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About Us
Vajra Power Conversions has been providing Solar, electrical, networking, security, safety systems and services to different kinds of industry such as software, pharma, constructions and Industries for over two years Our focus is on delivering the most efficient affordable and reliable solar products for your home & agriculture providing solutions to the worlds energy problem Integrity from initial consultation through to job completion Guarantee on both workmanship & products – ensures customer satisfaction Rest assured that your job will be done right first time

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
• • • • • • Do your part to help India reduce its carbon emissions Solar power No waste, no pollution, clean air, Nothing to transport to the toxic dump Its Quiet Increases the value of your home

Solar Energy - Benefits
• • • • • Maintenance free – wipe over every 10 years No moving parts No offensive smells Works on FREE sunlight Systems can be upgraded

How Solar Energy Will save You Money
• • • • • • • • • • • Indian Government Rebate – but is a limited offer… Electricity prices will continue go up and up Create Renewable Energy Receipts (REC’s) – save $ on your system Feed in Tariffs – are premium prices paid by utility providers for excess power you sell back to the electricity grid Its automatic - organized electronically direct from your meter Initially Feed In Tariffs save you money Eventually your principal trends down & each price rise gives you a greater return
– (depending on your number of solar panels and your energy use)

After payback it becomes pure profit because the suns energy is free An example: Feed In Tariffs were introduced into Germany This resulted in an increase of photovoltaic systems installed on homes Feed In Tariffs reduce the overall cost of home owners electricity bills

Types of Panels & Some Technical Stuff
• • • •      In the 1970’s the amorphous cell was used for solar panels Limited in power per cell and efficiency rating New technology: 2 types used in global systems commercially Mono crystalline & Polycrystalline Budget Solar chose Mono crystalline because is 25% more efficient Has the highest quality panel and surround Longevity of cell life and overall efficiency Mono crystalline comes with the highest global standards Coupled with Budget Solar best practice installation standards which guarantees you the very best solar panel available

 Mono crystalline panels have a full 25 year guarantee  Budget Solar panels are all IEC tested  Internationally recognized for both conformance to standards & quality by ICE 61215 & TUV Certifications  Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification & Electro technical Equipment and Components (IECEE)  AND CE Certifications which is a European standard recognized throughout Europe for quality

Renewable Energy Receipt (REC’s) Your Carbon Trading Certificate

Tax on Carbon Producers e.g. electric power utilities burning brown coal…

Budget Solar as Agent: will purchase YOUR carbon certificates by a discount on your system price No tax payable You can retain your REC’s if you want them…

Its Your Choice…

• • • • • • • • •

Solar power is your long term investment – in your family, your country and the planet Earth The government’s tax free offer is available to singles or family’s with under 100K combined income a year Take advantage of their generous offer while it’s still available …and REC’s are just money in your bank? Electricity prices are going up – the question is how much & how soon? You can control your future and become more self sufficient Solar power is definitely the way to go Become a Display Home participant and save even more That’s the choice you have today…

Today’s Commitment
Applying the latest technology in renewable energy and providing the benefits of Complete energy-efficient solutions.

•Financial saving s and simple payback, •Public stewardship and goodwill , •Emissions reductions, •Environmental leadership , •Energy independence.

Increased Electricity Price Increased Credit Value at 1 to 4
“Isn’t that better than money in the bank”?

30 25 20 15 10 5 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

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