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Vietnam has tropical weather. It is hot wet, raining and stormy. The weather is different from the north to the south. There are four seasons in the North: summer, autumn, winter and spring. The Spring starting in January. it lasts until the end of March. Spring is usually warm, sunny light that is favorable for tree growth. From May to September is summer. It's usually hot, heavy rain and storms. In August, September, October, is the autumn months. Autumn blue sky, cool breeze. The days of late autumn cold weather and winter will soon come. In the winter, it's very cold, foggy sometimes has drizzle. There are two seasons in the South. The rainy season from May to November, The dry season from December to April next year. I like the autumn best, because it is very comfortable and the landscape is beautiful. I like romance. if i have a chance, i will go to the North in the autumn.