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Q1- What is your gender? A)Male B)Female

Q2-What is your age group? A)0-20 B)20-40 C)40-60 D) 60-80 Q3- What is your profession? A) student B)service C) business D)homemaker

Q4- What kind of work you do ? A)extreme physical work B) moderate physical work C)Sitting work D) both (sitting and physical) Q5-Do you like drinking milk? A)yes B)no C ) don’t know Q6- How frequently do you drink milk ? A)once a day B) twice a day C) thrice a day D) more than three Q7- Which milk do you consume ? A)pouch B) loose C) don’t care Q8-Are you satisfied with the milk you consume? A)yes B)no C) uncertain Q9-What do you like about the milk you consume ? A)taste B)availability C)price D) quality Q10-From where do you get the milk ? A)at doorstep B)from retailer Q11-In pouch milk which brand you prefer ? A)amul B)verka C) mother dairy D) don’t use pouch milk Q12-Why you prefer this brand ? A)taste B)quality C) availability D)price

khoya ? A)yes B) no C) sometimes .What is your monthly expenditure on milk ? A)1000-1100 B)1100-1200 C)1200-1300 d)1300-1400 Q14-What type of milk do you consume ? A)full toned B)skimmed C) full fat D) don’t care Q15-In which case would you like to change your brand of milk you consume? A)price B)quality C) taste D) availability Q16.Do you use milk in making other milk products like cheese .Q13.