approved.85 Each — — 65. Not for food fish. In addition. Maryland 20855 301-827-3800 http://www.000 liters).347. Either chlorine or chloramines will be present in water provided from public water supplies. Made in USA. Prime does not cause a pH drop or overactivate skimmers. HFV-12 Rockville.00 68. CL16 CL128 cl128 16 oz Gallon Ship Wt 2 lbs 11 lbs $ 5. is an economical form of protection for your investment. Situations where organisms for human consumption are concerned require special consideration in the United States. handling or medicating fish. Use one teaspoon (5 mL) per 10 gallons for chlorine neutralization. One gallon treats approximately 7. chloramines and ammonia from fresh or salt water. neutralizing chlorine and. It is excellent for conditioning new water in ponds. It also detoxifies copper and heavy metals. Use as little as one drop per gallon of water.83/2+ sc2 Ammo-Lock® Tap Water Conditioner® This tap water conditioner instantly neutralizes sr9 FDA Regulations Water Conditioners and Aquaculture If you are involved with the production of aquatic organisms. Can also be used in shipping bags during transport. Stress Coat® acts as a water conditioner. Chlorine should be neutralized before tap water is added to an aquarium or pond.1401 . Not for food fish. Provides essential ions and stimulates natural slime coat on Order by Phone: 877.Conditioners/Tech Talk Chemicals 123 Ultimate® This convenient. Lab tests have shown that Ammo-Lock® actually locks the ammonia in a harmless state and does not release it from that state. SC1 SC2 SC5 UT32 UT1 UT5 32 oz Gallon 5 gallons Ship Wt 3 lbs 11 lbs 50 lbs $ 13. one ounce for 588 gallons. Not FDA. One 16-oz bottle treats 960 gallons.00 131. Stress Coat® Slime coat replacement.44 6+ Tech Talk 103 Start Right® Start Right® crystals instantly neutralize chlorine. Note: Ammo-Lock® will alter ammonia test kit readings that are not the salicylate type. It is always advisable to seek the current regulatory status of each chemical before use. double for fin/scale damage.htm#ApprovedDrugs Prime A complete water conditioner that removes chlorine and chloramines. Both therapeutic and nontherapeutic chemicals have very specific requirements regarding their usage. We recommend that you conduct a thorough investigation into the regulatory status of the products you intend to use and then keep a complete log of the purchase and usage of these chemicals. You must always abide by the local.00 — 35. 4 ppm chlorine or 1 ppm chloramine in 10 gallons of water.4788 Tech Support: 407. SC433 SC438 SC439 sc438 500 ml 2 liters 4 liters Ship Wt 2 lbs 6 lbs 11 lbs $ 10. It remains active to complex and neutralize ammonia for two weeks! What could be better for shipping fish and showing fish? One teaspoon (5 mL) of Ammo-Lock® will instantly neutralize 3 ppm ammonia.700 gallons. For more information about specific regulations. Not FDA-approved. fully functional water conditioner instantly removes chlorine. SR9 9 lbs $ 37.56 35. It also stimulates the natural secretion of slime to protect fish from the harmful effects of handling.000 gallons (19. tropical fish and bait fish.95 Each 7. 500 mL-bottle treats over 5. Stress Coat® replaces a fish's natural slime coat with a synthetic one. It detoxifies ammonia and nitrite and enhances nitrate removal.41/2+ Order Online: AquaticEco.95 29.42/4+ 120.65 143. Chemicals that are typically used as water conditioners (even ice) also have a regulatory status. at some point you will probably need to add one or more chemicals to your water.approved.fda.320 gallons.17 6+ AML2 16 oz Ship Wt 2 lbs $ 7. This neutralizes only chlorine. as the previous status is subject to change. Does not neutralize chloramines.680 gallons.598. copper and other heavy metals from tap water.10 39. one cup for 4. Not FDA-approved. when used during shipping. Not FDA-approved.95 37.

16 oz Dry AmQuel® Plus. The active ingredient in AmQuel® Plus reacts with nitrogen compounds like ammonia and nitrite to form a nontoxic. kits. ProLine's complete dry ammonia remover is ideal for large volume applications.124 Chemicals Dechlorinators/Tech Talk Dry Ammonia Remover by ProLine® Formulated in a highly concentrated powder. It is effective in both fresh and salt water. It even adds a protective slime coat to the fish's body.250 gallons).6 parts sodium thiosulfate per one part chlorine should be adequate (excess levels of sodium thiosulfate up to 100 ppm will not harm fish).65 106. Natural ingredients help heal damaged scales and fins on fish (don't use with food fish).598. This highly concentrated powder completely neutralizes ammonia.18/4+ 408.) we recommend that ozonation be discontinued for a period of 48 hours from the time of treatment. Made in USA. 55 lbs AM64p Ship Wt 1 lb 11 lbs 50 lbs 1 lb 11 lbs 55 lbs $ 8. One 16-ounce bottle treats 960 gallons.50 4+ St1A Order Online: AquaticEco.00 114. kits. Will not alter pH and contains no phosphates or formaldehydes. but rates between 1. gallon AmQuel® Plus.4788 Tech Support: 407. chlorine and chloramine from both fresh and salt water.000 liters (264 gallons). preventing future damage and reducing the risk of external parasites. Water treated with Pond AmQuel ®+ cannot be accurately tested using Nessler's-type ammonia tests or Winkler-type D. It works in the same way as AmQuel® Plus. This super-concentrated formula removes chlorine and chloramines while also detoxifying heavy metals commonly found in tap and well water.00 — 38.00 97. AmQuel® Plus instantly removes all forms of ammonia. 13 ppm of nitrate. however. 2 ppm of nitrite.00 11. AmQuel® Plus uses no sodium thiosulfate.000 L). 32 grams will treat 1. Sodium Thiosulfate Sodium thiosulfate is the main compound in most chlorine neutralizers. nitrite. 3 lbs 11 lbs 55 lbs $ 20. maximizing cycling speed.00 407. This dose will remove Order by Phone: 877. chlorine.00 — 87. APP1 APP5 APP25 1 kg 5 kg 25 kg Ship Wt AmQuel® Plus Considered to be one of the most effective dechlorinators on the market. stable substance that does not interfere with benefi cial bacteria and can be oxidized by nitrifying bacteria in the biofilter. It greatly accelerates the attachment of nitrifying bacteria to biomedia.50/2+ Aqua-Coat by ProLine ® pQ16 AMD2p Safe to use with fish in the water.10/4+ 163. It is nontoxic to fish and invertebrates.250 liters (8. nitrate. kits. 5 gallons Pond AmQuel® Plus.O. 16.95 42. Recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (5 mL) for each 10 gallons.00 Each Tech Talk 113 Ammonia Removers and Ozone When using many ammonia removers (AmQuel ®. 1 kg will treat 31.1401 . A 5-lb box treats 18. ClorAm-X®.55 33. use sodium thiosulfate for instant neutralization of chlorine (don't use with fish in the water).65/2+ Pond AmQuel® Plus App5 A concentrated water detoxifier that eliminates ammonia.00 430. Not FDA-approved. 16 oz AmQuel® Plus. chlorine and chloramines from fresh and salt water. 16 oz treat 2. chloramines.40 89. then the decline in ORP can cause ORP controllers to "falsely" sense a problem and turn on the ozone equipment with a resulting overdose of ozone. Dosage: 2 oz treat 240 gallons. Note: Water treated with ClorAm-X® cannot be accurately tested using Nessler's-type ammonia tests or Winkler-type D.749 gallons.347. etc. Water treated with AmQuel® Plus cannot be accurately tested using Nessler's-type ammonia tests or Winkler-type D. should be continued at all times. These products contain reducing agents that cause the oxidation/reduction potential (ORP) to drop significantly.30/4+ 386.000 liters).91/4+ 50 lbs 124.O. Does not affect beneficial bacteria. nitrates. 239600 16 oz 239601 1 gallon 239602 5 gallons Ship Wt AM16p ClorAm-X® Safe for use on food fish and shellfish. 32 grams of Dry AmQuel® Plus will treat 264 gal (1. nitrites and other nitrogen compounds. Any time municipal water must be used for aquaculture. The amounts of toxic components removed by AmQuel® Plus vary depending on water conditions. Dosage rate: 1 oz ClorAm-X® per 235 gallons of water removes 1 mg/L of total ammonia. AM16P AM64P AM75P PQ16 AMD2P AMD3P AmQuel® Plus. CAX5 CAX10 CAX25 5 lbs 10 lbs 55 lbs $ 70 117 442 2 lbs $ 8.30 — 11 lbs 40. Compatible with other water conditioners and medications. contains no formaldehyde and is nontoxic to all fish and invertebrates (don't use with food fish).6 to 2.O. 11 lbs Dry AmQuel® Plus.400 gal (9. One level tablespoon treats 473 liters (125 gallons). If ozonation is not turned off.2 ppm of ammonia.07 82.50/2+ 239602 cAx5 Dechlorinator.4/2+ — 95. ST1A ST1 4-lb Jar 50-lb Bucket $ 17.75 172. Dosage rates vary with the pH of the water. Aeration. 1.

Powdered to dissolve quickly and completely. colors. helping fish resist osmotic shock. depending on the species.13 Each — 57. 238100 238200 2. FCC food-grade complying with National Science Foundation Standard 60. Made in USA.87 L 3. bituminous coal-based product and is far more efficient than many other types of carbon. Adsorbs full range of organic contaminants. Can be used in both marine and fresh water.50/4+ ZAR12 Techno Carbon by ProLine® TF This pellet-shaped carbon adsorbs ammonia and nitrite in addition to what normal activated carbon adsorbs.4788 Tech Support: 407.59 135. removing dissolved organic wastes.00 178. Chemi-Pure® A high-grade blend of activated carbon and ion exchange resins prepackaged in a convenient. Can be retained using window screen size mesh. Clinoptilolite filter media.625 m2 of surface area per gram. KC6 KC55 15 lbs 44 lbs $ 80.35 20. it may raise or lower the pH. this special formulation (with 25% more carbon) cleans and conditions aquarium water. high-purity.65 L 1.00 73.85 85. AC412A AC412 AC55 1. Made in USA. Note: Increases H2O temperature slightly when mixed in high concentrations.90 4+ Ac412A Diamond Filtration Media black Diamond® carbon This is a premium. The small particle size (approximately 1/16" to 1/8") provides a large surface area for rapid uptake and reduces water travel distances to interior adsorption surfaces. Highly recommended for saltwater reef systems.74 63.00 Each — 35. 16705 10 oz $ 7.40 6. Replace every six months.5-lb Container 15-lb Bucket 55-lb Bag $ 10. Made in USA.000 gallons of water requires .10 4+ Low Price Activated Carbon by ProLine® A superior.95 9.95 Order by Phone: 877.Activated Carbon/Media Chemicals 125 Zeolite Ammonia Remover by ProLine® Fresh water only.15 40. ozone and many heavy metals. Carbon is dry-packed.85/4+ 160.347. It is an excellent chemical adsorption media and ion generator that will keep pH at a stable level. SC12A SC12 4-lb Jar 40-lb Bucket $ 15. Normal calcium hardness levels should be maintained between 100–250 mg/L.1401 . heat-activated. ProLine® high-performance zeolite may be regenerated several times by overnight immersion in a salt solution and/or oven drying (not effective in salt water).5-lb Jar 35-lb Bucket $ 12. Approximately . odors.65/6+ White Diamond® Zeolite Highly efficient at removing ammonia from freshwater aquariums and ponds.2 lbs (1 kg) 18 lbs (8 kg) $ 6.34 9. organic chemicals and heavy metals. PA0372 PA0373 PA0382 PA0392 Black Diamond® Carbon Black Diamond® Carbon White Diamond® Zeolite Diamond® Blend 1. ammonia and chloramines.87 L Size Ship Wt 3 lbs 5 lbs 5 lbs 5 lbs $ 12. nylon filter bag. chlorine.598.87 L 1. otherwise known as zeolite. Bulk density is approximately 24 lbs/ft3. Use 1/4 lb per 100 gallons.10 151. It also provides a large surface area for nitrifying bacteriain recirculating systems. Note: Increases H2O temperature slightly when mixed in high concentrations. Depending upon the water's buffering capacity. Not to be used in place of a biological filter but as a supplemental method for removing nitrogenous waste.00/4+ kc6 pA0373 pA0382 ® pA0392 Sodium Bicarbonate by ProLine Calcium Chloride by ProLine® Technical-grade calcium chloride can be used to raise the calcium hardness in recirculating systems.24 49. Fast-dissolving pellets. ZAR12 ZAR5 1.15 lb. is an effective means of removing ammonia. Sc12A Raise alkalinity and pH (when conditions are right) of fish-raising water. dissolved organics.00 Each 238100 238200 — 76. To increase total alkalinity 10 ppm in 1.63 Each — 44.95 Reef Carbon This high-grade carbon contains no phosphates and is excellent for removing dissolved organics. pesticides.28 4+ CC1AB CCB1 3. One 10-oz bag is ideal for tanks up to 50 gallons.85 — 35. bituminous coal-based activated carbon. research centers and government fisheries.5-lb Jar 50-lb Bag $ 10. Diamond blend® Ideal for new aquariums.67 4+ cc1Ab Order Online: AquaticEco. Preferred by public aquariums.

Additionally. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or absorbents. Ideal for fish transport. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.65 31. bait Order by Phone: 877. Select 250. errors occasionally occur.80 31. KPS5 KPS8 1 lbs (480 gal) 5 lbs (2.21/4+ Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.95 p186 Mb01 Tranquil CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Reduce injury and loss during shipping and handling of baitfish. nitrate and prevents foam buildup caused by hauling tank crowding. hauling truck tanks and shipping bags.or 800-micron mesh size. Safe for use on all freshwater fish.55 24.39 12.66 115. P165 P186 P187 100 mL 250 mL 1 liter Ship Wt 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb $ 23. pond filters and many other places with high water flow.5 ppm in 120 gallons of water. Perfect for sumps. minnow farms and fishing/bass tournaments. HL1 $ 21. Simply mix 2. Use with a fine mesh bag (included with P165). medications and other impurities found in fresh and salt water.00 19. it has a low regulatory status and is safe for use on food fish. Tranquil liquid fish calmer slows fish metabolism. 4948 This ceramic media can be used in marine and freshwater systems. prices. Sold in packs of 10.230 gallons (8. but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities and exceeds all others by over 500%. They will remove phosphates.347.60 Each 5.1401 . Sure-Haul also reduces the accumulation of ammonia.500 gal) $ 32. Ship more baitfish per volume of water. Media particle size is 2–5 mm and can be retained using an 800-micron or smaller mesh bag. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.00 22. It progressively darkens as it exhausts and is renewed by treating with household bleach.65/6+ 1 lb 1 lb $ 6. This concentrated.80 26. kpS8 Order Online: AquaticEco.40 Sure-Haul Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.95 29.79 4+ Phosphate Sponge Removes phosphates quickly from water. zeolite and other media. One quart (650 g) of media will reduce 1 ppm phosphates or silicates to less than . nitrates and a broad spectrum of organics.4788 Tech Support: 407.126 Chemicals Media/Bags/Fish Tranquilizer Filter Bags These polyester monofilament filter bags are excellent for retaining carbon.25 — 109.70 184. so less oxygen is required. ammonia. Baitfish recover immediately upon removing them from Tranquil-treated water. including koi ponds and recirculating aquaculture systems. SL141 SL142 Sl141 8 oz Gallon $ 16. trickle filters. Made in USA. yet its impact on trace elements is minimal.441 liters). 100 mL purifies up to 100 gallons (400 L) of water for up to 6 months. Can be regenerated in a household oven. synthetic absorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. Great for bait holding tanks. Not a dechlorinator. Purigen® removes proteins. MB01 MB02 MB3 MB4 MB7 MB8 MB9 MB10 250 microns 800 microns 250 microns 800 microns 250 microns 800 microns 250 microns 800 microns 3" x 4" 3" x 4" 8" x 12" 8" x 12" 12" x 18" 12" x 18" 16" x 24" 16" x 24" lxW Ship Wt Purigen® This is a premium. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication.00 20.35 19.5 kg container with 50 lbs of noniodized salt (purchased locally) to treat 2. The pads change color when exhausted. salt-free formula will save you in shipping costs.45 37.598.45 1 lb 1 lb 3 lbs $ 7. 4948 4949 4" x 8" 12" x 12" Ship Wt Reduces stress and mortality caused by fish hauling and holding. Poly-Filter These unique adsorptive pads are highly recommended for use in trickle filters and canister filters. Bags feature drawstring closing tops. Six drops of Tranquil treat one gallon of water.

Overcrowding can describe symptoms that occur from having too much of something (ammonia or CO 2) or not having enough of something (oxygen). One teaspoon treats 10 gallons. Our Chemical Waiver Form is required to purchase these products. This reduces fouling of the hauling tank water. Simply put. This means oxygen intake decreases. Agitators/ aspirators rely upon a mechanical disturbance to splash water or create bubbles to drive oxygen into the water.10 19. remember that bags of tropical fish are shipped around the world for periods of time up to 30 hours in a plastic bag containing 1/3 water and 2/3 oxygen. mullet. for every dollar's worth of oxygen bought. hauling tanks. which will ward off bacterial infections and parasites. haulers often use anesthetics. It removes ammonia and surface foam. 10 lbs Pogey-Croaker Saver. croakers. diffuser systems rely upon bubble size and bubble contact time to transfer oxygen. where the cost is far outweighed by the return in healthy fish delivered.598. do better at only 1 lb of fish per gallon.400 8.05 26. Pure oxygen systems are intended for high stocking densities. 3 lbs Pogey-Croaker Saver.800 2. Note: ALL products on this page are for use with nonfood fish only. Cooler water temperatures play an important part in keeping fish in their best Order by Phone: 877. ghost shrimp. Easily sized for the situation. the general rule of thumb is no greater than 2 lbs of fish per gallon of water. Larger trucks and/or longer runs can benefit from the compact nature of liquid oxygen. Some fish. just the opposite happens as the temperature increases. These densities typically require the use of pure oxygen systems over the agitator or compressor/diffuser aerators. As cold-blooded animals. you get fifty cents worth of it in the water. more diffusers are added. 3 lbs Please Release Me. For average travel times. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. adds electrolytes. raceways.60 113. hauling tanks.25/4+ 38.00 37. mud minnows. removes heavy metals and pesticides and stimulates the minnows' natural slime coat. live baitwells and minnow buckets. The formula totally conditions salt water.800 1. Note: sl103 sl323 sl313 Never release baitfish into the wild! sl155 sl203 Order Online: AquaticEco. 10 lbs 2. live wells and minnow buckets. croakers. conforming to the requirements of our customers. The maximum stocking density for this type of aeration is 1 lb of fish per gallon of water.1401 .57/4+ AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority. reduces water odor. 10 lbs Please Release Me. You can never "over aerate" by putting too much air into the water.23/4+ 23. To counter the stress associated with fish transport. they are taken off feed.400 9.57 144. piggy perch and menhaden. For nonfood fish. The key to pure oxygen efficiency in the hauling tank is in the diffuser. which hardens fish scales and makes sure bait lasts longer during captivity. stimulates natural slime coat and reduces water surface tension so that more oxygen can enter the water. They are not very efficient. Finer-Shiner CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required This holding formula is designed for use with wild shiners. CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Specifically developed for use with saltwater bait.28/4+ 36. 10 lbs Shrimp-Keeper.000 $ 22. compressors with air diffusers and pure oxygen. Finer-Shiner is commonly used in bait tanks. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions. This water conditioner helps keep bass alive! The formula calms bass so that injury in the livewell is reduced. The formula removes chlorine. it's usually the hatchery that takes much of the blame but. Its dark blue granular formulation readily dissolves and is ideal for bait holding tanks.45/6+ 67.4788 Tech Support: 407. It is here that attention to detail can make the difference between a good delivery and a debacle.55 109. removes harmful metals and pesticides and stimulates a natural slime coat. their metabolism slows as the temperature drops. However.Chemicals Bait/Tech Talk 127 Tech Talk 22 Hauling Tanks To successfully transport fish requires an understanding of the physiological aspects of what happens to the fish as well as their temporary environment— the hauling box water. hatchery shiners and hard-scaled baitfish. It is heavily formulated with potassium. If the fish die shortly after delivery. the better the diffusion into the water. One tablespoon treats 25 gallons.47/6+ 62. This saltwater conditioner will help keep saltwater bait alive. along with ammonia and carbon dioxide. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons. 3 lbs Shrimp-Keeper. shrimp and ghost shrimp. ammonia removers and defoamers.30 40. 3 lbs Finer-Shiner. Compressors with air diffusers are the most popular method of aerating low stocking densities or for short haul trips. holding vats. It also removes tapwater chlorine. mullet. all too often. 10 lbs Finer-Shiner. SL103 SL104 SL323 SL324 SL313 SL314 SL155 SL154 SL203 SL204 Treats (gal) Better-Bait. The formula provides instant removal of chlorine. including pogey menhaden. at least 24 hours before the fish are to be moved. Pogey-Croaker Saver Saltwater holding formula. Recommended for closed recirculating systems. But it does allow very high carrying capacities. Turns water blue. The fish are then counted by weighing (a pretty accurate method) and placed into the appropriate chamber of the hauling truck.91/6+ 101. many haulers rely upon salt to boost the fish's electrolytes and enhance mucous production. Turns water green.200 4. short trips with cool water (55ºF or below) will allow higher carrying densities with just an aerator.17 43. it is the hauler's fault. Of course. To give you an idea of how well pure oxygen works. replaces the slime coat and removes heavy metals and pesticides.400 9. Please Release Me CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Use in livewells and fishing tournament weigh-in tanks. like muskie or walleye.51/6+ 97. If more oxygen is needed. 3 lbs Better-Bait. take up space in the tank and may have mechanical problems because of exposure to the elements. Typically. A rough rule of thumb for dosage rates is 3 lbs of noniodized salt per 100 gallons of water. One tablespoon treats 25 gallons of salt water. including shrimp. long trips and sensitive fish. Better-Bait Holding Formula CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required This complete bait conditioner was developed for use on soft-scaled baitfish such as fathead and Missouri minnows.347. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free. The best micropore diffusers now on the market are less than 50% efficient in their ability to transfer oxygen into the water at these shallow depths.600 1. We thank you for your patronage. We've heard of fish haulers carrying up to 5 lbs of catfish per gallon of water on short trips to the processors! Remember that these fish are not intended to live very long. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons.200 4.24 77.600 2.55/6+ 128.00 69. Shrimp-Keeper CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required There are three main types of oxygen replenishment techniques: Agitators/aspirators. The finer the bubble.00/4+ 33. stimulates a natural slime coat and removes harmful ammonia.

4.. Hold the fish in the high carbon dioxide water until the fish slow down or become immobile. body slime.598. Box includes 10 packets.3 ounces per gallon of water. 3. which measures total gas pressure (TGP. A vacuum degassing tower may have to be used prior to carbon dioxide supersaturation. It is commonly used when handling fish during manual spawning (stripping). EPA-registered (registration pending in California). check with a saturometer. high-grade brand of MS-222 (tricaine methanesulfonate). measuring. 1 gallon (3.. so use either an ultra fi ne pore diffuser or a venturi at the greatest possible depth). Solution remains stable for seven days. 1. causing bubble gas disease. 55p 70p E. be careful not to supersaturate the water with gases. ID10 $ 30. vaccinating. and Cleidodiscus spp. It is a great sedative for transporting. Full course of treatment requires four doses..00 tRS5 Order Online: AquaticEco. TRS4 TRS5 TRS1 TRS2 5g 10 g 100 g 1 kg $ 14. Ships motor freight from factory. 2. it induces a temporary state of immobilization that is rapidly reversed when the animal is placed back in clean water. NaHCO3) to a pH of 7. It is effective against a wide variety of fungi. open red sores. blackouts and even death in humans and animals. VKS10 10-lb Container $ 98.128 Chemicals Disinfectants/Medications/Tranquilizers CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Formalin by ProLine® Virkon® Aquatic Disinfectant TF In use since 1909. 6.347.4788 Tech Support: 407. To revive them. Mix at a rate of 1. Sold in 55-gallon (208 liters) drums only.95 21. Caution: Carbon dioxide gas can cause drowsiness. and Scyphidia spp. Not for food fi sh. When anesthetizing prior to slaughtering. Protozoans controlled include: Ichthyophthirius spp.78 liters).95 Mb01 Virkon® Aquatic is a highly effective disinfectant specifically formulated for use in aquaculture facilities. eye cloud. tagging. bacterial gill disease and hemorrhagic septicemia. Cannot ship when temperature is below 40ºF. which is an anesthetic/tranquilizer of fish and other cold-blooded aquatic organisms. When anesthetizing for temporary handling. Dactylogyrus spp.95 65. as your requirements dictate. weighing and surgical operations. Using an ultra fine diffuser (or a downflow bubble contactor such as an AES oxygen saturator). ship weight 502 lbs.00 86. Made in USA.25 Note: can only be sold to fish farms and fish hatcheries. Erythromycin Parasite-S An FDA-approved formalin (37% formaldehyde) that controls external protozoa. Ships via Hazmat Ground. *This medication will cause a slight discoloration of water that can be removed with activated carbon. When in doubt. When anesthetizing for temporary handling. Trichodina spp. ("ich").com Order by Phone: 877.48/4+ Tech Talk 51 Anesthetizing With CO2 High levels of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) can be used to anesthetize fish prior to handling for purposes such as weighing. Treat a variety of fungi. Chilodonella spp. 5. Epistylus spp. any carbon dioxide bubbles that escape at the surface are wasted gas. 1% minimum titratable iodine. run the carbon dioxide level up to about 75 ppm. Also controls fungi on fish eggs. inspecting and slaughtering. bacterial and fungal pathogens. Cannot ship when temperature is below 40ºF. mouth fungus. penaid shrimp and all finfish eggs. formalin is an effective way to control and prevent external parasites. simply put them back into water without carbon dioxide.20 27. 10 lbs make 123 gallons of solution. Weighs 10 lbs. NADA #140-989. bacteria. FORM1 $ 37. ANAD #200-226.ft. which above 103% may cause problems). Use only in well-ventilated spaces or outdoors. PR55 55 gallons $ 475 Treats fin and tail rot. Generally used for cleaning equipment. sorting and grading fish.1401 .. instruments and in footbaths. 1-gallon container weighs 10 lbs.00 370. including bacterial gill disease. black molly disease and fin and tail rot. When used properly. Costia spp. Ideal for controlling a wide variety of viral.24/4+ New Lower Price Fish Medications Keep your fish healthy with Pro Series powdered medications from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. One gallon of solution treats 135 sq. parasites and monogenetic trematodes on all cultured finfish. Tricaine™-S This is an FDA-approved. 70P $ 5. 250 ppm or more is required. bubble carbon dioxide gas into the buffered water (remember.5 (or higher if normal for the ASN). Buffer the water with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda. Monogenetic trematodes controlled include Gyrodactylus spp. Full course of treatment requires four doses.. each of which treats 10 gallons.M. viruses and bacteria. 55P $8 Furan-2* Combats gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial diseases. infections and diseases before they cause permanent harm to your fish. open red sores. Povidone Iodine 10% This product is an FDA low-enforcement priority fish egg disinfectant that works well when applied to the egg surface of salmonids. injecting.

Not FDA-approved. Debride® contains corticosteroid and topical anesthetic in a butylester copolymer petroleum distillate carrier. Can also treat fungal infections in fish. Order Online: AquaticEco. NJ010 2 oz $ 4.50 Debride® Medicated CHEMICAL Ointment Waiver Form Required Potassium Permanganate Hazmat AG CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Technical grade KMnO4 (97% minimum potassium permanganate) is a strong oxidizer that works by oxidizing organic and inorganic materials that are major consumers of oxygen (does not add oxygen to the water).com Order by Phone: 877.80 68. 16 oz bottle treats up to 1. PR16 PR64 16 oz Gallon $ 10. Safe for use on all ornamental pond fish. not for food fish. etc. open sores.Pond Medications Chemicals 129 Defoamer by ProLine® Instantly eliminates foam. bloody spots and streaks. This is a great price on a high-quality defoamer. We can ship 6 jars in one carton for 1 Hazmat fee. Trichodina and Chilodonella.25 43.30/4+ $ 30. Fish can be dipped every other day for one week.40 32.1401 . ONLY dose at rates prescribed by a licensed veterinarian or the manufacturer.90 — 30.76/4+ • • • Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.75 Chemical Note: Use of any chemicals or medications is "at your own risk. Made in USA. fin/tail/mouth rot. scratching.347.4788 Tech Support: 407. 2 and 4. TN110 (110 grams) makes 5 gallons. It breaks the bacteria's resistant outer layer to allow the antibiotic to stop the bacteria. good for approximately 20 applications. Costia. as one teaspoon treats 100 gallons or more. Each tube contains 12 grams. A broad range product that clears severe fungi and bacteria-related problems. hauling tanks. It is safe to apply to the mouths of fish and will not harm the gills. For external use on nonfood fish only! Try it! It works great! TN22 (22 grams) makes one gallon. amphibians and mollusks.30 3.6 cubic meters).60 tN22 dfA Koi with ulcer infected with multiantibiotic resistant bacteria before and 15 days after 5 to 10 min dips in Tricide-Neo on days 0. 5% food grade. Contains formalin and malachite green. Healed ulcers can typically be seen within 15 days. swim bladder disease. TN22 TN110 dfB 1 lb 11 lbs $ 9. FLAW16 $12. Also used as a prophylactic dip prior to introducing new fish. Not FDA-approved. fin rot and tail rot—all symptoms of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas infections." Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. including ich. Recommended dosage: 1 ts per 20 gallons. reptiles. Use sparingly. including cotton fungus. mouth rot. Sold in 5-lb (2. NEVER mix chemicals or medications with other chemicals. 16 oz (473 mL) treat 960 gallons (3. dropsy and cloudy eyes. is not liable for any damages or consequential damages resulting from any chemical or medication treatments. MICROBE-LIFT® Lice & Anchor Worm Pond Rid-Ich+® CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required This is a combination of two powerful medications proven scientifically to be effective in the control of many diseases caused by freshwater external protozoan parasites. The product is shipped dry and mixed with distilled water.05/4+ Debride® is a medicated ointment that promotes prompt and complete healing of ulcers.95 PR16 Treats pond fish affected by common external parasites such as lice and anchor worms. Not FDA-approved. Our defoamer is a high-quality. Pond Rid-Ich+® is not FDA-approved for use on food fish.50 43. Will not harm pond biological filtration. Ineffective against Mycobacterium spp. Ships Hazmat Ground. gray slime. Cannot ship when temperature is below 40ºF. ALWAYS double-check your chemical calculations and dosage rates.920 gallons of pond water.2 kg) plastic jars only. silicone-based product that will instantly eliminate surface foam in tanks. PTP5 $ 46. highly recommends the following: Binox® CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required • Fish should ALWAYS be properly examined and diagnosed for disease by a licensed veterinarian or fish lab. ponds. DB1 $ 26.598. One teaspoon (5 mL) treats 25 gallons. DFA DFB Pint Gallon Ship Wt Tricide-Neo® TF CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Goodbye to bacterial ulcers! Tricide-Neo® is a patented dip to aid in the treatment of superficial bacterial infections such as ulcer disease. For use with koi only.

enzymes and micronutrients works on the established principle of competitive exclusion.95 Methylene Blue CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Aids in general disease prevention with tropical fish.54/4+ Cupramine CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required A copper-based medication that safely and effectively eradicates parasites on fresh and saltwater fish. Not FDA-approved. Medications are for use with ornamental fish only and are not for use with food fish or for human consumption. P1002 P1003 1 quart 1 gallon $ 22.00 48. it will not precipitate and damage the filter bed. One quart treats a 3. fry and eggs. 100 mL treat over 500 gallons. chemical waiver form required. will only sell medications to those customers who certify that they will control the usage of these products.800-gallon system three times. 17664 64 oz $ 38. MelaFix® will not harm biological filters. KoiZyme® will not harm biofilters and has a 4–6 month shelf life (18 months if kept refrigerated).598. Use weekly at 4 teaspoons per 1.95 62. Not FDA-approved.000 gallons. Also used for detoxification of fish suffering from nitrite or cyanide poisoning. closed fins. formulated for freshwater use only.49/4+ PimaFix® Antifungal Treatment CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required A natural botanical remedy made from West Indian Bay oil.000 gallons. natural treatment. 565 568 565 11P MelaFix® CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required 100 mL 2 liters $ 6. 37344 4 oz $ 3. Not for use with cyprinids. will not discolor water.18/2+ Clout CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Rapidly repairs open wounds.130 Chemicals Medications Anti-Parasitic by Blackwater Creek Praziquantel is an effective treatment for external and internal parasites such as flukes and tapeworms. It will also rapidly repair damaged fins. Dosage rate is 16 oz per 960 gallons. Safe for freshwater and saltwater tanks.000 gallons. Required treatment time is generally three days and bypassing the biofilter is not required. 16 ounces treat 8. and no damage is caused to the filter. MelaFix ® contains all natural ingredients and is beneficial when introducing new fish.000 gallons.49 26. plants. Clears typical outbreaks within 72 hours. KZ16 KZ32 16 oz 32 oz $ 25. the 64-oz bottle is concentrated and treats 19.00 Each — 44.00 CHEMICAL 4+ KZ16 Waiver Form Required KZ32 ProForm-C® Aquari-Sol® CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required Considered one of the most effective preventatives and treatments against freshwater ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis). Not FDA-approved. The 50-g bottle treats almost Order by Phone: 877.99/4+ 100. Not FDA-approved. It has powerful antibacterial properties that treat wounds and promote rapid tissue growth.95 Order Online: AquaticEco.1401 .75 3. Not FDA-approved for use with food fish. including sharks and rays. Easily removed with chemical filtration.347. recommended for use in quarantine tanks. Unlike other forms of copper.80 9. Toxic to plants and bacterial beds.26/4+ PondCare® MelaFix® Safe.95 32.65 105. not for food fish.45 5. red ulcers and cloudy eyes.95 16 oz 64 oz $ 7. Chilodonella. Oodinium and fungal infections.89 — 30. AS31 16 oz $ 9. for use with fresh and saltwater fish. this antibacterial remedy will treat ulcers. One tablet treats 10 gallons of water. Not FDA-approved. Warning: Read label carefully before use. Not FDA-approved. Antibacterial remedy for the treatment of koi and goldfish diseases. Pseudomonas and other pathogenic bacteria to such low levels that they will not have an effect on koi.11/4+ AS31 P1002 ProForm-C ® is a broad spectrum treatment that is safe and effective for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (ich). CL2 100 Tablets $ 18. snails or other invertebrates. For fresh or saltwater nonfood fish. When used as directed.200-gallon system three times and one gallon treats a 12. Costia. Can also be used as a net disinfectant. body fungus and velvet. For use only with koi. The 16-oz bottle treats 960 gallons. CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required This symbol designates those products that require a completed Chemical Waiver Form before purchase (see Index). It is a malachite green and formalin combination that is considerably less toxic to koi and goldfish than other similar products in the market. Not FDA-approved. 11J 11P 11J Highly effective against parasitic and protozoan infections. 10K 64 oz $ 29.4788 Tech Support: 407. Does not require water changes after use. damaged fi ns. Clout is commonly used to treat Lernaea (anchor worms). Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. invertebrates and salmonids. Argulus (fish lice) and leeches. Trichodina. KoiZyme® will reduce the bacterial count of Aeromonas. Cannot ship when temperature is below 40ºF. open wounds and fin and tail rot. Derived from the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca). One teaspoon treats 10 gallons (3 ppm concentration). Works in both fresh and salt water. PRAZI PRAZI-1 50 g 1 kg $ 79 450 PRAZI KoiZyme® This patented blend of nonpathogenic bacteria. PimaFix® rapidly treats fungal infections on fish bodies and fins and also treats internal and external bacterial infections.

... 200 Inositol.65 Vitamin B12.347.. uniform growth. mg ......85 SE60 Vita-Chem® A prestabilized. Only Selcon Concentrate contains omega-3 HUFA... mg . Can also be soaked into freeze-dried foods. clams. So nice to still have a company that believes in being prompt! We look forward to doing business with you again! Ruth Olsen Office Assistant U... 40 BHT.....65 RR6 A specialized microalgae/yeast diet that is fortified with a lb Dry...... It is a great additive for fi n regeneration and preventing lateral line disease in marine fish..... IU ..75 82. Other nutritional ingredients are included to promote fast..... It is highly soluble........ 16709 16716 16710 16715 16709 Your customer service is superb! I had sent a message to add an additional item to an order...59 155... It can be used with or without microalgae to feed a variety of invertebrates including rotifers.... 2.......... sponges and corals.55 26.25 10+ Vita Fish® Created for marine fish. Vita Fish® is a highly concentrated vitamin complex containing 10 essential vitamins. fat 12%. The diet colors the water a rich black to help minimize cannibalism....08 Ribofl avin.... mg .. errors occasionally occur.....250 p-Pantothenic Acid..... mg ....4 g 1 mL H2O = 1 g grams x ...... USP units . 1 oz liquid = 29.... 325.... Sold in 1-lb Ziploc® bag. Order Online: AquaticEco.........00 24.500 Vitamin K...... 2.. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication....600 Folic Acid... 16 oz Saltwater. Daphnia and filter feeders... BL200 BL500 200 g 500 g $ 13..0022 = lbs Roti-Rich Invertebrate Diet SE16 Selcon Concentrate highly unsaturated fatty acids. full vitamin mixture and specifi c essential trace elements...... USP units ... 87. and was surprised to find that the order had already been shipped (just hours after I submitted it online)... µmol .. It contains many natural extracts that are lost in prepackaged foods.59 155. Highly concentrated...... mg .. mg ..... 65..Enrichments Feed 131 Black Algae Powder by OSI® A microparticulate diet that contains a high concentration of black algae and Spirulina.. Dosage rate is 2 drops per gallon..000 Vitamin D 3. 1 gallon $ 24... 13..000 38.. Dissolves well in water with little residue....... Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc..... 793. mg . Additionally... Vitamin B12 and pure stabilized vitamin C. The customer service person made another order for the additional item. VMPS $ 39..000 Vitamin E.1401 ...... mg .. 2.500 Choline..... Protein 60%. 32. corals and invertebrates.... and all is well........ ideal for closed systems........ mg ..100 Biotin. 16 oz Freshwater..............S......... 15..600 Pyridoxine... such as scallops..598.. prices... mg . reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.... Can be put directly into the water at a dosage of 2 drops per gallon or can be mixed with foods..4788 Tech Support: 407... 1 gallon Freshwater.... 19... SE60 SE16 2 oz (60 mL) 16 oz (473 g) $ 12. Artemia.65 Each Guaranteed Analysis per Lb (454 grams) Vitamin A. Fish & Wildlife Service Klamath Falls Fish & Wildlife Office Saltwater....... easily absorbed and can be used as a food additive to enhance the nutritional quality of dry or live food......6 mL 1 oz dry = 28... mg ..600 Thiamine. multivitamin additive that is water and tissue soluble. mg .... 10..00 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco...29 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible..0353 = oz grams x ..15 BL500 Vitamin Premix.. Average dosage is 1 lb (454 g) per 100 lbs (45.50 21.52 5+ 36. 780 Ascorbic Acid..20 26... Soluble Formulated with 16 vitamins.... VF641 vf641 1 gallon $ Order by Phone: 877.600 Niacin.... it is ideal for enriching rotifers and Artemia... RR6 RR32 RR01 6-oz Bottle 32-oz Bottle 1.. 3..4 kg) of food.......... Makes 1 gallon Ship Wt 1 lb 3 lbs 2 lbs $ 7. this premix additive is good for blending in feeds or enhancing freeze-dried and flake foods.

32% Min crude fat....88 42.79/4+ Gel Fish Food Add your own ingredients.4 lbs C1 Diet. vitamin and mineral premixes. APR1 $ 15.. G.... add an average of 60 g/day during the zoel stages.....24/4+ Hard-to-feed fish and invertebrates? Homemade gel food may be the solution to your problem... Feed small amounts 4–6 times per day. FK45 FK46 1 lb 5 lbs $ 16. It has been used to successfully raise larvae of penaid shrimp... which are necessary during the early stages of growth.53 19.07 4+ Crude protein not less than. High levels of protein (50%) and very high fat levels (30%) make this an excellent diet for fish and shrimp during early larval stages. vegetable starches.09 14...3 mm.. 920–1..87 33.. vegetable protein.. Approximate particle size is 100 microns..45 87... Sold in 500-gram (1.. Mix it 50/50 with water (add your own ingredients.1401 .. 7% Great for developing your koi's hi (red) An excellent ingredient and feed additive... Application: to feed 4 million shrimp (Penaeus monodon).. koi. Includes Vpak® to enhance disease resistance.. 50% Crude fat not less than. minerals 7–13%..... carbs 15–20%..... The formula consists of a highly digestible mixture of marine and animal proteins.... Oxygen-absorbing packet included. when mixed with water.. ...95 Larval AP100 Diet by Zeigler® Larval diet consists of very fine.35 24. 2... 20% Typical analysis: Protein 60-70%. in a 50-ton water tank.95 Each 38.76 4+ Spirulina Algae-Feast Spirulina is an excellent source of nutrition for marine and freshwater invertebrates as well as vertebrates... This 50% protein diet comes in powder form. L...30 t2360 t2940 t3315 Content Analysis Min crude protein..5% Ash not more than. lobster. mix a small amount of water to create an emulsion.7 g/km... pigments.58 32.... . until PL20 is reached..410 microns..26 21. It is in a powdered form with 80% of the particle size smaller than 500 microns.. Krill meal is widely used for feeding larval catfish and increases survival rates and health in trout..A. making it easy for small larvae and zooplankton to eat.. fish and squid meal are the main protein sources.... G61 G65 8 oz (226 g) 5 lbs (2..598.2 kg) $ 11.. Deactivated—so it will not grow in your tanks—and is free from harmful bacteria and toxins. BP500 500 g $ 26.....4788 Tech Support: 407. Krill......A. making it a nutritious diet. 7% Max moisture. trout.. Contains 60% protein and is high in omega-3 fatty acids... original stocking density... shiners..... and 50 g/day during the PL stages. fish and vegetable oils. make 1 lb of gel food. For fish feed.63 153..37 88. granulated microcapsules scientifically formulated to feed fish and shrimp during larval and postlarval stages. Available in slow-sinking pellet sizes of 200 microns to 2.....00 Each 10.....30 80... 4. total carotenoids 3.23 20. 8-oz (226 g) packages.. 360–620 microns. protein rich and very high in the pigment carotenoid astaxanthin. catfish.. It remains naturally microencapsulated for hours when rehydrated and it also defilamentizes a few minutes after rehydration. Sold by the lb (454 g).14% Crude fiber not more than.90 31..... 1. 4.. 22 lbs EP2 Diet..29 18. many game fish and tropical fish. including vitamins).com Order by Phone: 877. Minimum protein content 50%.5 mm.7 g/kg..95 24.. and other finfish...... salmon. Order Online: AquaticEco. lipids 4–7%. 39% Krill Meal Max ash (minerals).. They have been used in both ornamental and food fish hatcheries around the world..4 lbs EP1 Diet. Filaments range from 8 to 100 microns in length... Food contains oxygen-absorbing packet to maximize freshness. The high fat level spares protein for growth and provides large amounts of highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA). T2360 T2620 T2920 T2940 T3115 T3315 B1 Diet. It can significantly improve survival rates and size uniformity..86 29..Sold in 300-gram can.. LD50 LD100 LD150 LD250 LD400 <50 microns <100 microns 100–150 microns 150–250 microns 250–400 microns Zoea1 to Zoea3 Zoea3 to Mysis3 Mysis1 to PL2–3 PL1 to PL6 PL3­ – 4 to PL8 Larval Stage $ 40. 620–920 microns.1. fiber 4–7%... ld100 ld150 ld250 ld400 American BP Rotifer Replacement Diet This microencapsulated feed can be used as a replacement for rotifers..347. 75 g/day during the mysid stages. It's being fed to all kinds of fish and invertebrates at the MBL in Woods Hole.. Its high fat content and excellent fatty acid profile will produce post-larvae of uniform size... let it set in the refrigerator and you have a semisolid gel that can be cut into feeding-sized portions... Farm-raised in California and spray dried into a fine powder to preserve nutrition. moisture 3–7%..88 33. 4.... yeast..L... 13..45 34..4 lbs C2 Diet.18/4+ Larval Feeds Compare to BioKyowa! Otohime larval feeds are specially formulated in Japan to meet the needs of marine fish..... making it a great food for feeding larval shrimp and fish.1 lb) cans with a 12-month shelf life... SP1 $ 26.5 g/kg. 44 lbs $ 42.. krill meal is composed of 100% Euphausia superba that has been freeze dried and ground into a powder. 4.4 g/kg. beta carotene 1...4 lbs B2 Diet. 9.....3 mm..132 Feed Enrichments/Gel Food Artificial Plankton-Rotifer APR is a microencapsulated feed that can be used as a replacement for rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis). It is highly nutritious...... antioxidants and biodegradable binders.55 69. at SeaWorld and many other public aquariums.... 200–360 microns.

Complete ingredient list. when calculating stocking rates and for correct chemical dosages. Vacuum-packed for freshness. mineral and vitamin concentrations are available upon request.60 40.48 = Gallons Area r r1 r2 l h Circle Ellipse Rectangle s h a Right Triangle c General Triangle b a h b Cube r h Cylinder Pyramid a r Elliptical Depression h Sphere Segment Cone r h h n = # sides Regular Polygon r b We've got some great feeders that will handle many foods (including fine and moist foods). etc. 2.51/4+ Tech Talk 118 Calculation of Pond and Tank Volume Determining the volume of your pond or tank accurately can be critical for many reasons. Volume c a Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. minimum 48% protein. 5. 7. amino acid. then determining the volume by salinity.85 54.2–.com Order by Phone: 877. Be sure to include the water in filters. Some geometric shapes are simple to calculate. it will help fry grow strong and healthy. squares. calculating the volume of each section based on depth and adding all sections.  Obtaining aerial photographs from which the pond area can be estimated.. AX5 $ 42.1401 .37–. e.  Determining the area using CAD software.2 .  Drawing the pond on graph paper divided into squares of known size to calculate surface area. Formulated as a complete diet.Fry/Tech Talk Feed 133 Aquatox Food by Zeigler® Aquatox is a specially formulated diet for maintenance and growth of fish used in aquatic toxicology research and in biological and biomedical research. 3. etc.." a stable form of vitamin C.g.4-lb bags. Shape Circle Ellipse Rectangle Right Triangle General Triangle Regular Polygon Shape Cube Pyramid Cone Cylinder Elliptical Depression Sphere Segment Area Calculation πr2 πr1r2 lh 1/2 ab 1/2 hc 1/2 ns2 cot (180/n) Volume Calculation abc 1/3 abh 1/3 πr2h πr2h 4/9 πabh 1/3 πh2 (3r-h) $ 54. 6. 4. including sizing of pumps. filters. many ponds are free form in shape and/or have variable depths. See more details on page 147. Volume is calculated by multiplying surface area times depth. Oxygenabsorbing packet included.4788 Tech Support: 407.347. It is processed with a unique low-heat reduction method that eliminates nutrient loss. Each Plankton by Hikari® Ideal for feeding fish fry. Unfortunately. HK170 HK270 HK370 Larval Stage Early Middle Late Size (mm) . Their volume can be estimated by dividing the pond surface into simple geometric shapes.61 80–180 60–80 30–60 Mesh The following tables present equations that are used to calculate the area and volume of various geometric shapes.  Estimating the volume by adding a known measure of salt.  Surveying the ponds using a transit to determine area (get depths from topography). Alternative methods of determining the volume include: 1. this plankton-based food hangs suspended in the water column where fry can readily feed.37 . piping. waterfalls.  Checking with the contractor who built the pond for records of pond area and avf7 avf6 avf8 Volume in Cubic Feet x 7.598.85 54. rectangles and circles.  Filling the pond using a totalizing water meter. Flakes are . The ingredients and nutrient components are kept constant to minimize nutrient variability and are especially selected for low levels of recognized contaminants. piping. Sold in 4. Order Online: AquaticEco. Aquatox contains "Stay-C.1 mm thick and sold in 5-lb bags.

4788 Tech Support: 407. ZBF5 ZBF25 ZBF50 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.08 25 lbs (11. Provides high levels of Spirulina and trace elements. ZTF5 ZTF25 ZTF50 5 lbs (2. 45% protein content.3 kg) 25 lbs (11.1401 .3 kg) 25 lbs (11.3 kg) 30 lbs (13. Increases digestibility and minimizes waste. 45% protein.3 kg) 47.40 75.50 Plankton/Krill/Spirulina A special formula of plankton.3 kg) 25 lbs (11. this flake formula has a protein content of 50%.00 265.00 Each 35.598. Pacific krill ( Euphausia pacifica) and Spirulina. Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba).30 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 25 lbs (11.7 kg) $ 65.7 kg) $ 48.17 176.71/4+ 213.3 kg) $ 14.00 Order Online: AquaticEco. Delivers a high protein content of 38% and is the choice food for fish requiring vegetation in their diet.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.00 152. F0A is a 40% protein staple flake diet with color enhancers added.25/2+ f1A f2A Flake Food Whether you're a hatchery manager.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.00 480.00 286.3 kg) 30 lbs (13. Breeders have reported an increase in spawning of 6–10 times! F01E F05E F30E 1 lb (454 g) 5 lbs (2.00 305.00 43.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.08/2+ 11. Oxygen-absorbing packet included. It is great for fattening juvenile/larval fish and thin fish.95 205.40 180. F0C and F0D are also 40% protein flake diets that are a 33% mixture of brine shrimp flake. ZAF5 ZAF25 5 lbs (2. A good substitute for earthworm flake. F1A is a powdered 45% high protein diet which is great for juvenile tropical fish or starting fry on a commercial diet.347. Also enhances color. F0G F0F F0E 1 lb (454 g) 5 lbs (2.90 53.75 157.7 kg) $ 34. Beef Heart Flake Food All AES foods are packaged in Mylar ® bags with O2 absorbers to ensure freshness. cichlids and fingerlings. Fat content at least 13% and low fiber content of 3%.134 Feed Tropical Fish/Flake Tropical Fish Food We offer four types of tropical fish food.00 Earthworm A 42% protein fl ake with a primary ingredient of earthworms. what is more important than high-quality food? Flake food is a highly nutritional food packaged and priced for the professional.42 208. F0A F0B F0C F0D F1A F1B F2A F2B Tropical Tropical Tropical Tropical Tropical Tropical Dense Dense 5 lbs (2.35 51. blood meal flake and Spirulina flake—an excellent balanced diet which will enhance fish health.6 kg) 5 lbs (2.29 12. vigor and color. F2A is a 43% protein sinking crumble that is excellent for larger tropical fish.3 kg) 25 lbs (11. Krill and shrimp meal are also added.09/4+ 48. this food is a high protein/high fat flake. flakes are formulated as a balanced diet. ZGF25 ZGF5 25 lbs 5 lbs $ 135. Promotes healthy gill.00 140.00/4+ 194.7 kg) $ 42. A choice food with 44% protein.3 kg) $ 17.75/2+ 40.00 258.00 Koi and Goldfish Food Zeigler ® Goldfish Flake is nutritionally balanced food for goldfish and koi.00 Egg Yolk Formulated from egg yolk.3 kg) $ 15.3 kg) 25 lbs (11. 45% protein content.00 A 46% protein flake with trimmed beef hearts as the main ingredient. We offer eight varieties in two package sizes.00 38.64 57. Excellent for breeder fish to stimulate egg and fry production. F01Y F05Y F25Y 1 lb (454 g) 5 lbs (2. Color Tropical Marine Similar to tropical fl ake but with higher levels of color enhancers.6 kg) 5 lbs (2.90 224.00 Tropical Highly palatable and digestible.00 Brine Shrimp Consisting primarily of baby brine shrimp. F01K F05K F30K 1 lb (454 g) $ 18. Flakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals.22/4+ 71. ZSF5 ZSF25 ZSF50 5 lbs (2.3 kg) $ 40.3 kg) 25 lbs (11.3 kg) 25 lbs (11.6 kg) Bag Size Minimum Protein 40% 40% 40% 40% 45% 45% 43% 43% Flake Flake Flake Flake Powder Powder Crumble Crumble Pellet Size Floating Floating Floating Floating Slow-Sinking Slow-Sinking Sinking Sinking feed type f0A f0C $ 38.69/2+ 12. 45% protein content.30 50. ZCT5 ZCT25 ZCT50 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.6 kg) 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 50 lbs (22.45 198.3 kg) 204.00 Angelfish Similar to tropical flake but with higher levels of color Order by Phone: 877.25 13. fin and tissue development. breeder or fish hobbyist.00 Spirulina Excellent source of vitamins and amino acids with Spirulina algae as the primary ingredient.

The feed is high in linolenic acid.46/6+ 27. prices. give us your customer number and keep the conversation under ten minutes. high survival rates.2 lbs Marine Flakes. 20031 10073 20033 20075 20035 6029 20032 Freshwater Flakes. biotin supplement and Omega-3 fatty acids helps strengthen your fish's immunity and improves resistance to disease and stress. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.82 oz.41/6+ 10. 2. 2. Extremely small pellet size (<1 mm) makes it excellent for small tetras and larval fish.2 lbs $ 32. perfect for sucker-mouth catfish.1401 .90 11. 2. All of the foods contain predigested ingredients for high nutrient absorption as well as natural color enhancers.22/12+ 40. HK40 1 kg $ 65. which promotes growth and improves the guppies' natural breeding habits. Order Online: AquaticEco.25/6+ 9.95 30.97/12+ 40.Aquarium Feed 135 Fancy Guppy™ Food Formulated exclusively for raising and breeding species of fancy guppies.347.00 29. 2. Backed by extensive research and development. 16449 $ 10. Just call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401. Contains a high level of protein. 7 oz Marine Flakes.2 lbs Spirulina Flakes.598. 2. feeding attractants and vitamins.50 42. Vitamins are encapsulated into a small pellet that becomes soft quickly in water. The sinking wafers are ideal for bottom feeders in ponds and aquariums.40/6+ 23. yet does not dissolve.4788 Tech Support: 407. Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.65 9. HK35 HK36 250 g 1 kg $ 9.80/6+ Micro Pellets ® Aquarium Foods by OSI® • • • Premium tested formulations. easily digested wafers also contain health enhancing ProCare.89/12+ Tetra Veggie Algae Wafers Staple diet and concentrated algae center are combined in one sinking wafer.45 26. errors occasionally Order by Phone: 877. HK41 22 g $ 3. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. For in-depth services.45 62.23/6+ 20035 6029 hk35 20032 20031 10073 Need design or engineering assistance? We give our customers free advice over the telephone.  Specially formulated for tetras.50 10. see Design and Engineering Services on page 4.55 34.  High levels of natural color enhancers. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. These large. 7 oz Spirulina Flakes. The formulation contains a high concentration of Spirulina algae.50/12+ 31. 8.14 2. which provides excellent nutrition for plant-eating fishes.  Promotes rapid growth.40/6+ Algae Wafers™ This algae diet is specially formulated for plecostomus and other algae eaters. This precise blend of immunostimulants. Additionally.2 lbs Cichlid Flakes. vitamins and nutrients that are encapsulated in the pellets. barbs and other small tropical fish.11/6+ Ocean Stars International (OSI®) has been supplying food products for the aquarium and aquaculture markets for over a decade.35 44.40 8. OSI's® wide range of flake and pellet foods has been formulated with exceptional nutritional advantages.2 lbs Goldfish Flakes. vitamins.

3/16" Large.16/12+ 158. A less-than-complete diet will show up as poor feeding response.45/6+ Tech Talk 17 Fish Food The cost of fish food can represent 30 to 90% of the total cost of raising fish! In some situations (like indoor culture). Ordinary plaster feeders dissolve.60 6.8 oz.57/12+ 93. Rich in astaxanthin. The 5. 5/16" Large. 16155 16106 16623 5.12 11.16/12+ 158.95 77151 77150 grams x .95 12.1401 .5 lbs $ 10. feed must provide 100% of the complex nutritional requirements fish need. 1/8" Medium.0022 = lbs hK19 Order Online: AquaticEco. Do not overfeed.27/2+ 10. Pellets fl oat and will not make water cloudy. 16262 10.60 6. give fish a little less than they will eat (stop feeding them before they stop feeding). 8. 8. 5 days) $ 1. 16200 14 oz $ 42. 3/16" Medium.85 1.25 98.8 Order by Phone: 877.55 166. Cichlid Gold® TetraMin® Flakes Widely known as one of the most nutritional flake foods. increase growth and stimulate feeding. 22 lbs.57/12+ 93. HK25 HK26 HK27 HK28 HK29 HK30 Mini. All feed should be used within the normal 6-month shelf life.86/2+ 4. It is formulated with over 40 special ingredients and is very high in nutrition.8 oz.6-oz size features extra-large flakes. Vacation is a 1-pack. 3/16" Medium 22 lbs. slow growth and/or disease problems. 1/8" Mini. 1/8" Medium.27/2+ 6. Highly nutritious. 8. Weekend is a 2-pack. firemouth and red devil species. 22 lbs.5 oz $ 12.8 oz.0 oz 4.6 oz 7. this granulated food will enhance color.86/2+ 38.45 11. Poor water quality can also be caused by bad feed.57/12+ 93. TetraMin® can be used to feed almost any freshwater fish. 8. 8. 5/16" Large.0353 = oz grams x .80 5.27/2+ 6.25 6+ Slow-Release Feeders by Tetra® Feed your fish over extending periods without wreaking havoc on your water quality. but these innovative gel feeder blocks feed your fish on demand for up to 14 days. HK19 HK20 HK21 HK22 HK23 HK24 Mini.80 4. Available in three pellet sizes.56 6+ 16155 hK25 JumboKrill by Tetra® Large pacific krill that is vitamin enriched and excellent for feeding large fish or mixing with foods. it is formulated to provide complete balanced nutrition. 22 lbs.75 Each Rich in color enhancers.347.60 6. 5/16" $ 5. 1/8" Mini. Cichlid Gold® is a specially formulated food for bringing out the brilliant.55 59.16/12+ 158.55 166.25 98.55 166.136 Feed Tropical Fish/Tech Talk TetraColor® Originally formulated as a complete discus diet.8 oz. it improves color and growth.68 55. Fortified with vitamins and minerals. 5/16" $ 6. It is excellent for feeding midwater fish like catfish and cichlids. natural colors of fish.85 oz. You can even leave them in the aquarium after regular feeding resumes. It is ideal for most species of carnivorous cichlids and works especially well for bringing out the colors in oscar. Not for sale outside of US. 14 days) Weekend (.4788 Tech Support: 407. it's formulated in a floating pellet form that does not make water cloudy.86/2+ 4. 77150 77151 Vacation (1.80 5. 3/16" Large. 22 lbs.598.8 oz.06 oz.50 Each Cichlid Staple This cichlid food is specially designed as an economical daily food for most species of cichlids. 22 lbs.25 98. In general. 8.

Sold in 5.15 8. Made in USA. 32-oz bottle.00 Cone Worm Feeder Use with live worms or flake foods. After wetting. nutrition-packed planktonic copepods (3.95 19.64 7. allows the floating ring to hold flake food. Tetraselmis and Nannochloropsis) will help your tank diversity improve. Can be fed to a wide variety of fish including catfish. 10 lbs Floating. encourage your invertebrates to come out to feed and even help difficult-to-keep animals thrive. 1 lb Earthworm. Proprietary harvesting and stabilizing processes keep cells intact and ensure nutrients get to your animals. 1–2 teaspoons treat 100 gal. earthen ponds and is not recommended as the sole diet for recirculating aquaculture or lined ponds. FOB CA.15 5. 1 lb Brine Shrimp. Get superior color. when detached.92 7. Thalassiosira. KF05-S KF05-F KF10-S KF10-F KF25-S KF25-F Sinking. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. Order by Phone: 877. 10525 10526 Cone Worm Feeder 4-Way Feeder $ 1.75 Food Sticks Oxygen-absorbing packet keeps food fresh. This blend of the most important marine microalgae (Pavlova. vitamins and minerals together with various preservatives and stabilizers that protect the feed against microbial degradation after being placed in the water. bream. It contains high levels of protein (40% minimum). . Ideal for bottom-feeding fish. AM5 AM50 5 lbs 44 lbs $ 16.8 mm) extruded and contains a minimum of 4% fat and 32% protein. Aqua Stab-L is a 3/8" sinking pellet with excellent water stability.57 4+ AP32 PfC32 Rf32 Fish Food by Lucky Pond™ This low-cost food is for supplemental feeding in natural. F125A F125 F128A F128 F126A F126 Spirulina.80 8. Earthworm sticks. The 4-way feeder features a removable cone that. 1 lb Spirulina.80 19. dried Spirulina and vitamins. We thank you for your patronage. Typically used for bottom feeders.4 oz treat 100 gal.347. 5 lbs Sinking. Phyto feast ® Roti feast® Arcti Pods® 4. Rich in carotenoids. omega-3's. amino acids. Kf25-S Kf25-f PFC32 RF32 AP32 Phyto Feast® Roti Feast® Arcti Pods® $ 29. it has a soft.92 17. Contains tens of millions of fully intact marine rotifers Brachionus plicatilis with millions of eggs. vitality and growth rates! Roti Feast® is a highly nutritious plankton feed perfect for hard corals.75 1.20 67.25 15.95 69. Also contain protein. catfish and cichlids. plankton.and 44-lb (2.1401 . which bring out the color of your animals.598. This large capacity worm feeder holds up to one ounce of bloodworms or Tubifex worms.95 69. Oxygen absorbing packet keeps food fresh.25 10526 10525 AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority. zoanthids and brittle stars. The floating type is 3/16" (4.95 4+ Arcti Pods® are large. 25 lbs $ 5. carp and other species. Isochrysis. f125A f128A f126A f125A Order Online: AquaticEco. We offer it in both floating and sinking. Rotifers are a critical feed used in marine fish and invertebrate hatcheries around the world.00 71. doughy consistency which is ideal for incorporating hormones and medications. Ideal for increasing the spawning behavior in many species of fish. carbohydrates and cell sizes.95 Each Provides a diversity of phyto-pigments.000 microns) harvested fresh from arctic waters. Packed in nitrogenpurged HD Mylar® bags for maximum freshness.00 70. 5 lbs Floating. It can be used as a free-floating feeder or attached to the tank wall using the large suction cup (included).2 and 20 kg) bags. Weighs 2 ounces. omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and waxy esters for growth. dried kelp and double stabilized with vitamin C. 15. anenomes. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions. Spirulina sticks. 5 lbs Brine Shrimp. The sinking type is a 1/8" (3. lipids.25 15. 5 lbs $ 15. An excellent food for a wide variety of fish.64 4. conforming to the requirements of our customers.67 Each Concentrated Planktonic Feed These products ship Next Day Air. as bait in tropical fish and baitfish traps and for attracting fish for harvest and sampling.2 mm) pellet and contains a minimum of 3% fat and 32% protein. larval fish and other reef carnivores that feed on small zooplankton. Brine shrimp sticks.95 69.95 70. 32-oz bottle. 10 lbs Sinking. 5 lbs Earthworm. Held in cold storage. 32-oz bottle. 25 lbs Floating. catfish and cichlids. Great for fish and invertebrates such as LPS corals.4788 Tech Support: 407. these sticks and bits are formulated from brine shrimp.95 17. tilapia. these food sticks are formulated with a high amount of Spirulina.Aquarium/Larval Feed 137 Aqua Stab-L Food by Zeigler® A special diet for both freshwater and saltwater fish. Relished by bottom feeders.

I will definitely use your website in the future for the fish tank that decorates my office.25 116. 1.90 12.75 oz Blood Worms. 4 oz Blood Worms. Even though I did not get the answer the same day.598. Minimum level of protein is 70%. The follow-up help was very quick and precise. ® SeaVeggies Clips This unique plastic clip is used to securely hold marine algae. 4 oz Krill.83/2+ Lookdown (Selene vomer ).138 Feed Freeze-Dried Freeze-Dried Foods Plankton (Euphausia pacifica) contains the highest natural source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids essential for health and growth.347.63/6+ 68. Crystal Lynn Regional Account Manager Registered Representative Life. Order Online: AquaticEco.35 71.60 14. The large suction cup attaches the clip easily and holds firmly to aquarium glass. 1 kg Krill.02/4+ 13.64/6+ 110.1401 . SB124 SB134 SB113 SB154 SB142 BIO-PURE® Freeze-Dried Food Excellent for many species of fish. SB124 SB950 SB134 SB850 SB113 SB154 SB142 SB675 Plankton. 1 kg Brine Shrimp.30 14.05 33201 Blood Order by Phone: 877. The quality. Enriched with vitamins and free of parasites and bacteria. and speedy turnaround of my question was outstanding.035 ounce SVC shown holding a piece of seaweed (SV100).73 Each 6+ 1 oz (dry) = 28. Brine Shrimp ( Artemia salina) is an excellent protein source (minimum 56%) and is readily digestible. 1 kg $ 14. 4 oz Plankton. it was waiting for me the next morning when I got in. Oxygen absorbing packet included.4788 Tech Support: 407. Tubifex Worms are processed to ensure they are free from contamination and pathogens.42 oz $ 5. SVC $ 2. spinach or other leafy foods for herbivorous fish.02/4+ 13. I believe you are EST.60 13.25 4. Health & Disability Insurance Milletseed Butterflyfish (Chaetodon miliaris).35 71. approximate size is 12 mm long and 2 mm wide.4 grams 1 gram = . it has no metal parts and fl oats if it becomes detached from the tank wall.60 14. Krill (Euphausia superba) contains 60% protein. has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and is very rich in astaxanthin (a carotenoid pigment that improves flesh and external fish coloration).63/6+ 68. It's nice to know that the answers to my questions are only a click away. Hikari foods benefit from a pharmaceutical grade freeze-drying technique that preserves the nutrition and palatability commonly lost in freeze-dried foods. . Unlike other clips.81/6+ 14. which makes business hours for PST customers difficult. 3 oz Tubifex Worms. accuracy.16/6+ 11.

03 58. 22 lbs Gold™.17 96. 4. All Saki-Hikari® koi food will float.88 102.75 28.4 lbs Staple™. 33 lbs Fancy Goldfish.4 lbs Multi-Season. floating color enhancer.64 — 92. Order by Phone: 877.17 96. Floating pellets are high in vitamins C and E and will not cloud water.4 lbs Economy. Made in Japan. 35% protein.30 42364 42204 42284 42553 Koi Foods We believe Hikari® is one of the best names in the business.74 286.8 lbs Gold™.47 9. 33 lbs Multi-Season. 34% protein. 11 lbs Staple™. 4.46 — 92.03 58.53 154.6 oz Gold™. Each contains a unique. Floating. The kit contains enough food to grow approximately 1.88 102.92 163.59 4+ Order Online: AquaticEco.53 40. 4% fat. Growth diet has a mix of fats and nutrional components to help koi grow to competition size. 4. 22 lbs Gold™. HK242 HK11 HK282 HK289 HK12 HK1 HK13 HK14 HK489 HK8 HK634 HK16 HK10 HK17 HK9 HK3 HK4 HK5 HK224 HK228 HK6 HK234 HK7 HK244 HK15 HK248 HK732 HK18 Staple™. 11 lbs Gold™. 33 lbs Excel™. 40% protein.4788 Tech Support: 407.91 98.59 28.35 102.32 11. nutritional diet high in vitamin C.28 164. 17.76 61. 5 lbs Wheat Germ. Spirulina: A superior color-enhancing formula. 11 lbs Pellet Size 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 5/16" 5/16" 5/16" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 5/16" 5/16" 3/16" 5/16" 5/16" 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 5/16" 5/16" 5/16" 1/8" 5/16" $ 7.Koi/Goldfish Feed 139 Saki-Hikari® Koi and Goldfish Food Koi Choose from three kinds of professional koi food specifically designed for show-grade competition koi. Excel™: A specially prepared.83 30. Color-Enhancing diet has pure-cultured Spirulina and high levels of zeaxanthin to promote bright red areas on koi without affecting the color of white areas. Includes all the premium nutrition your goldfish or koi need to grow strong. 11 lbs Hi-Growth™.97 55.6 oz Gold™.4 lbs Growth.48 134.1401 . Wheat germ is 30% protein. 33 lbs Growth. 17.13 75. 32% protein.598.52 67.99 80.56 259.4 lbs Staple™.75 28.03 96. AES Baby Koi Starter Kit We get numerous calls regarding what to feed newly hatched baby koi.6 oz Staple™. Staple™: Good for all-around general feeding. 17.01 227.6 oz Spirulina.59 27.4 lbs Color-Enhancing.04 11. Detailed instructions and secrets included.46 — 154.21 14. improves digestion and reduces waste up to 40%. 22 lbs Wheat Germ. Helps prevent indigestion and improves resistance to stress and disease.91 98.38 154.4 lbs Staple™. 32% protein. 17. including wheat-germ kernel. 35% protein. benefi cial set of bacteria that protects against infection.6 oz Wheat Germ. 4. A mixture of highly nutritious wheat germ and pure cultured Spirulina. You will need a small aquarium air pump for the live food portion. Multi-Season diet is made up of easily digested ingredients.32 11. We asked our resident expert for his custom blends and put together a group of foods designed to help babies fl ourish during the critical period. 6339 $ 71. 17. 35% protein. 11 lbs Staple™.22 37.76 102.75 Each — 27. 22 lbs Spirulina. 17.44 164. 42204 42208 42284 42288 42364 42368 42553 Color-Enhancing.347.75 30. well-balanced. but in a formula especially for goldfish! Also promotes improved growth while offering superior stress reduction and high immunity to infectious disease.75 164. 11 lbs Wheat Germ. Hi-Growth™: Promotes fast and healthy koi growth. Koi have been eating Hikari® for over 100 years! We buy direct to give you the freshest food at the best price. 8.75 — 96.34 71. 22 lbs Staple™. Wheat Germ: Great choice for the cooler months.60 153.76 61.4 lbs Wheat Germ. 4. 4.28 143. 4% fiber. Economy: A basic.59 27. 7 oz $ 49.52 38.58 47.90 36.000 fish up to 2" in size.00 Goldfish Saki-Hikari ® Fancy Goldfish Color-Enhancing diet gives you the same great color separation as above. 22 lbs Staple™. Gold™: A daily diet developed to meet the nutritional needs of koi while providing outstanding color enhancement. 11 lbs Wheat Germ. 11 lbs Gold™. 4.6 oz Gold™.64 — 29.75 28. for steady growth even when water temperatures are cooler (below 58°F/15°C).32 14.

less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 8.  Energy-efficient centrifugal pump with strainer basket. internal leaf basket to trap large floating debris before it settles. A unique one-click locking weir allows isolation of the pump for cleaning and winterization. Just plug into a 115V power source. Package features include: • • • • Salt water compatibility for each component. outlet and backwash. Pumps are not included. self-weighted tubing (dark blue for low visibility) and diffuser(s). which gives it a small footprint. All-weather linear compressors deliver air via self-weighted tubing to the ALP4 small pond diffuser. Small Pond Aeration Systems Each system is complete with a UL-listed compressor. appropriate couplings. order size by pump or pond size.  Emperor Aquatics UV sterilizer mounted vertically for easy lamp replacement. This skimmer also permits single or dual 25-watt UV clarifiers (optional) for exceptional water clarity. Its integrated filter mat with removable frame provides finer filtration.4788 Tech Support: 407. will not bend and is big enough for large submersible pumps. simply plumb the inlet. molded plastic polymer pond skimmer has a large. Order Online: AquaticEco. Made in USA.598.140 Pond and Water Garden Building the Perfect Pond AES Koi Pond AES has all of the products you need to keep your water clean and safe for your fish. One-year warranty. less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 16. All packages are 115V/60 Hz with UL-listed components.000 gallons while using only 90 watts! They are easy to install and come Skimmer Filter This heavy. Faceplates are required (sold separately). The small system will provide oxygen for up to 100 lbs of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water depth. A thick.1401 . nonskid cover has security lock-nuts. Our example pond shows some products in action. Five-year warranty.  AquaDyne® bead filter for mechanical and biological filtration. Two sizes of complete systems are available. Each provides mechanical and biological filtration as well as UV sterilization for crystal clear water. The structure resists warping.000 gallons while using only 50 watts! The large system will handle up to 200 lbs of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water Order by Phone: 877. No hassle installation. They are: Commercial Filtration Packages These prepackaged filtration systems are perfect for koi ponds and water gardens because they make a great life support system. valves (on larger system).  Components are properly sized—no guesswork needed! The equipment is premounted on a plastic base plate.347.

Perfect for applications where multiple accurate feedings per day would otherwise require a lot of manpower.347. 11/2" bottom Order by Phone: 877. The large 3-cu. Sturdy injection-molded housing will not warp.500 gallons is recommended. 25' for the small and 50' for the large system. One-year warranty.598. Connects to a pump or skimmer filter via 2" PVC or 2" swimming pool flex hose (not included). It can be retrofitted into existing ponds with ease. bend or collapse. Vacuum Bottom Drain This unique vacuum drain removes debris that settles at the lowest point in the pond. such as in a hatchery. filter chamber is filled with Springflo™ biofilter media (included) that provides 180 sq. Order Online: AquaticEco.000' from the compressor (in place of running electricity to the pond). For ponds with heavy debris or fish loads.Pond and Water Garden Building the Perfect Pond 141 Vibratory Feeders by Aquatic Eco-Systems Benefit from highly accurate feeding rates and times with these vibratory feeders from AES.ft.4788 Tech Support: 407.ft. The Versatile model has a 2" FNPT outlet that can be attached to a pipe or tubing for direct pond discharge or interconnected for other applications. requiring no excavation. Five-year warranty. Compressors and air diffusers have a two-year warranty. They easily handle almost all different feed types (even extremely fine and moist feeds) and they are resistant to clogging from even the oiliest feeds. Measures 22" in diameter x 301/2" high.1401 . These pond filters have a built-in settling chamber with a bottom drain for easy cleaning. Living Pond Filters equipped with tubing. A top filter mat polishes the water before it is gravity-fed back into the pond. The Waterfall model has a 22" wide weir that creates a waterfall or stream. Both filters have 2" FNPT inlets. of surface area for biofiltration. Maximum flowrate is 140 gpm. Use poly tubing to pipe air up to 1. one unit per 3.

For use on ornamental and nonfood fish not intended for human consumption. therefore increasing growth and luster.33 Each 23.80 51. Koi Grower is formulated for promoting both color and maximum growth of smaller fish.1401 .32/2+ 80.45 85. Food is 38% protein.88/2+ BWG88 BWG40 8. Great for other ornamental fish varieties as well! 5. 4 mm* 40 lbs.83/2+ 17. Use all year long if you want.23/4+ 23. 5.70 26. 40% protein. Content: 38% protein. 3-mm floating pellets.85/2+ 13. 5 mm. 32% protein. BWCS5 BWCS40 5 lbs 40 lbs $ 26. Cool Season is a wheat germ-based formula blended to be easily digested when water temperature below 60ºF (16ºC).70/4+ 49. We've negotiated a deal with one of America's top koi farms to offer this custom blend to you. K100 K106 K102 K107 K104 K108 Koi Fancier. Ziploc® bags can be kept fresh by freezing until needed. 3-mm floating pellets suitable for fish over 5".88/4+ 52. 33 lbs Pond Fancier. It's loaded with krill.00 Order Online: AquaticEco. KOIYUM $ 12. including beneficial bacteria to aid digestion. 5 mm.50 23. Use for other ornamental fish as well. Yummy Treats Floating treats made with fresh ingredients and super food pellets to enhance growth and color. Slow-Sinking Koi Foods by Zeigler® Nutritionally complete diets for koi and goldfish that float. so buy in quantity for a discount. extra vitamins.93/4+ 25. Made fresh in the USA. Convenient 5-lb odorless. digestibility and reduce waste. Made in USA. Available in 1-.50 Each Now you can feed your koi the way they naturally feed using this slow-sinking koi food.60 28. Mylar®. All contain Vpak® additives to increase your koi's resistance to disease. stay-fresh foil bag.81/2+ 13. Natural Choice koi food contains a minimum of 36% protein.65 46. 33 lbs $ 14. 5 lbs Koi Grower.95 Simply giving this food to your fish for 6–10 weeks will help them become their best. Must be fed continuously for 10 days. Blackwater GOLD-N was developed to improve nutrient uptake. 3-mm sinking pellet.and 10-lb bags. broccoli. BW255 BW256 BW257 BW258 BW41 BW42 BW43 BW44 5 lbs.10 Each 14. Koi Fancier is formulated for color enhancing. 6441 6445 6449 1 lb 5 lbs 10 lbs $ 12. 6% fat and fishmeal-based. Contain shrimp (krill).and 10-lb sizes are packaged in a resealable.70 26.25 112.97 63.63/4+ 106. Nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness.40 18. K102 Pond Fancier with wheat germ is nutrientK104 dense for all pond fish and is the choice for koi during colder weather. 5 lbs Pond Fancier. Chemical waiver form required.90 34. 5 mm. resealable bags. This diet combines the best ingredients— fishmeal. 5.99/4+ 44.37/4+ 60. 5 mm. 3 mm 10 lbs.90 14. Nutrient-dense pellets contain stable vitamin C and brewer's yeast for healthy gill. ZBS5 ZBS20 5 lbs (2. 5 lbs Koi Fancier.3 kg) 20 lbs (9 kg) $ 25.55/4+ 77. 4 mm* $ 14.65 85. 4 mm* 20 lbs. 3 mm. 6% fat. Serious koi collections deserve serious koi food. 4% fiber. Contains four antibiotics and may help heal ulcers. Available in medium (3 mm) and large (4 mm) floating Order by Phone: 877.85/2+ BW251 Medicated Koi/Goldfish Food CHEMICAL Waiver Form Required This food contains all the nutrients needed to help ornamental fish heal quickly.88/2+ Blackwater Max Color Koi Food Now your fish can have the best chance at fast growth and superb color.44 52. 3 mm.07 Blackwater Max Growth Koi Food Now you can feed your koi the same diet the professionals do. green peppers.10 Each 6441 13.23/4+ 23.32/2+ 80.347. 4% fat. 3 mm 20 lbs. 4 mm* 10 lbs.38 81.10 14.99/4+ 44.65 85. seaweed and wheat flour—with many other specialized ingredients. making digestion more difficult. Blackwater GOLD-N Professional Koi and Goldfish Food Bring your fish into top condition.50 167. 3 mm 5 lbs. 33 lbs Koi Grower.85T/2+ BW256 *Note: Expands to 8 mm. fin and tissue development.68/2+ 80.598.55 46. Spirulina. 10% fat. Feed in the spring to help prevent "egg-bound" females. minimum of 5% fat and maximum of 4% crude fiber. minerals and other ocean products. Bag contains oxygen-absorbing packet to maximize freshness.and 10-lb bags are packaged in stay-fresh.97/4+ 67. A great way to encourage hand feeding and a fine source of nutrition for your koi. BWG88 BWCS5 Blackwater Cool Season In cooler temperatures a fish's metabolism slows. BW251 BW252 BW253 BW254 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs 40 lbs $ 16.142 Feed Koi AES Exclusive Koi Food. This koi food contains high-quality ingredients and is great for everyday use. available only from Aquatic Eco-Systems. Marine proteins increase palatability.75 55. Use spring through fall.70 71. bloodworms and apples. 3 mm 40 lbs.17/2+ K100 ZBS20 13.8 lbs 40 lbs $ 55. carrots.4788 Tech Support: 407.

70 Each — 26. Contains Vpak® to enhance disease resistance.1401 . Guaranteed analysis: 35% min protein. 11% max ash.10/2+ Dense Culture Food Tanks • Raceways • Cages We offer four styles of dense culture food.57/4+ 65. The extruded floating pellets help maintain water clarity and are available in medium (4. 10.20/2+ 26.38 14.6–. ZM1 ZM2 ZC1 ZC2 ZC3 ZC4 ZP1 ZP2 ZP3 EZB400 5 lbs 44 lbs 5 lbs 44 lbs 5 lbs 44 lbs 5 lbs 44 lbs 44 lbs EZ Bio Meal Meal #1 Crumble #1 Crumble #2 Crumble #2 Crumble Pellet. F2A F2B F2C F2D F2G F2H F2E F2F 5 lbs 50 lbs 5 lbs 50 lbs 5 lbs 50 lbs 5 lbs 50 lbs Protein EZ Bio is a biological aquaculture treatment for hatcheries that combats pathogenic bacteria.6–. 9. It even includes stabilized vitamin C to help your koi's immune system. Superior quality ingredients to provide a complement of prime marine proteins and oils that are palatable to shrimp. This environmentally friendly formula is an easy way to improve your fish’s health and make them more stress-resistant. Med. 2.64/2+ SM454 ShRMP55 ShRMPSUP Ultra Balance Premium Wheat Germ Koi Food Give your mature koi what they need to stay healthy and colorful year round! Formulated for water temperatures 41°F (5°C) and Order by Phone: 877.67 82. 12% max moisture.15/2+ 54. Contains Vpak® to improve survivability. 5% max fiber.02 71. It has a great emphasis on marine ingredient sources for increased digestibility and energy utilization. ZP1–ZP3 = 50% min). hybrid striped bass and other cold and warmwater species. 12% max moisture.00 12.64/4+ 65.04/4+ 48.4788 Tech Support: 407.5% ash.60% min calcium (1.14% max).88 71. while the rapid growth allows increased generations. Guaranteed analysis: 30% min protein. vitamins and minerals to help your koi thrive—even in the cold season. SM452 SM454 SM455 SM457 SM552 SM553 SM554 Med. Guaranteed analysis: 43% min protein. 2% max fiber. The extruded floating pellets help maintain water clarity and are available in medium (4. 8% max ash. F2E is the same formulation as F2C but is a 1/4" floating pellet.21/4+ 77. And it's made entirely in the USA without artificial colors or dyes. 2.32% min phosphorous.92/2+ 11.88 74. Carotenoid pigments enhance growth in early stages.5% max fiber. Contains oxygen-absorbing packet to maximize freshness. max .85 57.54 Each — 27.75% min calcium (2.347. blood meal and fish oil.55/2+ 101. Med. healthier broodstock and improved spawn size with Pond Maturation Diet.88 71. tilapia.5 mm—recommended for fish over 12") sizes. 4% min fat.15/2+ — ZM1 43% 43% 40% 40% 36% 36% 40% 40% Pellet Size Crumble Crumble 1/8 – 3/16" 1/8 – 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 1/4" 1/4" feed type Sinking Sinking Floating Floating Floating Floating Floating Floating $ 14.17% sodium. Large Large Large Pellet Size Pond Maturation Diet and Supplement by Zeigler® Get stronger. 2. F2A is a 43% protein sinking crumble. Use with automatic feeders to optimize growth and production.6 mm .00 12. F2C is a 40% protein. And it's made entirely in the USA without artificial colors or dyes. Aids in female gonad development and dramatically reduces time to initial spawn. 4% min fat.Koi/Culture/Maturation Feed 143 Ultra Balance Premium All-Season Koi Food An all-natural diet that gives your koi everything they need to stay healthy and colorful! Formulated for water temperatures 64°F (18°C) and above. Each can be fed to a wide variety of fish including catfish. Med 20 oz 5 lbs 22 lbs 50 lbs Wt $11.05/2+ ZC1 EZB400 ZP1 Order Online: AquaticEco. 5-gram scoop of quick-dissolving powder treats up to 3 metric tons.6 mm . Oxygen-absorbing packet included.03 53.74/2+ 11. Slow Sinking . max .19% sodium.21/4+ 77.85–1.4-mm pellets sold in 20-lb bag.32/2+ 115. 9% min fat. 12% max moisture. All of the dense culture foods are made by the extrusion method. Guaranteed analysis: 40% min protein.85 82.24% min phosphorous.00 28. F2G is a 3/16" floating pellet with 36% protein and a better choice for pond fish and larger tilapia.21/4+ 54.57/4+ 65. Keep in mind that pellet sizes can vary by as much as 1/16". Med.27 Each 12. 1/8 – 3/16" fl oating pellet that works well for sub-adult fish in tanks or ponds.13 14. The extrusion method improves digestibility with less protein degradation.50/4+ 64.5 mm—recommended for fish over 12") sizes.5% ash.00 12.85 82. trout.85 82.96% max). min 1.21/4+ 77.5 mm—recommended for fish 12" & under) and large (6. order smaller rather than larger.85–1. 1.95 29. 5% max fiber.00 130. poultry meal.5% max fiber.95 28. If you are unsure of the right size.598.49/4+ 68.4–. Each one contains fishmeal.05/2+ 11.2 mm 1. SHRMP55 SHRMPSUP Pond Maturation Diet Shrimp Maturation Supplement $ 99.00 125.90/2+ 12.22/4+ 73. this koi food includes natural color enhancers and essential amino acids.5 mm 1. SM652 SM654 SM655 SM656 Pellet Size Finfish Starter Food and Treatment by Zeigler ® Finfish Starter Food is a slow-sinking diet with the higher vitamin levels required for early development. Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources (ZM1–ZC4 = 55% min.25 110. vitamins. Ascorbic acid (a stabilized form of vitamin C) is added to all of our dense culture feeds. Low nitrogen and phosphorous levels reduce nutrient discharge in effluent.4-mm pellets sold in 55-lb bag. Slow Sinking Pellet. Med. Slow Sinking Pellet.13 72.90/2+ 12.2 mm . High-quality ingredients such as marine proteins and oils meet the dietary needs of broodstock.4–.85 mm . 1.85 mm . 12% min fat.08/2+ 120. this koi food is packed with digestible protein. SM654 Med.90/2+ 12. Get larger spawns and increased mating in maturation tanks. min 1. minerals and essential amino acids to maximize growth and vitality.48 Each 12. 9.5 mm—recommended for fish 12" & under) and large (6.46 205. 400-g bag. Shrimp Maturation Supplement helps eliminate the normal lag time between ablation and initial ovary maturation in female Penaeid shrimp.93 13. salmon. Med.5% max ash.5 mm 2 mm diameter $ 12. 3.00 57.80 20 oz 5 lbs 22 lbs 40 lbs 5 lbs 22 lbs 50 lbs Wt $11. Guaranteed analysis: 15% min fat. which is an excellent starter feed for juveniles.00 28.

Made in USA. Uses a 12V battery (sold separately). It can be programmed for up to 6 daily feed times. We recommend a solar charger (SX12 or SX12G) to handle the high power requirements. 12V $ 450 1. 18612 $ 54.347. each one adjustable from 1 to 90 seconds. The digital power control unit/timer provides up to 8 feed times per day. Standard Galvanized Hunter Green Galvanized Hunter Green Galvanized w/Dock Legs Hunter Green w/Dock Legs Solar Charger. They dispense feed up to 45' away in a band about 20' wide without dropping feed within 5' of the feeder. sight gauge. Feeder "on" time is adjustable between 1–59 sec. Three-year warranty. Feeds up to 24 times per day. the larger the circle) up to 60'. Standard Hunter Green. Standard models include flared legs and angle braces for mounting on shore. It features 20-gauge galvanized steel. quality construction and unsurpassed performance. weather-tight construction throughout and side rain channels that divert water away from the power control. each feed time adjustable from 1 to 90 seconds. Capable of feeding up to 24 times per day with the built-in digital Order by Phone: 877. It can be used to control any 6V. 1 watt 6/12V Battery Charger 12V/7A Gel Cell Rechargeable Battery $ 39 45 20 28 1808 35" Three-year warranty on batteries and chargers. Hanging Feeder These hanging feeders are designed to scatter feed as small as #2 (1 mm) trout starter and as big as 3/8" pellets. Feed is scattered in a circle (the higher you mount it. Positive latching system keeps lid secure and a sight glass shows feed level reference. hanging 400D floating feed Capacity Directional Pond Feeders These free-standing feeders handle pellets 3/16" and up.100 700 750 130 130 20 18" 5' 68" 45' 15" 33" 20' Sf10Ld 60" SX12G Batteries/Chargers 1807-6 1807-12 1808 1810 6V Solar Panel. holds 100 lbs of 1/4" pellets. Feeder includes stub legs and angle braces. Easy-to-read LCD display has auto shut-off and 100% solid state electronics. "on" time is adjustable between 1–50 seconds. rechargeable battery included.or 12V-operated Stren feeder where the feeder battery powers this controller.144 Feeders Scatter/Directional/Hanging Scatter Feeder This scatter feeder is widely used by state and federal wildlife departments because of its versatility.1401 . A push button is included for manual feeding. Four-year warranty. The mounting bracket allows for easy feed circle adjustment and can disperse 1/8"–1/2" pellets up to 60' away. reverse-battery hook-up protectors and a lockable lid. Feeders are 12V.4788 Tech Support: 407. 1 watt 12V Solar Panel. Made of 22-gauge galvanized steel that is also available painted. Hunter Green 6/12V Battery Charger feed Wt (lbs) 200 lbs 53" x 60" 24" footprint height 68" Ship Wt 110 lbs $ 557 100 100 300 300 500 500 100 100 Ship Wt (lbs) 60' 48" 84 84 126 126 215 215 19 19 6 6 1 $ 700 750 800 875 1. Weatherproof.000 1. By adding homemade baffles you can block any part of the circle. Made in USA.00 48.60/3+ Sf3 Order Online: AquaticEco. 15" x 15" x 24" high. Ships via motor freight. One-year warranty on timer. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. digital timer. SF10 SF10G SF13 SF13G SF17 SF17G SF10LD SF10GLD SX12 SX12G 1808 Galvanized. SF3 SF3S SX12 Galvanized Stainless Solar Charger. Three-year warranty.000 130 60' 1807-12 1807-6 1810 Feeder Timer The AquaPro® digital timer is designed to be used as an upgrade or replacement. Dock leg models are designed to be mounted to a dock.598. Feeder is 12V and includes a rechargeable battery. 360º around the feeder. Galvanized Solar Charger.

six-month warranty. Feeder must sit on tank hood as no mounting clips are included. One-year warranty.75 23. Operates well in high humidity thanks to air line hookup (air line not included). Made in USA. Ring measures 9" diameter x 2" high and weighs 4 lbs.598. Measures 6" x 3" x 3".1401 . at $7 an hour will cost you $10. automatic feeder draws only 2. We thank you for your patronage.008.02/4+ AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority. An antidrip system prevents humidity from entering the hopper. The manual labor involved in feeding your fish every day by hand may seem small but over the period of a year can easily equate to thousands of dollars in man-hours. This small fl oating ring controls the dispersion of fish food within the pond or aquarium. feeding 3 times a day for 3 minutes per tank.61/4+ You can buy a lot of automatic feeders for $2.80/day 84. including weekly filling of the hopper and resetting feeding rates (and recharging batteries if not tied into a central power source). One AA battery required (not included). mounting brackets.00/year Automatic Feeders $ 2.347. It has a manual override button for immediate feeding and a programmable digital timer with a large display.00/month 2. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free.00/year Feeding Ring Feed your fish.50/day 315. Tech Talk 21 Hand vs Automatic Feeding Hand or automatic feeding … which is better? Automatic feeders save time. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions. It can feed up to 4 months when feeding once per day. Most fish farmers are in short supply of both. Implementing a schedule of several feedings spread throughout the day may help to cut down on size variance of the fish. One-year warranty. double-sided tape and two AA batteries.85 g per feeding).70/day 231. Includes suction cups. Weighs . and is .20/4+ Programmable Feeder The Aqua Chef will automatically feed your fish up to three times per day. not the filters.Programmable/Tech Talk Feeders 145 Fish Sitter Auto Feeder This handy UL-listed. AF7 $ 28.772! Automatic feeders allow feedings to be tailored to the biological clock of each species.40 3. crisp food. C8024 $ 24. improve feed conversion ratios and level the load on the biofilter. Manual Labor $ 10. Order Online: AquaticEco.4 lb. They are ideal for the multiple feedings required when raising fry.50 per day in manual labor. Includes a clear polycarbonate hopper which will hold up to 30 grams of flake feed (.25 liter in volume. It features an easy-to-use.00/month 3. pellets and crumble. Its patented design keeps moisture from spoiling the feed while also mixing and crumbling at each feeding.66/4+ Fish Mate® Fish Feeder This small aquarium feeder serves up to 14 meals.4788 Tech Support: 407.7 W (that's less than $2 a year) and can feed 1 to 4 times daily.772. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). The hopper holds approximately 90 mL of food and can connect to any small air pump to ventilate for dry. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. and a special mixing vibrator prevents food from clumping. Includes 51/2' power cord. FR9 $ 4.00/month 1. Hopper measures 2" deep x 3" dia. an operation with 10 tanks.90 Order by Phone: 877.54 43. It will mount on a tank or stand up to 7/8" thick. For example. Measures 61/2" x 41/2" x 41/2".780.00/year Savings $ 7. Ekomixo® Feeder Battery-powered fish feeder has three different feeding programs and ten different dose settings. conforming to the requirements of our customers.75/4+ Automatic feeders require only a minimal amount of manual labor.25 g per feeding) or 100 grams of crumbled pellets (. AF2 $ 61. (# of Tanks) x (# Feedings/Day) x (Min/Tank) x (Cost/Hr) = Cost/Day HF1201 $ 46. Includes a mounting bracket. 115V/60 Hz only. clamp-on.00 25. An estimate for this maintenance is 15 minutes per week/per feeder. 24-hour timer that provides 1–4 meals per day and slowly dispenses food over a 2-hour period to prevent overfeeding.80 a day in labor. All business people know time is money. Dispenses fl ake. That equals $2.

29/10+ 61.  Thick belts.77 196. Feeders have one-year warranty. The Baby Belt Feeder holds 5 lbs of feed and the Belt Feeder holds 10 lbs.or 24-hour period.32 9.347. Repair parts are available and repairs can be made easily on to learn more about feeders.75 42. This feeder can hold close to 2 cups (approximately 200 grams) of food.70/15+ 219. These feeders will reduce labor costs and improve growth rates.25 197.000 0 over 10 ! sold Belt Feeders Now standard with stainless steel clocks! • • • Weather-resistant cover.29/10+ 10. Baby Belt Feeder is 217/8" x 111/2" x 6". Order Online: AquaticEco. shaft.99 218. bracket and wipers. Belt Feeder is 277/8" x 15" x 6". Pond Feeder Once-a-day feeder for small ponds.14 58. Setting the feeders is as easy as lifting the lid.  These popular belt feeders are perfect for aquaculture! They slowly dispense almost any dry medication. All clocks are extremely durable and are made in Germany. One AA battery (included) required for quartz-timed motor.82 74.4788 Tech Support: 407. BFS12A BFS12 BFS12RC BFS24A BFS24 BFS24RC 4350SS 4420 4430 4398 4399 BFS24 BFS12 12-hr Baby Belt Feeder 6 lbs 12-hr Belt Feeder 8 lbs 12-hr Replacement Clock 1 lb 24-hr Baby Belt Feeder 6 lbs 24-hr Belt Feeder 8 lbs 24-hr Replacement Clock 1 lb Replacement Mainspring Clear Clock Cover Black Mainspring Cover Baby Belt Kit Large Belt Kit Ship Wt $ 209.25 156.05/4+ Cuban Hogfish (Bodianus pulchellus) Look online at AquaticEco.146 Feeders Belt/Koi Most lt r be popula the in feeder with world .69/15+ 11.75/10+ Belt kits are assembled and include belt. No electric power is required! Housed in a weatherproof case and powered by a spring-wound clock Order by Phone: 877.24 76. the conveyor belt can be pulled back halfway or feed can be spaced on the belt.32 9.69/10+ 89.96/10+ 242. it can be mounted on a pole by the edge of the water or suspended over the water. Size of clock is included in widths shown. Flake food or pellets are dispensed slowly over several hours each day (adjustable quantity and feeding time).44 10. If shorter length or intermittent feeding is desired. Fully weatherproof.598.1401 .15/10+ 81.66/10+ 67.01/15+ 10.  Clear clock cover w/gasket. The stainless steel replacement spring fits all models shown here.33 53. PF21 $ 45. pulling back the belt and loading the feed. Three-year warranty. Measures 63/4" x 33/4" x 71/4". chemical or feed over a 12.94/10+ 230. These BFS versions feature corrosion-resistant clocks.

91/4+ 90.Digital/Vibratory Feeders 147 Digital Timer.50 34. Use one adapter (SF50) for each feeder on the Order by Phone: 877. SF50 SF62 SF40 SF41 SF44 12VDC Adapter for 115VAC Speed Controller for 12VDC 115V Controller Only 12V Timer Only 115V Controller w/SF41. Perfect for applications where multiple accurate feedings per day would otherwise require a lot of manpower.74 4+ avf8 avf6 sf44 sf50 Feeder Controllers Invented Here For single or multiple feeders.62 6. The controller is set to handle up to four feeders. Vibratory Motor and Plate for AVF8 avf7 W x H Lid $ 89. For each feeder.91 36.00 145. Deluxe Up to 24 feedings per 24 hours. They easily handle almost all different feed types (even extremely fine and moist feeds) and they are resistant to clogging from even the oiliest feeds.  One to eight vibratory feeders. SF41 for 12V or 18612 for 6V.30/4+ . The timer features safe 12V operation and is housed in a moistureresistant. You will also need a timer. Adapter Features up to 24 feedings per 24 hours with a feeder "on" time of 1–59 seconds.50/4+ 157. Order Online: AquaticEco. Easy to use. One controller is required for each feeder on the circuit. These lightweight feeder controllers feature a reliable timer.00 39. Maximum power output is 15A/115V. One-year warranty. AVF6 AVF7 AVF8 AVF6RP AVF7RP AVF8RP SF40 Controller Allows the SF41 12V timer to operate with 115V power.64 47.60 8.4788 Tech Support: 407. such as in a hatchery.52 h1101 SF44 Timer with Controller An SF50 adapter must be used with each feeder. SF44 Adapter/Timer Kit Combines the SF41 12V timer with the SF40 controller for 115V operation. the optional "Y" cable expands the capability to eight feeders (four "Y" cables would be required for eight feeders). • • • • One to four FS4050 screw auger feeders.  One SF62 must be used with each feeder. 12' "Y" Adapter 2 lbs 21 lbs — — — — $ 419. so each timer can control up to thirteen vibratory feeders without the need for an external relay. all components are interchangeable. adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds per feeding.95 8.347.00 337. One-year warranty. One timer can be used for up to 13 feeders (all connected feeders will feed at once). H1201 SF50 PA15 H1106 H1112 H1113 Ship Wt Each 4+ 115V Operation The SF44 controller/timer can operate up to thirteen feeders without adding an external relay. Only one power supply is required for powering up to eight feeders.00 100. Operate up to 13 feeders (more with relay).50/4+ 303.10 54.78 42. 6' Cable. use a 12VDC adapter such as the SF50 for 115VAC operation. 12V Cable.00 125.  One to eight FS4059 screw auger feeders. The SF41 12V digital timer must be used with the SF40.598.00 175. Deluxe Feeder Controller 12VDC Adapter for 115V Power Supply.50 157. We suggest either SF44 for 115V.39 48.00 30.15 Each 80. Vibratory Feeders by Aquatic Eco-Systems Benefit from highly accurate feeding rates and times with these vibratory feeders from AES.1401 . however.00 175.5 liter 51/2" x 9" 31/8" 1. Feeders connect to the feeder time controller with cables available in 2 wire lengths.53 30. extremely economical.95 11. Three-year warranty. adjustable from 2 to 59 seconds per feeding. No soldering or crimping. Vibratory Motor and Plate for AVF7 Repl.75 liters 71/2" x 12" 51/4" 3 liters 9" x 123/4" 61/4" Repl. ABS plastic case. Available in two models.15 h1201 400.00/4+ 112.00 38.96 11. preassembled. Vibratory Motor and Plate for AVF6 Repl.00 34. The maximum output current is 10 amps. Controller.02 7.10 130. Basic SF41 Timer SF62 Speed Controller Features 8 feedings per 24 hours. each designed to handle: Typical Installation for Vibratory Feeders 6/12V Operation The SF41 timer can operate up to thirteen feeders without adding an external relay. Timer Ship Wt 2 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 2 lbs 6 lbs $ 34.  One to eight FM4480 vibratory feeders.

Repairs Nothing lasts forever. just call 877-347-4788 to get the process started. You can select the spray pattern.1401 . we welcome your call! Because we understand the nature of aquatic life and how time sensitive some situations can be. we ship most orders the same day. troubleshooting a problem for an existing system or are starting from scratch and need some advice. Our technicians have many years of experience across diverse fields and studies.148 Feeders AES Services AES Services Call Center Customer service is our first priority. makes for easy maintenance. You don't have to choose from just one chat with us live online or read one of our many Tech Talks found throughout this catalog. Sweetwater ® and Kasco ® repair center. Check out our Onshore fountain system. Look for the Tech Favorites symbol [ TF ] to find our most trusted products. promotions and industry insights. Run multiple fountains off one shore-mounted pump. Along with extensive experience improving thousands of lakes' health with aeration. Facebook & Twitter Aquatic Eco-Systems is on Facebook and Twitter! Join us at Facebook. If you live in the central Florida area. This system circulates and aerates your body of water and. Our phones are open Monday–Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM EST and Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM EST. At AES. AES is fully certified as a YSI®. we share the knowledge to make it work. so we have a team of customer service representatives and technicians to help you every step of the way. we carry many different fountains in the catalog and online. then put some of your hard-earned money into repairing what you've got. So whether it's a complex multiparameter meter. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @AquaticEco Order Online: AquaticEco. Our talented staff of technicians is available for consultations on projects ranging from tilapia to shrimp. With our experience and vast inventory of equipment and supplies we can deliver the necessary components and expertise to help your project or business thrive. If you don't have the budget to buy replacements (and who does nowadays?). so chances are we have just the expertise to help.347. size and price that best suit your needs. International Design and Consulting AES has provided integrated and comprehensive solutions for the entire aquaculture chain worldwide. From biology to engineering we have the experience you can rely on. but we both know that a little maintenance can often restore an expensive piece of equipment to like new performance. AquaticEco and for the latest company and product news. but we can also assist with water quality and common health issues. Not only can we help with your equipment needs. hard-working regenerative blower or constantly running fountain. Tech Advice Don't worry if you haven't got everything figured out—we're happy to give you some free advice on what might work best for you whichever way you prefer. as a bonus. a fountain may be just the spectacle to make neighbors take notice. we are skilled at enhancing the beauty of lakes with remarkable fountains.598. features.4788 Tech Support: 407. Fountains Besides adding a little aeration. Whether you need help sizing a piece of equipment. Join Us on Desert Rain™ Onshore System running with 3 nozzles. you can pick up an order at our walk-in counter as late as 4:30 PM EST Monday–Friday. AJ is ready to restore your meters to pristine condition. an AES exclusive. LaMotte ®. You can call one of our Order by Phone: 877. we don't just sell equipment.

68 131.41 199.00 713. FS4050 includes a spreader plate with a rheostat adjustment for distance (to 8') and weighs 8 Order by Phone: 877. 22 lbs (10 kg) 26" 10" 12" 21" $ 724.52 4+ C C Vibratory Feeder This 12V vibratory mechanism can be used with any of the Lucky Pond™ hoppers. FS4059 weighs 5 lbs.00 400.D.15 7. They feature a unique three-point.00 Auger Mechanism Only 624.7 lbs. h1113 h1113 h1113 h1113 h1101 or h1201 h1101 or h1201 Auger feeders (up to 8).00 783. h1113 h1113 h1113 h1113 pa15 pa15 Order Online: AquaticEco.50 "Y" Adapter 8.33 394.598.67 325.00 7 lbs 138.00 "Y" Adapter 8. They are very well built. 132 lbs 42" 19" 23" 36" 887.00 748. 44 lbs (20 kg) 27" 12" 15" 21" 737. 88 lbs (40 kg) 31" 15" 19" 438. fm4480 C B A pa15 FS4059 End View FS4059 FM4480 shown with FM4422 See Page 150 for hanging suggestion.00 Feeder.5 A. pa15 pa15 Large vibratory feeders (up to 8). Available in four sizes.00 Feeder w/Spreader. Feeders are 12VDC and draw .00 Feeder w/Spreader.90 4+ B A fh88 fh44 Feeder.00 751.70 10 lbs 178.08 420.00 638. FH22 FH44 FH88 FH132 Auger Feeder These screw-style feeders are used throughout the world in commercial aquaculture facilities. 88 lbs (40 kg) 35" 15" 19" 30" 762.16 115V Adapter 40. One-year warranty. Screw feeders are 12V and draw approximately .00 Feeder w/Spreader. A timer is required but not included.00 Feeder. 132 lbs (60 kg) 42" 19" 23" 36" 795. A 12V gel cell 1810 for up to 2 feeders or a 12V car/boat battery w/1808 charger is recommended.50 Vibratory Feeder.50 Vibratory Feeder. h1101 or h1201 Small vibratory feeders (up to 8). All have a 41/4" I. FM4422 FM4444 FM4488 FM4132 FM4480 PA15 H1201 H1113 B D FS4050 End View A Vibratory Feeder.00 Feeder w/Spreader. It is fully adjustable for dispensing both dry and moist feeds (1–12 pellets) without clogging.00 Deluxe Feeder Controller 419.42 Each 108. durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 22 lbs 26" 10" 12" 21" 798. FS4022 FS4044 FS4088 FS4132 FS4222 FS4244 FS4288 FS4232 FS4059 FS4050 PA15 H1201 H1113 22 lbs (10 kg) 44 lbs (20 kg) 88 lbs (40 kg) 132 lbs (60 kg) Capacity 17" 19" 27" 33" A 12" 15" 19" 23" B 41/4" 41/4" 41/4" 41/4" C Ship Wt 5 lb $ 115.00 Feeder.00 115V Adapter 40.347.37 Vibratory Mechanism Only 243.00 7. Designed for highly accurate dispensing of feed. 22 lbs (10 kg) 22" 10" 12" $ 361.00 834.33 231.00 37.77 169.15 A B C D Each 682. 88 lbs 35" 15" 19" 30" 832.00 Auger Mechanism w/Spreader Only 674.33 30 lbs 210. 44 lbs (20 kg) 23" 12" 15" 398. Weighs 1. twist-lock lid (included) that is wind and varmintproof.33 358. We suggest the H1101 or H1201 to operate one feeder and PA15 for 1 to 3 feeders. these high-quality polyethylene feed hoppers are extremely durable.52 A B C Each 4+ Top View FS4050 Auger with spreader. bottom opening. 132 lbs (80 kg) 37" 19" 23" 467. One-year warranty.00 592.00 695.1401 . 44 lbs 27" 12" 15" 21" 815.Vibratory/Auger Feeders 149 Feed Hoppers by Lucky Pond™ Make your own feeder. One-year warranty.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 791.00 399. they feature a rheostat that can be set for both speed and duration.00 Deluxe Feeder Controller 419. Each vibratory mechanism includes 3' of cable for timer. A power supply and time controller are needed but not included. h1113 h1113 h1113 h1113 h1101 or h1201 Auger feeders with spreader (up to 4).50 Vibratory Feeder.5 A.00 37.

1 A.71 21.00 PM18P Pavlova Premium 1800 44. To extend length.08 4.07 2. which then drop to the waiting fish.600 liters of an average algae culture).598.347. one liter Premium 3600 is equal to 3. Algae concentration is based on the density of the average live algae culture (i. The fish quickly learn that this is a nighttime feeding station.75 2.150 Feeders Insect/Demand/Instant Algae Demand Feeders Batteries not included . fish cages. Weighs 3 lbs. It can be used to supplement or replace live algae in the hatchery. 60 Hz. 23" 23" 23" 23" A 12" 15" 19" 23" B 17" 19" 27" 33" C Ship Wt 5 lb 7 lbs 10 lbs 30 lbs $ 201.36 3.00 PM18I Isochrysis Premium 1800 44. BL BLR BLW Bug-O-Matic®. FH221 FH441 FH881 FH133 22 lbs (10 kg) 44 lbs (20 kg) 88 lbs (40 kg) 132 lbs (60 kg) B Instant Algae® Providing a cost-effective alternative to live algae can be the difference between profit and loss in a hatchery.00 2.e.17 4+ C pM36N FH441 pM18I A Feeder Hanging Suggestion You can hang any of the molded polyethylene feeders (see photo above) by drilling 5/8" holes and using a length of 1/2" metal electrical conduit for a pivot rod.71 4. "straw-like" tube. UV-resistant.24 5.32 5. 16005 16010 16015 16025 16035 16040 16045 16050 Length Bug-O-Matic® Fish Feeder Flying insects are an excellent (and natural) source of fish food. See Index for ground fault circuit interrupters—always recommended around water.93 2. Rigid Clear Tubing Rigid tubing is ideal for microalgae and zooplankton culture tanks where aeration is required at the bottom of the tank. The unique twist-lock lid is wind and varmintproof on these high-quality.95 3..30 6.030" thick).85 5. liquid. rivers.65 Each 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 36" 1" 11/8" 3/16" 5/16" 3 / 8" 1/2" 5 / 8" 3/4" O. fish and bivalves.63 234. Replacement Whip.00 2.85 2. use a piece of vinyl tubing as a coupler.03 304. Pavlova.00 PM18T Thalassiosira Premium 1800 29.01 5. Instant Algae® is 95–100% as effective as live algae.00 PM183 Shellfish Diet 1800* 44. A built-in photo cell will automatically turn the unit on at dusk and off at dawn. One-year warranty. Sold in 36" length.00 2. Produced by Reed Mariculture. etc.53 220.16 6+ 1. 90 days on bulb.00 *Shellfish diet is a mix of Isochrysis. Hang it 6–8' above ponds. Made in USA.51 4+ BL 16045 16025 16015 16005 Order Online: AquaticEco.65 7. Ships Next Day Air. 18" power cord. polyethylene hoppers. All four sizes have the same pendulum demand feeding mechanism for #4 crumble to 1/4" pellets.70 Each 2. This is a thin-walled (only . PM36N Nannochloropsis Premium 3600 $ 70. tanks. or needed. Replacement $ Order by Phone: 877. Instant Algae® is a high quality.83 286.D..66 5. 115V.. marine microalgae feed for larval shrimp.020" to .15 7. 115V Bulb.4788 Tech Support: 407.65 270.70 3.44 Each 189.20 2. This hanging insect attracter uses a "whip" to wound/kill the bugs. One-year warranty on unit.28 2. Tetraselmis & Thalassiosira weissflogii.1401 .00 22.57 253. Fits Tubing TP30 TV40 TV60 TP70 TV80 TV90 TV100 TV125 $ 2. super-concentrated.39 24+ 145. rigid.72 6.

ProLine® F/2 Algae Food provides these essentials in a complete. therefore. dark place and keep sealed until use.92 8. For culturing diatomaceous organisms.39 10.13 7. Artemia species.78 10. P100 P101 P102 P103 P104 P105 P106 P107 P108 Chaetoceros gracilis Plate Thalassiosira weissflogii Plate Amphora sp. Concentrated liquid form eliminates the need for purchasing bulk chemicals. Part A.52 6.598.50 F/2 Algal Formula This complete algal formula is an enhanced Guillard's F/2 nutrient media and is formulated for the commercial culture of microalgae and diatoms.13 7. individual colonies can be removed by scraping from the plate and then placing it in a test tube with sterile media. f2a7 Air shipments require dry ingredients to be moistened with 100 mL of distilled water.5 mm tubing. as one box weighs 2. PMB1 PMB1L PMB2 PMB2L PMB3 PMB3L PMB4 PMB4L PMB5 PMB5L PMB6 PMB6L PMB7 PMB7L PMB8 PMB8L PMB9 PMB9L PMB10 PMB10L FL2 MC14 Filter.30 24. 1 kg Ship Wt 10 lbs 10 lbs 52 lbs 52 lbs 2. Autoclavable. The packs include major elements in powder form and minor trace elements.85  or intensive algae culture in fresh or F marine water. freshwater prawns.  itamin and mineral content ratios V equal to Guillard's 1975 F/2 formulation.64 93.44 5.34 Each 11. Professional research concentration. Artemia.5" long.13 7. Ships Next Day Air.27 5. Plate Dunaliella tertiolecta Plate Nannochloropsis salina Plate Pavlova sp. Pro-Culture F/2 Algal Formula is properly preserved and stabilized to ensure potency.1401 . cover and place the disc under moderate light for 12 to 24 hours.  Zooplankton collector.95 12.86 6.Algae/Accessories Feeders 151 Polyester Mesh Bags • • Bacteria Filters Will filter air down to .16 6. Use for single species algal culture. Part B. 1 kg Ship Wt 10 lbs 10 lbs 52 lbs 52 lbs 2. This stable wet/dry formulation assures long shelf life.50 4+ Marine Microalgae Disc Cultures We offer several species of microalgae cultures on sterile agar in convenient petri dishes. It can provide significant savings in shipping costs.30 Each 23. FL2 fits 6. sodium metasilicate must be added at 20 grams per Order by Phone: 877. MAD1 MAD2 MAD3 Nannochloropsis Tetraselmis Isochrysis $ 15. 1 gallon F/2.44 5. Weighs 4 oz.13 7.50 12.347.5 lbs $ 27.16 6. 1/4– 3/8" Hose Barb Check Valve $ 8.80 9. The strains come from production settings and are maintained at warmer temperatures.15/2+ 11.45 66. The shelf life exceeds two years. These algae plates are produced under sterile lab conditions for clean stock cultures. Algal cells can then be gently rubbed off the agar plate using a sterile cotton swab (LV4) and placed in 500–2. 239800 239801 239802 239803 239804 F/2. yet is easily mixed.36 40+ 100+ 7.000 gallons of culture water.44 5. Store microalgae petri dish cultures in a cool (60–75ºF).95 24.45 66. Pre-filters water.45 66. One gallon each of solutions A and B will make 7. This commercial formulation of modified F/2 Guillard's formula is in a dry. When used as directed.3 microns. Pyramimonas and Nannochloropsis.  Complete algae growth media.45 66.52 6.000 ml of sterile.04/4+ p107 Order Online: AquaticEco.2 lbs and makes 2.79 9. sodium metasilicate must be added to the F/2 Formula.19 7. Larval fish. Isochrysis. Tetraselmis. 5 gallons Sodium Metasilicate.18 14.44 5.52 6.680 gallons of culture water.680 gallons of growth media.44 5. this plastic stick helps to estimate algae density in seconds.18 14.95 88. powdered form for large-scale microalgae culture.16 6.66 Each 14. 13. To initiate a culture.86/4+ 84.15/2+ 84.98 16. fish eggs and other small organisms.66 15.52 6. penaid shrimp. etc. experiments.35 mm through 9.66 15.52 7. Simply fill the petri dish with sterile salt water. They are inexpensive to ship and extremely easy to use.60 9.09 14. 1 gallon F/2 Solution A.45 66.49 84.16 20+ 7. MSM9 $ 11.10 6.70 84.500-micron x 31" $ 13. eliminating the need to maintain liquid cultures.13 7.45 p103 p104 F/2 Solution A. Plate Isochrysis (T-Iso) Plate Isochrysis (C-Iso) Plate Spirulina platensis Plate $ 66. Formula is composed of a two-part solution. Part A.86/4+ 24. Commercially used in many shrimp and clam aquaculture facilities and public institutions.500-micron x 18" 1.50 93.44 5. easy-to-use liquid form.13 7. These plates can be stored for up to 5 months in the refrigerator. Bag is equipped with a stainless steel ring 7" in diameter and a cotton handle. One gallon each of solutions A & B will produce 7.99 8.70 23.  Ideal for collecting rotifers.20 15.13 8. Part B.08 19. bioassay work.64 27. 5 gallons F/2. allows fast growth rates and high densities to be achieved.645 gallons/ 10.  239800 • • • 239802 Microalgae Grow Mass Packs Save on shipping costs. For culturing diatomaceous organisms.45 66.45 66. F2A7 includes silicate for diatom culture. Just lower the stick into the culture until the white circle disappears and use the depth reading to determine culture density with the chart that is provided. The chart includes conversions for Nannochloris. vitamins and minerals in liquid form.52 6.66 Each 10. 5 gallons Sodium Metasilicate.52 6.22 10. F2A1 F2B1 F2A5 F2B5 239804 f2a1 Algae Plates The plate method is a great approach to maintaining clean algal production with minimal time invested.09 mad1 6+ Microalgae Density Measuring Stick pmb1l ProLine® F/2 Algae Food • Based on the Secchi principle.87 10+ 8.4788 Tech Support: 407.95 Each 7. 1 gallon F/2 Solution B. They can also be used for filtering particulate matter from tank inlets and overflows. bivalve mollusks and other inverts require algae. 5 gallons F/2 Solution B. Chlorella.16 6. fertilized culture water.000 liters.77 17. preventing decomposition of vitamins and precipitation of trace elements.5 lbs $ 24. Mass cultivation of algae requires a mixture of various vitamins and minerals for maximum algae growth.06 10+ fl2 75-micron x 18" 75-micron x 31" 100-micron x 18" 100-micron x 31" 125-micron x 18" 125-micron x 31" 150-micron x 18" 150-micron x 31" 200-micron x 18" 200-micron x 31" 250-micron x 18" 250-micron x 31" 300-micron x 18" 300-micron x 31" 400-micron x 18" 400-micron x 31" 800-micron x 18" 800-micron x 31" 1.95 88. these polyester mesh bags are available in 18" and 31" (46 and 79 cm) lengths and a variety of mesh sizes.45 66.16 6.49 — 4+ F2A6 F2A7 Without Silicate With Silicate $ 15. they are better adapted for warmer culture conditions.09 14.20 16. They can survive over 6 months. 1 gallon F/2.80 8.

Artemia cysts should be decapsulated prior to hatching. Net basket size is 4" x 3".92 46.06/4+ Actual Brine Shrimp BS90 90% (Guaranteed Hatch Rate) GSL Brine Shrimp Net Made of a fine nylon mesh. They come complete with a 6" diameter access hole that is fitted with a removable. BSN1 $ 2.61/4+ Tech Talk 100 Artemia Decapsulation Artemia or brine shrimp is commonly used as a larval feed for several aquatic species. There are two common methods used to decapsulate the cysts. For both of the methods described. Quantity pricing available. remove the chorion (the indigestible portion of the cyst) and will also reduce the amount of energy that the Artemia has to exert to hatch. this tank can be used for hatching both rotifers and Artemia. plastic globe for draining cultures.95 219. Since the chemical reaction that takes place is exothermic (it generates heat). In order to ensure the highest nutritional value. 3 gal Culture Kit. vacuum-packed cans. 550 mL of 11% chlorine and 800 mL of chilled seawater in a container with heavy aeration or a magnetic stirrer. Chlorine/Sodium Hydroxide Method This method uses full strength seawater. The do-it. air diffuser. Includes measuring spoon.70 26. ACV3 ACV5 ACV6 ACV7 AH801 Culture Kit. CCH1 CCH2 CCH10 CCH12 AH801 $ 63. sodium hydroxide ( Order by Phone: 877. Immediately drain cysts into a 120-micron sieve and wash with fresh or seawater until no smell of chlorine remains (about 5 minutes). Immediately drain cysts into a 120-micron sieve and wash with fresh or seawater until no smell of chlorine remains (about 5 minutes). Keep in mind that there can be a lot of foam and the container should be large enough to prevent overspill. 24" high and includes a clear lid. The stand measures 131/2" in diameter.05/12+ Hatcher Only Stand Only Hatcher w/Stand Hatcher w/Stand x 2 Air Pump $ 135. Dry cysts have a "dimple" that makes uniform removal of the shell difficult. The cysts are then placed on a magnetic stirrer in a container of the bleach or chlorine for approximately 3–5 minutes or until the cysts turn an orange/brown color. the seawater and chemicals used should be very cold (40–45ºF/4–7ºC) to prevent heat damage to the cysts. Sold in 454-gram (1 lb) containers.598. Recommended feed rate is 1/2 to 1 gram per gallon per day. powdered form is much easier to use than having to produce hundreds of gallons of live algae.31 8.347. Air pump sold separately. The dry.63/6+ — — 8. 5 gal Optional Stand Conversion Kit Air Pump Ship Wt Chlorine Method This method uses household bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite solution) or industrial chlorine (11% sodium hypochlorite solution). Ships Oversize. Prices subject to change.50 59. Fifteen grams of hydrated cysts are placed in a container with 300 mL of 6% hypochlorite solution. this dry brine shrimp feed is excellent for raising Artemia salina from nauplii to adults. Add the hydrated cysts and watch for the cysts to turn an orange/brown color (3–5 minutes). decontamination cap.97/12+ CCH10 Dry Brine Shrimp Feed Developed using 20 years of Artemia culture experience.152 Feeders Brine Shrimp/Accessories Brine Shrimp Eggs AES offers brine shrimp eggs from the Great Salt Lake (GSL). Hatch as usual. This will disinfect the cysts. Supply is limited.1401 . place 15 mL of 50% NaOH. Each culture vessel includes rigid air delivery tube.42/6+ 95.yourself conversion kit includes everything except the culture vessel and the stand. cleaning brush and collection syringe. The shrimp nauplii will start hatching in 18 to 24 hours and then swim out into the tank.92 Culture Vessels These plastic culture vessels are ideal for culturing microalgae or hatching rotifers and Artemia. The hatcher includes clear lid. Conical Hatching Jar Invented Here Molded from polycarbonate. Brine Shrimp Hatch'n Feeder This one-of-a-kind submersible brine shrimp hatcher is great for both freshwater and marine aquariums. It produces up to 300 cc (20 tablespoons) of cysts in 5 gallons of water. Hatch as usual.4788 Tech Support: 407. BS119 $ 14. Connects easily with air line tubing and air pump. ACV3 with ACV6 3 lbs 5 lbs 8 lbs 3 lbs 1 lb $ 39. Handle is vinyl coated.91/6+ Order Online: AquaticEco. including the stitching. 50% solution) and industrial chlorine (11% sodium hypochlorite solution). 8' aquarium tubing and drain valve. Optional white plastic stand measures 12" x 12" x 16". Will equal or surpass any density and growth rate known for live algae diets. rigid air tube. DS16 $ 29.35 1. The process increases the nutritional value and hatch rate of the Artemia and minimizes the risk of bacterial infections and gut obstructions by the chorion.95 124. SB503 $ 3. so ask to verify price. Cysts (eggs) are sold in 15-oz.45 418. the first step is to hydrate the cysts by soaking them in either fresh or salt water for one hour. drain valve and tubing adapter. Tank measures 131/2" in diameter. It is designed to hatch and continuously feed brine shrimp nauplii directly into your tanks.23 103. 19" high and features a bottom access port to the drain valve. For each 100 grams of cysts to be decapsulated.38 40.95 Small Brine Shrimp Eggs 6 grams of brine shrimp eggs (about a million!).25 2.95 23.95 8.

Bottle and air pump not included. RGG $ 70. The pyramid shape (12" square by 24" high) promotes hatching. Clean. 3/Pk Air Pump $ 10. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions. nonsettling and nonfouling.Hatchers/Algae Live Feed 153 Brine Shrimp Hatcher This small brine shrimp hatcher will hatch up to two tablespoons (35 cc) of brine shrimp eggs.1401 . x 3" H 4" Dia. Made in USA.6:1. RC33 We thank you for your patronage. 6' of 3/16" aquarium tubing. can be used for rotifer culture or even as a McDonald type hatchery for a small amount of fish eggs. connect it to an air pump and it's ready to hatch. and produces minimal waste.00 Rotifer Sieve Handheld collecting sieves are great for harvesting rotifers. RGN $ 66.06/4+ Provides a host of nutrients typical of Isochrysis.46 165. Made in USA.5-liter. one brine shrimp hatch mix (with salt) and air line tubing. Order Online: AquaticEco.4788 Tech Support: 407. and DHA:EPA ratio of 1. enrichment and gut-loading. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free.08/3+ 8.72 27. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. Easy to measure and disperse. These sieves have a 44-micron mesh bottom and are available in two sizes.00 AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority.50 N-Rich PL Plus Brine Shrimp Hatcher This commercial hatchery is capable of producing 300 cc (20 tablespoons) of cysts in 5 gallons of water. Aluminum Stand.95 Nannochloropsis feed with a high biomass conversion rate and very little organic waste. RC33 RC64 3" Dia. RGP $ 66. Ships Oversize. The optional powder-coated aluminum and PVC stands make benchtop mounting easy.347. Simply turn off the air pump (not included) after hatching and allow empty eggs to float.45 8. EPA and ARA.71/3+ 155. Overall height when hatcher is inserted into a stand is 321/2".598.10/3+ 74. BS6 HS1 HS2 AH801 Hatcher Stand.70 3. SB619 SB620 AH801 Mini Hatching Kit Hatch Mix.95 RotiGrow Plus An all-in-one diet that can be used for growout. splash cap.00 RotiGreen A new greenwater feed that provides optimum DHA. and sterols.15 36. diffuser and drain valve. This microalgal blend meets HUFA requirements up to 40 mg/g d. High protein and carbohydrate content maintains rotifer health throughout the enrichment process. PVC Air Pump $ 107.32 8.50 BS252 RotiGrow Nanno Mini Hatching Kit This kit includes a molded base.95 96. Tetraselmis.00 8. enzymes. Provides a high EPA and ARA pre-enrichment boost for use with high DNA enrichment protocols.00 82. air valve. Produces rotifers rich in phospholipids DHA.w. NRICH $ 44. molded-acrylic cone hatcher comes with a molded-in plastic drain valve. Lid Air Pump $ 43. Pavlova. EPA and ARA nutrition for gill-feeding larval fish and maintains high rotifer enrichment in the tank. Just screw a plastic 2-liter bottle to the base. Each 2. Move the light to the bottom and the hatched nauplii will travel to the bottom where they can be removed simply by opening the valve. collection cup and support stand. rigid air delivery tube. and Thalassiosira including carotenoids. Order by Phone: 877. BS252 BS25C BS25L AH801 Hatcher Repl. Great for rotifer culture too! Includes weighted rigid air tube. x 6" H $ 14.54 2. Weight 1 lb. Cone Repl. conforming to the requirements of our customers. effective and allows use of enrichment feeds that are nutritionally balanced for healthier rotifers.

High-density vs Batch Methods Rotifers are typically fed live algae and grown either in ponds or tanks when used as a commercial scale larval diet. A farm using live algae to grow rotifers in tanks should consider an alternative.000 liters Capacity 1 m x 1. Batch culture requires two full-time. Available in 230V/50 Hz models. Only 30 minutes of tank maintenance per day is required to produce 100 million to 2. The high-density method only requires rotifer tanks and their filtration systems. the batch culture method uses 75% exchange per day.598.154 Live Feed Rotifer Production Systems/Tech Talk Invented Here ar150k Rotifer Production Systems High-density systems. Systems are complete.740 5.000-liter systems. Generally speaking. A farm with the space and water available to use traditional pond rearing methods should keep doing so. Production densities exceed 5.5 liters algae paste* 200 million 1–2 tanks $ 3. these systems require a transition time and there is a learning curve. B. Water is another cost of growing rotifers.000 rotifers per milliliter of Brachionus plicatilis. High-density rotifer culture systems can clearly reduce costs. freestanding fiberglass tanks for years of production. it is best to have a backup system running at a lower production rate as insurance should a system fail.982 3. Note: See our Plankton Culture Manual on page 348. AR150K AR256K AR1000K 150 liters 450 liters 1. feed and ammonia neutralizer dosing system. including culture Order by Phone: 877. The high-density method. Equipment Cost to Raise 100 Million Rotifers per Day Batch Method High-Density Method Density of Rotifers Tank Size Algae requirement per tank Total rotifers per tank Tanks needed for 1 week feed Estimated equipment cost *See Index. Three sizes are available: 150-liter.2 m 2 m x 2.000 Order Online: AquaticEco.000 per mL 100 liters 2. using algae paste.2 m Area $ 2. However. while the high-density method only requires one part-time technician. rotundiformis are also suitable for this system. Our intensive rotifer production systems are designed for high-volume production! These systems will save you a lot of money. Drain Tech Talk 109 Rotifer Culture. high-density method that substitutes algae paste for live algae. You will need a technician who is willing to learn the system and how to predict its production. Since more rotifers are being grown in one tank.1401 .5 billion rotifers per day! Systems also include an operations manual and ClorAm-X®.347. requires about 20% exchange of water per day.4788 Tech Support: 407. The table compares the batch method to a new. add "-H" to the part number. 500 per mL 100 liters 75 liters fresh algae 50 million 10–14 tanks $ 12. The batch method requires a much higher investment in equipment and space. ar1000k Harvesting Port Unions and valves for fast set-up.000 2.6 m 1 m x 2. Traditional batch culture requires the grower to have both live algae tanks and rotifer rearing tanks. pure oxygen diffuser. filtration system. Since these systems use Instant Algae® marine paste. Protein Skimmer Biofilter Culture Tank Easy-to-turn ball valves for flow control. space and work. 450-liter and 1. they eliminate the need for labor-intensive algae production.692 Rugged. live feed technicians. Another cost factor is labor.

. Ship weight 3 lbs......................92 169....5 kg $ 123.500 Vitamin K. IU .. which can lead to ciliate infestations...1401 ..... and leaves no foam or flock formations........ chlorinated.. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.... Order Online: AquaticEco... this premix additive is good for blending into feeds or enhancing freeze-dried and flake feed. 32... mg .. easy-to-use and natural culture diet for a sparkling........600 Niacin. Recommended feed rate is ..... he is interested in recirculating aquaculture systems and koi culture...000 Vitamin E.. Comes in a 1-lb resealable bag.... sterilize the air delivery system and use the appropriate inlet air filter.780 Ascorbic Acid.. It contains many natural extracts that are lost in prepackaged foods. working with tropical fish and researching marine shrimp at the University of Miami and Ralston mg ..600 Thiamine. 325.............. Easy Selco® contains 200 mg/g dry weight. Presently. such as rotifers and Artemia..... ideal for closed systems..... Vitamin Premix. VMPS $ 39...... either from pathogens or from other species of algae or ciliates....000 Tech Talk 20 Algae Culture On-site algae culture is a necessity in most marine hatcheries.... 2. Placing the air compressor intake in the culture room or an air-conditioned room reduces temperature fluctuations and contaminant load.. therefore.......10... etc. 40 BHT.. 2... dipped in alcohol....92 169. allowing rotifer generations to be re-inoculated up to 50 consecutive times. mg..............793...........parkle A cost-effective. To make a gel blend the vitamin mix with dry ingredients at the recommended dosage.... To eliminate a recurring contamination problem...... Rich in HUFA (17 mg/g). mg .....6 grams Selco® per liter of salt water. Care should also be taken to avoid condensation in the air lines.. 1 gallon $ 26. purified ingredients..... Start feeding with ... Sold in 1-kg bottles.. It is a great additive for fin regeneration and preventing lateral line disease in marine fish........... During culture. it is crucial that steps are taken to avoid contamination.... 87...55 16709 Guaranteed Analysis per Lb (454 grams) Vitamin A....... ER6C 2.. mg .. USP units ..19............ however......... Contaminants are often waterborne....... mg ........ He then helped pioneer the shrimp industries in Ecuador and Tanzania...65 Vitamin B12..... They can be autoclaved...parkle is formulated with high-quality...... 16 oz Freshwater........... in aquaculture from Tokyo University of Fisheries......598.... 16709 16716 16710 16715 Saltwater. Suitable for short and productive cycles in any condition...........15.......250 p-Pantothenic Acid... Many different species of algae are cultured throughout the world and each batch is typically just a single species selected for its size and nutrient profile... Algae is the primary diet for bivalves...600 Order by Phone: 877....... Soluble Formulated with 16 vitamins.. mg ...4788 Tech Support: 407.. 2..27/10+ Vita-Chem® A prestabilized.... 16 oz Saltwater...... use the recommended dosage and add water if necessary to coat feed..parkle per million rotifers......500 Choline. Simply emulsify the enrichment for 3 minutes and add to the zooplankton tank at least 24 hours prior to feed out........ Use Selco® products to enrich zooplankton prior to feeding to increase omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids. For natural ponds use 1 lb (454 g) of vitamin mix with 500 lbs (227 kg) of feed...... larval shrimp and live larval feeds. When adding the vitamin mix to wet feed.. necessary...............55 26...Enrichments/Tech Talk Live Feed 155 Liquid HUFA Ideal for brine shrimp.. 200 Inositol......... Upon graduation he moved to Miami... SE536 Easy Selco® $ 54 S....... mg ..7 g S....................... mg... 65.....54/5+ 36.. Installing an in-line desiccant filter can eliminate condensation. mg .65 38..100 Biotin.75 Technician Profile Yosuke (Yoshi) Hirono Yoshi received his B. 1 gallon Freshwater...............3.. Increasing the nutritional value of rotifers and Artemia can make a huge difference in larval survival. For tanks use 1 lb (454 g) of vitamin mix with 100 lbs (45 kg) of feed....... Sterilization of all equipment and culture media is..08 Riboflavin..... mg ..... multivitamin additive that is water and tissue soluble........S..347.13. add warm water and refrigerate... mg............600 Folic Acid....... USP units. consistent rotifer culture.. µmol. air can also be a pathway for contamination............000 Vitamin D3. Selco® S.

**Receive an additional discount when ordering in conjunction with a Fish Farm™. Shipments during August will be heavier and cost more due to the warm weather. Aquatic Eco-System has been your best source of aquatic supplies and equipment. All prices include overnight shipping from Blackwater Creek.4788 Tech Support: 407. Select and Butterfly (No Guaranteed Ratio) Mini Fish Farm™ (FF50) 2–4" Fish Farm™ II (FF400) 2–4" 3–4" $ 356 1.347. however. You must supply an email address with your order to receive a FedEx tracking number.200 Fish per Box $ 136 $ 226 347 268 $ 173 304 273 Standard Fin That changes now. One thing we haven't offered. No shipping to PO boxes—customers should be home to accept package. We are sure you will enjoy the koi you receive. Order by Phone: 877. Goldfish—Mix of Sarassa. In addition. shipments arrive Wednesdays.715 Shipping Info Freight is included in the price for the continental USA*.1401 . is a vital element of any farm or pond: fish. We ship on Tuesdays.156 Live Organisms and Fish Koi Butterfly Standard Standard Big Koi Stocking packs Goldfish Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Aquatic Eco-Systems Koi Stocking Packs For over 30 years. AES has partnered with Blackwater Creek Koi Farms to offer several varieties of koi at reasonable rates. Standard Fin Starter Fish (Big) STNDBIG 10–14" STCKFF50 STCKFF400 Koi Stocking packs**—Mix of Decorative.598. Comets and Wakins GOLDFISH1 50 Fish Per Box *Sorry. Butterfly Koi—A Great Mix of Colors BUFU1 BUFU2 BUFU3 STND1 STND2 STND3 3–6" 6–10" 8–14" 3–6" 6–10" 8–14" Small/Medium Medium/Large Large Small/Medium Medium/Large Large 7 Fish per Box 20 Fish per Box 9 Fish per Box 4 Fish per Box 20 fish per box 9 Fish per Box 4 Fish per Box $ 160 200 Fish per Box 1. certain rural addresses may incur additional shipping charges. Blackwater Creek is an isolated group of three farms with high-quality fish that has maintained disease-free status for SVC through government testing and monitoring. Order Online: AquaticEco. koi cannot be shipped to Maine. Aquaculture facilities and pond owners throughout the world use our Sweetwater® pumps and air diffusers and have benefitted from our technical expertise. and the parent fish come from Japanese broodstock. The farms have not introduced fish from any outside sources in over 7 years.

00 60. Moina spp.66 19.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 20.00 23.35 39.00 Fathead Minnows 285142 285143 285144 285145 285146 Pimephales promelas (Eggs) Pimephales promelas (Ova to 10 Days) Pimephales promelas (11–60 Days) Pimephales promelas (61–180 Days) Pimephales promelas (>181 Days) 20 20 20 10 5 12.00 30. Adult 200 mL Brachionus plicatilis 1 quart Brachionus plicatilis 1 gallon Ocean Copepods 1 liter Palaemonetes vulgaris 50 Palaemonetes vulgaris 200 Ampelisca abdita (Amphipod) 20 Mysidopsis bahia (>15 Days) 20 Paleomenetes pugio (Grass Shrimp.00 24. All organisms ship Next Day Air.00 20.Live Organisms and Fish Live Organisms AES offers a wide selection of live organism cultures for laboratory biotoxicology research. Adult. 1 lb 1.00 20.347.00 75.00 25.00 50.00 20. Organisms are guaranteed to arrive alive or we will refund the full purchase price of the lost organisms.00 23. educational studies or live food cultures.00 Daphnia magna Oryzia latipes (Medaka) Saltwater Vertebrates 285129 285130 Menidia beryllina (1–14 Days Old) Cyprinodon spp.00 60.66 15.00 60. Mixed Tubifex Worms Mosquito Larvae Mosquito Larvae Plankton Mix Rotifers Nematodes Nematodes Ceriodaphnia dubia Hyalella azteca.000+ 100 Eggs 100+ Mixed Age 100+ Gravid Adults 100+ 100+ 100+ 500+ 400 mL 200 mL 100 mL 1 liter 100 Gravid Adults 12-Day Culture Per gram 60. Zebrafish 285131 285132 285133 285134 Danio rerio (Eggs) Danio rerio (< 60 Days) Danio rerio (61–120 Days) Danio rerio (>121 Days) 20 10 5 5 20.00 100.00 20. Bioassay 157 Freshwater Algae 285100 285101 Selenastrum capricornutum Selenastrum capricornutum 50 mL 4 liters Qty $ 50. Daphnia magna Daphnia magna Daphnia magna Copepods.00 20.000 mL Artemia.00 Danio rerio (Zebrafish) Redworm Freshwater Vertebrates.00 60. excluding shipping.26 20.00 75.00 16.00 Saltwater Invertebrates 285121 285122 LRC2 LRC3 285123 285124 285125 285126 285127 285128 Artemia. Juvenile) 20 55.00 20.95 58.00 15.00 Mosquito Larvae Daphnia pulex Order Online: AquaticEco. Due to availability and shipping Order by Phone: 877.00 25.00 Japanese Medaka 285135 285136 285137 Oryzias latipes (Eggs) Oryzias latipes (<90 Days) Oryzias latipes (>91 Days. (Sheepshead Minnow) 20 10 20.00 Saltwater Algae MAD1 MAD2 MAD3 LAC1Q LAC3Q Nannochloropsis Tetraselmis Isochrysis Nannochloropsis Isochrysis Microalgae Disc Microalgae Disc Microalgae Disc 1 quart 1 quart 15. please allow 5 days for shipment. 3rd Instar Lumbriculus variegatus 100+ Mixed Age 100+ Gravid Adults 100+ 1. Sexed) 20 10 5 20.00 22.95 65.00 15.00 30.00 10.00 18.00 127.00 20.35 19.35 Freshwater Invertebrates 285102 285103 285104 285105 285106 285107 285108 285109 285111 285113 285114 285115 285147 285116 285117 285118 285119 285120 Daphnia pulex Daphnia pulex Moina spp. All organisms are shipped with an acclimation guide.66 15.00 12.1401 .598.50 48.00 19.

gently swirl the water to resuspend the rotifers that have settled to the bottom of the bag. One-quart package contains approximately 600. The Tigriopus californicus measure approximately Order by Phone: 877.000 rotifers per 50-gallon tank every 2 weeks. these live marine rotifer cultures of Brachionus plicatilis are the solution for short-term feeding in marine aquariums and as a starter culture.347.200 1. They are also suitably sized for species with small mouthparts. Hatching and feeding commences in 24 to 36 hours and reproduction about 18 hours after hatching. sea dragons and other aquarium fish. All sizes weigh 6 oz. Recommended rotifer density is 50.000 cysts (eggs) and large has 15. feeding directly to the to learn more about rotifers. Prior to use.000 1. RC6N $ 48 45. Simple to culture.35 39. Instant Rotifers Produced by Reed Mariculture. range from 90–150 microns).000 rotifers. When properly stored. If you are concerned about water contamination. 120 microns. This allows for oxygen exchange that rotifers need to survive.598. we suggest acclimating the rotifers first by leaving the desired feeding amount out at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes. Easy to culture.30 48. Studies show that more constant/greater feeding to a reef tank leads to a more healthy environment for corals. eggs will remain viable for up to 2 years.400 2. They are packed at a density of 5–10/mL and are available in quart and gallon sizes.000 to 20. LRC5 LRC6 LRC7 LRC8 LRC9 LRC10 LRC11 LRC12 LRC13 LRC14 .95 Rotifer Eggs These lab-cultured resting eggs are ideal for setting up cultures of the saltwater rotifer Brachionus plicatilis or the freshwater rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus. They measure 8–12 mm long.4788 Tech Support: 407. Ship Next Day Air. 6-oz bottles contain an avarage of 500 individuals per bottle. including carnivorous invertebrates. californicus $ 20. LRC2 LRC3 1 quart.60/4+ 43.30 re1 Order Online: AquaticEco. RE1 RE2 RE3 RE4 Small Saltwater Small Freshwater Large Saltwater Large Freshwater $ 15. Ship Next Day Air.000 to 3. just remove the cysts from the vial and place in water with low light. Ship Next Day Air. seahorses (adults and fry) and grouper and snapper larvae.32/12+ Copepods These live cultures of copepods are excellent for aquarium fish. S-type rotifers should be kept in the refrigerator with the bag open. LPS and SPS corals. soft corals and anemones. Ship Next Day Air (freight not included in price). S-type rotifers can also be fed to reef aquaria. The cultures are mixed sex and contain 250 shrimp. Includes 15-oz rotifer diet algae mix of Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis.30 48. Although temperature fluctuations during transit are not generally a problem. invertebrates and larval fish diets or supplements. Small size contains 2. 4 lbs 1 gallon.00 Mysid Shrimp Live cultures of mysid shrimp Mysidopsis bahia are the perfect food source for sea horses. such as mandarinfish.30 15. you can sieve the rotifers through a 55 or 75µ mesh screen before feeding to your tank. MSC $ 72 Live Rotifer Cultures Live cultures of the marine rotifer Brachionus plicatilis are an excellent food source for larval fish and invertebrates. they are about one-half the size of Artemia nauplii and can be fed live microalgae or a dry rotifer diet. 10 lbs $ 19. CP0D1 T.000. These cultures can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks or used immediately. shipped in breathable bags and enriched with algae. live arrival is not guaranteed.000 Look online at AquaticEco. See Index for Plankton Culture Manual.000–80.158 Live Organisms and Fish Starter Cultures Live S-Type Rotifers Great starter culture! Due to their small size (avg.1401 . To obtain maximum effectiveness. these S-type rotifers are perfect for the first feeding stages of aquacultured marine fish for both the hobbyist and commercial industries. FOB CA.75 million 1 million 5 million 10 million 20 million 30 million 50 million 60 million 70 million 100 million 60 80 200 400 600 900 1.000 microns in size and are a great prey species for predatory aquarium fish.

Iris diaphragm and swing-in color filter. Abbe condenser is . 40X and 100X (oil) objectives. 40X and 100X (oil-immersion) fully coated achromatic optics.0. Fully rotatable 360º binocular head is inclined at 45º and has a pair of wide-field 10X eyepieces.600 1. Five-year warranty on materials and workmanship. eliminating the hassles of a power cord! It features a triple objective turret with achromatic objectives with glass lenses.1401 .Lab Equipment EZ4 Stereomicroscope by Leica® The Leica® EZ4's high performance provides the optimum viewing experience for education and examination. 10" L x 8" W x 16" H.93 Stereo Dissecting Microscope Dual magnification (1X and 3X) stereo microscope with 10X wide field eye pieces suitable for low magnification diagnostic needs. adjustable diopter correction on one eyepiece. Includes dust cover.25 NA (numerical aperture) Abbe type condenser. NA 1. Bulb $ 781. which eliminates the hassles of a power cord. one year on electrical components. The EZ4 has fixed 10X eyepieces. M12 M12B Binocular Microscope Repl. Very useful scope at a very reasonable price. 20X optional eyepiece available.800 Deluxe Laboratory Microscope Excellent quality at a very affordable price! This binocular microscope features an interpupillary distance adjustment through 10X wide-field eye pieces. variable quartz halogen 115V illuminator. Both coarse and fine adjustment controls make focusing easy. Connect directly to an HD display for detailed viewing.5" W x 15" H.88 Binocular Microscope This binocular microscope offers high performance and durability at an excellent price.347. and the graduated coarse and fine adjustments are crafted with precision gearing. tension adjustment ring and an autostop prefocusing system. EZ4hD $ 2. Ship weight 21 lbs. Rack and pinion sub-stage with a centerable 1. filter holder and blue filter. Five-year warranty. shipping weight 18 lbs. and coarse and fine adjustment knobs. Ship weight 12 lbs.65 NA with iris diaphragm and blue filter. Features 10X wide field eyepieces on a 360º rotating head. or export them to your Windows ® or Macintosh ® computer via USB 2. Large 110 mm x 115 mm mechanical stage with iris diaphragm.75 Binocular Scope by Vital Sine™ • • E xcellent for koi hobbyists. It is also one of the only microscopes in its class to feature a waterproof base plate and automatic shut-off. Low position X-Y controls. 10X. 115V. Five-year warranty. 8" L x 6" W x 14" H. Rack and pinion adjustment makes focusing easy. 40XR. coaxial drive stage slideways.  Monocular Scope by Vital Sine™ This microscope uses an internal LED light that is bright and battery-powered (rechargeable NiMH batteries included). Five-year warranty. Includes transformer for recharging. Content-sensitive help file ensures quick and easy troubleshooting. M77 $ 353. Bulb. 9" L x 7.4:1 zoom ratio and a range of magnification from 8X–35X.93 This binocular scope is designed to provide maximum image quality at an excellent price! It uses an internal LED light that is bright and battery-powered (rechargeable NiMH batteries included). Its crystal clear optics. Microscope includes a transformer and cord for recharging.25 Abbe condenser and coarse and fine focusing with a slip clutch mechanism.00 9. Graduated mechanical stage with coaxial drive. minimizing setup. 10X.598. It has a 10X wide-field eyepiece and 4X.66 Deluxe Microscopes Precision optics and other advanced features make these reverse turret microscopes ideal for lab use. giving an excellent. with the added bonus of a 3-megapixel digital camera! Store photos on its 128 MB secure digital card. EZ4 $ 970. Built-in.25 with iris diaphragm. Five-year warranty. clear image at a low price.00 9. Five-year warranty on materials and workmanship. large field of view and long working distance. 10X.000 hours of service life. Five-year warranty. Makes a great educational laboratory microscope from middle school to the university level. Rack and pinion large adjustment knob with slip clutch protection. 20-W variable quartz halogen illuminator with 1. 4X.75 Order Online: AquaticEco. Built-in carrying handle allows portability. The camera is preconfigured and its incident and transmitted light settings are predefined. interpupillary distance adjustment. 10X and 40X objectives. a 4. 20 W $ Order by Phone: 877. 9" L x 7" W x 13.15 Microscopes 159 EZ4HD Stereomicroscope With Digital Camera by Leica® The EZ4hD has the same performance as the EZ4. This durable and reliable microscope has no removable parts. M14 M12B Lab Microscope Repl. Five-year warranty. 10X. locked-on eye-pieces and dual LED lighting for both transmitted and incident light. 60º viewing angle and adjustable illumination ensure hours of comfortable observation. ship weight 19 lbs. Features 360º rotatable head. Use the included software or any third-party imaging program. M18SL Stereo Microscope $ 436. Built-in 20-W incandescent lamp (115V).  Rechargeable LED light. low position. 4X. M76 $ 193. 100XR) set in a reversed objective turret with high-grade lubricant and positive stops.5" H.25 NA Abbe condenser. Four DIN achromatic objectives (4X. Abbe condenser has a NA of 1. LED illumination system for incident and transmitted light is adjustable and provides 25.4788 Tech Support: 407. 992ES 993ES Binocular Trinocular $ 1.014. 40X and 100X (oil-immersion) achromatic DIN objectives. DIN achromatic 4X. one year on electrical components. Both the binocular and trinocular (shown) are oversized for comfortable operation.

Ship weight 5 lbs.12 Immersion Oil This stable optical fluid is formulated of synthetic hydrocarbons that will not dry out or harden. One-oz bottle has an applicator rod built into the cap for easy dispensing.38 11. fence posts. M28V $ 387 Slide Cases These microscope slide cases hold standard (3" x 1") slides and feature a rust-resistant clasp. It's a great tool for counting algae cells. two individually wrapped packs of antistatic surface wipes. 10/Pk $ 71.06 4. Additional presaturated optical pads are available (10/pk). The register advances by one digit. M43 M44 M45 2-Unit Counter 6-Unit Counter 9-Unit Counter $ 125. Raised rims reduce cross contamination. etc. Made in USA.63 5. M42 $ 11.11 Each 6. M44 and M45 include left and right reset keys and totalizer function. MC8 MC9 Microscope Cleaning Kit Optical Pads. Tabs are provided for marking items counted.10 13. Heavy polystyrene construction with foam lining to prevent damage to slides. dries rapidly and will not yellow with age. zooplankton. this simple-to-use eyepiece is a portable video system that can be used on a microscope. fry. Two-year warranty. Bell signals each 100 counts for direct percentage reading of counts on the individual keys. M81 $ 17.80 6+ mc100 Microscope Cleaning Kit This kit will keep optics clear and microscope parts clean.90 Plastic Multiwell Slide Plates These plastic slide plates are ideal for counting zooplankton.14/10+ mc8 Hand Counter Cytoseal Slide Mounting Medium Hazmat Air Designed for preservation of slide samples. slides include cover which has a frosted area for marking. 4 oz.34 Easily fits in your hand to be thumb operated.160 Lab Equipment Microscope Accessories Video Eyepiece Ideal for teaching. etc. people. Order Online: AquaticEco.4788 Tech Support: 407. The kit includes a composite video output with NTSC system.23 515. auto gain control and 1/3" CCD sensor.1401 .03 12. each time the button is knob on side resets counters back to zero. It will fit any standard 23-mm or 30. MC25 MC100 25-Slide Case 100-Slide Case $ 7.94 409.598. One-year warranty.38 4 oz 1 oz Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. examining fish eggs and studying larval development under dissecting microscopes. each slide slot is numbered to correspond to the slide inventory sheet on the inside cover of the case. Safe for all microscope lenses. 620 x 580 picture. To ensure proper identification.38/10+ 5.41 3.75 10. Slides measure 86 mm x 128 mm x 18 mm deep. A turn of the side knob resets the register back to zero.86/10+ 4.5-mm eye tube and plugs into a TV or VCR for viewing. Compatible with immersion oil. up to 999. M80 $ 42. zooplankton. Devices count from 0– Order by Phone: 877. Ships Hazmat.347. Constructed of clear polystyrene.57/4+ Multiple Counters Ideal for counting algae. Cytoseal mounting medium is colorless. two premoistened germicide swabs and instructions. MW6 MW12 MW24 6-Well 12-Well 24-Well $ 4. The kit contains 10 presaturated optic and lens cleaning pads.

25 30.25/Pkg 7.00 3+ m36 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. Precision-made from acrylic and includes a 4" (10 cm) base.00 48. Slide size is 26 mm x 76 mm. blood cells and other small stuff with these pocket-size counting chambers and a microscope.347.66/4+ Counting Cell. Slides are 25 mm x 75 mm x 1.4 mm deep.598.47/Box 2.1401 . M30 M31 1-Well 2-Well $ 5.17 mm) or M27 (22 mm x 22 mm with thickness . Additionally. Palmer Similar in appearance to Sedgewick Rafter cell but designed for counting phytoplankton and smaller zooplankton.95/Box 4. 100 per box.00 Each 276.1 mm above the ruled surface. Each cell consists of a rectangular frame mounted on a slide and includes one cover slip. this counting wheel will hold 5. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. 144 slides per box.90 Count algae cells.4788 Tech Support: 407. Cell size is 50 mm x 20 mm x 1 mm and volume is 1. M26 (40 mm x 24 mm with thickness .Microscope Supplies Lab Equipment 161 Slides.77/4+ Counting Cell.96/Box 6.5 mm dia.02 48. Count zooplankton while turning the wheel—easy and accurate.39 55.00 18. Each counting area has double Neubauer rulings with 400 small squares in a central 1-mm square. Also available is a glass counting cell without a grid that includes two cover slips. Made in USA. Zooplankton Especially suited for low-powered microscopes.1 ml.81 3+ m30 m415 m414 Cover Slips Plain glass surface is free from irregularities. Sample trough has a divider to mark start and finish. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. allowing the user to count more accurately.85 86.91/4+ 6. PCC $ 95. The rulings appear as white lines on dark background when viewed through the microscope. forming two counting areas. errors occasionally occur.8 mm deep x 12–14 mm in diameter.02/4+ 10-mL samples in the trough. prices. Order Online: AquaticEco. Glass Microscope Clear glass slides with ground edges. which aids in precise loading and even cell Order by Phone: 877. M32 $ 7.5–. Cells are available in glass or plastic and contain a grid subdivided into microliters. M26 M27 40 mm x 24 mm 22 mm x 22 mm $ 4.13–. Cell size is 17. Made of selected noncorroding glass. Depression One.85 50. Price shown is for packages of 12 slides.17 mm).or two-well glass slides with depressions .00 55.16 27. Cell is a circular stainless steel frame with two charging channels mounted on a 76 mm x 25 mm glass slide. M36 267135 Hemacytometer Replacement Cover Slips $ 314.29/4+ M414 M415 M416 M38 M39 Glass Counting Cell w/Grid Plastic Counting Cell w/Grid Deluxe Glass Cover Slips Counting Cell Cover Glasses (12) $ 247. Sedgewick Rafter These cells are commonly used for counting zooplankton. Kit includes two cover glasses and a clear snap-lock case.13–. volume is . The cover slips cover the moat region . Choose from two sizes. x . Made in USA.08 59. Consists of molded glass compartment with H-shaped moat. V-shaped slashes help in loading by reducing overflow into the moat. with ground and polished edges and spherical cavities.0 mL.90 Each 223.00/Pkg 4. 181080 $ 100.2 mm thick. Slides.27/3+ m26 Hemacytometer Counting Wheel.40 16.

35 Support Stand Accessories The following accessories are designed to be used with support stand DB62. DB51 DB52 DB55 DB56 Single Buret Clamp Double Buret Clamp Support Ring.20 5. prices.347. Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. 4" $ 6. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.48/12+ Tongs.16 6+ Lamp. You were very helpful in telling me what I needed to know to start our filter.69 3. Thank you.1401 . overall height is 31/2" (9 cm). this burner has a flame stabilizer and a fixed orifice. Gas Designed for use with propane or natural gas. DB61 $ 4. Delivers 800–1.02 10. specifi cations and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. flasks and separatory funnels. B35 B35W Alcohol Lamp Wicks $ 8. Serrated 7/16" gas inlet connection is nickel-plated brass. Alcohol Glass alcohol lamp has a capacity of 150 mL and includes a metal cap to prevent odors and evaporation.35 11. DB62 Triangular Stand $ 12.4788 Tech Support: 407.25 3. Tim Talford Order Online: AquaticEco.200 BTUs.598. Stand includes vertical support rods. Additionally.98/6+ Aquatic Eco-Systems' customer service was very helpful and quick. Support rings are zinc-plated cast iron and ideal for holding beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. 2" Support Ring. Right angle clamps are made of cast aluminum.25 5. My teacher and I were afraid we weren't going to be able to get our aquarium to work for our Small Animal Care class.12 6. Extension clamps have plastic-coated jaws. Replacement wicks sold in packs of 12. Tongs measure 10" and have plastic-coated jaws.94 5.71 Order by Phone: 877.162 Lab Equipment Stands/Holders Db51 Db51 Gmb1 Db52 Db55 Db55 Db62 b35 Db61 Support Stand Designed for holding burets.46 Each Micro Burner. errors occasionally occur. Beaker Chrome-plated beaker tongs for handling hot glassware. 10-cm triangular steel stand with 8 mm x 50 cm support rod weighs 4 lbs.14 3. beakers. Height with cap is 10 cm. Double and single buret clamps have rubber-coated grips and aluminum construction. GMB1 $ 16.

including Teflon®.000 mL Capacity OAL Each 12+ Carboys Nalgene ® 2318 series carboy includes a spigot sealed by two Teflon® O-rings and a delivery spout 5/8" (16 mm) O.000 mL 3. OAL Each 15 cm 17 cm 18 cm OAL $ 6.91 2. autoclavable polypropylene fl asks have permanently molded graduations.70 1.48 72.Beakers/Bottles/Flasks Lab Equipment 163 Beakers These graduated polypropylene beakers have a triangular fl ange that has three pouring spouts.25" 13 cm $ 3.32 3.64 12+ Dispensing Bottle. Graduated in both mL and Order by Phone: 877.75 20.1401 .87 24 cm 31 cm 37 cm 45 cm OAL $ 6. FN8-2 is polypropylene.0" 15 cm 5. Price is for pack of 10 beakers. chlorine and other common solutions used in aquaculture.000 mL (33.44 7.52 10.oz) Capacity Per Case 9 cm 11 cm 14 cm 15 cm OAL $ 8.01 Each 7.20 12.000 mL Capacity Sample Bottles These HDPE (high-density polyethylene). white marker space for easy and safe labeling. 501060 501125 501250 501500 501100 60 mL (2 fl. Packs of 4.67 14. These heavy-duty carboys are excellent for storing and dispensing liquids both in the lab and on the farm.22 Each 6. They have a hole in the cap edge for attachment of a tag.60 — Capacity ship Wt Each Graduated Beakers w/Handle Made of autoclavable.58 9. WB8 WB16 WB32 8 oz (237 mL) 16 oz (474 mL) 32 oz (948 mL) Capacity Graduated Cylinders Molded of heavy-duty and chemically resistant translucent polypropylene.4788 Tech Support: 407. Black ink. Adjustable Volume Convenient dispensing bottle will measure any amount from 5 mL to 25 mL.27/10+ 10. with no-drip pouring spouts. Bottles are leakproof. They are autoclavable and nest for storage.61 5. LBH1 LBH2 LBH3 1. FN16-2 is polyethylene.oz) 1. LGC100 100 mL LGC250 250 mL LGC500 500 mL LGC1000 1. porcelain and plastics.77 9. FN8-2 FN16-2 Capacity Dia.000 mL 6 cm 7 cm 10 cm 12 cm 15 cm OAL $ 1.32 4.69 7.18/6+ Lab Pen Markings withstand temperatures in excess of 347ºF (175ºC) and resist limited exposure to diluted acids and bases.oz) 125 mL (4.5 gallons (10 liters) 3 lbs 130.96/Cs 46.50/8+ 13. with polypropylene screw closure and fine bore dispensing tube. and their square shape saves space. Can be used on glass. with permanently molded graduations that won't fade after repeated autoclaving.000 mL Capacity Graduated Bottles. Cutting the end of the tube back will increase the flow.98 8.40 Each 5.598. LFP125 LFP250 LFP500 LFP1 125 mL 250 mL 500 mL 1.2 fl.21/10+ 7. semitransparent polypropylene.000 mL Capacity Graduated Beakers These autoclavable polypropylene beakers will withstand temperatures up to 120ºC.61 4.51 7.20 6.000 mL Capacity 12 cm 14 cm 19 cm 23 cm $ 5.5 fl.00 — CB20 5 gallons (20 liters) 5 lbs 171. The 2.38 5.09/Cs 54.90 8.03/Cs Wash Bottles Made of fl exible LDPE.22 12 12 12 12 6 $ 30.05 10+ 11 cm 14 cm 18 cm OAL $ 2. metal.09 2.80 6.38/6+ CB10 2.50/6+ Note: OAL = overall length Lsb250 501060 PLb25 511654 LP4 Wb8 LGC100 Cb4 LGb250 LbH1 LfP125 fN8-2 Order Online: AquaticEco. Often used to dispense nutrients.15 Each 2.000 mL 2. LSB250 LSB500 LSB1 250 mL 500 mL 1. LGB050 LGB100 LGB250 LGB500 LGB1 Capacity $ 3. wide-mouth square bottles are ideal for shipping and storing liquids and solids.92 4.16 8.8 fl.47 11. leakproof polypropylene construction with a full range of sizes.49 9.00 3.45 Funnels These funnels are steam-autoclavable to 250ºF.25/12+ 4. These are made in a larger diameter than most beakers for stability. 511654 $ 21.77 7.08 11.D.347. Graduated in milliliters and liters.5-gallon and 5-gallon carboys have two molded handles. Polypropylene High-performance.82 14.36 6+ 8 oz 16 oz 4.59/Cs 32.21 10.00 Erlenmeyer Flasks Heavy. Clearly printed graduations show milliliters and fluid ounces. Easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Low-density polyethylene storage bottle will hold 500 mL of liquid. Contain large.74 13. wide-mouth openings and strong chemical resistance.94 5.28/6+ 50 mL 100 mL 250 mL 500 mL 1. The tube is narrow at the end to allow a drop at a time.oz) 500 mL (17 fl.oz) 250 mL (8.90/Cs 32. LP4 $ 25.24 5. CB4 1 gallon (4 liters) 2 lbs $ 90. PLB25 PLB40 PLB80 PLB100 250 mL 400 mL 800 mL 1.

14 8. Fernbach Flask A high surface area to volume ratio makes this 2.2 mL .0 mL 18 cm 21 cm 22 cm 24 cm 30 cm 36 cm 1.97 5.5 mL 1.000 mL 2.65 oz 4.4788 Tech Support: 407.55 2.65 9.2 oz 8 oz 8.45 4.25 24. SF250 SF500 Capacity Erlenmeyer Flasks Made from high-quality borosilicate glass.000 mL Capacity 14 cm 17 cm 21 cm 23 cm 27 cm 31 cm OAL Actual Wt 1.51 28.98 GC10 GC25 GC50 GC100 GC250 GC500 10 mL 25 mL 50 mL 100 mL 250 mL 500 mL .85 11. Ideal for culturing microalgae.39 2.45 3. and a snap-on plastic cap is included.27 15. GE125 GE250 GE500 GE1000 GE2000 Capacity Graduations OAL Actual Wt Each 6+ 125 mL 250 mL 500 mL 1.58 17.35 Each Volumetric Flasks These flasks have machine-blown bodies and thick glass necks.36 26.000 mL Capacity Graduations 10 mL 10 mL 10 mL 25 mL 100 mL 50 mL 50 mL 100 mL 6 cm 7 cm 8 cm 10 cm 12 cm 13 cm 15 cm 19 cm OAL Actual Wt 2 oz 2 oz 3 oz 5 oz 5 oz 8 oz 11 oz 16 oz $ 2.75 20.23 3. The stopcock bores.40 71.000 mL 2. 6+ Capacity Graduations OAL Actual Wt Each 6+ GLB50 GLB100 GLB150 GLB250 GLB400 GLB600 GLB1000 GLB2000 50 mL 100 mL 150 mL 250 mL 400 mL 600 mL 1.50 9.20 6.8-liter glass flask ideal for culturing algae (do not use on a heat source smaller than the base of the flask). hexagonal bumper guards to resist roll and breakage.49 13.07 18.63/6+ VF5o VF100 VF200 VF250 VF500 VF1000 50 mL 100 mL 200 mL 250 mL 500 mL 1.347. Graduated These all-glass cylinders have metric scales and sliding.00 11.85 30.62 14.598.83 oz 8.63 10. Separatory High-quality.164 Lab Equipment Glassware glb250 gc50 sf250 fbf28 ge125 vf250 Beakers.57 oz 1. thick glass separatory funnels meet ASTM E-1096 Type 4 specs.05 11.43 2.25 21.000 mL 25 mL 25 mL 50 mL 50 mL 50 mL 11 cm 14 cm 17 cm 22 cm 28 cm 3 oz 3.6 oz 2 oz 3 oz 3. Easy-to-read scales indicate volumes accurately to ±5%.00 6.94 9.15 18.75 3.34 10.30 15.30 Each 10.0 mL 5.35 10.3 oz $ 11.3 oz 6 oz 9.91 250 mL 500 mL 30 cm 33 cm OAL Actual Wt 5 oz 6.5 oz 16 oz $ 3.25 3.44 10.35 28.10 3.4 oz $ 28.50 2.75 34.20 10.95 3. The graduation lines are sharp and permanent.76 oz 15 oz 30 oz $ 6.91 3.1 mL . Flasks meet ASTM E-288 Class A specifications. Cylinders. body openings and stems are carefully aligned for even flow and cut-off.75 16.95 Each 2.1401 . Graduated These graduated beakers are made from sturdy borosilicate glass and feature heavy wall construction to resist breakage. FBF28 $ 75.0 mL 2.82 2.30 Order by Phone: 877.65 14. these flasks have thick wall construction with metric scales.87 4+ Order Online: AquaticEco. All sizes include a ground glass stopper.

26 24.000 mL/32 oz 113500A 500 mL/16 oz 114250A 250 mL/8 oz Capacity OAL Per Case Precleaned & QA Analyzed An economical alternative to a glass kit.80 licb 22 cm 20 cm 15 cm 12 12 12 $ 13004c 13108c-s Settlometer Boston Bottles. Bottle and pipette are made of low-density polyethylene.35/Cs sk9857 Boston Bottles. 1–10 mL by .84 54. instruction booklet.04/Pk 53.000 mL/32 oz 500 mL/16 oz 250 mL/8 oz 18 cm 15 cm 13 cm Per Case 12 12 12 Precleaned & QA Analyzed 156125 157250 14040a 14040c $ 58. Markings are incremented as follows: 0–1 mL by . Water sampling favorites.000 mL. Amber 13920C 20 mL. Teflon®-lined. Clear Glass These glass jars are priced by the case of 24.1 mL. Clear 13920A 20 mL. this Nalgene® settlometer kit consists of a 2-liter jar with easy-to-read graduations. which makes it easy to withdraw sediment.347. polypropylene paddle. ten 15-mL. Amber Glass Round Teflon®-lined.15/Cs 117. Polyethylene Capacity OAL 11201a 113500a 114250a 11201c 15001 1. closed-top caps. 10–40 mL by 1. 13004C 13108C-S OAL Per Case Precleaned & QA Analyzed Imhoff Cone A fully-graduated cone made of styrene-acrylonitrile that features a low-density bottom plug.0 mL. Amber Per Case 72 72 72 72 $ 104.40/Cs 36.000 mL/32 oz 113500C 500 mL/16 oz Capacity OAL Per Case Precleaned & QA Analyzed licr 20 cm 17 cm 12 12 $ 50. LIC1 LICR LICB 125 mL/4 oz 250 mL/8 oz 7 cm 14 cm 24 24 $ 59.1401 . Length is 46 cm. and data sheet. Water sampling favorites where contents can be harmed by sunlight. The stainless steel rack holds 3 cones.10/Cs 91.40/Cs 46. bulb-type.4788 Tech Support: 407.5 mL.85/Cs 67. 17625 17626 17627 Capacity 12332a Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.15/Cs 13920a 13920c Precleaned & QA Analyzed Dropper Bottles.26/Cs 117.20 Each 43.Sampling Containers Lab Equipment 165 Jars. closed-top caps. dropping pipette inserted through the cap hole. 500 and 1. centrifuge tubes with molded-in graduations. 40–100 mL by 2 mL and markings at 250. SK9857 lic1 $ 202. 11201C 1.06/4+ 48. Clear Glass Round. 11201A 1.25/Cs Wide Mouth Jars.50/Cs 46. 30 mL 60 mL 125 mL Per Pack 12 12 6 $ 39.30/Cs 40.04/Pk 17625 Order Online: AquaticEco.70/Cs 15001 113500c 151500 Wide Mouth Jars.55/Cs Imhoff Cone Steel Rack Imhoff Brush 45 cm 45 cm 77 cm OAL $ 47. conical.30/Cs VOA Vials Capacity 12108a 12216a 14040C 40 mL.35/Cs 70.30/Cs 35. Clear 14040A 40 mL.598.26/Cs 104. Order by Phone: 877.83/3+ 21. friction-fit closures.52/Pk 53. cover.20/Cs 62. Sold per pack.000 mL/32 oz 151500 500 mL/16 oz 157250 250 mL/8 oz 156125 125 mL/4 oz 19 cm 15 cm 12 cm 9 cm Per Case 12 24 24 48 Precleaned & QA Analyzed $ 46. Narrow Mouth Screw-cap bottles with removable. ten polypropylene. Amber Glass 12332A 12216A 12108A Capacity OAL 1.

TCBS agar is ideal for culturing and isolation of enteropathogenic Vibrio. 10/Pk TAB/Disinfection Control. with a 1/8" (4 mm) diameter loop on a 21/2" (6 cm) stem and an 8" aluminum handle. Pang Research Assistant New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences Order Online: AquaticEco. Marine agar is routinely used for isolation. heavy-duty stopcock with boss fitting for extra strength features removable tube fitting.5 cm) (.60 73. All have speed controls.56 124. 26108-10 26109-10 26195-10 TAB/Yeast & Mold Paddle Tester. I was also given alternatives and the chance to place a special order for the item.35 6+ Microbiological Media Stirring Bar Retriever A powerful magnet sealed in this polyethylene rod is useful for retrieving stirring bars from samples (and screws from sink drains!).70 153.1401 . Price is for a box of 25. One 25-mm (11/4") long magnetic stir bar is included.00 213.78 These innovative paddle testers make it simple and safe to test liquids and solid surfaces for suspected bacteria.50 Each Pk 30. All three include a test for total aerobic bacteria (TAB).5 liters 2 lbs 2 lbs 4 lbs $ 83.82/6+ Df178 Closeup of Loop I was very pleased with the response from customer service. MSR73 $ 15. Sizes listed are diameter by 50/60 Hz.00 172. 505634-1 26109-10 26195-10 Paddle Testers 505634-1 505634-2 Capacity 5 liters 10 liters stopcock Yes Yes $ 49. yeasts and molds. Made in USA.60 190. ideal for labs and hatcheries.60/Pk Order by Phone: 877. 500 g Marine Agar. leakproof. 7010 $ 5. Tryptone soy agar (TSA) is commonly used for culturing organisms from freshwater fish.00 74. Durable.60/Pk 38. Rounded octagonal shape for increased rigidity when full. $ 45.3 cm) (.60/Pk Stirring Bars These extra strength Teflon® stirring bars are octagonal in shape.8 cm) x 1" (2.99 36. Many other companies that I contacted said that they couldn't get this item or that it wasn't in production. One-year warranty.598. LV4 $ 36.4788 Tech Support: 407.56 ABS Plastic 316 Stainless 316 Stainless Cover Approx stir Capacity 1 liter 1 liter 2. Disposable Sterile petri dishes made of polystyrene are conveniently disposable. These soft-tipped applicators measure 6" long x 1/16" diameter and are made with straight grain white birch.70 Carboys High-performance.31 51. Measures 45 cm (18") x 1 cm (3/8").20 4. Cotton-Tipped Cotton-tipped applicators are ideal for transferring bacterial samples from fish to agar plates and for transferring algal samples. 500 g This dehydrated culture media is ideal for preparing fresh media for bacteriological culture. Sold in packs of 10. Kevin H. 15 mm x 100 mm. 10/Pk TAB/Total Coliforms. Prices listed are for packs of 12 (single price is for 12 stirrers.24 208. 500 g TCBS Agar.15 DF158 DF176 DF174 DF178 TSA.59 69.8 cm) x 2" (5 cm) $ 33. Blow-molded handles are end-sealed to prevent contamination. 6+ price is for 72 or more stirrers).86 67. Every plastic paddle has a double-sided slide of agar (growing media) with a grid attached to the plastic cap.347. cultivation and enumeration of heterotrophic marine bacteria. LPD15 $ 8. Box of 1. 10/Pk $ 38. 100 g TSA. Keep up the good work! Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.8 cm) x 1/2" (1. LTB05 LTB1 LTB2 5/16" 5/16" 5/16" 26108-10 (.84 136. autoclavable carboys made of heavy-duty PP.166 Lab Equipment Microbiology/Hot Plates/Stirrers Petri Dishes. The customer service was much better than I expected considering the quick response time. offset neck for easier filling and pouring. Not only did they answer my question very thoughtfully.04 46.32 Df174 4+ Inoculating Loop This loop is made with twisted Nichrome ® wire.59 33. Made in USA.000 applicators contains 10 sealed autoclave bags of 100 each. LMS2 LMS3 LMS4 5" x 5" x 2" 5" x 5" x 2" 7" x 7" x 3" size Lms2 ship Wt Each 3+ Applicators. 115V.08 191. Ships dry.79 Magnetic Stirrer Here is an excellent value in magnetic stirrers. Graduations are molded into the front for easy reading. ABS or stainless steel housing and an internal VCO that stops the motor from accelerating as soon as the load is removed.00 Each 42.

7.D. 831 cu.14 88.5" with guide pin.20 4.D. DR2 DR3 Ship Wt 3 lbs 10 lbs $ 13. 4" Straight End.98 5.D. AT12 1/2" Dissecting Equipment All of these instruments are high-quality steel. the color changes from blue to pink.50 18.30 12. tubing. #3.  1 x 2 tissue forceps.5". 8" Fine Point Cutters Angle Probe Teasing Needle.55 10.88 12" 17" Height Diameter 13" 12" Capacity Volume Ship Wt 9 liters 14 liters 551 cu. autoclavable and ideal for liquid and ozone gas transmission. 6/Pk.  No.1401 .85 7.8 A). 6/Pk Large Scissors.00 20. 8" Microdissection Scissors $ 30.598. the dry steam can sterilize in 20–30 minutes. one point sharp D & other point blunt. Rounded End Blades #11. TT14 2. 4.55 345. polyethylene dissecting trays include a long-lasting vinyl pad.00 10GS Dissecting Tray These inexpensive.D. 5.35 35. Ideal for most small lab applications.59 148.55 15. Medium Fine Points Forceps.75 2.60 6. $ 1. Fine Points Forceps.00 10.00 1/4" I.68/6+ Autoclave These aluminum autoclaves only require a small amount of water for proper sterilization. Straight End. Dissecting scalpel handle. The indicator bars will change from white to dark brown after 15 minutes of exposure to steam heat at 250ºF. (not included). Most are stainless. Made in USA. Straight End.23 9.50 8.65 1.51 Each 1. medium point.76 1. Super Fine Points Bone Shears. 6/Pk.87 4.64 20.78 3+ Before Use After Use • • • • Tygon® Tubing Specifically formulated for lab use.45 Desiccant (Silica Gel) Silica gel with indicator is an all-purpose desiccant.  Cartilage knife with 2" blade.65 8.26 12+ 19961 Order Online: AquaticEco.19 7. angular with metal chuck.22 2. $ 3.D. Bent End.  Dissecting iris scissors. Flexible and clear. etc.  $ 20.12 1. Slanted End Scissors.  Dissecting teasing needle.74 4.83 193.60 1.  Dissecting mall probe. Can be regenerated by heating in an oven. Can be used in low-pressure or vacuum applications with air or water. Can be used with our drying tubes.00 22. zeolite. 6/Pk Bent Teasing Needle. 4" Curved End. cotton.16 5. Sold per foot and in 50' rolls. Curved End.85 Each 12. 19960 19961 19962 4" (102 mm) 6" (152 mm) 8" (203 mm) Overall Length $ 1. it is noncontaminating.82 72.22 6. 60 Hz. At a temperature of 250ºF. As the silica gel absorbs moisture. Add an "F" after part number for per foot.84 2.98 1.   issecting scissors.24 32. Equipped with pressure gauge.95 2.00 12.00 DT9003 DT9005 11" x 7" x 11/2" 13" x 9" x 11/2" $ 20.  Dissecting forceps. LA830 LA831 Scalpel Handle Blades #10. zippered case with linen. Super Fine Points Forceps.25 Drying Tubes dt9003 Straight tubes made of unbreakable polyethylene are useful for desiccants. LSHB1 and LSHB2 are carbon steel.20 8.015.00 2. chrome.85 13.5".04 Deluxe Dissecting Kit An excellent choice for teachers and students! • • • • • • • lsh1 lshb1 lshb2 ls1s ls1b lfc1 lfs1 Dissecting teasing 4. Sixty yards per roll. which releases pressure at 35 psi in the event of failure. carbon.74 1.25 22. 25 lbs 32 lbs $ 497. Each 10+ TT18 Foot Roll TT38 TT58 TT34 3 / 8" 5 / 8" 3/4" I. straight with metal chuck. LSH1 LSHB1 LSHB2 LS1B LS1S LFC1 LFS1 LFS4 LFC4 BS81 IG48 ANG N31 N32 SS8 9M Each 10+ Tape $ 5. 4.D. Tygon® 3603 tubing works with almost any inorganic chemical. Great for use in labs and with juvenile fish.75 27.24 TT18 51.60 8.00 TT316 3/16" I.00 I. 10 blade.05 14.000-W heater with thermostat and 6' cord (115V. Curved w/Fine Sharp Points Scissors.4788 Tech Support: 407. pressure relief valves and safety Order by Phone: 877. 1-Fine & 1-Blunt Point Forceps. 7. LA831 has a built-in 1.  Vinyl.60 9.347.Autoclave/Dissection/Desiccator Lab Equipment 167 Autoclave Indicator Tape This self-adhesive tape will tell you if your autoclave is performing correctly.55 9. Foot Roll 1/8" I. Each tube includes two end cap adapters that can be used with 1/4" to 3/8" la831 LA830 is for use with external heat source. 1.00 I.

34 2. Hold up to 40 tubes. this set is perfect for grinding dry materials into fine powders like medications and feed additives. Can replace stopcocks.55 Each . HST5 HST6 HST7 HST9 HST10 Max Dia.95/4+ Pack Droppers Made of polyethylene.30 10+ LTT17 LTT21 16 x 150 20 x 150 Each Pack $ 7. SC212 $ 6. 16 mm $ 5. #10. Ship weight 3 lbs.598. Typically used for algal cultures or any time air is being introduced into a container. natural rubber stoppers can be used as a solid one-. Sold in packs of 12.56 2. Sold in packs of 25.63 26. Pk of 25 5.63 6+ These borosilicate glass test tubes have a rubberlined screw cap. Perfect for microalgal and bacterial cultures.50 10. LD15 LD4 1. Sold in packs of 100.16 AC92 20-mm Cap. Epoxy coating will withstand a temperature range of -223 to 121ºC and can be autoclaved. Racks are three-tiered and hold up to forty 20-mm diameter tubes.94 10.93 30. Cs of 500 83.41 13. Graduations show the amount of liquid drawn. these one-piece droppers are low priced for disposal or easily cleaned for reuse.33 Pack 26.14 1.347.11 2.33 28.50 sc212 lttw fp525 hst5 ld15 ltt17 ltt16 lttr d727 mp135 Order Online: AquaticEco.0 mL $ 22.15 9. D727 D728 D729 1/8"–1/4" (3–6 mm) 1/4"– 3/8" (6–9 mm) 3/8"–1/2" (9–13 mm) Culture Tubes Three-Hole Stoppers Autoclavable.1401 .000 82. Mortars have a pouring lip and are glazed on outside only. Accepts tubing up to 1/2" (13 mm) O. $ 28. Hinged sides allow for installation without disconnecting the tubing. two.20 Pack Screw Clamp Autoclavable and chemical-resistant screw clamps provide fine control of air or liquids. They don't float in water baths. LTTW $ 31. 20 mm.03/16+ FP625 #6. The bellows-shaped bulb is easy to use.33 28.5 mL 4.78/8+ FP725 #7.08 AC92-C 20-mm Cap. LTT16 16 mm x 159 mm $ 5.59/5+ #5 #6 #7 #9 #10 27 mm 32 mm 37 mm 45 mm 50 mm $ . LTTR $ 12. salts. Caps are resistant to autoclaving and most chemicals.90 Order by Phone: 877.92 5.40 2.50 23.50 17. Sold in packs of 25. 35 mm 10.63 26.45/10+ LTT20 20 mm x 150 mm 10. Pk of 25 6.76 9.or three-hole stopper by removing the twist-off seals. Sold individually.33 8. These allow for easy tubing disconnect. MP135 MP300 MP600 Ship Wt 135 mL 300 mL 600 mL 1 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs $ 7.48 10+ Mortar and Pestle Culture Tubes Made of borosilicate glass.67 4. FP525 #5. weak acids or weak bases.79 1.D. these test tubes can withstand high temperatures and they reduce pH changes. Mix 16. Will not deform after repeated use.88 1. Dimensions are 93/8" L x 41/2" W x 3" H. Size (mm) Test Tube Rack Autoclavable plastic that folds flat for storage and shipping make these easy-to-assemble racks a practical choice.87/25+ Constructed of heavy-duty porcelain. Smooth rim top.49/5+ 5. Cs of 1.04 AC79-C 16-mm Cap. Pestles are oversized for comfortable use and are glazed down to the grinding surface. combination marking and reference spot for orientation.90 Quick Disconnects Polyethylene quick disconnects can be used in low-pressure air applications. Sold in packs of 12. Diameters listed are maximums.168 Lab Equipment Racks/Tubes/Stoppers Wire Rack These tough wire racks are coated with epoxy and are unaffected by organic solvents.88 11.03 1. 44 mm.01/6+ Foam Plugs Autoclavable and chemical-resistant foam plugs are used for applications that require a breathable stopper.4788 Tech Support: 407.68/10+ AC79 16-mm Cap. #9.53 7.

LDP5 LDP9 15-cm Pipettes 23-cm Pipettes $ 14.28 12. PLP1 PLP2 PLP5 PLP10 Capacity 1 mL 2 mL 5 mL 10 mL 27 cm 27 cm 30 cm 30 cm OAL $ 9. Each size (16 cm is about 6") is a different color. Ungraduated with capillary tips of approximately 1-mm inside diameter. The one-piece design eliminates mouthpiece and tip breakage. Pumps should be selected to match the volumetric capacity of the pipette to be used.97 Transfer Pipette.36 25.94 10.83 20. Easy to read and highly chemical-resistant. Autoclavable.98 13.1401 . Serological Pipettes These polystyrene serological pipettes are both accurate and economical. LDP5 is 6" (15 cm) long overall and narrow portion is 5 cm.00 5.83 21.99 12+ Pipette Rack Designed for drying and storing glass and plastic pipettes in a vertical 5" x 10" space. Disposable Graduated One-piece plastic pipette with clearly marked graduations in 1-mL increments. depress the plunger on top. Pipettes feature highly legible graduations and contamination-free cotton plugs.00 12. LDP9 is 9" (23 cm) long overall and narrow portion is approximately 12 cm.11 Transfer Pipettes These unbreakable pipettes are made of translucent polypropylene.11 Rubber Bulbs.00 11.4788 Tech Support: 407. bottom deck holes are tapered from 16 mm to 6 mm.46 Order Online: AquaticEco.50 25.. PR4 $ 33.13 11.51 28.17 Each 18. last drop must be blown Order by Phone: 877. Capacity OAL 1 mL 2 mL 5 mL 10 mL 31 cm 36 cm 33 cm 30 cm $ 10. avoiding the risk of has been around for 15 years.33 28.00 24. Disposable Disposable glass pipettes are ideal for transferring algal cultures.Lab Equipment Pipettes/Bulbs 169 lpb15 ldp5 plp1 lpt1 lpt5 lpt2 lpt10 lpm1 lpt25 lp3 pr4 lpp10 Pasteur Pipettes.55 10+ LPP2 LPP10 LPP25 Capacity 2 mL 10 mL 25 mL 16 cm 16 cm 19 cm OAL $ 19. Delivers to tip.53 11. The rotating wheel can be moved forward or backward for precise filling or emptying.85 10. Highly resistant to most chemicals and have Class B-rated accuracy. For rapid emptying. Size (mm) LPB15 LPB35 38 x 60 45 x 66 Overall Capacity 15 mL 35 mL Diameter 4 mm 6 mm $ 10. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier.22 22.85 9. Sold in packs of 250. All pumps will accept pipette diameters from 4 to 8 mm.598.87 17.52 4. 500/pack. LPT1 LPT2 LPT5 LPT10 LPT25 Capacity OAL Diameter Each 12+ Measuring Pipettes Made of translucent polypropylene.65 54.85 6+ Pipette Pump Easy-to-use.02 10.65 19. It has seen dot-com booms.05 18.70 9. LP3 LP5 3 mL 5 mL 14 cm 15 cm $ 53.47 12.57 10. easy-to-clean and very accurate. Sold in packs of 25. Top and middle racks have 5/8" (16 mm) diameter holes. busts and new booms. etc.10 Pack 9. The stem narrows down to a fine tip.42 AquaticEco.36 20. Weight 1 lb. High Quality These large rubber bulbs are made to use with pipettes.347.20 21. LPM1 LPM2 LPM5 LPM10 Capacity OAL Each 12+ 1 mL 2 mL 5 mL 10 mL 25 mL 30 cm 30 cm 33 cm 44 cm 47 cm 5 mm 6 mm 5 mm 7 mm 8 mm $ 11.20 8.94 Each 9.

providing extra low lint and high extractable performance. 1 Doz $ 9.08/4+ Parafilm® Used for covering the mouth of Erlenmeyer flasks. Has automatic power-off and comes in a hard carrying case. Waterproof film is . and the rack also has 26 pegs. AQU128 1 gallon $ 25 24.0 mm. calendar and an hourly chime option. weighs 5 oz. Dimensions: 21/2" x 2" x 1/2". The timer has a built-in stand for benchtop use. Batteries included. plastic. time-out and time-of-day. Sold in 4" wide by 125' (10 cm x 38 m) roll. metal. Four channels count 100 hours either up or down with 1-second resolution. timer starts counting up to show time elapsed since alarming. Removes grease. 6" (15 cm) dial calipers measure inches on dial to . Available separately or in packages of 12 in a 70-lb box that can be shipped Ground. KW48 15" x 17".72 LN4 Alconox® Ideal for general laboratory use. The bottom drainage tray can hold pipettes. depth and step. nonhazardous.83/4+ Metric Conversion Calculator TF This compact calculator instantly converts US to metric and metric to US for measurements of volume. Quickly loosens organic soiling. High-density polyethylene with sturdy wire bail and plastic handles. oils. waste and more. Weighs 1 lb.005" thick and conveniently provides transfer resistance to air.64 40.54 115.07 70. plastic and hard-surface materials. 5-Gallon These heavy-duty 5-gallon pails with tight fitting lids make excellent all-purpose containers. Uses one AAA battery (included).1401 . Water-Resistant Counts up to 24 hours in 1/100 second resolution for the first 30 minutes and a one second resolution thereafter. Weighs 4 lbs. 59 seconds to one second. temperature or weight. They're made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon for use in corrosive environments.4788 Tech Support: 407. blood and tissue and is odorless and nontoxic.01" and in 1/64" plus mm on venier to 1. Used for cleaning glass.18/4+ LN1 Pail.25 16. NIST-certified. AX4 $ 42. Has a pH of 8.347. Each pail weighs under 2 lbs. metal. phosphate-free and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).04 Timer. glass rods and test tubes. 59 minutes. 5014 $ 25. They measure outside. Usual dilution rate is one tablespoon to one gallon of water.50 7. culture tubes and petri dishes. Packaged in dispenser carton.45 ® Aqualife Multi-Duty Cleaner super concentrated—dilute up to 20 times! A high-quality cleaner designed for use in fish hatcheries.93/4+ 2 lbs $ 17. Also has a 12/24-hour alarm clock. Alconox® cleaner is excellent for glassware. Order by Phone: 877. CD6 $ 44. P35 $ 25. gases. aquaculture facilities and fish and food processing plants. area. 140/Box ship Wt 810027 $ 23. MC2 $ 50.65/4+ Benchtop Draining Rack This polystyrene/metal lab rack provides drying and storage of laboratory glassware of most any type or size. grease. nonabrasive and safe for most delicate surfaces.25 20.38 Zbk5 Liqui-Nox Liqui-Nox® is a special formulation of anionic and cationic detergents and wetting agents.25 39. ZBK5 BK5 Pail Pail. LD2 $ 98. weighs 4 oz.170 Lab Equipment Calipers/Calculator/Timers Dial Calipers These Swiss-made. a fifth channel works as a calendar and alarm clock and a sixth channel is a 10-hour stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution. yet is mild to skin and contains no phosphates. alcohol and common acids. Wipes clean. Size 4" x 2" x 1/2". When zero is reached. 8112 $ 8. Includes 2 AAA batteries. Measures 53/8" x 33/8" x 1/2". NSF-certified for use in food processing facilities. One-hundreddecibel alarm clearly penetrates highnoise areas. Massive display is 3/4" high. Biodegradable. Additional features include stopwatch. inside. Measures 19" H x 61/2" D x 163/4" W. length. Delivers accurate timing demanded by government regulations and ISO9000 requirements. clips to a pocket or sticks to any metal surface with a magnetic back.598. Extra-Extra-Loud Traceable® An easy-to-read timer that can be used in the noisiest plant or lab. Has one of the loudest alarms available—useful around high background noise. porcelain and rubber. Each 4+ Kimwipes® EX-L Single-ply wipes are soft.62 Simultaneous Start Timer This is the only multichannel timer on which different channels can be set independently but start simultaneously.50 Stopwatch. allowing easy removal of biofilm. It has high cleaning power. Packaged in pop-up dispenser. measures 21/2" x 27/8" x 1/2" and weighs 2 oz. Set any time from 99 hours.48 Order Online: AquaticEco. Includes neck strap and battery. LN1 LN4 Quart Gallon ship Wt 3 lbs 11 lbs $ 20. Unique feature allows conversion of one measurement into every other unit of measure in the same category with the press of a button.5 and a biodegradable base.

1" digital readout has .com Order by Phone: 877. CS25 CS225 50 lbs 250 lbs $ 595 595 Scales. use a scale labeled "Legal for Trade. 200 g x . Use 9V battery (included). to 132 lbs • • • • 3 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 1 lb $ 108 108 127 786 26 Dual graduation avoirdupois and metric. Polished chrome body.1%." sb7 2 lbs x 1/2 oz (1 kg x 20 g). CS71 CS73 CS7 100 lbs x . Electronic The SB200. One-year warranty. 2 revolutions 20 lbs x 1 oz. 8" face. Platforms are 202 stainless steel. 61/8" L 10 lbs x 4 oz (5 kg x 100 g). 3 revolutions 200 lbs x . Digital Hanging to 500 lbs These weather-resistant (not 100% waterproof) scales have 1" digital readouts and are accurate to ± . Guaranteed accuracy. One-year warranty. SB2 and SB5 portable balances feature full capacity tare and high-contrast LCD display reading in grams or lbs. SB200 SB2 SB5 SB120 SB2A Top Loading.0 g Top Loading.5 lb. Portable.000 g x 2.598. Digital Hanging sb9 to 250 lbs These scales are mounted in heavy plastic cases. 83/8" L 50 lbs x 8 oz (25 kg x 250 g). They are mounted in aluminum cases and measure in both kg and lbs. 1 revolution $ 257 221 311 387 221 356 Scales 171 Scales. One-year warranty. Three models come with a 12" x 13" x 6" deep galvanized steel scoop (shown) and all have covered faces. 22 lbs x 1 oz (10 kg x 50 g). Top Loading mechanical dial type.5 kg x 100 g).347. 91/2" x 91/2" Platform 132 lbs x 8 oz (60 kg x 200 g). SB7 is "Legal for Trade.1401 . well-suited for aquaculture uses. 5. 6" L 4 lbs x 1 oz (2 kg x 50 g).1 g Weigh Pan. 12" x 12" Platform ship Wt sb20A • sb120 • • sb200 SB20A SB40A SB100A 8 lbs 8 lbs 24 lbs $ 69 69 89 Order Online: AquaticEco. SB91 SB92 SB93 SB94 SB95 sb8 *When weighing products for sale.Lab Equipment Scales.100 g x . 91/2" x 91/2" Platform 44 lbs x 2 oz (20 kg x 50 g). Portable. Shatterproof acrylic face. One-year warranty." SB8.1 g Top Loading. 2 revolutions. Hanging to 200 lbs These have been around for years and with good reason—they're reliable.05 lb 300 lbs x . 61/2" x 61/2" x 2" Deep ship Wt Cs73 Cs25 Scales. Portable. 65/8" L 25 lbs x 4 oz (12. Shock-resistant and weather-resistant (not 100% waterproof). not included). SB6 SB7* SB8 SB9 SB80 SB90 20 lbs x 1 oz. One-year warranty.4788 Tech Support: 407. 2. 1 revolution 20 kg x 50 g.0 g Top Loading. 2. They have a 51/2" diameter platform and operate on 3 AA batteries or AC adapter (both included). Legal 60 lbs x 1 oz.1 resolution. Spring to 50 lbs sb92 No more fish stories with these scales around! Brass construction with cad-plated steel spring. Made in USA. 2 revolutions 100 kg x 500 g. Weigh 2 lbs. Include stainless steel hooks and hangers. SB9 and SB90 come with an "S" hook only. Manual zero-adjust knob for tare weight (10% of capacity).1 lb 500 lbs x . Deeply embossed black graduations for easy reading in both lbs and kg. The SB120 features autocalibration and a 43/4" x 61/2" platform with an AC adapter included (or use 8 AA batteries. Made in USA.2 lb $ 945 945 945 Scales. Scales use six D batteries that can last up to one year. Rust-resistant internal parts. Weigh 8 lbs. they measure in both kg and lbs.000 g x 1. 81/4" L Each $ 79 79 79 79 79 72 72 72 72 72 4+ Scales.

Capacity: 4 Order by Phone: 877. The SB564 features a backlit display and protective cover. Platforms are stainless steel with baked enamel finish. Sold in packs of 100.7" x 3". pennyweight. kg.5 cm 14 x 14 x 2. One-year warranty. magnetic clamping and zero adjust compensator.598.610 grams with optional weight set (set weighs 6 lbs). to 440 lbs They have a large platform with leveling feet.001 gram. taels (3) and ticals.50 9. It's accurate. portable balance. alcohol and chemicals. mesghals.1 g $ 355 196 290 sb41 Balance. weight 38 lbs. above the scale platform or on any vertical surface. ES100L and ES200L measure 20.5" x 15.9". ounces. Ship weight 3 lbs.1 lb. Twin Beam Here is an inexpensive. grains.01 g 400 g x .01 kg 50 kg x . dependable and requires no assembly. Made in USA. plastic.05 g. ES6R through ES50R platforms measure 12. 13" L x 9" W.136 Scales High accuracy at an affordable price. One-year warranty.32 10+ WP2 Order Online: AquaticEco.2" x 10. Both units run on two AAA alkaline batteries (included). Overall height 36".347. 18" L. newtons. Actual weight .84 8. lbs and oz. Flat bottom and shallow shape resist tipping.02 kg 100 kg x . Weigh 4 lbs. Auto-calibrated. A protective draft shield ensures accuracy.1 g $ 135 167 sb564 5. mommes.025 g. Scale capacity is 610 grams. membrane keypad. SB1530 150 g x . Sensitivity: . notched beams.4788 Tech Support: 407.5". industrial and educational applications. dwt and quantity for parts counting. Biologically inert and resistant to weak acids. can be increased in .001 g $ 1. oz. Calibration: . Balance includes dust cover and aluminum peg weight. It is perfect for use in the field or in the lab. troy ounces and pennyweight (dwt).67 Scale to .7" LCD display reads in grams. Handheld the perfect portable! Both models have energy-saving shut-off feature and a large LCD display. ES6R ES30R ES50R ES100L ES200L 6 kg x . SB12-2 Triple Beam $ 155 Bench Scales reads in kg.2 cm $ 6. comes with adapter. Triple Beam Features 3-tiered.05 kg 200 kg x . WP2 WP3 9 x 9 x 2. One-year warranty. Large . 50/60 Hz adapter (included) or four AA batteries (not included). large LCD. Made in USA. 3 revolutions. troy oz. The 3-way mounting bracket allows the indicator to be mounted to the scale base. One-year warranty.172 Lab Equipment Scales Balance. SB41 SB42 SB43 200 g x .1 kg ship Wt sb12-2 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs 36 lbs 36 lbs $ 545 545 545 584 584 Es6r Es100L Platform Scale to 300 lbs Detecto has a 10" dial face and 101/2" x 141/2" platform. ounces. Use 115/230V.002 kg 30 kg x . Weighs 8 lbs.2 g 320 g x .1 gram increments to 2. This economically priced scale is ideal for general laboratory. lbs. 300 lbs x 1 lb. SB563 SB564 120 g x . One-year warranty. pocket-sized. The diameter of the stainless steel measuring pan is 3.1 g 600 g x . aqueous solutions. Weigh in grams. Measures 41/2" x 13/4" x 1". The weigh pans measure 3". autozero tracking and stability indicator. SB99 $ 11. Indicator stand is 4". weighs 15 lbs. 115V. They have a stainless steel 41/2" weighing surface. Powered by a 9V adapter (included) or six AA batteries (not included).8" x 1. SBP2 $ 901.00 Scale Weighing Boats These rubberized weighing boats resist temperatures to 200ºF (93ºC) and fl ex readily for easy pouring. mg. Made in USA.1401 . It has a capacity of 150 grams and also measures in carats. Shipped via motor freight.25 Pack Scales.

32/Doz 21. Ship weight 2 lbs. CRG1 CRG2 CRG3 Small Medium Large $ 33.76/Box 15. 05-157GR $ 9. Sold in packs of 12 pairs. The embossed tractortread finish gives a vice-like grip in wet and dry situations and actually helps channel away hazardous chemicals from the surface of the 11-mil glove.28 33.85 4. acids. Use it with our 24" (BS2) and 36" (BS3) squeegees and others. Tapered Gloves.28 33.598. Galvanized steel frame and handle socket. floors. low-modulus glove that is lower in cost than traditional gloves. The fill (bristles) are 2" long for deep cleaning and the handles are solid plastic.60 7.20 9. Gloves are 13" in length and 11 mil thick. BS2 BS3 (24") (36") $ 30. boats.32/Doz 11/8" in diameter and 60" long. utility-grade glove.76/Box 15. medium and large in packs of 12 pairs. It has synthetic bristles and the handle has a 45-degree angle design. the brush has a connection that allows attachment to a male threaded broom handle or telescopic pole. Measures 35" x 45". durability and chemical resistance in a Order by Phone: 877.28 Utility Brushes These are excellent acidproof brushes for all types of scrubbing. and other hard-to-reach areas. Thick Nitrile CrG1 Nitrile. PVC grommets are welded to apron for greater strength and longer wear.27 4+ bU2 Apron This PVC apron is 20 mil thick with extra long cloth neck and waist ties. Splash and Impact $ 4.75 6. squeegees.32/Doz 21. GL801 GL802 GL803 Medium Large X-Large $ 21. Waxed wood block has one threaded hole.42/4+ Hardwood Handle.00 38.347. CB003 $ 10. heavy-duty scrub brush with 17/8" plastic fill for wet cleaning of floors and tanks. caustics. wheels. Uses tapered wood handle (BS1).27 35.38 Gloves. sumps.76/Box GL701 Hardwood Handle. BS1 $ 7.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 bs3 bs2 Each 4+ 28. etc. Nitrile Nitri Master® gloves feature nitrile strength.00 7.25 9.1-1989. alcohol. N-DEX® Original gloves are ambidextrous. Threaded Use it with our 10" deck brush (BD1) and other threaded brushes. GL701 GL702 GL703 Medium Large X-Large $ 15.25 Each 5.88/4+ Corner Brush Safety Goggles • • • Comfortable protection at a low price! PVC frames with polycarbonate lenses.56 8.37/6+ The corner brush is designed to clean corners. fats and grease. lightly dusted with USP-grade cornstarch. oils.85 6. Weigh 2 lbs/box. etc. BU1 BU2 9" OAL 20" OAL $ 6. solvent-resistant gloves will not weaken or swell like rubber and Neoprene in many solvents. FDA-accepted.1401 .65/10+ bU1 Deck Brush This is a 10" wide. 4-mil and sold 100 gloves to a box. including fish tanks. crevices. Low-Cost Nitrile This is a 100% nitrile.23/4+ GL2218 Order Online: AquaticEco. nonlatex. Not sterile. Available in small. Good wet grip and embossed finish help make wet handling easier and safer. Has wooden threads.Lab Equipment Safety/Cleaning 173 Gloves. sold separately. BD1 $ 8. BH1 $ 6. Weigh 2 lbs.98/4+ Floor Squeegees Heavy Neoprene blade for rough use. These gloves are manufactured using special ergonomically designed forms to reduce fatigue and GL801 enhance comfort. Resistant to many solvents. Meets ANSI Z87. For a long reach. 91/2" long.

Brush OAL 22" 16" 14" $ 17. BR55 BR60 BR130 Carboy Brushes A hinged joint and a wooden handle make the CBR8 great for use in carboys and flasks as well as other glassware.62 3. large tubes and bottles. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. pipettes and long tubing. BR25 BR33 BR68 BR80 BR87 BR122 BR129 BR225 Pipette Brush Tapering bristles from 1/4" to 3/4" x 71/2" L.45 5.95 br68 Test Tube Brushes Radial tufted tip and tapered design for cleaning test tubes and bottles.23 4. 14" OAL. With your outstanding prices and attentive customer service.75 7.80 3.68 br25 Tubing Brush br33 Galvanized wire handle with white bristles for cleaning burets. The 7" brush is made of nylon Order by Phone: 877.174 Cleaning Brushes/Sanitation System Foam Brushes A variety of sizes and shapes makes these foam brushes ideal for delicate labware. The 3-piece kit (BR122) has one brush 5" x 11/2".73 10. CBR8 CBR12 CBR16 br55 Glassware Brush Short Glassware Brush Long Lab Brush 7/8" 23/4" Dia.92 7.347. B17 $ 4. Overall length is 17".42 12+ Bottle Brush Bristles mounted on galvanized wire handle for use with cylinders. and one brush 5/16" x 1". including glassware. Overall length is 36".42 3.55 Deluxe Bottle Brush 11/2" x 5" 14" 3/8" x 3" Spout Brush 13" Brush w/10' Snake 4" x 2" 120" 5/8" x 1/2" Brush w/10" Snake 15" Long Handle Brush 2" x 6" 22" 3-Piece Brush Kit (see above for specs) 2-in-1 Brush 11/2" x 4" 14" 5/8" x 6" Test Tube Brush 8" Dia. Brush 31/2" x 11/2" Dia. The snake brush is great for cleaning pipes and the smaller brushes are useful for hard-to-reach fittings. Brush 4" x 15/8" Dia. while smaller brushes are made of hog bristles. 8" OAL.58 11.28 6. B16 $ 4. (9" Overall Length) 31/2" L x 3/4" Dia.68 8.55 2. You guys run a great operation. OAL 3" 16" 10" 19" $ 6.60 3.55 b9 br122 br129 My question was answered quickly and thoroughly.70 4. Acid-resistant foam bristles will gently scrub glassware without scratching.41 4.4788 Tech Support: 407. B9 B10 3" L x 7/16" Dia.67 12+ 7" x 13/4" Dia. Made in USA.77 cbr16 12+ br60 cbr12 cbr8 br130 Assorted Brushes These brushes can be used for any cleaning application. x Length OAL $ 3.598.72 5. Overall length is 16". 8" OAL.96 Each 15.94 4.24 9. Brush is 5" L x 2" dia. one brush 1" x 11/4". Brush is 51/4" L x 11/2" dia. (10" Overall Length) $ 2.12 6.18 Each 5. A wide variety of shapes and sizes provides a brush for every need.1401 . B36 $ 3. br225 Joshua Ramirez Order Online: AquaticEco.24 3. Thanks so much. Use with acrylic or any other delicate material.80 Each 3.60 10.35 3.45 4.

heaters.50 5. 20' Pump Male Connector Female Connector Flow Switch Faucet Adapter.19 4+ mf41 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible.347. hose. Additionally. PY25 PY50 PY75 PY100 PY10X PY20X PY13B PY07F PY06F PY13C PY13A PY69HD PY24 Python System.95 8. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. bubble wall installed to deflect floating aquatic debris.15 2.95 3.64 22. faucet pump and faucet adapters.95 PY25 Glass/Acrylic Cleaner Clean the inside of your aquarium without getting your hands wet! These super-strong magnets are lined with a soft felt for the outside and a cleaning material that won't scratch the inside.00 11. D10101 $ 9.75 Aquariums 175 Siphons These gravel vacuums are great for cleaning out detritus from aquarium tanks.1401 .90 11. The unique faucet pump enables the siphoning of water efficiently without spills. filters and pipeworks. specifi cations and packaging may have changed since the date of publication.4788 Tech Support: 407.95 17.00 10. including pumps. GS1 GS2 GS3 GS4 tube Diameter tube Length 1" 15/8" 17/8" 17/8" 12" 11" 14" 24" $ 5. prices. ponds. Can be used anywhere where deposits have formed.65 Each 11.41 10. It connects to most water faucets for use with aquariums. Mag-Floats® scrape away tough algae stains. stay together around corners and float if knocked apart. 100' Extension Hose. bioassay tanks and small recirculating systems. angled tube and easy grip handle. 10' Extension Hose. skimmers.95 4. Made in USA. errors occasionally occur. Gravel Tube.Cleaning Gravel Vacuum by Python No more need for heavy.85 4.00 82. Order Online: AquaticEco.75 24.50 2. Suitable for decalcifying any piece of equipment that can be removed from the aquarium.95 12.D. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.00 Order by Phone: 877.90 24. Plastic Faucet Adapter. 75' Python System. Brass Repl. the Python system uses UV-stabilized tubing. Removes even the toughest deposits simply and efficiently.48 22. messy buckets! The Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill system simplifies water changes and tank maintenance.60 6.598.55 Gs1 Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner Safely removes lime/calcium deposits in 3 simple steps. each creates 1/2 gallon of soaking solution.50 59. 10" gravel tube. Includes three single-dose pouches. 25' Python System. They have a 6' x 1/4" I. ready to use and includes hose. hose connectors. Unlike garden hoses. which eliminates the possibility of adding hose-borne toxins to fish tanks. 24" $ 35. 50' Python System. MF41 MF32 130A 360A 4" x 1" 3" x 2" 4" x 1" 3" x 2" Glass Glass Acrylic Acrylic Use on $ 12. Each Python system is completely assembled.

One gallon of solution treats 135 sq. Solution remains stable for seven days.347.. We cannot ship more than six jars per carton.ft.3 oz per gal of water. Ships Ground. Made in USA.25/4+ Virkon ® Aquatic is a highly effective disinfectant specifically formulated for use in aquaculture facilities. Sold in 5-lb plastic jars only. One gallon (3.598. RM2 $ 76. viruses and bacteria. Sodium thiosulfate (ST1/ST1A) can be used to neutralize iodine disinfectants.8 liters) ship weight is 11 lbs. It is effective against a wide variety of fungi. It can inhibit nitrifi cation and should not be used in systems with a biofilter unless the biofilter is taken offline first. Ship weight 11. Ideal for controlling a wide variety of viral.20 27. 10 lbs make 123 gal of solution. CHT55 55 lbs $ 399.3 lbs.4788 Tech Support: 407. ID10 $ 30.44/4+ Povidone Iodine 10% This product is a buffered.1401 . Order Online: AquaticEco. It can also eradicate parasites and bacteria when cleaning tanks and equipment.176 Cleaning Disinfectants Hazmat AG Potassium Permanganate Virkon® Aquatic Disinfectant TF Technical grade KMnO4 (97% minimum potassium permanganate) is a strong oxidizer that works by oxidizing organic and inorganic materials that are major consumers of oxygen (does not add oxygen to the water). A 1% solution is an effective disinfectant against VHS.39/4+ Sanitizing Door Mat This rubber mat holds 1 gallon of liquid sanitizing solution. instruments and in footbaths. Lab installation in the northeast. EPA-registered (registration pending in California).48/4+ Chloramine-T Typically used as an antiseptic and odor control agent. VKS10 10-lb Container $ 88. PTP5 $ 46.50 Order by Phone: 877. FDA-registered fish egg disinfectant that works well when applied to the egg surface of salmonids. Chloramine-T is stable in aqueous solutions for many months when kept in the dark. bacterial and fungal pathogens. Must ship with hazardous label. Mix at a rate of 1. Not FDA-approved for use on food fish. Generally used for cleaning equipment. Remove with activated carbon before putting the biofilter back online.85 Aquatic Habitats™ Cyclobio® in a recirculating system used by a major restaurant.00 77.36 379.

02 5. rake out leaves first. automatic vacuum is an easy and efficient way to keep your water sparkling clean. a 14" floor nozzle with brush. etc. elbow grip. 61 W. cleaning fish ponds and siphoning water. Plastic handle is 24".347.18 — — — 4+ Clear Leaf Trap This heavy-duty.00 Each Leaf Trap Designed for in-line applications. PT945 $ 399. adjustable up to 43". MV25 $ 82. Four-year warranty.45 Patriot Cleaner This economical. Her specialties include hatchery and growout phase. 11/2" diameter. hose holder and accessory basket. degree in marine biology from UJTL in Colombia and an M. 1/16" Sand/Silt Fine Mesh Bag Canvas Bag for Leaf Trap $ 93. Also has a buoyancy ring for precise vacuuming..78/4+ Ultra Pro Wet/Dry Vac by Shop-Vac® This vacuum has a built-in pump and float switch combination that automatically pumps itself out using a standard garden hose. waste hose (81/2' long).5VDC.55 60. Hose cuffs fit snugly on a 11/2" barbed fitting and swivel to prevent kinking. Requires a hose pressure of 50 psi to operate.1401 .5 hp.598. Ship weight 4 lbs.72 55. etc.55 24. two 21/2" extension wands. really!). 11/2" Standard Mesh Bag. Made in USA. and its two rotating blades break up debris before it enters the attached bag. Its adjustable telescopic shaft extends from 57" to 92. in-line leaf trap collects leaves and other debris when vacuuming ponds. this leaf trap will catch debris when vacuuming the bottom of ponds and/or siphoning. degree from the University of Maine. Vacuum includes 8' x 21/2" diameter flexible vacuum hose.75 29. each system includes a Muck-Vac head vacuum. Dimensions 20" long x 6" diameter. extendable (3' to 6') telescopic pole. 25' Pool Hose.65 hp525 Technician Profile marcela hincapie Marcela has a B. The clear plastic housing allows you to see debris collected.38 Will lift 3' high once a siphon is established. crevice tool.5" in diameter and has ridged teeth.. LT1 LT2 LT3 LT4 Clear Leaf Trap. The aluminum head is 3. Features a snap open/close lid and large handle. 35' Replacement Cuff Replacement Swivel Cuff Replacement Hose Mender $ 32. ATW100 $ 26. cartridge filter and disposable filter bag are also included.50 31. 8" utility nozzle. Residential. Fits standard 11/2" pool hose. HP525 HP535 HP524 HP526 HP527 Pool Hose. Commercial. because it will not collapse. etc. from ponds and fountains and discharges the waste water to a garden area or lawn. The screw-off lid and internal bag are easily removed for cleaning. squeegee. 18. The optional sand/silt bag (about 150 microns) is designed to collect fine Order by Phone: 877. SVU100 $ 207 Cordless Pond Cleaner Remove waste and debris from your pond with this lightweight. She has worked in the marine and freshwater aquaculture field raising different species of shrimp and fish in flow-through and recirculation systems in warm and coldwater environments. garden hose adapter and brush. making an excellent fertilizer.95 6. It has a tank capacity of 14 gallons and is rated at 5. then clean up with a muck-vac. After just one pass with the muck-vac! PATVAC $ 115.5" (145 cm to 235 cm). Vacuum is 115V/60 Hz with an 18' power cord. Foam sleeve. The canvas bag retains material down to 50 microns. Lt1 Order Online: AquaticEco.79 Muck-Vac Vacuums muck.Algae Removal/Vacuums Cleaning 177 Algae Twister Conveniently remove filamentous algae (string and blanket algae) from fish and ornamental ponds. Fits standard 11/2" pool hose. concentrator nozzle. Ample vacuum hose provides superior cleaning range. The basket is vinyl-coated metal with 1/8" openings and works well when you only want to trap larger debris. The housing is clear plastic. Traps include a standard polyester bag (1/16" mesh) and 3' of fl exible 11/2" hose. Built with no moving parts.4788 Tech Support: 407.25 3.S.25 12. Pool Hose This pool hose can be used for pools (yes. One-year warranty. Weighs 20 lbs. Simply rotate the circular head in a twisting motion to scrape algae from rocks and liners. Rechargeable lithium battery with charger included.00 9. and the universal skimmer fitting allows it to adapt to most skimmers. cordless pond vacuum from Laguna. An internal strainer basket supports the 1/16" mesh bag (included).S. LT6 $ 39. before cleaning. fish waste.

See p.00 2.50 54.4788 Tech Support: 407. 3" Mop Attachment $ 4.00 5. etc.93/6+ pr24 3" Heavy-Duty Scrub Pad This heavy-duty scrub pad is acrylic safe and mounted on a molded ABS back for tough cleaning. Pad is 10" L x 41/2" W x 1" thick. For use with acrylic and glass aquariums. Blue algae pads are very coarse and will scratch acrylic surfaces.347. around machinery or where oil may flow to the water.30 3.10 2.15 Each 4. SX20 $ 15. etc. PR2 PR3 PR24 PR35 PR2R PR24R Pr3-mop 22" 28" 34" OAL $ 30. 24-Pk 4" x 6" Blue (Glass) 4" x 6" Blue (Glass).74 4+ pr2 pr3 11/2" 7" Oil Boom Protect aquatic animals and the environment by using these oil-absorbing booms in boat bilges. The PR24 has a 20" fiberglass handle and the PR35 has a 32" handle.04 3. 32" Replacement Blade. ponds and raceways.26/4+ Handy tongs allow you to pick up and move objects in your tank without your hands ever touching the water. Medium ProScraper. so they will not rust. BU18 18" Brush Ship Wt 2 lbs $ 8. Made of ABS plastic. Plastic tongs are 18" long.85 2.50 4. Keeps hands out of water to reduce contamination.95 13. corals and other decorations out of tanks.27 4+ ag3 ag3a Order Online: AquaticEco. polyethylene and hard surfaces.55 4.69 16.178 Tongs Cleaning Tongs/Scrapers/Scrubbers Algae Scrubber Perfect for cleaning algae from aquarium and tank walls.65 Each — 2. heavy-duty brushes are ideal for cleaning tanks. 24-Pk $ 2. PR24R will replace blades for both PR24 and PR35. they are ideal for glass.95 31. Algae Pads These handheld algae pads are ideal for removing unsightly algae from tanks.60 4+ af9502 ProScraper. 24-Pk 4" x 6" White (Acrylic) 4" x 6" White (Acrylic).95 35. aquariums.50 1.70/4+ Algae Scrapers Aqua Tongs These powerful tongs feature a 4. Swivel-joint handle keeps the pad flat on the surface regardless of the angle—great for hard-to-reach spots. Built with stainless steel and plastic components. AG3 AG3c AG3A AG3Ac AG4 AG4c AG4A AG4Ac 3" x 3" Blue (Glass) 3" x 3" Blue (Glass).00 108.00 5. AG5B $ 6.85 Each 8.50 25.12 31.5" squeezable grip for grabbing Order by Phone: 877.50 54. Material is easily washed and long lasting.35 3. White algae pads will not scratch acrylic and plexiglass tanks.24 28.1401 . AF9502 AF9501 AF9500 Designed for removing tough algae from aquarium tanks.598. these nonmetallic algae scrapers will not scratch glass or acrylic.89 2. Perfect for large tanks and public displays.65 22. Handle is approximately 15" long. they feature UV-resistant bristles and have Snap-Adapt handles to fit our poles (see Index). Great for replanting.38 12+ mp5 Brush with Nylon Bristles These curved.00 ag4 MP5 111561 Multipurpose Scrubber Replacement Pad Ship Wt 2 lbs 1 lb $ 18. 24-Pk 3" x 3" White (Acrylic) 3" x 3" White (Acrylic). TG18 $ 4. Small ProScraper. 11/2" Replacement Blade. 20" ProScraper.00 2.00 108.179 for Snap-Adapt poles. however. moving rocks.10 18.50 Each 27. Each 4" x 15" boom is held in a net bag ready to absorb up to 2 quarts of oil. Does not absorb water.95 6.

AV17 AV17R Vacuum Head Replacement Wheels (Set of 4) $ 226. release your thumb and watch the sand.50 4.59 vac12 bh10 Pick-Up Vac For quick little cleanups. It needs no pump and no water hookups. so you can make a 2'. scrub brushes and other attachments with plastic locking bi-pins. Snap-Adapt PVC poles are three-piece. Remove the lower cup assembly to empty the contents and rinse.40 20.35 Each — 17. 12" Vacuum Head. brass vacuum head is sure to shorten your cleaning time for raceways. Overall unit width is 12" with a suction width of 101/2".D. chrome-plated. just a garden hose. VAC4 Pond Vac $ 23.25 201696 Repl.41 4+ Vacuum Head. The vacuum inlet is 3" x 1/4". The Snap-Adapt handle fits our poles.55 201716 Repl. Telescoping aluminum pole is twopiece. 22" Replacement Wheels Ship Wt 5 lbs 7 lbs 9 lbs 1 lb $ 75.D.D.1401 . VAC12 VAC14 VAC22 VAC11 BH75 BH10 Telescoping Aluminum Snap-Adapt PVC $ 14. tanks. this mini vacuum is a great gadget for cleaning koi ponds and small tanks. LF1 LF2 LF3 LF4 Pond Leaf Eater Sand/Silt Bag Replacement Bag. hose adapter. place the vac into the water. these flexible vacuum heads are ideal for bottom cleaning of koi ponds. The nonmarking wheels and the internal brush adjust to control the height and the amount of suction.95 9. Silt/Fine Bag 6.30 Leaf Eater The Pond Leaf Eater removes leaves and other debris from ponds with power provided by a garden hose! Swivel wheels for easy turning. Made in USA. 11/4" O. which extends to 90" with an anodized aluminum pole (included). It features a "Balanced Design" and a unique four-wheel suspension system. Vacuum Heads Constructed of polyethylene with lead weights molded in.90 lf1 LF4 replacement wheels.00 18. The suction chamber converges the suction velocity equally from both ends. utilizing Delrin® wheels on height-adjusting eccentrics.D.4788 Tech Support: 407. This vacuum is simple and inexpensive. 71/2' with 11/4" O.00 76. Standard bag (included) is for leaves and detritus.45 Each 12. The heads have adjustable wheels to control vacuum velocity. 14" Vacuum Head. 6'.598. Simply place your thumb over the end cap hole.Cleaning Mini Pond Vacuum Small jobs don't need a pump. The vacuum comes with a silt bag/leaf trap. PV03 $ 49. 4'.25 4+ vac4 av17 Extending Poles Designed for use with pond and tank vacuums. It's that easy! The overall length is 57".00 9. pennies and even small pebbles float into the 31/4" diameter clear polycarbonate chamber.95 100. Use any suction tubing (pool hose works best) with a 11/2" I. Order Online: AquaticEco. Standard Replacement Wheels for LF1 Ship Wt 4 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb $ 38. Includes brush attachment for soft surfaces like liners and a nozzle/wheel attachment for rougher surfaces. Filter bags slip on and off quickly. shutoff valve and Snap-Adapt handle.96 18. Made in USA. Fits any of our Snap-Adapt poles (pole not included). in size. Designed for use with a garden hose. Ship weight 2 lbs. sand/silt bag is a finer mesh bag for smaller particulates.347.90 16. 8' or 10' pole. Leaf/Coarse Bag 6.00 Vacuums 179 Commercial Vacuum Head This commercial-duty. Weighs 2 lbs. raceways and swimming Order by Phone: 877. and bolt it to a handle measuring 11/4" O. fish tanks and ponds. Each includes a Snap-Adapt handle to fit our poles and 11/2" vacuum hose swivel connection.

Weighs 3 lbs.60 / pc125 25-Pk 13.50 mos36 Shade Cloth Our premium shade cloth is the knitted type. This cloth is useful for shading tanks to reduce algae.205/Roll — 621.8 lbs/120 ft2 12' 83 lbs/3. The rubber gator head is wrapped around a floating frame that stays completely on top of the water. water garden or standing water. CR101 $ 79. ducks and fish-eating birds away. prevent sun damage to fish and reduce water temperature.90 7810 B-9V 9V Battery $ 43. environmentally safe and easy to use.95 Sonic Cannon This cannon provides regulated sonic blasts to frighten and disorient birds. Simply snap over the edge of the material and attach to 3/8" support wire. depending on pressure setting. Simply place the Mosquito Dunks® in a pond.600 ft2 12' 4. It is also useful for predator control. It uses only 3 cups of water per activation and will detect animals day and night. blackbirds.8 lbs/120 ft2 12' 83 lbs/3. It has a detection range of 35' and 105° of coverage.20 ­ — Mosquito Dunks® and Mosquito Bits® Used by professionals for more than a decade. They are all-natural. Must be 21 or older to purchase. sparrows and others. the Scarecrow® instantly sprays a 3-second pulsating burst of water from your garden hose. Inaudible to humans. Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid it in the future. high-pitched frequencies to deter animals from a given area.1401 .75 12. The number to install per acre varies with each application. of course.145.4788 Tech Support: 407. Its low price will be paid for many times over through a reduction in losses. Six reflective eyes surround the ball mimicking owls and hawks. DK6 MOS36 Mosquito Dunks®. pigeons. One tablespoon treats up to 75 sq. Weighs 2 lbs. This 20" diameter "predator eye" has been widely used with a great deal of success. SC30 SC30R SC50 SC50R SC70 SC70R te2 Full Roll Shade Length Bird Scaring Device Now 6" larger. Mosquito Bits ® kill fast—within 24 hours—and are environmentally sound for biological mosquito control. visibility screening and.85 7. A 20-lb tank (not included) will provide approximately 17.ft. Optional tripod elevates the cannon and allows the unit to rotate approximately 60 degrees with the impact of each blast. Constructed of tough polypropylene. Colors may be mixed for quantity prices. Mosquito Dunks® kill mosquito larvae before they mature. 7810 Cannon Tripod Timer Ship Wt 21 lbs 13 lbs 7 lbs $ 359 166 125 zm3 zm5 Gator Guard This life-size replica of an alligator head is what every pond owner needs to keep Order by Phone: 877. 2214G $ 75. Can be free-floating or tethered (cord not included).000 detonations.00/2+ Yellow White $ 7. Bulk quantity available. ZM3 ZM4 ZM5 Animal Deterrent Wireless! Animal Away utilizes powerful. Made of UV-resistant plastic. 25" long.600 ft2 Ship Wt $ 36/10' 690/Roll 42/10' 887/Roll 54/10' 1. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis is a naturally occurring soil bacterium for control of mosquito larvae. Can only be fired via the timer—no remote firing is possible. Offered in 3 densities to block 30.64/4+ 11.81/4+ 3. Unlike other systems that emit constant sound. 50 or 70% of the sun. animals find it very uncomfortable and quickly move away. It is an EPA-registered insecticide that is safe for mammals. Uses one 9V battery (not included). Timer must be wound at least every 9 days. 6/Pk Mosquito Bits®. crows.600 ft2 12' 2. regardless of depth. Made in USA.61/4+ dk6 Polyclips These unique fasteners are ideal for attaching predator netting and shade cloth to support rope and wires.95 6+ sc30 sc50 sc70 Order Online: AquaticEco. PC1 Each $ . The patented Scarecrow ® keeps unwanted animals out of the garden and away from ponds.6 lbs/120 ft2 12' 138 lbs/3. shading plants. Made in USA.80 40. they can be used over and over again.180 Predator Control Repellent/Scaring Devices Scarecrow® Motion-activated sprinkler. Operates unattended continuously for 40 seconds to 30 minutes.347.95 6.90 9. Recommended spacing is one polyclip per 2' (depending on load). this gadget has an infrared motion detector that activates when animals approach within 45'. Its mirror-backed eyes flash in the sun.85 Each 6. Wireless operation allows it to be used almost anywhere. Simply sprinkle in any standing water or water gardens.00/2+ — 1.00/2+ — 798. which will last over 15 years in the tropical sun. They work for more than 30 days! Each dunk will treat up to 100 sq. Use the optional hand-wound timer for running durations of 10 hours minimum to 18 hours maximum per day.598. of surface area. Operates on a 9V battery (not included). TE2 TE3 30% 30% 50% 50% 70% 70% — 300' — 300' — 300' Width 12' 2. Controls sea gulls. 10' and 20' widths are also available in full rolls. Easy to install. They last up to 48 hours. We stock 12' wide rolls that are sold in 10' L increments or full 300' rolls only. Blast is generated by propane gas.ft. 36 oz $ 10. When its motion detector detects movement. Volume of blast is adjustable from 100–125 dB.

The square mesh predator netting is one of the highest quality made. Ask for a sample before you order. No. Made in USA. 12 knotted nylon. Wire tensioners (1 per wire) are optional for getting wires very tight. Ship Wt Wire. and it will strongly deter birds. 1/2" x 1/2". 5/8" x 3/4".Predator Control Netting 181 Square Mesh Netting Predator barrier. UV-resistant to last at least four years in the tropics. The knotless design prevents injury to fish. Order Online: AquaticEco.015 ASD Ship Wt 1 lb 2 lbs 5 lbs 8 lbs $ 108. Made in USA. 12 Gauge 1. 8 Gauge 500' 1.28 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 2" 2" 7'8" x 150' 6' x 100' 12' x 100' 6' x 100' 12' x 100' 25' x 100' 25' x 100' 25' x 150' 50' x 150' 25' x 150' 50' x 150' $ 219 214 366 206 102 182 388 552 538 277 534 *Ships Oversize.000' 522 lbs Wire. Predator control can be a significant problem for outdoor fish farmers.10 32.100' 522 lbs Wire.015 .90 37.018 . forming a low-cost bird and small animal barrier (the larger the mesh. 12 Gauge 8.00 . this netting will provide a good physical barrier.13 02307 6 lbs 25 lbs 23 lbs 1 lb 1 lb .85 23.000 ft2 or More $ 169. Average strand diameter is . It is highly UV-resistant.55 424. Its woven nylon material is easier to work with than solid strand materials. NW12-1000 NW12R-8000 NW8-500 NW12S NW8S NW349 NW549 Netting for Garden Ponds This lightweight netting is designed to protect ponds from leaves. yet just as strong. N22 N22L N1677 N1678 1/2" x 1/2". and we'll mail it to you for free. Polypropylene Netting This black. Orders larger than 2.20/ft 2 Simply create a grid (from 1' to 6' on center) above the pond or area to be protected. Whether covering a large pond or small raceway.000 ft2 are custom cut to your exact specifications. The aluminum sleeves are excellent for securing the ends of the wire. At one-eighth the weight of steel wire. For custom sizes allow two weeks for delivery. BN1* BX7 BX8 BX6 BN3 BN4 BX9 BX11 BN5 BX12 BX13 Mesh Size 1/6" 1/2" 1/2" 3/8" Width x Length 14' x 50' 14' x 100' 14' x 50' 17' x 100' .com Order by Phone: 877.05". Smaller mesh sizes may be used for predator control but also make ideal material for fish cages. N22 N1677 bx7/bx8 bn1 bx6 bx9/bx11 Nylon Wire This nylon wire can be used for controlling birds. BN series netting is lightweight and has a tensile strength of 30 lbs. Lightweight. black plastic netting is easily supported by plastic wire. Sun-resistant and not affected by chemicals or pesticides. That is why we offer this animal barrier netting.60 Premium Predator Netting This 2" x 2" square bird netting is truly top shelf. including fish cages and predator control. it will not stretch or sag under hot or cold temperature extremes the way fishing line will. Average strand diameter is . 5/8" x 3/4".46 72. Blends in well with the environment. dyed black.598.& 14-Gauge Wire.25 7.01".17 211.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 72.69 94. After years of experimenting for long term solutions. 100/Pk Sleeves for 8-Gauge Wire. NP1 NP2 14' x 50' 2. It's rated at approximately 100 lbs of tensile strength and can last five years or more! Ship weight 9 lbs. the industry has determined that only a physical barrier can guarantee that predators are kept out. so you won't buy what you don't need.2 lb 1 lb $ 58.1401 .80 24. debris and small animals. 100/Pk Wire Tensioner (In-Line Tightener) Nylon Wire Cutters Spool Tensile Length Strength Ship Wt 02307 02314 02328 7' x 10' 14' x 14' 28' x 28' 1 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs $ 14. BX series netting is heavy-duty and has a tensile strength of 60 lbs.130 lbs Sleeves for 12. woven polypropylene netting can be used for many applications. the lower the wind load). Average strand diameter (ASD) in inches is shown.018 .78 52. Select from 3 mesh sizes. All sizes can ship Ground.347. 3/8" mesh.

464 pages. use the snare pole. • • • • ht25 • ht40 If you do come up with a plan that shows the business can be highly profitable. Time and expense to meet government regulations before even beginning.1401 . Please see the Index for our complete selection of fish farming products. ht52 This is not a pessimistic view of the aquaculture business but rather a realistic one. Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture. you can only proceed if you will have enough money to operate the business with zero income until after the first successful crop has been sold and paid for … and that could be a long time. to learn all husbandry C aspects. the operation of hatcheries and nurseries and on-growing units. Wickins and Daniel O'C.6 lbs. John F. Aquaculture businesses are especially difficult because of the slim margins. only start a for-profit business if your business plan is rock solid and you really love the business. lengthy start-up time. unreliable vendors and fluctuating market prices. Second Edition Investigates all cultivated crustaceans of commercial significance—shrimp. crayfish. skill. diseases.347. Snare Pole For a more heavy-duty tool.598. prawns. patience and energy. lobsters.   onsider starting small. WQB92 $ 239 An example of a small commercial hatchery.  Site selection. Only if you think of a way to make a lot of money should you go to the next step. 40" Snare Pole. Snake Hook Handle snakes at a safe distance with this professional lightweight tool. Order Online: AquaticEco.00  ack of funding is the number one cause of business failure. minimum is 1".15 89. which is doing a detailed business plan. Don't become a statistic. ag384 sh40 sp48 Various species can be grown for profit. After you have included everything you can think of. Weighs 1. 38" Snake Hook.  onsider niche businesses that do not sell product at commodity prices C but rather specialty or value-added products at higher prices. and to get a feel for marketing. A beginner in aquaculture must first learn as much as possible about the needs of the species to be cultured. It can be used to handle wild or domestic animals safely. Hollow chrome golf club shaft and nonslip rubber grip. publications. The hook is aluminum. This applies L to aquaculture. 48" $ 69.5 lb. etc. extension agents. Use books. Weighs 1.2 lbs.  Include cost for crop insurance.60 34. Use for feeding. Lee. power outages. burdensome government regulations. Do not dismiss their objections! Here are some things to address in your business plan specific to aquaculture: • Animal Grabbers This cast aluminum grabber is a horizontal rubber covered jaw for moving animals with ease. Don't try to make a bad location work. have the plan carefully scrutinized by a minimum of three businessmen who are knowledgeable in that type of business. 25" Handling Tongs. Weighs . The characteristics and production methods are described in detail. retrieval and handling. Tech Talk 107 Getting Started in Aquaculture How Do I Get into the Aquaculture Business? By coming up with a business plan that can't fail and having a lot of money. schools and especially other people in the same business. growth rates. As you know. The text covers bloodstock acquisition and management. Capture loop measures 12" in diameter and closes to 1" diameter. costs. live animal constraints. Weighs 2.4788 Tech Support: 407. The pole is aluminum tubing with rubber handgrips and a spring-loaded 5/8" diameter cable locking/release system.95 69. even at the hobby level.00 127. Maximum jaw opening is 35/8".5 lbs.182 Nets Traps Animal Tongs These lightweight aluminum tongs are like an extension to your arm! Easy to squeeze cast aluminum handle and jaws. videos. if available. most new businesses don't make Order by Phone: 877. crabs and spiny lobsters—and examines the criteria by which both the feasibility and desirability of farming proposals are assessed. 40" Extra Long Tongs. HT25 HT40 HT52 AG384 SH40 SP48 Cage Tongs. 52" Animal Grabber.95 86. Hardcover.

86/4+ Fish Basket Industrial strength. 19" diameter top and 17" high. The MT2 1/4" (6.7 mm $ Order by Phone: 877. however.20/4+ 20.60 13. Bulk pricing available. tapered form and molded-in handles give it superior strength and durability. Optional extender extends the total length of the trap to 31". We will deliver our products and services on time and error free. Galvanized These fish traps are made of heavily galvanized wire. Made from galvanized steel. Fish Trap.75 19.75 mm 1. Bags measure 153/4" x 311/2" (40 x 80 cm). the entrance hole is enlarged to 21/4" diameter.Nets Fish Trap.15 12+ scb4 scb2 mt28 Minnow-Napper Similar to our galvanized MT2 fish traps. The crawfish traps (MT22) are similar to our MT2 minnow traps. Spat Bags These bags are very commonly used for collecting scallop larvae and as oyster nursery bags.48/6+ 12.25 Each 27. Measures 31" long with 1/4" mesh. zinc-coated screws.0 mm 2. conforming to the requirements of our customers. To avoid Oversize charges.29/12+ Traps 183 Minnow Traps. Order Online: AquaticEco.50 Each 5.8 mm) square mesh for minnow-sized fish. Just place one or more of these high-quality. 1/8" mesh Fish Trap. Traps.5 mm 3. The 1/4" galvanized wire will last for years.598. handmade minnow traps in the water and come back when it's convenient to harvest them. Measures 16" long and 9" in diameter. Measures 17" long x 9" wide at largest diameter with 3/16" (4.86/10+ AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority. 7/8" (22 mm) diameter entrance hole.50 4.93/4+ 21.4788 Tech Support: 407.95 9. Its thicker bottom (with drain holes).1401 . 1/4" mesh 16" L 16" L 31" L 31" L 31" L $ 30.25 7.31 10.93/4+ SCB1 SCB2 SCB3 SCB4 . Ship weight is 2 lbs each. MT13 MT13E Minnow-Napper Extender $ 10. wood frames (with a waterproof sealer). We thank you for your patronage.56 3. Easy-slide doors are located for rapid unloading. Trap styles may be mixed to get the quantity price. however. Nestable. Actual weight 31/2 lbs.37/6+ 20.4 mm) square mesh traps minnow size fish and the MT28 1/8" (3. Plastic This trap has a longer life than comparable metal traps in alkaline.55 23. mt13 This durable basket has multiple aquaculture applications.28/6+ 9. 1/4" mesh Minnow Keeper. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions.74 3. These traps are large.2 mm) square mesh is for smaller fish.90 23. They have knitted polyethylene mesh with a drawstring. 1/4" mesh Crawfish Trap. making it ideal for large minnows and eels. Order early as it could take up to 3 weeks for delivery in some seasons. we will only ship by US Postal Service (USPS). The minnow keeper (MT23) is a small cage that is similar in design to the MT2 minnow traps. but very light in weight. MT28 MT2 MT21 MT22 MT23 CL1528 Cloverleaf 15" A B 28" Ship Wt 70 lbs 226.347. brackish and salt water because it is all plastic with no sharp edges. the Minnow-Napper features a vinyl coating with 1/4" mesh. Made in USA. The two halves hinge together. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. FBK3 $ 23.85 3.15 3. They have 1/4" mesh and measure 31" long. MT1 $ 9. SCB4 is used in heavy fouling conditions. it has flat ends to keep aquatic animals in their environment.25 23. and steel and aluminum rivets.95 3. Ships Oversize with up to 10 baskets in one carton. 1/4" mesh Eel Trap. Large You don't have to seine your pond for small fish or minnows. rated at 40 lbs (18 kg) carrying strength but will physically hold 75–80 lbs when stationary. The traps are 16" (42 cm) L x 9" (23 cm) wide at largest diameter and have a 7/8" (22 mm) diameter entrance hole. The MT21 measures 31" long and has a removable 15" center piece.72 Note: Other types available via special order. Holes are approximately 3/8" diameter on sides and bottom.

00 1. Sold per package. bundling wires.50" .56 114. Cable Ties These high-quality.18 127.35 1. traps and trays all the easier. Skirt of cap fits inside Schedule 40 pipe.24 28.37 56.85 PPF14 11/2"** 5.12 2. Keep different sizes on hand. Mesh Size Width x Mesh Mesh Length Shape Opening* Weight per Roll Each 4+ Inner Cap PPF15 PPF4 PPF5 PPF6 Size 1/2" 1" 11/4" 11/2" $ . PVC Special.95 1. 11/4" and 11/2" sizes. The surface minimizes algae growth. Use inner caps to seal off air-filled sections from water-filled sections. does not contain UV stabilizers). providing for greater durability and longer life. 1/2" 1" 11/4" 11/2" $ 1. Made in USA. 1".0 mm) 7/32" (14 mm) 15/16" (24 mm) 15/16" (33 mm) 5 lbs 8 lbs 12 lbs 20 lbs 22 lbs 19 lbs 27 lbs $ 62.73 . All screening is nontoxic.87 142.598.6 mm) 5/32" (2. tripled by wrapping 3 times. uniformity and flatness—making fabrication into cages.50" 100/Pk 100/Pk 100/Pk 50/Pk 25/Pk 25/Pk Ship Wt 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 2 lbs 4 lbs $ 3.30 2.0 mm) 5/32" (4.00 53.40 2.20 2. Tensile strength can be doubled by wrapping the tie around the object twice.4 mm) 5/32" (4. extruded plastic netting is offered in both square and diamond configurations for a wide variety of aquaculture applications.30 4. Three-way.184 Nets Cage Equipment Cage Fittings. And the material is produced to high quality standards for consistency.30 2. This netting is characterized by a smooth surface and heavy-duty construction. etc.14" . n1020 n0350 Make your own cage frame! Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.69 .82 . Releasable ties are just as strong but can be reused. Use for cage construction.30 12. etc.77 .4788 Tech Support: 407.12 2. UV-resistant.48 4. Available in 1/2".30" .347. hanging air lines.34 68.50 3. Plastic Mesh Screening High-quality.22 2.83 1. yet durable semirigid polyethylene that is great for outdoor use (N3236 not for outdoor use. The products are made with more weight than many competitive netting products. Made in USA.14 162.50 2.38 148.92 ppf15 3-Way PPF16 PPF7 PPF8 PPF9 Size Head of cap fits inside fittings. T18R T30R T40I T120R T21081 T21084 Dry Max Bundle Strength Diameter Length All black for longer life.53 *The mesh opening refers to the widest space across the opening. Cable Ties Cable Ties Cable Ties Cable Ties Releasable Tie Releasable Tie 18 lbs 30 lbs 40 lbs 120 lbs 250 lbs 250 lbs 3/4" 11/4" 3" 4" 5" 10" 4" 6" 111/2" 151/2" 20" 35" Width . USA.33 Order Online: AquaticEco.06 2. making cleaning easier and less frequent.42 72.15" . hard-to-find PVC fittings for the construction of floating cages. Made from a pliable. framework.72 .92 25+ 5-Way Cross PPF13A 1" $ 2.1401 .35 10.67 25+ N3236 1/16" N1670 1/8" N1130 1/8" N1170 1/4" N1020 1/2" N0350 3/4" N1133 11/4" 41" x 50' Square 48" x 50' Square 36" x 50' Diamond 49" x 50' Square 49" x 50' Square 48" x 50' Square 48" x 50' Diamond 1/16" (1.43 146.10" . Inner caps compatible with Schedule 40 PVC pipe and all fittings.58 128. 4-way and 5-way cross compatible with standard Schedule 40 PVC and Schedule 160 Order by Phone: Each 25+ . Use the T120R for tying bricks to tubing underwater.25 Size 2. 4-Way "L" PPF17 PPF10 PPF11 PPF12 Size 1" 11/4" 11/2" 1/2" $ 1. US-made ties are built with carbon black for the best protection against UV light.38 76.14 133.99 2.73 25+ n1130 n1670 n1170 **11/4" cross with 11/2" in center socket.69 80. etc. perfect for extension cords and rope storage.

PhD Marine Conservationist Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Basic life support (LSS) room. I shudder to think what our project would look like had we done the work ourselves. The smooth. fuse-bonded PVC coating adheres tightly to the galvanized steel wire.4788 Tech Support: 407.Pliers/Mesh Nets 185 "C" Ring Pliers and Fasteners Stainless steel "C" rings are used with the coated wire mesh to make traps and cages. For a strong and long-lasting cage. Kirt Rusenko. We offer the most popular size of high-tensile strength wire material. Drew's professional skills resulted in a rehabilitation area that all here are proud of. have a closure range of 5/16" to 3/8" and are sold in packs of 2.00/lb 12. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. Larger quantity discounts available. Ships motor freight only. I just wanted to let you know that Drew Tubb did an outstanding job in a very short period of time. providing durable strength and corrosion resistance.598.1401 .com Order by Phone: 877. ww13 Hi Amy. BF128 BF129 Hog Ring Pliers Stainless Steel Rings $ 72 64/Pk bf128 wwf1 bf129 wwp Closed bf129 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. Thank you both for all of your help. you won't find a finer product. Pliers weigh 3 lbs. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication.500. Drew interacted very well with staff and myself to get the tasks required completed most efficiently. errors occasionally occur. 100' long rolls. Note: Be aware that most plastics absorb moisture over time. Order Online: AquaticEco. WWP WWF1 WWF2 "C" Ring Pliers 3/8" Ring (850 Count) 1/2" Ring (750 Count) $ 22.347. 5/8" rings are 16 gauge stainless steel. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. prices.85 12. You may also find many other uses around the farm for this item. trap or net material. WW8 WW13 WW14 WW16* 1/2" x 1/2" 1/2" x 1" Size Gauge 1" x 1" 1" Hex 16 16 16 20 Ship Wt 260 lbs 185 lbs 124 lbs 78 lbs $ 665 577 384 228 *Roll length is 150 feet. Gauges measured before plastic coating (other widths and sizes are available. FOB manufacturer.74/5+ Hog Ring Pliers Ideal for fastening netting and making fish cages fast. I look forward to working with you in the future. Must be shipped via motor freight. weakening them in submerged applications. Four feet wide. Galvanized Wire Mesh Use this PVC-coated wire so you won't have to build another cage for a long time. Budgeting money for his assistance was one of our better decisions. please call). These pliers can be used with both the 3/8" and 1/2" rings.74/5+ 10.00/lb — 10. Made in USA. Additionally. The pliers use a feeder spring to load each staple one at a time. I would be happy to highly recommend Drew to any other facility that would need the setup of aquatic tanks.

45/12+ Whether you are raising fish as a hobby. S  eek help from people in your area who have successfully cage-raised the same species.15 Technician Profile Kevin Quinn Kevin received both his Bachelor of Science and master's degrees in zoology from Eastern Illinois University. user-friendly. 9. introducing small fish into a pond with larger fish or to keep different sizes of fish separated. etc.598.58 40. Keep cage bottom at least one foot above lake bottom. floating lid and aluminum bottom frame.5 mL per liter).) that can restrict circulation. invertebrates. diffusers and the control of zebra mussels.5 m3). try these. Net Soak ® Here is a time-proven net-soaking compound used to keep net fabric soft. 4' deep. 4. As Bismarck said. etc. 3. Concentrated: use 2 oz for 10 gallons of water (1.17 72. long-lived and gentle on the fish.05/3+ 5.38 C13 1' x 3' x 2' C23 2' x 3' x 2' C33 3' x 3' x 2' C43 4' x 3' x 2' L x W x H Ship Wt 7 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs $ 98.58 55. no-wind periods are the worst without aeration. 7. Fish Cages If you need cages for fish inspection. including cage culture manual. His specialties include aeration.  Inspect cages for turtle holes. overall condition and biofouling (algae. 50 ft3 (1.4788 Tech Support: 407. Custom sizes are available in 12+ quantity. Also cloudy weather. But there are peculiarities to cage culture that must be considered. ". it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.67 61. Cages allow large quantities of fish to grow in a small area. loss to poachers! 8. Feeding is simple. Since the animals are confined. 4' x 2' x 2' 4' x 4' x 2' 4' x 4' x 4' 4' x 2' x 2' 4' x 4' x 2' 4' x 4' x 4' 4' x 8' x 2' 4' x 8' x 4' LxWxH $ 44. Complete. Made in USA. NB4228 NB4428 NB4448 NB4224 NB4424 NB4444 NB4824 NB4844 Mesh Size 1/8" 1/8" 1/8" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" Tech Talk 31 Cage Culture Suggestions Cages may be the best method of fish culture in nonseinable water bodies. Made in USA. eutrophic as production (nutrient enrichment) continues. Produces up to 300 lbs.83 84.85 124. observation of the fish is easy and. 5. Y  ou may need to aerate the entire impoundment if it is. Still. for profit or just to stock your pond. 6. Weighs 25 lbs. Maximum fish capacities are higher and assume adequate aeration/circulation. They are made of ace mesh netting with an open top. depending on where you are. feeding access. Each is all plastic and has feed retaining rings to prevent feed from floating out of the cage.65 6. perhaps most importantly.  Consider feed waste potential and waste buildup below cages. 2.186 Nets Net Coating/Cages/Net Boxes Fish Cage Kit If you have a pond. bryozoans. PVC pipe and fittings not included." 1. you can raise fish in cages. Net Boxes These net boxes are perfect for holding fish prior to shipping. C  age position is very important for water quality.08 80. etc. harvesting is a simple matter of raising the cage in the water and dip netting the fish.. Cage culture provides many advantages over general pond Order by Phone: 877.1401 . predators cannot get to the fish! Lakes. He has experience in mushroom cultivation and as an aquaculture technician. or will become.  Build a cage that's easy to handle and harvest. during spawning or any time fish need to be separated. Made of 1/4" polyester netting with a 3/4" PVC top frame.17 109.347.42 nb4228 Order Online: AquaticEco. NS8 $ 6. Your State Aquaculture Extension Service is an excellent source of information.. 11/2 –2 lbs/ft3 is our recommended carrying capacity (at harvest) without aeration or circulation in good water.  Your fish will be totally dependent on you for food and water quality. B  e prepared for foul weather with heavy waves and strong currents. plankton die-offs.45 109. c13 4' diameter. 1/2" mesh. Easy to set up. resulting in less stress on the fish. rivers and streams can be used for aquaculture.40 139. and consider the possible need for sun shading. Use an aerator or a current inducer for no-current periods. 8-oz bottle. condition and. overturns. C2 $ 188. cages may be what you need.  Inspect fish for mortalities.

85 53. seamless 1/16" mesh is gentle to fish and molded into a rugged.60 4. and most assembly line models are simply too fragile to handle the strain. The nets all use a fine 1/32" mesh. 1/16" Mesh 10" x 12". 350-micron nylon mesh (including stitching). Brine Shrimp Mesh 8" x 10". Nets can be boiled or bleached for sterilization. All with 12" handles. 3-ply.00 9. The larger nets have 8" handles made of aluminum and include a wrist loop. vinyl-covered wire handles.95 30.46 Value Nets Here are some low-cost nets that are excellent for handling small Order by Phone: 877. 1/4" Mesh 4" x 6".25 25. rocks and coral. 1/8" Mesh 15" x 21".80 45.48 — — 12+ 6" W x 4" 8" W x 6" 10" W x 6" $ 1.62 38.25 1.17 11.30 2.00 11.64 20.45 83.35 1.5 lbs 1. and may be green or white.1401 . 3/16" Mesh 12" x 16".75 1.46 38.15 3. super-soft.27 1.15 2.598.70 Each . The soft.85 44.50 12+ $ 44. So invest your money wisely. long-lasting and well worth the price. EN6 EN8 EN10 Each 12+ 6" x 4" 8" x 6" 10" x 7" 12" x 10" 14" x 10" 16" x 11" 4" 7" 8" 9" 9" 9" $ 6.5" 6" x 5" 28" 25" 23" 21" $ 46. plants.00 7. The hardwood handles are 12" long. The frames are nonrusting 1/8" diameter wire.Aquarium Nets 187 HD Aquarium Nets Tired of flimsy wire nets? These nets are so strong you can use them to scoop and lift wet gravel.00 16.70 2. 1/2" in diameter and have hanging eyes. BSN1 $ 2.62 44.00 TFN101 TFNF107 BD200 LD1000 Teardrop Flat Top Square Square 15" x 18" 16" x 16" 9" x 7.50 3.85 83.46 15. the others are 3" deep.30 pn12fb en8 en6 en10 pn6f Brine Shrimp Net Made of a fine. 1/8" Mesh 12" x 16". Frame Overall Dimensions Length Aquarium Net Packs Buy a lot and save a lot! These inexpensive aquarium nets are sold 12 to a package.72 6.4788 Tech Support: 407. this small net has a vinyl-coated wire handle and measures 4" x 3". The small one has a 2" deep bag.97/12+ Transparent Collecting Nets Our guarantee: You will catch more fish with these nets! We chose these collecting nets because they are virtually transparent underwater and have less drag than the plastic bag types. Sold per dozen.60 3.00 13.00 Each 1. AN4 AN5 AN6 AN8 AN10 Frame Bag Size Depth f46 Picking Nets 24+ 3" x 4" 4" x 5" 5" x 6" 6" x 8" 7" x 10" 45/8" 51/2" 6" 71/4" 91/4" Overall Length 131/2" 141/4" 163/4" 173/4" 201/2" $ 1. 29001 29002 29003 29004 29005 3" x 2. Their handles are plastic-coated wire and the fine mesh is 1/16".76 These high-quality handmade nets are popular with tropical fish farmers.55 1.50 5.5" 5" x 4" 6" x 5" 8" x 6" 10" x 7" Ship Wt 1 lb 1 lb 1. F10121 F10122 F10123 F12161 F12162 F12163 F15211 F15212 F46 F8101 F8102 F8103 10" x 12". 1/16" Mesh 12" x 16". All are handmade in the USA with 12" stainless steel frames and handles.2 lbs 1. extra-fine mesh (1/64") suitable for small fish.91 3.5 lbs $ 8. 1/8" stainless steel shaft is 3" long. Add a "B" after part number for black mesh. PN6F PN8F PN10F PN12F PN14F PN16F Frame Bag Depth Soft Mesh Aquarium Nets These inexpensive nets have a white. 1/8" Mesh 10" x 12".62 46. NET10 NET275 NET90 Pro Series Nets Are you looking for a durable net that can withstand constant use in a commercial environment? Raising fish for profit puts unique demands on nets. 1/4"-thick ABS plastic frame that won't bend or scratch the tank. These aquaculture-duty nets are tough.65 33.58 29002 29005 tfn101 tfnf107 ld1000 Order Online: AquaticEco. 1/4" Mesh 15" x 21". 1/8" Mesh f8103 2" x 41/4" 33/4" x 41/2" 71/2" x 61/4" W x H $ 2.00 Each 4. The soft monofilament netting won't harm fish.347. Brine Shrimp Mesh 8" x 10".00 8. All have 1/4" mesh.00 2.58 9.80 53.65 3.98 1.85 58. and they work especially well for delicate fish. The small nets' square-shaped frame and handle are made from solid acrylic and can be used for catching fish in an aquarium. The mesh is approximately 1/16".48 2. 1/16" Mesh 8" x 10".65 2. They feature extra-strong.

N0071 $ 32. simply unscrew the head and screw it onto another handle.50 28. We thank you for your patronage.188 Flex Nets Nets Specialty Extending Poles Designed for use with pond and tank vacuums.1401 .41 bh75 4+ fh6 bh10 fN814 Koi Net. scrub brushes and other attachments with plastic locking bi-pins.40 20. unaffected by water and easy to clean. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. with a 12" handle. It is sturdy.D.45 Each These nets provide the flexibility that everyone wants. Net measures 10" x 10". Skimmer net has micron netting with extra deep bag.598. 12" from end to handle. has 13" long aluminum handle with rubberized grip. If you need a small net with a big handle or a big net with a small handle. Telescoping aluminum pole is 8' with 11/4" O. Measures 11. lightweight and requires minimal floor space. Made in USA. Stand holds up to 24 nets with handles up to 13/8" in diameter. Weighs 3 lbs. NT101 $ 112 Bucket Net This high-quality net is designed to be set onto a 5-gallon bucket for transferring fish. 1/8" soft black mesh.347. 2" rope loop for hanging on end of handle. so you can make a 2'.4788 Tech Support: 407. 6'. beni kikokuryu koi Order Online: AquaticEco.95 7. 6" bag depth.98 6+ 12. Small This small net is designed for catching small. 4'. 11/4" O. FH6 FH18 FH36 FN814 6" Foam Grip Handle 18" Foam Grip Handle 36" Foam Grip Handle 8" x 14" Net Head.5" across end. Net will last for years. Snap-Adapt PVC poles are three-piece.D. Weighs 7.51 Net Stand Tired of having your nets rip when they hang on the wall? This all-plastic storage stand is better than wood.94/4+ Solid Bottom Dip Net This deep bag fish net features a vinyl bottom that holds water.5 lbs.95 15. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions.99/3+ AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority. Measures 18" x 18" x 18" H. in size. conforming to the requirements of our customers. The net measures 11" diameter x 11" deep and is made with a stainless steel Order by Phone: 877.95 11. It is an excellent net for moving endangered fish or specialty fish you don't want the net to touch. Ship weight 5 lbs. Handles have a foam grip. 1/8" Mesh.15 10.55 Each — — — 13. We will deliver our products and services on time and error free. A stainless steel frame ensures the net will last for years. Ship weight 1 lb each. and has heavy-duty 1/8" knotless mesh sides. Heavy 1/4" knotless netting is gentle on fish. NT102 $ medium-size koi and goldfish. 8' or 10' pole. PT811 $ 12. Order one handle and net of each size to be sure you always have the one you need. 3" Deep $ 4.96 18. BH75 BH10 Telescoping Aluminum Snap-Adapt PVC $ 14.

Shallow bag depth of 6" allows easy access. 10" Deep $ 44. Handles telescope from 31–62". pinch the mesh end closed and the fish are held within a sock of water.347. 5" Deep KO50A 20" Diameter. Additionally.45 36. We have both the net and water-holding socks.00 KO9 ko15 Nets With Telescopic Handles Extendable handles take up less storage space while still allowing a long reach. The incubator may be anchored to desired depths or may be left floating. Fish will use them for protection and shade. Style may vary. specifications and packaging may have changed since the date of publication. has an aluminum frame and 12" long wooden handle. Two-piece telescopic handle is 1" dia. The net is a soft. The 12" model has a 5" deep bag and the 20" has a 10" deep bag.. these tunnels may be what you need. The incubator is constructed of fish-friendly polyethylene netting with a polyethylene floating ring. round net with aluminum frame and 18" long aluminum handle. KO8 $ 118. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.85 18.95 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. lightweight nets at a very good price. ks45 Order Online: AquaticEco. economy koi Order by Phone: 877. net is 3/25" soft. Our KO9 is a 15" diameter. Made in USA. Style may vary. Their long-reach handles are perfect for herding and catching fish up to 3. Spawning material hanging from the sides can be turned inside to protect the eggs and fry after spawning. errors occasionally occur. KS44 and KS45 have 40" long black socks. These are good-quality. prices.4788 Tech Support: 407. The KS44 is a much tighter weave. Made in China. telescoping handle. These are lighter-duty versions of our KO8 deluxe koi net. Each has a 12" diameter aluminum frame and 12" long wooden handle. which is much easier on them.00 Koi Nets. very soft and will not pass water quickly (not watertight).1401 . sit on the bottom. Imported. KO30A 12" Diameter. IC18 $ 67. KS44 KS45 $ 42 42 ks44 Fish Spawning Incubator This incubator is great for hobbyists who want to try their hand at spawning koi but are limited in space.598. The 6" stub handle accepts the 4–8' telescopic aluminum handle (included). Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. aluminum koi nets are a real value. KK1 KK2 18" x 10" x 9" 24" x 11" x 12" L x W x H Ship Wt 3 lbs 5 lbs $ 33.5 lbs.Koi/Protective/Spawning Nets 189 Deluxe Koi Net With Telescopic Handle This 25" diameter net has 3/8" polyester mesh coated to resist barb penetration and scaling.00 Koi Kastles If you are having problems with predators or if you want to protect smaller koi.85 ko30A ko50A Koi Sock Nets Sock nets are a "must have" net for koi keepers. with a bag depth of 5". We also call it a racket net for obvious reasons. A net guard surrounds the aluminum frame to prevent fish abrasion. KO9 KO15 $ 28. fine mesh with a 3" deep bag. The KO15 is 12" in diameter. Economy We have two short-handled. Weighs 1. Made in USA. Ship weight 4 lbs. black mesh. Made in China. The KS45 has a very fine mesh that will allow water to pass through.00 49. After netting the fish. Made of fiberglass mesh with an aluminum frame. Our 12" and 20" diameter.

13/3+ dn11 Replacement Bags Fits Net # DN1R DN2R DN11R DN12R DN13R DN1 DN2 DN11 DN12 DN13 $ 33. Netting is 11/2" square mesh. Tangle-Free These monorail nets are coated to eliminate hang-ups of fish barbs. a net depth of 4" and sponge end. Atlas knotless nylon (1/4" or 3/4" open spaces) with flat bottoms for easy fish removal. When working fish all day.65/3+ 17. DN21 16" x 12" DN22 16" x 12" DN23 16" x 12" DN24 16" x 12" DN25 16" x 12" DN26 16" x 12" DN27 16" x 12" DN28 16" x 12" DN29 16" x 12" DN1 Frame & Net Only DN2 Frame & Net Only DN3 Aluminum Handle DN5 Aluminum Handle DN6 Replacement Coupler DN1P Net Protector DN11* 22" x 18" DN12* 19" x 15" DN13* 19" x 15" Frame Size Bag Depth Mesh Handle 7" 7" 12" 12" 7" 7" 12" 12" Flat 12" 18" — — — — 24" 12" 12" 20" Wood 20" Wood 20" Wood 20" Wood 1/8" 35" Wood 1/4" 35" Wood 1/8" 35" Wood 1/4" 35" Wood 1/8" 35" Wood 1/4" — 3/4 " — — 30" — 48" — — — — 1" #42 Poly w/Knots 42" 1/4" Dipped Knotless 31" 1/4" Knotless 31" 1/4" 1/8" 1/4" 1/8" Ship Weight 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 1 lb 2 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 8 lbs 5 lbs 5 lbs $ 29. Select: 7" or 12" bag depth.90 75. heavy nylon.68/4+ 32. Fingerling and Bait Nets These nets are excellent for handling small fish. The nets are not replaceable.00 223. snap button coupler (included with frame) for quick change or breakdown.71 32.23 30.00/4+ 26. yet very strong.00 charge). fiberglass sliding handles. Exposed: ships @ 30-lb rate (add'l $5.00 30. aircraft aluminum dip nets are the finest in the aquaculture industry. Made in USA.50 22.42 37. a quantity of 12+ must be ordered (or use a hacksaw to remove the guard).00 42.15 22.08 207. Big Fish Net This net has exaggerated width and depth to allow secure handling of large fish.85 35. Four-year unconditional warranty.190 Nets Specialty Fry. All nets are 16" W x 12" H.17 33.89 32. Aluminum handle has been enlarged to 11/2" for added strength.00 37. DN11 (shown) and DN12 are generally preferred for catfish and DN13 for fish with scales. Replacement bags are not available. Made in USA. Each net has an all-wood handle (great for cold weather) with a heavy-duty. 3/16" mesh. 13/8" handles are painted green and plugged for flotation.44/3+ 34.33 Each 27. galvanized steel frame. Made in USA.00 4+ nt12 Net Depth FN36 36" x 37" 72" 52" $ 63.37 42.31/4+ 27.00 68.00 93. Well suited for handling most medium-size fish.70 Each 26.55 29. white. All mesh is knotless nylon.95 Monorail Net The Handler is 16" with 1/4" Ace nylon mesh.94 3+ *Oversize.63 47. so four can ship for the same price as one. Replace net protector each time net is changed.98/3+ 209.71 Order Online: AquaticEco.42 35. Frame Handle Bag Size Length Depth NT12 NT16 12" x 13" 16" x 16" 18" 60" 3" 4" Ship Wt 2 lbs 4 lbs $ 30. one with $5 over 60" charge. and 20" or 35" Order by Phone: 877.50 38.347.64/4+ 28.95 78. treated with green Net Guard preservative.1401 . dn29 Dip Nets.56/3+ 71. They'll carry up to 100 lbs! A hand grip at the frame throat makes lifting heavy loads easier.4788 Tech Support: 407.00 19.94 19. triple-reinforced. The nets ship Oversize at the 30-lb rate. So four ship for the same price as one. A connecting block allows the handle to slide into the net frame for storage.15 22.00 42.43/3+ 63. KN164 $ 25. Steel net guards are standard on the front of each (except the skimming net DN29). Weighs 2 lbs. Bags are made of nonabrasive. Made in USA. 4' aluminum handle.46 27.15 Each 30. you'll appreciate their light weight.77 31. one Oversize at the 70-lb rate. Order handles separately. Bow Size Handle Length Monorail Nets. LN16 LN17 LN20 LN22 Bow Handle Net Size Length Depth ln16 Each 4+ 16" x 18" 17" x 20" 20" x 24" 22" x 27" 18" 24" 30" 36" 24" 24" 27" 27" Ship Wt 3 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs $ 30.50/4+ 28.68/6+ 84. dn2 dn1 Heavy-Duty Harvesting Nets These nets are heavy nets for heavy loads.07 21.95/4+ Landing Nets Could these be perfect all-purpose nets? Heavyweight netting.87/4+ 27.00 50. A plastic guard laced around front and sides of the 17" W x 13" H frame provides protection against abrasion. but the coating will increase net life dramatically. 1" mesh. 1/4" or 1/8" mesh.99 47.00 24. Ships Ground in 2 boxes. Lightweight.74 19.95/4+ 30. bows and foam grips designed for a modern look. Painted steel frame with galvanized steel handles.598. Extra Heavy-Duty This could be the last dip net you'll ever have to buy! These extra heavy-duty. Handles attach to the frame head by a heavy-duty. If you desire nets without guards.00 33.17/4+ 193.38/4+ 33.69/3+ 39.08 30.01/3+ 68.

07 23. The net bags are 1/4" mesh.50 7.39 4+ knotless knotted Monorail Nets with Fiberglass Handles These nets feature 1" diameter fiberglass handles. Nets with 36" handles and larger ship Oversize/Exposed and up to six nets can be packaged together to save shipping costs.25 24.20 8. They are popular with Fish and Game Commissions.82 24.90 6.13 21.14 14.06 21.10 6.77 20.00 8.28 10. and replacing the net bag is simple.10 23.33 7.95 37. Made in USA.09 8.07 22.45 38.07 26. 16" x 16" The Monorail System Features an extruded aluminum net frame which encases the net.09 15. Shipped in 2 boxes.99 18. strong.21 20.67 8.28 13.67 11.23 18.22 29.57 16.4788 Tech Support: 407.48 29.42 11.28 18.98 22.55 26.10 Each 14.347. 9" x 6" 9" x 6" 9" x 6" 9" x 6" 9" x 6" 12" x 13" 12" x 13" 12" x 13" 12" x 13" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" 16" x 16" mesh 1/32" 1/8" 1/4" 1/4" 1/8" 1/32" 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" 1/32" 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" 1/32" 1/8" 1/4" 1/2" bag depth 4" 4" 4" 6" 6" 3" 3" 3" 3" 6" 6" 6" 6" 12" 12" 12" 12" $ 7. guarding it from abrasion. The frame is made of lightweight.28 10.54 26.01 23.86 29.02 23.86 55.23 11. Monorail Handle Repl.89 19.94 19. yet strong.54 Order by Phone: 877.66 33.42 19.50 10.67 11.06 9. DN35M DN35A DN35 DN36M DN36A DN36C MH516 MH516P MH54 MH54P DN34 DN34B DN34ML DN34AL DN34L DN34BL DN34A DN34M DN31M DN31A DN31 DN31D DN31B DN32M DN32A DN32 DN32B DN33M DN33A DN33D DN33B DN32ML DN32AL DN32D DN32BL DN33ML DN33AL DN33 DN33BL DN36 AK-2 AK-3 AK-5 FH48 BD1HOOP 1/32" 9" x 6" 1/8" 9" x 6" 1/4" 9" x 6" 1/32" 9" x 6" 1/8" 9" x 6" 1/4" 9" x 6" 1/8" 9" x 6" 1/8" 9" x 6" 1/4" 9" x 6" 1/4" 9" x 6" 1/4" 12" x 13" 1/2" 12" x 13" 1/32" 12" x 13" 1/8" 12" x 13" 1/4" 12" x 13" 1/2" 12" x 13" 1/8" 12" x 13" 1/32" 12" x 13" 1/32" 16" x 16" 1/8" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/2" 16" x 16" 1/32" 16" x 16" 1/8" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/2" 16" x 16" 1/32" 16" x 16" 1/8" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/2" 16" x 16" 1/32" 16" x 16" 1/8" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/2" 16" x 16" 1/32" 16" x 16" 1/8" 16" x 16" 1/4" 16" x 16" 1/2" 16" x 16" 1/2" 22" x 27" Repl.61 21.23 26.95 23.16 4+ *Additional $5. attractive net.50 9.96 22.55 24.42 19.598.50 7.90 6.91 21.33 8. It makes a smooth.80 21. Replacement bags available.00 9.33 8. Replacement bags available below.54 20.90 7.18 29.00 shipping charge.38 22.23 9.1401 .49 23.43 13.71 35.42 11.13 27. Monorail Handle Repl.98 23.67 19.94 29. Bag replacement is simple.07 32.54 25. add "R" after part number in most cases (see list below).57 18.66 27.16 27.20 21.42 14.54 17.67 Each 6. hatcheries and universities.67 7.93 21.46 29. Handles are capped on the net end and have a 5" foam grip on the other.71 18.79 23.81 16.90 10.80 17.67 11.99 18. Monorail Handle Telescoping Handle Hoop.50 7.25 10.86 26.62 20.86 24.23 9. Handles are easily removed with a pushbutton.95 11.64 32.67 7.38 32.51 7.35 32.95 Each 22.88 19.36 22. which reduces abrasion to the fish. All nets are 100% nylon knotless weave.16 17.13 26.Monorail Nets 191 Monorail Nets buy more and save on shipping! These nets do not need any edge protection because their unique monorail frame is a natural guard.57 49.16 27. cb-1 dN32f Replacement Bags for Monorail Nets DN35MR DN35AR DN35R MH54R MH516R DN34MR DN34AR DN34R DN34BR DN31MR DN31AR DN31R DN31BR DN32MLR DN32ALR DN31RD DN32BLR frame Size *Additional $5. These nets have 1" aluminum handles (also see nets w/ fiberglass handles).71 16.88 21. Its handle is made of 11/8" diameter aluminum and is excellent for landing fish at fee fishing operations.54 25. frame Size mesh bag depth 4" 4" 4" 4" 4" 4" 6" 6" 6" 6" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 6" 6" 6" 12" 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" 12" 6" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 12" 6" 12" 24" 18" 18" 18" 36" 36" 36" 18" 18" 18" 18" 18" 18" 60" 60" 60" 60" 18" 18" 18" 18" 18" 18" 18" 36" 36" 36" 36" 60" 60" 60" 60" 36" 36" 36" 36" 60" 60" 60" 60" 72" 18" 36" 60" 48"–84" handle Length 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs 3+1 lbs* 3+1 lbs* 3+1 lbs* 3+1 lbs* 2 lbs 2 lbs 2+1 lbs 2+1 lbs 2+1 lbs 2+1 lbs 2+1 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+3 lbs* 2+3 lbs* 2+3 lbs* 2+3 lbs* 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 4 lbs* 4 lbs* 4 lbs* 4 lbs* 3+3 lbs* Ship Wt $ 16.58 7.25 12.20 6+ mh516 dN34 dN36 dN35 dN33AL Order Online: AquaticEco.14 24.33 10.40 10. DN36 landing net is not a monorail style.25 10.00 10. extruded aluminum.60 21.00 shipping charge. Note: MH516P and MH54P have the same dimensions as MH516 and MH54 but have pool quick connects to fit pool style handles.16 22.86 27.95 30. Made in USA.07 24. DN32F DN32DF DN33F DN33DF FK-5 CB-1 16" x 16" 6" 16" x 16" 12" 16" x 16" 6" 16" x 16" 12" 60" Handle Frame Adapter frame Size bag depth handle Length 36" 36" 60" 60" 2+2 lbs 2+2 lbs 2+3 lbs* 2+3 lbs* Ship Wt $ 31.57 20.57 25.29 24.

For oxygen generators. and then worked in shrimp culture. above 67 percent of saturation. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. For example. They are a quick reference for sizing aeration systems. He completed aquaculture training in Pusan. 5. Dominican Republic. So. divide the AES number by 2—your diffusion system can only support half as many fish. multiply the AES Number by twelve. 1/4" Mesh Repl.4788 Tech Support: 407. 4' Need design or engineering assistance? We give our customers free advice over the telephone. Splash Type Aerators Surface aerator AES Numbers assume that the water is being circulated efficiently from the point of aeration to where the fish are located and back to the aeration device. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier. Order Online: AquaticEco. AES Numbers ( aes ) indicate how many pounds of fish an aeration device can support. The wire aluminum net frame is 18" in diameter.O.2 mg/L under these water quality conditions. South Korea. give us your customer number and keep the conversation under ten minutes. if you are operating your diffusers at 1. as you would get from a liquid or gas oxygen cylinder. 1/4" Mesh Net. It has seen dot-com booms. if your oxygen generator delivers 90 percent pure oxygen. Net. Medium-sized bubbles (1–3 mm diameter) rise at about one foot per second in ns14 Pure Oxygen Pure oxygen AES Numbers are rated at 100 percent saturation (7. see Design and Engineering Services on page 4. When using air with a diffuser that is rated for pure oxygen. Regenerative blowers work best with medium pore diffusers. pelleted feed at 40 percent protein. busts and new booms. net is 1/8" blue mesh and 12" deep. Ship motor freight only. Ricardo was also in charge of developing the Aquaculture Experimental Station at the Universidad Central del Este. For in-depth services. Economy Dip Net. multiply the AES number by . multiply the AES Number by the oxygen content of your generator gas output. The aluminum handle is 26" long and extends up to 57". Numbers may seem overly conservative because they are based on heavy oxygen demand conditions.1 to .5' instead of 3'. 18" Inexpensive net with extendable handle can be used for collecting smaller fish. recirculating system with a . 1" Mesh Ship Wt 11 lbs 4 lbs 11 lbs 4 lbs $ 196. Super Scoop Nets Two people can scoop out up to 300 lbs of fish! Heavy galvanized steel frames available in either 1" or 1/4" dipped nylon mesh. level will remain above 5. tilapia culture and tropical fish breeding. that is.O. continuous solids removal. you could support about 50 percent more fish with your aerator than the AES Number indicates. Dimensions: 3' x 4' x 15" deep. 3' AquaticEco.192 Nets Economy/Super Scoop/Tech Talk Tech Talk 84 AES Number AES stands for aeration efficiency standard. LN19 $ 12. We've chosen warm water for our AES Number standard conditions because the oxygen consumption rate goes up with the water temperature.1401 .598.) concentration. they will require more pressure and they must be cleaned much more frequently. Oxygen purity near 100 percent.61 66. Just call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401. which means that a bubble released at a depth of 3' will exchange gas with the water for 3 seconds.2 mg/L (67 percent of saturation) dissolved oxygen (D. is also assumed. under 3 ppt salinity and a low algal population. Small bubbles have a greater air-to-water contact surface area than the same volume of gas in fewer large bubbles. Net. you can support 33 percent more than the AES Number shown. NS14 NS14R NS10 NS10R Net. feeding rate at 3 percent of standing crop weight per day. At 82 percent of saturation.347.) rather than 5.2 lbs. Air and Oxygen Diffusers Submerged diffuser AES Numbers assume diffuser placement at a depth of 3' and that air or oxygen flows to the diffuser at the average recommended rate.61 Order by Phone: 877.90. Although fine pore diffusers may produce finer bubbles. If your diffusers are 4' deep. AES Numbers are not practical to use where heavy algal populations are present because algae oxygen consumption (plant respiration) at night has not been taken into account. call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401 for assistance. AES Numbers assume the following conditions: half-pound catfish or tilapia in tanks (nonsoil bottoms) at 80°F (27°C) at sea level.2 mg/L (67 percent saturation). If 50 percent of saturation were acceptable. 1" Mesh Repl. If your system parameters differ significantly from the AES Number standard conditions listed below or if you are designing an aeration system for a commercial facility. the device is not re-aerating the same water. Ship weight 6.9 mg/L D.82 alpha factor.O. Keeping your fish weight below the AES Number value will ensure a D. you could support about 50 percent less (see aeration Tech Talks for details).32 Technician Profile Ricardo Arias Ricardo graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and minor in chemistry. If you stock at or below the rate indicated by the AES Number. Net frame can be unscrewed for has been around for 15 years. stocking densities from .O. divide the pure oxygen AES Number by twelve. If you are using pure oxygen with diffusers that are rated for air.15 196. Oxygen transfer is proportional to bubble size and contact time. your D. debris from the surface of ponds and field studies. which is generally considered adequate (while being very cost effective) for most species raised in recirculating systems.7 pounds of fish per gallon of water (12 to 84 kg/m3).

18 lb .95 19. NF8 floats are football-shaped and fit 3/4" rope. Knotless Ace mesh netting is strong. NA2 NA3 NA4 1/8" Ace Netting 3/16" Ace Netting 1/4" Ace Netting Buoys These heavy-duty buoys can be used as warning buoys.49 Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata).17 41.15 lb . White Evafloat.26 lb $ 2.). Size Hole 1/2" 3/4" 3/4" nF7 case Qty 100 24 20 Blue/White Blue/White Solid White color $ 4. nF5 Length Diameter Hole Size Average Flotation case Qty Actual Wt nF6 nF4 NF4 NF5 NF6 Evafloat. etc. White Evafloat. cage buoys.598.1401 . anchor buoys.0" (25 mm) 5 / 8" 5 / 8" 17 oz 23 oz 32 oz 147 108 120 .22 37. 12 White Braided. They are ideal for use with seines. 21 twine has 192-lb strength.ft. White 5. so they can be deflated for compact shipping and storage. NF7 NF8 NF9W 3" x 5" 5" x 9" 7" Dia.57 4.95 4. Ship weight 1 lb each. can be stored wet.45 Each 26. It is ideal for minnows. Flotation is approximate based on 2/3 submergence. boat fenders. Will not rot or mildew. BY9 BY12 9" (23 cm) 12" (30 cm) Flotation Per Yard $ 8.35 9. nonabrasive and will not scale the fish. nets and traps. Each Evafloat has internal nylon grommets and will give years of worry-free service as your seine float. small mesh is required. which offers high tensile strength.60 Order Online: AquaticEco.347.47/4+ 13.52 6+ bY9 bY12 nA2 nA3 nA4 Net Mending Tools No. buoyancy.0" 6. rope barrier or marker buoy. Made of heavy vinyl with air valves. 740'/lb tW12 $ 5.0" 31/2" (9 cm) 311/16" (10 cm) 43/8" (11 cm) (16 mm) (16 mm) 1. 21 White Order by Phone: 877.02 3.900'/lb No.70 7. Made of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA). Norfloat brand.0" 5. bait nets. resistance to pressure. holding pens or any other application where a strong. durability. NF7 floats are footballshaped and fit 1/2" rope.45 6. sunlight and abrasion.00 5. fry and other fish that are easily damaged.42/4+ nt8 nt6 Polyethylene Floats Rigid polyethylene fl oats are UVresistant and extremely durable.55 8.4788 Tech Support: 407. Net Floats Evafloat net floats are the highest quality net floats we could find.25/lb — — — 17.25 7.15 2. and a much longer life expectancy than PVC net floats. 12 nylon twine has 90-lb strength and No. NF9W floats are sphere-shaped and fit 3/4" rope. soft. NT6 NT8 NT10 TW12 TW21 6" Steel Bent Needle 3/8" x 8" Nylon Needle 5/8" x 10" Nylon Needle No.00/lb 14. The netting is 4' wide and sold by the running yard (1 running yard = 12 sq. This material is excellent for bait bags. 1.18 8. dip nets.Netting/Buoys Nets 193 Nylon Netting.72 6+ 9 lbs 22 lbs case Qty 20 16 Ship Wt 2 lbs 3 lbs $ 29.

Height of seine. Small These small-mesh.48 115. the seine should be treated with a liquid plastic. Bags are available.347. Light-Duty These seines are made of square mesh nylon netting that travels through the water easily.62 217.26 464. if desired. Total length desired. 8' D x 40' L 1/4". Imported. HDS1 HDS2 HDS3 HDS4 HDS5 HDS6 HDS7 HDS8 Mesh Size 1/8" 1/8" 1/4" 1/4" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" • Note: In general.57 68. tar or rubber to prevent fish from hanging fins and heads in the seine fibers. Ship Wt 4 lbs 5 lbs 9 lbs 10 lbs $ 39.4788 Tech Support: 407. LDS1 LDS2 LDS3 LDS4 1/8". 4' x 10' 7' x 20' 4' x 10' 7' x 20' 4' x 10' 8' x 20' 4' x 10' 8' x 20' H x L $ 192. plus 4-oz external leads over the lead line on 8" centers. Provide us with the following details for pricing: • • Mesh size desired. Order Online: AquaticEco. 1/2" is knotless polyester. Seine handles not included. 8' D x 20' L 1/8". lined. Bag/pocket size. Lead line and float line are 450-lb (204 kg) test braided nylon. holds nicely to the bottom.598. 14' Dia. Sponge floats.66 446.). 8' D x 20' L 1/4". Mesh size is 3/8" (9.60 93. concrete. Heavy-Duty These seines will stand up to the rigors of daily commercial use.92 215. • • • Pond bottom type (dirt. They are made of knotless nylon netting and are available in most mesh sizes. They are made of lightweight knotless nylon with 1/4" diamond mesh (62 mm). Seines. Seines include floats and lead weighted bottoms.21 281. A braided lead line with internal leads (.64 85. 16' Dia. 1/8" through 3/8" are knotless nylon. the length of the seine should be at least 1/3 greater than the widest area to be seined.6 mm) and stretches to 7/8" (23 mm).81 206.194 Nets Seines Seines.35 Each Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Made in USA. commercial-grade seines are ideal for gathering fish in tanks and small ponds.98 503. Distance between floats and weights. If you are seining catfish.11 Each cn4 Seines. etc.50 48. 10' Dia. They are offered in mesh sizes small enough to net even two-week-old koi fry (1/8"). DNS4 DNS6 Cast Nets Monofilament cast nets are useful for sampling ponds and tanks and are convenient for partial harvesting of fish as small as 4" long.00 Each 8' Order by Phone: 877. Seines are secured to 3/16" diameter nylon rope with 3" x 11/2" Spongex floats and Number 9 leads placed every 12". These economical nets come with a 20' long polyester rope.02 Each Custom Seine Nets Made to your specifications. AES can supply seine nets custom made to your specifications.54 220. 8' D x 40' L Ship Wt 5 lbs 4 lbs 12 lbs 8 lbs $ 440. CN4 CN5 CN7 CN8 4' H x 10' L 6' H x 20' L Ship Wt 6 lbs 9 lbs $ 52. Foam floats are sewn on 12" centers along the 3/8" braided float line. Made in USA.1401 .16 lbs/ft).

One end piece has a flip-open door with hinge and lock. separated by a removable divider.36/12+ Aqua-Nursery Automatic circulating hatchery. 61/2" L x 31/4" W x 31/2" H. protecting the fry from hungry parents. shrimp and other smaller organisms. The 1" wide handle allows the container to be hung on the inside or outside of an aquarium tank. Additionally. A933 $ Order by Phone: 877.26 Each Aquarium Breeding Equipment 2-in-1 Fish Hatchery This small hatchery has two enclosed areas for live bearing fish.25 4.65 2.73/12+ Mini Separation Cell This miniature tube can be used to separate basslets. A936 $ 8. Cube measures 4" x 4" x 4" and has 3/16" holes in all six sides to allow water flow. gobies.598.20 Specimen Container Multipurpose clear container is commonly used in aquarium stores for holding fish collected from a tank before putting them in a bag. 8" L x 4" W x 5" H.Quarantine/Egg Sampling Hatchery Supplies 195 Fish Net Breeder. The removable plastic ends are mesh (11/16" openings) to allow water to flow through the tube. prices. Fine Mesh Netting allows free-flowing water movement yet isolates sick. basslets and small angelfish that commonly need separation from each other. A931 $ 5. Floating safety chamber for live bearers.00 7. specifi cations and packaging may have changed since the date of publication.33/12+ Fish Cube Used to quarantine sick fish or used in aquarium stores to segregate shrimp.65 5.75 4. bottom compartment safely collects and isolates falling fry. 500-micron mesh. Also makes an ideal isolation chamber for sick or weak fish. Can be placed on the bottom of tank or attached to the side wall with suction cups (included).1401 . Features adjustable hangers for in-tank placement and detachable nursery section. The bottom compartment safely collects and protects falling fry. This small hatchery automatically and gently separates mother fish from fry. 8" L x 4" W x 41/4" H.73 6+ 3-in-1 Fish Hatchery 10515 Features a floating safety chamber for pregnant live bearers.22 13. The circulation provided by an air pump (not included) pulls water through the sides and also creates suction that draws babies from the parent's chamber into the integrated fry chamber.96 4. Tube measures 4" long and is 11/2" in diameter.90 15. 8" L x 31/2" W x 4" H. 61/2" x 5" x 51/4" H. Can also be used for medicating sick fish or observing fish. errors occasionally occur. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc. weak or pregnant fish. Tanks measure 51/8" x 21/4" x 41/2" (small) and 7" x 31/4" x 6" (large).4788 Tech Support: 407. 10515 10523 Small Large $ 6. AZ38018 $ 4. A931 A933 A936 Order Online: AquaticEco. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice.20/6+ 6. AZ38016 $ 2.347. A934 $ 5. AN2 $ 12.36/6+ Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. Patented cube is clear plastic.37/6+ Multibreeder With Lid This multipurpose chamber attaches to the side of the aquarium. Can be placed at the bottom of a tank or can hang from the side of a tank wall using four suction cups (included).

It is commonly used when handling fish during manual spawning (stripping).1401 . which is an anesthetic/tranquilizer of fish and other cold-blooded aquatic organisms. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. You guys run a great operation.86 . Made in USA. Thanks so much. Brushes measure 59" long x 51/2" diameter and are sold 2 per pack.00/Roll 10. allowing the eggs to be separated from the broodfish so they will not be eaten. TRS5 TRS1 TRS2 10 g 100 g 1 kg $ Order by Phone: — 70.15 mm (150 microns) and is safer than glass capillary tubes.03 O. ANAD #200-226.49 2.00 370.73 I. It has a wall thickness of .598. Tricaine™-S This is an FDA-approved. SM2 SM2R SM3 SM3R 24" 24" 18" 18" Ship Wt Catheter Tubing This Teflon® tubing is commonly used for sampling egg stage development in brood stock. When used properly.16 2. Designed to promote and facilitate reproduction.27 1. these brushes are commonly used in koi ponds to encourage fish to spawn. one on top of the other.00/Linear Yard 94. Hernan's design and management experience includes hatcheries. $ 2. Joshua Ramirez Spawntex Spawning Mat This unique product is asked for specifically by breeders of shiners.42 2.19 1. high-grade brand of MS-222 (tricaine methanesulfonate). measuring.42 2. weighing and surgical operations. Sold by the foot (30 cm). 1.85/Roll — 88. With your outstanding prices and attentive customer service. sorting and grading fish. Its 11/2" thickness ensures more strength for easy cleaning and exceptional durability. at the edge of your pond. Diameters in mm. TT86 TT97 TT119 TT173 .196 Hatchery Supplies Spawning Koi Spawning Brushes Made from a soft nylon that will not harm fish. Spawntex is one of the finest reusable spawning mat materials on the market.16 2. The brushes can then be placed in clean filtered water and eggs will hatch in 3–6 days. the eggs will attach to the soft bristles. Another method is to simply stake the mats along the pond bank.D. Pond installation is easy: cut the media to size. It is a great sedative for transporting. attach a wire mesh backing and place in the pond.16 1. tagging.75 Ovaprim This spawning agent is the first legally marketed FDA-indexed drug for ornamental finfish broodstock. As the fish spawn on the brushes. with concentration on rainbow trout and tilapia.97 1. Made of all-natural coconut fibers with a latex binder (black) on a polyester net backing. SM2 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.43/Linear Yard 73.00 Technician Profile Hernan casasbuenas Hernan received his Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Nevada and his Fisheries Scientist Certification from the American Fisheries Society.81 Each 2.4788 Tech Support: 407.16 2.00 My question was answered quickly and thoroughly. it induces a temporary state of immobilization that is rapidly reversed when the animal is placed back in clean water. floating cage cultures and fish culture farms.95 70. Simply place the brushes just below the water level.42 2. The internal SS wire allows them to be shaped to your needs.51 10+ 3 lbs 30 lbs* 3 lbs 30 lbs* $ 13.D. Order Online: AquaticEco. 19002 $ 59. goldfish and similar shore-spawning fish. OVA10 10 mL $ 32.19/2+Rolls *Rolls ship Oversize at 70-lb rate. Spawntex is sold in 24" widths (SM2) and 18" widths (SM3) by the linear yard or in full rolls 11 yards long. induce maturation within a spawning season and coordinate and synchronize spawning times.

5 1–3 1.3–4 1.7–2 1–2 Fish Bag Banding Tool No more sore fingers! This handy tool is fast and easy. The bags are either 3.347. Not reusable.5 .. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag.71 17.46 8. Not submersible. selling fish to be carried a long distance can use OTabs as an alternative to bagging with pure oxygen. FSB1 FSB2 FSB3 FSB4 FSB5 FSB6 FSB7 FSB14 FSB18 SB81 SB82 Bottom-Sealed Bag.81 29.90/4+ — Oxygen Tablets Over the years we tested three different "oxygen tablets" and none of them added a significant amount of oxygen to the water. Nozzle measures 4" long. The warm pack will last approximately 24 hours.or 4-mil linear polyethylene and are either single-sealed on the bottom (like standard pet shop bags) or triple-sealed to form a square bottom (to fit the 90º corners of the shipping box).83 18. WPK2 Warm Pack $ 9. 3-mil Square Bottom Bag.5–1 .8–2 1. this tool seals oxygen-filled bags in one quick Order by Phone: 877. When ordering cases. koi dealers. Use these numbers as estimates only. Order Online: AquaticEco.7–4 2–5 48 Hrs — .43 15.2–3 1. Two tablets will keep one 4" fish alive for 3+ hours.65 216.000 1. a flexible air nozzle and all connection fittings.30 144. OX9 $ 17.40 OXF1 Bag Filling Gun This nonrestricted blow gun is ideal for oxygenating fish bags.Oxygen/Shipping/Temperature Packs Hatchery Supplies 197 Oxygen Regulator This economy oxygen regulator is a single-stage. OXF1 OXF2 Single Nozzle Dual Nozzle $ 146 198 Air Nozzle This handy air nozzle is perfect for oxygenating fish bags. FBT FBT1 Banding Tool Bands.90 112. Sold in packs of 20 (order a quantity of one to receive 20 bags). weighs 5 lbs.000 1.85 24. Experiment with your own fish.85 One OTab keeps two 2" fish or one 4" fish alive for 11/2 hours.7–2 . etc. Then we rediscovered OTabs. Does not meet OSHA Safety Act requirements for use with air. oxygen delivery hose.4788 Tech Support: 407.95 Each 19.35 1 lb $ 25. fish wholesalers and anyone who ships fish in bags. Due to the strength of these bags.44 34. 4-mil Square Bottom Bag. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag. ammonia and pH tests to determine safe bag carrying capacities.35 271. They have an unlimited shelf life. Pet shops. Using extra heavy-duty rubber bands. these complete air filling kits include everything required to rapidly fill fish shipping bags with oxygen.8–6 1. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag. it is not necessary to "double bag" as with most others. add a "C" to part numbers to indicate case quantity.5–4 1.93 1.5–4 1. approximately 11/4" in diameter with a metal lid. 3-mil Square Bottom Bag. The nozzle features a flexible rubber tip that is easily bent to release oxygen.65 224. weighs 8 lbs.10 163.598. They are great for pet stores. 4-mil 6" x 12" 6" x 20" 8" x 16" 8" x 20" 10" x 20" 20" x 30" 20" x 40" 6" x 8" x 20" 4" x 6" x 18" 15" x 15" x 22" 16" x 8" x 22" Width x Length Pack Qty (20) Carrying Capacity in Lbs for Transport in Hours Eggs 1–3 Swim Up Fry 1/2" 1" 2" 3" Large Fish 99. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag.8–6 3–6 24 Hrs . Ship weight 4 lbs. 100/Pk $ 21. Use in applications where slight delivery pressure changes (due to decreasing cylinder pressure) won't affect the job being done. so keep some on hand for emergency use. OX3 $ 125 Air Filling Kits Designed for use with oxygen cylinders.80 181. Sold in packs of 10. mediumduty regulator. Custom sizes available in case quantities. using oxygen.7–2 . hatcheries. try our banding tool on this page.80 3. Live Fish Shipping Bags We've expanded our line of fish bags to include a variety of sizes to fi t every application. OXF1 includes one air nozzle and 10' of delivery hose. 1/4" MNPT. Oxygen cylinders can be purchased or rented at a medical or welding supply store.000 1. They work in both fresh and salt water. fish hatcheries. rated at 0–100 psi with 540 CGA connections. OXF2 has a "Y" fitting and includes two air nozzles with 10' of delivery hose each. 3-mil Bottom-Sealed Bag.95 226.1401 . 2/3 oxygen). The tablets come in a metal canister. Simply thread the regulator onto an oxygen cylinder (not included) and it's ready to begin filling.70 139. Each kit includes a single-stage oxygen regulator.4–1. OX11 $ 17. fish shows. 3-mil Square Bottom Bag.4 . Made in USA. For a quick closure.50 Fish Carrying Capacities for Transport in Sealed Bags with Pure Oxygen Bags are 4-mil polyethylene containing 2 gallons of water at a temperature of 60°F and 4 gallons of pure oxygen (1/3 water.000 1.80 Fish Size 1 Hr $ 7.24 9.56 8. OX2 Box of 36 Ship Wt Warm Pack Warm packs can be used for keeping hands and feet warm and for shipping fish and other products in winter.6–1.75 149. Not for use with liquid O2.87 9.000 250 250 250 250 200 200 case Qty 1–2 1–4 2–5 2–5 2–7 2–7 4–9 12 Hrs 1–1. The average temperature is between 135–158°F (57–70°C).7–4 1.

Order Online: AquaticEco.  K now the chemistry of the water the fish will be released into at their destination. The quality of your water should be adjusted slowly to the same pH. These injectionmolded.  Double bag and seal with rubber bands.8 to 19 grams per gallon. Are warmwater fish being shipped to a cold climate or vice versa? What is the duration of the shipment before the box is unpacked? Are the fish aggressive. 6. algae. 2.  Compress the bag to remove all air and refill with pure oxygen.19 10+ tb3015 Techniques for shipping live fish: 1. bluegill. This reduces osmotic stress on freshwater fish. 4.198 Hatchery Supplies Trays/Tech Talk Handling Trays and Boxes Handling harvested fish is a lot easier when you have the right tools. which ships over one hundred million dollars worth of live fish around the world annually. etc. striped bass. Before the fish are packed.  If the fish are cold-tolerant.8 to 4 lbs of salt per 100 gallons or 3.347. Danio rerio (Zebrafish) Goldfish Mosquito Larvae Butterfly Koi And as a brand new service.48 16. temperatures should be lowered gradually to 60°F or 16°C (the metabolic rate of the fish will be reduced).  Various conditioners such as zeolite. The box has no holes and the trays have drain holes. polyethylene trays and boxes both stack when full and nest for storage just by turning them the other way.5" L x W x H Capacity 100 lbs 60 lbs Ship Wt 9 lbs 4 lbs $ 24.598. educational studies or live food cultures. alkalinity. activated carbon. Tech Talk 24 Shipping Live Fish The art of shipping live fish has been mastered by the tropical fish industry. many factors must be considered.. Live Organisms and Fish AES offers a wide selection of live organism cultures for laboratory biotoxicology research. such as trout.03 15. 2/3 oxygen. heat.  The clean water used for shipping should be held separate from the fish before packing. high-density. 8. That is . copepods and more. etc. pH adjusters and ammonia-locking solutions may be used. Choose from rotifers. Salt is typically added to the water at a rate of 1 to 5 ppt (parts per thousand).  Only ship healthy fish that have not been fed for 2–4 days.4788 Tech Support: 407. tb5015 Order by Phone: 877. etc.  Place the bags in insulated containers and add heat or cool packs to maintain temperature. we've partnered with Blackwater Creek Koi Farms to offer several varieties of koi at reasonable rates. 5. 3.1401 .  Fill shipping bags 1/3 full with the pretreated aerated water and gently place fish into the bags.90 Each 22. The typical ratio is 1/3 water. salinity. 7. needing isolation? Do they have sharp spines which require double or triple bagging? TB3015 TB5015 Box Tray 31" x 18" x 11" 24" x 18" x 7. See page 156 for more information.

We thank you for your patronage. HPC Hydrostatic High Pressure Chamber $ 1. Weighs 40 lbs.4788 Tech Support: 407. Measures 12" H x 6" diameter. The 2-liter jar has a smooth domed bottom and sides to ensure eggs do not get damaged while tumbling. Triploid fish typically have increased growth rates since energy is not expended on gonad development and breeding behavior.00 15. catfish. Replacement 1 lb Screen. Order Online: AquaticEco. Our HPC is the right tool for the Order by Phone: 877. Price breaks available up to 12+ (call). Height 18".40 105.90/4+ 12.01 4+ Larval Collector Hatching Jar 4 lbs Tube. The eggs will be uniformly rotated. Accepts up to 11/2" hanging lip. 30-day warranty. Precision-made with a solid piece of stainless steel and a double O-ring brass piston. Use it for trout. This specially designed. Hydrostatic Pressure Chamber Reproductive sterilization (triploidy) and sex selection in some species can be induced by subjecting fertilized eggs to high pressures. conforming to the requirements of our customers. diameter 61/4". air bleed valve and instructions are included. Made in USA. The fish hatching jar comes with a 1. J30 J6 J8 j32 Hatching Jar Only PVC Stand Complete Kit $ 34. 6 liter capacity for approximately 100. or it can be used with the optional PVC stand. JH $ 15.30 10. 5-gallon acrylic aquarium and the egg hatcher.20/6+ 7.800 HPC1 Replacement Seal Kit 21 Pressure gauge. salmon.44 17. Case quantity is 4. Replacement Ship Wt $ 85. J32 J32H J32K Hatching Jar This McDonald-type hatching jar has become the industry standard. tilapia and many others. Overall height with gauge is 191/2".45 13.000 trout eggs.55/6+ Pump j32k Jar Hanger The all-plastic hanger allows above jars to be used without a bench or stand. high-pressure vessel will pressurize approximately 24 oz of eggs up to 10. One-piece molded design allows a smooth interior—no lips or gaps for eggs to get caught on or bacteria to grow. hybrid striped bass. When the fish hatch.00 15. valve assembly. 3" Jar and hanger sold separately. We strive to do it right the first time and eliminate any problem that prevents us from achieving complete customer satisfactions.00 Each 76.598.Hatching Jars/Pressure Chamber Hatchery Supplies 199 Mini Egg Hatching Jar Commonly used for keeping pelagic and loose benthic fish eggs in circulation during the incubation period. 17" We will deliver our products and services on time and error free. Requires a 5-ton press with 23" minimum working height.347.000 psi. all-plastic egg hatching system. Simply direct about 1 gpm of water (depending on the weight of the eggs) into the center. It is a high-impact. larval collector. Designed to hang on the side of a tank. We will provide extraordinary service to satisfy the needs of our customers. The complete kit includes a submersible water pump. Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. AES Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Our customers are our first priority.66 100.28 Each 31.000-micron top screen that prevents the loss of eggs.1401 . Find fiberglass troughs on page 229.75/6+ j30 jh re Compaere h Elsew $ 10 9 at $ 85 Top Screen (j8) Hatching systems using J30 at a West Virginia high school. remove the screen to let the fish swim

Sturdy aluminum construction will stand up to rough handling and tough fish. Size adjustments are quick and accurate from a single lever with locking handle position. Just call our Technical Department at 407-598-1401. G2 G2B G4 G4B Frame. This is due to the larger fish dominating the others and consuming more food.52 951.598.4 mm) and 11/8" (29 mm) for the G1 and 50 gradations between 5/32" (4 mm) and 13/8" (35 mm) for the G1B.24 Each Tech Talk 69 Grading Fish Commercial aquaculture requires periodic size grading of most species to prevent cannibalism. reduce growth rate variation and improve yield. Selecting the wrong grader type for your species and fish size can make the grading process inefficient and/or damage the fish. That is not an issue with AES—never has been and I am sure never will be. floating fish graders built to last a lifetime.4 mm). Grader bars are 11/16" (27 mm) diameter. Order the grading rack by part number (small or large size) and spacing desired from the size chart.347. busts and new booms. AES customer service remains the most exemplary of ANY company that I have ever dealt with. stocking densities. Made in USA. Made in USA. Efficient management requires knowledge of growth rates.200 Hatchery Supplies Graders TF Floating Fish Graders Many species of fish can be graded much faster with these graders because they feature both side and bottom bars (some species won't try to escape from the bottom). select any of 30 gradations between 1/4" (6. Small Frame. Large Grader Rack.4788 Tech Support: 407. time-tested fish graders have been used to grade just about every species of fish. In seconds. see Design and Engineering Services on page 4. Large 19" x 23" x 10" Deep Specify 23" x 39" x 10" Deep Specify Size Actual Wt 10 lbs Varies 20 lbs Varies $ 269 195 373 263 g2 g2b Grader Spacings 1/64" 8/64" 18/64" 28/64" 38/64" 54/64" 88/64" = . I have the misfortune of running into many people from various supply companies that view it almost as an inconvenience to help with tech information. Adjustable Here are two easy-to-use. give us your customer number and keep the conversation under ten minutes. Floating Fish Graders. feed requirements and general health—all of which can be learned through grading and counting. Interchangeable grader racks are made from 3/16" hard aluminum has been around for 15 years. Small Grader Rack. one can see why this is a fantastic company! With deepest gratitude. so ask others for their experience before you buy. Grader spacing is by 1/64" (. Richard Masse replied within a very brief time.4 mm 10/64" 19/64" 29/64" 40/64" 58/64" 94/64" 12/64" 20/64" 30/64" 42/64" 62/64" 96/64" 13/64" 21/64" 31/64" 44/64" 66/64" 14/64" 22/64" 32/64" 46/64" 70/64" 15/64" 23/64" 33/64" 48/64" 74/64" 16/64" 25/64" 36/64" 50/64" 78/64" 17/64" 27/64" 37/64" 52/64" 84/64" Need design or engineering assistance? We give our customers free advice over the Order by Phone: 877. AquaticEco. The grader floats at the right depth and the large diameter grader bars pass undersized fish damage-free. The G1B ships Oversize. These popular. answered my question and provided me with more information than I could have ever dreamed. Comet 17" L x 15" W x 111/2" D 28" L x 21" W x 16" D Inside Dimensions Depth to Bars 71/2" 11" Actual Wt 16 lbs 36 lbs $ 625. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier. It has seen dot-com booms. G1 G1B Michael H. The aluminum frame (choose from two sizes) is polystyrene filled for flotation. Order frame and graders separately. If all of your employees follow his lead. When fish are not graded it is common to have a harvest with 25% of the fish being undersized. Graders can be species specific.1401 . g1 Order Online: AquaticEco. shipping quotes or just plain old advice. As always. For in-depth services.

000 35. Helios 4 Helios 4 Graders Helios 4 models have a channel length of 51" and a maximum grader opening size of 1. Species Trout/Salmon Model Helios 40 # Outlets 8 x 8" Fish Size (min/max) 5 g/1.000 20.000 g 5 g/2.Hatchery Supplies Fish Graders by Faivre • • Graders 201 Over 1.000 Helios 50 Graders Helios 50 models have a channel length of 98" and a maximum grader opening size of 2.000 Helios 50 Order Online: AquaticEco. They have a maximum capacity of one ton per hour and require a water flow of 53 gpm to operate.347. Graders are light. Prices start around $9.65".000 Tilapia Helios 40S 8 x 8" 2 g/800 g 50.000 35.25" 5 g/600 g 30. G cod. the fish fall down into one of the sections.000 g Flow (fish per hour) 10 g 60.4788 Tech Support: 407.000 25. Species Trout/Salmon Bass/Bream Bream Tilapia Model Helios 50 Helios 50S Helios 50S Helios 50S # Outlets 8 x 10" 8 x 10" 8 x 10" 8 x 10" Fish Size (min/max) 5 g/2. Measure 154" L x 39" W x 52" H and weigh 420 lbs.000 models in use worldwide!   rade trout.000 Flow (fish per hour) 200 g 30. They require a water flow of 176 gpm to operate and have three grading speeds and two telescopic legs with crank.000 Flow (fish per hour) 100 g 40.000 25.000 50.000 30.000 Flow (fish per hour) 200 g 30.000 30.56".598.000 35. carp.95".000 Bass/Bream Helios 30S 6 x 6.1401 .5 g/100 g Tilapia Helios 4T 3 x 5" 1 g/100 g Helios 30 Helios 30 Graders Helios 30 models have a channel length of 79" and a maximum grader opening size of 1. compact and easy to move about a farm or hatchery. Species Trout/Salmon Model Helios 30 # Outlets 6 x 6. Graders are available in both 115/230V.000 Flow (fish per hour) 100 g 40. 50/60 Hz and ship via motor freight.000 20. They require a water flow of 176 gpm to operate and have three grading speeds and two telescopic legs with crank.000 30.000 25.000 Bass/Bream Helios 40S 8 x 8" 5 g/800 g 30. Please call for Order by Phone: 877. Graders use a patented SPS grading technology that is very reliable and accurate.500 g 5 g/2. They have a graduated stainless steel channel through which the fish are lead by nylon finger rods running underneath the channel. Species Model # Outlets Fish Size (min/max) Trout/Salmon Helios 4 3 x 5" 1 g/150 g Bass/Bream Helios 4S 3 x 5" 2.1".000 Flow (fish per hour) 200 g 30. they are both fresh and salt water compatible. Measure 138" L x 39" W x 52" H and weigh 420 lbs. Measure 154" L x 48" W x 59" H and weigh 665 lbs. Pronounced "Favor" The high capacity and excellent workmanship of these live fish graders is what makes them so popular worldwide.000 35. sea trout. sea bass.000 g Flow (fish per hour) 10 g 60. Made from aluminum and 316 stainless steel.25" 2 g/600 g 50. Atlantic and Pacific salmon.25" Fish Size (min/max) 5 g/1.000 Helios 40 Helios 40 Graders Helios 40 models have a channel length of 98" and a maximum grader opening sizeof 2.000 Tilapia Helios 30S 6 x 6.000 50.500 g Flow (fish per hour) 10 g 60. sea bream. Graders measure 99" L x 20" W x 49" H and weigh 243 lbs.000.000 30.000 Flow (fish per hour) 100 g 40. They require a water flow of 176 gpm to operate and have three grading speeds and two telescopic legs with crank. eel.000 g 5 g/2. As soon as the gap between the two side walls is wide enough. tilapia and other species.000 30.000 20.

728. Weighs 130 lbs. peppers. easy to assemble and instructions are included. Rockwool ® starter cubes.1401 . The light stand adjusts easily as plants grow. The DNT System is easy to assemble and includes complete instructions.4788 Tech Support: 407. making this an ideal system for students and experimenters. 12' rotating tower farm. The adjustable light stand allows the light to be raised as plants grow. Floating raft system.85 the complete Dnt System features: • • • • • • • Fiberglass deep nutrient trough. Ships motor freight. black gel coat surface that will last for many years. 48" long and 5" deep. These heavy-duty trays are made of fiberglass with a smooth. net pots and 16 oz of nutrient solution are included. One-year warranty. All UL-listed components. It is an ebb and flow system. hoses.30 DNT1 Lettuce in an nFt system. FL. Apopka. All fittings. Photos courtesy of Future Growing LLc. herbs.4 cubic feet of Order by Phone: 877. tomatoes and flowers. this system can grow virtually any type of plant including lettuce. 20-gallon nutrient reservoir with cover. Hydroton growing media. Add-on kits with larger light systems are available. cucumbers. clamps and 16 oz of fertilizer. The stand is heavy-duty aluminum. $ 1.347. Designed with the highest quality materials. using gravity and a pump to periodically flood and drain the growing media. The stand is heavy-duty aluminum. beans. System is complete. Submersible pump with timer. The DNT tray features two 10" wide troughs.202 Hydroponics Systems Invented Here Deep Nutrient Trough System NatureGrowth System by Sweetwater ® Invented Here Great for classrooms and hobbyists. NG1 $ 1.088. etc. The two-trough design allows the use of two types of media side by side. the Deep Nutrient Trough (DNT) System is used for growing plants with large roots like tomatoes. Order Online: AquaticEco. Made in USA. Each tray holds 1. 400-W metal halide lighting system.598. It measures 4' x 2' and can fit into most classrooms. Made in USA.

Accessories/Systems/Tech Talk Hydroponics 203 Shade Cloth Our premium shade cloth is the knitted type. etc. Offered in 3 densities to block 30. vermiculite. PC125 Pack of 25 $ 13. seed starter enviro-dome.8 lbs/120 ft2 12' 83 lbs/3. Tech Talk 130 Hydroponics vs Aquaponics Hydroponics refers to using a nutrient solution to grow plants in a recirculating (closed) system. Made from USDA-approved. Grow 20 plants on a single tower (up to 36 with add-on kits) in half the time it would take to grow them in the ground. perlite. low environmental impact and the ability to grow plants out of Order by Phone: 877. fruit or flower.600 ft2 12' 2. Emily's Garden Grow flowers. kneeling and getting dirty. herbs.95 Wheeled Pot 149. For example: soil culture of tomatoes may yield 5–10 tons of product per acre per year. conservative water usage. 50 or 70% of the sun. HGS1 $ 119 • Aggregate. a shelf or table. Makes 200 gallons of nutrient solution. Hydroponics and aquaponics offer these advantages over traditional farming: high productivity for the space used. It's a satisfying way to discover the ease and fun of hydroponic gardening in just 21/2 sq. gravel.46 Seed Starter Kit 14. Rockwool®. The most obvious advantage is having complete control of the growing environment. • Formed cover. UV-stabilized. pH Test Kit. FL.8 lbs/120 ft2 12' 83 lbs/3. including gourmet lettuce seeds. 20 rock fiber starter plugs and 20 net pots. tilling. Extension 59.5' footprint.95 Tomato Cage 78. pesticide use is reduced or eliminated. in a closed system.ft. • Liquid.145. aggregate or liquid. Recommended spacing is one polyclip per 2' (depending on load).205/Roll — 621. Aquaponics refers to growing a fish (or any aquatic animal) and plant crop together in a recirculating system. drain tube. pH Up. coconut husks. We stock 12' wide rolls that are sold in 10' L increments or full 300' rolls only. 20 rock fiber starter plugs. and vegetables together in Emily's Garden! This 16" x 24" garden is very easy to use. • Six planters. Made in the USA. 20 net pots. prevent sun damage to fish and reduce water temperature. System includes: • Pump. Made of UV-resistant plastic. which will last over 15 years in the tropical sun.600 ft2 Ship Wt $ 36/10' 690/Roll 42/10' 887/Roll 54/10' 1. Pour in a little nutrient and water every week and that's it! Emily's Garden will fit just about anywhere: on a bench.00/2+ — 1. This cloth is useful for shading tanks to reduce algae. plant maturity is reached quickly. Hydroponics also produces a much higher yield than standard soil culture.1401 . plant spacing is only limited by available light (which can be increased). they can be used over and over again.598. 2. • Seed starter cubes. 10' and 20' widths are also available in full rolls. AEROCAGE is a cage that supports tomatoes and other large vegetable crops. Two different ways hydroponic systems work are: • pH test kit. Bulk quantity available.347. of course.50 Order Online: AquaticEco. which uses no supporting medium for plant roots. AEROWHLS is a wheeled pot that allows easy mobility. AEROADD will add 8 additional planting spaces. Simply snap over the edge of the material and attach to 3/8" support wire.5' x 2.00/2+ sc30 sc50 sc70 Tech Talk 38 Hydroponics vs Soil Hydroponics has many advantages over soil culture. virtually any plant can be grown in the same geographical location. Tower Garden® Grow your own food in your backyard year-round! Say goodbye to weeding. small quantities of fertilizers are easily distributed to all plants with no leaching beyond the root zone. shading plants. harvest cost is reduced and harvest time can be planned for seasonal high prices.95 30% 30% 50% 50% 70% 70% — 300' — 300' — 300' Width 12' 2. • All-purpose nutrient—16 oz. there are no weather disasters. The AEROTONIC Tower Tonic pack includes 2 gallons of mineral solution for superior plant growth.4788 Tech Support: 407.95 Tower Tonic Pack 49.00/2+ — 798. In addition. visibility screening and. Use up to two. Each planter (filled with geolite growing medium) rests in a pump-aerated nutrient solution. AEROSEED kit includes seed starter enviro-dome. plant fertilizers.600 ft2 12' 4. It is also useful for predator control. peat moss. The primary disadvantage to both is the high startup cost involved. pH Down and 100-mL measuring cup. SC30 SC30R SC50 SC50R SC70 SC70R Full Roll Shade Length Aeroponics System. The individual planters allow rotation of plants or addition of new plants.) for support of plant roots. food-grade plastic. which uses a solid medium (sand. Polyclips These unique fasteners are ideal for attaching predator netting and shade cloth to support rope and wires. AERO2 AEROADD AEROWHLS AEROCAGE AEROSEED AEROTONIC Complete Tower Garden® Kit $ 499.6 lbs/120 ft2 12' 138 lbs/3. Constructed of tough polypropylene. Weighs 20 lbs. AERO2 includes everything you need to start growing.00 Additional Net Pots. Apopka. • Geolite growing medium. pump. So aquaponics is really the marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics. whereas hydroponic tomato production can exceed 200 tons per acre per year! Photo courtesy of Future Growing LLC. The Tower Garden® is a closed system hydroponics tower that will grow almost any vegetable. Open nutrient systems were used in the past but not much anymore.

CT22 $ 132.347. Larger size net pots are perfect for use with Hydroton media. releasing it to the plant roots as needed. constant rooting temperature for sensitive seedlings and cuttings.45 43. Automatic reset feature allows function synchronizing with other system controls. It readily accepts transplanted seedlings started in oasis cubes. CA2 CA4 4. Ideal for tray systems. The base has a molded 1/2" MNPT threaded connection. 25/Pk $ 6.80 4+ Drip Emitter Drip emitters can be used in most any application. Adjustments are made using the two knobs located on the front. Optional Heat Mat Thermostat provides a 70–90°F control range.45/Strip 3.17/10+ $ 31. pebble by pebble. and the unit can be split into two 6-hole sections. The round-shaped structure provides excellent root aeration and will not compact. Thanks to the mutually beneficial interaction between plants and animals.41 40. AFT1 Floating Tray.30 5 lbs 75 lbs $ 16.45/4+ 9. 233/4" x 8" $ 9. odorless. Weighs 20 lbs. 15-amp outlet and it will continue to cycle on and off until power is removed. flowers and other plants in your existing fish aquarium—fish waste acts as fertilizer while the plants act as biofilters. is sterile and weed-free. Available in 17-watt and 45-watt sizes.00 43. They have an infinite adjustment up to 2 gph..98 1. The 10" x 20" mat fits perfectly in our TY1 trays.60 1. bag systems and deep nutrient trough systems.95 13. NP12 NP13 2" H x 2" Dia.99/4+ Seedling Heat Mats® Seedling Heat Mats® provide the ideal.00 Each HM20 Order Online: AquaticEco. It has neutral pH.43/50+ Floating Tray for Aquaponics & Hydroponics 18" Riser With NPT Adapter Used in conjunction with the drip emitters. will not degrade and has a neutral pH of 7. Ideal for ebb and fl ow systems and NFT systems.0. PR40 $ 15.69/4+ Excellent for classroom science projects. HM10 HM18 HM20 10" x 20" Heat Mat. Emitter screws into the open end of the riser tube. Excellent in systems with potted plants and in ebb and fl ow system trays. The 2" size is ideal for use with Rockwool® and oasis cubes or Hydroton to start seedlings which will then be transplanted to the growing system. 50075 $ 1.75 15.15 10. and will screw into a 10-32 thread or 3/16" tubing. Sold in four cubic foot bags. completely reusable and will last indefinitely. Fits perfectly inside the lip of a 20-gallon tank.30 47. They are designed to be transplanted directly to other media and not intended to be used with larger Rockwool® blocks. 45 Watts Thermostat HM10 AFt1 Rockwool® Mini Blocks These small blocks are ideal for both seed and cutting propagation. herbs. 17 Watts 18" x 20" Heat Mat. pots can be used for starting seedlings and propagation. you can grow Order by Phone: 877. creating an inner pore structure and ceramic shell that holds moisture for roots and helps minimize the buildup of salts and nutrients. which avoids transplant shock. Ship weight 5 lbs. these 18" risers can be cut to any length. sold separately) is recommended.. 42115 $ 1.45 5. It has high water-holding capacity and fertilizer retention. RMB1 $ 3.598. Each of the tray's 12 holes accommodates a 2" net pot. Blocks are 11/2" square and sold in strips of 15. The emitter screws into the open end of the tube. These plastic net pots have slits in the sides and bottom to allow root development and promote oxygen transfer.204 Net Pots Hydroponics Accessories/Media Perlite Coarse perlite (siliceous rock) is one of the best hydroponic media commonly used.75-liter Box 45-liter Box Ship Wt Repeat Cycle Timer This 115VAC. With one simple device you get healthy plants and a clean tank! Rest the clear plastic tray across the top of your tank or let it float. Mats are 115V/60 Hz. Use of a riser (50075.02/4+ Hydroton This lightweight clay aggregate is an excellent growing medium for any hydroponic system. 15-amp (load capacity) timer has adjustable "on time" from 30 seconds to 30 minutes and adjustable "off time" from 7 minutes to 8 hours. Made in USA.200°C. Simply plug into a 115VAC. Plants are left in the net pot when transferred. It's easily washed. The aggregate wicks the water/nutrient solution upward. Clay aggregates are heated at 1.4788 Tech Support: 407. 25/Pk 21/2" H x 31/4" Dia.1401 .99 8. Clay aggregate is chemically inert. Rockwool® or other planting media.78/50+ This tray is a great way of turning your fish tank into a fully functional aquaponics or hydroponics system.

10 4+ Rockwool® Propagation Slabs and Tray After plants have outgrown propagation blocks.20 9. 100% recyclable.18/4+ $ 269.43 5.347. baitfish. Cubes are 11/2" square and have a small hole in the center for seed placement. Cocogro® fiber is aged at least 18 months. larval rearing (use with McDonald-type hatching jars).80/10+ Hydroponic Trays These heavy-duty hydroponic trays are well suited for both commercial and hobby systems. Sold in a slab of 98 cubes. They are extremely versatile and can be used for growing almost any type of plant. Measures 20" L x 10" W x 91/4" H (with dome. The tray has a solid bottom and a clear dome. And it has excellent drainage properties. Ideal for our Seedling Heat Mats®. which means stronger root development. They are very popular with tomato. PB3 PB4 3" x 3" x 21/2" Strip 4" x 4" x 21/2" Strip $ 6.00 Each 69.Hydroponics Rockwool® Propagation Blocks Once seedlings have developed in the propagation cubes. Inside gel coat is light blue. 21/2" without).com Order by Phone: 877. they can be placed on a Rockwool® slab for further growth. Ebb and flow trays are made of 3/16" thick ABS plastic and feature molded depressions at ends for fill/drain fittings. The 4" blocks are sold in strips of 6. The leach tray is rigid plastic. so it has longer usability. it is still quite durable. TRAY2 ships via motor freight (add $100 crating charge per shipment).61/4+ tRAY1 tRAY3 Fiberglass Trough Rectangular troughs are used for hatching fish eggs.78/10+ 5. Rockwool® slabs perform best in areas that provide proper drainage. invertebrate holding and many other culture applications.90/12+ 20.33/4+ Order Online: AquaticEco.26 242. The 3" blocks are sold in strips of 8. TY1 $ 10. Slabs are 36" long.20 3.54 10+ Pb4 Pb3 Rockwool® Propagation Cubes These small cubes are ideal for starting seedlings and cuttings and fit nicely into 2" net pots. TRAY1 ships Oversize at 70-lb rate. Although not as thick as our reinforced fiberglass tanks.1401 .598.90 Each 9. cucumber and pepper production. Custom sizes available in quantity. Larger quantities and sizes available. 40" x 7" x 4" $ 11. Troughs are stackable and ship via motor freight. TRAY1 TRAY2 4' x 2' x 5" Tray 4' x 8' x 5" Tray tRAY2 $ 77.05 6. PC112 $ 12. Propagation blocks have a hole in the center that will accept the 11/2" propagation cubes. COCOB Brick $ 4. which promotes strong roots and inhibits algae growth. weighs 4 lbs. Its double-sleeved 3/4" long fibers provide an optimal air-to-water ratio and reduced dust.00 179. the entire cube can then be transferred to these propagation blocks. FT120L2 New r Thicke G el C oat Seedling Tray This small seedling tray is designed for a slab of our PC112 Rockwool® starter cubes.00 22. seedling trays or directly into a growing media.30 161. 96" L x 24" W x 12" H. Slabs are covered with a white plastic sleeve. FOB Orlando.00/Slab 10.4788 Tech Support: 407. 35 lbs.15 Each Substrates/Trays 205 Cocogro® Substrate This premium coir fiber has a low salt content and no chemical treatment. Crating charges apply. coral propagation. RK8 TRAY3 36" x 8" x 3" Slab Leach Tray.

95 12.0 ppm. Made in USA. and we want to keep it! pH Solutions Hazmat Air High-quality pH solutions specifically designed for hydroponics. 1 gallon FloraMicro®.com. 1 gallon FloraGro®. peppers and other tall plants. 1 gallon FloraBloom®. 1 quart FloraBloom®.400–2. gallon pH Up. For vegetative growth.260 — Order Online: AquaticEco. cucumbers.260 1. quart pH Down. Have a complaint? If you're unhappy.90 31. this handy dispenser distributes seeds more accurately to reduce the need for "thinning.44/4+ 55.17/4+ — 28. 1 pint FloraGro®.0 mg/L = 1.4788 Tech Support: 407. G716 G732 G764 G786 G816 G832 G864 G886 G916 G932 G964 G986 N-P-K FloraMicro®.60 16. Ideal for beginners. Clips easily attach plants and vines to strings or trellis support wires.680–1.600 1. Instructions and recommendations for different plants are found on the labels.50 61.00 9.600 1. Larger quantities available. advanced gardeners and educators who want to experiment with various formulas for growth studies.28/4+ 70. Only one teaspoon of each will make one gallon of nutrient solution. FloraGro®.90 34.15/Pkg General Guidelines Stage Fruiting Plants EC (µmho/cm) TDS (ppm) Leafy Plants EC (µmho/cm) TDS (ppm) Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. 1 quart FloraGro®.0 µS/cm. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measures the dissolved solids in water using conductivity.28 30.600–1.820 1.5 gallons 5-0-1 5-0-1 5-0-1 5-0-1 2-1-6 2-1-6 2-1-6 2-1-6 0-5-4 0-5-4 0-5-4 0-5-4 Ship Wt 2 lbs 3 lbs 11 lbs 27 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 11 lbs 27 lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs 11 lbs 27 lbs $ 10.750 1. combine 1 part FloraGro®. an item you purchased or anything at all.20/2+ — — 27. 2.33 Each — — 30. 1 quart FloraMicro®.500 2.17/4+ FloraMicro® FloraGro® FloraBloom® N-P-K refers to the level of nutrients: Nitrogen–Phosphorus–Potassium. the Flora Series is a three-part system that enables you to custom blend your own hydroponic formula.30 11. These combinations provide a simple way to achieve powerful nutrient solutions for fast growth and high yields. Vine Clips These vine clips are commonly used for growing tomatoes. we want to know about it.1401 . 2 parts FloraMicro ® and 3 parts FloraGro® is ideal. 2 parts FloraMicro ® and 3 parts FloraBloom®. Solutions are formulated from nutrients that plants can use. FloraBloom® and FloraMicro ® can be used with all types of media.5 gallons FloraGro®.347. 1.120–1. 2.95 Electrical Conductivity (EC) measures the rate at which a small electrical current flows through a solution.20/2+ Yellow Sarcophyton sp. For fruit production and flowering.30 Each — 28.800 — 980–1.800 2. Super concentrated! PHL1 PHL2 PHR1 PHR2 pH Down.40 78. Seedling Average Fruiting 1. phl1 phr2 Seed Dispenser Ideal for handling small seeds. We appreciate your business. 1. Sold in packs of 500. quart pH Up.28 30. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied.206 Hydroponics Fertilizers/Chemicals/Accessories Fertilizers Recognized as one of the most advanced hydroponic nutrient lines developed.400–1.19/2+ — — 27. 2. gallon Ship Wt 3 lbs 11 lbs 3 lbs 11 lbs $ 11.598. Usually measured in micromhos per centimeter (µmho/cm) or microsiemens per centimeter (µS/cm). PC2 $ 12.120 1.44/4+ 55." It operates much like a syringe and includes a cap that allows seeds to be retained inside for storage. Measured in milligrams per liter (mg/L) or parts per million (ppm).33 Order by Phone: 877. SD25 $ 5.95 12.5 gallons FloraBloom ®.90 31.50 61.0 µmho/cm = 1. If you have a problem with our service. It allows the mixture of a huge range of nutrient solutions to satisfy the needs of practically any type of plant and its phase of growth. we're unhappy. a combination of 1 part FloraBloom®. The dispenser measures 1" in diameter and 4" long. 1 pint FloraBloom®. 1 pint FloraMicro®.

PBK73 PBK95 PBK11 PBK14 PBK5 PBK9 Square. porous.0 to 14. Weighs 15 lbs. farming and nurseries. 9" x 9" x 5" Square. two cleaning solution sachets. Temperature range is factory calibrated. Packaged in sturdy foam mounted carrying case. refill weighs 1 lb. Sold each in 7-kg (15.67 99. starter set of calibration and cleaning solution sachets. Extra-large LCD clearly displays the parameter being measured as well as calibration instructions. stable. Tests include pH (4.3°C (± . CAL-CHECK™ feature lets you easily check the probe calibration status at any time. 11" x 11" x 7" Square.5". The TDS probe is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. There's no need to switch between parameters.36 2.0 0–1. The gel-filled pH electrode is provided with a waterproof sheath to protect the BNC connector.10 F1255 PbK95 PbK9 Order Online: AquaticEco.10 15.1 10 ppm (mg/L) . Kit weighs 15 lbs. temperature probe. magnesium (0–1.85 3.95 2. Manual and 75-page handbook included. TDS and temperature with this easy-to-install instrument. Can be calibrated at one or two points for pH and at a single point for TDS. Refill weighs 1 lb. and potassium (0–250 ppm). ammonia nitrogen (1–8 ppm).000 ppm). of course.0°F) TDS/Salinity Hazmat Air Temperature Resolution .20 Each 24+ 2.0 to 140. mS/cm.1 oz.347. HI981504 $ 194 Ideal for commercial growers. this kit will measure nutrient solutions. calcium (0–2.1401 . hydroponic containers. LM5406 Hydroponics Combo Kit $ 566 Range pH 0.0). Includes pH electrode.200 ppm).990 ppm (mg/L) -10.64 5. clay gravel is used in plant aquariums. Measures pH.00 µS/cm 0–1. potassium (0–250 ppm) and spot detection of iron at .56 Flourite This specially fracted.Meters/Plant Supplies Hydroponics 207 Hydroponics Combination Kit Hazmat Air pH/TDS/Temp Monitor by Hanna Continuously monitor pH.1°F) Accuracy ± . Measurements are simultaneously displayed on three backlit LCDs that can be easily viewed at a distance— even in low light. HI9813-6N HI1285-6 Combo Meter Replacement Electrode Range Conductivity TDS/Salinity pH 0–4. Kit and reagent refill includes enough reagents for 50 tests per parameter. greenhouses. phosphorus (3–30 ppm).0 to 60.7" x 3. Medium.76 2.5°F) Hydroponics Mini Kit Ideal for schools and hobbyists. pump strainers and. screwdriver.1" x 1. iron rich. Kit and refill reagents include enough reagents for 50 tests per parameter.01 µS/cm 1 ppm (mg/L) .2 ±2% FS ± .92 4. weighs 8. Calibration is fast and easy.95 2. Not chemically coated or treated and will not alter the pH of the water. Recommended use is 1 kg for each 200 cm2 (31 in2) of tank bottom. It can be used as a sole substrate or mixed with other gravels. TDS probe.1°C (.6). Small. providing longer life in aggressive solutions. nitrate nitrogen (5–200 ppm). nitrate nitrogen (5–200 ppm). 12VDC power adapter and instructions.0 $ 211.00 Resolution . with knobs located on the front panel of the instrument. 5.95 3. sulfate (0–200 ppm). ppm and 0–60ºC. 51/8" D x 37/8" H Round.4788 Tech Support: 407.25 ppm.598.36 2. this kit will measure nutrient solutions. Instructions and 75-page hydroponics handbook included. F1255 F1266 Red Brown $ 15. Medium. LM3561 LM3561RP Hydroponics Mini Kit Reagent Refill $ 295. Large.28 2.1 Accuracy ±2% FS ±2% FS ± .0°C (-14. Includes combination probe. Small. 7" x 7" x 3" Square.00 96. 85/8" D x 5" H $ Order by Phone: 877. plant baskets. X-Large.999 ppm (mg/L) 0–14.5–8.1 Plant Baskets These baskets can be used as vegetable filters.4 lb) bags. 14" x 14" x 10" Round. Measures pH (4. phosphorus (3–30 ppm). check solution sachet battery and instructions.15 Combo Meter Water-resistant pH/EC/TDS meter specifically designed for agricultural applications such as hydroponics. TDS sachet.8–7.

95 Flourish Tabs Growth-stimulating tablets for plant roots that contain essential trace elements. vitamins and amino acids. Plants are able to extract iron with little physiological energy. inositol. Includes a flow regulator. choline.00 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.8 oz $ 9. The left gauge measures tank capacity and the right gauge indicates flow. S2545 2 liters $ 31. Solenoid valve has 5-ft power cord. errors occasionally occur. Rich in iron. biotin and other nutrients. SC1105 $ 11. Apopka.208 Hydroponics Plant Supplies Aquatic Plant Food Tablets These tablets are specifi cally formulated to encourage blooms in water garden plants. Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins. Sold in packs of 10 tablets—enough to treat a 12" x 30" plant bed twice per year. Flourish Excel is a simple source of readily available organic carbon. $ 31. Growing methods and media. SC473 SC478 500 mL 2 liters $ 8.72/4+ Sc478 Important Though we have tried to make this catalog as comprehensive and factual as possible. Additionally. it contains no phosphates or nitrates. demonstrates many hydroponic kits that are available. specifi cations and packaging may have changed since the date of publication.07 Hobby Hydroponics DVD Designed for beginners. Two liters treat over 26. reserves the right to substitute equivalent items and make other changes without notice. promote growth and provide necessary trace elements without adding excess nutrients to the pond water. Rich in manganese. calcium. Introduction to commercial hydroponics. helpful graphics and an informative narration.80 — 27. HHDVD Order Online: AquaticEco.15 30. needle valve.000 L).com. magnesium. Plant Pack: Fundamentals Excellent for beginning aquatic gardeners. Ship weight 6 lbs. Iron Flourish Iron is a highly concentrated (10.000 mg/L) iron gluconate supplement. calcium and potassium. Flourish Iron is ideal for iron maintenance in a natural planted aquarium. The video explains the different methods of hydroponic gardening. They strengthen plant stems and leaves. Hobby Hydroponics is a 30-minute video that presents the basics of hydroponic gardening through colorful video. Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.347. Contain no phosphates or nitrates. topics covered include: • • • • The advantages and history of hydroponic gardening. shows how to set up and successfully garden using hydroponic methods.4788 Tech Support: 407. iron. Needle valve control allows precise measurement. the iron is maintained in the ferrous (Fe2+) state for an extended period through a special iron complex. amino acids and vitamins. manganese. 18560 60 count. Excellent for water garden lilies. Ship weight 2 lbs.55 CO2 Regulator w/Bubble Counter Dual gauges show psi and kg/cm2.000 gal (100.67 Photo courtesy of Future Growing LLc. Flourish Iron and Flourish Excel.1401 . 9. When used.45 Pond Flourish Pond Flourish is a liquid growth stimulator for pond plants that will not promote algae growth. explains nutrient and pH testing and introduces you to the business of commercial hydroponic growing. prices. vitamin B12. CO 2 bottle not included. PR957 $ 113. Flourish is a growth stimulator for aquarium plant stems and leaves that contains a broad spectrum of essential trace elements. potassium. This comprehensive offering of planted aquarium essentials contains Flourish. One-year warranty. Various hydroponic systems. SC505 18525 10 Tabs $ 6. FL. electronic solenoid and bubble counter. amino acids and essential trace elements.598. Order by Phone: 877.

The timer range is from 1 to 9 hours with dusk to dawn settings (it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn).08 358. Examples include anaerobic compost teas. and peat moss and hay for protozoa. thermally protected and include a clear lens and power cord. Sources of additional information on compost tea: The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) website: http://www.75 138. Connect up to four Alpine lights.76 340. fungi and other microbes. • Using these methods. To order colored lenses. Tea may be stored up to two weeks in a closed container before applying to plants. 4.27 49. All you need is a bucket. The 2-mil thick sheet is preferred where durability is important. A period of around 12 hours will favor the growth of fungi. manure tea and Bokashi tea. Lights are 5" high. PVC Housing.80 27. $ 139. 1000WT 1. This will support the growth of aerobic microorganisms that enhance plant growth. UL2520 UL2530 UL2550 UL25 12015 Light With 20' Cord Light With 30' Cord Light With 50' Cord Colored Lens Repl.1401 . Then throw in your choice of additives.4788 Tech Support: 407.27 29. 4.75 59.000-Watt Transformer w/Photocell & Timer $ an air pump or blower. an air hose with check valve and a diffuser. Simply wrap the compost in cheesecloth or place it in a mesh bag (avoid fine mesh—it may keep some beneficial fungi from the tea). For example. R (Red). Compost tea has been shown to be a source of beneficial microorganisms that protect plants and provide better nutrient availability to the plants while also improving soil condition. LED144 LED72 144 Super Bright.18 2 lbs 4 lbs 2 lbs 4 lbs $ 19.75 78.. Several types of compost teas can be made. outdoor transformer and 33' power cord.8 W Set of Three 12 Super Bright White. concentration around 6 ppm throughout the brewing cycle. it's for your plants. depending on the type of microbes that are desired. Then dilute the concentrated tea with clean water at a ratio of 1 to 10 before dispensing in sprayers or spray bottles. right? Don't worry. Aluminum Housing.) content around 6 ppm. • Keep the brewer between 70 and 75°F while brewing tea. aerobic compost tea. LED1 LED2 LED3 LED1 12 Super Bright White. Stake.O. Longer periods (36–48 hours) will favor the growth of protozoa and other microorganisms. or use with any other garden products that need transformers. G (Green). add molasses for bacteria growth.3 amps.95 Super Bright White LED Lights These Super Bright White LEDs with photocell are a great choice for outdoor ponds. Sold in 4' wide rolls. you can routinely make tea with high numbers of beneficial bacteria. swivel stand allows for easy positioning.95 Order Online: AquaticEco. Elaine Ingham.2 W. After aerating. small lakes and spotlighting fountains. pour the liquid through a strainer or cheesecloth to filter. it has nothing to do with jumping jacks). Optional colored lens available. tungsten halogen bulb.5). make sure you provide enough aeration to maintain dissolved oxygen (D. no warranty on bulbs. While it brews. 2005.5 to 7. Aerate the liquid for several hours. among others. 90-day warranty on light fixtures. It can also help with seed germination and starting new plants. A (Amber). they will operate in water as shallow as 6" deep. 250-W underwater lights are great for ponds.html The Compost Tea Brewing Manual. The lamp is mounted in a stainless steel case and has a heavy cast brass grill that acts as a rock guard.347. Red/White/Blue 72 Super Bright. Adjustable timer for settings of auto. 8 W. 5th Ed.000 watts and/or 8.95 Color-Changing Super Bright LED Lights These pond lights include waterproof in-line controller. You can even add food and/or other additives to further encourage the growth of microorganisms in the tea.. LED2 and LED3 also come with outdoor transformer. and they vary in the method of preparation and in the ways they are used. Handles up to 1. Featuring a bright. vegetables. Oregon 97333. 5 W. fungi.95 100WT 300WT 100 Watts 300 Watts $ 69. protozoa. flowers and lawns. Red/White/Green 300WT Transformer w/Photocell & Timer Sensor Control This photocell timer is versatile in a wide range of applications— use it for your lights.6 W. Almost 98% of the light that strikes this sheet is refl ected! Mylar® can be taped or tacked to any surface or wall and can also be hung from the ceiling for use as a wall divider. shrubs. For best results. Made in USA. Sounds delicious. PVC housing and 23' power cord included. Soil Foodweb Inc. Aerobic compost tea is made by using an air pump or blower to supply your mixture with oxygen while brewing. Compost tea can be used on trees. 12 Colored Lenses $ 44.25 7. while a 24-hour period of aeration will favor the growth of bacteria.13 26. MY125 MY150 MY225 MY250 1 mil x 4' x 25' 1 mil x 4' x 50' 2 mil x 4' x 25' 2 mil x 4' x 50' Ship Wt 8 lbs 9 lbs 10 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 331. consider the following: Aerate or chemically treat clean water to remove chlorine or chloramines from water prior to adding compost.Tech Talk/Underwater/Hydroponic/LED Lighting 209 Tech Talk 124 Compost Tea Looking for an inexpensive way to improve plant growth? Try compost tea. UL25: B (Blue). Fill a bucket with clean water and drop the bag in (one part compost to four parts water).598. Large Underwater Lights These commercial-quality 115V. add letter to part no. 6 or 8 hours. but if you take pride in your DIY ethic you can easily build your own brewer. The whole plant and surrounding soil may be thoroughly wetted. For use underwater only. They are UL-listed. Brewing aerobic compost tea is easy. protozoa and nematodes. One gallon of your diluted mixture will cover 800 ft2 of planted area. One of the most popular of the compost teas is aerobic compost tea (no. The result will ensure healthier plants and better growth. Corvallis. kelp and humic acid for fungi. 3. apply the tea to plants and soil once every week. pumps or any electrical accessory. Dr.attra. Compost tea is exactly what it sounds like—a liquid extract prepared by steeping compost in water. 9. Aerate the extract between 12 and 48 hours. Photocell and timer will automatically activate when it gets dark. To consistently make great compost tea. The process enhances the production of beneficial bacteria. • Maintain the D.O. Many commercial compost tea brewers are available.73 Each Multi-Light Transformer With Photocell and Timer Enhance the beauty of any water garden with the Alpine multi-light transformer with photocell and timer. Gasket Ship Wt Reflective Mylar® Mylar ® is an easy-to-use product designed to ensure that no light is wasted around hydroponic Order by Phone: 877. compost leachate. houseplants. time after time. • The pH should be near neutral (6.95 108. 4 Colored Lenses 36 Super Bright White. Just spray it on and watch them grow healthier and less susceptible to disease.

Reflector measures 21" x 21" x 9. Depending upon the time of year. natural sunlight may be limited or even nonexistent. Natural sunlight is generally considered the best light with a duration of 12–16 hours. Ballasts are 115V/60 Hz and have 15' lamp cords and 8' power cords. Each system includes a parabolic reflector. one-year warranty on bulbs. DA400 DA1000 MH. greenhouse technology with simple hydroponics to create a high-quality.82 35.and 1. Horizontal reflectors include a tempered glass lens and a reflector that produces an average of 30% more usable light. 1. detachable ballast.000 watts Reflector 4' 3' 4' 4' 4' 4' $ 333 319 368 347 503 478 Ballast Sunburst® Grow Light This compact unit has an angled back to ensure even light distribution and a double wall in the ballast compartment to allow the light to run cooler.00 454. CSA-approved.4788 Tech Support: 407. Can easily be converted into air-cooled with optional fittings. Daystar Systems Available in 400. Proper light quality. Note: These systems do not include a glass lens. UL-listed. Primarily used to induce flowering in mature plants. socket. 400 watts HPS. Lights work well for most house plants and vegetable crops like peppers and tomatoes. lamp. DM250 MH. other voltages available. Eight-year warranty on system. these lamps emit an orange-yellow light. so they are not UL-listed. Remote ballasts have louvered sides for cooling and a powder coating for rust resistance.000 watts HPS. High-intensity lighting systems can replace or extend natural sunlight.598. Each fixture includes a high-intensity Agrosun® bulb. Ideal as a supplemental light in greenhouse systems where sunlight is not always available. Tempered glass lens and 6' power cord included. year-round plant growth.5" and has a 15' cable to connect to the remote ballast. providing vigorous plant growth year round.000-watt sizes.347. Sun System® Grow Lights SunGro light systems. 400 watts MH.000 watts 35 lbs 44 lbs $ 454 564 DA1000 Recommended Coverage Area for Metal Halide or Sodium Lamps Primary Light Secondary Light 250 watts 400/430 watts 600 watts 1. Ballasts are 115V/60 Hz and have 15' lamp cords and 8' power cords. making them extremely easy to mount and move around. Ballast High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.00 422. hooks and remote ballast. Their steel construction makes them very durable. one-year warranty on bulb. 1. 1. Measures 20" x 16" x 6". highly efficient HID system. hanging hooks and power cords for 115V/60 Hz. hanging brackets and remote ballast. Reflector measures 201/2" L x 203/4" W x 10" H.210 Lighting Hydroponic/Aquarium High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting Systems For vigorous. These systems feature a remote. hobbyists and commercial growers. Reflectors have an adjust-a-socket mechanism that allows the lamp to be moved up and down within the reflector to widen and narrow the beam of light. 1. lamp. total double-wall design runs up to 75% cooler than others. Weighs 21 lbs. Each reflector includes a glass lens. your geographical location and where you want the plants to grow. They are ideal for school systems. Well suited for both hobbyists and commercial growers.00 27. Available in small and large sizes and two types: metal halide and high-pressure sodium. 400 watts MH. 400 watts MH. and they are powder-coated for rust resistance. 600 watts HPS. 1. Each system below includes bulbs.1401 . one-year warranty on bulb. Compact.000 watts HPS. Patentpending. 600 watts HPS. 6935 6985 6660 8285 7955 7780 Ballast MH. 6330 6155 7325 7170 710120 750000 MH. The polished internal aluminum reflector increases usable light output up to 30%. these lights are recommended for larger indoor home and school systems. 250 watts $ 328 Parabolic Reflector Order Online: AquaticEco. heavy-duty lighting systems combine commercial. Metal halide (MH) lamps.000 watts Adjustable Hanger SS Cables $ 383. hangers and 8' power cord. these lamps emit a blue-white Order by Phone: 877. Two-year warranty on unit. 400 watts MH.000 watts 3' x 3' 4' x 4' 6' x 6' 8' x 8' 5' x 5' 6' x 6' 9' x 9' 12' x 12' Vertical Burning Light Systems These highly reflective units feature a brushed aluminum back and a mirror-like finish on the inside (where the lamp is located). These Hydrofarm® systems are UL-listed and suitable for damp locations.00 434. Preferred for indoor applications where no sunlight is present.17 Hydrofarm® brand heavy-duty lighting systems. intensity and duration all have a huge influence on plant growth. Two-year warranty on unit. UL-listed. All systems have a five-year warranty and a one-year warranty on the bulbs.

Actinic 03: 420 nm. The zooxanthellae within the coral's tissue provide it with food in the form of photosynthetic products.500 ppm are ideal for SPS growth. as opposed to the large polyp variety such as Elegance Coral (Catalaphyllia jardinei ). filtration and husbandry. High flow. VHO lamps use up to 40% less electricity.VHO/Light Rail Lighting 211 URI VHO Lamps. Red bugs and Acro-eating flatworms are two parasites that are currently spreading throughout the reef aquarium industry. It is important to stay on top of water changes and filter maintenance to keep phosphates to a minimum. T5 is 5/8". The motor travels at 1 foot per minute. T8 or T12? Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. SPS corals are different from other stony corals because they have small polyps that extend from their skeletons. Maximum load is 50 lbs (22 kg). With proper lighting.23 25. Made in USA.79 28. A sliding switch automatically reverses the motor when it gets to the end of the track-rail. When used with electronic ballasts.200–1. T8 is 1" and T12 is 11/2". Light Rail This light rail features a state-of-the-art clutch drive (no pulleys or chains). Actinic 50/50: 12.23 LR3A LR3 LR6 Light Rail System Extender Rail. The Add-A-Lamp kit allows the 6' system to be expanded into a twin lamp 12' system. The high flow and bare bottom prevent detritus from settling in the aquarium. 230V/50 Hz available in quantity. V324 V324 VHO Actinic 03 V336 VHO Actinic 03 V348 VHO Actinic 03 V360* VHO Actinic 03 V372* VHO Actinic 03 V524 VHO Actinic 50/50 V536 VHO Actinic 50/50 V548 VHO Actinic 50/50 V560* VHO Actinic 50/50 V572* VHO Actinic 50/50 A575 VHO AquaSun® A5951 VHO AquaSun® A5110 VHO AquaSun® A5140 VHO AquaSun® A5160 VHO AquaSun® *Ships from Order by Phone: 877. instrument-grade motor that only draws 5 watts. A calcium level of 400–500 mg/L is recommended for SPS corals to provide for skeleton growth. but flow. flow.83 33. The nutrients supplied by the zooxanthellae cause corals to grow.05 26.60 50.05 26. are T12 bi-pin and 1. no matter how good your water quality is. Acropora and Pocillopora. Do research and become familiar with them before shopping for your next SPS addition. Use caution when purchasing corals—even from local fish stores—because they may not know how to detect these parasites.85 34.598. An adjustable time delay from 2 to 60 seconds causes the motor to pause at the end of the track before reversing for even light distribution. These can be added via a large syringe directed at the corals. SPS corals can be great additions to reef aquariums. ozone and carbon filtration 24/7 to maintain perfect clarity and water quality. Although this method seems to be effective.46 These lamps require a VHO ballast and VHO end caps.000K. ball bearing wheels and a totally sealed. Two-year limited warranty. employing UV. 3' Add-A-Lamp Kit Ship Wt 5 lbs 1 lb 3 lbs $ 225. Small Polyp Stony (SPS) Corals The term "stony corals" refers to the hard.000K. Ocean Blue Aquarium Winter Park. A random flow blowing across the corals seems to provide better growth than just constant flow from one side.4788 Tech Support: 407.79 28. The 3' extender rail turns it into a 9' system. 115V/60 Hz. Some different types of SPS are Montipora. calcerous skeleton beneath a coral's tissue. SPS corals like Acropora require high light levels produced by either metal halide or T5 high output (HO) bulbs.347. In exchange for this. Florida Order Online: AquaticEco. with a 10' power cord. run much cooler and produce up to 3 times more light than standard wattage lamps.00 14. The number after the letter "T" denotes the lamp diameter in 1/8 of an inch.62 48. it is not the only way to successfully keep SPS.34 Efficiently moves metal halide fixtures over tanks or plants up to 12 feet in length! T5. AquaSun®: 10. Some have been successful in keeping SPS in aquariums with very high output (VHO) or power compact (PC) lighting. T12 Very high output (VHO) lamps produce a much higher intensity light than standard wattage lamps. 6' track and a Smart Box. feeding and water quality must be impeccable. making them ideal for marine invertebrate systems. moving two lights with only one drive motor.16 49. There are many parasites that can kill SPS without proper treatment. achieved by power heads or return pumps. Length 24" 36" 48" 60" 72" 24" 36" 48" 60" 72" 24" 36" 48" 60" 72" Watts 75 95 110 140 165 75 95 110 140 160 75 95 110 140 160 $ 25.79 49. the coral provides protection and light for the zooxanthellae. The system is complete with motor. but the addition of food in the form of zooplankton or Cyclop-eeze can be beneficial in a closed system.46 41. These VHO lamps feature a 180° internal reflector.1401 . Some hobbyists run bare-bottom systems with 50+ turnovers per hour. depending on how you set the delay. Alkalinity of 10–12 dKH (178–214 ppm CaCO3) and a magnesium level of 1. is also a must for SPS corals. SPS corals do not require feeding. SPS corals can be some of the most difficult corals to keep because they have high demands that some hobbyists are not prepared for. Alkalinity and magnesium also play a vital role in SPS growth. keeping nitrates and phosphates at a minimum.23 29.79 49.500 mA. so it would take 6 to 7 minutes to travel down a 6' rail.

Freshwater Flora and Actinic Blue 460 nm & 420 nm Actinic Purple wavelengths. 250-W and 400-W lamps.09 22.000K Daylight and Actinic 460 nm T5 HO lamps.55 Order by Phone: 877.95 157.00 12.55 32. Each fixture comes with both 10.700K/10.57 17.57 17.49 *C1120 – C1122 have single lamp reflectors (SLR).000K Power White 460 nm Blue Actinic 420 nm Purple Actinic Freshwater Flora 12.000K Power White 460 nm Blue Actinic 420 nm Purple Actinic Freshwater Flora 12. C1123 includes Moon White Lunar Lights ® that simulate nocturnal light.95 Lamps SunPaq replacement lamps provide 3 times the light output of other compact fluorescent lamps with double the life (12 months).09 22.700K/10. Fixtures use an advanced electronic ballast that ensures long lamp life. Japanese) confi guration only.000K Daylight 6.34 48" x 7. A proprietary blend of Nichia tri-phosphors in each lamp provides maximum lumens per watt output.95 19.95 15.95 14. metal halide.000K SmartPaq 10.000K/460 nm Actinic Dual Actinic 420 nm/460 nm Quad SmartPaq 10.000K SmartPaq 10.700K/10. AL00945 AL00946 902487 902490 902480 Reef Optix® I Pendant Reef Optix® I Tempered Lens Galaxy 175-W Ballast Galaxy 250-W Ballast Galaxy 400-W Ballast Ship Wt TrueLumen T5 HO Lamps TrueLumen T5 HO lamps feature remarkable color consistency and rendition and promote maximum coral and plant growth.84 36" x 7.55 32. One-year warranty.000K Power White 460 nm Blue Actinic 420 nm Purple Actinic Freshwater Flora 12. 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2040 2041 2042 2043 2044 2045 2046 2060 Watts High-Output T5 Systems Nova Extreme fixtures use SlimPaq T5 HO lamps that generate the best spectrum for living reefs. C1120 C1121 C1122 C1123 Size 18 18 18 32 32 32 40 40 40 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 96 10" 10" 10" 12" 12" 12" 163/4" 163/4" 163/4" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" OAL Dual Actinic 420 nm/460 nm Dual Daylight 6. pendant fixture. splash lens tank docking mounts and 6-ft power cords for independent lamp control.00 12.73 22. The Reef Optix® I is a high-quality. Three-month warranty.25" x 2.25 AL00945 147. while a quiet fan cools lamps and ballasts.1401 .000K/460 nm Actinic Wavelength/Color Temperature $ 12.000K Daylight 6. Galaxy ballasts are 115V/60 Hz pulse-start and have a 5-year warranty.700K Daylight Dual Daylight 6.000K SmartPaq 10. Tempered glass lens (recommended).700K Daylight Dual Daylight 6.5" 3.000K/460 nm Actinic Dual Actinic 420 nm/460 nm Dual Daylight 6.95 14.700K/10. C1123 has Daylight 10.95 14.5" 1.95 17. Integrated reflectors* increase light output. Proprietary blend of Nichia Phosphors creates colors that replicate those found in the natural aquatic environments. German parabolic reflector.95 19.000K/460 nm Actinic 460 nm Actinic 420 nm Actinic 10.95 19.5" .95 17.95 19. ballasts and lamps sold separately.000K Power White 460 nm Blue Actinic 420 nm Purple Actinic Freshwater Flora Style Actual L (Pin to Pin) 163/8" 163/8" 163/8" 163/8" 221/8" 221/8" 221/8" 221/8" 34" 34" 34" 34" 453/4" 453/4" 453/4" 453/4" Fits Standard Fixtures 20" 20" 20" 20" 24" 24" 24" 24" 36" 36" 36" 36" 48" 48" 48" 48" $ 14.20 36.000K/460 nm Actinic Dual Actinic 420 nm/460 nm Dual Daylight 6. For 175-W.09 22.700K/10.000K Actinic 460 nm LEDs Dimensions More Lignt 24" 36" 48" 48" 2 x 24 W 2 x 39 W 2 x 54 W 4 x 54 W 2 x 24 W 2 x 39 W 2 x 54 W 4 x 54 W 2 3 4 4 24" x 7.95 15.20 33. Slotted sides provide excellent ventilation.95 Each 902480 AL00945 20 20 20 20 24 24 24 24 39 39 39 39 54 54 54 54 12.00 17.95 15. Available in 12.4788 Tech Support: 407. 3 0 0% 115V/60 Hz.347. The housing is powder-coated and has an internal polished 95% aluminum reflector.73 22.73 32. C2300 C2301 C2302 C2303 C2304 C2305 C2306 C2307 C2308 C2309 C2310 C2311 C2312 C2313 C2314 C2315 Watts 8 lbs 1 lb 11 lbs 14 lbs 16 lbs $ 134.00 14.09 22.55 33.000K SmartPaq 10.95 17.95 17.25" x 2.95 181. which promotes coral growth and reveals color.86 48" x 14" x 2.95 14. Fixtures measure 15" L x 91/2" W x 41/2" H.000K SmartPaq 10.000K/460 nm Actinic Dual Actinic 420 nm/460 nm 460 nm Actinic 420 nm Actinic 03 10.95 17. An energyefficient way to simulate the wavelengths of natural light found on living reefs.95 15.95 14. Fixtures include a 15' detachable lamp-to-ballast cord and chrome wire hangers.000K Power White.25" x 2.212 • • Lighting Compact Fluorescent/T5 Reef Optix® I Compact design.57 22.72 Amps Weight 8 lbs $ 189 12 lbs 219 14 lbs 275 20 lbs 485 2045 C1120 2060 Square Pin Configuration Order Online: AquaticEco.20 33. Overall length does not include pins.5" 1. Lamps are square pin (10Q.598.

000K/2 x 453 nm Daylight LED. mounting bracket and 12-watt power supply. The light output in these units is equal to a single fluorescent lamp. They promote strong and healthy coral. The light output in these units is equal to a double fluorescent lamp setup. 2 x 12.95 LEDPAN17 Hanging Kit for Panorama LED Give your Panorama LED light fixture a sleek.99 119.5" & 23. water resistant strip that can be installed using strip adhesive or mounting screws (both included). LEDSB18 LEDSB24 LEDSB36 18–24" 24–36" 36–48" # of White LEDs LED 213 High-Output LED Lighting System LED lights are energy-efficient and provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting. The light output in these units is powerful enough to light a reef aquarium. This sleek fixture eliminates the need for fans and other unsightly components sitting around your tank.000 hours.95 9. LEDDB24 LEDDB2436 LEDDB36 18–24" 24–36" 36–48" # of White Daylight LEDs TrueLumen LED Strips These powerful LED strips create the shimmering effect found on natural coral reefs while producing virtually no heat and consuming very little electricity. with a nighttime mode that replicates lunar light. LEDPAN17 and LEDPAN23 include tank stand mount and all hardware.000K White / 453 nm Actinic Blue 453 nm Actinic Blue 8. And they produce virtually no heat.347. invertebrate and plant growth. 2 x 12. this hanging kit securely suspends the Panorama LED fixture from the ceiling over your aquarium—providing a clean.99 299.00 99. modern look using our suspension wire hanging kit. System never requires bulb replacement and has a lifetime of about 17.000 hours. System never requires bulb replacement and has a lifetime of about 17.1401 . if you have an all-in-one. A specially designed polycarbonate lens helps focus and protect LED lights. with a nighttime mode (60-mW blue) that replicates lunar light. 12. Each strip measures 10" x .com Order by Phone: 877. LEDPAN17KIT and LEDPAN23KIT include wall mount and all hardware. LEDRF18 LEDRF24 LEDRF36 LEDRF48 18–24" 24–36" 36–48" 48" $ 199. All systems feature high-output LED chips mounted on a flexible. chances are you can turn off your fan! Each Panorama LED module comes with hardware.99 379. 453 nm Actinic and a 12.4788 Tech Support: 407.000K/Actinic combination. 1-W white lights mimic the underwater effect of sunlight. but without the heat.00 3.5" LED System w/Stand Mount 23.95 47.5" LED System w/Stand Mount 17. A specially designed polycarbonate lens helps focus and protect LED lights. 453 nm Lunar Blue 3-LED Linking Module. 4 x 453 nm Mixed LED. A great option for frameless aquariums.000K White 36" Extension Cable $ 99. Three types available: 12. 1-watt lights mimic the underwater effect of sunlight.5" LED System w/Wall Mount Hanging Kit for Panorama LED Stand Mount (Fits Both 17.99 51 68 102 # of Blue Lunar LEDs 3 4 6 Lumens 300 400 600 $ 59.95 12.000K Lunar White 12V Power Supply 3-Way Splitter Cable $ 47.99 89.000K 3-LED Linking Module.Lighting Single Bright LED Lighting System LED lights are energy-efficient and provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting. A specially designed polycarbonate lens helps focus and protect LED lights.00 99. 24V Stunner transformer and 3-way splitter included.99 469.95 47.99 LEDSB24 LEDRF36 Double Bright LED Lighting System LED lights are energy-efficient and provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting. Pendant hanging kit sold separately.99 LEDDB2436 C1662 Panorama LED Fixtures Lighting so bright it supports your reef tank.000K Daylight.50 14. Panorama LED Modules These modules have 12 powerful LED lights. EC8200 EC8201 EC8202 EC5021 10.5") $ 649 799 599 749 25 79 EC8200 Order Online: AquaticEco. Require a 12V transformer for use (not included).5" wide. 60-mW white lights mimic the underwater effect of sunlight.95 9.000 hours.598.50 6 8 16 # of Blue Lunar LEDs 3 4 8 Lumens 450 600 1. professional installation appearance. LEDPAN17 LEDPAN23 LEDPAN17KIT LEDPAN23KIT LEDPANHNG LEDPANSTND 17.99 99.5" LED System w/Wall Mount 23. with a nighttime mode (1-W blue) that replicates lunar light.200 $ 89. C1660 C1661 C1662 C1664 C1666 C1670 C1671 Actinic Blue LED. System never requires bulb replacement and has a lifetime of about 17. Link up to 3 LED strips off one transformer using the optional 3-way splitter. 453 nm Stunner LED strip light.99 169. so you get superior light while running about 50% of the power of your existing lamp. In fact.

250 W S.000K White 453nm Blue $ 549 549 EC6800 EC8010 Order Online: AquaticEco.33 77.000K 20. Acropora or Montipora LPS = Large Polyp Stony Corals. Available in four colors: 8. e. 8. Each lamp includes LEDs. LPS S.00 110.. Includes adjustable hanging kit.50 71.214 Lighting Metal Halide/LED Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide MH. Metal Halide Pendants These pendant lights are perfect for hanging over reef tanks and touch tanks and for enhancing zoological exhibits.40 82. super-efficient. SPS LPS.000K 10.1401 . 150 W S.95 74. SPS S.000K 14. LPS. 6 watts.500K 10.4" H. C.95 98. e. LPS.95 81. LPS S. LPS S.000K White 455 nm Royal Blue $ 119 119 EC6850 Double-Ended Mogul Mogul Stunner LED Strips Put beautiful. e. LPS. C. Higher Kelvin color temperatures closely replicate that of sunlight (10..500K 6. SPS S.50 252.90 54. 400 W C.000K (white) with 453 nm (blue) and 403 nm (UV).000K / 6 x 453 nm Blue LED Strip 8. Black 400 W.and 250-watt models (the 400-watt does not have a splash lens) and is completely corrosionproof. EC6800 EC6801 12.71 98. SPS S.76 76. LPS MH.500K 10.00 55. SPS* S. LPS S VHO S. 50-watt LED multichip works with the polished reflector to produce an intense. reducing wasted light and lowering your energy costs.000K (white). e.00 4+ *SPS corals need to be kept high in the water column under these conditions. C.00 3.90 53. SPS* LPS. Fixtures are 115V with remote ballasts and 18' power cords. 175 W S. LPS.95 Order by Phone: 877. SPS LPS.50 49.000K 10. LPS. SPS C.000K 20.000K 5. yet continue to use the same amount of power. Each lamp features 5 high-power Cree LEDs with focusing lenses.80 109.00 49. the high-density.000K 20.95 73.00 49. SPS C. linkable LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into your existing set up. One-year warranty. 12.000K) and are generally recommended for reef systems. C. MP175B MP250B MP400B 175 W.66 103. Linkable design allows you to run up to six strips off of one 24V power supply (not included).00 122. SPS C.5" dia. C.500K 10.44 60.95 71. 250 W LPS. LPS S.95 Cannon LED Pendants The Cannon LED aquarium pendant is a cool. SPS* Power Compacts S. Black 250 W. SPS* S.50 115. C. Compact and powerful. SPS* LPS. 9. SPS* S. Maxima or Crocea S = Soft Corals.95 81.65 67. The well-ventilated aluminum reflector features a UV-absorbing splash lens on the 175. SPS* S. SPS HQI. Packaged inside an IP65-rated circular module with glass lens.000K 20. Zoanthids or Leathers 12–18" Tank Depth 18–24" 24–30" 30"+ Metal Halide Lamps Recommended for reef systems.76 73. C.65 103.95 115.000K 20.598. EC6850 EC6851 12.41 88.g. sharp beam of light that penetrates water more effectively than metal halides. allowing light to penetrate deeper in depth while producing stunning color and shimmer effects. LPS. Heliofunia or Euphyllia C = Tridacna Clams. PAR38 LED lamps are designed to fit into standard E26/E27 screw-in sockets..000K–30..000K 5.000K 10.4788 Tech Support: 407. C.41 48. SPS* S. 400 W C.46 64.00 49. C.76 88.00 19. Black $ 268 299 379 MP175B PAR38 Aquarium LED Lights Adding lighting effects to your aquarium without adding to your electric bill.347. energy-efficient lighting solution.6" W x 0.000K 20. or use an extension cable and 4-way splitter. LPS S MH. Double your light output by snapping on a polished reflector.48 81. Metal halide lamps can be one of the most important factors in a successful reef system.000 150 150 250 250 10.000K 14. Now you can deliver light into your aquarium only where needed.95 6.g. EC8010 EC8011 EC8012 EC8013 EC8009 EC5021 EC5020 EC5022 453 nm Blue LED Strip 18 x 8. SPS LPS. C.48 84. SPS LPS.g.25 64. SPS* HQI. we recommend changing lamps at least every 12 months. x 14" H.000K 14. LPS NO S S S S MH = Metal Halide HQI = Mercury Quartz Iodide VHO = Very High Output NO = Normal Output SPS = Small Polyp Stony Corals.000K White LED Strip 403 nm UV LED Strip 24V Power Supply Extension Cable Stunner Reflector 4-Way Splitter w/Switches $ 49.95 12.00 280.5" L x 0.g. LPS HQI. shimmering light right where you want it with a simple. 453 nm (blue).50 74.00 Each 73.000K Temp XM XM Ushio Hamilton Venture Ushio XM Hamilton XM Iwasaki Ushio XM Hamilton XM Radium Venture Iwasaki Ushio Radium Radium Brand $ 81.90 98. LPS S. LPS. Lamps sold separately (right). LPS. they will bring out colors and produce ripples you've never seen before. These powerful spotlights not only focus light energy. Double-Ended HqI Lamps M15010H M15020H M2510H M25014D M1755 M1710 M17510 M1714 M17520 M2565 M2510 M25010 M2511 M25020 AL00810 M4055 M4065 M4010 AL00815 AL00820 Watts Mogul Base Lamps 175 175 175 175 175 250 250 250 250 250 250 400 400 400 400 1.000K 6. 21 watts.33 76. As they drop in output by approximately 30% after 12 months. lenses and integrated LED ballast.

000 fc Resolution: . included. C1664 C1666 C1660 C1661 C1662 C1670 C1671 453 nm Blue Module 12. Length Watts C1664 A536 A548 36" 48" 30 40 $ 26. The lamps have a color temperature of 8. SM700 $ 80 15 20 30 40 $ 30. Blue is ideal for all freshwater.25 31. Five-year warranty. Also features RS232 computer output. They feature a 180° internal reflector.95 42.598. max/min and external zero adjustment. T12 These 100% blue spectrum lamps are an excellent source of longwave ultraviolet light required for growth in marine invertebrates.4788 Tech Support: 407.65 The Blue light casts a mysterious nighttime glow over a tank. Customize coverage by adding Lunar Links (sold separately). Includes 9V battery. Features a wide spectrum color rendition that is excellent for deep-water tanks or stony coral tanks. Easy to install—just plug a Lunar Light ® (with 115VAC to 6VDC power adapter. Q318 Q324 Q336 Q348 Length 18" 24" 36" 48" Watts Quickly and accurately measure light levels at the bottom of your tank using the waterproof sensor. Measures 8" x 2" x 1". • Very low wattage. T12 Recommended for use with fresh and saltwater tanks to enhance colors in fish and plants. 40WR Length 48" Watts 40 $ 21. Easy.20 27. Super Actinic 03. These low-voltage Lunar Lights® can be used for spawning and/or creating a nocturnal environment for viewing animals without disturbing them.80 A524 Light Meter. Ranges: 0–1.999 lux. Two-year warranty. and 6' cable) into a 115V. color temperature is 10.95 42. Economy Waterproof Weighted sensor settles face up in water every time! AquaSun®. We recommend that Actinic 03 lamps be used in combination with Actinic 50/50 lamps. 0–40. Sensor is salt water compatible and measures a peak wavelength of 560 nm.001 / 1 fc Lamp.000 lux.50 Actinic 50/50. creating a viewable nocturnal environment.1401 .60 Order Online: AquaticEco. T12.347.5" x 1" and have two 1-watt LED lights.95 9. are T12 bi-pin and feature a 180° internal reflector to maximize light output. 24-hour lighting solution.000K / 2 x 453 nm Combo Strip 4 x 12.60 q318 Light Meter Light readings are displayed on an extra large LCD (1" high) with bar graph. 840020 $ 142 Range: 0–400. Ideal for use in all freshwater.5" x 1. Lamps are T12. simulating the blue chlorophyll absorption peak used in photosynthesis by zooxanthellae. producing an excellent light spectrum required for marine Order by Phone: 877. low battery and over-range indications.95 meter has three buttons for manual range selection. 31/2-ft cord connects sensor to meter. .95 12.80 36. A336 A348 Length Lunar Lights® • Low voltage. and are T12 bi-pin. case and a detachable sensor (not for submersible applications). • Three color choices. White replicates the glow of a full moon.000K.15 35. Lunar Lights® measure 1.Fluorescent Lamps/Light Meters Lighting 215 Fluorescent Lamps. They can be used alone or in combination with Actinic 03 lamps. The lamps' spectral energy peaks at 420 nm. Research studies show that using rhythmic moon luminance is helpful in spawning captive animals. T12 Provides a wavelength similar to natural daylight (12. A324 36" 48" Watts 30 40 $ 26.01 / 1 lux. Available in standard wattages and very high output (VHO). The color and cosine corrected sensor is connected to the meter with a flexible 36" cable. • Linkable LEDs. One 9V battery (included) gives 150 hours of use.000K.000K White Strip 12V Power Supply Three-Way Splitter Cable $ 9. grounded power outlet.000K). 2. Can be added to an existing hood or canopy for a complete.999 lux and 20. accuracy is ±6% of reading ±1 digit.000–50.000K White Module 4 x 453 nm Blue Strip 2 x 12. saltwater and reef tanks to simulate that lunar glow of a tropical summer night. 100% white spectrum with 180° internal reflectors.65 27. They contain a 50/50 mixture of actinic blue and ultralume white.000 lux. Meter is splashproof with auto shut-off. Also great for terrarium use. saltwater and reef tanks.000–19. Then attach the light to your aquarium canopy or internal reflector with the mounting screw.000 Kelvin. T12 These lamps provide excellent color rendition for both saltwater fish and invertebrate systems.50 14. weighs 9 oz. have a color temperature of 12.

and the 11-gallon glass tanks allow great visibility and easy access.5 amps.94 944.54 324.51 Vertical Aquatic Display System The vertical display system is a four-foot module ideal for fresh or salt water. VDS4FT $ 5. and can be heated or refrigerated.25 551.00 TK1503 13–21" 13.00 1.25 Each 8.2 amps.598. Acrylic is also much lighter and can withstand shock much better than glass.347.714.37 679.75 TK1501 Scratch Removal Kit Ideal for public and home aquariums. Service panels give you convenient access to filtration media. heating or refrigeration units and electrical components. powdercoated tubular steel. system restarts after a preselected time has elapsed.07 13. 10605 fits 15/20 long. Filtration current is 10. 4% clearer and 20% better insulated than glass. 10615 fits 29/55-gallon tanks.44 11.25 4+ 10600 Order Online: AquaticEco. the power cord is routed inside the system framework. TK1501 7–10" $ 5. it sinks when placed in water and requires no slate bottom. 20" D x 511/2" L x 94" H.216 Tanks Aquarium/Accessories Sinks in water Malaysian Driftwood Acrylic Aquariums Fine cell cast acrylic is 17X stronger.86 233.1401 . Depending on size. 10610 fits 20 high.15 11. AT29 AT30 AT40 AT50 AT55 AT60 AT66 AT76 AT90 AT100 AT125 AT126 AT135 AT180 AT240 AT300 AX28 AX34 AX55 AX75 AX95 Gallons A preferred driftwood for plant tanks and garden aquariums. Sump replenishment valves allow for addition of water to sump when water level drops too low.29 597.28 276. Molded case and instructions included.38 231. Unlike other driftwood. 115V/60 Hz. sanding block and 3 /4 oz of polishing liquid abrasive. To ensure maximum safety. water is directed by the system's high-output recirculation pump to the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit and 1000-watt submersible titanium heater and then back to the holding tanks. AX tanks are hexagon-shaped.05 1.89 783. AT tanks are rectangular. Includes eight sheets of progressively graded crystal polishing pads. 5. Tanks 55 gallons and larger ship FOB factory.4788 Tech Support: 407. All tanks include a single fluorescent light fixture (lamps not included) mounted in an enclosed ABS plastic hood.85 861. cool and protected from moisture by a polycarbonate shield. Each piece is unique in shape and measures from 7" to 23". presoak the driftwood for 24–48 hours before placing in aquarium. Weighs 1 lb. lighting current is 2. Fish feeding timers enable automatic shutdown of the system pump for feeding.137. SK1 $ 28. so no adjustments are necessary. some pieces may take longer to sink.15 625.02 331.82 195. where the water is filtered mechanically.00 TK1502 11–17" 8. Once filtered.777. Filtration system is centralized and flowrates are preset.95 29 30 40 50 55 60 65 75 90 100 125 125 135 180 240 300 28 34 55 75 95 30" x 12" x 18" 36" x 12" x 16" 36" x 15" x 16" 36" x 15" x 20" 48" x 13" x 20" 48" x 13" x 18" 36" x 18" x 24" 48" x 18" x 20" 48" x 18" x 24" 60" x18" x 20" 72" x 18" x 20" 60" x 18" x 24" 72" x 18" x 24" 72" x 24" x 24" 96" x 24" x 24" 96" x 24" x 30" 18" x 20" Hex 18" x 23" Hex 25" x 24" Hex 25" x 30" Hex 25" x 36" Hex Dimensions (L x W x H) 24" 24" 24" 24" 18" x 2" 36" 24" 18" x 2" 18" x 2" 24" x 2" 24" x 2" 24" x 2" 24" x 2" 24" x 2" 24" x 3" 24" x 3" 15" 15" 18" 18" 18" Fixture Length Ship Wt (lbs) 21 25 29 39 45 46 55 69 76 85 99 85 103 122 150 250 19 20 30 42 68 $ 227. 10600 10605 10610 10615 95/8" x 111/4" 113/8" x 111/4" 113/8" x 155/8" 113/8" x 171/4" WxH $ 9. Capacity is 98 gallons.91 241.72 2. chemically and biologically.20 10.75 TK1504 17–23" 16.000K fluorescent lamps are energy-efficient. Tank Dividers Perforated with tiny holes to allow water flow. cotton flannel. Lucite ® and Plexiglas®.71 313.525 Decorations and filter not included.48 319.90 Order by Phone: 877. this kit removes scratches from acrylic. System framework is composed of sturdy. For best results.20 489. Light hoods are UL-listed.56 9. 10600 fits 10-gallon tanks. these dividers can be installed in glass aquariums to separate sick or fighting fish and for breeding. A bi-level water skimmer removes bottom and floating debris from each holding tank and delivers it to the BIO-Wheel filtration module. weighs 490 lbs.

Most units ship motor freight. All are nestable for compact storage and lower shipping costs.4788 Tech Support: 407. x 27" H 31" Dia.598.90 221.00 122. 8' wide. Features a screw-top lid (not watertight) and UV-resistant polyethylene for use outdoors. medium-duty (23 gallons) for serious hobbyists or small farmers and heavy-duty (23 gallons) for the commercial farmer. These heavy-duty tanks are durable and UV-resistant. KB4 21" Dia. Ships Ground.20/2+ CT25 AES Technician Profile Ryan Karcher Ryan received his A. x 40" H 110 25 37 54 35 52 64 155 33 lbs 11 lbs 18 lbs 22 lbs 13 lbs 18 lbs 26 lbs 53 lbs $ 147. DM = drum w/lid. Guaranteed against manufacturer's defects but not guaranteed to not­­leak as we have no control over installation. just tie off the bag and call for a pick up.347. **Ships Oversize. The royal blue color is excellent for showing koi colors.70 Order by Phone: 877. OT = oval tub. Lots of uses. x 31" H 37" Dia. you have an instant watertight fish tank. hormone-induced spawning and aeration and recirculating system design. x 13" H 32" Dia. 25 gallons. degree in aquaculture from Hillsborough Community College.Polyethylene Tanks 217 Polyethylene Tanks 100% recycled material.1401 .30 These low-cost.80 56. weighs 14 lbs. The liner is 8-­ mil thick. 20 cubic yard (4. Features a patented form fit design that fits squarely in the corners to virtually eliminate tearing and gives triple thickness leak protection at the bottom of the tailgate. from water storage to biofilters to quarantine tanks.400-gallon) roll-off waste container just about anywhere in the US for $100 to $200 per month.40 69.70 74. Ship Oversize. CT = circular tub.07 99.98 *Ships Ground. x 24" H 27" Dia. He also has experience in home aquarium design and maintenance. see price block for exceptions. x 21" H 24" Dia.06 91.80 89.00 105.23 241/2" 23" 41/2" Koi Show Bowls Size Capacity (Gallons) Ship Wt OT110 CT25* CT37** CT54** DM35** DM52 DM64 DM155 52" L x 37" W x 21" H 28" Dia. KB4 OT110 Instant Fish Tank You can rent a 22-foot. Order Online: AquaticEco. His technical experience includes ornamental hatchery management. x 15" H 33" Dia. x 11" KB7 27" x 12" MD KB9 27" x 12" HD Ship Wt 4 lbs 7 lbs 9 lbs $ 61. Tape over any protrusions prior to installing liner.S. 66" deep. virgin polyethylene (white) and weighs 28 lbs. Great for beginners. Cone Bottom Tank This cone bottom tank can be used as everything from a filter to a brine shrimp hatcher. 22' long. In stock! LR22 $ 130. including pick-up and delivery! With the addition of our 22' roll-off liner. polyethylene koi bowls come in three styles: light-duty (191/2 gallons) for the koi hobbyist. Has a flat bottom that may be fitted with a bulkhead of up to 11/2". If the fish don't make it. CB25 $ 209.

46 AquaticEco. 36" L x 24" W x 24" D.64 11 lbs $ 145.89 18 lbs 133. If you have a problem with our service.89 15 lbs 113.25 183.33 27 lbs 201. 3/16".98 19 lbs 201.10 651. We will do everything we can to correct the problem and take any action to make sure you are satisfied.27 24 lbs 256. It has seen dot-com booms. etc. router or jigsaw. Make sumps.29 61 lbs 462. these are right from the mold. S390-2 $ 797 102020 103020 207020 103028 103030 207030 120040 208040 207045 208052 207055 209055 300086 207095 103110 103150 103200 20 20 20 28 30 30 40 40 45 52 55 55 86 90 110 150 200 24" 28" 16" 21" 30" 42" 33" 27" 44" 36" 32" 42" 31" 55" 89" 65" 85" 16" 111/2" 18" 18" 12" 10" 15" 17" 16" 15" 20" 15" 24" 18" 14" 29" 20" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 16" 18" 20" 16" 24" 20" 20" 28" 22" 21" 20" 28" 12 lbs $ 113. Send us an exact drawing.63 121.77 183.89 12 lbs 113. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier.33 132. Order Online: AquaticEco. 207020 Have a complaint? If you're unhappy.96 269.63 103. Note: Allow 10 days lead time. and we want to keep it! AES's Yoshi Hirono with the Secretary General of Aquaculture in Malaysia.10 44 lbs 365.55 17 lbs 174.4788 Tech Support: 407.55 Order by Phone: 877.63 103.38 15 lbs 174. hauling tanks. white exterior.50 each.19 35 lbs 379. We appreciate your business.76 466. Wall thickness is approx.66 30 lbs 296. This allows for customization with the use of a drill.20 90 lbs 716.27 17 lbs 238.347.42 420.66 29 lbs 296. Add "S" to the beginning of the part number for the precut sump option.96 269. filters.598.33 18 lbs 145.86 40 lbs 395.25 132. we're unhappy.1401 . we want to know about it. The sumps feature precut open tops with a center brace for support (in larger tanks only). The tanks have not been cut open or drilled and are completely sealed.59 80 lbs 775. others can ship Oversize.57 15 lbs 145.88 55 lbs 557.96 312.19 26 lbs 319.98 28 lbs 218.22 S102020 has been around for 15 years.33 20 lbs 145.38 24 lbs 238.17 26 lbs 319. We will drill holes for $12. an item you purchased or anything at all. Dimensions Gallons L W H Actual Wt Each 3+ Actual Wt (S Option) Each (S) Fiberglass Tank 90-gallon fiberglass tank with 1/2" thick tempered glass viewing window.70 54 lbs 498. storage tanks.09 103. all other dimensions are also approximate.37 63 lbs 512.218 Tanks Polyethylene/Fiberglass Rectangular Sealed Tanks and Filter Sumps Made of molded polyethylene. The 86-gallon tanks and larger ship via motor freight.19 25 lbs 319. busts and new booms. blue gel coat interior.18 30 lbs 296.77 198.57 11 lbs 145.57 15 lbs 158.66 40 lbs 343.

please inquire. The conical bottom tanks are fitted with a 2" FNPT bottom hole and can be supported by bricks around the edge. 21" W x 36" D 149.00 39.50** T58 Flat 58" 5' 725/2.14 1. 23" 31" 31" 47" 47" 47" 56" 76" 76" 76" 76" Tank H 39" 32" 52" 26" 43" 64" 74" 54" 73" 81" 102" Total H 43" 37" 57" 31" 50" 71" 82" 66" 85" 93" 114" Manway 8" 8" 8" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" $ 192.700 2.04" polymer fiberglass with 90% transparency.00 48. biofilters and nutrient tanks. All tanks have a screw-on. Graduated Tanks Graduated containers are especially useful when mixing products.09 4+ 900065 900100 900165 900200 900350 900500 900850 901200 901600 901750 902200 Gallons 65 100 165 200 325 500 850 1.52 1.65** T58C Cap 58" — — 6 lbs 304.23 41. microalgae.88** *Ships from factory and has additional crating charges—allow 2–3 weeks.62 287. they can also be used outdoors.85** T11 Flat 18" 4' 44/166 25 lbs 235. Special sizes available. sealed lid (manway) on the top. add a "D" to the part number—your discounted order will ship factory direct (additional crating charges apply). Lightweight. bulk storage tanks are ideal for mixing and storing make-up water.00 158.12** T18C Cap 18" — — 2 lbs 42.160.1401 . CBT129 and larger ship via motor freight.00** TC185 Conical 18" 5' 47/178 18 lbs* 360.00 63. All tanks have 5/32" thick walls and may be shipped Ground (Oversize charged at rate of 30 lbs each). liquid waste. T25 25 gal.00** T4C Cap 12" — — 1 lb 25.Storage/Culture/Mixing Tanks 219 Tanks.00 672. 44 gal.80** T1810 Flat 18" 10' 132/500 19 lbs* 243. Covers are ordered separately. T9 and T11 are stock tanks and ship Ground. Made in USA.00** T9 Biofilter Tank 12" 4' 23/87 25 lbs 353. Tanks include covers and are self-supporting –when placed on a level surface. chemicals to be added. ** For 4 or more of these items.39 24.00 230. All tanks are handmade.69 179.90** T30C Cap 30" — — 3 lbs 67.89 Each 4+ Cover T25L $ 28.45 85.663. 11" x 11" x 34" Almond BT20 Square Tank. An integrated.4788 Tech Support: 407.30 T45L 44.95 94.347.00** T12 Flat 12" 8' 47/178 12 lbs* 167.40 T55L 45. BT12 Each 4+ BT12 Square Tank.00 174.15 94. Gallons Diameter Height T4 Flat 12" 4' 23/87 25 lbs $ 139.65 Each 25. An access port is cut out for the 2" NPT elbow located at the bottom of the tank. T4.00 T45 45 gal.65** T185 Flat 18" 5' 66/250 15 lbs* 184. 18" x 40" Blue Color Ship Wt 5 lbs $ 45.62 109.28 1.( T25) and 45-gallon ( T45) tanks are lightweight and nestable for tank storage and shipping. Poly Tanks. 20 gal.990. All can ship Ground.200 gallon and larger tanks for easy access. they offer excellent chemical resistance and can be used inside or outdoors.550 1. natural polyethylene allows the liquid level to be seen from outside the tanks (the resin used for these tanks meets FDA standards). Style Diameter Volume (approx.20 T25 T45 T55 Order Online: AquaticEco. therefore. The 55-gallon tank (T55) comes with a 3/4" spigot valve already fitted and is not nestable. 12.36 598. measurements are approximate and may vary. Free-Standing Their semiclear fiberglass construction allows 90% light transmission—making them perfect for algal culture.00 39.47 41.00 351.744 52 lbs* 708. Transparent Transparent culture tanks are ideal for raising brine shrimp.200 1.85 Order by Phone: 877. It is in the center on the 65–180 gallon sizes but is offset to the side on the 1. Used also for trickle filters and stripping towers.) Height (gal/liter) Ship Wt Each (4+) CBT25 CBT68 CBT129 CBT291 CBT500 25 68 129 291 500 12" 18" 24" 36" 48" 63" 80" 83" 82" 87" $ 355 438 570 900 1. All tanks ship completely assembled and include 2" NPT bottom fittings. rotifers and more.595 Storage Tanks These vertical. etc. 14" x 14" x 34" Blue BT44 Cylindrical Tank. corrosionproof tanks are made of . The 25.89 30 lbs 74. Semitranslucent.00 288. Reinforced bottom and top edges prevent cracking and breakage. skirted stand supports the tank and requires no assembly. CBT25 and CBT68 ship Oversize.85 342.00** T30 Flat 30" 5' 185/700 32 lbs* 370.00 65. Tanks ship via motor freight only.5 gal.98 848.60** T8 Conical 12" 41/2' 25/95 25 lbs 348.00 234. Inexpensive These lightweight rectangular and cylindrical tanks are excellent for water storage.84 340. T8. Made of polyethylene.93 T4 T8 Conical Bottom Tanks.81 7 lbs 55.78 1.00 440. Allow 10 days lead time. 22" W x 32" D 105.63 T55 55 gal.598.150 Dia. phytoplankton.00 342. 18" W x 28" D $ 94. Made from UV-resistant polyethylene.284. They handle temperatures up to 140°F. Conical base slopes from 45° to 30° at bottom.

30' and 40' round or oval tanks are also available. Tanks can be foam covered for insulated applications. we can turn your aquatic dreams into reality.1401 .40 Other custom devices can also be fitted to make the tank work for your application. Flat bottom with vertical sides and a center drain port. is pleased to offer custom fiberglass products. such as 20'. tank covers with solid tops or screen tops can also be fitted. x 36" D 54" L x 33" W x 38" H 1. durable laminates. Due to the many variables associated with tanks of this size. Larger tanks. Tanks ship motor freight.86 2. FOB Orlando. These custom-made products are backed by 20 years experience in custom fiberglass molding and are built to last. please contact us for pricing.95 4+ AES Custom Fiberglass Tanks AES.000 liters 55" 511/8" A B Fiberglass Larval Tanks In stock for immediate shipment. Two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.220 Tanks Fiberglass FRP60 60 liters 17" 14" FRP163 163 liters 26" 24" FRP300 300 liters 341/4" 31" FRP500 500 liters 421/2" 38" FRP1000 1. CA FT1152 FT293 Round Rectangle 96" I.90 1. These rugged. Whether it is a small intricate aquarium. in conjunction with Johnson's Custom Fiberglass.942. Capacity (Gallons) To: Huy Tran Let me take the opportunity to thank you for all the hard work on the blower quotation. laminated glass or acrylic are available.254.39 E Each 270. I am pleased to give you our business on this order and hope we can continue to purchase a volume of supplies through AES. • PVC foam core construction adds rigidity to larger tanks. can be used when temperature control is a factor. All products are made from high-quality materials. Behind the scenes at an aquarium store.128 293 $ 3. Ships motor freight. Tank legs over 20" are not Order by Phone: 877.88 652. Made of reinforced fiberglass with a smooth.00 1" 472. a transport tank or a 200.4788 Tech Support: 407.128. You are by far the most helpful and responsive vendor we deal with in the business.D.45 11/2" 1. hatcheries and small holding system larval growout.75 11/2" 725. Crating charges not included in prices. circular fiberglass tanks are ideal for Artemia/rotifer culture.00 425. Michael Buchal Bodega Bay. Order Online: AquaticEco. with twice the R-value of Styrofoam ®. • All built-in fittings are made with female fiberglass couplers to ensure a better bond than PVC couplers. allow 6 weeks build time. • Viewing windows of tempered. FOB Orlando. gel-coated interior.598. • Premium resins and glass fiber produce high-strength. • Urethane foam. Aquariums and tanks can be custom built to form fit available space or create eye-catching designs that will enhance any exhibit.45 493.000-gallon exhibit pool. Call for a quotation on large quantities.347. 22" 213/4" 215/8" 215/8" 291/2" C 2" 2" 3" 3" 4" D 1" $ 300. PVC couplers are molded into the base of the tank to allow varying tank heights.640.73 11/2" 584.

Rigid. invertebrate holding and many other culture applications. Middy is an extra-heavy-duty tank that can hold 1. FT81 FT391 FT811 FT1221 FT2351 FT5231 FFB81 FFB122 FFB235 FFB523 Tank. Crating charges not included in prices. shrimp.00 83. marine invertebrates. Usually in stock for immediate shipping. but we guarantee that they will hold water.46 194. Schooner is only 14" H (outside). 235 gallons Tank.004. Although not as thick as our reinforced fiberglass tanks.064.00 1. etc. 150 180 270 405 600 720 Inside L x W x H 48" x 30" x 24" 60" x 30" x 24" 72" x 36" x 24" 72" x 36" x 36" 96" x 48" x 30" 96" x 48" x 36" $ 430. 81 gallons Order by Phone: 877.200 640 — Ship Wt (lbs) 37 85 45 17 $ 275.00 74.66 KA100 KA101 KA102 L100 Schooner Middy Mini Lid 47" x 47" x 14" 12.28 10. etc. 96" L x 24" W x 12" H.33 410.18 560.20 Each 112. thin-wall fiberglass is gel-coated and easy to clean. Crating charges apply.Fiberglass Tanks 221 Fiberglass Tanks. is stackable and no lid is available.40 319. 523 gallons Filter Box for FT81 Filter Box for FT122 Filter Box for FT235 Filter Box for FT523 36" x 24" x 12" 48" x 30" x 15" 60" x 30" x 18" 72" x 36" x 24" 96" x 48" x 30" 30" x 8" x 10" 30" x 8" x 10" 36" x 8" x 10" 48" x 10" x 16" L x W x H $ 125. Tanks ship motor freight. it is still quite durable.598.16 1.15 63. Made for use with fork lifts and pallet jacks. but with a window for easy viewing. but not nestable.99 92. holding system or even a small growout system. FFB81 Filter Box Fiberglass Trough Rectangular troughs are used for hatching fish eggs.30 730. shrimp. FOB Orlando.40 369. Raise tilapia.00 150. FOB Orlando. 39 gallons Tank. 35 lbs. Tanks ship motor freight.64/4+ Rectangular Tanks Fiberglass Tanks With Window New models are gel-coated and have thicker sidewalls! Similare to the fiberglass tanks above.0 55" x 30" x 24" 16.26 266. Value Buy Ready to ship—no waiting! These tanks are used all over Southeast Asia in hatcheries and farms raising tilapia.74 216.00 259. coral propagation. tropical fish. Stackable. Usually in stock for immediate shipping.86 287. Inside gel coat is light blue.5 50" x 38" x 22" 16. Troughs are stackable and ship via motor freight.1401 . Blue color shows scratches. Mini is capable of holding 650 lbs.5 55" x 30" x 2" — Outside L x W x H Cubic Feet Holding Wt (lbs) 400 1. etc. These tanks are often used for holding live rock. vegetation.30 2.4788 Tech Support: 407. Add a filtration module (see "Filter Boxes" above) to instantly turn the tank into a quarantine.405. It can hold 400 lbs.58 4+ These tanks are excellent for use in hatcheries for holding live rock. There is no optional lid. Note: Add 5" to each L and W dimension below for outside dims.27 657. but they can be stacked when holding lighter loads (not nestable).630. baitfish. so they do have uneven interiors. but can be just the right thing for your aquaculture applications. They are offered at an excellent price and are nestable for economical shipping.561. tropical fish. The top-mounting filter has multiple chambers and a lid and can turn the tank into a quarantine system. tropical fish and lobsters. FOB Orlando. 5-mm fiberglass is easy to clean. Lead time two weeks. but the tanks are sturdy and nestable for economical shipping. Rigid.36 1. holding or growout system. Turn these tanks into an instant system by adding a filtration module.00 804. FT128W2 FT160W2 FT235W2 FT336W2 FT523W2 FT632W2 Capacity (Gal) Can be moved with a pallet jack. Custom sizes available in quantity. Crating charges not included in prices. larval rearing (use with McDonald-type hatching jars). The optional heavy-duty lid (L100) weighs 17 lbs.00 324. The blue color does show scratches.200 lbs. FT120L2 New r Thicke G el C oat $ 296.347.00 KA100 FT632W Stack of KA102 KA102 Order Online: AquaticEco.33 1.33 102. 122 gallons Tank.

" If you've been looking for a low-cost. P12S P16S P18S P21S P24S PL12S PL16S PL18S PL21S PL24S PLRK P16S-S 12' Pool 3. please add "D" to the part number. Tanks do not include skimmers. The top support is rigid.600 400 lbs 21' Pool 10. 6' and 8' diameter. 6" rugged top rails. The steel used for frames and walls is copper-bearing steel that is hot-dip galvanized.543. qt502 750 s Gallon $ 743 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco.000 340 lbs 18' Pool 7.375 266 lbs 16' Pool 6. Dark Blue 8'. • Temporary holding.317.1401 .00 265.00 2. Sides are 48" high.00 1. Entirely made in USA.00 1. These high-quality tanks are designed for showing koi. When ordering 6 or more pools and/or liners (sizes can be mixed to qualify for discounts). CENT24 $ 2. Pools are shipped with frames and liners. You can probably find less expensive above-ground pools. Side height is 30" (90 cm).com Order by Phone: 877. The warranty on these pools is 20 years on the liners. then covered with zinc phosphate.00 Use portable tanks for: • Home aquaculture.00 367. Dark Blue 450 gallons 750 gallons Capacity Ship Wt 21 lbs 67 lbs $ 644. • Fish collecting. 1-hp high-efficiency pump (UL-listed).00 445. these may be the tanks for you. chromate. • Emergency storage.00 2. Liners can also be purchased separately (their wall height is 52").00 450 lbs 24' Pool 13. • Education.62 743. If you are just getting into aquaculture and either your final design is not yet set or your finances are tight.347.013. Order Online: AquaticEco.500 525 lbs 12' Liner Only 40 lbs 16' Liner Only 60 lbs 18' Liner Only 75 lbs 21' Liner Only 85 lbs 24' Liner Only 110 lbs Liner Repair Kit 1 lb Skimmer & Return Assembly (Fits All) Approx. 16" Value-Line sand filter with 6-position valve and thru-wall skimmer. 24' heavy-duty UD liner. Sand Dollar above-ground pools are the most reasonable low-cost alternative to traditional tanks because they are mass-produced. They feature 22-mil Hypalon® vinyl-coated industrial fabric liners carrying a 30-day replacement warranty. • Nursery tanks. Choose dark blue or black. frames and walls! Their structural design is in full compliance with ANS for above-ground residential swimming pools.4788 Tech Support: 407.100. • Fish shows. filters or pumps.00 300. Made in USA. but they won't be "aquaculture duty.195 Portable Tanks Hold 750 Gallons for $743! Round portable tanks are suitable for many permanent tank uses. Includes 24' x 52" Centennial pool.222 Tanks Above-Ground Pools/Portable Tanks Above-Ground Pools Easy-to-assemble.00 p12s Centennial Pool Package This package contains everything you need for full swimming enjoyment and maintenance. Gallons Ship Wt $ 1. you just found it. Each price FOB Orlando. so they set up quickly. Includes supports and 11/2" FNPT side drain with inside cap. QT502 QT902 6'.730.598.00 187.00 5. easy-to-ship tank. • Harvesting. primer and a two-part baked enamel finish on both sides! Liners are a full 20 mil (we suggest you put a micrometer to what other people call 20 mil) in a solid dark blue color only. • Fish medication. 6+ FOB factory.

27 827.785 Ship Wt 100 lbs 130 lbs 75 lbs 100 lbs 200 lbs 100 lbs 120 lbs 130 lbs 140 lbs $ 587 969 294 559 1.4788 Tech Support: 407.700. bolts and lap joint caulking and are FOB manufacturer.805 lz76 Tank Covers Keep fish in and birds out! Made of black polyester. zinc may be given off into the water and could pose a problem in some situations). Ships by motor freight from factory.67 423.461 3. however. LZ76 7' Dia.38 70. LZ246 24' Dia. busts and new booms. Deep tanks (to 14') can be built by bolting panels two or more high (please request engineering assistance).754 19.530 12. LZ186 18' Dia.17 612.684 2.54 18 18 20 20 20 20 17 17 15 15 15 331/2" H x 7' 331/2" H x 9' 331/2" H x 9' 46" H x 9' 46" H x 12' 46" H x 15' 46" H x 18' 46" H x 21' 46" H x 24' 46" H x 27' 46" H x 30' Dimensions Gallons 720 1.23 56. however.750 3.38 83. Cone Bottomed These round tanks have a 20° sloping bottom with 14" diameter center drain area (drain hole not cut out) has been around for 15 years. tp800 TP650 TP950 TCB250 TCB450 TCB1500 TP655 TP800 TP830 TP1000 Cone Bottom Cone Bottom Cone Bottom Cone Bottom Cone Bottom Flat Bottom Flat Bottom Flat Bottom Flat Bottom 85" 96" 60" 75" 102" 79" 90" 94" 92" A 30" 36" 28" 26" 60" 34" 38" 30" 44" B Nominal Wall 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" Capacity (Gallons) 650 950 250 450 1. LZ96 9' Dia.1401 . Bolts included.053 inch = 17 gauge .703 5. Tank Liners Decimal to Gauge Chart . our galvanized steel tanks are right for you.57 Order by Phone: 877. LRK* Black Repair Kit LRK-BE* Blue Repair Kit *Ships Hazmat. Tanks. Our Sweetwater® epoxy products or PVC liners are recommended for use wherever the galvanized surface is undesirable (galvanized steel has been used to water livestock and hold potable water for years. You can carry the sections through a pedestrian doorway.190 1. these covers are great for preventing fish from jumping out of tanks.596 946 1. Note: Allow at least a two-week lead time and additional time for shipping.244 2. bolt several tanks together in one day with only two people and take them down just as quickly.130 inch = 10 gauge With just a little care to prevent punctures.175 588 662 792 862 Steel Tanks If you want reasonably priced tanks that may or may not be relocated later.071 inch = 14 gauge . so add a "B" after part number for black. these 6' tall tank liners can be used for many years. including very large yet economical tanks (sizes available up to 105'). Vinyl is a good liner material and is typically used in tank applications because it can be custom-fitted to round tanks. Blue is standard. LZ156 15' Dia.71 11.085 lbs Ship Wt $ 625 651 549 711 945 839 1. Prices include nuts.82 71.54 11. If you don't purchase a good liner.524 2.047 inch = 18 gauge .036 inch = 20 gauge .37 25.058 inch = 16 gauge . TC14 TC16 TC17 TC19 TC13 tc14 Ship Wt Each 6+ AquaticEco. TS0717L TS0918L TS0920L TS0920H TS1220H TS1520H TS1817H TS2117H TS2415H TS2715H TS3015H Gauge 38 lbs 51 lbs 74 lbs 100 lbs 130 lbs 162 lbs 236 lbs 271 lbs 314 lbs 1 lb 1 lb $ 292.598.54 29. It has seen dot-com booms. Use liners where portability is important. 1/4" mesh netting. LZ216 21' Dia.57 1. you may be in for some trouble. LZ126 12' Dia. Ships by motor freight from factory.87 1. Fits 3'–4' Round Tank Fits 5'–6' Round Tank Fits 6'–7' Round Tank Fits 8'–9' Round Tank Fits 3' x 4' Rectangular Tank 3 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 4 lbs 3 lbs $ 35. Tanks may be partially buried to conserve heat and make fish observation easier.000 lbs 1.142 3.072.978. LZ276 27' Dia.450 136 lbs 230 lbs 160 lbs 190 lbs 250 lbs 310 lbs 508 lbs 610 lbs 936 lbs 1.347. LZ306 30' Dia.450 15. Ship Wt A sloping concrete bottom can be poured.100 inch = 12 gauge .95 47. Round steel tanks are unsurpassed for strength.00 1. These heavy-duty liners are 30-mil thick and sold in black or sky blue.110 4. You will need to construct a support frame or place the tank in a bed of sand or dirt.000 Capacity (Liters) 2.500 650 800 830 1.678 2. Flat Bottomed­­ Tanks have a flat depression molded into the side near the bottom for a bulkhead fitting. at high and low pH.346.461 3.028 3. They feature a drawstring and locking device to hold covers firmly.93 59.990 9.190 1.445 1.95 Order Online: AquaticEco.97 1. complete with drain and heating coils. Never use copper sulfate in unprotected galvanized tanks. Call for shipping charges.97 30. We continually improve our site to make your shopping easier. Its high strength allows many possibilities.Round/Liners/Covers Tanks 223 Tanks. Many trout farmers use these tanks without liners or interior paint when their pH is near neutral.860 6.

rounded-corner.02 196. while still providing very good self-cleaning capability.5" 4.22 353. Standard color is blue. RT58 and larger ship motor freight. others ship motor freight.54 80 lbs 533. polyethylene tanks will provide a greater volume of water than round tanks. TP50 ships Ground.347.37 35 lbs 242. bait tanks and holding tanks. Larger tanks will bow slightly when full of water. Another feature of polyethylene tanks is that they can be repaired.48 276.598.4788 Tech Support: 407. including sumps. Dimensions do not include top wide lip. We stock these lightweight tanks in a marine blue color.74 152. TP50 26" 22" 22" 4" TP180 42" 38" 26.41 60 lbs 392. TP90 and larger ship motor freight. but other colors are available on orders of 6 or more.5" TP450 62" 58" 37" 9" TP50S Stand for TP50 TP180S Stand for TP180 TP450S Stand for TP450 C D $ 147 323 734 244 298 427 RT16-B s Many Size me Sa r fo le b Availa ing Day Shipp TP450 Polyethylene Tanks Inexpensive polyethylene tanks are gaining in popularity because of their low cost and long life expectancy.08 306. Just use heat to soften and reshape. TP31 and TP55 ship Ground.09 Ship Wt TP400F TP55 TP110 TP90 TP130 TP31 Order Online: AquaticEco. RT37 and RT16 and smaller ship Ground. which reduces their relatively high shipping cost. x Depth TP440A TP250 Round 21" x 22" Round 21" x 38" Round 39" x 20" Rectangular 55" x 31" x 18" Mortar Style 73" x 36" x 12" Round 48" x 30" Round 60" x 22" Round 70" x 30" Round 60" x 34" Wall Thickness 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 1/8" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" Nominal Gallons 30 55 90 110 130 210 250 460 410 9 lbs $ 124. These heavy-duty tanks are nestable. A B 16 gallons 37 gallons 58 gallons 74 gallons 89 gallons 150 gallons 180 gallons Volume 12" x 18" x 18" 12" x 24" x 30" 15" x 30" x 30" 20" x 24" x 36" 24" x 24" x 36" 30" x 36" x 32" 33" x 49" x 24" L x W x H Ship Wt 7 lbs 10 lbs 12 lbs 20 lbs 30 lbs 40 lbs 50 lbs $ 77. and their light weight allows for quick set-up and relocation.66 137.95 30 lbs 207. TP31 TP55 TP90 TP110 TP130 TP210 TP250 TP400F TP440A I. All tanks have ultraviolet inhibitors for outdoor use.40 85 lbs 506.00 12 lbs 134.92 39270 Each 72.01 152.89 35 lbs 239.23 50 lbs 272.224 Tanks Polyethylene Rectangular Tanks These rectangular polyethylene tanks are great for a variety of applications. They are sloped for complete tank drainage. All have UV inhibitors for outdoor use.43 4+ Above dimensions are approximate.98 108. providing a life expectancy of 25 years. All colors (except black) and materials used are FDA-approved. The nominal wall thickness is between 3/16" and 1/4". making a nice sturdy tank.64 120.18 176. filter boxes. these semi-square.24 Order by Phone: 877.D. with black and gray available on special order. Most of these tanks are nestable. The smooth surface makes for easy cleaning. Black has the greatest UV resistance. RT16-B RT37-B RT58-B RT74-B RT89-B RT150-B RT180-B Semi-­ Square Poly Tanks If space is a consideration for tank layout.1401 .

00 780. Allow two weeks for production. Made in USA. USDA/FDA-approved. freight collect only. bulkhead fittings. x 17" H 29" Dia. Can be shipped Ground. with its three-section lid and optional gate dividers. versatile.5 pounds of fish is provided by an included 12V agitator. FOB factory.00 761. Insulated Tanks These heavy-duty. Optional Lid 24" x 24" x 12" 36" x 24" x 24" 48" x 24" x 24" 48" x 24" x 36" 48" x 48" x 18" 72" x 24" x 24" 96" x 48" x 24" Volume (Gal/Liters) Each 17/66 61/231 84/317 130/490 134/508 130/490 386/1. Double-pane acrylic windows (optional) will not "sweat" with cold water. Once it's on-board. It is a lightweight. call if you want two or more. are available on a custom order basis. HT6 25" x 16" x 12" Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H) Ship Wt 10 lbs Weight Full of Water 83 lbs $ 200 Order Online: AquaticEco. Drain Plug Capacity (gal) Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) Ship Wt (lbs) $ 540. molded polyethylene with a 2" threaded drain plug. KA26 KA30 KA50 Oblong.86 267. Ship from factory. seafood holding. Use them for hauling fish. Special sizes (up to 96" x 48" x 36"). Add a "W" to part number to order one dual-pane window. Dimensions Ship Wt B1800 67 42" x 24" x 28" 70 B1545 179 48" x 43" x 38" 190 B2300 172 48" x 40" x 30" 138 B1745 179 48" x 43" x 29" 170 B2545 411 80" x 48" x 40" 350 B1760DP Repl. Thanks again and have a great day! B1800 Ship Wt (lbs) Crystal Schalmo Sacramento Zoo $ 2. x 18" H 20 lbs 24 lbs 30 lbs $ 149 154 179 Don't see what you're looking for? Find all our products at AquaticEco. Aeration for up to 2. 50 gal 30" L x 28" H x 16" H 23" Dia. tanks with dividers.1401 . shipping seafood or as a holding tank.395 959 1. colors. cost-effective solution for transporting live fish. TT100 TT101 TT102 TT103 TT104 TT105 TT109 Outside Dimensions (L x W x H) Live Transport Insulated Container Whether your valuable fish product is being shipped from the hatchery to the growing site or to market. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how impressed I was with the quick response time to my question. Tanks listed below are priced in white or black (specify when ordering). Tanks ship via motor freight. etc. insulated containers (B1800 – B2545) feature 2" thick polyurethane foam insulation. 26 gal Round.250 2. This molded polyethylene. these tanks have the same rugged construction as ProFlow models. DX333 268 48" x 42" x 46" 44" x 39" x 39" 160 D337L 264 72" x 41" x 30" 68" x 37" x 27" 141 DC-18-35L Lid for DX333 Capacity (gal) Outside (L x W x H) Inside (L x W x H) Sideview cutaway of TT101. Smooth interior is seamless. this will last for years.90/6+ Angler Livewells Designed for both offshore and inshore bait holding. The Live Transport Container is designed to make your work easier with quick connect air attachments. The optional insulated lid (DC-18-35L) with Neoprene seal prevents spillage during transportation while its 8" cam-lock cap ensures leakproof transportation.00 786.00 Each KA50 Hauling Tank.00 1.43 1. One-year warranty on agitator only. allows you to conveniently sort and grade shellfish. bait tanks. touch tanks and display tanks.071.4788 Tech Support: 407. It can hold eight 70-liter tote trays or 12 rebox trays.Insulated Tanks 225 Insulated Tanks No sweat! Insulated tanks are built from ABS plastic sheets with 2" thick insulated walls and bottoms.120 w/One Window DX333 299 664 834 1. 30 gal Round.642. Low-Cost With occasional use. D337L Double-pane acrylic windows (optional). The containers are stackable up to three high when full of water and have an adjustable "Y" clip tie-down system that secures the lid (included). 2" thick insulation. The sloped base facilitates cleaning and the molded-in handles aid maneuverability.598. easy-to-clean. Three holes allow water to circulate and its durable.459 $ 229 486 623 934 791 934 2.347. Ideally suited for research. Ships from factory. sloped base and gate for easy release of Order by Phone: 877. Ships from factory. Holds 10 gallons when full. The tanks listed below are only a fraction of the 100­­ + configurations available. providing an R18 insulation factor. and the spill-resistant lid also doubles as a work shelf when closed. Made from UV-stabilized polyethylene. all tanks come with a lid and molded recessed handles.14 — — — — — 9.743. seamless construction ensures hygienic handling of seafood products. you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. The information you provided was helpful and I look forward to using your business in the future. the Live Transport Container (DX333) is the smart choice. insulated container is built for long-term On-Board Handling Box The On-Board Handling Box (D337L).00 11.

4788 Tech Support: 407.00 Our black. salt and acids. made of extruded black rubber and designed to join pieces of EPDM liner together to form a watertight seal.00 182.1401 . This is the liner we selected for our 2-acre fire pond here at AES. (4" w/sleeve) and 1" PVC pipe ends.000 25. EPDM Save money when you buy Firestone's industry-leading pond liner from AES.07/Roll 20' x 30' 25' x 30' 30' x 30' 8' x 10' 10' x 15' 10' x 20' 15' x 20' 20' x 25' Size Approx Wt 180 lbs 225 lbs 270 lbs 25 lbs 45 lbs 60 lbs 90 lbs 150 lbs $ 358. add "S" for Dacron® sleeve only. For heavy-duty biological filtering. Use PVC pipe and fitting to make your own multifilter manifold.67 446. 45-mil thick. For use on polyethylene tarps only. Panels are accordion-folded every 4 to 5 feet and tightly rolled on a heavy core for ease of handling and installation. AFC3 24" 12 lbs $ 48.00 Seaming Tape. Length Weight w/Media Empty Dacron® Sleeve PE20 PE30 PE40 20 mil 30 mil 40 mil Ship Wt per 1. SZ22 SZ23 SZ24 SZ31 SZ32 SZ33 SZ34 SZ35 Liner. Sold by the square foot (2. Made in USA. Use the right type of repair materials for the type of liner being repaired. rubber-like liner with excellent weatherability has unsurpassed puncture and abrasion resistance. Add your own media to the empty cells. Call for pricing. Patching Tape The double-sided adhesive seaming tape is 3" wide. ST475 4" x 75' $ 55. All plastic construction with 31/2" O.67 124.80 Use part number shown for empty cells. Woven Poly ST475 is a 4" tape with adhesive on one side to patch. Cure for 24 hours. The material will remain flexible at -70°F.40 10. Baby Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) Order Online: AquaticEco. Ships from factory.60 94. For Sweetwater® and EPDM liners only. Filter Cells Linear Polyethylene Liners for Large Ponds These heavy-duty pond liners offer superior strength as well as puncture and tear resistance at an excellent price. Poly The 4" tape has adhesive on one side (weighs 9 lbs).41/Roll 3. cover holes or reinforce seams. PVC LRK is a repair kit containing a 12" x 12" piece of liner and a special liner adhesive. per foot Double-Sided.598.65/Ft 126. Firestone® PondGard Liner (EPDM) The ST3F and ST3R are double-sided tape for patching or overlapping two pieces of liners. Dacron® sleeves can be easily cut to fit filter cell length. Available in width increments of 10 feet and any length up to 50. we recommend one inch of filter length per gpm.000 33.67 53.D. Allow 20 days for production. Use it to patch liners or join pieces for complex shapes.000 ft 2 100 lbs 150 lbs 200 lbs Maximum Panel Size 50. Connect to any submersible or centrifugal pump on the intake side and drop into a tank or pond for instant filtration. has single-side adhesive and works great for patching holes and covering seams. 100' Roll Single Sided.000 square feet as one piece. this basic rule applies to all the liner types we carry: Clean and dry the surface of the liner so the adhesive will adhere to it.67 300. First. per foot Single Sided. They are resistant to most chemicals.226 Tanks Liners/Hauling Pond Liner. it has a 20-year warranty ! It's puncture-resistant and very resistant to sunlight and UV.75/Ft 356. ST3F ST3R PT6F PT6R Double-Sided. 100' Roll $ 1. The PT6F and PT6R are single-sided for patching or covering holes and going over seams. and with good reason. Complete biological and particulate filtering in one compact package.347.67 534. It stretches around rocks and small irregularities and is much easier to work with than the more rigid liners. This fish-safe liner has become the gold standard for pond keepers and commercial water Order by Phone: 877. Mention liner color when ordering this kit.500 ft2 minimum). The patching tape is 6" wide.000 AFC3 Tech Talk 41 Repairing Liners When the need arises to repair a cut or hole in a liner.

85 38.65 33.50 66. Sold in 2' x 6' sheets (rolled) only (equal to 1 cu. Filter Thickness . They are made of polyester and are washable for repeated use. fibers. Enkamat ®.00/Roll SM3 3 lbs 9. PF11A Fine PF11C Fine PF17A Medium PF17C Medium PF2A Coarse PF2C Coarse PF16 Coarse PF16C Coarse PF8A Fine DSP PF8C Fine DSP PF3 Carbon PF3C Carbon PF4A Enkamat ® PF4C Enkamat ® PF5 Enkamat ® PF5C Enkamat ® PF12A Enkamat ® PF12C Enkamat ® PF13A Enkamat ® PF13C Enkamat ® *Ships Oversize at 30-lb rate. PF13 has .50" . Made in USA.95 96. Made in USA.95 — 89. Another method is to simply stake the mats along the pond bank.598.025" diameter fibers bonded to a felt underlay.50" .60 30. biofiltration material. PF7 $ 48. It will sustain one or two cleanings before disposal. PF5 has . Don't let the price fool you. for soil erosion control.25" 2" 2" 1" 1" . etc. Measured by the yard (91.30" . attach a wire mesh backing and place in the pond.50 115. It can be used to construct DLS media for biofiltration. it is safe for fish.95 29.40 — 57. Carbon Filter Material (PF3) The PF3 filter material features polyester fibers heavily coated with activated carbon to provide an ideal mechanical.347.50 — 86.030" diameter fibers and is 1" thick. soil erosion control.15 — 82.45 92.50 4. Nylon (PF4/PF5) Enkamat® is a matrix of semirigid nylon monofilaments fused at their intersections.05/6+ Blocksom Filter Material This high-quality 1" thick filter material is constructed of all natural coconut fibers and a latex binder on a polyester net backing. fibers.62/6+ Order Online: AquaticEco.15/2+ Disposable Filter Media (PF8) This fine polyester fiber material offers high quality at a low price. PF4 has . goldfish and similar shore-spawning fish.88 — 72.21 — 44. splash control. Weighs 5 lbs.00 28. etc. Spawntex is sold in 24" widths (SM2) and 18" widths (SM3) by the linear yard or in full rolls* 11 yards long. it's good stuff. — 88.25" 1.1401 .90 61.025" dia.40" .00 45.40" . Cut the media to size.00 69.4 cm).ft.45 29. reticulated foam with a pore size of 20 ppi (pores per inch). SM2 3 lbs $ 13. Often used in garden pond filters. Constructed of all natural coconut fibers with a latex binder on a polyester net backing. Its durability allows for frequent cleaning. Poly (PF12/PF13) Very similar to our PF4 and PF5.Mechanical Filtration Filter Media 227 Washable Filter Material (PF11/PF17/PF2/PF16) Replace your worn-out material with one of these.020" dia. as it can be toxic).).00 92.36/2+ — 70. With no fire retardants or dyes. plate filters or for use in canister filters. Blue Bonded Filter Pads Precut for small trickle filters.90 16. Spawntex is one of the finest reusable spawning mat materials on the market today.4788 Tech Support: 407. BBFP $ 4.25" . Its 11/2" thickness ensures more strength for easy cleaning and exceptional durability.40" .00/Linear Yd SM2R 30 lbs 94.57 — 65.65 31. PF12 has .85/Linear Yd SM3R 30 lbs 73.30" 1" 1" 1.03/2+ Enkamat ®. Pond installation is easy. It contains no fire retardants or germicides (be careful with low-cost.25" . Not UV-resistant.15 77. chemical and biological filtering media.27 — 83. Please note width and length of each part number. SM1 SM1R 24" x 36" 24" x 12-Yd Roll $ Order by Phone: 877." long-life.95 Each — 76.72 4+ Filter Foam.40" 1" 1" Width 29" 29" 28" 28" 28" 28" 28" 28" 36" 36" 29" 29" 39" 39" 39" 39" 39" 39" 39" 39" Length 2 yds 11 yds 2 yds 4 yds 2 yds 7 yds 2 yds 4 yds 2 yds 10 yds 2 yds 8 yds 2 yds 8 yds 2 yds 5 yds 2 yds 6 yds 2 yds 7 yds Ship Wt 4 lbs 11 lbs 4 lbs 5 lbs 4 lbs 10 lbs* 4 lbs 7 lbs 3 lbs 11 lbs* 4 lbs 10 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs 4 lbs 6 lbs 4 lbs 7 lbs 4 lbs 11 lbs* $ 16. It's a fine pore material suitable for clear water applications. but this product is made of polyethylene fibers so it costs less. Spawntex Spawning Mat This unique product is asked for specifically by breeders of shiners. Also useful for filter media support.85 24.85/Roll *Rolls ship Oversize at 70-lb rate. This product is the best reusable egg-laying material. Made in USA. air filter foam.01 — 61. Sold in 24" widths by the linear yard (2 lbs) or in full rolls of 12 yds (30 lbs).98 — 106.55 47. Each pad measures 13" x 24" x 1" thick.90 81.50 88. Just ask … and we will include a small sample along with your next order. Reticulated A great biofilter media! This 1" thick foam is true "fish grade.

larval fish and fish nets.43 15.11 19.72 M64 64 .00 Yard 16.72 45.14 15.41 M670 670 .69 M400 400 .0029" 45 37.66 M250 250 .0015" 27 55.228 Mechanical Filtration Micron Screening Stainless Steel Screening 304 stainless steel screening can be used for the same applications as nylon but offers better rigidity and durability. polyester mesh netting is commonly used for shrimp culture.000 Inches .90 M200 200 . sold per yard of length. filter bags and nets.18 49. MS105 MS125 MS180 MS250 MS500 MS1000 Microns Nylon Screening Nylon screening material is an excellent choice for many aquaculture and laboratory uses. pipe screens.41 M600 600 .66 M46 41 . including filtration of unwanted organisms.50 17.56 300 .77 19.0059" 51 18. Nylon is resistant to bacteria.31 M800 800 . Contains no UV inhibitors! 3-20/14 20 . All stainless screening is 48" (121 cm) wide and sold in increments of 1 foot (30.61 * Similar to the 52" x 52" twill Saran filter cloth used in fine mesh nets and inlet water filters.14 15.0315" 55 19.0022" 29 34. Each foot increment equals 4 sq.000 . Mesh size is 1/32" (approximately equal to 800 microns).0197" 49 17.75 32.039 % Open Area 37 31 32 30 37 48 Per Foot $ 25. larval fish and clam culture.69 M150 150 .52 47.000 .008 .06 22.80 16.0025" 32 35.0132" 46 17.18 M75 75 .1401 .0264" 53 27.84 M105 105 .61 21.0787" 53 25.0041 .27 M35 35 . cleaners.010 .37 m2).07 21.4788 Tech Support: 407. Mesh (Microns) Opening % Open Area Per Yard 10+ 105 125 180 250 500 Order by Phone: 877.66 M125 125 .14 15.69 24.0098" 37 19.31 M1000 1. Order Online: AquaticEco. m200 m500 m1000 m5000 This Vlamingi tang appreciates good biofiltration.80 16.4 cm).ft.0049 .0157" 47 17. M8844 100" Wide $ 18.15 10+ Call for free samples of micron screening with your next order.30 17.0079" 35 17.65 10+ Feet 22. 1 linear yard = 9 ft 2 = 1 yd2. UV and bleaching resistance and works great in applications where the netting must be sterilized often.1969" 72 28.0041" 36 24.000 .0236" 51 17.74 16.12 24.65 M55 55 .0118" 46 15.598.79 ms105 ms500 ms1000 Polyester Mesh Netting High-quality.23 17.60 33.00 20.0016" 31 50.77 18.46 25. This screening is 36" wide and is sold by the yard length (1 yard = 36" = 91 cm).0295" 54 19.92 M750 750 .43 15.41 M2000 2.15 18.69 M500 500 .23 17. It has excellent chemical.0394" 58 17.14 30.55 M5000 5.43 15. acids and insects. (.58 14.80 17.020 .01 M300* M335 335 .0049" 41 23.0008" 14 $ 52.347. brine shrimp culture.

25 65. thick and fluffy.02 3. 12" x 18" 250 microns.598.91 Polyweld Glazed Felt N1025 N1055 N1100 N1200 25 microns 55 microns 100 microns 200 microns 100 microns 11.55 24. Both are washable.05 43.79 10+ 10+ 1 micron 5 microns 10 microns 20 microns 40 microns 75 microns 100 microns 200 microns 300 microns 800 microns $ 56.45 20. these bags will also fit over them.70 7.01/10+ Water to Be Filtered Direct overflow back to tank in case bag filter becomes clogged. trickle filters. FBH $ 24.69 19.28 4. All bags are 32" long with a 7" diameter mouth and polypropylene ring that fits the optional Celcon® adapter (FBH) perfectly. Polyester floss provides the ideal mechanical and biological filtering media for all fresh and saltwater tanks.80 25. 16" x 24" $ 23.63 8.60 6.17 43.88 21.90 10.347.79 8. Bags feature drawstring closing tops. Polypropylene. MB01 MB02 MB1 MB2 MB3 MB4 MB5 MB6 MB7 MB8 MB9 MB10 250 microns. slimy.70 Filter Bags These polyester monofilament filter bags are excellent for retaining carbon.92 5.or 800-micron mesh size.61 52.84 5. to prevent fish or fish egg migration. turning a solid waste problem into a liquid waste problem.87 49. 6" x 10" 800 microns.54 Each Each 58.45 Filter Bag Adapter This plastic (Celcon®) adapter will thread onto 11/2" male thread and provide support and quick bag changes. Filter Bags With Drawstring The same materials as the nylon monofilament bags but with a drawstring top.22 6.1401 .27 4. Select 250. Bags are 32" long with a 7" diameter mouth.68 5.25 8.Mechanical Filtration Filter Bags 229 Filter Bags With Poly Ring Mouth Aquaculture filtration is a huge problem.96 6.00 22.00 21. 16" x 24" 800 microns. but the felt type should be washed gently.00 26.22 10.00 21.64 4. nylon mesh with a solid plastic bottom.31 6.82 19.65 8. 32" x 7" FB1N FB5N FB10N FB20N FB40N FB75 FB100N FB200 FB300 FB800 1 micron 5 microns 10 microns 20 microns 40 microns 75 microns 100 microns 200 microns 300 microns 800 microns $ 65.19 7.00 20.36 5. Felt Bags. BAG1 BAG5 BAG10 BAG20 BAG40 BAG75 BAG100 BAG200 BAG300 BAG800 • • • Nylon Monofilament Bags. Standard Filter Floss Soft.02 21.22 11. 8" x 12" 250 microns. Sold in packs of 10.20 9.43 Order by Phone: 877.33 6. 12" x 15" 250 microns.20 9.00 8.05 20.18 6. most power filters and pond filtering units. 6" x 10" 250 microns. pond filters and many other uses.58 5.67 8.00 N2100 N2150 N2200 N2300 N2600 N2800 100 microns 150 microns 200 microns 300 microns 600 microns 800 microns $ 6.15 46.45 37.64 AS14B Polyweld PLY14 Standard Order Online: AquaticEco. 12" x 15" 800 microns. 100% polyester. zeolite and other media.4788 Tech Support: 407. Polyweld bags are 6" long and made of smooth. organic and can easily become liquified. They are perfect for placing in sumps. The felt type is polypropylene.25 38.00 7. all of the bags have plastic Polyloc® collars that allow them to be easily held in a hole 33/4" in diameter. PLY14 PLY10 14 oz 10 lbs $ 7.77 7. 12" x 18" 800 microns. canister filters. 3" x 4" 800 microns. Made in USA.00 19. If you are presently using adapter heads. Flowrates are high and the filtrate is delicate. Removable inlet screen filters.34 6.09 9.10 10. fine fiber ideal for wet/dry filters.80 31. The monofilament type is single-ply nylon resembling a piece of cloth or window screen.85 18.33 9. Discharge strainers. Made in USA. Bag filters are very effective at removing organic particulate matter.00 19. Fits 7" diameter bags with polypropylene rings. This allows attachment directly to any open water line.30 Each 51. Male Adapter Part FBH Filter Bag Adapter MB1 Filter Bags These inexpensive filters are just right for many do-it-yourself applications. Water Level Felt Filter Bag Standard bags are nylon material and are 81/4" long. to increase filter area. 32" x 7" FB1 FB5 FB10 FB25 FB50 FB100 1 micron 5 microns 10 microns 25 microns 50 microns 100 microns $ 7.79 7.10 10.60 5.41 54.70 19.20 8. Ideal for holding media.85 48.47 BAG800 10+ Also use them for: FB10 Pump bags. Adjust length of pipe as necessary to have filter bag at correct water level. giving it three-dimensional filtering ability. 3" x 4" 250 microns. Available in two styles.37 6. 8" x 12" 800 microns.00 22.

35-micron Filter 1-micron Filter 5-micron Filter 20-micron Filter 50-micron Filter $ 36. The canister cartridge (FX6) is sold empty for filling with your own media (zeolite.08 11.20 11. 97535 9751 9755 97520 97550 .22 7. Giardia lamblia cysts and other disease-causing bacteria.00 17. • Zooplankton collector.13 PMB8L 400µ x 31" 7. shatter-resistant filter housings. Both models are rated to 150 psi. extruded carbon filter provides superior filtration and chemical absorption.09 5. 20" .22 150µ x 31" 7.99% of suspended solids and 100% of Cryptosporidium. resin or carbon.13 PMB10L 1.30 3. It provides 99. Fit standard 10" filter cartridges.22 13.67 100µ x 31" 16.6+% reduction of 1–2 micron particles. FH800 FH803 FH801 FH805 FH820 FH850 Filter Housing.82 100µ x 18" 10.35 micron 1 micron 5 microns 20 microns 50 microns $ 13.80 24.64 15.347.00 Each FH800 Filters.74 22.86 13.20 8. NSF-certified materials. Made from FDA-compliant. 10" Activated carbon cartridge removes chlorine.16 PMB9 800µ x 18" 6. FHX4 $ 10.09 200µ x 18" 6.13 5.09 10+ Polymicro Filters. polypropylene filter cartridges listed and other standard 20" filters. accept all standard 10" filter cartridges and weigh 5 lbs each. and these are washable (5 microns and up). Bag is equipped with a stainless steel ring 7" in diameter and a cotton handle.67 24.09 5. 10" These cartridges are made through an exclusive process that thermally bonds 100% pure polypropylene microfibers with lower density at the outside surface and progressively higher density towards the center.73 6+ Polyester Mesh Bags • Pre-filters water.43/6+ FX3 Doulton Ceramic Cartridge. Temperature range 40–140ºF (45–60ºC).00 17.78 6+ FH850 Pleated Filters.16 6.00 9.30 3.01 10.66 3.16 PMB7 300µ x 18" 6. Ideal for collecting rotifers.20 Each FX6 FXB FXC 13. weigh 3 lbs.50/6+ PMB1 PMB1L PMB2 PMB2L PMB3 PMB3L PMB4 PMB4L PMB5 PMB5L FX2 75µ x 18" $ 13.50 20.72 15.31 Each 33.16 PMB8 400µ x 18" 6. etc.49 150µ x 18" 6.20 8. Designed to comply with the most stringent potable water standards and can be cleaned and reused.98 12.09 5.22 6. 20" This 20" filter housing is NSF-listed and doubles the fl owrate of the 10" housings.30 3.13 PMB9L 800µ x 31" 7.79 125µ x 18" 10.78 16. odors. lead reduction to below NSF and EPA guidelines of 15 ppb. fish eggs and other small organisms. FX3 $ 21.22 6.09 Each 10+ PMB6 250µ x 18" $ 6. FX6 FXC FXB Canister. FX2 $ 40.22 200µ x 31" 7. 10" Ceramic. Artemia.82 22. taste and organic contaminates and contains 100 g of carbon and FDA-approved polypropylene support.41 9.22 6.92 8.500µ x 31" 8.13 5.598. they are ideal as pre-filters.28 45. self-sterilizing filter is capable of removing 99.74/6+ FHX4 3.4788 Tech Support: 407. 10" 97535 These polypropylene filter cartridges fit 10" housings and provide a much larger filtering surface area than wound cartridges. Approximately one psi pressure drop @ 10 gpm. They can also be used for filtering particulate matter from tank inlets and overflows. 10" This high-capacity.66 Each Granular Carbon Filter.25 9.16 PMB10 1. Most made in USA.500µ x 18" 6.67 125µ x 31" 15.30 10+ PFCM Order Online: AquaticEco.1401 .66 3. PMB1L Matrix Carbon Filter.30 3. Made in USA.30 3. High-quality coconut shell. 10" Filter Housing Bypass Filter Housing $ 9.66 3. Housings are rated at 125 psi and temperatures to 125°F (52°C).34 35. these polyester mesh bags are available in 18" and 31" (46 and 79 cm) lengths and a variety of mesh sizes. have EPDM and silicone O-rings with 3/4" FNPT inlet/outlet. Cryptosporidium cysts and other diseasecausing bacteria removal and NSF Class 1 chlorine and turbidity reduction standards compliance. Empty.66 3.13 PMB7L 300µ x 31" 7.) and includes gaskets.50 8.64 6+ — 26.35 29. PFCM PFC5M PFC10M PFC25M PFC50M PFC75M PFC100M 1 micron 5 microns 10 microns 25 microns 50 microns 75 microns 100 microns $ 3.30 3. Made in USA.70 17.64 Order by Phone: 877.09 5. Fit pleated.34 Each 5.22 6.16 6. pre-filter and post-filter.12 75µ x 31" 19.230 Mechanical Filtration Cartridges/Bags Filters. polypropylene plastic. 10" Our FXC filter housing tops are made of polypropylene with 3/4" FNPT ports and feature acrylonitrile.66 3. FXB has a unique bypass valve built into its top.35 40. which allows the cartridge to be changed without interrupting the flow.66 3.40 9.13 PMB6L 250µ x 31" 7. Made in USA.

05 12.75 8.75 6.08/10+ 6. 1/4" NPT Gauge. use two or more in parallel. use only screws provided.08/10+ 6. 600µ FV1 Bag Filter (Mesh).2 .75 6.08/10+ 6. 1/4" NPT Gauge Adapter & Air Bleed Differential Pressure Gauge.08/10+ 6. lid. indicating "time to change. It mounts on the mounting pad's bag vessel located on the opposite side of the inlet port. One-year warranty. The vessel is made of UV-inhibited polypropylene with a threaded lid.80 27.03 79. place a larger micron filter before a smaller micron filter in series.76 108.75 6." Requires a 3/16" drill to install portholes. Vessels include housing. Polypropylene housings have an easy locking ring system lid with air purge valves and Buna-N seals.4788 Tech Support: 407.1401 . 2" long.18 36.77 27.5" inlet/outlet slip fittings. Conical base (36049) highly recommended. TBC50 TB05 TB25 TB50 TP05 TP10 TP20 TBC52 LPG30 Filter Housing 5-micron Bag 25-micron Bag 50-micron Bag 5-micron Cartridge 10-micron Cartridge 20-micron Cartridge Replacement Bag Basket Gauge Wt (lbs) This reasonably priced polypropylene filter vessel is designed to allow high flowrates through a single reusable bag filter. Filter measures 10" in diameter and 28" high. 300µ FV1 Bag Filter (Mesh). Differential Pressure Gauge Designed exclusively to supplement pressure gauges used on our FV1 bag filter. 200µ FV1 Bag Filter (Mesh). Maximum pressure is 100 psi @ 110°F. To further extend time between cleaning. 100µ FV1 Bag Filter (Mesh).2 . When using filter with felt bags.75 6. They are fitted with a Polyloc® ring.5 $ 385.08/10+ TP10 TBC50 DPG8 36002 w/Bag FV1 w/Optional Base (36049) and Pressure Gauge FV1 Filter install at NY Ferry terminal.08/10+ 6.66/6+ 32.2 2 2 2 . 0–30 psi.45 82.75 6. Handles a flowrate up to 80 gpm (we recommend cutting the flow by 50% for heavy-laden aquaculture applications) with a low pressure drop.598.08/10+ 6.15 6. 25µ FV1 Bag Filter (Felt).45 82. 5µ FV1 Bag Filter (Felt).5 .08/10+ 6.88 24.75 6. an ABS bag retaining basket is required ( TBC52).75 25. This vessel has 2" FNPT inlet and outlet and 1/4" FNPT lid vent and weighs 10 lbs.347. It is rated at 75 gpm for clean water (for particulateladen water and/or to extend time between cleanings.47/6+ 76.23/6+ 71. O-ring and removable internal basket for easy bag removal. 10-year conditional tank warranty.75 6.54/6+ 6.45 103. easily cut to required height. x 20" length with 2 ft2 of surface area. Optional pressure gauges for lid vent are below. For higher flows.77 27. we recommend a design flowrate below 40 gpm).08/10+ 6.75 Each 10 . 15–20 psi Replacement Lid O-ring Replacement Threaded Lid Replacement Internal Basket Replacement Legs (2) FV1 Bag Filter (Felt). retainer basket and 2 plastic leg/foot assemblies. Maximum pressure is 60 psi.75 6.75 6.41 85. 0–60 psi. Made in USA.77 11.49 24. 1µ FV1 Bag Filter (Felt). Choose from 10 levels of filtration. 50µ FV1 Bag Filter (Felt). Order Online: AquaticEco.25 25. Bags are 6" dia.68/6+ — — — — — — — 7. 800µ $ 300.77 82.Mechanical Filtration Bag/Cartridge Filters 231 Bag Filter TF Bag/Cartridge Filters This combination bag/cartridge filter is compact in size and works well in low-profile spaces. FV1 36049 BG15 LPG30 BG61A VF65 DPG8 DPG20 FV1S FVV1L 36002 FV1F VB1 VB5 VB10 VB25 VB50 VB100 VB200 VB300 VB600 VB800 Bag Filter Vessel Conical Base Gauge. 1/4" NPT Gauge. 0–15 psi.08/10+ 6. 10µ FV1 Bag Filter (Felt).com Order by Phone: 877.05 TBC52 270. 6–8 psi Differential Pressure Gauge. The window turns red. eliminating any chance of bypass. 1. which seals directly against the filter housing.29 8.

10-year warranty on tanks. Ruth Olsen Office Assistant U. The customer service person made another order for the additional item. air-relief valve and 11/2" drain plug. 11/ 2 " In-Line Filters/Strainers These clear in-line filters are convenient for many line filtering applications. tamperproof.20 93. Scoop. Filters D.E. 1. Effective Filtration Area Design Flowrate Lbs D.E. When used with a drain valve (1/2&qu