Things needed for compilation. SDL The Simple DirectMedia Library available at http://www.libsdl.

org The dll distributed with the windows version of DOSBox is slightly modified. You can find the changes in the sourcepackage of DOSBox (src/platform/sdl-win32.diff). If you want the patched sourcetree send us an email. (see README) Licensed under LGPL Note that only version 1.2 and its subversions (1.2.8, 1.2.13 etc.) are currently supported. Curses (optional) If you want to enable the debugger you need a curses library. ncurses should be installed on just about every unix distro. For win32 get pdcurses at License: Open source Libpng (optional) Needed for the screenshots. For win32 get libpng from See for more details. License: Open Source Zlib (optional) Needed by libpng. For win32 get libz (rename to zlib) from kages.html See for more details. License: Open Source SDL_Net (optional) For modem/ipx support. Get it from Licensed under LGPL SDL_Sound For compressed audio on diskimages. (optional) This is for cue/bin cdrom images with compressed (mp3/ogg) audio tracks. Get it from Licenced under LGPL ALSA_Headers (optional) for Alsa support under linux. Part of the linux kernel sources Licensed under LGPL If you want compile from the CVS under a unix system, you'll also need automake (>=1.6), autoconf(>=2.50). Should be available at For building on unix systems. If you are building from the cvs run ./ first before doing the followi ng. 1. ./configure 2. make In step 1 you could add the following switches: --enable-debug enables the internal debugger. --enable-debug=heavy enables even more debug options. DOSBox should then be run from a xterm and when the sdl-

--enable-core-inline enables some memory increasing inlines.cpp and go to line 30 and read there how to fix it. vs2008) . vs2005. NOTE: If capslock and numlock appear to be broken. For more information see the option --disable-dynrec --disable-dynrec disables the recompiling cpu core. --disable-fpu-x86 disables the assembly fpu core. Build instructions for VC++6 Don't use VC++ 6: it creates faulty code in core_normal. This greatly increases compiletime for maybe a increase in speed. open src/ints/bios_keyboard. Check the src subdir for the binary. You can activate this core on x86 by disabling the dynamic-x86 core. Although it might be be a bit unstable. Although the fpu emulation code isn't finished and isn't entirely accurate it's advised to leave it on. Please note that this option on x86 will result in a different dynamic/recompiling cpu core being compiled then the default. --disable-dynamic-core disables all dynamic cores.cpp Later Visual Studio versions work fine (vs2003/. it can greatly improve the speed of dosbox on x86 hosts. --disable-fpu disables the emulated fpu. (same effect as --disable-dynamic-x86 --disable-dynrec) --disable-opengl disables OpenGL-support (output mode that can be selected in the DOSBox configuration file). --disable-unaligned-memory disables unaligned memory access. Currently x86 and x86_64 only. Although relatively new the x86 fpu core has more accuracy then the regular fpu --disable-dynamic-x86 disables the dynamic x86 specific cpu core.window is active press alt-pause to enter the debugger.

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