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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Engineers day
Event wise Rules & Regulations SMART QUIZ Each team will comprise of 5 members. The rounds will proceed as follow : Round 1 : Individual team question round wherein each team will be asked 3 questions each Round 2 : Buzzer round Round 3 : Picture/video round Round 4 : Rapid fire round Winners and 1 runners up will be awarded.

POSTER MAKING Each team will comprise of 2 members. Material will be provided by the college. Time limit 1 hr. Winners and 1 runners up will be awarded. EXTEMPORE (TOPIC TO BE DECIDED ON SPOT ) This event aims at assessing the communication skills & command over the language of participants. The participants will get an opportunity to display their oratory skills in front of judges to take away the pride & glory. Two minutes will be given to the candidate for thinking One minute will be given for speaking on the topic. If participant exceed the time limit or speak less than time allotted points will be deducted. Participant can change the chit once but even for this the points will be deducted. The decision of judges will be final and binding on all contestants. Winner and 1 runner up will be awarded. PAPER PRESENTATION Each participant has to perform individually. There will be no team. Students will be required to mail their presentation to respective coordinators before the day of the event. The participants will be judged on the following criteria : Subject Knowledge
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Communication skills How spontaneous the participant is How well you relate with the personality How well you portray yourself as the concerned personality Winner and 1 runner up will be awarded. Himanshu Joshi HOD (Electronics and communication Department)