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Yessica Pacheco

Justifications for Preserving the Environment

Utilitarian Justification: Sees some aspect of the
environment as valuable because it benefits individuals economically or is directly necessary to human survival

Ecological Justification: An ecosystem that is

necessary for the survival of some species of interest to us or that the system itself provides some benefits.

Aesthetic Justification: Our appreciation of the

beauty of nature. We save nature because it makes us feel good to see it

Recreational Justification: People use

wilderness for recreation

Inspirational Justification: Conserver of nature

can be based on its benefits to the human spirit.

Creative Justification: Nature is an aid to human


Moral Justification: Has to do with the belief that

various aspects of the environment have a right to exist and that it is our moral obligation to allow them to continue or help them to persist