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September 13, 2013

In our class this week We are continuing to work on our classroom rules and procedures. We are well on our way to building a positive classroom community! I continue to be amazed by the students wonderful behavior! The TK and K kids are continuing to take a quick look at the letters in the alphabet. Once we have gone through the alphabet we will go back through the letters and dig deeper into each letter. Our class has also been working on their reading stamina. We are up to 12 minutes of read to self time, and we have also worked on reading to a partner. In math the children are continuing to count objects and form numerals. We began social studies and discussed how we are all special and gave reasons why we like ourselves! In science we learned about our senses and how they help us become good scientists. The children had fun on their eye spy hunt outside as we focused on our sense of sight, and in religion we continue learning about Gods wonderful world!

A Peek at the Week

Next week we will continue with a quick overview of the letters and in math learn about more, fewer and less. In religion we will continue with creation and in science will use our senses to explore some delicious fall apples! We will also make some fun apple crafts! So look for some neat art to come home! 1 of 2

Extra Information

Please remember to send library books back on Monday as they will be going again and will check new ones out!

Dates to remember!! September 17 Magazine sale begins September 25- First annual walk-athon in the afternoon October 3 Blessing of the Pets!

Thank you for all your support!

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