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: Create Me

Methods used : i. The Direct Method ii. Total Physical Response (TPR) iii. Suggestopedia iv. Communicative Language Teaching Target Group : Primary 4 Sk Temenggung Datu Muib Materials Used : i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. Abstract Storybook Paperplates Buttons Cotton wool Glue Scissors Magic Pen Color Paper

In this Create Me! activity, the students will be exposed to a variety of activities which are aimed at exposing them to the use of the targeted language, English. Communication is also an important aspect which is focused on in this activity to further enhance their language and social skills as well as sharpen their creativity skills.

Introduction The English Language Week was held on 27th July 2013, on a Saturday at SK Temenggong Datu Muip, Miri, Sarawak. There were 44 teacher trainees and 4 lecturers of the English department involved in this project. In order for the teacher trainees to have a grasp of an understanding on the techniques and principles in language teaching, they are required to create and conduct their own activities in which they are to apply those methods. It is important for the teacher trainees to be exposed to numerous methods such as the Grammar Translation method, the Direct Method, the Dessugestopedia method and the Total Physical Response method in order to introduce them to a variety of techniques. The teacher trainees are also able to practice these methods and implement them in their activities. After experimenting and adapting those techniques, they will analyze and reflect on them. Finally, this project will be written in a report form. In this written report, the details of our project such as materials used will be presented.

A knowledge of methods is the basis of teaching. It is important for a teacher to be exposed to these teaching and learning methods and be able to reflect on them. Teachers, in other words, should actively engage themselves in activities which use these techniques so that they can master what they do. It is important for teachers to plan their teaching and learning activities. In order for teachers to overcome the students problems in learning the English language, they need to make full use of the teaching and learning methods.