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Introduction to Aboriginal Ramadan for Indigenous Moors-Muslims ‘Inti Rayma’ Festival of the Sun Amaru Namaa Taga

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which adversely impact every aspect of their decision making. and future. We are ready to re-teach this system.present. nations. Ultimately the act of doing so will repair the wobbles we find in the nature and cosmological realities of all those who participate. societies. and thus is in need of correction.6 billion adherents to the Qur’an whereby the time of Ramadan has been calculated by an exclusively lunar calendar is against the ayat of the Qur’an.Salaam (Peace) to All This short reading has been drafted to give an Introduction to our participation in this years Aboriginal Ramadan according to our ancient Indigenous and Moorish calendar systems and practices. reflection. After doing a thorough research on Ancient Islamic Calendar Systems and the source calendars from which these calendars sprang. It is an opportunity for unity. Further discussion will be provided. groups. the original Islamic and Pre-Islamic Calendars of the Indigenous Muslims (Moors). 3) This Xi lineage is discussed in the Qur’an as the Shi’ati literally meaning ‘lineal family’. thus the Creator. Adherents under the title Mariydan (not in optimal health of the Aboriginal Diet) will be asked to abstain from nonliving foods during the day and to take only liquids such   3   . 5) The Xi Cosmology which has been reimplemented via our Aboriginal Cosmology system in ISIS is the original curriculum of the Prophets and sages of the past and is discussed as The Umm –al Kitaab (Source Book) from which all other prophetic scriptures spring and the science of prophecy itself. The word Xi (Pronounced Shi) is the etymological root of the use of the word Shi’ati and thus the common use of the word Asiat(ic) [pronounced Ashi’at(ic)] 4) The Qur’an was not authored by the Prophet Muhammad. We have accomplished this by reconstructing the 13 symbol 4 elemental phase System of our Aboriginal American (Xi) Ancestors. and honoring our Nation and lineage. We are the first people of the earth. According to its own text it was Authored by an assembly of men who consider themselves the most advanced civilization in existence. we have found out the following: Summary of Facts 1) The current practice of Ramadan by nearly 1. dietary. 2) We have traced the Cosmology of Islam to its root in the Americas springing forth from the Indigenous Cosmology of the Xi people who are called by the misnomers Olmecs-Mayans. There are only 2 Books on Earth that mark out the 90 + 1 spreads that are generated from these original Tarot images and from our discourse with the authors or holders of the Books none of them know how to create the 90 Magnetic spreads which give one the template for the ability to read any persons. We have reconstructed this system via psychological techniques made to enhance the natural ability to see as these wise ones of old. which consist of (Air) breathing exercises and (Light) sunlight. In this manner so we can become the Creators we have the potential to be. 7) During this time fully healthy adherents (Those on the Aboriginal living foods Diet) will be asked to abstain from food and liquids during the daylight hours. political. growth. etc…and return this wealth (Human Energy) back home to Ourselves. 6) Ramadan this year will take place from November 25th to December 25th . economic. Their focus will be the upper elements of the Cosmological thamaniya an’am (8 powers or ancestral energies). spiritual. We must wake our Lineage up from these spells of Ignorance. past .

We are doing this to rectify our Heritage. At the end of this Ramadan we will have a celebration and public discussion on our heritage as Aboriginal Americans and Moors (Xi-Amaru) and its significance to approaching every aspect of our engagement in Society. mathematical.   4   . Reservations are made for those is desperate conditions who cannot get to prescribed foods. These prescriptions are based on our Indigenous Cosmological system (Original religion) and prove that the foreigners have attempted to make us a bunch of non-rhythmical praying idiots by flat out making falsehoods to the people about what the Qur’an says about this heritage based meditation system called As-Salaawt. Today’s pesticide ridden genetically modified foods are totally unacceptable.blogtalkradio. We will also do one of those broadcasts via livestream and notices will be posted via all streams of media. the earths oldest cosmology. Ultimately what is termed the yaum al qiyamah (literally the period of standing upright) which is generally called the resurrection will be discussed and made clear. We will give further guidance in writing and explanation on this subject. Abstaining from foods is for adults. For those on the clean fresh waters of the earth who have access to prescribed water animals in the wild they are permitted (only for those in those occupations). political. scientific. This time should be used for cultivation in the following areas: spiritual. For the first time the adherents to the ancient system of Islam will learn about this system and its derivation from the earths oldest people. and ultimately what is meant in the ayat of the Qur’an in respect to this sacred period of Ramadan. The original guidance of the Qur’an prohibits the eating of that which is dead (Al Maut Surah 5:3) and the fluids of animals (Al dam Surah 5:3) and any foul forms of flesh (al khanziyr Surah 5:3). 10) The International Indigenous Society will be offering daily Qur’an lessons. That time (Yaum Al Qiyamah) is now. technological. The Qur’an prescribes three times of meditation based on solar progressions and a non-obligatory 4th meditation at night. radio broadcasts twice a week via on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10pm call in number 646-381-4991. family. sharing. martial arts and defense systems. in some ways through ignorance and in other ways through intentional tampering with the heritage of the Indigenous Moors/Muslims. That presentation and celebration will be in Shaykhamaxum (Philadelphia) on December 29th Location TBA. focusing on goals and executing the vision of removing ignorance from all phases of our heritage as a people. building. social. economic. 8) During this time meditation times as specifically prescribed by our Ancestors who Authored the Qur’an are given and the Qur’an sources are cited. We will be practicing Ramadan this year from November 25 2011 until December 25th 2011. governmental. For those traveling it is permitted for you to partake in food. THE CALL We are calling on all Indigenous peoples (Indigenous Moors/Muslims) to participate in the great opportunity to ignite a Renaissance in learning. the earths oldest calendar system. Children and women who are with child or nursing should not fast. 9) Groups should work together in this area to serve those who are in need. We desire to undo the acts committed by Foreigners made to distort our ancient calendar system. etc… so that one can tap into their divine potential and purpose. Assisting those in need should be given greater focus in this period. water and or juiced organic fruits and or vegetables only.

Who Prepared this Message? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his students that a group of what he termed Wise Black scientists were the actual preparers of the Qur’an and all ancient scriptures. The name of the language is Qar’aa. they were the seers and the common population were not fully aware of them and their work. Simply put. They engaged in the science of predicting the future through a sacred and secret method. He stated this group of wise scientists would pass this science down to their sons. An example of this is made clear in Surah 75 Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection) ayat 1619. “(16) Do not make spoken opinions in respect to it (Qur’an) to make haste in respect to it (17) Certainly on Us is the responsibility of collecting of it (Qur’an) and its reading (recitation) (18) So when we recite it follow our recitation (19) And Surely on Us rests the explanation (bayaanah) of it Now the Original Qar’aa (Ayah 16) Laa Tukarik bihi lisaanaka lita'jala bi hi (Ayah 17) inna 'alayna jam'ah wa qur'aanah (Ayah 18) fa idhaa qaraanaahu faatabi'a qur'aanah (Ayah 19) thumma inna ‘alayna bayaanah   5   . The Qur’an calls these men ‘mala’ikat’ which literally means Kings. They (The Progenitors of this System) are certainly a ‘They’ as taught and verified within the text of the Qur’an. This word simply means to ‘read or recite’. This discussionin the Qur’an is about a lineage of people who survived each cataclysm and other non-Indigenous lineages who became the bi-product of being adversely effected by these earth cataclysms. My translation of these ayat reads. Some of these Cataclysms in ancient times extended beyond earth. This distortion goes along with an attempt to destroy the truth of the Identity of the Progenitors of this system called Islam.The Language of Qur’an It is a common error for both so-called scholars and laymen to call the language of the Qur’an ‘ARABIC”. It is derived from the lineage of ancient Afro-asiatic Languages. The ultimate picture painted in this stream of traditions is that a resolution would come to this rise and fall of civilizations and that these cataclysms would end. Lineage of Qur’an Language These languages (And all languages) are a product of the Cosmology of an ancient people who were recounting global events specifying the rise and fall of civilizations and cyclical earth cataclysms. An example of direct ayat that speak of this group and their work of preparing this Qur’an and thus their knowledge of the name of language is clear throughout the Qur’an.

This Us takes the position and stance that no one should: 1) take a position in respect to the Book 2) recite it without being guided by Them. We now live in a binary star system.blogtalkradio. We are in that time. The word ‘alay’ is a preposition and means ‘upon’. yet these ‘exalted beings’ who are described as men (Surah 6:9) take the position that they are the Authority. They state what they state not speaking via Muhammad. the only man in the modern age to have first and specific conversations on these events and their meanings was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They depict their arrival as a noted appearance in the Heavens (sky). He laid the base for the return and resurrection of the Original Nation and to provide humanity with a knowledge of its past and   6   . The Black Star and New Planet in Our Solar System Return of the Nomos Our simple point here is that this same group predicts that they will at the end of a specific time fully intervene into the affairs of humanity. What are these exalted scientists contending about? And why would a Prophet of Allah state that he has no authority in respect to their deliberations? Most students of Islam are generally taught that Prophet is supposedly given absolute authority from Allah. This perspective beats the brains out of the falsehoods perpetrated by many of the so-called learned men of Islam. in all instances starting with the Qar’aa word ‘qul’ or a variant. particularly amongst the Pale Arabs/Aravs who have taken the position that they themselves or others (besides this exalted assembly) had this responsibility. 3) that they will be the Ones collecting its parts together into a whole book 4) and lastly they take the responsibility of explaining it. The word ‘na’ means ‘Us’. They even go so far as to describe how they would intervene in Surah 2:210 and 89:22. but in the first person throughout the Qur’an. which means to ‘say’. In Surah 38 ayah 69 Muhammad is instructed to say ‘qul’…that he (Muhammad) has no knowledge of these ‘mala’i al a’aly’ (exalted assembly) when they ‘yakhtasimuna’ contend. It is composed of the 2 words ’alay’ and ‘na’. We have pointed out those objects. An example is shown in verse 19 in the word ‘alayna’. Besides the ancient texts from this group of scientists that predicted these events. They state that they are in the presence of Allah. and this prediction in Qur’an is substantiated by several Aboriginal traditions among the Dogon (Return of the Nomos [See Pale Fox Griaule & Dieterlen]) among the Xi (OlmecMayans) with the return of the Bulun Ti’k’u (The 9 Gods of Destiny [See [Torteguro Monument Translation Scele & Freidel]) and the Hopi who discuss the return of beings from the stars witnessed by the manifestation of the Blue Star Kachina. a star and a full planet that is now between the orbits of earth and Venus (View our Aboriginal Radio presentations on this New Binary Black Star via www. In fact the language of Qur’an ONLY allows Muhammad to speak upon instruction from this group.The above simple verses are associated with other verses throughout the text of the Qur’an with the words We and Us. When if we continue to read we become aware that this group is discussed in other ayat and the importance of highlighting their Identity and actions in light of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on this subject are paramount. which is why we say He is the Messenger . They state that it is their responsibility to be the collectors of the Qur’

which means Read. and comprehensible.destiny. For those who believe that Arabic is the name of the language we will prove to the contrary using the Qur’an itself and the history of this area. Verse 3 of Surah 43 states. The Name of the Language is Qar’aa not Arabic The previous ayat from Surah 75 Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection) speak clearly of the process of explaining. This group goes on to say to Muhammad that they teach men by the ‘qalam’. They appear to have the same lineage as words Quraa= town Qar’aa=read recite Though the words both have qaf (q) and ra (r) as standard consonants the vowel use and placement give them completely different meanings. The first use of a word that has been associated with an alleged Arabic language is the Qar’aa word ‘arabiyyan’. Simply put the qalam or pen is the instrument of writing. It was this same man who taught us to abstain from foods and observe Ramadan in December. and reading/reciting this Book (Qur’an). In fact the very first verses unveiled to Muhammad say just this. The two words used to allegedly substantiate the use of the word Arab (as a People of the Community of the Prophet Muhammad) and thus an Arabic language are: Al A’araabi (Surah 9) Arabiyyan (Here Surah 43 it appears in other Surah) On Face value to a neophyte in this language these two words look like the same word or a variant of one another. It is our responsibility to further explain these things to make them clear in light of Aboriginal Heritage. It means to read. This community first receiving this revelation of wisdom were   7   . The word used in ayat 16-19 for the language of the book is the root word Qar’aa. which means pen (ayah 4 of Surah 96). This word is used in ayah 3 of Surah 43 Al Zukhruf. “Iqr’aa”. understandable. Thus Muhammad was very literate. That is left to this exalted group of scientists or angels. the context of words. that this word means to make things clear. ‘Iqr’aa’ is a variant of the root Qar’aa which means to read or recite. However this teaching carried out by this group of exalted men also included writing. Surah 96 Al Alaq provides the following first words from this assembly to Muhammad. Nothing could be further from the truth. and how this word is used in other places. “ Certainly We made our recitations clear so that you may understand” The concept given here is that if this group of powerful Scientists is about to bring about major change they desired the people understand before that major change. They are revealing the knowledge to a particular people. An example of this apparent similarity yet completely different word use is in the word for ‘town’ and the word for ‘read’. It is clear from the words use. collecting.

It (justice) is imbedded into the universe and the actions of those living in accord with the practices of peace are just. There were several later dispersals to what became Asia and Africa after certain cataclysms. In Our Original language we call this family Xi (Pronounced Shi/She).NOT Arabs." (Quran 32:24) The Authors of the Qur’an go further to describe this lineage of communities under their guidance under an interesting name. steeped in disbelief and hypocrisy (ayah 97 Surah 9). who were the early enemies of the doctrine. Our later lessons will point out these population dispersals as related to cataclysms. In fact the nomadic ‘dwellers of the desert’ (Arabs-Aravs) were considered by this group of Qur’anic authors to be the worst people. So how is it that the native language of these people (Muhajriin. In Surah 9 ayah 90 we get the use of the word ‘al Aa’arabi’. liars (ayah 90 Surah 9). “And We ASSIGNED (ja’al-na) from among them some Imams (Leaders) who GUIDE (yahduna) by Our authority (amr-na) because they were patient and believed firmly in Our Signs. and the community of the Prophet is told that this elevated group of angels/scientists is aware of these Arab hypocrites (Surah 9 verse 101) and that the community is unaware of them (the hypocrites). It state’s. Aansaar. To then suggest that Arabic is the name of the language of the Book is deceptive as this group (Arabs) will be proven through our analysis of Qur’an to be an enemy of the community receiving this Book (Qur’an). Muslims) is being called Arabic? How is it that Muhammad is being styled today as an Arab? The simple answer is that the Arabs. The Lineage Surah 32:24 best describes this command. The Origins of the antiquity of this family lineage rests geographically in the Americas. It is our second word that describes to us who this group of people called Arabs-Aravs were and are. The meaning and interpretation ‘bayannah’ of Qur’an comes from this ‘exalted assembly’ NOT from the suggestions of self styled Imams or from sources other than the Book (Qur’an) and its authors. The call is to return to common practices of morality void of corruption. later after the Prophet passed joined onto the system and then attempted to alter the system (Styled as the classic move of a heterotroph-parasite). So in essence an incomprehensible message would have been unjust and this group of Exalted Scientists takes the position that justice is a paramount natural law of the Creator that they abide by. The recitations are legal arguments for people to return to a natural way of life with respect for their Creator. According to its own text this book was initially revealed to a group of people called Muhajirin. However the Authors of the Qur’an are clear that any Imams (Leaders) are assigned by them and guided by them. Aansaar. or Muslims from these other groups (the Arabs included) who are considered outsiders and adversaries to the Prophet and his mission. Al Aansaar and Muslims not Arabs. Through internal war the direction of the movement was heisted by specific groups calling themselves the ‘learned’ scholars (ulima) and imams (Leaders) who deified the pale Arabs-Aravs and even turned the identity of the Prophet and the original community from their original identity into Arabs. Essentially what is occurring in this text is that this group who are the author of the texts are assisting and protecting the Muhajirin. That is what you call deception and falsehood. For translators to suggest that the Book is discussing a people called Arabs who are the primary community receiving this teaching and who allegedly spoke a language called Arabic is inaccurate. however for now we will simply state that the chronology of these population dispersals of the Xi (Shi) people started from the   8   . It is translated into the word ‘dwellers of the desert’ in Yusef Ali’s translation and many others.

Noble Drew Ali. This lineage is mentioned by name in Surah 37 ayah 83. Their original name is the Xi (shi) People. This family lineage is linking Nuh (Noah) and Abraham by way of the word ‘Shi’a’. glyph writing and calendars. all of the humungous stone heads. all mural art the Xi (OlmecMayans) left. This lineage is outfitted in Surah 37 ayah 83 and Surah 3 ayat 3334. They are called Shi’a. We call it polar shift or magnetic field disturbance in modern science. and that their descendants did not disappear.Atlantis in Mexico). We take the position that this word Shi’a is the same as the American (Xi) and the African Ashi (Axi). statues. Arguments for their existence in Africa and Asia have been substantiated (Winters. This lineage of people are the civilization who gave a thorough record of and study of the Earths Magnetic fields and the corresponding geomagnetic upheavals and cataclysms. The global magnetic field was disturbed in these cataclysms thus the Qur’ans focus on ‘fixing’ these seven firmaments or heavens (Surah 41 ayat 11-12). This lineage was considered special because they were the family of and interface of choice of this exalted assembly of scientists. We call them the Olmec-Mayans in modern anthropology. The word Shi’a is used in Surah 37 ayah 83. We take no position on this specific history at this point. They are the so-called negro races of the Americas who were already in America and reported as such by all exploring Europeans groups. Surah 3 ayat 33-34 does the same. What we do know and have proven is that they have the oldest mathematics. In conventional Islamic histories the Shi’a are the followers of Ali ibn Talib. It reads in the original Qar’aa Language. linguistics. This word used ‘Shi’ati’ is the origin of the use of the term Asiat-ic (pronounced Ashiat-ics) as used by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.Americas under something called in ancient scriptures the ‘remaking of the ‘al aard’ (meaning land) and the ‘samawat’ (meaning atmosphere sometimes translated as heavens or firmaments) and also under the ‘great flood’ (their existing lesser floods as well). artifacts. They are the apparent ‘Negroid’ civilization shrouded in mystery who allegedly disappeared. There is only one civilization proven to have this level of geographical influence in architectural monuments. and the Asian (Xi’an). “Wa inna min Shi’ati-hi librahiym” Translation: “ And Certainly of his Family lineage (Noah) was Abraham”. (33) “Inna Allah aastafaa Aadam wa Nuuh wa Al ibrahiym wa Al ‘Amr’an ‘alaa Al ‘alamiyn” (34) “Dhurriyyaan ba’duha min ba’dan wa Allah samiy’u ‘aliym Translation: (33) Certainly Allah choose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the Family of Amr’an above the nations   9   . and culture. and lastly the earths oldest cosmology and cosmogony. unless of course the inquisition of the Europeans was the eraser. They (Shi’a) take the position that lineage dominated the lawful succession after the Prophet Muhammad passed. and many adept scholars and writers of the past who were astute to this lineage. pyramids and mounds. It reads in the original Qar’aa.all having a common linguistic origin stemming from the Americas.

This paradigm of study thus becomes the best psychological study available. Essentially this knowledge deals with the fact that everything. The verses make it clear that the Qur’an is an extraction of that Source Book and that both the Qur’an and this Source Book are with this exalted assembly of scientists. At specific times this knowledge was/is imparted to this lineage and thus spread to other lineages. The science and mathematics of prophecy. Once again the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words resonate in perfect harmony with the Authors of the Qur’an. He stated in Message to the Blackman that the Lost Negros (Now being raised according to the Guidance given to him from one he entitled the Mahdi) were indeed the LAST MEMBERS of the original nation (Message to the Blackman page 297). every event.(34) Descendants in an unbroken chain And Allah is hearing knowing This lineage is a lineage of people who are genetically tied together and are considered the original people. This area holds some of the earths oldest calendars and famous Meso-American cities. which is a subset of our Aboriginal Cosmological model. The New Book The most important and specific aspects of these messages deal with what are called revelation. mathematics. This science of prophecy. mathematics. At the time of the yaum al qiyamah the Authors of the Qur’an predict that the knowledge of this system would return to the public. This revelation provided in various means to this lineage of people becomes very important at the period called yaum al qiyamah (the day of resurrection). The Qur’an speaks of this Book and calls it ‘Umm-il Kitaab’ or the Mother Book or Source Book. Literally   10   . Thus the prediction that when this system returns it would bring everyone face to face with absolute reality or a complete knowledge of self and others. how it is attained. The actual Surah of reference is Surah 43 ayah 3 and 4. and the actual curriculum of this system has been retained by this exalted assembly of scientists. Why? Because the measuring tools in order to make a judgement about any particular thing are the very root powers and laws of the universe. It is interesting to note that a native area in Mexico is called Xi’apas (Shi’apas). every person can be understood and measured through a specific system of natural laws. They read in the original Qar’aa. (ayah 4) “Inna ja’alnahu Qur’an arabiyyan la’alakum ta’qiluna” (ayah 5) “Wa innah fiy Umm-il Kitaab ladaynaa la’alaa hakiym” Translation: (ayah 4) Certainly We made our Recitations clear so that you can understand (ayah 5) And certainly it is in the Mother Book that is with Us of elevated wisdom (la’alaa hakiym implies making a judgment of the highest degree thus the meaning ‘or for the highest level of interpretations’ is closer to the meaning of the Qar’aa words) This Mother Book is actually a book that perfectly measures the mental frequencies and thus behavioral dynamics of humanity as groups and individuals. and adept teaching has spread through many schools of thought becoming much altered from its original format. They are the reservoir of the genetic memory of earth’s first nation and the chosen gateway of this exalted assembly to communicate their specific messages of warning to the rest of humanity. The Messenger was given the name Shabazz for this ancient klan. This field we call Aboriginal Psychology. and science.

2) Ayah 13 speaks very interestingly about how the actions of the people are stored in their necks. (13) And we have made the actions of all people to be stored in their ‘necks’ and We she bring him forth in the period of resurrection a Book. For them to have such knowledge about what we consider to be modern anatomy is astounding. medulla. the base of the 4th ventricle and the 12 melanated centers called the locus coerulus and substantia nigra. The ’unuqihi’ literally ‘his neck’ being a place where actions and records of them are stored (according to the Qur’an) can only pertain to the brain stem which rests in the neck. The Truly significant point is the use of the word Right (yaman) in respect to the unveiling of this book. This system is NOT astrology which is just as dysfunctional as corrupted religion. This area is an area of the following organs: the pons.   11   . As we shall see that the actual opening and unveiling of this Book of SelfRevelation actually deals with accessing the right side of the human Brain. which are surrounded by the temporal-occipital lobes. nation. It states in the original Qar’aa. As an anatomist and physiologist of human biology I must concede to the great knowledge the Authors of the text. (ayah 72) And whoever is blind in respect to this (Unveiling of the Master Book). these will recite their Book (records of revelation) and they will not be engrossed in darkness (ignorance). and events springing forth from them are a Book and can be read if the sight and system is available to the viewer. which is fully exposed (14) Read your Book. society. that they will encounter. midbrain. These verses lay out three amongst many important factors 1) That everyone’s Books will be exposed at some point in time and taking that some of these people were described as blind to their Books this unveiling must be done by those who can read these Books of self-revelation. At the top of the brain stem rests the pineal gland and hippocampus.every person. then whoever is given his Book (records of revelation) on the Right. Surah 17 verses 13 and 14 shed further light on this Book and the amazing anatomical knowledge of the Authors of Qur’an. which is the source or immediate observable access point and stimulus region of the brain when dealing with this divine record. Your own mind is sufficient as proof (by computation) against you during this period. (71) “Yaum nad’u kulla ina’aasin bi-imaamihim faman utiya kitaabahu biyamiynahi fa-ulayka yaqr’una kitaabahum wa laa yuzlamuna fatiylaan (72) “Wa man kaana fiy hadhihi a’maa fahuwa fiy al aakhirati aa’maa wa aadallu sabiylan” Translation: (ayah 71) “A period when we call every people with their leaders. all of which is very significant to the revelation of Qur’an and revelation of all things in general. This is best expressed in Surah 17 ayah 71 where this exalted assembly of Qur’an Authors speaks of this book. then he will be Blind in the Period after this and off of the path These verses make it clear that some people will have access to their ‘Book’ and others will be blind to it. Also its correlation to our Xi Cosmology as it pertains to anatomy and physiology is astounding.

This area. Thus the brain when active resonates various wave frequencies that we call thoughts. which will lead us into our Ramadan discussion. and deals with sleep REM dreams. We do know that when we say mind we mean waves (magnetic fields). being composed of the smallest particles. which is well rooted in ayat of the Qur’an. and sensitivity to light (pineal gland). According to the Qur‘an’s own ayat.   12   . The Authors of the Qur’an and some of our own experiences in Aboriginal Psychology answer this question. For the Authors of the Qur’an to have the knowledge of this storage facility says a lot about our erroneous concepts of evolution. The 12 roots represent the 12-melanin centers of the brain stem and 12 cranial nerves. Waves are considered the feature condition of electromagetism. it is a book that is not only ‘(nazala’) revealed to Muhammad. Our ancestors had exquisite knowledge of neuro-anatomy and physiology of the human body and how it corresponded to synthesizing and initiating what we call in the Qur’an ‘wahy’ or ‘nazala’ which is revelation. (ayah 82)“ Wa nu-nazilu min-al Qur’an maa huwa shifaa wa rahmat lil mu’minniyn wa laa yaziydu lzaalimiyna” Translation: (ayah 82) And We reveal of Qur’an (Our Recitations) that which is a healing and perfect perception and to those we have a covenant with and it does not make those in darkness (ignorance) any greater. The use of the word ‘nazilu’ the root of which is ‘nazala’ begs the question how does one receive nazala ‘revelation’. which runs from the neck to the base of the skull is the area that stores memory. 3) Our last point is that this Book is called a ‘hasiyban’ of nafsi or something that can compute or be used as a computational mechanism for nafsi. so small that they appear invisible and can pass through more dense materialized waves. When correlated to the subject of prophecy we can now paint a clear picture of just how it is possible to successfully observe what is unseen to others and predict with mathematical accuracy events connected to individuals. I have discussed the anatomical correspondences in another writing. According to the Authors of the Qur’an this Book is connected to a system designed to accomplish the act of reading minds and thoughts. The Trunk represents this stem as it proceeds to the hippocampus and pineal gland at the crest of the stem and blowing into the right side (right temporal-occipital lobes and hippocampus) is synonymous to the Book being given to the right side in the ayat mentioned within the Qur’an. and their later literature proves this knowledge of anatomy and physiology (See-Canon of Medicine by Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā). Our Cosmology amongst our Xi ancestors as expressed on the Izapa Stelae corresponds to this anatomical reality as well. and nations if we have access to the right computational mathematics. The Muslim scientists later proved their superior knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It according to its own ayat is also ‘nazala’ revealed to the community of Muhammad. However I can state here that this symbolic tree of life is related to the brain in that it (The Izapa Tree) has 12 roots 8 branches and a trunk that is being blown into on the RIGHT side by a priest. Surah 17 ayah 82 states. operates automatic functions of the body. societies. The 8 branches are the 4 lobes of the brain which are in two hemispheres thus 8 total lobes at the top of the brain stem (tree). which is the mind.

Sha'ban ("The Branching") 4. Rajab ("To postpone) 3. This last period. The word used is ‘awhay’ the root being ‘wahy’ meaning inspiration. the traditions left. historical records in Qur’an. so the implication in the passage is that the insight being experienced was of very keen and accurate nature. As used in Surah 53 ayah 11 it reads.The 3 ways The Creator (Allah) is said to communicate to humanity are discussed in Surah 42 Al Shuuraa The Counsel ayah 51. The word Ramadan is actually a compound noun composed of the roots ‘ra’ and ‘mada’ or ‘madn’. (ayah 11) “Maa kadhaba l’fu’adu maa raa” Translation: “The inner mind (of Muhammad) did not lie about what was seen (raa)” The root mada/madan means ‘something penetrating and keen’. Rabia Awal Sacred Period 2 Summer Solstice or Qayz ("First fourth")   13   . we get the first encounter between Jabriyl and Muhammad recounted to Us. Dhul-Hijjah ("The month of Hajj . The Qar’aa word ‘ra’ means ‘to see’. The use of the term ‘wahy’. and the hard history of the religious patterns of his people we can accurately deduce that the events that occurred were by ‘wahy’ inspiration. which we are now in is the culmination of all of these interfacings. The Word Ramadan has been erroneously associated with ‘ramz’. The Authors of the Qur’an say this period is called Ramadan when the revelations to Muhammad began. and former scriptures leads us to the determination that with certainty the inspiration came in ‘prayers’ and ‘meditations’ as well as physical interfaces between Jabriyl and Muhammad.this is the month of the annual pilgrimage Sacred Period 1 Vernal Equinox (Al Sayf or Spring) 2. Muhammad came into contact with this exalted assembly through one of its members and at that point of contact a certain teaching was initiated that changed the scope of the known world. According to historical accounts Muhammad was meditating in a cave and while we have nothing left for us except the preserved ayat of Qur’an. which means to burn allegedly because the Revelations started when it was very hot. These three methods are: 1) by inspiration ‘wahy’ 2) by use of a veiling mechanism waraa hijaab (behind a Veil) 3) by sending a messenger What we will learn from this is that the message given specifically by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Ancients clearly discusses the interaction of this advanced exalted group and their familial members whom they have interfaced with in past times. In Surah 53 Al Najm. Ramadan Time and Calendar Keeping Ramadan is the 9th month of a solar-tropical year of the original Islamic Calendar Proper Names & Order of Islamic Months Based on Solar Tropical Calendar 1.

event.5.this is the month of daytime fasting) 10. Ramadan("Keen Sight" . What we will show from Glyphs. nation. and he makes the verses clear for the knowledgable people. This seven periods of thirteen equals 91 days a season (4 of which make up the solar-tropical year-See Surah 9:36). summer=Qayz. which we have expressed through a Cosmological system of 13 sign cards in 4 sets according to there Cosmological elements. I have found only 2 Books on earth that cite these spreads and have found no one except myself who can lay all 90 out from the what I call the Magnetic Book. not by the sighting of the moon. It is the oldest Spiritual System on Earth and it is with Us.000 fifty-thousand years old (This 50K year time period is mentioned in Qur’an Surah 70 ayah 4) is that this calendar system and time of the year (Ramadan) is from a very old tradition initiating in America and spreading into Africa and Asia. Its states. Those sources are the so called Paris Codex of our Xi (Olmec Mayan) ancestors in America. the Ica Stone Calendar of this same American Xi (Amaru) lineage. winter=AlShita). and the general calendar keeping of the oldest lineage on Earth. planet. that prove based their geography. which when mathematically formulated using a 13:20 tarot system make 91 spreads which can be used to ‘read’ anything and anyone. It is also at the root of understanding this new Book that is the Umm-il Kitaab (Source Book). A solar-tropical aspect was reinstituted with four (4) seasons ( See Surah 9:36) (traditionally called by the Muhajirrin…spring=Al sayf.   14   . star. Jumaada Thani ("Second freeze") 12. group. Understanding the interface between the Manzil lunar-sidereal calendar and the SolarTropical calendar of four (4) seasons both advocated by the Authors of the Qur’an and how they interplayed is the key to understanding the origin of this calendar as specified in its associations with its earlier derivatives. Originally Safar Al Awwal Muharram Sacred Period 3 Vernal Equinox or Rabi (Forbidden) 8. Every person. (ayah 5)“ He is the One who made the Sun a light giving object and the Moon a reflecting light and measured for it (manaazil) stages so that you will know a count (‘adad) for the computing (al hisaab) of the year (al siniyna from root sana). Essentially the Moon (Al Qamar) is stationed in one of these fixed stations based on sidereal science or using the fixed stars for measurement. After 7 periods of 13 days. Muhammad was directed to the use of this sidereal calendar as it was the most ancient Astronomical calendar system devised by his lineage and it was this group of scientists who reimplemented this system via the advent of Islam and Muhammad. the Sirius star system. autumn=Rabi. Shawwal ("To Rise") 7. This star is later mentioned as Al Shiraa. The manzils are 28 in number and come every 13 days. Originally Safi Al. element etc… has a symbol and thus can be tracked and explained based on this calendar system. This 91 number is also the number of Tzulkin Xi Tarot spreads needed to measure for prophetic sciences. The manzil system is accurately accounted for in the Qur’an in Surah 10 ayat 5. We have already provided an in depth discussion on the sidereal luni-solar calendar of our lineage and its use in the time of Muhammad. the seasons are beginning to change. And Allah created this only in truth. spread by spread.Akhar now Safar ("Yellow") 9. Dhul-Qi'dah (To Rest) The actual words from the Qur’an state that time of the year for Ramadan was sighted by ‘the hawaa’ of a star. to be over 50. Rabia Thani (Second Fourth) 6. Jumaada Awal ("First freeze")Shawwal Sacred period 4 Winter Solstice or Shita("To Rise") 11.

According to the closed circles I have had discussion with. The Science of ‘Wahy’ Revelation & How it is Achieved The science of Divine Inspiration is not restricted to a Rasul or Nabi. Our point here is that in Surah 19 ayah 17. This is definitely a man. They have the Primary responsibility of warning the people as instructed by this exalted assembly of scientists. As we can see the Authors of Qur’an (And 1st Five Books of the Bible) do not place Maryam (Miriam) and Isa (Yashua) as figures living approximately 2000 years ago but well back into antiquity into Ancient Egypt. the head of which is the personification of Allah or the Halah K’ahba according to the Cosmology of our Xi ancestors. however the language is clear that He is special. First let us consider in several other places in the Qur’an Prophets get revelation through ‘wahy’ or inspiration yet in this case ‘wahy’ is not sufficient. It matters not for the time to know these things is present. li which means ‘that or for’. Others are simply practicing intentional deception. Although some confused Muslims would call this ‘shirk’ (which is associating partners with Allah) the act of saying that a being with a basharan sawiyaan (perfect body) is Allah in person is very supported by the Authors of the Qur’an. Bible . Why? The language answers the question. this science was apart of an ancient curriculum of sciences taught to these people call Al-Aanbiyaa (The Prophets or Governors). The erroneous discussion of the Nasi and intercalation of months amongst the pale Arabs-Aravs is a production of these pale Arabs (aravs) who are descendants of the Sassanians Lakmids Ghassinids Harranians and other groups of pale Arabs-Aravs who were nomadic Bedouins (Of Aryan Hindu origin). They have erroneously attempted to make additions of ignorance to our Indigenous Systems. (ayah 19) “ li-ahaba laki ghulaaman zakiyyan” which translate to. It states.” The use of the word ‘sawiyyan’ along with ‘bashar’ speaks volumes.Numbers 26:59). to set in motion. ghulaaman means ‘boy’. I would agree from using it. ‘Habb’ which is the root word for ‘ahaba’ and also means ‘seed’ and also ‘love’ as in the common name Habibah. specifically the 18th Dynasty also called the Amarna (same as Amr’an) Dynasty. The words of Surah 19 ayah 19 state. zakiyyan means pure. Maryam has to interface not through a vision but face to face. ahaba which means ‘to start or put into motion’. the Sister of Harun (Prophet Aaron Qur’an Surah 19:28) and the daughter of Amr’aan (Qur’an 66:12. It (ahaba root habb) is a verb meaning to seed. Mary Hatshepsut is also known as Mary-am the mother of Isa (Senmut). The use of the 12-month 4 season tropical year was used in conjunction with the lunar stellar 28 mansion 13 day manzil system to compute time. “Then We sent her Our (Ruh) Spirit and he appeared before for her as a ‘basharan sawiyyan’ (perfect body). Maryam receives a visitor who is described as one amongst the ‘We’ (exalted assembly) and thus a member of the lineal family who say they are the Authors of the Qur’an and all scriptures. This group’s interface with Mary Hatshepsut is recorded in the Qur’an. An Example in Isa Ibn Maryam also known as Senmut the son of Mary Hatshepsut   15   . to love). laki means ‘for you’.

which are located in the nose. In the article the full Northern Panel of Senmut’s Astronomical record depicts what we call the solar cycle in the exact symmetry as it is shown on the Gateway of the Sun in Tiahuanco. Sorry Egypt. They admit they have no knowledge of its origination. The 24 parts of each of the 12 circles each equal 90 years thus each of the 12 ages equals 2160 years. The Gateway of the Sun in South America has 12 Chiefs surrounded by 24 beams of light and the symbolism is displaying the exact same astronomical cycles and math as the tomb of Senmut. This said anomaly explains why anatomists are intrigued by the origin of GnRh (gonadotropin releasing hormone) cycles and their point of origination. and even architecture of the 18th Dynasty and serves as a sign according to the Qur’an of a future Man and People. This (displaying of the Polar Star) was important to the astronomer Senmut and his assistants. For instance Mary Hatshepsut the mother of Senmut (Isa) is depicted in 18th dynasty glyphs with an ankh or nikah to her nose. They have 3. The system in use ( by Senmut) records on the walls the use of the 12 Magnetic/Stellar stations (In Circles) of the Solar ecliptic (later named Zodiac’s by the Greeks) and a mathematical model that lays out 24 substations of each of the 12 major stations (Circles).600 years of advancement on the best medical and anatomical sciences of today. Our ancestors   16   . The reason why this is important because this Senmut known in the Qur’an as Isa became the most renowned scientist of astronomy.920 years. Bolivia. Modern scientist attempt to discuss this same subject in what we call ‘local standard of rest’.Translation: (ayah 19) “That I will seed you with a pure son”. after an evacuation of the knowledge due to cataclysms. They desired to communicate that the calendric depictions were dealing with the solar cycle of approximately (25k) twenty five thousand years. which stood as the pole star 3600 years ago during Senmuts time in the 18th Dynasty. Essentially 12 circles divided into 24 parts. This ‘Ruh al Quduus’ is clear when understood in respect to science anatomy and physiology as depicted by these ancients. Pogo published an Article entitled ‘The Astronomical Ceiling-Decoration in the Tomb of Senmut”.2 author A. How could two worlds over 6. There are a total of 288 of these beams of light which represent a measure of 90 years totaling exactly 25. Multiply 2160 by 12 and we get (25. Yes this member of this sacred order was the father of Maryam Hatshepsut’s (Also Called NeferRe) child Isa. Just ask our Moorish ancestors in Egypt. The now extinct Toxodon and an ancestor of today’s modern elephant are depicted on the gateway of the Sun. Also depicted are the circumpolar stars for the specific time and the star. The Proof is in the now extinct animals on the Gateway of the Sun. In the Journal ISIS the October 1930 edition Volume 14 No.920) twenty five thousand nine-hundred twenty years which is the time it takes the Sun to circle around the Sirius Constellation (which is depicted on the walls of Senmut as well). Its shape stands out to an anatomist because it is an exact replica of the circle of willis in the brain. It is the breathe that stimulates the now found 13th cranial nerve and neural crests of the brain bringing charged particles into the brains neural receptors. which is the rate of progression of the Sun and our entire solar system around the Center of the Milky Way. The word ‘Ruh’ and its variants means ‘breathe’ or ‘wind’.990 miles apart have such similarities? Perhaps Senmut took a ride over to South America to study astronomy in what is today called Bolivia? Perhaps the Ancients of Egypt had a foreign correspondence program to study calendars? If we remain in the mindset that they were primitive in the general meaning of that word as used today then we remain lost. This son Isa (Senmut) was said to be strengthened with this same (Ruh) of his father (See Surah Al Baqarah 2:87 & 2:253). calendars. This GnRH cycle actually starts in the nose and is based on breathing cycles. The ankh extends from the Aten Disc. This organ with its loop and cross formation brings circulating air into the brain. you got your calendars from America.

The times for meditations are mentioned in Surah 17 ayat 78-79. In order to accomplish this we can take note from the ancients and upgrade whatever aspects are in need of an upgrade. This is discussed in detail in Surah 41 of the Qur’an which we have explained in another writing. There is nothing greater than the discovery and active engaging of ones purpose and thus actively engaging a group purpose of peace by way of activating perpetual group success is the greatest success. One of the most effective methods to access the Creative power or divine revelation by way of this practice was by what we called in our Qar’aa language al-salaawt. then upon the start of the night (Sunset). Our work then as outlined by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is to build a universal government of peace however we need the proper art science and math for such a masterful creation. The Authors gave the best times for meditations based on Cosmological influences and thus Astronomical timing. Open Your Book The discussion of this information is for the purpose of displaying to you that you must begin the process of OPENING your Book and then reading it. certainly the sunrise recitations are witnessed”   17   . In this is your power and success and thus the power and success of all those on that same mission. and the sunrise recitations. (ayah 78) “ Aqimi as-salaawt li-duluuka ash-shamsi ilaa ghasaqi al-layl wa Qur’an al fajri inna Qur’an alfajri kaana mashhudan (ayah 79)“Wa min-al layl fatahajjad bihi nafilatan laka ‘asaa an yab’athka rabbuka maqaman mahmuudan Translation: (78) “Establish meditational prayer at the height of the Sun (Noon). Kham or the power of Halah K’ahba dealt with access the Creator and Creative powers. At its root Meditation removes the relative filth many of our people find themselves engaging in. In our Xi Cosmology the ultimate aim was to use the knowledge of Cosmology to access the KHAM. Accessing ones divinity is laid out in formulas by the Authors of Qur’an and in our Indigenous Xi Cosmology. It settles the mind and creates and atmosphere of peace. and the substance and base of all animated life. The Original Qar’aa reads. This gives credence to why Our Ancestors and the Authors of these Scriptures placed so much Cosmological symbolism on the samawati ‘heavens’ or ‘firmaments’ the layers ‘sab’a which means ‘seven’ and the times when these atmospheric firmaments were adversely impacted. This was/is done by understanding that the primal conscious sometimes called the sub-conscious mind was the ‘bab’ or gate to this KHAM root frequency. in our American systems. They were also aware of the impact of the atmosphere on the range and functioning Human Consciousness and understood that the charge of the atmosphere was paramount to the quality of life itself and the ability to physically reproduce (GnRh is a precursor to FSH [follicle stimulating hormone] and LH [Luteinizing Hormone] which serve as testosterone and estrogen catalysts). and in the language of Qur’an.were aware of this anatomical and physiological process. which translates to meditational prayer. The word Kham literally meant zero however this zero was infinite. Everything was born from the Kham in a creative act (Halah). Scientists call it the Unified Field. full.

The Qur’an supports this scientific point in the ayah in Surah 39 Al Zumar ayah 42   18   . min qali salaawti al fajri wa hiyna tada’una thiyaanakum min-izhahiyrati wa min ba’di salaawti al ‘ashaa. Perhaps your Sustainer will raise you to a position of honorable praise” In these ayat we get 3 regular meditational prayers prescribed for the community during the day and an opportunity at night for extra meditation. It states. This small light sensitive gland is sometimes called the third eye. which is considered the wake cycle. There is information stored in these waves (magnetic fields) and thus the person who is sleep can pull up images in their mind. thalathu ‘awraatin lakum (Ayah 58) “Oh Those of you who are the ones who take the covenant you must allow those whom you maintain and those who have not reached puberty to ask permission (of being in your presence) from you at three time periods. (Ayah 58)Yayuuha al-ladhiynuu amanuu liysta dhinkum al ladhiyna malakat aymaanukum wa alladhiyna lam yablu’ghuu al hulum minkum thalaatha marraatin. the pineal gland. from the sunrise meditation. which is now synching with the larger magnetic fields within which it oscillates. It has been proven to act as a modulation point for light based on its behavior in respect to day and night cycles. Once the earth moves into night phase this gland modulates a different frequency in the lower cycles per second allowing waves (magnetic fields) of the body to resonate on longer frequencies thus branching out their receptivity and interaction with distant waves (magnetic fields). and Sassinid (Arav-Arab) infiltrations into Islam via the hadith of the pale Aravs-Arabs.described herein as ‘ilaa ghasaqi al-layl’ until the start of the night Lastly a non-obligatory meditation is set at night called tahajjad This fact is supported by Surah 24 ayah 58. Thus we can retrieve data literally from any point in time depending upon the power of our minds. This is why it is important for adherents to the text (Qur’an) to understand the Roman. and until you complete your bowing praises of midday meditation and after the sunset prayer. During the day the gland secretes serotonin an active neuro-hormone that acts as a catalyst from all frequencies above 13 cycles per second. Byzantine. Once the pale Aravs (Arabs) took over some of the jurisdictions and began to advance hadith these false stories appear. Their sources are from the traditions of the Hindu god Kalki and his winged horse he rides. The common names for these are Dawn Meditation – Al Fajr Noon Meditation – Al Zhuhr – here described by solar position li-duluuka ash-shamsi or the height of the Sun Sunset Meditation Maghrib or Asr . going beyond your regular duty.” The 5 prayers discussion as embellished in Hadith is erroneous and its origin in from Sassinid literature from the east. Three private times for you. The Cosmic and anatomical/physiological reasons for entering meditation during these three specific and sacred periods deal with the circadian rhythms of the brains master gland.(79) “And during the night you should stay awake for a part of it in prayer.

The Messenger taught that space was filled with what he called the righteous mind (waves). which covers the color spectrum.C. That time has started. “And We are servants of it (The All Encompassing Infinite Black Frequency…Allah). which means color or hue.G.R. So the object of this doctrine is to understand that the Original Nation of people are a perfect imaged simulation of this infinite Black Creator and thus are Allah in Person when they practice their natural system of natural laws called Islam or the making of peace. The Operation of Ramadan is a period when reading this heritage makes the lineage aware of the past warners and warnings from their lineage. The question is asked in this ayah “Wa Man ahsan min Allah sibghatin” Translation: And what is better than Allah’s color (frequency). Certainly there are signs in this for a people reflect. “Allah takes (yatawaffa) the mind waves (al-aanfusi) upon its death and those that do not die during sleep. which makes them and ensures them a perpetual existence as an infinite people.I. The Authors go on to say “ Wa nahnu lahu ‘abiduna”. which was an infinite space of total blackness. Translation. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad also stated in Our Saviour Has Arrived that we would one day return to our ‘Original Color’.Which states.V. Astral traveling is a real science.B.O. 11-23-2011 International Indigenous Society ©   19   . The Authors of the Qur’an teach that the Creator (Allah) has a Sibghata (Qur’an 2:138). that created itself the Original Nation. Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Aly also known as Dr Aly Muhammad © 15096 A. in kindergarten. Ultimately this last warning is given to move us into what is called Al-Aakhirah or the hereafter.” This one verse explains why sometimes when you lay down to sleep you have what is generally called déjà vu where your brain can image events that have not become apart of the earth grids time operation yet. Why Black? Because it is the indication that this root frequency could and does contain all radiating frequencies thus it is infinite and has no entropy as a system which makes it perfect and eternal according to Physics. As-salaawt (meditational prayer) is for the purpose of calming the mind so that we can harmonize our personal frequencies with what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called the total darkness (Unified Field) the first Self. Then he withholds those (mind waves) upon whom the decree of death occurs and sends the others (mind waves) back till an appointed term. The root resonance is black and is the source of all other radiating frequencies. Ramadan is used as a tune up for spiritual frequencies and thus we endeavor to begin discussion on all of our ancient systems which are one.Y. Simply put we learn W.