I, as a Content Developer of this prestigious language lab, would like to recommend the book, ‘Teach English_ Trainer’s Handbook’

by Adrian Doff as a must-to-read text to all the faculty members across all the schools and English lab branches and to those as well involved in content development. I do this due to the following salient features of the book: 1. It’s the classical English trainers’ handbook_ the first of its kind_ which can be regarded as the ‘Gita’ of teaching English at the secondary school level. 2. It’s ‘edutaining’, easy to understand and systematic in approach. 3. It provides to the secondary English teachers some vital tips and guidelines which are hard to be ignored and which many English teachers don’t know. 4. It encourages learning by doing, peer activity, use of excellent situation-oriented teaching aids and creative thinking in the area of the communicative English language learning-teaching among students as well as teachers. 5. The book can prove useful and as a source of inspiration to those who want to teach communicative English in an easy manner.

_ by Jadhav

Nilesh Ashok

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