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Textures no4 Duration: 10:03

About The Piece Textures no4 Both the photo symmetric structure and its title Superposition of two opposite twisting light modes inspired the musical form: This is a palindrome for two harps, that is to say, that the initial score can be equally read from the beginning to the end or from the end to the beginning, with an axis of symmetry in the middle. Thereafter, I manipulated the sound material using a computer program that allowed me to express with sounds the chromatic concentric expansion of the photographed object.

About The Composer Jos A. San Miguel Alfano (born in Zaragoza, Spain) studied musical analysis, orchestration and electronics in Vitoria (Spain), Bayonne (France) and Paris. He currently combines pedagogy with choral and symphonic composition, soundtracks for ballet, theater, documentaries and electronics, and he is concerned at both new aesthetics and popular tradition.