Antenna Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Academic Year: 2013-14 Max. Hours Subject : 50 Min. Course Year/ Semester : B. Tech. : 2nd Year (3rd SEM) : 43



No. of Lectures
Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3 Lecture-4,5,6 Lecture-7 Lecture-8 Lecture-9,10 Lecture-11,12 Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3 Lecture-4 Lecture-5 Lecture-6 Lecture-7 Lecture- 8 Lecture-9 Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3-4 Lecture-5 Lecture-6 Lecture-7,8 Lecture-1,2,3 Lecture-4,5,6 Lecture-1-4 Lecture-5-8 Total number

Topic to be covered
Signal analysis, complex frequency network analysis, network synthesis General characteristics and descriptions of signals, step function and associated wave forms, The unit impulse Introduction to network analysis, network elements, initial and final conditions step and impulse response solution of network equations Review of Laplace transforms poles and zeroes, initial and final value theorems The transform circuit Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems The system function, step and impulse responses The convolution integral. Amplitude and phase responses Network functions, relation between port parameters transfer functions using two port parameters, interconnection of two ports Hurwitz polynomials, positive real functions Properties of real immittance functions synthesis of LC driving point immittances properties of RC driving point impedances synthesis of RC impedances or RL admittances properties of RL impedances and RC admittances Properties of transfer functions, zeroes of transmission Synthesis of Y21 and Z21 with 1Ω terminations Introduction to active network synthesis Active Network Synthesis




Unit-4 Unit-5


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