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Heavenly Father we thank you for this grace-filled day of gathering these children with exceptional talents

who will showcase what they prepared for today. It is our honor to be proud witness of your gracious blessings to these candidates, so please give us your most wise perception of their presentation. May we also be blessed with the virtue of cooperation and unity that this event’s objectives be successfully achieve. These we ask through Christ our lord. Amen. Almighty Father,

Dear Lord, we stand before you in humble prayer before we start with this opening program of Intramurals 2013. We realize that without your blessings we would not able to succeed with the plans we have for this activity. Bestow your grace and divine wisdom to all of us present here, the players, the participants, the guests, judges, officials, the parents the committees, so we could cooperate and enjoy camaraderie and love for the greater glory of your name. We ask all these through your mighty name and your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.