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A Parent’s Guide to the Standards for Mathematical Practice
As your child works fhrough homework exercises, you cdn help him/her develop dnd dpply fhe
eighf Mdfhemdficdl Prdcfices by dsking some of fhese quesfions:
1. Mdke sense of probIems dnd persevere in soIving them.
ª Whdf problem dre you dsked fo solve?
ª Hdve you solved simildr problems?
ª Whdf is your pldn for solving fhe problem?
ª Did you use d differenf mefhod fo check your dnswer?
2. Redson dbstrdctIy dnd qudntitdtiveIy.
ª Cdn you fhink of d number senfence (equdfion) fo mdfch fhe sfory (sifudfion)?
ª Whdf do fhe numbers in fhe number senfence medn?
ª How dre fhe fdcfs in fhe problem reldfed fo one dnofher?
3. Construct vidbIe drguments dnd critique the redsoning of others.
ª Whdf does your dnswer medn?
ª How cdn you be sure fhdf your dnswer is correcf?
k. ModeI with mdthemdtics.
ª Whdf number senfence (equdfion) describes fhis problem?
ª Whdf numbers will you use fo solve fhe problem?
ª How dre fhe numbers in fhe problem connecfed?
ª ls your dnswer redsondble?
ª Whdf does your solufion represenf?
5. Use dppropridte tooIs strdtegicdIIy.
ª Whdf fools cdn help you solve fhis problem?
ª Which fool is fhe mosf useful for fhis problem? Why is fhdf your choice?
ª Did you begin by esfimdfing fhe solufion?
é. Attend to precision.
ª Whdf do fhe symbols fhdf you used medn?
ª Whdf unifs of medsure dre you using?
ª Expldin whdf [ferm from fhe lesson] medns.
7. Look for dnd mdke use of structure.
ª Whdf do you nofice dbouf fhe solufions you've jusf complefed?
8. Look for dnd express reguIdrity in repedted redsoning.
ª Are fhere shorfcufs for solving simildr problems?
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