The Tortoise and The Monkey One day a tortoise saw a banana trunk floating in the river.

The tortoise went to get the banana trunk. The tortoise wanted to plant the banana trunk. A monkey came to grab the banana trunk. It too wanted to plant the banana trunk. The monkey wanted the banana trunk to be cut into two. The tortoise had to agree. The monkey wanted the part of the banana trunk which had leaves on it. The tortoise however took the part of the banana trunk which had roots on it. They both planted the banana trunk. However, not long after that, the leaves began to dry up. At last, the banana trunk died because it had no roots. The banana trunk belonging to the tortoise started to grow leaves. It was able to live because it had roots. Not long after that, the banana tree began to bear fruits. The tortoise was very happy. It could eat the banana fruits. The monkey was ashamed. That is the lesson it had learnt for being so greedy. MORAL VALUE You will always lose if you are greedy.

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