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Math8 Problem Solving #2

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1. Mary can retire from working at ISM when her age and the number of years she has worked add up to 85. She is 50 years old now and she has worked at ISM for 19 years. How old will she be when she can retire?

2. There are both boys and girls in Mr. Laulos family. Each of the children has at least one sister and a least two brothers. What is the smallest possible number of children in the family?

3. The volume of a large cube is 512 cm3. This cube is cut into a number of identical smaller cubes. Each smaller cube has a surface area of 24 cm2. How many of these smaller cubes are there?

4. The mean of a set of five different positive integers is 15. The median is 18. Find the maximum possible value of the largest of these five integers.

5. Ali, Bonnie, Carlo and Dianna are going to drive together to a nearby theme park. The car they are using has four seats: one driver's seat, one front passenger seat and two back seats. Bonnie and Carlo are the only two who can drive the car. How many possible seating arrangements are there?

6. Loki, Moe, Nick and Ott are good friends. Ott had no money, but all the others have some money. Moe gave Ott one-fifth of his money. Loki gave Ott one-fourth of his money and Nick gave Ott one-third of his money. Each gave Ott the same amount of money. What fraction of the group's total money does Ott have now?