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Federal Bureau of Gingerphobia Investigations (FBGI): Public Defender as Bully

Federal Bureau of Gingerphobia Investigations (FBGI): Public Defender as Bully

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Published by mary eng
Portland Police caught beating Redheaded Vision Impaired Prettyboy as they call him Pussy.
after the beating he is then sent to the Jail where he is sexually harassed as "Lady Locks"
Portland Police caught beating Redheaded Vision Impaired Prettyboy as they call him Pussy.
after the beating he is then sent to the Jail where he is sexually harassed as "Lady Locks"

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Published by: mary eng on Sep 13, 2013
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Federal Bureau of Gingerphobia Investigations (FBGI): Public Defender as Bully

so: saga of ben pickering, redbeard sweetest benjamen pickering is growing a red beard for me i met his folks they explained his accident his public defender, or as the family calls them, public pretender: dawn andrews has ben set up on a date with a neuropsychologist a date which has now been re-scheduled. Ben of course doesn't care for any of it and views it all as harassment. the date with the so-called "neuropsychologist" is the multnomah defenders way of trying to cancel the fact of harassing Benjamen Pickering for now four months after his brutal assault by Portland Police in 2013 May. to atone for the portland police brutality stitch up she and her plea bargain specialist tom borton tried to inflict on benjamen pickering after the police of portland oregon beat benjamen on may 6, 2013. They didn't know Ben was blind, disabled, or brain injured, because as their legal assistant said, before he hung up on me "we're not psychic." at which point public defender pretenders need to rely on psychic powers to defend themselves from partaking in massive injustice and bullying of the disabled beaten by portland police, oh heavens. it was i mary eng, who informed the defenders about ben's blindness and then Ben enacted the beating for the assistant austin. i recorded it and tom borton asked me to delete it, because it makes the DA look like an idiot, perhaps?

yes, yes, FISA and the NSA. silly Dawn Andrews asked me if i was recording the call, which reminded me that her rudeness is worth recording, but as i was driving as the phone broadcast the horrors on the speakerphone, it would have been quite unruly to rip out the camera to record Benjamen's hilariously sarcastic faces. in other news, benjamen and i had the best sex ever the last two times. his other girlfriend used to beat him, misty, mother of his son harvey. who would want to beat a six foot three man? who would want to beat dustin mosley for that matter? gorgeous male domestic violence victims of the world, police brutality is just another form of domestic violence. domestic terrorism, so to speak. Benjamen Pickering thinks the police who beat him should have to go to anger management courses. i think they should have to teach classes on gingerphobia as a form of racism and ginger-beating as a hate crime investigatable by the Federal Bureau of Gingerphobia Investigations (FBGI). In other news, Providence ER's attorney Eric Weiner never truly apologized for Gingerhating or Gingerbeating on Benjamen Pickering via a hate Crime Artist Joe Shmoe the Security Guard administering a massive blow to Benny. even his foot was gouged, his hips hurt, his ribs, his head. High-IQ-for-a-Cop Musgrave thinks we should wait on Providence's SelfExam before Portland Police investigate a non-cop assault against Portland Police Brutality victim Benjamen Pickering. Benjamen retains the right to make a complete crime report indefinitely. Two Days ago Josh Silverson, a decent and respectable cop, intook the

mugging, pepper spraying of the Blind Eye of Benjamen Pickering by non-cops, and Portland Police beating of Benjamen Pickering which has worsened Ben Pickering's left eye ball via reversing the corrective surgery by blunt force trauma. I am dying to find the name of the Lady Surgeon who fixed Ben Pickering's so called "wall eye" and as i explained to that silly Lad Eric Weiner, i will love Ben Pickering no matter how smashed the Gingerhaters want him, whether Police or Hospital staff in PDX. as for sex, i love Ben's masculine and feminine sides. He shows me his feminine side when he is feeling vulnerable or abused. Hydroxizine is the allergy medecine the Gingersmashers at Providence ER in Northeast Portland gave Ben to overcome the anxiety all the gingerhaters inflict. Now overall, Benjamen Pickering would rather have his Left Eye Vision back from the 1994 accident at Waikiki Beach in Washington at Cape Disappointment State Park, in addition to eliminating all the haters and psych-industry pushers and psych-human traffickers riding him all the time like flies. his arm is wrapped around me as i write this. he is sleeping he's just like his folks, for those who think his awesomeness is a disorder. i finally realized his personality pre-existed his 1994 brain injury, and whether the psych-lords want to call it asperger's autism spectrum post-trauamtic stress or generalized human being symptomology, it seems he and his family are all larger than life, hilarious, creative, jokers, etc. i have suggested to his super awesome sister, she and he get a spongebob costume and become the Double Redheaded Sponge Monster, because she is as hilarious as Benjamen Pickering and bright and gorgeous. So. I even talked to his Mom about sex.

see, Nazis used to kill the disabled, etc. or sterilize them. But i think Benjamen Pickering's blindness and Traumatic Brain Injury are minor problems, and that he is entitled to love and a sexuality and safety and the beautiful generosity of spirit he has to give to the world. and so, it's really only the Gingerhaters and Repressed Homophobes and Disabled-beaters of the Portland Police who called him a Pussy and all their court magistrate proxy hater stalker homophobes and transphobes who stalk Benjamen Pickering----that are the problem. I am sure Judge Walker will understand, as an african american judge, that when the Portland Police beat a Redhead like LAPD beat Rodney King as they call him a Pussy, well, a "criminal mischief" charge really has no place on the half dead victim, especially given his physical infirmity. it is only such an honor to know such the young lad Benjamen Pickering born in 1984. no one knows where to get more of his allergy gingerhate antidote drug, and i am tired from all the laundry and cooking and cleaning. if cooking can be said of opening junk food packages. i cannot get enough of Benjamen Pickering's beauty, such that every love pales and i reflect on how little passion i had for anyone. i do still fancy nick maybury and dustin mosley, but that is to be expected. that and steve sady, who i fancied was a redhead before he went grey. and the rich redheaded swedish man with the island, etc, etc. Ben is going grey now too, what with the mugging and attempted sexual assault and all the other sundry violence Portland has to offer. Silverson said: it would be nice to report some of these crimes, and not be framed as the criminal. Ben will, i am sure with enough help, as he has thoroughly reported them to me. His public defender tried to hold back the floodgates of money in dispensing a luxurious free bus pass by mail to Ben, suggesting that now

that he has me, he was riding in my mother's car therefore he is rich enough to not need a free bus pass (value 1 whole American dollar for an American with Disabilities in Portland) to attend her requested neuropsychologist appointment, to attempt to finally get all the fake charges against Ben dropped. She said, you just had a trip to Washington State, which i explained was for medical records. She said it to imply that he is rich. i said, so you'll give him only one bus pass and then just dump him downtown with no way to get back (and no hourly wage or free lunch)? (losing yet?) I explained just because my Mom is rich, doesn't mean Benjamen is rich. She said well, isn't a Bus Pass included with Disability Income? I felt like (OH MY GOD YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH) but i said NO, it isn't. Hilarious that ACLU is suing Washington State Public Defenders for bad representation. I mentioned it to Dawn last time we spoke. I said, how many clients do you have? why are you giving ben such poor service? i heard about the ACLU suit against public defenders who fail to provide the constitutional right to counsel. she said, you should not imply that i am not representing Daniel . . . then i said Benjamen. who the hell are we talking about here? Daniel Pickering or ben Pickering, or Dollar Bill Pickering. with such unconvinving and condescending authority she implied her infallible counsel . . . **** i maybe laughed at her ridiculously presumptuous question. she acts as if Ben catching buses is an easy feat, with his blindness and tendency to be beaten up and bullied.

I explained i spend every penny on Ben. Her presumption that my all my free labor as Ben's all purpose social worker and advocate is totally exploitable and non-monetizable to facilitate her fake lawyerish job defending ben against fake charges as she still continues to act like the portland Police did not beat up Ben---was callous, condescending, and rude as usual. oh, the feminization of poverty. i actually consider the work work aspect of being a part of ben's life, as a continuation of my dad's job as a social worker in Portland in the 1970's. that job he got with a stellar and cut-throat reference letter stating: Stephen Eng is the son of a federal employee working at such a high level for the USA government that we cannot tell you in what position, and he is intelligent and well groomed and articulate, so you better give a job, yada yada. so it was with, the IMF chief in Eva Watler's amazing family tree. dear, dear. the inventor of the IMF? i already made the deal with the feds for two for the price of one, or buy two get one free on the eng family special. (not to say i wouldn't prefer a bigger budget) anyway, Ben after the phone call, pointed out how all the state employees are making Money off him, and how they refuse to pay him for all the time he spends going (undercover) to their unpleasant meetings and accepting their gratuitous Beatings and Cover-up District Attorney of Multnomah County fake prosecutions of Fake Crimes alleged to be committed by (undercover) Disabled people who are beaten up by Portland Police for disabilities and blindness to illustrate the need for the DOJ Police Brutality Crackdown..


Judge Kenneth Walker

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Judge walker would have to be two-brain-celled not to see the absurdity of making disabled people jump ever higher hoops to cover up Police Brutality and Multnomah Public Defender client negligence. Dawn Andrews of course, called Ben Daniel when Ben had been slammed in the DOor at the horrid Providence ER and denied MRI for the Police Brutality or the ER Security Guard Brutality even though Ben's head was hit in the Both Attacks as well as the near homicide in Washington in March and Ben's Washington doctor has said, a single head injury can kill Ben, and every head injury will worsen Ben's condition. She refused to make a call on his behalf to the hospital. A dead client will terminate her cashola on Ben, so i don't see why she won't try to help save his life. Then again, she today asked for a records release on the

horrid Smashing hospital. she also explained that her hired forensic neuropsychologist (an option which Ben can decline) will want to spend (creepy) alone time with Ben. Ben explained that he always has to have an advocate with him. He explained to her Mary is my Wife. Even poor old Portland Polce chief Reese on September 5th hung his head in despair or sorrow as he was re-introduced to Ben and Mary at the Law Enforcement Starbucks prior to our attendance at the 5th of September Court Date Dawn Andrews neglected to notify us was eliminated. Reese hung his head and looked like a kid who had his lunch stolen by the school bully. Now i'm not there to Bully Reese, but rather be civil and polite. I mansplained effusively, as if being pleasant would help atone for his many mis-steps in his excusing of Portland Police assaults on GingerDisabled and Non-Ginger-disabled alike not to mention sexual harassment of male officers on female force or sexual harassment by male officers on sexy redheaded citizen police brutality victims who are beaten up as they are taunted as "Pussy" . could there be a FBGI Taskforce to try to get the Portland Police to act less like the school bully and more like sleuthy hate crime investigators? Nothing like wasting our time to let them know how much you disrespect us. we showed up to this dud court date, and i asked the court reporter about the disabled police brutality victim Ben Pickering they are pseudoprosecuting. the system showed nothing, and a rescheduling for September 23, and we spoke to Erica of the Multnomah Defender Services Incorporated Monopoly assembly line defense system. she's hot.

What the silly fools at The Multnomah Defenders refuse to know, is that even cognitive stress of their cruelty and Law Games hurts Ben's Brain and Chronic Pain from his injury. So as they inflict stress on him, harassing phone calls, defamatory poppsychology diagnoses, threats of Ken Walker promptly sending ben to Oregon State Hospital which just settled a horrific wrongful death suit, and where Oregon State Hospital workers have  desperate Facebook Page to track all their Workplace injuries---it must be stated for Kenneth Walker that Ben cannot go anywhere where violent people---gingerhaters or just random Portland Police or Providence Emergency Room barbarians---may attack Ben and end his life by Blunt Force Trauma to his head. i thoroughly expect Ben to die earlier than me anyway and i heartily reject all attempts to kill him early or bully him.

summertime sadness lana del rey the Disabled Bulliers of the Court Police Brutality Public Defender Infrastructure force him to exceed his stress limit for car trips, heat, courts, parking garages, bus trips, and interrogations, they themselves in addition to the Multnomah District Attorney, the Portland Police, etc are worsening his suffering and perhaps his condition, as the stress of it increases his fears and terrors of bullying. They are determined to eat up every penny i have contributed to his food, medical, transportation, art therapy, copyshop, travel, or investigative billing. It is not cheap to be a stooge for a Portland Police Brutality Cover-up. Just because the Bullies are paid by the state, doesn't make them any less Bullying.

Jonas Geissler in Washington DC knows how i feel about Dawn Andrews et al. A glorious day with Paul Hood, the 48 Hours celebrity attorney, has me in the hole 900 dollars or so, but his opinion on the shoddy service and threats by the public defender gave us firm consolation as we headed to washington state to explore the history of Ben's struggle for survival since the 1994 Head Injury. grateful for a consoling note from Marc Sageman arrived, decrying the horrors of such brutality. I wrote him, not because he is CIA or psychiatrist, but because i believed him smart enough to understand the tragedy of it all, and help us find people who see at very least the "research opportunity" of Benjamen Pickering's brain as worthy of preservation from an MKUltra perspective. As the idiot in NE Portland Providence ER brutally assaulted Ben Pickering, and as his other assailants the Portland Police refused to make a crime report on a near death assault, a certain summertime sadness does affect the soul. i chased Portland City Commissioner Novick down the street to deliver him the 10 page summary. I arrived out of breath saying "Benjamen has been assaulted in the Emergency Room at Providence. you are a hero to us. you are an activist for the disabled, and so are we." I felt so tall like a wild Amazonian woman racing blindly to his short stature, deranged as only true love and tragedy can make one, handing to his elegant mechanical prosthetic hook for an arm a story of disabled constituent crushed in an Emergency Room assault. he stood on the corner looking bereft and disconsolate as when the first time i explained to Commissioner Novick Ben's blindness and brain injury and beating by Portland Police, his face again went instantly ghastly white in horror. he walked then on and i back. ben is singing summertime sadness by lana dl rey in his sleep.

since i have declared Benjamen Pickering king of Lents a non-descript drug-infested crystal meth ghetto of Portland, everything has been looking up, ego wise. i recited love poetry in rhymed verse to ben on the way to pick up his expensive silver medical bracelet from golden gift jewelry. i do wish he could meet steve sady and steve wax eventually. they would like him. perhaps he could apply for an internship at their Federal Public Defender office, as i believe Benjamen Pickering desperately needs mentors at a very high level, who will not treat him like a baby or a fool or heap hatred and cruelty upon him. His intelligence is lost on nearly everyone. I told his mother, i never met a man smart enough for me, until i met her son. the irony was that i feared he would be a meathead or boring. indeed then, the glory is his razor sharp brain and the melodramatic story of his life and many deaths. he spoke at city council on wednesday, glorious love that he is. we got cider from sweden at IKEA and enjoyed the pseudo-kulturhuset ambiance. he made a birch stick sculpture, and i, i felt nostalgic for my heavy study of the law at times and how i would find a way back to it. Lovely thing about Ben, is his lack of suicide. he hasn't a suicidal bit in him, and i have him almost entirely off meat and cigarettes, which are deadly eventually. so this will never be a Lessig style Aaron Swartz RIP Prosecutor as Bully article regarding the Portland Persecution of Blind TBI-victim Ben Pickering. but it may just stay a "Public Defender as Bully" story, with the happy ending, as Truth and Goodness will flourish, peace will reign, the ghost of Ransom Eng will laugh, and Mary Eng and Ben Pickering will live as

happily one, united, as Ransom &Ransom, two peas in a pod, artists, etc, etc Mary Rose Lenore Eng Grand-Daughter of Mary Kangas Scourge of Portland and Daughter of the redheaded Chicago Haggerty 13 Friday September 2013

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