12, 2013 Dinelli Brings Washington Gridlock to Albuquerque in Latest Negative, False Ad ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Pete Dinelli, the city's risky choice for mayor, released his latest negative and false ad today that still fails to talk about the issues and instead features polarizing Washington politicians, demonstrating that he is clearly trying to bring Washington partisan gridlock to Albuquerque and the divisiveness that comes with it. "It's no surprise that Pete Dinelli would use divisive Washington politicians in his ad because he has been running the most negative and partisan campaign possible since Day One. With his latest negative and false ad, it's clear that he is trying to bring Washington partisan gridlock to Albuquerque," said Chris Sanchez, a spokesman for the Mayor Berry campaign. "We have a simple message to Albuquerque voters: 'If you like partisan gridlock in D.C., then you'll love Pete Dinelli.' But if you believe the city needs a mayor who will provide steady and responsible leadership for all of Albuquerque, then the choice is clear." Dinelli is no stranger to rabid partisanship. Earlier this year, he attacked his fellow Democrats who vote across party lines, calling them "pendejos." Pendejo means "dumb," "idiot" or "stupid." Dinelli's second ad includes the same false points he featured in his first ad, which was called a "pretty far stretch from reality" by KOB. You can view the coverage here: ###